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Robert Mueller, The Sly DC Zombie

Robert Mueller, the consummate DC schemer

by Thomas Lifson   at  American Thinker:


It’s time for a reckoning for Robert Mueller.  He is one of those D.C. veteran political appointees who carried a reputation as a righteous, honest man — as was said of James Comey not so long ago.  But the ability to get and keep bipartisan support as a high-level political appointee and maintain a broad but shallow reputation as honest seems to require more than small amount of craftiness, stealth, and duplicity when it comes to sensitive bureaucracies in the federal government’s vast apparatus.

Clear-eyed realists like Howie Carr were never fooled by Mueller, who seems to have mastered the art of not rocking the bureaucratic boat, even when faced with actual corruption.

Now that his report is finished, with volume one an honest admission of failure to find any evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians and volume two a dishonest attempt to lay out a case for impeachment of trump on the spurious claim of obstruction of justice, as Alan Dershowitz conclusively demonstrates:

So it is now time to get the measure of the man, Robert Mueller.

Louis Gohmert, one of my favorite people in Congress, has been watching Mueller for a long time and is immune to the seductions of the Beltway consensus.  Speaking with Breitbart a few days ago, he laid out the answer to a question that has been puzzling me for a long time: when and where was the FBI politicized?  Gohmert fingers Mueller as the point man:

“I gave him a pass the very first time I questioned him years ago, when he was FBI director,” recalled Gohmert.  “But then after that, I found out how much damage he was doing to the FBI, more than anybody, including Hoover in his worst days.  It was astounding.  He ran off thousands and thousands of years of experienced special agents in charge of offices, often went from having 25 years experience to five or six years experience.  He did not want anything but yes-men.  He didn’t want people with experience.  He didn’t want law enforcement agents with experience.”

Purging the leadership of the offices of the FBI across the country and installing your own yes-men (and women) is an excellent way of seizing control of an organization and redirecting it.

“This guy is not a good guy,” added Gohmert, “and I’ve been saying that since the day he was appointed.  This was a disastrous mistake.  He had been begging Trump to appoint him as FBI director again, one day before he was offered [the special counsel position], and Trump refused, and a day later he gets the chance to not just prosecute Trump but also persecute him, and that is what he’s been doing.

“Both [Robert Mueller] and his joined-at-the-hip buddy Comey … they both have a history of leaking when they want to hurt somebody that they don’t have evidence to prosecute.  They’ve done that.  In fact, if you go back to James Hatfill, who Mueller accused of being behind the anthrax killings after 9/11, and at one point it was so bad that President Bush called him in and said, ‘There doesn’t appear to be any evidence against this guy.  You sure it’s the right guy?’  He said, ‘100 percent.’  Well, there was no evidence.”

Gohmert continued, “[James Comey and Robert Mueller] went after [James Hatfill] like they went after Ted Stevens when the FBI totally manufactured a case under Mueller’s watch, and in that case, they prosecuted an innocent man — not just maybe not guilty but totally innocent — and got him convicted because they had gotten warrants, grabbed all the evidence Ted Stevens needed to prove his innocence, and didn’t give him that.  They created [and] manufactured evidence, and they were able to convict a guy just days before the election which he lost by maybe a couple of thousand votes.”

Gohmert concluded, “This is not a good man.  He should not have been allowed to get anywhere near a special counsel job, and I don’t care what Lindsey Graham says, he just doesn’t know the man like I do.”

This news, only hours old from Paul Sperry, reinforces Gohmert’s assessment of Mueller:

If this is true — that Mueller has embedded spies in Horowitz’s I.G. organization and has been getting updates from his spies — it is shocking, but maybe not surprising.  My understanding is that the I.G. is supposed to be independent and the work held confidential from those on whom reports are being researched and written.

Sperry needs to offer evidence, and I assume he had some before he tweeted his contention.  I suggest that the investigation of the investigators needs to take a look at more than the genesis of the FISA warrants and the finding of Fusion GPS.



