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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Arrogant, big mouth, cocky, Foxy, antiPresident Trump, Phil Cavuto,  seems to be one of the Fox News  fascistics who froth at their joy mouth to eliminate our American 45th President from the nation’s White House as soon as possible.

Is President Trump  too American for the business folks at Fox News?   Perhaps he can’t be controlled for he LOVES HIS COUNTRY JUST AS I And  MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CHRISTIANS DO!!!   He is not bought or otherwise controlled by BUSINESS, BIG OR INTERNATIONAL.  Is that what makes so many mouths of Fox “News” reporters and reviewers like Cavuto to cheat, distort, so often complain and/or squeal against the President at news hours?  Is it instruction from station leftists or personal?

Or is the American population under age 50 so uneducated, so obtuse to American existence at home and abroad, so drugged, Godless,  and lost in life bearing  no brains clear enough to handle learning right from wrong,  those vitally  important matters of civilized human existence?

Did or did not President Donald J. Trump, while talking on the phone with the President of the Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelensky,  utter any word or words wondering about  a serious rumor  that a flaky American Vice President’s son, a young man of many serious background issues, carped millions of dollars out of  Ukraine pockets to score a bit of  fuel business for the weak nation nearly crushed by papa Russia?

So what?    Major corruption was in the air.   How did millions of dollars wind up in the pocket of  Vice President’s troubled son?

Dem fascists wouldn’t hear of something so possibly TRUE.  These fascists and fascistics, almost fascists) are programmed to assault before, during, or/and, after such news…THEY OWN OUR PRESS!

Ancient American MILLIONAIRE, Biddy Pelosi, with countless fascist and fascistic Dem friends and allies, immediately turned to their press and television command worlds.  These fascistics  OWN parts of  the Wall Street Journal, and, outside of radio, nearly every  newspaper and television news communication apparatus in our American world.

If TRUTH had any value in today’s American lines of knowledge, business, and communication,  Democrat candidate for the Leftist American Presidency, Ditsy Vice President Joseph Biden should be confronted by law for possible corruption charges,  NOT TO LIVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE.



These Pelosi fascists of our day who own news television and America’s newsprint from the Atlantic to the Pacific dictate the news that  President Trump has committed a serious crime, one for impeachment and removal from office.   That is the way the fascist Left in power makes truth and knowledge disappear!  Enough noise must overwhelm their own leftist corruptions so their evil can never be reported,  exposed.

I fell in love with Donald becoming our American President,  I think it was August 6, 2015 at Fox center, when the Republican National Committee was plotting to get rid of Mr. Trump as its GOP Candidate for the Presidency……Fox’s Megyn Kelly plotting to get rid of him asap as a presidential GOP candidate listed a few difficulties he had had with some women in the news….asking him if this was the way he viewed all women, never asking any difficult responses from  any of Fox-approved Republicans.

Donald answered, “No, only Rosie O’Donnell.”   My love for Trump began.  My love for functional, staid Republicans diminished.   I have loved and admired Donald ever since!

I am 85.   Somewhere in my 50s  when Donald Trump was happily married to his first wife, well before his Hollywood business jaunt and its episodes I was captured by  a two hour television program about his life.   His was a totally different world from my very modest life teaching  high school Social Studies and Russian in Minneapolis or later on, garden landscaping after being fired by telling Truths about school system to the public.

In the television review Donald Trump  spoke highly of his dad and mom and his opportunities…..had attended two private schools, the second one, according to his dad,  for more discipline in learnings!

Did you know Donald Trump was a gifted athlete in a number of sports.   If I remember the television biography  correctly, when he graduated college, he was offered a contract by the New York Yankees….what else?   HE TURNED THE OFFER DOWN TO WORK FOR HIS DAD IN THE BUILDING BUSINESS.

I was aware Mr. Trump lost his close older brother to alcoholism….according to the biography…..apparently a  main reason our President abstains.

