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The Fascist Left Already Owns Our American Communications System!!!

Fascistic Dem Fems at War with Each Other!


by  John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Currently, the most entertaining spectacle in the nation’s capital is the cat-fight

battle between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “Squad.” This is one fight Republicans hope both sides lose.

Politico provides the Washington insider’s take:

THERE IS NO QUESTION THAT, at the moment, we are witnessing a clash within the House Democratic Caucus. It’s PELOSI vs. a group of Democrats who call themselves “The Squad”: REPS. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ, ILHAN OMAR, AYANNA PRESSLEY and RASHIDA TLAIB.

THIS IS A CLASSIC CAPITOL HILL POWER STRUGGLE. But it also has some unique qualities, as it pits traditional — or hard — inside-the-Capitol power against external — or soft — political power.

The Squad’s power comes, ostensibly, from its great popularity with the public:

TO PELOSI, if you are one person, you have one vote. That’s the lens through which she views power. If you are one person who controls 20 votes, you’re powerful. If you’re one person who controls one vote, you’re just a normal member. So when she told the NYT’s Maureen Dowd that those four people are, indeed, four people, that was meant not as an insult, but rather as a reflection of a reality under which she operates.

“THE SQUAD’S” power is different. It’s almost entirely external. AOC, Pressley, Omar and Tlaib are big personalities on social media, with massive followings outside the Capitol.

If you take seriously the idea that Twitter either reflects or significantly influences reality, then the Squad is powerful. Here, I agree with Pelosi: I don’t take that idea seriously.

THE DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP believes that the weight of the caucus — at the moment — is more aligned with Pelosi. So the speaker’s brushback of the young upstarts is seen as internally wise.

That belief is obviously correct. The most entertaining part of the cat-fight  conflict is Ocasio-Cortez calling Pelosi a racist:

“When these comments first started, I kind of thought that she was keeping the progressive flank at more of an arm’s distance in order to protect more moderate members, which I understood,” Ocasio-Cortez told The Washington Post. “But the persistent singling out … it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful … the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color.”

That was too much for pretty much all House Democrats who are not members of the Squad. The Hill reports, “Dems rush to support Pelosi amid fight with Ocasio-Cortez.”

A growing number of progressive House Democrats, frustrated with an ongoing spat between Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D), are taking the freshman New Yorker to task for accusing Pelosi of treating minority women unfairly.
“What a weak argument,” said Rep. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.), a member of both the Black and Progressive caucuses. “Because you can’t get your way and because you’re getting pushback you resort to using the race card? Unbelievable. Unbelievable to me.”

Unbelievable? Why? This “weak argument” is the one Democrats deploy on virtually every occasion. They just don’t like to see it turned against themselves. But until now, it has worked for Ocasio-Cortez and fellow Squad members like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, so why would they change their tune? AOC’s chief of staff went even farther in accusing fellow House Democrats of racism:

Ocasio-Cortez’s top aide, chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti, went a long step further, accusing the centrist members of the Blue Dog and New Democratic coalitions of being racist.

“They certainly seem hell bent to do to black and brown people today what the old Southern Democrats did in the 40s,” Chakrabarti said in a tweet that has since been deleted.

One senses, here, an uncertain grasp of history. What I like best, though, is this:

There were early signs that Pelosi’s entreaty not to air dirty laundry in public has yet to sink in.

Part of what is going on here is that some members of the Squad are not only inexperienced, they are also not very bright. I refer to Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar; I don’t know enough about the other two to have an opinion. To the extent that their thirst for publicity and loose cannon pronouncements are the result of less than adequate capacity for their jobs, the Squad has the potential to bedevil the Democrats for some time to come.

As Steve likes to say, get out the popcorn.


Comment by ghr:    Nancy Pelosi mentally retired from our American scene of politics about thirty years ago.   She’s been loony  of the House of Representatives of varying degrees ever since!