We Love Our Donald!! Despite His Fascist Enemies, HE’S MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN As He Promised!!

Welcome to Civilized America, STAR TRIBUNE!

Thousands brave cold for Minnesota March for Life rally at Capitol

Abortion opponents plan to back ultrasound legislation again this year.

Thousands of Minnesotans brought the abortion debate to the State Capitol lawn on Tuesday, as activists vowed to step up their campaign to outlaw the procedure.

“We know that Minnesota is a pro-life state and your presence on a frigid day is a testament to this cause,” House GOP leader Kurt Daudt told the crowd. The large turnout, Daudt added, sends a “message to legislators that we do the right thing when we stand on the side of life.”

This year’s annual March for Life comes at a turbulent time in the abortion debate across Minnesota. More stringent abortion restrictions are on the risein Republican-leaning states across the country, including Minnesota neighbors like Iowa, which passed the nation’s most restrictive measure last year. A new conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court has also given opponents hope that they may be able to further chip away at, or even overturn, Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

States led by Democrats, meanwhile, have passed stronger protections for abortion access. In Minnesota, DFL control of the state House and governorship means that measures aimed at restricting abortions will face stiff opposition. A 2018 Star Tribune/MPR Minnesota Poll found that 59 percent of Minnesotans want Roe v. Wade upheld. Minnesota also has its own version of the ruling, known as Doe v. Gomez, which protects a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy.

The annual rally against abortion is among the largest at the Minnesota Capitol each year, drawing thousands of supporters who fill large sections of the lawn. Activists waved “Protect Life” posters in bright hues and sang along to “Amazing Grace” as the event got underway.

Droves of students, some of whom were bused to the Capitol by schools and church groups, carried “Pro-Life Generation” signs. One group of high schoolers jumped jubilantly as a priest led them in a series of chants. “Who loves babies? We love babies!” they yelled.

Attendees braved slick roads to make the march, though inclement weather did lead to the cancellation of several buses from Rochester. Taylor Mellberg, a 27-year-old from Dayton, said attending, despite the conditions, was her way of showing support for the movement.

“Ideally I would like Planned Parenthood to be defunded and abortion to be stopped,” Mellberg, who wore a sweatshirt and “many layers,” said. “I am not optimistic, but I’m hopeful.”

A bill that would bring Minnesota much closer to those aims was presented Tuesday. Rep. Tim Miller, R-Prinsburg, introduced legislation that would ban abortion once a heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks. Critics say such measures are unconstitutional, as some women may not realize they are pregnant by that stage, so the bill would effectively outlaw almost all abortions.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, which sponsors the rally, is backing legislation requiring doctors to give women the option to view an ultrasound before an abortion as one of its top priorities this year. The proposal passed both legislative chambers last session, but was vetoed by then-Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat.

“Women deserve to see their ultrasounds,” MCCL’s Robyn Swiderski said at the rally. “They deserve to see the truth an ultrasound shows to make an informed decision about a procedure that is life-altering.”

Supporters of abortion access said the proposal is unnecessary.

“We don’t oppose ultrasounds, but we oppose this legislation because it dictates the conversation between a woman and her doctor,” said Jen Aulwes, spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota. She said that physicians are already fulfilling their legal and ethical duties in informing patients of their options.

House Speaker Melissa Hortman, D-Brooklyn Park, called the proposal “insulting to women.”

“This is a weighty decision between a doctor, a woman and her god, and no woman makes that decision lightly,” Hortman said, adding her caucus opposes “unnecessary burdens being in the way of women’s rights to access their full range of reproductive health care options.”

The proposal will likely fare better in the state Senate, where Republicans hold a narrow majority. Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, R-Nisswa, voiced support for the ultrasound proposal, calling it “a step but not the end goal.”

Gov. Tim Walz, a Democrat, tried not to stoke division on the issue.

“While I believe women have the right to make their own decisions about their health care, the Capitol belongs to the people and I welcome all Minnesotans to come express their views,” said Walz, who did not attend the rally.

