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Dem’s Billionaire $$$ Supplier George Soros Funding Latino Invasions of Our America!?!

llegal Caravans Encouraged by Honduras and Soros

by Daniel John Sobieski  at American Thinker:

Just in time for the midterms, another “spontaneous” migration from Central America began with a bevy of allegedly oppressed and downtrodden Hondurans leading the way.  Pressured by a threat from President Trump to cut aid to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador if the caravan is not stopped, some moves by these governments have been made.  Yet evidence exists that these migrations are not spontaneous, with both of the governments in question encouraging them as a political and economic safety valve and a source of foreign currency, financed in part by foreign leftists with connections to George Soros.

As Fox News’s Laura Ingraham noticed in a tweet, this is not a walk in a national park, but an expensive and arduous journey:

Who is funding the migrant “caravan”?  Each migrant’s passage can cost as much as $7K each.  Per capita income Honduras is $2.3 K.

It is doubtful that such sums came from the kiddies’ college funds.  Evidence of Soros funding of an earlier “spontaneous” migration have been found among the tentacles of support that flow from his Open Society group coffers:

Leftist billionaire George Soros is funding the well-organized anti-Trump migrant caravan invasion from Central America that has been hitting the United States-Mexico border in defiance of immigration enforcement.

Several major ultra-liberal foundations and corporations have supported the asylum-seeking migrant caravans, and Soros’ funding has been tied to several groups that have spearheaded the “refugee” invasion coalition – also dubbed “the Soros Express.”

“The caravan is organized by a group called Pueblo Sin Fronteras, [b]ut the effort is supported by the coalition CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project, which includes Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLIN), the American Immigration Council (AIC), the Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services (RICELS) and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) – thus the acronym CARA,” WND reported.  “At least three of the four groups are funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.”

The hands of the Honduran government are not clean in these efforts.  Among the alleged asylum-seekers parked on the U.S. border is a contingent of Hondurans, allegedly fleeing persecution, poverty, crime, and oppression.  If that is the case, why is the Honduran government helping them, driving them northward under orders given to the Honduran ambassador, who is helping and escorting them?

Leaders of a caravan of Central American migrants traveling toward the United States through Mexico have repeatedly accused the Honduran government of corruption and with failing to address the poverty, crime and economic conditions forcing families to flee by the thousands.

So it shocked some observers when the Honduran ambassador joined the migrants protesting outside the Honduran embassy in Mexico City on Wednesday, and then accepted their invitation to walk 9 miles to a migrant shelter.

“I have been ordered by my government to support the Honduran migrants traveling with the caravan.  There are about 200 Hondurans who we will help out with paperwork and whatever is necessary,” Alden Rivera Montes, the Honduran ambassador to Mexico, told El Universal.

Ordered by my government?  Why is the country whose oppression they are allegedly fleeing helping them leave?  The answer is remittances, the money sent back home by so-called “migrants.”  Asylum is in large part a colossal scam designed to provide Latin American countries with a political and economic safety valve and a cash cow of foreign exchange.  In 2017, remittances sent back to Honduras totaled $4.33 billion and make up a significant part of the Honduran economy:

Within the span of a few short decades, migrants have become an essential engine of economic support for Honduras. Remittances comprised 17 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2011, according to World Bank estimates, the second largest share of any country in Latin America or the Caribbean.  As such, Honduran emigrants have tremendous significance for the country’s economy and for the sustenance of many otherwise impoverished communities and families.

Talk about a trade imbalance.  We import alleged asylum-seekers and other illegal aliens, and they send home billions sucked out of a benevolent U.S. government and economy.  We have an economy that has some 7.3 million jobs going unfilled because of a shortage of skilled workers.  Judging from photos of the latest caravan, one would suggest a paucity of welders, pipefitters, electricians, and long-haul truck-drivers.

Inner-city blacks have long asked which country they get to go to to escape violence and poverty.  Although President Trump is succeeding in fighting crime and increasing job opportunities in our urban areas, much remains to be done.  We do not need to be importing low-wage and low-skilled competitors to American citizens to drive down poor workers’ wages.  Inner-city residents have long asked, where’s our sanctuary?

