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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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The Dennis Prager – John Zmirak Hour

There are very few people who can out-talk telling truthful, vital  matter so truthfully as Dennis Prager.   The first listening I ever was exposed  to Dennis was some day in October, 2004, a day or a week before the election of John F. Kerry to the White House…..that first class phony, that frump from Massachusetts.

Kerry was slightly ahead in the polls….and Dennis began exposing this “Empty Suit for president”  with facts and figures, increasing his wrath with endless more evidence to tackle  the thought of a Kerry presidency with every syllable spent.

NOT AN ASSAULT UPON KERRY WAS UNTRUE, FALSE!!!  It sang like an aria from La Boheme!  …….oh, the power of beautiful melody married to libretto!!!

I had never heard such a dressing down so honestly, correctly, appropriately…..and emotionally  presented on radio!   I’ve been attached to Dennis ever since…..except when he spent so much energy smashing, avoiding Donald J. Trump during the Republican primaries of 2016.   THAT WAS A VERY LOW PERIOD, for Dennis was flawed by the  prejudice of  habit, a rarity for him .

I, too, had Dennis-mind about Donald.  I had read about the New Yorker guy for decades, countless times through the press.   (A fat cat New Yorker…..what does one expect?”

I became Donald-cleansed a lot earlier than Dennis.  It began that night, August 6, 2015,  when the Republican candidates were presented  at Fox;   when Megyn Kelly sought stardom by sneaking up on Trump with her question about his issues with women (publicized  by the press),  attacking him for allegedly calling  them “pigs” and such…..and ‘slyly’ asked the candidate, “Is that the way you feel  about all women?’    Fox GOP Trump haters thought, no doubt, his day for the Presidency was over!

“No!  Only Rosie O’Donnell!”  Donald J. Trump answered in two seconds.  About two-thirds of the anti-Trump audience exploded with laughter, as did I  watching it all on tv at home!

John Kerry was a relatively lonely frump among Democrats at that time, 2004.  Their today’s fascists hadn’t shown their organization for  evil yet!

Generally  CNN, CBS, NBC, PBS, ABC, MSNBC,  the New York Times and Washington Post weren’t  the anti-American authoritarians then as they are today.   The nation needed anti-American president, Barack Hussein Obama for that evil development!

Dennis introduced a John Zmirak, a devoted and concerned American Roman Catholic democrat,   to his radio audience today.  He   had co-written a book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration”.

Dennis would lead the duet of Truth-telling , making it very evident he wanted his listeners to become acquainted with the evils of today’s Leftist and other haters of President Donald J. Trump.

They both sang without flaw, the true evils of today’s American Left, both the evils of the standard fascistic Democrat Left and Big Business GOPers.  …..the deceit, the money, the overwhelming  political power over the Democrat Party with GOP alliances, such as  the Paul Ryan clans of Big Business!

Dennis became a Trump man the moment Our Donald won the Republican nomination….(From the hundreds of hours of following Dennis on radio, I knew he would come to love the Donald  as I do!   After the  Trump victory over  Fox’s  effort to dump Trump with Kelly’s  feminist dagger,  I spent several hours researching  pieces of Donald J. Trump’s life.   I was aware of his closeness to his first wife whom he highly valued both within the family and business, and that they had 3 kids…..all very bright and highly disciplined.  I knew   that the  Presidential candidate  didn’t drink booze of any kind.   His older brother to whom he was close,  had died from alcoholism….perhaps even committed suicide.

I read also that Our Donald was a skilled athlete in college, and offered a baseball contract by the New York Yankees when he graduated.

He chose to work for his dad, instead……building sky scrapers and such.

What I collected from my Trump reading collection was what I WANTED to collect….that most of all, he was deeply concerned about the degrading direction the country had been taking for the last quarter century.

Donald Trump was/is  very bright, and above all,  loves his country and is GOD-FEARING.  AND HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN…….!

“Dear God!  Could we Americans be so lucky?”………and it came to be….WE WERE!

Dennis and John Zmirak presented a show of learning, truth, and reality  to behold during today’s Dennis Prager radio presentation.   You might  want to pick up the  book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration.”

I know I will!    Thank you Dennis!

The Foreigner, Anti-American Wall at the Wall Street Journal Replaces Editor with Trump Hater!?!


by Paul Mirengoff  at PowerLine:

“The Wall Street Journal has replaced Gerard Baker, its top editor. Baker had been, as the Washington Post puts it, beset with internal criticism of his leadership in covering Donald Trump.

The Washington Post should know. An organ of the anti-Trump resistance, it has hired ten WSJ reporters, at least some of whom defected due to Baker’s insufficiently antagonist approach to Trump, the Post indicates.