The human male animal is born with natural killer instincts.   He was always needed to defend and protect the survival of his tribe for the past many thousands of years.   Until the last generation and a half, the human female function, a rather  important one, was to mother her children and tend to the family nest until puberty for the survival of the species.    The “she” of the species was wily and clever in her own way for her own survival.   She was always then as now, however, born ditsy to some degree and reason….one being to maintain her own survival in the tribe.

Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are prime examples of the history of the female ditsy when exercising their ‘role’ “ruling” their space in human “culture”.

Two and two often fail to make four among the general  emoting feminist in action!!   Nor have they ever really invented or built  anything.

Our lefty American kind of females  don’t bear very many children anymore.  They seem to prefer to kill them.    They’d rather play women’s soccer  and display  greatness by being obnoxious and crude to prove their equality to pre-puberty   unchurched American schoolboys.

“CNN” Gal, Fascistic Rapinoe, Goes Hitlerian!

Megan Rapinoe: We’re Willing To Have A Conversation With Anyone — Who Believes In The Same Things We Believe In

“I’ll only talk to people who agree with me” is pretty much American politics in 2019 in a nutshell.

By “believes in the same things we believe,” does she mean broad big-picture stuff like “America is great”? (Does Rapinoe believe that, actually?) Or does she mean “women’s soccer stars deserve the same pay as men even though their sport brings in a fraction as much revenue and they get a larger share of that revenue than male players do”?

No room for disagreement on that second point in the name of conversation, I assume.

Embedded video

Tom Elliott@tomselliott

Rapinoe, after saying she’ll never visit Trump, gives a “shoutout” to @AOC and says she’ll go to D.C. to have a “substantive conversation” with “anyone” … who “believes the same things we believe in.”

They’re still a soccer team, right? They haven’t morphed into a political party?

As far as I know, they’re not yet planning to meet with any Republicans during their sojourn to D.C. to mug for the camera with the likes of AOC and Chuck Schumer. One very famous Republican did of course invite them to meet and was turned down, at least by Rapinoe. She says in the clip that she’s willing to meet with the “bipartisan Congress,” so we’ll see. Hopefully there are no more rejections of GOPers or else that “one nation, one team” shtick is going to ring a leeeetle hollow.

You know, I feel like I did my patriotic (or at least nationalist) duty with Rapinoe and the soccer team. I watched the tournament. I cheered for them. I shrugged off their bickering with Trump because, after all, if it’s a day that ends with “Y,” Trump is bickering with someone. I gritted my teeth and laughed through their obnoxious post-goal celebrations because succeeding wildly and being a showboating dick about it is pretty much the American dream. I don’t even object to Rapinoe’s partisanship, really: She’s a leftist but we write about leftists every day, so whatever. What got me about this CNN interview was the sheer exhaustion of getting another snoutful of embittered politics in one of the few realms left in which politics tends not to intrude, sports. A big snoutful too. I feel like I know more about Rapinoe’s worldview now, after five weeks of exposure to her, than I know about LeBron James’s after 15 years.

Are we almost done with this, then? She and the team were great, they deserve their parade today in NYC, she deserved every award she won at the World Cup, and I hope attendance for pro women’s soccer games quadruples because of it. Now can we get back to the daily Bob Mueller coverage in CNN primetime?

In lieu of an exit question, here’s Rapinoe shoving a little more politics into that snout of yours.

Embedded video

The Disappearance of the American Mother

I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1934.  I had a sister born two years earlier.

My dad was a pharmacist, actually a  pharmacist and head manager for a Liggett Drug Company Store, downtown St. Paul.   I was four years old when I was first “stationed” there and eleven when father moved on eventually to own his own store on Selby and Snelling just under the apartment where Charles Schultz, the creator of “Peanuts”, and his parents  lived.  His dad, a terrific guy Carl,  was my barber until  I entered the army when I was 22.

