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Truth is Coming to Shove Hillary, FBI; Shoveled by the Steele Dossier


by Scott Johnson  at PowerLine:

I have repeatedly observed here that if the so-called Steele dossier commissioned by the Clinton campaign is what it purports to be, it disseminates intelligence supplied by Russian authorities and, further, the intelligence is highly likely to constitute Russian disinformation. Eric Felten comes at the related issues from different angles in articles carried in the past two issues of the Weekly Standard.

In “The Romanian ruse” Eric traces the origin of the Steele dossier’s allegations about Trump attorney Michael Cohen going to Prague to collude with Russia on Trump’s behalf. He asks: “Where did [the dossier’s] baroque tales of illicit meetings to pay Romanian hackers come from?” Based on “the exhaustive investigative work done for the Mueller team,” Eric suggests that the Steele dossier incorporated the fictitious story provided by Russian military intelligence. “Steele,” he concludes, “seems to have fallen for it.”

In his most recent article Eric raises the question whether whether Steele was disseminating Russian disinformation to the State Department. Eric notes that before Steele compiled the dossier (assuming that the dossier is indeed his work), Steele “had for years been funneling reports on Russia and Ukraine to senior State Department Russia analysts. Materials recently turned over to Congress show that while Steele was giving memos to State he also maintained close ties to the billionaire Russian industrialist Oleg V. Deripaska. Some congressional investigators are thus concerned that his memos may have been a channel of Russian disinformation.”

Given the evidence laid out in Felten’s article, I think you’d have to be a fool to think otherwise. His findings apply even more so to the Steele dossier itself, but Felten leaves the related questions applicable to the Steele dossier implicit in his article.

NOTE: I have embedded the Steele Dossier below for readers who may not previously have taken a look themselves.

The Steele Dossier by on Scribd




CFACT Visits Jerry Brown’s San Francisco!

Radicals inside and out
in San Francisco


CFACT is at Jerry Brown’s “Global Climate Action Summit” in San Francisco.

We’re not certain who’s crazier, the Socialists in the streets or the climate elite sipping cocktails inside.

We are certain that the radical “solutions” California seeks to foist on the rest of us are mistakes founded on unsound, politically correct science and economics.

Al Gore’s here of course.  Last night Gore “attributed California’s wildfires and hurricanes like Florence to global warming.”  Sorry Al, scare stories about today’s weather have no basis in genuine science.  That didn’t stop Gore from declaring that “we have to make the decarbonization of the global economy the central organizing principle of human civilization.”

California’s new energy law mandates 100% “renewable” energy and ultimately zero emissions, yet they are taking nuclear power off the table.  As Ronald Stein explains in an analysis we posted at CFACT.org, “for wind farms that generate about 3 watts per square meter, to replace either the closed San Onofre 2,200 megawatt plant, or the to-be-closed Diablo Canyon’s 2,160 megawatts of power in 2024, would require land area 6 times the size of San Francisco for each closed plant!”

Imagine the environmental footprint of  trying to use intermittent, inefficient wind and solar to power the entirety of America’s largest state!

Brown signed an executive order that mandates California go beyond “zero” emissions and achieve “negative” emissions.  That’s “magical thinking” explains Michael Bastasch in another hard-hitting article on CFACT.org.  He quotes University of Colorado professor Roger Pielke, Jr. who wrote that carbon dioxide “removal at massive scale is science fiction — like a light saber, incredible but not real…”  Capturing and storing CO2 “at scale would require the use of a global land area one and a half times the size of India.”

Ronald Stein reminds us that 25% of America’s homeless live in California, where 23.4% of the people live in poverty.    In addition, California is just shy of $1 trillion in unfunded pension liabilities, or nearly $77,000 per household.

California politicians want to use the massive size of their state to bypass Washington and set global warming policy for the entire nation.  Yet, in their state science is based on feelings, and mathematics don’t add up.

If California can’t get its own affairs in order, who are they to dictate to the rest of us?