Not that Baker showed partiality to Trump. For example, as the Post acknowledges, under Baker’s leadership, the Wall Street Journal produced a series of scoops about Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, and his payment of hush money to Stormy Daniels. And the Post’s sources concede that Baker never killed a story that was damaging to Trump.

However, Baker told his staff that he wanted the Journal to be objective, not “oppositional,” in covering the Trump administration. Objective? We can’t have that.

Baker also has expressed skepticism about some lines of reporting regarding Robert Mueller’s investigation. This, says the Post, caused morale to suffer.

Of course it did. For the Trump-hating press, there can be no filter of its partisan venom. Only full anti-Trump freakout mode will suffice.

In today’s mainstream media, apparently there is no place for a top editor who isn’t willing, unquestioningly, to let his paper become a forum for a daily diet of anti-Trump themes. Objectivity is unacceptable; the paper must be “oppositional.”

But only a subset of the American public — considerably less than half of it, I believe — wants that kind of reporting. Thus, the oppositional nature of the mainstream media will likely make it even less trusted and less read than before.

That’s the silver lining in the MSM’s anti-Trump meltdown.”

 (I, Glenn H. Ray, have subscribed  to the Wall Street Journal for  most of the past quarter century.    Whatever financial resources  I owned were wiped out by  the 2008 stock crash.  My local “newspaper” the MPLS “STRIB”, is a leftist fake and fraud news service politically, culturally,  owned by a big-business Republican.  Nearly all of the info it sells is as news is propaganda cooked by   the Big Business  neo-leftist fascist New York Times and the Washington Post…..an distortion of news and knowledge plowed from the East coast to California by collegiates who loved Hillary (until she lost that November 8th).

The United States of America is already a neo-leftist fascist state educationally, K through graduate school owning the “Liberal Arts”, throughout the nation’s television news with the single exception of Fox Business, the entertainment business, Google, Facebook, and such and about 90% of the nation’s street drug and gangster population.

The Wall Street Journal and Fox News  are  NOT American owned!!!  That they play news from the  fascist Left, shouldn’t  surprise.  They were Hillary folk  in 2016…. world folk Shepard Smith, Howard Kurtz, Chris Wallace, etc.

I shall “can” my subscription to the Wall Street Journal…as I did in August of 2016, but renewed after the great Donald J. Trump victory that November.

Our America is already a fascist state in its politics.   Where does one go to  read an American newspaper for American conservative values and up to date news?

I am cancelling The Weekly Standard when my tenth year subscription is up this fall.   Why would any American Godfearing conservative support the Quisling Bill Kristol bees nest crowd?

Without our Dennis Prager there would be little, if any sunshine for our American day!  Our today’s  JudeoChristian communities voted overwhelmingly for Our Donald that November, 2016.  Seeking, discovering  Truth fill the core of Dennis’s  conservative teachings in the  battles against today’s  Obamaland.  That is likely why these traditional Americans voted for, and elected Our Donald for redemption that November, 2016…..Oh, the joy of it all!

Yet, I’d love to begin my day reading a conservative, truth-seeking and reporting  newspaper delivered to my door to replace the disturbing  news of the Wall Street Journal war against President Trump!


The War of 1812


(Note:  Andrew Jackson’s shocking victory at New Orleans actually occurred in 1815 after the War (of 1812) had officially ended.)ghr


by glenn h. ray:

Bill Kristol, Jonah Goldberg and  kin, yesteryear’s  Republicans now sitting, stunned on their toilets since the arrival of Donald J. Trump as Heap Big Chief at the White House, have been sulking and/or  spitting anger for over two years.

President Donald J. Trump will soon be wrapping up the most dynamic economic, spiritual, hopeful,  intellectually honest, up-lifting, regeneration of America during the first two years of any presidency at the same time enduring massive  fascist left-driven revolutionary enterprises, saboteurs at NBC, CBS, MSNBC, PBS, ABC, CNN and every newspaper touched by the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times from coast to coast.

Citizen, not political  Donald, has included JudeoChristian prayer and hope in his leadership as he strives to  “Make America Great Again!”    He, as we normal conservatives, loves his country and reeks its  blessings every day he begins  work often, usually?   before sunrise!

Yet…..Some conservatives are far too precious than others….the poor dears!   Despite  their United States of America is being spectacularly salvaged from Marxism  by businessman Donald Trump,  they refuse to break bread to support  this greatest rebirth  of conservatism in our history this businessman has generated.

President Trump thus far IS SAVING CONSERVATISM  for our America….so where is the suicide?   Have you been attending any of the five minute lecture classes at Prager University lately?