Unlike the children of Central America, arriving en masse, the children of Chicago, facing conditions every bit as horrible, have no border to cross to seek asylum or refuge[.] …

“Do something for our children,” said one of the protesters in a video posted at the blog Rebel Pundit. “Have the same love for these young people like you got for the ones across the border, and you want to save them.”  …

A woman, identified only as Elaine, explained the plight of inner-city Baltimore residents on Laura Ingraham’s radio show: “My children cannot play outside. I cannot take my trash out without locking the door – it’s awful.  Who is going to give us anything?  Where can I get asylum?  Where can I get refugee status?”

Where, indeed?  Perhaps this side of a border wall Democrats oppose in favor of sanctuary cities and Medicare for illegal aliens.  If any of the alleged asylum-seekers want to learn a trade – how about a crash course in border wall construction?  Build it, and they won’t come.



President Trump Notes Democrats Produce Mobs Instead of Jobs!

President Donald Trump: “Democrats Produce Mobs, Republicans Produce Jobs”


President Donald Trump: “Democrats Produce Mobs, Republicans Produce Jobs”

President Trump appeared at a Thursday night campaign rally in Missoula, Montana on behalf of Republican Matt Rosendale’s bid to unseat Democratic Senator Jon Tester in the upcoming midterm election. Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) and Rep. Greg Gianforte (R–Bozeman) also attended the event in support of the president and Rosendale.

Trump summed up his 2018 campaign message in one sentence: “Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs.”


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: The choice could not be more clear. Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs.

[cheers and applause]

By the way, this is the most beautiful sky.

[cheers and applause]

There is a reason for everything. Big Sky. I got out (I’ve been here many times) and I’m looking, and it really is the big sky. That’s beautiful, some day one of you will explain exactly why, but that is a big, beautiful sky.

But Nancy Pelosi, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, and the radical Democrats want to raise your taxes and impose socialism on our incredible nation –make it into Venezuela– because that is what will happen.

They want to take away your health care, because our country cannot afford it. Destroy your Second Amendment and throw open the borders to deadly drugs and vicious gangs, because plenty of them are coming across and a lot of drugs.

Democrats have become the party of crime — it is true! Who would believe you could say that, and no one will even challenge it? I said it a couple of months ago, ‘They’ve really become the party of crime.’ I said, ‘I’m going to put that in, I’ll say that when I make speeches.’ And nobody has ever challenged it! (Maybe they have, who knows?)

They’ll say, ‘He gets a Pinnochio.’ So, maybe they challenged it, but not very much. They have become the party of crime because of what they do!

They would rather devastate American communities than defend America’s borders.


TRUMP: The Democrat Party has become too extreme to be trusted with power. Their radical policies are a danger to your family and to your country. If you want to Drain The Swamp, you must defeat the Democrats and you must defeat [Montana Democratic] Senator John Tester.

[applause and boos]

He’s a super liberal, I know you people. I won [Montana] by a fortune of votes. I know you. You know me. I know you. How the Hell did you ever elect that guy? How did you pull that off?

So, we’re thrilled to be joined point by somebody who’s been working with me, an incredible guy, a great human being, and a very talented senator but somebody who loves you and his country, Senator Steve Daines. Steve —

He is a great guy. You know, the strong silent type, they’re the ones I like the best. I want to be that way someday.




A Snag in Today’s Doctrine of Liberal Privilege!

by Jeffrey Lord at The American Spectator:

The Collapse of the American Family

I was born in the city of St. Paul Minnesota during the  great America depression seven years before the attack on Pearl Harbor.   There were 26 housing lots on the single block where I was raised.   Four of them were empty lots until a few years after the end of WWII.

Every house but one  housed a family with children.  That lone  house bore an elderly couple whose daughter and two grandsons  visited for a month or two every summer.

No mother on either side of the block worked away from home.   Fathers worked 6 days each week.   Her first and foremost  duty, according to the  culture of the day, was to be a Mother of  her children.  Sunday was for Church.   The Landmarks who lived  two houses East from our block lost their 18 year old son in the Pacific war in 1942.   Mr.  Joyce who lived on our side of the block smelled of booze every once in a while on Saturdays after he mowed his lawn.

Mrs. Wilbur Peterson was a Baptist….the only one in sight.  Two or three times per week in spring and summer, while walking up and down our block most mornings, she’d preach something Biblical…..usually from the Psalms except during Holy Week each year when she’d remind all of Jesus’ suffering .  It was her way of being friendly.