For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker


Mueller Begins to Stink More as Bruce Ohr Testifies at House Committee Meeting Reviewing Hillary’s FBI Collusion


Bruce Ohr, the number four official in Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, testified before the House Oversight and Judiciary committees today. Given what we know about his role in the DOJ/FBI scandal, his testimony should have been riveting. However, he testified in closed session, so this will be a short post. Fox News hints at what happened behind closed doors:

While lawmakers told reporters that Ohr was being cooperative, Rep. Darrel Issa, R-Calif., said that Ohr “has a poor memory.”

“He seems to not remember a lot of details and, you know, poor memories are often claimed by people who want to stick to what they can say and not be caught in perjury,” he told Fox News.

That was what Richard Nixon told his subordinates: if you say you don’t remember, you are immune from perjury charges.

Republicans allege that Ohr played a key role in selling the dossier, commissioned by Fusion GPS and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee. They were expected to ask why Ohr broke with protocol and kept up communication with its author, Steele, long after the FBI fired him as a source in late 2016 due to his contacts with the media.

“I don’t know if it’s improper but I want to know who at DOJ knew and it certainly looks like he continued to meet with Mr. Steele after the FBI had terminated their relationship with Mr. Steele,” Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told Fox News ahead of the hearing.

I don’t believe there is any doubt about that. Ohr also functioned as an intermediary between Steele and Robert Mueller after Mueller picked up the ball on behalf of the now-out-of-office Obama administration:

Text messages obtained and reviewed by Fox News show that Steele also tried to use Ohr as a go-between with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“We are frustrated with how long this reengagement with the Bureau and Mueller is taking,” Steele wrote to Ohr. “Anything you could do to accelerate the process would be much appreciated.”

Months later, Ohr confirmed to Steele that he had passed along his questions to Mueller’s team.

Of course he did! Ohr’s wife worked at Fusion GPS and was one of those hired by Hillary Clinton to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. That dirt became the infamous fake “dossier” that DOJ and the FBI used to get a warrant to surveil Americans involved with the Trump campaign, even though the Bureau knew the “dossier” was fraudulent. Steele leaked the “dossier” to the press, and the heads of the FBI and CIA brought about publication of the fake “dossier” by purporting to brief President-elect Trump on its contents, and then leaking the fact that the pretend briefing took place. Can anyone tell me why this isn’t the biggest political scandal in American history?

About two hours into the session, Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., came out and told reporters that the FBI knew there were “credibility” issues surrounding the dossier before it was used to secure the first FISA warrant on Page in October 2016. Meadows said Ohr had never acted or handled evidence in this way before.

Of course he hadn’t. The Democratic Party hadn’t faced a crisis of this magnitude during the time Ohr was a high-ranking FBI official. When the occasion arose, Ohr and his wife Nellie swung into action on behalf of their party, engaging the FBI in the lowest sort of partisan hackery.

These must have been stirring events, but strangely, Bruce Ohr apparently doesn’t remember much about them.


Why is the American Negro/Black Population Always Plantation Slaves for the Democrat Party?

It’s time to hold Democrats responsible for Chicago’s violence

by Monica Showalter  at  American Thinker:

Most Americans are appalled to read that 63 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, with 10 fatalities.  The numbers are huge, downright massacre-level.  News coverage says Chicago’s hospital and emergency rooms are now crowd scenes.  Here in California, we are appalled at the death toll among firemen and other public workers in California’s massive wildfires, brought about by eco-wackos and their environmental mismanagement, which have killed 7.  In Chicago, seven dead would be a good day.

What’s going on?  All of these attacks are gang-related, according to this report, and are happening in the 6th, 10th, and 11th Districts, all led by Democrats.  What a massive sludge of corruption and thuggery rests behind that.

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has retweeted an invaluable article from the January 2012 issue of Chicago magazine about how the city’s famed violence is all the result of gangs and Democrats being in bed with each other, one hand washing the other, and in those very districts named above.  Democratic politicians sidle up to gang leaders for votes and use their thugs as substitutes for their political organizations.  They muscle voters to the polls for the Democrats, and anyone who rebels gets a beating.  Gang leaders in turn make demands of politicians for protection from police and get flows of city funds from these same Democrats, generally as city subcontractors, calling it “jobs for youth” and “second chances” or something.  The left benefits, so it gives the gangs what they want.