In 1936 dad purchased a newly built “five room bungalow” in a newer housing area near the Ford plant and only three blocks from the mighty Mississippi River for $6,500 over a 25 year payment.  There were sixteen houses on  lots, 45′ by 90′ from street to alley, four others still empty.  The neat white wood siding house across the street from us was being built the summer of 1941.   Our house was stucco built with brick, that last of its kind in that area.   Every house on our block  had children but one, the Lindquists,  who were grand parents whose grand children  visited from Iowa every summer.  They were the first neighbors to house a television set…in 1947, a three inch screen with magnifying glass for viewers to see better.  They always invited us neighborhood boys in.  I remember watching a Joe Louis boxing match there, my first glance at television.

Alleys and their garages were still in vogue then.   There were two large empty lots across the alley from our garage when Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941.   My dad was too old to serve in the military, but volunteered to become a neighborhood air raid warden and Victory Garden sponsor of the two empty lots across our alley.

The city offered to plow the lots the Spring of 1942 at no cost, if my father would agree to be responsible for growing  vegetables, half of the produce for our family, and share the remaining  half for the fifteen other families on our block to avoid food shortages.   Canning vegetables kept food on the table during the war’s winters.

(As it turned out one of the greatest fortunes of my life arrived then.  Although my Dad agreed to the pact, he was working sixty hours per week at the drug store downtown.   It was I at age eight who became  “man in charge” of a full lot of that “Victory Garden”.   Mother and I together seeded the early crops in 1942….you name the crop, we grew it.   But she got some kind of a serious skin infection by June leaving me thereafter to seed, to weed, to water, to kill the insects, and to harvest alone.   Potatoes, tomatoes, sweet corn, egg plant, radishes, carrots, lettuce, kohlrabi, and more till the end of the war.)

The Victory Garden experience got me into plants period.   I was very aware of the war, both fronts.   I couldn’t read books, but I could read newspapers, discovered maps, flowers, trees, and shrubs, and became a skilled landscape gardener to this very day.

Every child in our neighborhood lived with their real  parents.  Fathers worked 48 or more hours every week.   Mothers were at home, being MOTHER,  being NEIGHBORLY, being there friendly  with other Mothers, being churched with family and friends,  aware of the news, the war, canning food,  growing flowers and vegetables,  helping neighbors when needed.

Until the mid 1950s Mothers kept friendships and order in the neighborhood.   THEY WERE STILL REAL MOTHERS who cared about offspring.

Today, the American female of motherhood age works somewhere.  Countless go to college for demand a career or to learn obnoxiousness at  Oberlin……to make noise and/or  become important…..Half of those who bother to be married wind up “free” again  often because today’s American  human male model prefers cannabis or worse.

Yes, there are some married mothers, especially some  Christian  and foreign  mothers  who remain home to raise their children with care.   Other females of such age, especially of  contemporary leftist college  pitch, don’t seem to have any motherhood sense in them at all!    The word seems to have lost its meaning compared to those married  women who bore children when I was a child.


The Battle Against Pelosi Fascistic SOCIALISM!


by Scott Johnson  at PowerLine:

President Trump has rejected the status quo ante in American foreign policy. He has rededicated the United States to the support of Israel. He has withdrawn the United States from the disgraceful deal with Iran. He has tightened the sanctions regime with the intent of disabling the mullahs. He has shaken up matters with the North Korean regime in the interest of putting their nuclear weapons program on the path of termination. He has now come out for the removal of the socialist dictator of Venezuela. I could multiply the examples, but you can fill in the blanks. In each of these cases, Trump is right and Obama was wrong.

Yesterday President Trump went to Florida International University in Miami to give a speech on Venezuela before a friendly and raucous audience. I am unable to find either the text or the video on the White House site. I have posted a news video of the speech in its entirety below. It is a gloriously Reaganite speech; it is a great speech. In it Trump stands for freedom against the forces of socialism, tyranny and immiseration.

Trump notes in the course of the speech that National Security Advisor John Bolton is in the house. Readers of Surrender Is Not An Option will infer that he had a hand in the speech. He is an old-fashioned conservative.

Trump is forcing the issue in Venezuela. The United States is on the right side. It is leading in the push to get Maduro out of there. Events are coming to a head. This speech is part of the pressure intended to produce a constructive outcome. It merits your attention.

The New York Times has a good account of the speech here, FOX News here, CNN here

Quotable quote: “The twilight hour of socialism has arrived in our hemisphere and frankly in many many places around the world. The days of socialism and communism are numbered, not only in Venezuela, but in Nicaragua and in Cuba as well.”

One more: “America will never be a socialist country.”





Ditsy Klobuchar Joins Her “Fellow” Ditsies to Socialize a Soviet America


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

As expected, Senator Amy Klobuchar announced this afternoon that she is running for president. Why not? Everyone else is. Scott has written about Klobuchar a number of times, most recently here.

Klobuchar made her announcement in snow-covered Minneapolis. Predictably, she described herself as the candidate of everyone:

“I am running for every parent who wants a better world for their kids. I’m running for every student who wants a good education,” Klobuchar said. “For every senior who wants affordable prescription drugs. For every worker, farmer, dreamer and builder. I am running for every American. I am running for you.”

Somehow, though, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion she isn’t running for me.

Klobuchar’s all-things-to-all-people approach has served her well in Minnesota. She is good at constituent service and gets quite a bit of support from the business community. In the Senate, she has focused mostly on uncontroversial small-ball–product safety and the like–and she is personally pleasant toward local conservatives. I don’t know her well, but she is cordial when I run into her, as, most recently, when I testified before the Joint Economic Committee, of which she is a member. Coincidentally, her husband worked for me quite a few years ago. I get along fine with him, too.

I make these personal observations because they are an important part of Klobuchar’s political persona. Her voting record is just as bad as any other Senate Democrat’s, but her leftism comes in a moderate package. If she can fool a lot of Minnesota businessmen, she likely can appeal to relatively moderate Democratic primary voters, too.

Klobuchar’s bland image obscures the same vaulting ambition that characterizes almost any serious presidential candidate. (A friend who has been active in DFL politics for decades describes Klobuchar as the most ambitious Minnesota Democrat since Walter Mondale.) And also, apparently, a considerable amount of rage. Lately, she has been in the news because of longstanding reports of her abusive treatment of staff. Whether voters will care remains to be seen.

The obvious question is whether Klobuchar will be one of the finalists when the 20-odd Democratic presidential wannabes sort themselves out. It is way too early to tell, of course, but I think she may be. Openly leftist candidates, of which there are many, will split the crazy-Democrat vote. While most primary voters will fall into that category, there is room for someone (maybe a couple of someones) closer to the center. It is easy to imagine that when the primary season approaches a climax, whoever becomes the chief “moderate” candidate will face off against three or four uncompromising leftists. That moderate, or faux-moderate, candidate could well be Amy Klobuchar. Neither her drive, nor her discipline, nor her political skills should be underestimated.

I would not be shocked if, when the dust settles, Amy Klobuchar is the Democrats’ choice to face off against President Trump. But first, she will have to show that she can get traction in a Democratic electorate that is more or less crazed.



From  whom, indeed, does this Soviet ditsy chick get her idea I possess any of her IN ME?  I am not a “Soviet”.   I believe, as do most Americans outside of our DITSY world, we are supposed to become   civilized  human beings born with a responsibility  to grow into an adulthood where WE   MAKE ADULT, TRUTHFUL LIVES AND DECISIONS ABOUT OURSELVES, OUR  FAMILIES,  AND OUR GOVERNORS.



Jobs!! What the Pelosi Fascistic American Press Bans from the American Brain!

Shutdown? What Shutdown? US Adds 304,000 Jobs In January


(Note:  Remember fellow Americans!  It is inherent in the human female animal to disdain, not practice,  seeking TRUTH!   She is born to feel, to judge, and embellish, cherish, express feelings, seek comfort and safety  for her (God given family she  by Nature or Nature’s God, is driven to bear.  Her  primary purpose in life on Earth is to secure her ability, skills, affection to bear,  deliver and protect her young  children of  the human species in order to continue that species.

The human male animal has  been, and still is  born, even trained to be  a killer, a protector, a builder, an inventor,  driven to protect his own, his family,  his tribe, his nation.    I felt that drive in its milder form that moment, being raised Christian, being married, the moment our first child was born, and repeated at the birth of the two that followed…..and have felt so about them  nearly everyday since “in rain or shine, in joy or sorrow!”

However, that American family and its culture barely  exists in our year AD2019.   There has been  no time for it, no room for it, no learning for it.  We in a Pelosi world where Truth has neither meaning nor existence.  In AD2016 the rising American  “fascistics” drove their Hillary down the American political throat……but the United States of America DID NOT SWALLOW IT!


(Let us review the “horrors” of the five-week shutdown the fascistic Dems have perpetrated upon today’s American…its citizens and its 20,000,000 Dem invaders intended to increase the power of their  fascism for America).

The following article by Ed Morrissey occurred in HotAir:

If the five-week shutdown had any impact on the economy, employers overlooked it — in droves. In January, the US added the most jobs in nearly a year, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported net job creation for the month at 304,000. Unemployment rose a little higher to 4.0% as temporary layoffs surged in the public sector due to the shutdown:

SEE ALSO: Elizabeth Warren to Cherokee Nation: Sorry about that DNA test

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 304,000 in January, and the unemployment rate edged up to 4.0 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in several industries, including leisure and hospitality, construction, health care, and transportation and warehousing.

Both the unemployment rate, at 4.0 percent, and the number of unemployed persons, at 6.5 million, edged up in January. The impact of the partial federal government shutdown contributed to the uptick in these measures. Among the unemployed, the number who reported being on temporary layoff increased by 175,000. This figure includes furloughed federal employees who were classified as unemployed on temporary layoff under the definitions used in the household survey.

The labor force participation rate remained above 63% for the second straight month, demonstrating that more of the old overhang has been reversed:


The labor force participation rate, at 63.2 percent, and the employment-population ratio, at 60.7 percent, changed little over the month; both measures were up by 0.5 percentage point over the year.

The former number had been stuck around 62.7% for five years or more. Analysts insisted that the generationally low number was the result of the leading edge of Baby Boomer retirement, but the growth in that number over the past year strongly suggests that workers are reentering the labor force as jobs open up. It matches a similar growth in the employment-population ratio that had been stuck in the 59+% range since the Great Recession until January 2017. It has grown almost a full point over the past two years.

Over the same period, wages have begun rising after years of stagnation. The BLS reports that wages have increased 3.2% over the past year after a modest rise in January. That also suggests that a labor overhang was keeping wage growth down, and that we have either eliminated or greatly reduced that overhang in the past couple of years.

Today’s results blew far past Reuters’ predictions, even accounting for a downward revision for November and December:

Nonfarm payrolls jumped by 304,000 jobs last month, the largest gain since February 2018, the Labor Department said. Job growth was boosted by hiring at construction sites, retailers and business services as well as at restaurants and hotels.

But data for November and December was revised down to show 70,000 fewer jobs created than previously reported. The economy needs to create roughly 100,000 jobs per month to keep up with growth in the working-age population.

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast payrolls increasing by 165,000 jobs in January.

CNBC noted that the results are counterintuitive, especially considering the season:


January job growth shatters expectations from CNBC.

Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had expected payrolls to rise by 170,000 and the unemployment rate to hold steady at 3.9 percent.

In all, it was a powerful performance at a time when economists increasingly have said they expect growth to slow in 2019. January marked 100 months in a row of positive job creation, by far the longest streak on record.

It’s a bonanza of a report for Donald Trump, a solid win on the economy — and a much-needed change of subject on the shutdown. The report demonstrates that worry over the economic impact of the shutdown was mostly exaggerated, at least up to the point when it ended. Had air traffic snarled any further, it likely would have had bad impacts on job growth in February, but for the most part the shutdown didn’t have an impact outside of those directly affected by the furlough.

Can the economy maintain this momentum? Trump needs months like these in September and October 2020 more than he needs them in January 2019. But the White House will still be glad to see this now nonetheless, and they should be.