• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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    • Wright, Lawrence - The Looming Tower

Why the Swamp Hates Trump

by Bob Weir  at American Thinker:

“Imagine that you were elected to a federal office several years ago and had a safe seat with all the perks attached, including salary, expense account, and influence with corporate CEOs and other titans of industry.  Suppose further that you knew that the future would be prosperous when you left office because the connections you made would make you a fortune as a lobbyist.  Moreover, since unseating an incumbent is a herculean task, you felt that you were set for life.  In fact, as soon as you got elected, you began raising money and preparing for re-election.  Governing and legislating became an afterthought – something you might engage in after your next campaign was carefully planned.

Suddenly, a guy runs for office with a lot of ideas about “draining the swamp” and making rules that include a prohibition on lobbying for at least five years after leaving office.  As if that’s not enough, he criticizes the “establishment” of which you are a significant part.  To add insult to injury, this upstart comes from the private sector with no record of elective office, yet he has the audacity to run for the highest office in the land.  You, and most of your colleagues, got where you are by starting in local elections, from city councils to mayor to state rep, and on to your currents spots at the national level.

You didn’t take him seriously throughout his long and vociferous campaign, often refusing to endorse what he said and what he stood for.  When he shocked the world with a strong win against a candidate the polls said would win easily, all you could do was feign approval and acceptance.  You didn’t dare speak publicly about your disdain for the man who was elected to actually make America great again!

Not only did this newcomer speak bluntly, eschewing politically correct tap-dancing around issues, but he spoke forcefully about the venal nature of politics and those who use it for personal aggrandizement.  He didn’t use lofty rhetoric and eloquent phrases like his predecessor.  Instead, he spoke in a language rarely heard in a country weaned on Pied Piper-style oratory.  He merely told the truth in plain words that would resonate with the proletariat, the people who made this country the envy of the world.  The voters were thrilled to finally have a leader who uses common sense, rather than a wet finger in the air before making decisions.

However, those who have been entrenched in their private little fiefdoms in the nation’s capital began to wonder how they were going to deal with this brilliant maverick who had captured the imagination of millions of Americans who had given up on government.

Democrats hate him with a ferocious intensity that comes from seeing their plans for party dominance collapse under the weight of this new spirit of patriotism.  Republicans hate him for beating all their veteran politicians and for proving how ineffective they’ve been at improving the lives of their constituents.  After all, if neither party can win with the customary bromides, spewing from the mouths of the usual suspects, they must have lost touch with the people who once lapped up their verbal vacuity, believing that it was the only pabulum on the shelf.  Why would voters reject prominent names like Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, et al., political veterans all, in favor of a neophyte?

Those questions continue to haunt the inhabitants of that sewer on the Potomac.  They don’t appreciate being forced out of the darkness, where greedy deals are made and concern for the people gets thrown under the grinding wheels of political expediency.  These are not exactly profiles in courage.  With rare exceptions, these are people who arrived at the “shining city upon a hill” with the intention of making a career, and if that meant going along to get along, it was fine with them.  They weren’t about to step out of their comfort zones by addressing controversial topics that might make them unpopular during the next plebiscite.

Hence, when an intrepid leader emerges and abandons caution in favor of keeping his campaign promises, he’s treated like an anomaly.  The fact that he’s fighting for the principles voters elected him to fight for is lost on those who got elected with one thought in mind: to feather their own nests.

President Trump is reminiscent of the Founding Fathers – the type of statesmen who surmounts incredible odds to build the greatest country in the world.  Now, after many years of being led by a man who apologized for our country, we have a leader working indefatigably to make America great again.”


Why I No Longer Subscribe to the Wall Street Journal

……and am a DONALD TRUMP REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT MAN with very little confidence in things GOP at the moment….

The following staging from the Wall Street gluttony folks propagandize an untruth below, that Donald Trump has killed a climate agreement.  President Trump has wisely withdrawn our once beloved United States from an agreement in which the American tax payers would continue to send hundreds of billions of dollars to foreign countries, Communist China and India leading the list, to reduce the foulness of their air and ground in their industrial drive to compete more favorably against America on the global market……a  left over BARACK OBAMA ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL PLOT TO REDUCE AMERICA’S INFLUENCE IN THE WORLD.

Please click below to hear the frightening words from the WSJ staff and its international industries it protects to stir fear and therefore opposition to anything and everything Donald Trump, the very successful American builder-entrepreneur, who loves his country.   The Wall Street Journal propagandist would have you believe President Trump is planning to kill life on Earth…..because lefties of the world say so.

I ended my subscription to the WSJ when Bret Stephens (who now works for the leftist rabble at the New York Times) began writing his rants of hate Nazi-like against Our Donald when he became the  Republican candidate for the nation’s presidency a year ago.


Get Your Daily Dose of Screwball at realclearpolitics

and the following list of articles  is what these screwballs of today’s American  press have to offer.   They are all shook up……Oh, my!
Their vacuousness  has been challenged and, at last exposed.  They are being found bigots and brainless, yet possess enough yesterday’s breath of brainpower to stir concern.
Our Donald has exposed them all, left and right, by reminding us  who these  ‘pretenders’ of  selling newspaper and television “truth”  really are…..intellectual slobs of the intolerant, know nothing graduates of America’s  universities of arrogance.
It is likely the most championed of New York City’s exposed  screwballs  is this St. Louis Park, Minnesota Jewish guy, Thomas Friedman…..and he’s not even listed below.  St. Louis Park is the place where his kin banned things Mark Twain from school and libraries  for his “Huckleberry Finn”……because  Huck’s  best buddy’s name was,  “Nigger Jim”.
Thank God for the election of our magnificent, full blooded  American President, Donald J. Trump who dares to expose the rot in America caused by political hacks in the press, the states and Washington,  over the past generation….leading to and abetting the crimes  of the hate-America street and college savages from California to New York.    Please take your pick of paper below….it’s America before Trump:

Laura Ingraham: GOP Now Belongs to Donald J. Trump

Dear fellow Americans…..Since the American cultural  leftist, sex, black racist,   and  ‘anti-religious revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, our  once Truth-seeking JudeoChristian  nation  has fallen upon fascistic times  with the  ever-growing, ever more intolerant, more corrupt and dishonest single party of socialist dictate,  the once honorable national American Democratic Party.

Suddenly, last week, last Tuesday,  THERE WAS A DISTINCT CHANGE IN THE WEATHER!

Donald J. Trump was elected a President of these United States.    Truth and freedom will once again be cherished…..THE WORKING DEPLORABLES OF AMERICA,  LED BY BIG TIME BUSINESSMAN, DONALD J. TRUMP,  MARRIED WITH  THE TRADITIONAL  REPUBICAN PARTY AND CAME OUT A HUUUUGE WINNER…..TOGETHER.

For those of us who cherish truth and common sense rather than bellows from  crooked Hillary Roddham Clinton,  this weather has never been more beautiful….for Truth and Common Sense will, indeed, return to our LAND OF THE ONCE FREE.

Laura Ingraham, an early bird Trumpie, explains:


Opinions by the Shocked: Our Donald Is America’s New Breath of Fresh Air








“Organic” or McDonald’s?
CFACT student taste test

Could you tell the difference between “organic, non-GMO” fancy food and McDonald’s?

Students at the University of Maryland couldn’t.

CFACT student leaders bought McDonald’s food, sliced it, diced it, gave it an upscale look, et voilà! Their classmates loved it.

Check out the video at CFACT Campus.

Finding creative ways to debunk food hysteria and educate students about the wholesomeness of GMO and affordable, efficiently produced foods is just one way CFACT students are informing the debate on campus.

I recently gave a talk to a packed house at Patrick Henry College on the hidden agendas lurking behind the Green movement.  We discussed the “watermelon” analogy — “environmentalists” who are green on the outside but red inside.

“I’ve always favored free enterprise and property rights,” said Abigail Olinski, a junior in attendance. “But I didn’t realize how radical the founders and leaders of modern environmentalism are. When people like Prince Phillip say if they’re reincarnated they want to return as a virus to solve human overpopulation, you begin to realize they don’t seem to care so much about human welfare after all.”

CFACT students are working coast to coast opening eyes and challenging Green dogma with facts.  We’re proud of them!

Recently CFACT students debunked the notion that Hurricane Matthew was caused by climate change at The University of Georgia, cleaned up East River Flats Park in Minnesota, and launched a bird conservation effort at Brown.

At UCONN students were invited to spin the “wheel of energy fortune” which illustrated the great expense and high risks in store if we rely too heavily on inefficient wind and solar.

The Green-Left would like to indoctrinate college students unchallenged.

Sorry PC commissars, not with CFACT on campus!

Are The Republican Rats Still Running with Hillary?


by John Hinderaker at PowerLine:

“Some of the rats might want to consider returning to the ship. Donald Trump came through pretty well tonight, mainly because the focus was on the issues. As long as issues are being discussed, Trump wins.

The moderators came out of the box with questions about Trump’s 2005 video, which many people expected to be the centerpiece of tonight’s debate. The effort flopped, I thought. Bill and Hillary Clinton took appropriate shots. After ten or fifteen minutes the conversation moved on to the issues.

Thereafter, the moderators tried to help Hillary, and Trump appropriately complained a couple of times. But he got his licks in. As always, he was sometimes incoherent, but more often than not, he made more sense than Hillary, who was in full Nurse Ratched mode.

Happily, immigration figured prominently. Shockingly, in the first debate the moderator never mentioned the topic. Tonight, it was discussed extensively. That is a big plus for Trump. The exchanges on foreign policy were inconclusive, of course, but in general I think Trump did better. And there was even talk about Obamacare, which is great for Trump and Republicans.

In general, I don’t like town hall formats, but the virtue of the format tonight is that there were lots of questions about issues as opposed to the usual political stuff. Issues are good for Trump.

Trump was Trump tonight–he had some great moments, and also some incoherent ones. But he swung for the fences, for example, going after Hillary on her criminal conduct with regard to handling of national secrets. Hillary was Hillary. She yaks away in a manner that most people find obnoxious, and leaves herself open to the observation that she is all talk and no action.

The last few minutes were good for Trump. The question was, what do you admire about your opponent? Trump’s tribute to Hillary as a persistent fighter was well done.

In short, Trump won. In my opinion, he won big. We will see whether it matters.”

(ghr.  One of my favorite Republicans is Senator Chaffetz of Utah…..Wow, what America could become if Mr. Chaffetz were the standard of today’s American Senate….yet, I think he, without thinking, joined the GOP rats last Friday when they heard the Trump words distributed by the crooked Hillary campaign without taking a deep breath to encourage deeper thinking.   Please Senator Chaffetz, take a deep breath.   I love you Mormon guys working so hard to make  America Great Again!    Do lighten up enough to listen to Our Donald, a non-politician but American builder worried, as you are, about the condition of his nation.)