My own dad was Republican.  He was an athlete and a pharmacist.  I married a Democrat in 1957 and remained one until Ronald Reagan.   I did like President John F. Kennedy very much, but no one else in his peculiar family.

Hillary was, is purely evil.   And so are the censoring big business and racist  fascists and fascistics who have taken over today’s once honorable American Democratic Party.

Will 45th American President,  Donald J. Trump,  overcome the Rise of our American fascists and fascistics now dominating American education, communication, and political worlds?

Obviously we cannot know the future.  But, with the rise of our new leaders,  Donald J. Trump and our Dennis Prager spreading knowledge, freedoms, and exposing Truth, WE AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM HAVE A GOOD CHANCE!  ghr


Fascists at the UN Using Children as Weapons Against Civilization?

Over the weekend tens of thousands of Leftist, poorly educated, even “pre-adults” of all sexes and sizes collected to make great noise in  city streets screaming  against “Climate Change” and  our struggling,    United States of America.

Also on this past Monday the world’s leftists and fascists at the United Nations called upon wisdomless, experienceless, knowledgeless  children and teens to dictate their phrases and paragraphs to the adult world to  advance leftist  propaganda that Climate Change is primarily a white-American disorder to ruin our world.

Using children to attack adults was a major 20th century weapon against civilized humanity.   Children and teens, especially the anti- JudeoChristian ones,  were without intellectual measure, truth, knowledge,  wisdom in their learnings.    Fascist nations, especially the socialist-communist dictatorships such as the USSR, Cuba, and Red China  used children as weapons to kill countless thousands of  the fascist unwanted……even their own parents.

Socialist Bernie Sanders was a USSR fan and chose to be married in Soviet Moscow.

Please listen to  leftist-trained teen-age Greta Thunberg lecture at the United Nations headquarters this past Monday in New York what leftists taught her to say:


Civil Note from Chaotic UK Regarding the Brexit Mess!

There will still be an election in the UK, and Brexit will still happen

I feel I have to lay these things out for overseas audiences, because a casual glance at the headlines might give you the impression that the United Kingdom is in the throes of some terrible crisis. The New York Times and the Washington Post, in particular, now run hilarious articles on an almost daily basis about how dreadful everything suddenly is “because of Brexit.”

Yes, there is a crisis in Parliament, but, outside Westminster, things are ticking along very nicely. In the three years since the referendum, Britain has attracted more foreign investment than any country in the world except China. Our stock exchange is surging. There are more EU nationals working in the U.K. than ever, belying the Times’ idiotic claims of a faltering economy, let alone rising xenophobia.

What of the shenanigans at Westminster? Well, one thing that I can state definitively is that they are not a “Brexit crisis.” Brexit, as you must have noticed, has not happened. What we are seeing is the opposite of a Brexit crisis, an “un-Brexit crisis,” a crisis caused by the refusal of MPs to do what they promised to do when they last stood for election.

As I write, the opposition parties are seeking to overturn the referendum result. They don’t exactly phrase it like that, of course. Instead, they say that they don’t want to leave without a deal. But they know perfectly well that if you rule out a “no-deal Brexit,” you rule out Brexit itself. If “no-deal” is off the table, then all Brussels has to do to keep Britain in the European Union is continue to offer intolerable terms.

On Wednesday afternoon, MPs passed a motion obliging the government to seek as many extensions as the EU wanted. Boris Johnson, the prime minister, responded by calling for a general election. Whereupon Labour, which has been demanding an immediate poll for two years, suddenly went cold on the idea. Under legislation passed in 2010, two-thirds of MPs must agree to an early dissolution of Parliament. On Wednesday evening, Labour and the other opposition parties, looking at the opinion polls, voted against such a dissolution.

Yes, you read that correctly. The parties that have spent the past month accusing Johnson of mounting some sort of coup just voted to prevent him from subjecting his tenure to a national vote.

The House of Commons has thus put itself in a ridiculous position. Pro-EU MPs have voted to keep in office a government they have calculatedly undermined. They have done so for the sole purpose of overturning a referendum result which they had previously promised to uphold. That, my friends, is our political crisis in a nutshell.

Now the good news. Voters are not idiots. They can see what is going on. Sooner or later, probably sooner, there will have to be a general election. The Conservatives have, in effect, deselected 21 of their MPs, including several former ministers, for voting with Labour to prevent Brexit. Although that purge has horrified commentators, most of whom are in awe of the Europhile grandees, it is a necessary prelude to an election campaign that will turn on Brexit. The Tories could hardly fight an election promising to leave the EU while several of their candidates refused to accept that policy. Though the pundits are fainting like affronted matrons, voters appreciate Johnson’s strength of purpose.

In the meantime, the loss of those 21 votes has deprived the government of its majority, making an election before the end of the year almost inevitable.

No one can say how it will turn out, obviously, though the betting markets and the money markets are both predicting a Conservative majority. Such a majority would at last allow Britain to square up to the EU without being undermined.

When British MPs defy public opinion, they often quote Edmund Burke’s 1774 speech to the voters of Bristol, in which he explained that he was their representative, not their delegate. The MPs rarely go on to mention that Bristol booted Burke out at the next election.

My guess is that something similar will happen when polling day comes. Even many remain voters balk at the idea of dragging the argument out any further. I’m going to stick my neck out here: Boris is going to win.



Hero Ben Stein Prays for President Trump, A True Hero!

Why I Pray For Trump, A True Hero

by  Ben Stein   at  HotAir:

I should tell you that I pray for Trump because he believes in America. He wants an America that is true to its founding ideals of liberty and free enterprise. I also pray for him because he’s been the victim of the most consistent, slimiest hate campaign since Abraham Lincoln. He hasn’t done anything seriously wrong and yet the media powers treat him as if he were John Wilkes Booth. I don’t like his tariff fights with China but what can we do? They’ve been robbing us blind in terms of technology for decades now. For the Chinese, a brilliant and proud people and at least the equal of any people on this earth, there is no stopping point between now and them ruling the earth.

That’s what Trump’s struggle is about: to stop the world from becoming a vast Chinese empire. I don’t blame the Chinese for their ambitions. They were treated very badly all over the world for generations. But now, like a spring that has been compressed for too long, they are springing back madly.

They have their own problems: they are doing deficit spending on a titanic scale and it cannot last. They have restive minorities like the Uighurs and others. They will eventually spend themselves into big trouble. But in the meantime, they cause trouble in their very large orbit. Trump understands this and wants to stop them and get them to work cooperatively with us and the rest of the big countries. Would Kamala Harris get it? Would Bernie? Would Cory?

Why I pray for Trump, a true hero

Top Diplomat Trump Goes to Work

Trump scores big at this year’s G20

by Brett Velicovich  at Fox news:

President Trump is a natural-born diplomat – and his stellar performance at this year’s G20 summit proves it.

While the Democrats were dealing with the fallout from the political circus they put on during their first round of presidential primary debates in Florida, the president spent the weekend working with foreign leaders to solve some of the most important geopolitical challenges facing America.

At the beginning of the summit, President Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss possible resolutions to the ongoing security predicaments in Iran, Venezuela, and Syria. Russia is at odds with America’s approach to all three of those countries, providing moral and material support to brutal dictators whom the U.S. wants to see ousted, and the president’s conversation with Putin was an important step toward reducing those tensions.


Trump also held talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India – a vital discussion that focused on improving bilateral trade relations between the world’s wealthiest, most powerful democracy and the world’s most populous democracy.

Predictably, the liberal media were quick to attack Donald Trump’s actions, accusing him of cozying up to hostile leaders.

More importantly, Donald Trump arranged an impromptu meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, becoming the first U.S. president to cross into the hermit kingdom. The meeting wasn’t just symbolic, either – both countries agreed to resume the denuclearization talks that stalled when Trump walked out of the most recent summit in response to North Korea’s demands for sanctions relief.

Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping produced a similar result – the president noted that the talks “went better than expected” after China recently reneged on previous commitments. Although some had feared that the talks would stall, he confirmed that U.S. diplomats will “start where they left off with China” as the two sides resume bilateral negotiations in pursuit of a historic trade deal.

Predictably, the liberal media were quick to attack Donald Trump’s actions, accusing him of cozying up to hostile leaders.

CNN’s Jim Acosta, for instance, asked if the president was “afraid of offending” the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman, when he declined to comment about the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The Washington Post also criticized President Trump for meeting with U.S. adversaries, publishing an article with the headline, “Trump appears more at ease with strongmen than democratic leaders at G-20 summit.”

What the biased press fail to understand is that this president is not a warmonger like so many of his recent predecessors. He doesn’t want America to become a militant crusader against every autocrat on the planet, and that means occasionally having to hold dialogues with foreign leaders we might find distasteful.

Donald Trump’s foreign policy vision is crystal clear – American interests must come first. Washington should not sacrifice those interests for the sake of “liberating” foreign populations or telling them how to draft their constitutions. Nor should it reject cooperation with foreign governments just because they don’t share all of America’s values. After all, President Franklin D. Roosevelt wasn’t above working with the totalitarian Soviet Union to defeat the forces of fascism in World War II.


Crucially, President Trump also understands that peace is a product of diplomacy and that it’s impossible to improve America’s relations with hostile powers without talking to them first. That’s precisely why the president takes every opportunity to hold discussions with foreign leaders, a practice that has already opened the door to important negotiations with countries such as North Korea, Russia, and China.

In contrast to his detractors, who refuse to believe that America has anything to gain from engaging in diplomacy with our adversaries, Donald Trump is determined to pursue every avenue available for ensuring peace and prosperity for the American people. That’s what the art of diplomacy is all about.



Corporate America Going Fascist Left?


by  John Hinderaker   at PowerLine:

It must be disorienting to be a leftist. After decades of railing against big business, leftists woke up one morning to find that big business is–mostly–on their side.

We wrote yesterday about Nike’s nixing of the American flag. Here are two similar stories from the corporate world.

UnderArmour, a manufactures of sports apparel, has made a commercial featuring soccer player Megan Rapinoe, who has refused to stand for the American flag and has sparred with President Trump. That makes her a hot commodity in the world of advertising. Note that Ad Age, an industry publication for advertising and public relations employees, considers this completely natural:

Megan Rapinoe has made countless headlines during the Women’s World Cup—for scoring big for the U.S. team, but also for taking a stand against President Donald Trump.

Now sports drink BodyArmor has released a new ad starring Rapinoe that will surely get under the skin of the president and his supporters.

The spot, shot in black-and-white, shows Rapinoe staring straight ahead, as this text flies by: “Nothing like a 30-something, purple haired, fiercely independent, goal-scoring, guitar-strumming, outspoken, relentless competitor that stands for all that is beautiful, all that is good, all that is us. Now that’s America. Thanks, Megan. Let’s go USA!”

Now that’s America. Thanks, Megan. Let’s go USA!”

Rapinoe has been hailed by liberals for saying that if the U.S. women’s team wins the World Cup, “I am not going to the fucking White House.” I am so old, I can remember when this would not have made an athlete a hot advertising property. You actually have to read to near the end of the Ad Age piece to understand what the controversy surrounding Rapinoe is all about:

Rapinoe, incidentally, is linked to Kaepernick: As Mother Jones recently reported, she was the “first white or female athlete to take a knee during the national anthem in support of football player Colin Kaepernick’s protest of America’s systemic oppression of people of color.” The liberal magazine also pointed out that “she is not singing the anthem during this year’s World Cup. And she has been outspoken on LGBTQ issues and social change.”

Such views represent endorsement gold in today’s corporate world.

Next: Et tu, Oreo? The Federalist reports:

Oreo cookies, a division of international foods giant Nabisco, announced yesterday a “special” LGBT edition that includes lectures about how to use transgender pronouns.

“We’re proud to celebrate inclusivity for all gender identities and expressions,” the company wrote in its Facebook post announcing the change. “In partnership with NCTE, we’re giving away special edition Pronoun Packs and encouraging everybody to share their pronouns with Pride today and every day.”

NCTE is the National Council of Teachers of English. While it sounds benign, this massive organization that affects millions of teachers all over the country—and helped write Common Core—has been politically far leftist for decades.

These are the LGBT Oreos:

Nabisco’s Oreo initiative isn’t anti-American like UnderArmour’s or Nike’s, but it adopts the pet leftist project of the moment, seemingly to appeal to a small slice of the population.

Countless more examples of corporate America’s left-wing orientation could be adduced. Facebook is an obvious and timely example. The corporate drift to the left is unmistakable; why it is happening is a topic for another day.



Hillary’s Economics and Forthrightness the Fascist Way in Venezuela and California?


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Venezuela is the latest chapter in the long story of socialist crimes against humanity. Venezuela reminds us how long a country can circle the drain, destroyed by socialism but still hanging on by its fingernails. Reuters, a liberal news source, has the latest on Venezuela’s long goodbye, but never mentions the fact that it is socialism that destroyed what once was one of the world’s richest countries:

These days, its Caribbean shoreline flanked by forested hills receives a different type of visitor: people who walk 10 minutes from a nearby town carrying rice, plantains or bananas in hopes of exchanging them for the fishermen’s latest catch.

With bank notes made useless by hyperinflation, and no easy access to the debit card terminals widely used to conduct transactions in urban areas, residents of Patanemo rely mainly on barter.

It’s hard for those debit card terminals to keep up with 1,000,000+% inflation. At InstaPundit, Stephen Green comments: “If you think money is evil, try living on barter.”

From the peaks of the Andes to Venezuela’s sweltering southern savannahs, the collapse of basic services including power, telephone and internet has left many towns struggling to survive.

The subsistence economy stands in stark contrast to the oil boom years when abundance seeped into the most remote reaches of what was once Latin America’s richest nation.

Reuters offers no clue as to what went wrong in Venezuela, except for a vague reference to the end of the “oil boom years.” Actually, Venezuela was richest when oil was relatively cheap, as this graph of the price of crude oil since 1946 reflects:

Meanwhile, the price of crude oil has declined world-wide since the 2009 recession, but North Dakotans aren’t living in a barter economy.

In visits to three villages across Venezuela, Reuters reporters saw residents exchanging fish, coffee beans and hand-picked fruit for essentials to make ends meet in an economy that shrank 48% during the first five years of President Nicolas Maduro’s government, according to recent central bank figures.

Those “central bank figures” are way too optimistic. Venezuela’s economy has shrunk much more than 48%, as millions have fled starvation and crime to seek refuge in neighboring countries.

Residents rarely travel to nearby cities, due to a lack of public transportation, growing fuel shortages and the prohibitive cost of consumer goods.

In some regions, travel requires negotiating roads barricaded by residents looking to steal from travelers. At one such roadblock in eastern Venezuela, a Reuters witness saw a driver fire gunshots in the air to disperse a crowd.

This is the future that socialists like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and many other Democrats want for the United States. Why? Because under socialism the government holds all power, and they are part of the government.

Venezuela is suffering one of the worst economic collapses in modern history. Inflation has topped 1 million percent, according to figures released by the opposition-run congress. The United Nations says 4 million citizens have fled Venezuela, 3.3 million of them since 2015.

Maduro blames the situation on an “economic war” waged by his political adversaries as well as U.S. sanctions that have hobbled the oil industry and prevented his government from borrowing abroad.

Maduro’s claims are idiotic, but they are cited with a straight face by news organizations that refuse to acknowledge the truth about socialism. Socialism is the greatest catastrophe in the history of the human race; the Black Death holds down second place. But as long as power-mad Western elites see socialism as the path to domination, quiescent news organizations will continue to play along.