Is this a revolting picture?  Obviously, with the stepped up shootings, the Democrats don’t seem to be worrying too much, given that they have the votes and deals they want, so word is out that they aren’t going to do anything.  Meanwhile, the cops have been ordered to stand down because of the political ties of the gangs, and word has gotten out about that, too.  Now the gangs are challenging each other because Democrats have made the power so easy to get.

When is someone going to say something about how the Democrats have created this gang-hell bacchanal of murder, unknown in few places outside Caracas?  This is Democrats’ doing, based on that 2012 report, because Chicago’s politicians are in bed with Chicago’s gangs.  It’s also a worthy topic for a class-action lawsuit, for one.  More important, it’s got to become a campaign issue, not just in Chicago, but everywhere.  Hold them accountable.  Democrats have made their deals with gangs, and this is what has become of the city.


Ed Klein Reviews Star Upset Unpresident Hillary

Hillary’s Russian Collusion Starring Bruce Ohr…

How Bruce Ohr Could Implicate High-Ranking Obama Officials In Spygate

Reporting on Bruce Ohr suggests DOJ and FBI employees operated outside the chain of command and concealed evidence from congressional oversight committees.


by  Margot Cleveland  at  the Federalist:

Investigative reporter John Solomon broke news last week of texts and emails between former associate deputy attorney general Bruce Ohr and Trump dossier author Christopher Steele regarding the Russia investigation, and revealed the content of notes Ohr took during a December meeting with Steele’s boss at Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson.

Solomon’s reporting confirmed the FBI used Ohr to continue gathering information from Steele, even after the former British spy was terminated as a source by the bureau because he leaked word of the investigation to the press. Ohr’s role as a conduit allowed the FBI to continue to use Steele as an indirect source, even after Trump was elected and inaugurated.

Ohr lost his high-ranking slot at the Department of Justice in December 2017, when the Trump administration learned of his connection to Steele, and with it his office just doors away from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He briefly retained a high-ranking position as the director of Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces, but was demoted a second time in January 2018. He still works for the DOJ, but no longer holds a top leadership position.

Rep. Devin Nunes, who chairs the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), said last week Ohr “is going to become more and more important” to the investigation into the DOJ’s use of Steele’s dossier on Trump to obtain permission to spy on his former campaign advisor, Carter Page. That’s the understatement of the year.

The details revealed in the emails and texts, in conjunction with previously released information, suggest DOJ and FBI employees operated outside the chain of command, misled their bosses (and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court), and concealed evidence from congressional oversight committees. Let’s review two key questions the revelations raise.

1. How and why was Rosenstein kept in the dark?

Rosenstein was Ohr’s boss prior to his demotion, yet Rosenstein claims he knew nothing of Ohr’s involvement in the Russia investigation. Rosenstein declared to Congress in a letter reviewed by Solomon that he was “unaware of Ohr’s activities with Steele,” that Ohr was “not assigned” to the Russia investigation, and that Ohr “was not in the chain of command.” Rosenstein added, “Any involvement Mr. Ohr had in this matter was without my knowledge.”

Solomon’s reporting is consistent with Rosenstein’s congressional testimony. On June 28, Rosenstein told the House Judiciary Committee that “Ohr was never working to my knowledge on that Russian investigation.” He reiterated the point a second time, saying, “To my knowledge he wasn’t working on the Russian matter.”

Significantly, Rosenstein also testified that he did not know of Ohr’s connection to the Russian investigation until “sometime in the fall of 2017,” and said Ohr’s transfer to a different office was arranged “when we learned the relevant information.”

This timing proves significant, because it means Rosenstein did not know about Ohr’s involvement in the Russia investigation, or Steele’s continued role as a source when he signed off on the fourth and final Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) application from the FBI to spy on Page.

