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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Cjack, Glenn Wish “HAPPY SHABBAT TO ALL”

—President Donald J Trump: Our 21st Century Minuteman—

Joe Biden is on tape & video bragging about his blackmail of Ukraine’s President Poroshenko. And Biden has implicated Barack Obama!

This is a done deal; the corrupt, insane, dumb Biden has brought down the House of Jackass Cards! Yet, again, the corrupt Grandma Pelosi and her gang of Congressional misfits have been directed by Hillary and Obama to spring their “plan C” to again deceive the American people with this bogus “impeachment inquiry” to nullify Trump. But it’s all really to cover up the crimes of the Obama administration. The Biden/Obama blackmail of Ukraine’s President Poroshenko is one big DNC scandal the Democrats are trying to keep a lid on. Don’t let them!

President Trump’s telephone conversation with the new president of Ukraine does not in any way compromise Trump. The transcripts are there for the world to confirm the egregious conduct of the Democrats as well as their moral bankruptcy. The Democrats will not cease to fabricate tales to overthrow our duly elected President. Neither Obama nor Hillary will ever accept the win of the outsider Donald Trump.

Don’t forget George Soros in the background funding other enemies of the republic.

And the Ukraine government holds another key to the puzzle: The reason for the Russians $145,000,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation, following the Hillary/Obama sale (uranium one deal) of 20% of the US uranium deposits to Russia? The money was actually Putin’s purchase of access to, and favors from, the projected Hillary Clinton presidency. Bingo!

The seditious Hillary Clinton went to Moscow to ‘reset’ the button on US relations with Russia; of course, in favor of the Kremlin. Yes, she was there to bring good tidings to the Russians; she was there to seal the sale of American uranium to Moscow. She was to betray our country for a sum certain…$145,000,000!

And what about the $500,000 Bill Clinton received in Moscow from a group of Russian businessmen…for a speech…again after the Uranium One Deal?

We have to admire the fortitude, tenacity, courage, and patriotism of President Trump who has put country before anything else. President Donald Trump is nation’s 21st Century Minuteman!

Happy Shabbat to all. Do not despair; the God of Abraham is still on the watch.

Cjack…Weekend Commentary…September 27, 2019

Good News Regarding Our Christian Godfearing!

This Good News for Christianity in America May Surprise You

New research summary shows Christianity holding strong in America.

Article from Stream sent by Mark Waldeland:

. . . Time for a reality check, says Stanton. In fact, the annual church closure rate in America is about 1 percent — far lower than the rate for any other organizational category. As for the exploding number of “nones,” it’s almost entirely due to changes in the way researchers ask questions. The “nones” in today’s surveys, include the same sort of people who in yesterday’s surveys listed their affiliation as the church they attended a year ago last Christmas. “This change marks a decrease only in nominal affiliation, not an increase in irreligion,” says social scientist Rodney Stark, quoted by Stanton.

. . . “If you look at young [evangelical] adults, eighteen to twenty-nine years old, we are at the highest reported levels since 1972 of regular church attendance among this group. That’s a pretty big deal.”Other research shows number holding steady or better. More young adults said they “pray daily” in the first decade of this century than in the 1980s or 1990s. There’s much more like this in this book’s summary of research on youth in the Church.

. . . Mainline, liberal Protestantism is in free fall. Or, if you want to know what Stanton really thinks, here’s his chapter title on it: “Stick a Fork In It.” Subtitle: “The Major Fail of Liberal Christianity.” It’s done. It’s over. Non-Christian “Christianity” doesn’t attract anyone. “Going to brunch would be more uplifting.”


When American Women Were Real Mothers

I was seven years old when Pearl Harbor was bombed bringing our USA into World War II.   I was a child of the Great Depression up to that point.   American men  worked.   American women were homemaking Mothers.   Motherhood was highly honored in American society looking back where I lived.   Women as a class were highly regarded in the culture where I lived,  very, very Christian raising children at home and married!  Family incomes were the fathers’ responsibilities.  In my relatively newish urban neighborhood they took in about $5,000 or slightly less annually.    We moved into our newly built “five room bungalow” in 1936 about the time our neighborhood grade school was built.   Television didn’t arrive until 1947.   Of the 16 homes on both sides of our block, all but  two families had one or two kids.   The Jahnke’s across the street had three girls in their older teens who  baby sat at ten cents an hour when needed.

Nearly all, if not all, of the kids under age twelve were dressed with family hand-me-downs as all of my clothes were.    Mother made most of my sister’s dresses.

On good weather days, spring through September, washable clothes or curtains and such would be drying out on clothes’ lines hooked to garage and a clothes pole.  Moms also gardened both flower and food plants near the alleys by the backyard.

During the War nearly every house hold had tomato plants growing among the  flower gardens.   Boys learned to play kick ball or kick the can in the street.   Girls were all tied up playing dolls or paper dolls or jump rope in someone’s back yard, which gave Mothers  time to gather, chat, chuckle,  share Victory Garden produce, and often  butter or milk,  salt or sugar they had fallen short of.

My dad was head pharmacist and  manager at a Liggett Drugstore downtown St. Paul on Seventh and Robert.      Although gasoline was rationed during the War, most dad’s like mine,  stored their autos in their garages until the War was over.   Most guys too old to join the military during the War worked at least 48 hours a week always  away from home.

All of us kids had real Mothers all day long  Summers, weekends,  and vacations usually Saturday’s as well governing family children and the home nearly the entire week.    Such women had a right to claim Motherhood.

Today’s Mother is overwhelmingly  an entirely different animal.   With the exception of several religious groups, most American females who enter Motherhood are mothers for only  a week or two past delivery of any child.  She may prefer her career.    She might not be married.   She may  dump her offspring upon her jobless Mother or Grandmother.   There may be no Father.

Well, there’s always Saturday and Sunday for child rearing  Lefties might say.  But most leftist  feminazis usually ignore motherhood.  They prefer to teach at universities these days.

The vast majority of today’s American  family women are something other than Mothers these days….at best, only on weekends or during summer vacation.

No wonder our current Americana under age 30 have become so interested in our today’s Democrat Party fascism they absorb in school and at university!!

There’s no real Mother around.   Fatherhood majority disappeared decades ago!

My Miller Analogies Test Saved My Life

“The test aims to measure an individual’s logical and analytical reasoning through the use of partial analogies. A sample test question might be

Bach : Composing :: Monet :

  • a. painting
  • b. composing
  • c. writing
  • d. orating

This should be read as “Bach is to (:) Composing as (::) Monet is to (:) _______.” The answer would be a. painting because just as Bach is most known for composing music, Monet is most known for his painting. The open slot may appear in any of the four positions.

Unlike analogies found on past editions of the GRE and the SAT, the MAT’s analogies demand a broad knowledge of Western culture, testing subjects such as science, music, literature, philosophy, mathematics, art, and history. Thus, exemplary success on the MAT requires more than a nuanced and cultivated vocabulary.”

I was born in 1934 and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota destined to love accumulating knowledge.  My favorite word in life from 3 years old  on to high school and beyond, was accumulating answers to the  question word…”WHY”.

I was horribly dyslexic…..long before that word and trouble was ever discovered.   I was crippled throughout grade school (1939 to 1948) unless vision was involved.    By third grade I could draw maps of the United States and its states by heart.   I was already collecting road maps, because when our neighbor, Mr. Dieckman went off to War in 1942, he gave me a dozen of his AAA State Road Maps to keep so I would remember him.  (I still have most of them among about 200 I eventually collected road maps from Skelly, Standard, Phillips 66, Pure Oil, Deep Rock, and many other gas station corporations which then handed road maps out free to customers.)

I learned classical music masterpieces and masterpiece gardens  from Mom’s punishment for me  asking too many questions.   From age 4 to 7 I spent countless  hours standing erect as a soldier in front of an blank wall  across from  our front door.   Far above my child’s left shoulder where I stood each time for 60 minutes hung  a welcoming picture, a beautiful landscape garden picture painted by a nineteenth century Canadian, R. Atkinson Fox….written at the bottom right corner of the setting.

Mom was a flower garden gal, mostly perennials….especially during the war.   Mom was from a German family…..a perfectionist in everything she did….sewing, cooking, reading, dancing, skating.  During the War she undertook nursing for the War effort.   Dad at 41 was an air raid warden in our very modest part of St. Paul, throughout the Spring and Summer of 1942.

“If you ask me one more question, you’re going to the wall, Glenn Ray….Do you understand me?”….she’d shout in desperation.    I always obeyed……for four or five minutes, before I’d be driven to ask  another “Why” or “What” question, especially when she was working.    It was in June, 1942 I could read newspaper sections of the Sunday St. Paul Pioneer Press that covered the war…..the front pages, and especially the rotogravure war cover section filled with pictures and paragraphs bringing the reality of war battles to the home front.    Shortly thereafter I found myself reading whatever throughout the newspaper……!