Please read the following article:

Suicide of the Conservative Movement


The Fraud Secretary John Kerry vs. the Quality Secretary of State Appointee, Mike Pompeo


by Scott Johnson  at PowerLine:

In Allen Drury’s Advise and Consent, still in print after all these years, the president’s left-wing nominee for Secretary of State has a secret. As a young man — echoes of the Hiss case — he was a member of a Communist cell.

Leffingwell’s Communist past is a secret that must be covered up. Complications ensue, giving life to a Washington novel that is one of our favorites. Novelist Thomas Mallon rendered his considered literary judgment in his fiftieth anniversary tribute to the novel.

Times have changed, big league. By the time President Obama nominated John Kerry as Secretary of State, what were once vices had become habits hardly worthy of mention in polite company (as in this Boston Globe backgrounder).

Kerry had been wrong on just about every foreign policy issue he has addressed in the course of a long public career, stretching back to 1971. As an undergraduate, I saw him in person speaking on campus at the Hopkins Center peddling the vicious lies that turned him into a national celebrity. I believed him because I was credulous and sophomoric, but what excuse did he have?

Like Leffingwell, Kerry had been worse than mistaken. But it was no secret. It was out there in the open, and the guy nevertheless came within a hair of being elected president in 2004. John Perazzo reviewed the record of the man Obama saluted as “the perfect choice” to be his Secretary of State: “The historical record informs us that not only has John Kerry been on the wrong side of every major foreign policy issue for most of his adult life, including Iraq, Nicaragua and most recently in Syria, but he has routinely engaged in deception to conceal his folly. What’s worse, Kerry has a clear record of giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies, all the while never missing an opportunity to viciously trash our brave forces fighting against them.”

Returning to Advise and Consent, I recall recall that a key plot point hangs on the blackmailing of the senior senator from Utah in connection with a youthful homosexual affair. He is threatened with disclosure of the affair if he fails to vote in favor of the left-wing nominee. Rather than submit he commits suicide.

President Trump’s nomination of CIA Director Mike Pompeo to serve as Secretary of State is to be voted on by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee next week. Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Democrats have united in opposition. Given the additional opposition of Rand Paul, observers anticipate that Pompeo will receive a negative recommendation from the committee. Marc Thiessen traces the historic (and disgraceful) nature of such a negative committee vote against a Secretary of State nominee in this column.

One of the Democrats’ points against Pompeo is his disapproval of homosexual sex and homosexual marriage. He is apparently guilty of subscribing to traditional Christian doctrine. If only Pompeo could reveal himself to be a man with a homosexual past proclaiming “correct” thoughts, he might qualify to serve as Secretary of State. Coincidentally, the Democrats would also prefer a nominee who vowed to continue the Obama administration’s love affair with the mullahs who hang Iranian homosexuals for “male to male anal intercourse.”

We are reminded once once again. Democrats, you’ve come a long way from Advise and Consent, from advice and consent, and from the Constitution, baby.


P.S.   A Cause to Remember, by Glenn H. Ray

I am wondering if anyone of any American  party of any kind remembers the profound frauds JFK….that is, John F. Kerry perpetrated while serving and fibbing about his stardom “on military duty” in Vietnam…..the time when he was movie producing about his phony heroism for future political play when he returned to home to enter the lefty  jungles of Massachusetts politics.

Has anyone ever written a book, a page, a paragraph about this contemptible phony  maneuverings in film stardom, directed by the fraud himself?   He became CBS, PBS, ABC, and NBC star playboy at evening news hour playing expert about his false prowess, phony heroism,  absent wisdom and profound fraud on his road to Congress, the Senate   and Presidential contender.

(He did marry into the Heinz fortune, however!)

Why was it likely that the only  human on any  American  air or print wave of that critical election year, 2004, who had the courage, knowledge, the skill,  and honesty to  describe   this  suitless,  JFKerry,   so perfectly as the “creature, fraud and twit” he was came from Our Dennis Prager   that late October radio broadcasting day in 2004……..the first day I,  a lonely conservative, discovered him.

Dennis Prager: Another Reason Americans Don’t Trust the Media!


by Dennis Prager  at the Jewish World Review:

“About half the American people do not believe the mainstream media tell the truth. They believe the media are more interested in promoting their left-wing views than reporting the truth.

I am, I note with sadness, a member of that half.

Here is but one more example: The New York Times best-seller list.

As a writer (who, for the record, had a previous book on that list), I have long known it isn’t a best-seller list, and I don’t pay attention to it. But I paid attention last week to see if my recently published book, which opened up on Amazon as the second best-selling book in America, was on the list. It wasn’t.