Until after the War the entire block would gather for a picnic in Spring and Autumn in the empty lot behind our house.

Divorces happened in Reno, Nevada….not in Minnesota in those days.   No one swore bad words in public.  Tiny, but very athletic Raymond Nelson at age about ten had climbed up on Mr. Jahnke’s garage roof.  Some of the garage shingles were loosening up and Ray was curious.  Once safe upon the roof he discovered sailing shingles into the air was a delight…..as if sailing basketball.   He loosened about 50 more shingles to test how far he could deliver them into the great beyond.

When he heard Mr. Jahnke was angry and was hunting down the kid that that ruined his garage roof, Ray blame me for the mischief.   When he marched to our house to name me the alleged, but innocent  “villain” before my  Mother, she sent him home shaking from her response.   The Truth was I could  never do anything like climbing up ladders to any height.   I had a powerful fear of heights and would never get on a ladder of any height in those days.

A couple days later Mr. Jahnke returned to our house to confess that Ray Nelson had admitted it was he who  dismembered the  garage shingles.   He apologized for his error and gave Mom a jar of home made strawberry jam (my favorite at that time) hoping I would forgive him.

We lived only three blocks from the Mississippi River.   It was War time…..time for boys to play War and explore.   Raymond and I did play together along the river which would have leveled our parents to the floor in shock if they had discovered our favorite game….”defeating the Nazis”.  It was 1943.  I had a toy German Luger.  Ray had his toy pistol…and we would sneak down to the river and hunt for and shoot the enemy….about five or six huntings that Spring and Summer.

Hawks and eagles were Nazi dive bombers.  Bluebirds were  Stukas.   We “powed” them with our guns.  Squirrels were spies.  We threw stones at them.   We didn’t disturb raccoons.  They were too nasty.

We preferred earlier Spring huntings.  The Mississippi was much noisier then.  The water rushing from the North  attacked the limestone sides with such power a person  could barely  hear another.

It sounded like the  War,  bombings, cannons, machine guns the kind  we’d hear in the movies.   We’d scare ourselves….We’d jump from  boulder to boulder between rushing water occasionally.  And we survived.   It was the growing up boy in us…..the explorers, the warriors.

The era of that American family with Mothers died long ago.  So many human animals today  prefer to absorb legal and illegal drugs by junior high school….and are taught leftism and its greed and envy instead of knowledge in the classroom.

Marriage is disappearing. Sunday is just another play day.  God has disappeared almost entirely in thought and deed.   Democrats have become savages.

Please read about America today…below!


Leftists and the Art of Their Mobs

Leftism: The Art of the Mob

by Christopher Chantrill  at American Thinker:

The last week has seen the usual suspects getting miffed when people called out the anti-Kavanaugh “peaceful protesters” as mobs.

Oh, come now, lefty friends.  You chaps are as bad as the First Apostle, whom the Son of God famously predicted would deny him three times.

Own up to your genius, which has been to turn the crude bronze implement of “the Mob” into a finely tempered sword of Japanese steel, the disciplined NPCs of the “peaceful protest.”  Talk about Darwinian evolution: what used to be a “riot” became a “march,” then a “demonstration.”  It has now, finally, reached its full potential as a “peaceful protest.”  Oh, except when confronting the conservative son of Susan Rice on the campus of Stanford University.  That is different.

Back when a mob was a mob, we had the example of Alexander Hamilton, who bravely kept the mob at bay at the front door of the house of Myles Cooper, Loyalist president of King’s College in New York City (now Columbia University), while Cooper escaped out the back door.

But by 1820, when the machine-breaking agricultural laborers in southeast England wanted farmers to destroy their job-killing threshing machines, the rioters all signed their non-negotiable demands with the moniker “Captain Swing.”  It’s almost as if someone were organizing their laborer community.

Nearly 20 years later, in 1848, the Chartists marched on London and held a meeting on Kennington Common that was planned as an attack on the Houses of Parliament on the other side of the River Thames.  But in the event, the leaders merely presented a petition to Parliament.

You can imagine that this sort of mob action caught the attention of young rich kids with a taste for political power, kids like Marx and Engels.  It was their genius to turn the genuine bottom-up working-class movements of the agricultural laborers and urban workers into a top-down politico-religious world movement led by Educated Youth.  The vanguard of educated rich scions would use the working class as their political foot-soldiers in a movement to prevent the bourgeoisie from immiserating the planet.

That is what left-wing politics has been about ever since: dressing up the naked fury of the turbulent mob into the decent drapery of the “peaceful protest” and pretending it is all about justice rather than the naked thrust for power.

So, by the 1960s, the protesters were not the wretched of the Earth, workers and peasants, but well born college kids,  the radical children of liberal parents, as Midge Decter called them in 1975.  Now, in 2018, we have the protesters as obviously well born Special Snowflakes taught their left-wing Catechism by government-paid gender studies professors and the diversity and inclusion bureaucrats of today’s university.  Hey, rich kids!  Don’t forget that this is all supposed to be for the victims!

The reason why our liberal friends are so upset about the accusations of their mob action is the outrage of lifting the decent drapery of “peaceful protest” to reveal the nakedness of their power-lust and the fashionable revolutionary politics underneath.

As the cartoonist points out, this lefty war on America has been busily demolishing the pillars of our society for years: freedom of religion, because traditional religions are not allowed to dissent from lefty orthodoxy on race and sex; freedom of speech, because anything the left disagrees with is hate speech; and now due process, because believe all women.

To refresh your memory: Our forefathers invented these freedoms and legal procedures as a way to limit the power of monarchs.  It turned out to be just the thing to cool the jets of overenthusiastic political activists and the left in general.

And really, what could be better than to have our lefty friends remind us, with their NPC “peaceful protests,” exactly why we have all these institutional safeguards?  The whole point of limited government has turned out to be precisely to keep the left from destroying everything we hold dear.

If the American people go out to vote on November 6, 2018, and deliver a sharp rebuke to the radical left Democratic Party, perhaps we can hope the Democrats will swerve to the center a lot quicker than they did after their last leftward lurch in the sixties.

The left is a reactionary movement that wants to return the world to the good old days of the agricultural age, when political power, defending your patch – or your empire – of food-growing land, was everything in life.  In those days, a few people were kings and lords and temple priests, but most of us were slaves.

What would it take to persuade the left that political power is a dead letter, the graveyard of hope?  I suppose that the only answer is defeat – agonizing, humiliating defeat.

I wish there were another way.



Lefty Rigging at Google….

Report: Google News’ Search Results Aren’t Rigged But They Are Biased

by John Sexton  at  HotAir:

A group called AllSides put out a report Tuesday which concludes that Google News’ search results are biased toward the left end of the political spectrum. However, the report also states that this bias seems to reflect the general bias of sites which are popular on the web and doesn’t represent evidence that Google is intentionally skewing results. In other words, Google’s results are biased but they aren’t rigged. From USA Today:

John Gable, CEO of AllSides and author of the study, said the bias is the result of “most news online and most news consumption online (being) from a left perspective.”

AllSides specializes in identifying media bias for the purpose of providing balanced perspectives. The group uses a media bias ratings based on popular opinion to rank media outlets as either left, right or center.

“If you look at where people get news online and you rate it, most of it is coming from the left,” Gable said.

He said Google search results come from what is largely a “popularity algorithm,” meaning that viewpoints more people have are more likely to be highlighted. As a result, viewpoints that are outside the majority don’t appear as high up in search results…

“If their role is just to reflect the internet, they’re doing a fine job,” he said. “… If they think their job is to empower people to decide for themselves, they actually need to make a change.”

So how does AllSides determine which news sources are left and right? The answer is that they don’t. As you can see on this page, the group asks people to rate their own bias (left or right) and then asks them to rate the bias of articles from various sites and averages how different groups (left, right, and center) respond to various articles. The result is a master list which rates various news sites from far left (HuffPost) to far right (Breitbart). Some sites fall in the center (CNBC) while others lean left (Buzzfeed) or lean right (Hot Air). Here’s a chart from the report showing a sample of results:

You can, of course, take issue with any of the conclusions in that graphic or the master list it is based on but the idea is that people on all sides are having a say about the spectrum. It’s not the opinion of one person or a small group of people. So starting from that foundation, the site looked at Google’s search results and found this:

This study completed 123 different measurements of the political bias of Google News and Google News search results over 14 days from August 23 to September 5, 2018. This produced three summary views of the political bias of Google News…

The aggregate result indicates that the overall bias of Google News is 65% left, 20% center, 16% right.