Gazelka cited several scriptures from the Bible as he encouraged attendees to forge ahead on their goal of ending abortion.

“Because our moral compass is pointing the right direction, we can have hope we can overcome evil with good,” he said.





A Note from Cjack Regarding “Obstruction of Justice”

Note from Cjack, Sentinel on the Gulf:

“Obstruction of Justice.” What is it…we must ask! Well, for those befuddled by these words so readily thrown to the American public, like gratuitous morsels to hungry dogs by our vociferous Democrats and their anti-Trump co-conspirators in the media, the following definition is offered. “Obstruction of justice is the crime or act of willfully interfering with the process of justice and law, especially by influencing, threatening, harming, or impeding a witness, potential witness, juror, or judicial or legal officers, or by furnishing false information or otherwise impeding an investigation or legal process.” Obstruction of justice is a felony under federal law. Is there any evidence that President Trump obstructed justice when he fired the corrupt ex-Director of the FBI, James Comey for his ‘leaking’ of a scurrilous self-serving memo of his private ‘conversations’ with the president to the Columbia University professor who delivered it to the NY Times…(redacted falsehoods intended to trigger the appointment of ‘a special counsel’ to investigate the President, his campaign officials and transition team based on a ‘fake dossier’ of a ‘Trump-Russia Collusion’ to deny Hillary Clinton the presidency of the United States).

Moreover, that ‘fake dossier’ was used by the FBI and the DOJ to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Mr. Trump, his family, and personnel involved in his presidential campaign and transition team.

It must be noted that all of these unethical acts were conducted by high law enforcement and intelligence officials of the Obama administration. Yet, now with the nefarious Obama out of office and the ‘Trump-Russia Collusion’ narrative discredited, Special Counsel Mueller is doggedly pursuing an obstruction of justice charge against the president; if not to take down the president, most surely to impede the investigation of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Obama’s ‘deep state’ operatives who may have committed a string of criminals acts that may have compromised our national safety and security.

It was not Donald Trump who colluded with foreign powers to enrich himself at the expense of our national security; it was the corrupt ex-president Barack Hussein Obama and high officials in his administration who sold our nation’s respect, security and sovereignty for $145,000,000.00 to the Russians. Those are the colluding crooks Mueller should be after, not Donald Trump. But then again, the then FBI director Robert Mueller must have been in on the “Uranium One Deal”…eh?

I say, based on the illegal anti-Trump activities conducted by politically-partisan rogue elements of the FBI and DOJ and the evidence uncovered by creditable legal firms and non-partisan media organizations, the above legal definition of what constitutes obstruction of justice should justify the immediate termination of ‘Special Counsel’ Robert Mueller’s investigation; the President has not acted in any manner to collude with the Russians, or to obstruct justice when he fired the crooked James Comey.

However, what is quite clear is what amounts to be a ‘politically convenient’ investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller— based on the discredited “false” Trump-Russia Collusion ‘dossier’ compiled by the ex-British spy Christopher Steele— is nothing more than an attempt to ‘cover up’ a string of criminal activities conducted by high US government officials under the consent of our ex-president Barack Hussein Obama; a US president whose legacy to date must be footnoted as the saddest chapter in our political history; a dastard act to deny our duly elected President Donald J. Trump his legal authority to govern the nation. Mr. Barr, these perpetrators must be punished.

Mr. Barr should immediately put an end to the two-year bogus, expensive, investigation by ‘special counsel’ Robert Mueller and his pro-Hillary team of corrupt lawyers aiming to overthrow our duly elected President and his administration. Never in the history of our nation has there been such a glaring political coup to invalidate the will of the American people to cover up the criminal/seditious activities of an American president; in this case Barack Obama, our ‘first black president’ and his administration.

CJack, Editor, Sentinel on the Gulf, January 17, 2019

Note: Because William Barr has been nominated by President Trump to be the ‘nation’s’ next U.S. Attorney General he must be reminded that his friendship with the unconstitutional “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller must never be above the U.S. Constitution. In fact, by now, Mr. Barr should be well aware that the Kremlin’s most prominent moles embedded in our past administration were our ex-president Barack Obama and his ex-secretary of state Ms. Hillary Clinton; an so were Obama’s ex-FBI director James Comey, his ex-CIA director John Brennan and his former director of US national Intelligence James Clapper—a nest of traitors who should be sentenced to long jail terms along with Rod Rosenstein U.S. Deputy AG.

And Then There Is Pocahontas



Early in his term, I was concerned about whether President Trump could stand up under the pressure. No one in our history, with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln, had been subjected to such vicious abuse. I wondered whether any human being could tolerate it for four years.

I don’t worry about that any longer. The irrepressible Donald Trump keeps on giving the Democrats at least as good as he gets, and seems to enjoy doing it. Today Trump took to social media to troll his political opponents. First it was 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren–Pocahontas–on Twitter:

Donald J. Trump


Trump was just getting warmed up. Next came this brief but effective video on the Southern border and the wall. The timing is apt, given that earlier today Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi walked out on a border security briefing by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen:

Embedded video

Finally, this. As far as I can see Trump didn’t tweet it, but posted it on Instagram. Note the Game of Thrones references:

Like many, I thought Donald Trump was a joke when he announced his presidential campaign. Through most of the primaries, I was surprised that his campaign didn’t collapse. I voted for him enthusiastically, given the alternative, but had only moderate hopes for his administration. As it has turned out, Trump is fighting for the good, in a way we have rarely seen modern Republicans fight, 90% of the time, while the Democrats are fighting for evil in about the same proportion. So call me a convert.

And oh, by the way–freshman Senator Mitt Romney, to whose losing campaign I donated, should sit down and shut up.


President Trump’s Victories of 2018

Trump’s Top 10 Achievements of 2018

by Steve Cortes  at realclearpolitics:
AP Photo/Susan Walsh


Given all the political fervor of 2018, Americans may easily lose sight of the policy achievements of the past 12 months.  So, before bidding the year goodbye, consider these impressive accomplishments of President Trump:

  1. Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court – As messy and unfair as the process was, his confirmation secures another conservative jurist with an originalist constitutional approach and a restrained view of judicial power. The untimely death of Justice Antonin Scalia in 2016 crystalized for many voters the danger of allowing Hillary Clinton to fill that seat.  With Neil Gorsuch and Kavanaugh in place, Trump has kept his promise to remake the high court with young, conservative thinkers.
  2. Confronting China – Much of the heartland anxiety that vaulted Trump into the Oval Office emanates directly from the abusive economic warfare waged by China for decades against the United States. At long last, those workers find a champion in Donald Trump, who slapped serious tariffs upon Beijing and finally forced the regime to negotiate fairly. America now embraces its strong bargaining position and demands reciprocity in trade and an end to rampant industrial theft and piracy.
  3. Middle-Class Wages Rise – Incomes in general soared in 2018, with average hourly earnings finally eclipsing 3 percent growth for the first time since before the Great Recession. The news is even better for blue-collar workers, who now realize wage growth above that of white-collar workers for the first time in nearly a decade.
  4. U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal – Trump proved that America welcomes equitable global commerce by cementing a badly needed modernization of NAFTA. The USMCA provides a template for other such trade pacts and effectively isolates China’s increasingly untenable posture.
  5. Ending the Iran Nuclear Deal – Gone are the days of coddling the mullahs who have terrorized America and our allies for decades. Instead of counting the billions of dollars of cash sent via secret nighttime flights by the Obama administration, the Tehran regime now faces a U.S. leadership determined to thwart its tyranny and prevent its nuclearization.
  6. Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem – Trump proved once again how differently he governs compared to Washington norms. Past presidents promised for decades to make this move and U.S. law has required it since 1995, but only President Trump made good on his pledge, honored our ally, and recognized the obvious reality that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel.
  7. Smashing the ISIS Caliphate and Exiting Syria – Unlike his predecessor, who haughtily dismissed and ignored the ISIS threat as terrorists’ “JV team,” President Trump smartly dispatched limited U.S. troops to help our partners erase the territorial caliphate that had inflicted unspeakable human rights abuses. Just as importantly, Trump also announced the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria, placing the primary burden for ongoing stability upon regional powers Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  This president will not repeat the disastrous nation-building mistakes of Presidents Bush and Obama.
  8. Increasing Minority Jobs – If Trump is actually racist, as biased mainstream media “journalists” often claim, he’s remarkably bad at it, because people of color have thrived under the pro-growth policies of the Trump Boom. Black joblessness in 2018 reached the lowest levels ever recorded.  For Hispanics, in history there have been a total of 14 months with a jobless rate under 5 percent — and 13 of those months have unfolded under the leadership of President Trump.  Small business dynamism is particularly crucial for minority advancement, and small business surveys report optimism among entrepreneurs at record highs in 2018.
  9. Holding the Line with Migrant Caravans – In the face of continual demagoguery from liberal politicians and their allies in the legacy media, President Trump took a tough and principled stance against would-be trespassers.  Lawless caravans assault our sovereignty and abuse our generous asylum statutes.  Such provocations validate the need for a border wall along with reforms to immigration laws.
  10. Record American Oil Production – In 2018, the U.S. surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil. Through aggressive regulatory relief and pro-energy moves like green-lighting the Keystone XL pipeline, President Trump paved the way for an independent energy future.

There were missteps, to be sure.  For example, the Helsinki press conference with Vladimir Putin belied the normally assertive Trump.  Still, good news abounded in 2018 as America reaped the benefits of a commander-in-chief committed to restoring the greatness of our republic.  The intelligentsia of the permanent political class may howl, and complicit pseudo-journalists will balk, but the reality of the Trump track record reveals a country growing in prosperity and security.



Cjack Reviews Former FBI Director, Arch-Villain Robert Mueller


Is Muleface Mueller concerned about his date with Judge Sullivan, tomorrow December 18, 2018 @ 3:00PM? He certainly must be. He’s been caught in his own web of lies, violations and manipulations of the law, bribing, intimidating and coercing witnesses? Wiping clean his friend Peter’s cell phone? The Kremlin’s has an IOU from Hillary Clinton and Obama; and Muleface Mueller is running interference for them!

Disbarment, fines, and jail time? Are certainly in order for Muleface Mueller, co-conspirator in the “deep state” attempt to overthrow our duly elected President Donald J. Trump.

It will be like a homecoming for Bill Kristol by the un-American dodo birds at CNN. He’ll be at home with ‘ditsy’ Mika and ‘coconuts’ Joe. CNN just keeps on rolling down hill on its circus wagon.

By the way, the dirty deeds of the arch-villain Muleface Mueller are now known to the entire world. This evil man should be disbarred. Let’s hope the incoming USAG Bill Barr will send him and Rosenstein packing. Once Barr dismisses him as special counsel, Muleface Mueller should have to answer for his crimes. General Kelly certainly should join Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone and the many others Mueller railroaded. It should be a “class action” lawsuit to break this Nazi.

“Herr Mueller wird die bitteren Krauter der Vergeltung kosten.” Oh yes, Mister Mueller will taste the bitter herbs of retribution.

(As, always, Thank you for the Notes, Fellow American, Cjack!  ghr)

Fascistic Democrats’ Drive to Destroy America’s Donald Era May Cause Leftist Trouble Makers BIG TIME!!!


by John Hinderaker   at PowerLine:

It is a sign of the times: the Democrats are delirious at the prospect of impeaching President Trump–not because he had an adulterous dalliance with a porn performer, which would have been considered a bad thing in the pre-Bill Clinton era, but rather because his payoff to her ostensibly constituted a campaign finance violation. For which no one is punished, ever, except Dinesh D’Souza.

Some Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, are trying to keep a lid on the talk about impeachment until after November. She says impeaching Trump “isn’t a priority.” Not sure what that means; I think she is saying she will get to it eventually, assuming the Dems win a House majority. Which they probably will, according to most commentators.

Given that Democrats have been talking about impeaching Trump since before his inauguration, many don’t take the current hysteria seriously. But those who do consider what will happen if Trump is impeached: Mike Pence will be president. Instead of the connoisseur of porn performers, we will have the guy who won’t eat dinner alone with a woman other than his wife. (Everything that has happened in the last 25 years supports the wisdom of this rule, but that is a subject for another day.)

The thought should be sobering if you are a Democrat. An unapologetic, traditional conservative, dedicated to continuing the successful policies of the Trump administration, in the White House, and running for re-election? Bring it on!

Then again, we have the much more likely possibility that Trump isn’t convicted in the Senate. The chance of that is approximately zero. Then Trump runs for re-election in 2020, perhaps under this banner. “Individual 1” is how Trump was identified in certain documents related to the Cohen prosecution.

Democrats: pick your poison!



Obama’s Communist CIA Man Brennan’s 2016 Spy Scandal

The human male is born a killer…..the human female born ditsy.  In the ideal of most modern societies,  they are to become civilized,  educated,  “human”, problem solving, raising children for the continuation of the species and cherish honesty!

And then there are today’s Democrats and the Obama’s evil, sleazy COMMUNIST  John Brennans of the world stirring their webs of destruction!  (There can be no good without evil, folks!)

And then there is Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal……an angel of the goodness and truth  gifted in exposing reality in today’s “Journal” and its fellow world of fake news dumping  on America-loving President, Donald J. Trump!   She writes in today’s Journal Opinion Page THE TRUTH of the year!


The Trump-Russia sleuthers have been back in the news, again giving Americans cause to doubt their claims of nonpartisanship.  Last week it was
Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Peter Strzok testifying to Congress that he harbored no bias against a president he describes as “horrible” and “disgusting”.  This week it was former FBI Director Jim Comey tweet-lecturing Americans on their duty to vote Democratic in November.

But the man who deserves a belated bit of scrutiny is former Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan.  He’s accused President Trump of “venality, moral turpitude and political corruption,”  and berated GOP investigations of the FBI.  This week he claimed on Twitter that Mr. Trump’s press conference in Helsinki was “nothing short of treasonous.”  This is rough stuff, even for an Obama partisan.

That’s what Mr. Brennan is – a partisan – and it is why his role in the 2016 scandal is in some ways more concerning than the FBI’s.  Mr. Comey stands accused of flouting the rules, breaking the chain of command, abusing investigatory powers.  Yet it seems far likelier that the FBI’s Trump investigation was a function of arrogance and overconfidence than some partisan plot.  No such case can be made for Mr. Brennan.  Before his nomination as CIA director, he served as a close Obama adviser.  And the record shows he went on to use his position – as head of the most powerful spy agency in the world – to assist Hillary Clinton’s campaign (and keep his job).

Mr. Brennan has taken credit for launching the Trump investigation.  At a House Intelligence Committee hearing in May 2017, he explained that he became “aware of intelligence and information about contracts between Russian officials and U.S. persons.”  The CIA can’t investigate U.S. citizens, but he made sure that “every information and bit of intelligence” was “shared with the bureau,” meaning the FBI.  This information, , he said, “served as the basis for the FBI investigation.”  My sources suggest Mr. Brennan was overstating his initial role, but either way, by his own testimony, he as an Obama-Clinton partisan was pushing information to the FBI and pressuring it to act.

More notable, Mr. Brennan then took the lead on shaping the narrative that Russia was interfering in the election specifically to help Mr. Trump – which quickly evolved into the Trump-collusion narrative.  Team Clinton was eager to make the claim, especially in light of the Democratic National Committee server hack.  Numerous reports show Mr. Brennan aggressively pushing the same line internally.  Their problem was that as of July 2016 even then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper didn’t buy it.  He publicly refused to say who was responsible for the hack, or ascribe motivation.  Mr. Brennan also couldn’t get the FBI to sign on to the view;  the bureau continued to believe Russian cyberattacks were aimed at disrupting the U.S. political system generally, not aiding Mr. Trump.

The CIA director couldn’t himself go public with his Clinton spin – he lacked the support of the intelligence community and had to be careful  not to be seen interfering in U.S. politics.  So what to do?     He called Harry Reed.  In a late August briefing, he told the Senate minority leader that Russia was trying to help Mr. Trump with the election, and that Trump advisers might be colluding with Russia.  (Two years later, no public evidence has emerged to support such a claim.)

But the truth was irrelevant.  On cue, within a few days of the briefing, Mr. Reid wrote a letter to Mr. Comey, which of course immediately became public.  “The evidence of a direct connection between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues to mount,” wrote Mr. Reid, going on to float Team Clinton’s Russians-are-helping-Trump theory.  Mr. Reid publicly divulged at least one of the allegations contained in the infamous Steele dossier, insisting that the FBI use “every resource available to investigate this matter.”

The Reid letter marked the first official blase of the Brennan-Clinton collusion narrative into the open.  Clinton opposition-research firm Fusion GPS followed up by briefing its media allies about the dossier it had dropped off at the FBI.  On Sept. 23, Yahoo News’s Michael Isikoff ran the headline:  “U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin.”  Voila.  Not only was the collusion narrative  out there, but so was evidence that the FBI was investigating………”

THERE IS MORE ABOUT CIA, FBI, HILLARY, and DEMOCRAT PARTY CORRUPTION attached to the article….This collusion of  crooked Democrat Party Obamalings reeks odors from the world of Hitler’s Nazis and Stalin’s Communists…..WILL TRUTH CONQUER IN THE END/


(Better one than none!)  ghr

For reader information:   Kimberley

Gophers, in Case You Missed Your Supreme Court Decision on Clothing “while voting loony Left in the ballot box”……

Political Apparel at the Polls Now Allowed in Minnesota



“To the surprise of many, the challenge to the Minnesota law banning political badges, political buttons, or other political insignia at polling places was successful in the U.S. Supreme Court case Minnesota Voter Alliance v. Mansky.

The High Court held that the law violates the First Amendment rights of voters because, as the law is written, it’s just too vague. The 7 to 2 majority opinion explains that the wording of law does not provide individuals, nor those tasked with working the polls, clear definitions as what qualifies as “political.” Reading through the opinion, though, it is clear that SCOTUS does see a path whereby such restrictions on apparel could cut Constitutional muster.

What Isn’t Political?

As commentators noted after the oral argument, the justices seemed to really grapple with the question of what apparel, or insignia, wouldn’t actually qualify as political. From MAGA hats and clothing, to #MeToo pins, to even hats with flashing lights.

The Court’s opinion pulled out the old Webster’s dictionary to quote part of the definition: “a word that can broadly encompass anything ‘of or relating to government, a government, or the conduct of governmental affairs.'” From there, the Court analyzed how Minnesota interpreted the ban, and found a significant issue with the state’s guidance for “issue oriented material designed to influence or impact voting.” In short, the Court found that this category of banned apparel placed too high a burden on individuals and poll judges to suss out what is or isn’t political.

A bigger issue, according to the majority, was that the ban also encompassed apparel that is “promoting a group with recognizable political views,” like the ban on “issue oriented material.” The Court explained that this category also was too vague to be uniformly enforced.

Justice Undefined

The two dissenting justices, Justices Sotomayor and Breyer, explain that while they agree with much of what the majority held, the Court was too hasty. The dissent explains that the question of interpretation of the Minnesota state law should have been certified to the Minnesota Supreme Court before SCOTUS chimed in. Justice Sotomayor, authoring the dissent, explains that getting the state’s highest court’s input could have negated the majority’s “hypothetical line-drawing problems.”

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