But, I couldn’t read story books.   I have never been able to read a novel from cover to cover and often page to page.   I couldn’t remember whatever I had just read.

In third grade one of my favorite teachers of all time welcomed me to read her 1920 to 1943 National Geographics which she supplied for the curious in her classes.   I could practically  speed read when there were pictures…all black and white, of course, of all sorts of people and animals throughout the world.   Mother had bought my first world atlas the Christmas of 1942…..and then a globe the next year’s Christmas…..

She did so to stop me asking her questions…..something I didn’t know until teen years.

My sister entered kindergarten a year older than I.   Mother’s habit that kept me at the wall especially between 10 and 11AM five days a week  rose from her love of  listening  to  classical music on radio…..from Chicago in the late 1930s to 40s  of all places.  (Mom and dad had met competing in ballroom dancing).

Think of the radio  static that would meet and sometimes conquer the beautiful music of Beethoven, Johann Strauss,  Grieg, and so on during a weekday then from Chicago!   I wanted to please her, but I’d forget every five minutes and ask her  questions stirring in my mind.

So, at four, I am at the wall.  My sister is at kindergarten that morning I had a big question to ask…..It was Spring….and I had been at that wall over twenty times already.  I was used to the routine and had learned to be quiet, or else!    So I began being absorbed by the beautiful music while viewing a beautiful idealized garden painting of R. Atkinson Fox.  After all, Mother was a devoted flower gardener, so I already knew what  peonies and hollyhocks were.  I knew it was an elm tree growing on our ‘boulevard’ section near the street and most of the names of the  flowers in her garden.

……”I wonder what the name of those beautiful trees are” came to mind while studying the painting .  I had recognized the peonies and hollyhocks  looked like mom’e plants.  I noticed the lovely trees looked just like Mrs. Rowell’s front yard tree.  “I’ll go and ask her!”…and did so exactly when the sixty minutes of picture staring was over.

Kids then were confined to tend to the back or side doors of neighbor’s homes  in those days.  It was my first visit to Mrs. Rowell’s house next door.

I remember she was very surprised to see me….I had a question for her….”Mrs. Rowell, what is the name of the tree you have in the front yard.

“Why, Glenn……That is a Lombardy Popular!”  I can still see her face bright and smiling in front of me.

“Thank you”, I responded as I was programmed to do.  I can still remember she used the word “Whatever”  in her  question…..”caused you to ask?”

I didn’t know how to answer….but said, “Thank you” as I was trained to do.

I have been captured by great Classical music all of my life since.   In May of 1942 I became the chief gardener tending and also planting for our war effort “Victory Garden”, and became its sole director and caretaker of until until the end of 1945.

My hobby and then my career  in Landscape Gardening led me to create “Masterpiece Landscaping” in 1990.    How could I get to be  so lucky, still working in the world I love?

I loved accumulating knowledge.   Yet, after my first B/A degree, a major in Geography, I didn’t know where to go, what to do, so I joined  the Army.    But, I loved learning, so I thought I might return to the University (Minnesota at the time) to get an Education degree.  But, I had to take a new exam, a  PSAT requirement  to be accepted.   I had never had such a test before.    Most of my grades were well earned A or B graded.  But I missed honors, as I did in high school because of my reading disability….I failed in Geomorphology and nearly so in Cartography.

The PSAT exam seemed  like being forced to read and remember “Vanity Fair”  when a junior in high school.   I couldn’t read a page and remember anything, so I went to Classic Comics to get the gist of  matters and escape a foul grade.

But PSAT was different…..and my worry was worthy.  I got notice I was turned down by the College of Education at the University of Minnesota.   “What an crushing insult”, I thought! I loved learning.  I knew a lot of learning stuff in a lot of fields.   But, I had become aware of my reading disorder. Nevertheless,   I made a complaint to the University.   I had graduated from a then  outstanding  high school in St. Paul, tops in several studies….but lows in others….Yet, I had amassed a lot of school knowledge despite my reading difficulties as many grades had indicated.

I was allowed to see a University Dean of some sort regarding my cause.   “I’ve never been a scholastic failure”, was my cause.  Yes, some grades were below par, Geometry and English….yet top grades in some sciences, social studies, history, and Latin.

The Dean was polite.  He asked me if I’d  take a new test in the scholastic market….”a Miller Analogies Test”, he said.   It would be my only hope, he warned.    It was spring, 1959, as I recall…..60 years ago.  He told me not to expect much, but he’d let me take the test anyway.

A week or so later the Dean called  asking me very blandly  to come to his office.  He needed to talk to me directly.   (I did think  the ‘exam’ was rather easy….quite easy…more like algebra, but with words rather than numbers.  I got good grades in high school algebra.

“You managed the test quite well.  I’ll even tell you what you rated…..97th percentile!”

I’ll be 85 next month.   I have surrounding me throughout my house  around a  thousand books, mostly histories, biographies,  Roman and ancient culture oriented, and hundreds of  books of the plant world.   I have studied many areas, especially biographies of Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, American history, and nearly all of the plant world texts, referring to many of them when needed.   I did receive that  Bachelor’s degree in Education, and later a  graduate degree in Soviet Studies in Russian at Middlebury, and one degree from  earning  a Master’s degree in Horticulture at the University of Minnesota.

I became quite fluent with my Russian and practiced it in the old USSR twice, in 1966 when it was still quite savage, and again in 1990 with a Minnesota church group who had raised money to aid victims of the Chernobyl disaster.

In 1990 I  began  the  landscape garden company, Masterpiece Landscaping,  at which I still work in creating beautiful settings….forty hours a week in my own half acre, and 20 hours a week still making beautiful settings with  the company.

But, I don’t remember the name of that  kind Dean who allowed me to be tested with the Miller Analogies Test.   I wanted to thank him so many times!



Today’s American College Education is a LEFTY RACKET! HIGH SCHOOL IS WORSE!


by John Hinderaker at PowerLine:

In the New York Times, Bret Stephens decries the decline of higher education. He cites a familiar litany of leftist presumption and abuse:

Anyone who has followed the news from college campuses over the past few years knows they are experiencing forms of unrest unseen since the late 1960s.

Now, as then, campuses have become an arena for political combat. Now, as then, race is a central issue. Now, as then, students rail against an unpopular president and an ostensibly rigged system.

Unpopular president? I guess he means Johnson. Nixon was re-elected in 1972, carrying 49 states. That is perhaps a useful reminder.

Unlike the campus rebels of the ’60s, today’s student activists don’t want morefreedom to act, speak, and think as they please. Usually they want less.

Yes, that is because they are leftists. No one who knows anything about leftism should be surprised.

Most strange: Today’s students are not chafing under some bow-tied patriarchal WASP dispensation. Instead, they are the beneficiaries of a system put in place by professors and administrators whose political views are almost uniformly left-wing and whose campus policies indulge nearly every progressive orthodoxy.

Colleges and universities survived the 60s and early 70s in part because most of them were seen as resisting the insanity that prevailed among many students and some faculty. That isn’t true today.

Stephens correctly describes today’s campus activism as a pro-mediocrity movement:

What’s happening on campuses today isn’t a reaction to Trump or some alleged systemic injustice, at least not really. Fundamentally, [Anthony] Kronman argues, it’s a reaction against this aristocratic spirit — of being, as H.L. Mencken wrote, “beyond responsibility to the general masses of men, and hence superior to both their degraded longings and their no less degraded aversions.” It’s a revolt of the mediocre many against the excellent few. And it is being undertaken for the sake of a radical egalitarianism in which all are included, all are equal, all are special.

Well, not all are included, equal or special–conservatives aren’t, members of the military aren’t, religious people aren’t, pro-Americans aren’t, in some cases whites aren’t. But the broader point is correct.

Stephens identifies Yale as “ground zero for recent campus unrest.” Perhaps, but it has a lot of company. At this point, I think most Americans have contempt for Yale, Harvard, and their ilk. If they don’t, they should, and I think most do. Higher education in its traditional form may be necessary to learn some skills–engineering and the life sciences that prepare one to be a doctor, for example. Otherwise, what is it good for? Why bother to be an English major when you will be “taught” by professors who desecrate great literature with nonsense about race, class and gender, and often assign mediocre literature in its place? You can read Jane Austen and George Eliot on your own. Similarly, there are few things I would rather do than study history, but why do it in college, if your professor is a Marxist? You will only be misinformed.

The main reason why most Americans historically have supported higher education is that they have seen college as the ticket to a good-paying job. But that is no longer true, apart from a few occupations that do require training that is both intensive and specialized (again, like engineering). For the most part, good-paying jobs do not require college degrees. My organization, Center of the American Experiment, has for the last several years promoted a project that we call Great Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree. We commissioned research by a labor economist on projected career earnings in selected fields that require technical skills but not a four-year degree–occupations like carpentry, CNC programming, welding, and so on. The economist compared the projected lifetime earning curves in twelve such occupations to the lifetime earnings of the median college graduate. The data were specific to Minnesota, but I am sure one would get similar results in other states. The findings surprised even me.

Most of these technical fields–CNC programmers, millwrights, plumbers, electricians, electrical power line installers, and so on–earn significantly more than most college graduates, normalized for a 2,000 hour work year. (Including overtime would probably increase this advantage.) And they do it without incurring crippling student debt.

If a four-year degree is no longer, for most young people, the best path to a high-paying and satisfying job, and if much of what is taught is useless or worse, why should parents spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to send their kids to college? Or, worse, incur hundreds of thousands in debt?

University administrators are making fools of themselves and their institutions and subjecting themselves to well-justified contempt. I don’t think they begin to understand how precarious their position has become.


The Declining Prestige of Higher Education

Note from  ghr.    I entered college in 1952.  Weeding OUT students their freshman and sophomore  years was standard procedure.   Male PhD professors owned the practice of professional teaching in those college  days……no know-nothing TAs….Teaching Assistants!   No ditsy fems around to preach  superiority of socialist dictatorship of forced equality.

The purpose of scholastic education for the first four years was to stir students to accumulate knowledge in general and in ones field.

I loved university schooling then despite the fact I was a crippled reader.   I was so lucky to have been given a special  memory cage in my brain listening to learned professors.    Over all I accumulated about 700 quarter credits of university learnings in life,  three degrees not including a master’s degree in Horticulture I was one quarter credit short of receiving, and failing a Geomorphology  class studying caliche,  when accumulating a major in Geography at the University of Minnesota.

My favorite class of all time, in inspiration, spirit, and knowledge was  summer classes in 1960, two quarters   full of  Biochemistry at the St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota by Professor Irving Lerner, a  Jewish guy whose teaching the science was the most religious expose of learning I have ever experienced!

Corruption of university teaching knowledge began about ten years later….when I was still teaching Russian at University of Minnesota High School.


Mankind’s Drive to Seek Truth!

The Religious Moment On The Moon NASA Never Wanted You To See

Religious faith always animated the American quest to explore the heavens.


. . . After Aldrin ended the communication, he read a verse from the Gospel of John: “I am the vine, you are the branches. Whosoever abides in me will bring forth much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing.” He then opened two small packages containing consecrated bread and wine from his church in Texas. Aldrin poured the wine into a chalice. “In the one-sixth gravity of the moon, the wine curled slowly and gracefully up the side of the cup,” he later recalled. As Neil Armstrong looked on in silence, Aldrin took communion. The first foods ever prepared or consumed on the moon were the Body and Blood of Christ.

Aldrin had intended to broadcast the communion passage to Earth, but at the last moment NASA silenced him to avoid exacerbating an ongoing legal battle with Madalyn Murray O’Hair, a miserable, militant atheist widely considered “the most hated woman in America.” Seven months earlier, Murray had sued NASA for permitting the Apollo 8 astronauts to read from the Book of Genesis during a Christmas Eve broadcast from lunar orbit. By the time Apollo 11 landed on the moon, the skittish space agency kowtowed to the atheist activist and censored the lunar communion.

. . . We mustered the physical courage to land men on another world only to lose the courage of our convictions and hide that humble moment of spiritual triumph when our astronaut gave thanks to God in heavenly communion. Such ironies abound throughout history. Yet in the space agency’s radio silence and the eternal silence of outer space, Buzz Aldrin consecrated that historic moment.
(Article was sent by Mark Waldeland.)

Being Pro-American Seeks TRUTH!

Steve Hilton: Proud Americans – That’s not who today’s Democrats are

by Steve Hilton  at foxnews:

There was a time when being pro-America was a given for politicians in both main parties. Of course, President Reagan put it beautifully when he talked of a “shining city on a hill.” But I also loved Bill Clinton’s great line, “There’s nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed by what’s right with America”

But this past week, this July 4, we saw that those days are gone. Yes, we still have a Republican president who, like Ronald Reagan, is obviously proud of America and happy to say it, to celebrate it. But today’s Democrats? No. They’re embarrassed by America, far from celebrating America. They want to tear it down and turn it into something else.

That was the background for President Trump’s “Salute to America” on Independence Day. The Democrats couldn’t wait to attack it.

“Donald Trump, I believe, is incapable of celebrating what makes America great because I don’t think he gets it,” former Vice President Joe Biden said.


Okay. Here’s some of what the president actually said:

President Trump: Together, we are part of one of the greatest stories ever told: The story of America … It is the spirit, daring and defiance, excellence and adventure, courage and confidence, loyalty and love that built this country into the most exceptional nation in the history of the world, and our nation is stronger today than it ever was before.

I think you’ll find, Joe China, that President Trump “gets” what makes America great better than a knackered old swamp creature who took billions of dollars in bribes in the form of payments to his family businesses from America’s No. 1 enemy. You are the last person to lecture anyone on patriotism. #JoeChina!

But it wasn’t just Biden. It was all of them. “How dare you celebrate America” cried the left. “It’s not who we are.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif. and 2020 presidential candidate: It’s just not who we are as Americans. We don’t thump our chest, put tanks in the streets, fly jets over the mall to prove our strength.

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, presidential candidate: I think reducing our nation to tanks and shows of muscle just makes us look like the kind of loudmouth guy at the bar.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y and 2020 presidential candidate – I think it’s a waste of money. You know he’s having a parade for himself, putting tanks out there for himself. A if he really cares about the men and women who are serving our nation, he would be investing in higher pay, better housing and better health care.

By the way, that’s exactly what he has done, unlike President Obama, you total charlatan, Kirsten Gillibrand. But the big point is captured in that smug platitude trotted out there by the ridiculous Eric Swalwell and the rest of the left these days: “It’s not who we are.”


For once, that phrase told us something useful about the Democrats, just not in the way they intended.

The proud Americans who stood in the pouring rain in front of the Lincoln Memorial to celebrate their country on July 4 – no, that’s not who the Democrats are. The millions more who watched at home and thought finally, we have a president who loves America as much as we do and isn’t embarrassed to say so – no, that’s not who the Democrats are.

The Democrats won’t celebrate America because their new ideology demands that they denigrate America, not least with their reckless, divisive lies about concentration camps at the border, collusion with Russia, and “Hitler” in the White House. Today’s Democrats are engaged in a concerted effort to smear this country at home and in the eyes of the world. When they tell you they don’t want to celebrate America because *it’s not who we are,” believe them.

President Trump, by contrast, laid out exactly why we should celebrate. The American spirit he talked about on Independence Day has driven some of the most profound human achievements in history, from medical breakthroughs to artistic glories to engineering and technological marvels. American ingenuity has continually confounded what the world thinks is possible.

But why? How? It’s not just chance or luck. There are other countries with other people just as talented and ingenious. Here’s my perspective, as a recent arrival: It is America’s greatest achievement that has made all the others possible. And that is the genius framework constructed by the Founders and expressed in the founding documents, all in service of that simple, but revolutionary idea — liberty under the law.


It is the guarantee of individual liberty that gave the pioneers the confidence to set out into the unknown, that gave the entrepreneurs the belief they could build something better, that convinced communities they could govern themselves. Power to the people. Decentralized and limited government. The rule of law. These are the foundation of the American spirit, and they have paved the way, not only for America’s long-lasting democracy but also our world-beating economic system, in which investment, innovation, and above all, success, are rewarded, not punished.

Today’s Democrats are engaged in a concerted effort to smear this country at home and in the eyes of the world. When they tell you they don’t want to celebrate America because “it’s not who we are,” believe them.

And look at the difference it makes when we have an administration that believes in those American economic values: Another incredible jobs report last week, incomes rising fastest for those who were left behind under the Democrats, record low unemployment and a fairer economy. For example, the gap between white and African-American unemployment has shrunk by nearly a half since 2016. The Obama years gave us lower growth and higher inequality. With President Trump’s pro-America economics, we have the exact opposite: higher growth and lower inequality

Those facts don’t matter to the Democrats. They’ve been captured by an extremist ideology that is fundamentally anti-American. You saw it at their debates the other week, and it connects everything – their economic policies, environmental policies, health care policies – and yes, their hysterical reaction to President Trump’s “Salute to America.”

Not celebrating America, but denigrating America.

Not power to the people but power for themselves and the bureaucratic elite.

Not decentralized government, but everything controlled from Washington, D.C.

The Democrats don’t want limited government; they want endless, relentless, extravagant intervention by an all-knowing all-seeing all-powerful state. And here’s perhaps the biggest change from the Democrats of the past. Today’s Democrats don’t even want the most vital element of the American inheritance: The rule of law.

At their first presidential debate, almost all of the 2020 candidates backed the decriminalization of illegal immigration. Last Wednesday one of them, Sen Cory Booker, even escorted migrants towards the U.S. border himself. Even Jeh Johnson, President Obama’s former Homeland Security secretary, now says the Democrats are effectively for open borders.

The Democrats point to the Statue of Liberty and say that immigration control is un-American. But they forget one vital thing. It’s not just liberty. It’s liberty under the law. And it is their blatant, thuggish assault on the rule of law that is truly un-American

Let me end on a personal note about America. I’m an immigrant here, just as my parents were in England after they fled communism in Hungary. I’ve always been pro-immigration – how could I be anything else? But it’s especially those of us who believe in the virtues and benefits of immigration who should want to see it properly-controlled. Because public consent for immigration depends on government control of immigration. That’s why immigration has to be done the right way, according to the rules.

That’s certainly how I’ve done it since I moved here with my family seven years ago. And I thought this July 4 weekend was a good moment to let you know that I’ve now begun the process of applying for U.S. citizenship. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the opportunities this country has given me and the welcome you’ve all shown me. And now I’m looking forward one day to celebrating Independence Day as an American.

If you’ll have me, that is.

Adapted from Steve Hilton’s monologue on “The Next Revolution” on July 7, 2019.


Despite Fascist Dem Spite, President Trump’s 4th of July Program and Speech Made America Great Again!


by Paul Mirengoff  at PowerLine:

It was excellent. Even CNN, in a report to which Jim Acosta contributed, couldn’t find fault with anything Trump said, although it took the obligatory shots at the event itself. CNN acknowledged that Trump’s speech was not political, but rather “a message of national pride.”

Unfortunately, the matter of national pride has become political. But there was nothing in the speech that anyone would have found objectionable before left-liberals rejected the notion of pride in America. There was nothing in the speech that any patriotic American rationally can find objectionable today. You have to dislike America to dislike what Trump said to the crowd on the Mall.

This includes the part where Trump listed heroes of the past and included Betsy Ross. As I understand it, even Colin Kaepernick doesn’t object to Betsy per se. Instead, he objects to uses her flag is put to. Or something.

That Kaepernick has the right to spew inane commentary should be a source of pride in our country. So should the sources of pride President Trump laid out so well today, including our long history of remarkable achievements, our advances in racial and gender equality, and, yes, our military.

As Trump put it so well: “Together, we are part of one of the greatest stories ever told — the story of America.”

Happy Fourth of July.

From Glenn….I also thought the President’s presentation was terrific.  We finally have a President who loves his country as much as I do…..who remembers his country as mostly  America the Beautiful, not fascist- socialist America presently being built by liars of the once honorable Democratic Party,  Adam Schiff,  Hillary Clinton,  Maxine Waters,  Richard Blumenthal,  Cory Booker, Dick Durbin, Charlie Schumer,  Carl Bernstein,  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez,  Bernie Sanders,  Eris Swalwell, and so on and so on!

I felt great today listening, watching the Trump folks, including the military wonderfully uplifting program…..making America Great again!

Training America’s Future Begin’s at Home

Conservative Californian, Lisa Rich, sent the following notice:


Star GOP Recruit for Coming Senate Race in Michigan!

In the battle for control of the U.S. Senate in 2020, Republicans got some welcome news Thursday when Republican John James announced that he would challenge Democratic Sen. Gary Peters in Michigan’s Senate race. With the GOP defending 22 of the 34 seats that will be up in 2020, the party could really use more opportunities to go on the offensive — and the Michigan race may be just that.

Why is James’s candidacy notable? Well, the businessman and Army veteran ran for the state’s other Senate seat in 2018 and outperformed expectations against longtime Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow, losing by only 6.5 percentage points. In the context of the 2018 cycle, this was the GOP’s seventh-best performance, according to a simple regression analysis that predicts a Senate race’s result by looking at the partisan lean of each state (how much more Democratic- or Republican-leaning the state is than the country as a whole1) and whether an elected incumbent from either party was running or not.2 That shows us how the actual candidates did compared to the baseline expectations for a generic candidate from that party:

James was one of the strongest Republicans in 2018

Margins of victory or defeat for Republican Senate candidates vs. their forecasted margins based on incumbency and the state’s partisan lean

Utah Romney R+31.7 R+17.0 R+14.7
New Jersey Hugin D+11.2 D+22.5 R+11.3
Massachusetts Diehl D+24.2 D+34.5 R+10.3
Rhode Island Flanders D+23.1 D+31.8 R+8.7
Florida Scott R+0.1 D+8.5 R+8.6
Mississippi Wicker R+19.0 R+11.1 R+7.9
Michigan James D+6.5 D+13.5 R+7.0
Indiana Braun R+5.9 R+0.9 R+5.0
Washington Hutchison D+16.9 D+21.2 R+4.3
Missouri Hawley R+5.8 R+1.7 R+4.1
Mississippi special* Hyde-Smith R+7.3 R+5.1 R+2.2
Wyoming Barrasso R+36.9 R+35.1 R+1.8
Nebraska Fischer R+19.1 R+17.6 R+1.5
Wisconsin Vukmir D+10.8 D+11.5 R+0.7
Delaware Arlett D+22.1 D+22.7 R+0.6
Connecticut Corey D+20.2 D+20.6 R+0.4
Ohio Renacci D+6.8 D+7.0 R+0.2
California* NA D+30.2 D+30.3 R+0.1
Pennsylvania Barletta D+13.1 D+11.6 D+1.5
North Dakota Cramer R+10.8 R+12.3 D+1.5
Minnesota special* Housley D+10.6 D+8.0 D+2.6
Arizona McSally D+2.3 R+0.5 D+2.8
Hawaii Curtis D+42.3 D+39.5 D+2.8
Maine* Brakey D+19.1 D+16.2 D+2.9
Virginia Stewart D+16.0 D+12.6 D+3.4
Tennessee Blackburn R+10.8 R+14.6 D+3.8
Montana Rosendale D+3.6 R+0.7 D+4.3
New York Farley D+34.0 D+29.0 D+5.0
Maryland Campbell D+34.5 D+29.4 D+5.1
Nevada Heller D+5.0 R+0.6 D+5.6
New Mexico Rich D+23.6 D+17.9 D+5.7
Vermont* Zupan D+39.9 D+30.6 D+9.3
Texas Cruz R+2.6 R+12.2 D+9.6
Minnesota Newberger D+24.1 D+14.1 D+10.0
West Virginia Morrisey D+3.3 R+10.3 D+13.6

* In Vermont and Maine, the independent is treated as the Democrat. In California, two Democrats advanced to the general election, so the aggregate results for all Democratic candidates in the June 5, 2018, primary used in the calculations and no Republican is listed in the table. However, in the Mississippi special election, the result of the Nov. 27, 2018, runoff is used since that race featured a Democrat against a Republican. Races with appointed incumbents — namely, the Minnesota and Mississippi special elections — are treated as open seats rather than as equivalent to races with elected incumbents.


The only Republicans who did better than James in races that were at least somewhat competitive (races our model rated as anything less than “solid” for either party) were Rick Scott in Florida and Bob Hugin in New Jersey, though Hugin was likely aided by Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez’s scandals. During the campaign, James attracted support from top Republicans, including President Trump. James’s showing immediately put him on 2020 candidates-to-watch lists, and Peters’s seat seemed like a likely target.

Speaking of the incumbent, Peters could be vulnerable — in particular, more vulnerable than Stabenow was. First, he’s defending one of just two Democratic Senate seats that will be up in 2020 in states that Trump carried in 2016. (Alabama is the other.) The president only won Michigan by a whisker, but if Trump can keep the state in play next year, that would probably help down-ballot Republicans — Senate contests increasingly align with presidential races when they’re on the ballot at the same time. In 2016, for the first time in a presidential cycle,3 every Senate race went for the same party that carried the state at the presidential level.

Second, Peters remains fairly unknown to his fellow Michiganders. In the first three months of 2019, 43 percent said they had no opinion of Peters — the largest share for any senator — according to Morning Consult’s job-approval data. Although Peters’s net approval rating was +10, his relative anonymity might make it easier for Republicans to define him negatively. His voting record is more conservative than that of many other Democrats in the Senate, but he has voted in line with Trump less often than the partisan lean of Michigan would predict.

Still, Peters shouldn’t be underestimated. He first won this seat in 2014 by a margin of 13 percentage points, successfully retaining it for Democrats despite a Republican wave environment that saw the GOP gain nine seats in the Senate. Peters also has a history of winning tough contests. Besides the 2014 campaign, which was initially viewed as competitive, he also won an incumbent-vs.-incumbent House primary in 2012 after being redistrictedfrom the suburbs into a Detroit-centered seat where then-Rep. Peters, who is white, prevailed in a majority-black district against Rep. Hansen Clarke, who has a mixed-race background (his mother is black and his father was an Indian immigrant).

Election handicappers agree that the Michigan race favors the Democrats, though there is some disagreement as to how much. With James in the race, the Cook Political Report and Inside Elections rate the contest as “likely” to go Democratic, but Sabato’s Crystal Ball says the race only “leans” toward the Democrats. Peters starts as a favorite, but James gives Republicans a real chance of winning Michigan’s Senate race in 2020.

Geoffrey Skelley is an elections analyst at FiveThirtyEight.