Because the majority of traffic goes to the very first links displayed on Google, with an estimated one-­third going to the first result, the position of a link on a page is extremely important.

While our overall analysis takes this into account by measuring the bias of just the top 5 results separately from the rest of the first page, it is also important to consider where the first result from a left, center or right source appears. Being in the very first position is extremely impactful.

Here is the average position of the first result from the left, center or right:

● Left: average 1.7 (one of the top 2 results)
● Center: 5.3 (averages to be in the top 5 or 6 results)
● Right: 12.2 (this is below “the fold” meaning that users have to scroll down the window on their computer screen before they see their first news article from the right)

The report concludes:

These results that show a strong bias for left media over right media are also consistent with past research and observations by AllSides. AllSides analyzes the news on a daily basis and have often found it difficult to find perspectives from the right when using Google News…

This apparent bias could easily be the natural and unintended consequence of its algorithms and the fact that most news outlets, as well as most journalists, have political views that represent the left side of the US political spectrum. Online news consumers are younger and lean farther Left than the average American, and that directly impacts which articles Google’s algorithm selects and how high it places them on the page.

This study does not suggest that there is intentional favoritism for media sources from the left, nor does this study suggest the opposite. It only demonstrates that the resulting choice of links that Google News provides do have a significant bias in favor of the left.

So there is strong evidence that Google’s search results favor left-wing news sources but this may be because that’s what online news readers are looking at the most on their own. To put it another way, Google may be reflecting a bias rather than directing one. The full report with a lot more detail on the methodology and findings is 39-pages long and can be found here.


Gopherland DFL Staffer Threatens Beheading Republicans after November 6 Election


by  John Hinderaker at  PowerLine:

The good news first: no one has yet been stabbed, shot or guillotined. Although the idea has been raised:

A Minnesota DFL staffer has been suspended from his job after suggesting in a social media post that Republicans face beheading after the Nov. 6 election.

In response to a Facebook post that listed Nov. 6 as the day to “take back your country,” DFL deputy communications director William Davis wrote “11.7-bring them to the guillotines.”

The suspension is for one week.

In an earlier statement, DFL executive director Corey Day said the comment was an inside joke among former co-workers.

Ha ha. Those Democrats are hilarious. Next, the inevitable:

Republicans seized on the comment….

Any time you see “Republicans seized,” you know you are reading an article by a Democratic Party reporter.

Republicans are right to be concerned. Within the last week, two Republican candidates for the legislature have been assaulted for political reasons. The first was Representative Sarah Anderson:

Rep. Sarah Anderson was heading out for a day of campaigning Sunday when she saw a man damaging campaign signs near her Plymouth home.

She saw him kicking at her campaign sign — then others.

Parking her car, Anderson confronted the man.

That may have been a mistake.

Anderson tried unsuccessfully to videotape the encounter as the man backed her into the street, swearing.

“And he charged at me again, and he said, ‘Go kill yourself,’ and I end up stepping here and there’s traffic coming.”

That’s when Anderson got back in her car and saw the man walking on foot toward a gas station.

She drove to the station and captured a cellphone image of the man charging her — again. He tried to stop her from leaving, punching her in the arm.

The man described himself as an anarchist. Theoretically, anarchists should be at least as hostile to Democrats as to Republicans, but you know that isn’t how it works.

The second is Shane Mekeland:

A Republican candidate for the Minnesota House said Monday that he is recovering after suffering a concussion from an attack at a restaurant in St. George Township a few days earlier.

Shane Mekeland is running for the House in District 15B, an open seat that includes parts of Benton and Sherburne County. He said that last Friday night, he was “blindsided” by an assailant as he spoke to patrons at a bar and restaurant he wouldn’t identify.

Benton County Sheriff Troy Heck confirmed Monday that his office is investigating the alleged assault, which Mekeland reported took place between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Friday.

Once again, the attack appears to be politically motivated:

Mekeland said the man gave no immediate indication of political leanings but that remarks the man made as he attacked Mekeland suggested a political motivation.

Similar incidents are taking place across the country. It isn’t just Antifa brownshirts in Portland and New York; low-level political violence by the Left is being mainstreamed. The problem with low-level violence is that it can rapidly escalate. So far, due to the miracles of modern science, no Republican politicians have been murdered by Democrats. Let’s hope that is still true on November 7.