The FISA applications relied heavily on the Steele dossier, which Rosenstein apparently knew about. What he did not know, according to his testimony, is that his assistant, Ohr, was continuing to filter Steele’s intelligence to the FBI, even as the FBI declared in that final application that Steele was no longer a source. Ohr apparently did quite a bit of filtering from Steele to the FBI in order to keep Rosenstein in the dark.

For instance, we know from a letter the Senate Judiciary chair sent to Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray in July 2018that the FBI interviewed Ohr a dozen times between November 2016 and May 2017, and recorded the details of those interviews in official FD-302 forms.

Ohr also spoke with Glenn Simpson, who was overseeing Steele’s work on the dossier, in December 2016. He wrote in notes on the meeting, according to Solomon’s reporting, “that [Simpson] believed Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, was the ‘go-between from Russia to the Trump campaign.’” Ohr presumably passed on this intel to his FBI contacts.

Additionally, we know from lead FBI agent Peter Strzok’s July 12, 2018, testimony at a joint hearing before the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that “The FBI received documents and material from Mr. Ohr,” and that the documents included material originating from Steele. We also know that following Trump’s election, and after Steele was terminated as an FBI source, he authored a final report, dated Dec. 13, 2016, included in the dossier. It seems reasonable, then, to assume that one of the documents Ohr gave the FBI consisted of this final report from Steele.

Yet Rosenstein apparently knew none of this when he approved the filing of a June 2017 FISA application to renew the spy warrant on Page. Rosenstein’s ignorance proves informative when considered in light of his June 2018 testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, when he refused to say whether he had read the June 2017 FISA application. Instead, he explained the FISA approval process to the congressmen:

We sit down with a team of attorneys from the Department of Justice, all of whom review that [application], [and] provide a briefing for us about what is in it. … No FBI personnel briefed me on [the FISA application]. The process is that these FISA Applications and Renewals first come up through the FBI Chain of Command. They are sworn under oath by a career federal agent.

Rosenstein’s testimony detailing the FISA application approval process presents three possible scenarios that could explain how he did not know that Steele remained a source for the Russia investigation by feeding the intel through Ohr.

First, it is possible the FBI did not include any information in the June 2017 FISA application that Steele or Simpson fed through Ohr to the FBI. However, without access to the unredacted FISA applications and the FBI 302 interview summary forms, it is impossible to assess whether the final FISA applications included Steele (or Simpson’s) post-November 2016 intel.

A second possibility? The FBI agents involved in drafting the revised FISA applications could have included information Steele or Simpson filtered through Ohr, without naming the Fusion GPS sources or mentioning Ohr. But, again, it is impossible to know whether the FBI played this sleight of hand without access to the unredacted FISA application and 302 interview summaries. (Of course, the congressional oversight committees could assess this point.)

Finally, the FISA application could have laid out Steele, Simpson, and Ohr’s role in the intel-gathering, but the team of attorneys from the DOJ who briefed Rosenstein on the application might have concealed Ohr’s involvement from Rosenstein.  This possibility seems unlikely given that, in questioning Rosenstein, the congressmen made no reference to the FISA application revealing Ohr’s role as an intermediary.

One congressman noted, though, that the FISA renewal application lists the name of “the people that briefed [Rosenstein] on the substance of that FISA renewal.” Was Ohr one of the individuals involved in briefing Rosenstein? If so, it would seem Ohr intentionally kept his boss in the dark on Steele’s continued role in the Russia investigation.

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Gophers Are Closely Related to Rats….In Politics They Seem Kin to California… It’s NOT the Weather.

Could it be the Scandinavian living among the Ten thousand Lakes?  Are we  tired of fishing? of honesty, knowledge, decency, of working?  We certainly aren’t tired of foul ball Democrats…..

Have we become so feminized that what matters in today’s Goopherland government has become our MASTER ala Canada, Sweden, China, and the Good Old Soviet Union still stirring  in the State of Russia?

Is problem causing replacing problem solving in the homes of the free and the brave?

Are there homes anymore or merely  structures for the mindless and University educated ditsies?   Is it ‘SAN FRANCISCO HERE WE COME’…or VENEZUELA..WE LOVE YOUR FUTURE?

Please read the following review of Lessons from Minnesota’s Primaries: