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What New Phony Game is FBI Mueller Now Playing by Indicting Russians? Indict Mueller!!


…….by Paul Mirengoff at PowerLine:

I think the indictment is silly. Russia meddled in our presidential election by spreading disinformation in order to erode faith in our democracy and, let’s assume, in the hope of influencing the outcome. Why wouldn’t it? Russia is our adversary, despite Barack Obama’s denial of this reality during much of his administration.

Russia/the Soviet Union has long tried to influence our politics, as have other adversaries. The U.S. too has often tried to influence the politics of other nations. (If we aren’t employing underhanded methods to influence political outcomes in adversary nations, shame on us). Indeed, it’s possible to infer from the indictment that Russia’s interference campaign, which began in 2014, was retaliation for our interference in Ukrainian politics that year.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respond to Russian interference. The question is how to respond.

The primary response should be to take preventative measures. The most important such measure is to ensure the integrity of our voting procedures — i.e., to make sure Russia and others don’t mess up our vote count. Preventing hacking of our political parties and operatives is also important. I don’t believe the Russian hacking in 2016 was very consequential because nothing in the Podesta and DNC emails can plausibly be viewed as meaningful to voters. However, we may not always be that lucky.

Preventing Russians from sneaking into the free-for-all of our political discourse strikes me as both extremely difficult and unnecessary. There is so much garbage — so many lies, libels, crazy conspiracy theories and so much vicious invective — in the rough-and-tumble world of political social media that Russia’s contribution will always likely be inconsequential. There are so many political rallies that Russian sponsorship of a few will always be virtually meaningless (especially where, as here, some of the “Russian” rallies are for one candidate and some are against him/her).

Surely, Russian efforts were inconsequential in 2016. As John noted, at the height of the presidential campaign, the Russia campaign budget was only $1,250,000 per month. This pales in comparison to what the major candidates and their parties were spending. It isn’t enough to turn even a close election. Suggesting that Russia’s efforts affected the outcome of this election is like saying that dropping a bucket of water into the sea affected the tide.

In any event, what’s the point of indicting Russians over whom we have no jurisdiction? Doing so serves no apparent preventative or punitive purpose. If we want to deter or punish Russian interference, we can step up our interference in Russian politics, impose more sanctions, and/or take positions adverse to Russia on matters important to it. Each of these approaches imposes pain. This indictment does not.

I think this latest instance of “lawfare” just makes us look weak and foolish. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kremlin is having a laugh about it. Not as nearly as big a laugh, though, as the one it’s having over the disruption of the Trump administration that the seemingly baseless Russia collusion story has produced.

Because there appears to be no chance of bringing the Russians in question to justice, I can’t help but suspect that Mueller’s indictment is about justifying the existence of a special counsel. It may also be about cementing his position. Allahpundit suggests it may be more difficult for President Trump to sack Mueller now that he has indicted Russians because doing so might cause some to believe, absurdly, that he is protecting Russia.

Here’s what the indictment is not about: it’s not about responding seriously to Russian interference in the 2016 election.

UPDATE: Andy McCarthy presents a similar view of the indictment in a column called “Russia Launches ‘Information’ War, U.S. Responds with Lawsuit and Self-Destruction.”


Learn More About Our Fascist State- Owned CBC’s Canadian Neighbors

Nicholas Kristof Sinks Yet Deeper into the Dummy Mud at the New York Times

President Trump, if You’re Innocent, Why Act So Guilty?

(…..so reads the headline regarding long time light-headed New York Times snowflake, Nicholas Kristof.   After months and months of Leftist lies and innuendo from the fascist Democrat Party-New York Times fake news in America from the Atlantic to the Pacific, TRUTH HAS BEEN EXPOSED.   Reddened  Lefty St. Nicholas at this Times is perhaps still deep asleep from working too hard snoring after Christmas.

It’s the fake news now and forever  published at the New York Times and spread via television and the press throughout the nation’s   fake news pages and television screens throughout America to create a fascist ONE Party  State to be led by Hillary R. Clinton.

Fake News Kristof and other Obamalings surely must know by now  that the Hillary corrupt and many top egos at the FBI have been exposed truthfully for their corruption to secure their  crooked  Hillary,  as their devoted lefty in the White House that freedom election night, November 8, 2016 and the weeks following its result?

The nation is still waiting for even a Trump puff of cigarette smoke to prove anything untoward was done regarding the November, 2016 Trump Presidential campaign and the dictators of modernized Soviet Russia.

A special note to all of the wimpy-wussy Nickolas leftist liars at the New York Times factory of fake news….”If you and your countless other leftist publishers and politicians of the Hillary for President crowd  are innocent of collusion pacts with  Putin’s of Soviet Russians, WHY DO YOU APPEAR SO GUILTY SIDE BY SIDE WITH THE FBI CORRUPT  BY THE EVIDENCE?)

Kristof writes:   “President Trump and Devin Nunes have been muddying the waters of the Russia investigation, so let’s try to clarify those waters so that they’re as clear as vodka.

Here are a dozen things we know.

1. Russia interfered in the U.S. election. The U.S. intelligence community concluded that President Vladimir Putin had “a clear preference” for Trump and “ordered an influence campaign” to hurt Hillary Clinton. The Department of Homeland Security notified 21 states that Russian hackers (mostly unsuccessfully) had targeted their election systems before the 2016 election.

Russia oversaw an online campaign using fake American accounts to spread anti-Clinton messages. Twitter found that 50,000 Russian accounts fired off 2.1 million election-related tweets in the fall of 2016, and in the final weeks around the election accounted for 4.25 percent of retweets of Trump’s own account.

2. Trump has longstanding business interests in Russia. The Times has explored these, beginning with a trip to Moscow in 1987 to try to build a hotel there. As recently as 2013 on another Moscow visit he was still optimistic, tweeting “TRUMP TOWER-MOSCOW is next,” but the buildings have never come to fruition.

More successfully, Trump has attracted murky investments from Russia, raising speculation that Russia might have gained some leverage over him. A Russian oligarch paid Trump an eyebrow-raising $95 million for one Florida property. A Reuters investigation found that people with Russian addresses or passports had invested nearly $100 million in seven Trump properties in southern Florida.

3. Trump has consistently displayed a soft spot for Putin. At various times, Trump has described Putin as “so nice,” “so smart” and doing “an amazing job.” Trump defended Putin from allegations that he interfered in elections and killed journalists. “You think our country is so innocent?” he scoffed. Trump told another interviewer, “I think our country does plenty of killing also.”

4. Trump picked people with ties to Russia. He named as a foreign policy adviser Carter Page, who was investigated by the F.B.I. as far back as 2013 for possible ties to Russian intelligence (Page denies any wrongdoing). To run his campaign, Trump selected Paul Manafort, who had long experience working for Russian interests and once wrote a memo offering a plan to “greatly benefit the Putin Government.” Trump’s aides also tweaked the Republican Party platform in a way that would please Moscow.

5. Russia confided in the Trump campaign. In April 2016, the Russians told George Papadopoulos, another Trump foreign policy adviser, that they had “dirt” on Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails.” It’s not clear what Papadopoulos did with that information.

6. Trump aides secretly met with Russians. In June 2016, Russia offered the Trump campaign “official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary.” Instead of calling the F.B.I., Donald Trump Jr. responded, “I love it,” and arranged a meeting with the Russians and top campaign officials.

7. A Trump ally secretly communicated with a Russian mouthpiece. In August 2016, Trump ally Roger Stone communicated with Guccifer 2.0, believed to be an outlet for Russian military intelligence. Separately, Stone tweeted that “it will soon [be] Podesta’s time in a barrel”; seven weeks later, WikiLeaks began releasing emails Russia had hacked from John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman.

The remaining  listings from this  New York Times Kristof editorial are even more embarrassing to read and remember than the stench you’ve read through above…..proceed at your own risk:

8. … more secret contacts. WikiLeaks, presumably representing Russian interests, engaged in secret correspondence with Donald Trump Jr.

9. Kushner met a Putin ally. Jared Kushner met in December 2016 with a Russian, Sergey Gorkov, who is close to Putin. Kushner also privately asked the Russians about using Russian equipment to establish a secret communications channel to the Kremlin.

10. Trump aides falsely denied contacts. Campaign officials denied innumerable times that there had been any contact with Russia. “Of course not,” said Mike Pence shortly before the inauguration. “Why would there be any contacts?”

Good question. In fact, there were at least 51 such contacts, including 19 face-to-face interactions, by the count of CNN.

11. Russia is still at it. Russian bots are joining Trump supporters in tweeting hashtags like #MAGA and #FullOfSchiff. These same Russian bots are promoting Fox News links that disparage the Russia investigation.

12. This is not normal!

Actually, I doubt that there was anything so straightforward as a secret quid pro quo. Indeed, some of these links are so blatant that they seem confusingly exculpatory: Why would anybody conspiring with Putin raise suspicions by publicly praising him?

Yet the Russian interference itself is beyond doubt. The Mueller investigation has led to two guilty pleas and two indictments so far, and it must continue. Frankly, it’s suspicious that Trump is throwing up so much dust and trying so hard to delegitimize the investigation.

He is not acting innocent”…….THE END OF THIS KRISTOF STORY TELLING!

ghr:   Yes, we do now know that “the Russian interference itself is beyond doubt”.    Light-weight Nicki must have forgotten that the vast corrupt part of the Hillary election team had indeed had their FBI team collude with Russia and a FISA judge or two or three, not Our Donald,   to   dump Trump with  the election or if, GOD FORBID, Our Donald were elected,  Democrats and their scoundrels at the FBI  could  remove  from the man from the   office asap.

But, horrors to America’s university Stalinists and leftist Democrats everywhere, Our Donald didn’t lose this election.   That is when the Kristofs and worse throughout our USA, went  bananas;    when  Our Full Blooded American Guy, Donald Trump, became the 45th President of these United States!




by Scott Johnson  at PowerLine:

The Daily Mail’s Alana Goodman reports on one piece of the investigative work ranking House Intelligence Committee member Adam Schiff has performed in search of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia and posts the companion audio below. This is great stuff. I can’t wait for the customary press conference.

 Tim Haims provides this useful summary of Schiff’s work at RealClear Politics:

In this audio posted on YouTube by Russian pranksters, Rep. Adam Schiff can be heard discussing claims that the FSB has naked pictures of President Trump….

The Daily Mail reports that Schiff sent his staff to try and collect “classified materials for the FBI” after the prank callers told him Putin has naked blackmail pictures of President Trump.

Schiff can be heard discussing the Russia investigation with a man who claimed to be Andriy Parubiy, the chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament.

The call, made a year ago, was reportedly from two Russian comedians nicknamed “Vovan” and “Lexus” who have become notorious for their phony calls to high-ranking American officials and celebrities, including UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and Elton John. The call was first reported in The Atlantic’s Jan/Feb 2018 issue, where a spokesman for Schiff said: “Before agreeing to take the call, and immediately following it, the committee informed appropriate law-enforcement and security personnel of the conversation, and of our belief that it was probably bogus.”

“There were pictures of naked Trump,” one of the pranksters told Schiff, explaining that they were obtained by Putin’s goddaughter.

Schiff asks: “And the materials you can provide to the committee and to the FBI, would they corroborate this allegation? … So you have recordings… where they’re discussing the compromising material?”

“Obviously we would welcome the chance to get copies of those recordings,” Schiff tells them. “So we will try to work with the FBI to try to figure out how we can take copies of those… I’ll be in touch with the FBI about this, and we’ll make arrangements with your staff. I think it would be best to provide these materials to both our committee and the FBI. We’ll make arrangements between my staff and yours on how to facilitate that.”

Goodman notes that Schiff’s office said Schiff suspected the call was “bogus” from the beginning and reported it to authorities afterward. But in a recording of the eight minute conversation, Goodman adds, Schiff appeared to take the call seriously and emails from the Democrat’s staff to the fake politician afterwards said he had found it “productive.”

Let me put the skills I have developed in this matter so far to good use. As they say in the world of intelligence, I assess that Schiff’s office was operating at Schiff’s usual level of veracity.


Who is this corrupt, devious, mouthy, dishonest ADAM SCHIFF besides being a Modern Corrupt Democrat?


Schiff was born in Framingham, Massachusetts, the son of Edward and Sherrill Ann (Glovsky) Schiff. He was raised in a Jewish family, and moved to Danville, California during high school. He received a political science degree from Stanford University and a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School.



Levin: There’s ‘no way Obama didn’t know’ about his administration’s ‘police state tactics’

by Chris Pandolfo, for Mark Levin  at the  Conservative Review:

On Monday, CRTV host Mark Levin returned from a short break to explain why President Obama must have known about the FISA warrant application process and the “police state tactics” detailed in the Nunes memo.

“Barack Obama had to know, at least generally, what was taking place for multiple reasons. And he’s the one the Democrats are protecting the most,” Levin said. “He’s the one the media are protecting the most.”


Levin argues that Obama must have known because several senior members of his administration knew.

“So Lynch, Yates, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page — they all knew about the FISA application. Would they have kept it secret from the president of the United States?” Levin asked. “Moreover, if I found pieces of this in the media, you have to assume the president’s press team found pieces of this in the media.”

“There’s no way Obama didn’t know about the applications and the actual securing of the warrant,” Levin said. “And yet he’s never asked about it.”

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The stunning Nunes memo, Jim Comey is the new Deep-Throat, the DOJ-FBI disinformation campaign, and Obama’s ultimate complicity…

Please click below for more Mike Levin!


The Pelosi and Schumer Drive to Make America a Banana Republic

Devin Nunes on FISA Abuse: “This Is The Kind Of Thing That Happens In Banana Republics”

“In an interview with FNC’s Bret Baier, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes denounces the abuse of the FISA courts his memo alleges happened during the 2016 campaign and said that such crimes should only happen in “banana republics.”

BAIER: The former FBI Director James Comey, I know you heard in John’s piece, tweeted out “that it’s?” And went on to criticize this entire operation. Your thoughts on that tweet and Comey’s reaction?

NUNES: Well, Mr. Comey had a chance in January, February, March, April, I believe all the way until June to come clean on who paid for the dossier. He was asked about it in January and he said very clearly that he knew that Republicans had started the dossier which was a lie.

And then when asked and probed further, well, who finished the dossier? He didn’t know. Now, maybe he was lying. Maybe he didn’t know, but both seem to be a problem.

So, Mr. Comey is welcome to come back, tell us when exactly he learned the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign paid for the dossier. He’s welcome to come back and share that information. But, I think the American people understand that the FBI should not go to secret courts using information that was paid for by the Democrats to open up investigations to get warrants on people of the other political party.

That’s the type of stuff that happens in the banana republic.

BAIER: Comey said in testimony that some of the dossiers are unverified and salacious. Are there parts of the dossier that are true?

NUNES: What, that Russia is a country and Carter Page is a person? I mean, other than that, I don’t know anything.

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