Why Do the Bill Mahers of America Hate the Country They Were Born In So Much?

Bill Maher To Amazon: Please Move To A Red State And Save These People From Their Garbage Culture


A sour leftover from this past weekend. “Tech giants should move to middle America and revitalize their communities” is a point often made since Amazon’s HQ2 search began but this is the first time I’ve seen it presented as a “F*** you” to those communities.

SEE ALSO: Will the Republican Senate block Trump judicial nominee Neomi Rao over abortion?

Most of the chatter about this on political Twitter has zeroed in on Maher’s comparison between Wolfgang Puck, the alleged epitome of au courant blue-state cuisine, and Chef Boyardee, the supposed hallmark of red-state low. You can rebut that all sorts of ways (for instance, last year’s James Beard Award winner for outstanding restaurant is located in Birmingham, Alabama) but I liked Dan Foster’s funny rephrasing of Maher’s point since it captures how passe Puck is, and what that tells you about Maher’s allegedly superior cultural awareness: “We have ‘Thirtysomething’ on Laser Disc, they have ‘My Two Dads’ on VHS.” If you’re going to be snobby towards the lowbrows, gotta aim higher than “barely middlebrow.

The whole rant is like that. Imagine thinking that the best thing about food in major cities is that you’ll find Spago there rather than 10,000 amazing little ethnic-cuisine joints per mile, all run by people who grew up making the food in their native countries and now offer it for like six bucks a dish. (Maher nods at this by mentioning Chinese restaurants at the end.) Cities aren’t great because “our roofs have solar panels” or because they’re “where people drive Teslas and eat artisanal ice cream,” they’re great because they have more people and thus more commerce, more cultures, more classes, more attractions, more opportunity. “Artisanal ice cream” frankly sounds like something you’d hear in a Jeff Foxworthy set about why cities suck. It’s as if Maher took a blue-collar comedy bit goofing on the most superficially pretentious aspects of coastal culture and just turned it inside out.

I’d be curious to hear his theory why, if red-staters secretly want to be blue-staters, most stay put instead of migrating. Some might be too poor to pick up and move, but not all. What is it that attracts them to rural or small-town (or smaller-city) life that lets them resist the siren song of roofs with solar panels? Another way of putting that is, does he think rural areas have anything to offer culturally, starting with intangibles like a greater sense of community?

Congrats to him on resisting a “We have coke, they have meth” jab, a joke evidently too hacky even for him (although not for me).




We Love Our Donald!! Despite His Fascist Enemies, HE’S MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN As He Promised!!

56% of Adult Americans Approve of President Trump’s US Economy Record….Gallup Poll

Trump’s approval rating on economy hits new high: Gallup

by Michael Burke at the Hill:

President Trump’s approval rating on the economy has reached a new high, according to a Gallup poll published Tuesday.

The poll showed that 56 percent of adults in the U.S. approve of Trump’s handling of the economy, the best mark of Trump’s presidency and the highest approval rating for Trump on any of the 14 issues in the poll.

The poll also found that a majority of voters approve of Trump’s handling of unemployment and of the situation with North Korea, with 54 percent approving of Trump’s job with unemployment and 51 percent approving on North Korea.

But the president’s overall approval rating still sits at just 43 percent, according to the poll. Another 54 percent of adults, meanwhile, disapprove of Trump’s performance as president.

Trump gets the lowest marks on his handling of relations with Russia, race relations and corruption in government, according to the poll. The poll found that 39 percent, 38 percent and 37 percent approve of Trump’s handling of those three issues, respectively.

Respondents were split heavily along partisan lines in their views of Trump.

Ninety-three percent of Republicans approve of Trump’s handling of the economy, compared to just 20 percent of Democrats. Additionally, just 6 percent of Democrats approve of Trump’s overall job performance, while 90 percent of Republicans approve, according to the poll.

The poll’s results are based on interviews with 1,932 adults from Feb. 12 to 28. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.