The book, “The Rational Bible: Exodus,” the first volume of a five-volume commentary on the first five books of the Bible (the Torah), was No. 2 in nonfiction on The Wall Street Journal best-seller list; No. 2 on the Publishers Weekly nonfiction best-seller list; No. 1 on Ingram, the largest book wholesaler in the country; and, according to Nielson BookScan, the organization that tracks 75 to 85 percent of book sales, No. 2 in hardcover nonfiction.

In fact, according to Bookscan, it outsold 14 of the 15 books on The New York Times hardcover nonfiction best-seller list. But again, it is not even listed on the New York Times best-seller list.

I was told years ago that The Times best-seller list almost never includes overtly religious books. I believe it but cannot prove it. I was told The Times doesn’t even monitor Christian bookstore sales (though many Christians have bought my commentary, few of its sales thus far have been through Christian bookstores).

At least as suggestive of bias is that the No. 1 hardcover nonfiction book on the Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly lists, “12 Rules for Life” by Jordan B. Peterson, is also not listed on The New York Times best-seller list.

Is it a coincidence that Peterson is a conservative, and that I am a conservative and my book is a Bible commentary?

In order to think it is mere coincidence, you have to believe The New York Times more than reality itself, which about half the country seems to.

While The Times occasionally lists conservative books and, very rarely, religious books, after comparing the list and the BookScan list, the Observer concluded in 2016: “If you happen to work for The New York Times and have a book out, your book is more likely to stay on the list longer and have a higher ranking than books not written by New York Times employees. … If you happen to have written a conservative-political-leaning book, you’re more likely to be ranked lower and drop off the list faster than those books with a more liberal political slant.”

In other words, The New York Times best-seller list is not a best-seller list — which even The New York Times once acknowledged. In the early 1980s, William Peter Blatty, author of the monumental best-seller “The Exorcist,” sued The New York Times for only listing his novel on the list one time, even though it sold in the millions. In defending itself before the court, as reported by Book History, the annual journal of The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (Penn State University Press), The Times said, “The list did not purport to be an objective compilation of information but instead was an editorial product.”

Yet when asked last year about the announcement by Regnery Publishing (my book publisher) that it was no longer referencing The New York Times in any author publicity, New York Times spokesman Jordan Cohen told the Associated Press: “Our goal is that the lists reflect authentic best sellers. The political views of authors have no bearing on our rankings, and the notion that we would manipulate the lists to exclude books for political reasons is simply ludicrous.”

According to The New York Times, it is “simply ludicrous” to question why a conservative book and a religious book, which are the No. 1 and No. 2 books, respectively, on every best-seller list other than that of The New York Times, do not even appear on The Times list.

Here’s a different view: What is “simply ludicrous” is wondering why the “fake news” charge against mainstream American media resonates with half the American people.”

Read more at http://www.jewishworldreview.com/0418/prager041718.php3#y5vRZHi2xmbGcFQI.99




I Was Raised to Be, and Still Am a Godfearing JudeoChristian

I was born in 1934 and thereafter raised until my teens,  by the will and body of my overbearing  Germanic Lutheran Mother, to  be a Godfearing Christian as long as I lived.   “You cannot escape your God!” she’d yell when angry, sigh when contented.

I was a boy, poor, but  of good fortune, born curious, loved school, Church, and building with blocks and  Tinker Toys, play War no matter the  season practicing for my time to fight  Japs and Nazis, but I couldn’t read except newspaper headlines, maps, and atlases.

Our America was Godfearing Christian then.   The only minority in our neighborhood of 22 houses were the two Jewish families across the street from our house in St. Paul, Minnesota.

In Spring, 1942 I was ordered to take  charge of a Victory Garden my dad had signed up with the city to plant and maintain  a vegetable garden during the war effort on two empty lots across the alley from our house.  The city plowed the lot grounds without charge.   Our family, which turned out to be me,  would plant and care for all of the crops, and  could keep half of the produce but share  the remaining  half with the neighbors on our street .  (As a result I became attached to gardens ever since.   I have owned a landscape garden company for the past thirty years, and still work seasonally on  a half acre of beautiful grounds around the house where I live today.)

Americans  of all backgrounds, of all colors shapes and sizes, were civilized then.   I can still remember the names of every family of those 22 houses of our block.   The Landmarks were the only parents who lost a son fighting on the War front then.

All but two households  went to Church on Sundays….most were Roman Catholic.   One of the Jewish families attended Saturday Synagogue regularly.

News arrived by radio and newspaper.  Our morning St. Paul Pioneer Press and afternoon Dispatch were Roman Catholic in cultural “flavor”.   It was wartime.   Sunday papers carried pages and pages of pictures of bloody war battles.   I could ‘read’  every word attached to those battles, and  remember the names and draw the shapes of every country on any map accompanying the war stories.    I played war games out doors with my toy soldiers, tanks, anti-air craft guns, and bombed buildings I made of blocks or snow, depending on the weather, with Lockheed Lightnings, Corsairs, B-24s, and Spitfires.

Mom bought me my first globe of the world for my birthday,  September, 1942.   Atlases arrived each Christmas following….(She knew how to keep me out of her busy way, soothed and occupied.)

I had two close “step-cousins”,  brothers who  joined the Navy shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor.   They were on  Pacific front ship battles throughout the war, and survived.

Roman Catholics and Jews were Democrats in those days….but only Jews generally separated themselves from our community body.

We all read the same news, heard the same news on radio, and knew everyone’s name up and down our block.    We all went to God’s  place on either Saturday or Sunday.   Our teachers did the same.   My dad’s colleagues both Negro and white working at the huge nation-wide Rexall Liggett  Drugstore he managed downtown St. Paul, read and heard the same news as I, and attended their own Churches or Synagogues  on their Saturdays or Sundays.

Crime in the TwinCities then was practically non-existent.

I am still  a JudeoChristian Godfearing American to this day….only older and much wiser, more learned!  But I am unChurched and have been for over 60 years since I was in the military.

I am also “uncountried”….for I live in the land of Charles Schumer and John McCain Senators, socialist  primitives clogging up the  ‘right’,  or worse, Obamaling fascists on the Left, the ones clogging up the entire country’s welfare, its schools and universities, its television entertainment and fake news empires,  Google, Amazon, Starbucks,  the film industry, Jewish industries, and invader immigrants to aid Obamaling Leftism to dictate!

I crave for news, information to challenge me, educate me, help me defend or reject ideas, concepts I have amassed seeking “Truth” and retaining wisdom to make better decisions or solidify the ones I maintain.    Why would anyone seeking Truth of the day subscribe to the MPLS Strib…the home of the New York Times and Washington Post….of the leftist Jewish narrow minded?   or the Wall Street Journal who bear conservative writers of worth, but ignore Americana to sell more stock and trade?

I crave for religious inspiration not a lecture or chant, but some degree of  repetition of the human being’s discovery of  beauty and inspiration such as  I, and I am sure others have felt  when approaching the Grand Canyon, listening to  the “Messiah”, or absorbing the birth of your son or daughter, seeing parents after being overseas in the military….or even merely reading the beautiful verses of the first chapters of Genesis of the Book of Moses, describing the beginning of HEAVEN AND EARTH as described in the King James version of the Holy Bible.

I have never been more inspired by any “Church” service or activity in my life….more mesmerized by something “Holy Spirit” than when entering and participating in the ‘service’ of the  Russian Orthodox Church in Kiev, named, I believe, St. Nicholas,  of the vile USSR, in 1990, that  Sunday it was first reopened, conquering Soviet Communism, October, 1990!   I stayed, strayed, inspirited for hours walking from station to station, absorbing the fragrances,  candlelight,  and chants of Ancient Slavonic by the priests, being one of the countless thousands carrying candles…to a point where I have  never quite recovered to this very day.

I always enjoyed those inspiring Lutheran King James Bible Church  Services with its language, choirs and hymns the congregation would all enthusiastically sing or hear together in harmony…..All of this was lost when church  bureaucrats a generation or two ago decided to degrade hymns and texts  to first grade modern ‘lyrics’.

I often  stop by St.Paul’s Cathedral here  in St. Paul during the week to sit and absorb its quietude and interior beauty.  With today’s  leftist savages of  street, school, and university running and threatening wide and abroad tearing things apart,   how long can  the Church dare to keep  its doors open beyond Sunday services anymore?

Judaism as a religion,  disappeared from the Twin City  decades ago.   Synagogues still exist somewhere where  devoted Leftists,  an Alan Dershowitz or two might still attend for attention’s sake.

I am not Jewish, but I pray for those Saturday bearded Jewish males and their families walking together to Synagogue to succeed and flourish.   That environment I could readily  join if permitted to participate.  However I, a JudeoChristian, would want to know Hebrew.

Goodness is disappearing from our once great American democratic dream and struggle.    The new most powerful national, government supported  in-house religion is intolerant, fascistic leftism of Big Business proportions, its universities and schools, press and entertainment, local, national, and United Nations.

Only by returning to inspiration in family, life, Church or Synagogue, to seek Truth,  gather knowledge,  and secure freedom will  life of  the human animal  ever survive!