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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Democrat California Here We Come?

The following Los Angeles story was sent by California’s Lisa Rich:


Fascists, AntiWhite Racists, Dictate Leftism at the StarTribune?

Rep. Ilhan Omar, 3 allies decry Trump attacks as racist, divisive

President unloads more diatribes during White House ceremonyOmar, 3 allies decry Trump attacks as racist, divisive
Video (02:01) : The message from the four Democratic congresswomen of color targeted by President Donald Trump’s tweets: “Do not take the bait.”

– After being singled out by President Donald Trump with racist tweets, four Democratic congresswomen, including Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar, chose to stand together before the cameras and defend their vision for their country.

Omar and her three colleagues — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan — held a news conference on Monday in the Capitol to respond to Trump’s attacks, saying they were not surprised by the president’s remarks and vowed not to be silenced by them.

Omar hit back hard at Trump, criticizing what she called “the bile and garbage that comes out of his mouth” and renewing her call to impeach Trump, who she said has “overseen the most corrupt administration in our history.”

“This is the agenda of white nationalists. … This is his plan to pit us against one another,” Omar said.

Pressley voiced gratitude for the support the four have received in light of the “most recent xenophobic, bigoted remarks from the occupant of our White House.”

“I encourage the American people and all of us — in this room and beyond — to not take the bait,” Pressley said.

Addressing the nation’s children, Ocasio-Cortez rejected Trump’s words and said that they were the opposite of what America stands for. “No matter what the president says, this country belongs to you. And it belongs to everyone. … This weekend, that very notion was challenged,” she said.

Meanwhile Trump, speaking at a White House event on Monday to honor American manufacturers, including Minnesota-based 3M, renewed his assault on Omar during a formal presentation before dozens of business owners gathered on the South Lawn to celebrate American entrepreneurship.

Trump mounted a lengthy attack on Omar, accusing her of saying “how great al-Qaida is” and claiming she “hates Jews.” Omar has never made a comment suggesting al-Qaida is “great,” nor has she ever said she hates Jews.

Trump’s comments followed a series of presidential tweets over the weekend directed at Omar and her three liberal colleagues, all women of color. The Republican president said the four, whom he did not name, should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came.”

Of the four, only Omar was not born in the United States. She was born in Somalia and immigrated with her family to the U.S. as a child. She is the first Somali-American member of Congress.

Omar also ran through some of the most infamous statements from Trump’s past and said it’s ironic that Trump would condemn politicians who criticize government policies given the theme of his 2016 campaign. “When this president ran and until today, he talked about everything that was wrong in this country and how he was going to make it great,” Omar said. “And so for him to condemn us and to say we are un-American for wanting to work hard to make this country be the country we all deserve to live in? Complete hypocrisy.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who last week faced blowback for critical comments about the four congresswomen, turned her attention to Trump over the weekend. His attack on the four congresswomen “reaffirms his plan to ‘Make America Great Again’ has always been about making America white again,” she tweeted on Sunday.

Pelosi announced on Monday that Democratic leaders were preparing a vote on a House resolution condemning what she called “disgraceful” and “xenophobic language” in Trump’s weekend tweets.

Trump was asked at the White House ceremony whether it concerned him that many people found his tweets to be racist, given that they specifically singled out four women of color.

“It doesn’t concern me because many people agree with me,” Trump said. Of the four women, he said: “They hate our country. They hate it, I think, with a passion.”

While Trump’s attack appeared designed to divide Democrats, many rallied around the four freshmen congresswomen, who have recently clashed with Pelosi and other Democratic leaders.

Among those condemning Trump’s attack was U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., a presidential candidate. “This is reprehensible, racist, and xenophobic,” she tweeted Sunday. “It is unacceptable for the President of the United States to tweet something like this. Period.”

Gov. Tim Walz also defended Omar and the other three congresswomen. “The four members of Congress are American citizens. They’re U.S. representatives,” he said Monday. “The place they go back to is the United States. Dividing this country along racial lines is unacceptable.”

Local minority and immigration activists also denounced the president’s tweets, which to some had a familiar ring. “ ‘Go back to where you came from’ is a classic phrase from overt racists directed towards black and brown people,” tweeted Ron Harris, the city of Minneapolis’ chief resilience officer and a member of the Democratic National Committee. “Your president uttering these words is no exception to this rule. At this point, to deny his racism is an unequivocal statement about your own.”

Republican Party officials in Minnesota remained silent, as did the state’s three Republican members of Congress. None responded to requests for comment.

Several GOP leaders in Washington spoke out, while also taking a swipe at the four lawmakers.

“I disagree strongly with many of the views and comments of some of the far-left members of the House Democratic Caucus — especially when it comes to their views on socialism, their anti-Semitic rhetoric, and their negative comments about law enforcement — but the President’s tweet that some Members of Congress should go back to the ‘places from which they came’ was way over the line, and he should take that down,” Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said in a statement.

And Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, said Trump “failed very badly yesterday and today”; he called the president’s comments “destructive and demeaning and in some ways dangerous.”

Some rank-and-file House members also voiced criticism, including Texas congressmen Will Hurd, Pete Olson and Chip Roy. Hurd represents a heavily Latino border district; Olson represents a suburban Houston district with a large immigrant population; and Roy was a top aide to Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, once a top GOP rival of Trump.

Omar was the only one of the four that Trump mentioned by name on Monday. He called Somalia a “failed government and failed state.”

Omar faced criticism earlier this year after a tweet and a subsequent public comment that even many fellow Democrats said played on anti-Semitic tropes.

Omar’s February tweet that American political support for Israel was “all about the Benjamins,” and in a speech three weeks later on U.S. policy toward Israel, drew broad condemnation. She later apologized.

Trump also referred back to coverage in conservative media of comments Omar previously made about al-Qaida and the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. In a 2013 interview, before running for office, Omar discussed how people change their tone of voice when talking about al-Qaida. And earlier this year, she described the 2001 attacks with the term, “some people did something.” Republicans criticized the comment as dismissive.

Note:   I was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1934.   I managed 2 undergraduate degrees from the University of Minnesota, one in geography, the other in Social Studies Education, a graduate degree  in Soviet Studies from leftist college, Middlebury, and was one credit short of a master’s degree in Horticulture at the University of Minnesota.
I was quite fluent in speaking Russian until a couple decades ago when I ran out of chances of speaking it.  I visited the USSR in 1966 when it was a top criminal fascist state of the communist kind, and again in 1990 in October with a local Twin City Christian Church community which had gathered thousands of dollars to give to Kiev hospital victims of the Chernobyl atomic disaster.
Our country is in trouble…..NOT FROM ANYTHING DONALD TRUMP, THE MAN IS TRYING HARD TO SAVE US,  BUT THE EVIL REEKING FROM THE LEFTIST FASCISM THAT RULES IN OUR AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL AND COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS TODAY……THOSE INVADERS OF TODAY,  the fascism of the Squad black feminist racists  and American feminism in general…..and NBC, CBS, MSNBC, PBS, ABC,  CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post and nearly all newsprint from the Atlantic to the Pacific these days….all fascistic, leftist, and usually  big business oriented for overseas worldly profiteering at the American citizen expense……the people who love to see America invaded by fascist cultured folks who will forever vote for any one party  leftist “Democrat”political  network!

Why is the JudeoChristian God MALE!?

Note from Glenn:

Dennis Prager has come out with his Judeic reason, reasons for why our JudeoChristian God is MALE in concept.   His listing is rational, believable, and quite acceptable among rational human animals interested if the reasons of life and the unknown of death of the human body and mind.

Please click on below to absorb the rational behind his truths.

There are other cultural worlds in human history beyond the JudeoChristian.   It is from my JudeoChristian learnings while growing up that I fell in love with Roman history, and therefore Greek mythology as well, concepts  of life, God, and the inevitability of death.

That curiosity led me to study and learn Latin my sophomore year in high school….I loved learning history, where we’ve come from and why.   I was a child of the depression and the  second World War.   I was lucky.  It was a good time to be in American schools where I lived then.   My Lutheran learnings of the Old and New Testaments during Sunday School were led by the same gifted, cultural, learned teacher old maids whom I loved listening to in public grade school from 3rd grade until Confirmation.

They taught me that God, that is, God the Father, the all powerful, had no form.  HE was beyond form and ALL AND FOREVER POWERFUL, THE ORIGIN AND PURPOSE OF ALL LIFE AND EXISTENCE.   Genesis, Chapter One and Two were powerful teachers  in those days of satisfying my male wonderment..

Although without form, God the Father of all existence, known and unknown, was Male in power, mind,  and duty,  the foundation of all matter, human, animal, and mineral to survive a hostile world…..the primary world and purpose of the existence of the  human male…….to protect and provide for the continuation of the species and survival of his off spring.

Sacred in that off-spring is the gift, miracle,  and mystery of life borne and delivered by the human female.

He was  born  for purpose, a killer, a protector, a provider, a builder, a thinker,  an inventor and such of the species.  She was  born to be protected,  to be a loving Mother and ‘teacher’ and protector of her off-spring when required.

That was in the good old days when men were men and women were women.   Today in 2019 America,  the ditsy Leftists of America sell a different story…..pretending there are no important differences between human male and female.   Most American female animals outside the “Church”  don’t raise, “Mother”  their children much more than a week or two after the baby’s birth.   Fathers tend to disappear, some returning to their animal past and become Dems.    What a culture!



Cigarette Industry Replaced by POT PSYCHOSIS!!??

Study Appears To Link Heavy Pot Use To Psychosis

All through the debate over marijuana legalization, a consistent complaint raised by opponents of such plans (frequently coming from more conservative critics) has been the idea that the health risks associated with using pot have been downplayed or overlooked entirely. There’s competing research showing that smoking pot is probably less harmful than smoking tobacco, but it’s a nagging question that’s never been entirely resolved.

SEE ALSO: CNN: Support for impeaching Trump drops 12 points among Dems, at lowest level overall since last June

Now the opponents of legalization may have another bit of ammunition in their arsenal. The results of a nearly ten-year study conducted in Great Britain were released this week and they suggest that regular consumption of newer, more powerful strains of cannabis can result in significantly higher instances of psychosis among users. Of course, as with all such studies, the warnings come with a few caveats. (Associated Press)

Smoking high-potency marijuana every day could increase the chances of developing psychosis by nearly five times, according to the biggest-ever study to examine the impact of pot on psychotic disorder rates.

The research adds to previous studies that have found links between marijuana and mental health problems, but still does not definitively pinpoint marijuana as the cause.

Psychotic disorders — in which people lose touch with reality — are typically triggered by factors including genetics and the environment. But experts say the new study’s findings have implications for jurisdictions legalizing marijuana, warning they should consider the potential impact on their mental health services.

Some of the figures they’re quoting from the study certainly do sound alarming. We’re not talking about some statistically insignificant increase in incidents of psychosis. From a pool of more than 2,000 patients, incidents of initial onset of psychosis were anywhere from three to five times higher among regular pot users as compared to the control group who didn’t partake.

But the study’s authors also include enough caveats to keep the debate going in the future. First, they admit that psychosis is generally understood to involve environmental and genetic factors, so quantifying exactly how big of a role the marijuana use played in each case is tricky.

Even if we ignore those questions, the quality and amount of pot you’d have to be indulging in to generate the worst results is a bit off the charts. To get the fivefold increase in psychosis diagnoses, the patients would have to be ingesting some of the really high potency, designer pot that growers have been developing, containing vastly higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than the stuff that was going around during the Summer of Love. (Or at least, so I’ve heard… [cough].) And even then, you’d have to be in the category of people who are “getting their smoke on” multiple times per day, seven days a week.

It sort of makes sense that you run a higher risk of problems from introducing any foreign agent into your system if you’re hitting it at Cheech and Chong levels as opposed to the person who only does it occasionally on the weekends. Another factor I didn’t see mentioned in the overview of the study results is whether they were including people who actually smoked marijuana as opposed to those using vaporizers, edibles or other forms of ingesting the drug. “Smoking” anything, including tobacco, involves bringing a lot more foreign substances into your system than just the specific drug you’re looking for, whether that’s THC or nicotine.

I don’t expect this one study to put the legalization issue to rest one way or the other. It’s just another interesting data point to keep in mind as we monitor the rollout of legalization laws around the country.





Senator Elizabeth Warren was,  and is, as it turns out,  NOT a very intelligent, well educated, honest American Indian…..She’s not an Indian at all.   She’s been  a mouthy Hollywood Starling Senator selling  lies to Massachusetts fascistic Dems for years….and now is competing among like Democrats to become the 46th President of our United States……THE WORD ‘UNITED’ IS AN IMPORTANT WORD HERE.  ‘UNITED’ STATES MEANS EVERY STATE COUNTS IN OUR AMERICAN DEMOCRACY.

But Elizabeth Warren is NOT an American Democrat…She is not a democrat at all…..yet, she is running around selling herself as  President-to-be, liar and all.  She bounced upon a stage yesterday announcing she, fascistic and all, is demanding the disappearance of the “UNITED STATES” OF America’s ELECTORAL COLLEGE!  (Her side kick,  “CROOKED HILLARY” would be our nation’s president today, if ditsy Warren and fellow Dems had her way.

Fascistic fem Dems of all ages, sexes, shapes, and sizes,  own our American schooling K through 12,  and universities and colleges throughout the Liberal Arts  world these days.  Perhaps that is the dilemma cursing  today’s know nothings Dems  age 55  and under.  They have all been sexually  feminazified.

So, what is this 200-plus-year American Electoral College all about that ditsies like this Elizabeth are now willing to sell for their national  Dem fascistic aggrandizement?

Lefties at  Google provide the following fairly accurate, but incomplete, summary of what our American “Electoral College” is:

“The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President. Your state’s entitled allotment of electors equals the number of members in its Congressional delegation: one for each member in the House of Representatives plus two for your Senators.”

These electors meet shortly  after the presidential election to cast their “state”  ballot accorded to the Presidential  candidate winning the largest vote of the state based upon the population of the state.   In 2016 Minnesota had ten Electoral votes based on its  population relative to the nation according to the 2010 national census. ….number  of  their ten Congressional seats…..2 Senate and 8 House of Representatives…..

Today’s CROOKED DEM CALIFORNIA has welcomed more than   10,000,000 illegal  immigrants who have criminally crossed the nation’s southern  border for ‘sanctuary’, crime, and whatever!   Add there illegal votes in  New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, etc.  by the millions,  the once United States of America will no longer exists.  Already fascistic Dems have declared their future  America as SOCIALISM IS YOUR FUTURE, LIKE IT OR NOT…..their  ditsies chant.

Every American having a high school education should know the DEGREE OF STUPIDITY fascistic Elizabeth Warren displays by demanding the elimination of our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Electoral college.

Without the Electoral College the United States would never have been born.  Without the Civil War being won , in which around 800,000 Americans  had died, the United States would never have become “the land of the free”.   California might attack Arizona,  Illinois obliterate Indiana, Maryland greedily absorb Delaware.

TODAY MEXICO AND POINTS SOUTH ARE INVADING THE ONCE GOOD OLD USA by the millions…..encouraged by Democrat Party’s current  fascistic    grab for a feminized Socialist dictatorship.

The establishment of our American Electoral College was a compromise made in the early 1800s by the states then, the big and small,  in order to become ONE NATION UNDER GOD,  the United States of America and avoid the chaos of physical and political  conflicts state to state caused by idiot and misfit Presidential candidates like today’s Elizabeth Warren and her 20 or more Dem competing candidates!

Today’s fascistic Dem-owned states begin with California, Oregon, and Washington on the West coast.   Then there’s New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, and possibly  Florida.   Another million of illegals now bulging into Texas will soon  transform it into the already fat fascist Dem bag.  Add  Virginia, Maryland, and Michigan, and pot land Colorado…..FOURTEEN STATES out of 50,  no  fascistic Dem would ever have to stub a toe into the  the rest of our America’s  36 states to win a Presidential election.      (Add the District of Columbia 3  to 7 electoral fascist Dem votes forever if a cushion is needed.)

Our 1787 “Americans” recognized their American New World problem…..The Elizabeths of   fascistic rabble could be confined in number and power to the nation’s HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.   States would be more united, more equal in the Senate where neighbors could work together  for the national good and company, and the STATES WOULD MATTER IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

Fascistic Elizabeth Warren is not dumb, but ditsy, a major emotion problem among  “thinking” human females.  If she is truly interested in America and its freedoms, she should study  more about why our forefathers…..NOT FORE MOTHERS LIKE ELIZABETH WARREN  democratically founded our once American….United States of America chose their recipe for the office of our America’s Presidents.

THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM WAS, INDEED, A COMPROMISE TO MAKE EVERY STATE PART OF OUR AMERICAN POLITICAL PROCESS ELECTING ITS PRESIDENTS……not merely the more fascist ones with larger populations.  The danger is this, however:

The fascistics own our American educational and communications industries.  Most teachers today K through college  Liberal Arts  are carbons of  devoted Elizabeth from Massachusetts.   WILL TODAY’S AMERICANS EVER WAKE UP?  DON’T BET ON IT!

May God Bless our AMERICAN Donald Trump!

Why Does the Human Female Fashion to Fascism so Easily?

(with the arrival of our american feminazis!)


Her mate, THE HUMAN MALE ANIMAL  is born by GOD’S-GIVEN NATURE, to protect her and  THE HUMAN ANIMAL’S off spring to continue the life of the species!   He is programmed to sire, to  be  a killer when needed, a protector, a provider, a hunter, a  builder,  a dreamer driven to be curious, to seek wisdom to solve problems.   He must be “schooled” to do so!

The human female animal is the origin, the housing of the beginning and  continuation of the human species.   Her survival, security relies upon HIM.

BOTH ANIMALS ARE BORN FLAWED, IGNORANT, UNAWARE, FOOLISH, INDIVIDUAL, and yet INNOCENT AND GIFTED TO ENDURE THE PAIN AND JOY OF LIFE, the only life we have!….and it is wonderful if we animals make it so.

…..and along comes the giddy of the  feminazi ditsies of our modern American human day.   Their  arrival  is inevitable when human wisdom, and its learnings and goodness begin to disappear from the human drive,  returning to the endless days of the abyss of nothingness beyond the animal even the amoeba.



by  John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

“Get woke, go broke” is a popular saying, but it isn’t necessarily true. Some companies have seemingly prospered by adopting a Social Justice Warrior pose. Nike comes to mind. Still, it is hard to understand what Gillette was thinking when it launched its foray into left-wing politics: “The Best Men Can Be,” a new web site that features this video. Gillette wants us to know that it is anti-sexual harassment. The freighted phrase “toxic masculinity” makes an appearance:

What does sexual harassment have to do with shaving cream and ridiculously overpriced razor blades? I don’t know. At some level, of course, shaving relates to masculinity. But this is too tenuous a connection, I think, to justify Gillette’s campaign.

Procter & Gamble owns Gillette, so the toxic masculinity campaign presumably has been vetted by some of America’s most knowledgeable marketers. Nevertheless, I will go out on a limb and predict that they are wrong. For what it’s worth, the comments on the YouTube video are relentlessly negative and mocking.

But what nags at me is something else: a memory of Gillette as the sponsor of Friday Night Fights. For 14 years, ending in 1960, Gillette sponsored a very different view of masculinity: America’s premier boxing show. I saw a lot of those broadcasts. Pretty much all of the famous fighters of the era appeared on the Friday Night Fights, some many times: Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Robinson, Archie Moore, Rocky Graziano, Willie Pep, and many more. I think all of the broadcasts originated from Madison Square Garden.

Who can forget the music that accompanied those telecasts, the Gillette Look Sharp March? For many years it was associated with American sports, especially boxing. My high school band played the Gillette Look Sharp March.

At a fundamental level, Procter & Gamble/Gillette’s marketing has changed because American men have changed. It goes without saying that in the 1950s, the current SJW campaign would have been seen as puzzling, at best. I am afraid the same may be true if Gillette tried to replicate its 1950s celebration of masculinity today. Sadly, it may be that P&G has its finger on the pulse of lots of American razor buyers.

I, of course, see the 1950s version of masculinity as mostly admirable, not “toxic”–whatever that means. Not that men were perfect then, of course. But it seems that the more liberals yammer about sexual harassment, rape, etc., the more harassment and rape they commit. On the whole, I would guess that men of the 50s were more honorable, on the average, than men today. For what it’s worth, the forcible rape rate per 100,000 is several times higher now than it was in 1960–the golden age, I take it, of “toxic masculinity.”

Meanwhile, I haven’t bought a razor or overpriced blades from Gillette in a long time. I recommend Harry’s. And the Dollar Shave Club is welcoming lots of new customers: