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Trump Moves to Restore America’s Economy….and perhaps even to Save its Integrity and Honor

Our once honorable, freedom-loving, Godfearing, independent,  economically successful, culturally confident America was considered a paradise on Earth.

That was until the university mobs of the  leftist fascisti of  the late 1960s made their first strike to seize control of  the nation’s means of education and  communication, to destroy the Nation’s religious soul, and then turned to the new class equality,  by  selling feminism and its drive to emote over problem-solving, to feel free of male knowledge and enjoy an equality of  sloth, greed, ignorance, comfort by drugs,  animal sexuality , sloth,  abortion, Socialism, feminism,  and their nearly universal  worship of Godlessness……Hello Obama, Clinton, Schiff, Schumer, Sanders, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, scholastic, Sanctuary California, Chicago and Rahm Emanuel, etc., etc., etc….from Oakland, California to New York City, a world including the Neil  Cavutos  and Chris Wallaces of those corporation folks at   Fox News, all profiting wealthfully,  selling Fox international economics rather than what is good for the American citizen economy.

…..and then there is our lonely leader, full blooded American President, Donald J. Trump, who loves his country, believes in its Republic, its God, its Soul,  who is profoundly worried about the leftist stench corrupting America  was beginning to be, led by the leaches blood sucking the nation mentioned above, and has promised to drain the nation’s  SWAMP to welcome once again, America the Beautiful!

Mr. Trump’s great gift to America is NOT that he has been  a successful businessman. It’s because he is an AMERICAN successful businessman who is profoundly concerned about America, worried about its Godlessness, its worldly  business greed fattening Democrats and Republicans alike at the expense of American citizen workers.

And then, too, there are the nation’s  feminazi,  neo-fascist universities, schools, television news folk, its press world, its Chicago, California, New York, Connecticut, Baltimore, and so on America crippled as it is today,   oriented by successful greedy Republicans and Democrats ripping profits, in fact, controlling the United States of America as it was until  THE ARRIVAL OF OUR DONALD J. TRUMP at the White House,  that January 20, 2017.

Wake up Fox, CNN, PBS, corrupt New York Times, Washington Post, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Sovietized University of California at Berkeley et. alia,  Donald Trump is draining YOUR  swamp, as he promised he would.   IT IS TIME USA PRODUCES ITS OWN STEEL INDUSTRY AGAIN.   LET TRUDEAU- CANADA’S   INTERNATIONALISTS  WORRY ABOUT CANADA…..and Why must America sent $500,000,000 per year  to today’s savage Union of South Africa?

Our America’s news industry directs  its octopus tentacles to suck the blood from the brain of the traditional JudeoChristian American voter.   Plutocrats from the Fox business right are likely to join the evil CNN crowd’s hate of Our Donald on the Steel deal.   Go for it all,  Donald!



Jonathan Alter, Thomas Friedman, Joy Behar Janowitz, Matthew Nussbaum, Harvey Weinstein, Adam Schiff, Rod Rosenstein, etc. and Today’s America

I was born in the mid 1930s  and raised in depression and World War-time overwhelmingly Christian,  mainly Roman Catholic  St. Paul, Minnesota in a very modest  neighborhood of many newly built homes amid countless acres of open space planned for slightly higher income communities.    No Catholic elementary school had yet been built to separate Catholic from Protestant, so the only minority in the district was Jewish…..as I remember about 20% of the public elementary school  where I attended.
There were no known leftists anywhere in this elementary school district.   Every one  was Godfearing in language and  public behavior, and in religious expression.
The only noticeable division within  the  two blocks of houses where I lived was the two Jewish families refused to participate in neighborhood, although always invited.
By the time I was eleven I did know  Jewish kids attending our  school  were all Democrats as were  Roman Catholics.   
That was yesterday when religion really mattered in America.  Today we have different Democrats in our voting booths,  the fascist left kind, writing our news, owning our television, atheist teaching our kids, planning and performing out entertainment, selling ignorance, drugs,  black racism, feminism, internationalist obedience  and so, creating a much different country…….
And then,  there is our America’s best known, most popular preacher,  Dennis Prager carrying the torch of the American best based on Truth, Knowledge,   goodness, courage, and Godfearing!
So many of Dennis’ enemies, far out of proportion to their populations within our nation, are the armies led by  today’s Jewish Left leaders, selling themselves as “stars” in  our American communication, education, and entertainment industries, those industries now falling as fascists in   love,  profiteering  with  the State and what the State can dictate and sell their brands of fake news. 
Do get to know and support  Our Dennis and his followers better so that today’s America can halt its fascist-left  drive for power and   decay into greed and corruption and return to America the Beautiful! 
Learn to recognize Truth from Fiction through knowledge.   Know thy enemy of freedom better by seeking Truth over Fiction and knowing their differences.
Why are the following leftist sales folks so corrupt?   Please do count the ways.   
The Thomas Friedman case:  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/18/opinion/trump-russia-putin.html
The Jonathan Alter case:  https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-russia-isnt-about-the-cover-up-its-about-the-crime
The Matthew Nussbaum case:  https://www.politico.com/story/2018/02/18/trump-twitter-mueller-fbi-russia-scandal-416858?lo=ap_c1# 

Sinking States of the Union and Their Worried NeoFascists

Which ‘sinkhole states’ are most at risk from the GOP tax bill?

by Joseph Smith…….at Forbes:       (Article sent by Lisa Rich out in California.)
“Forbes financial writer William Baldwin asks which “sinkhole states” will have the biggest headaches from the GOP tax bill:
These are places where the population dependent on the state – for employment, welfare[,] or a pension – is larger than the population feeding it.  That excess of takers over makers is recipe enough for trouble when the next recession hits.  But now some of the sinkholes have a new worry.
The Trump tax law enacted in December just about killed the federal deduction that prosperous people take for state income taxes.  In states with stiff taxes, the cost of living has suddenly gone up.
Baldwin, a former editor of Forbes magazine, has compiled a list of “sinkhole states” having a “Feed Me Ratio” over 100 and a net out-migration of taxpayer income: “[s]inkholes also have a Feed Me Ratio worse than 100.  The ratio is the population of takers for every 100 makers.”
Baldwin next computes a “Soak ’em Score” to see which sinkhole states depend most heavily on high-income taxpayers to pay the bills.  The Soak ’em Score is the “percentage of state tax revenues coming from people with incomes over $500,000.”  Those tax revenues are “vulnerable” under the new federal tax law, says Baldwin: “[n]ot every high earner can relocate, but a lot can.”
Baldwin’s formula finds that four high-tax blue states – California, Connecticut, Illinois, and New York – are sinkhole states at the greatest financial risk under the new tax law:
California: Feed Me Ratio: 134, Soak ’em Score: 25.5
Connecticut: Feed Me Ratio: 103, Soak ’em Score: 26.3
Illinois: Feed Me Ratio: 116, Soak ’em Score: 10.4
New York: Feed Me Ratio: 118, Soak ’em Score: 30.1
The table included in Baldwin’s column, also posted at realclearmarkets.com, also shows New Jersey, with a 22.7 Soak ’em Score, just missing the Feed Me Ratio cutoff for sinkhole state status.  With a newly elected “proudly progressive” governor, look for New Jersey to make up for lost time on the sinkhole state list.
Four red states – Alaska, Louisiana, Mississippi, and West Virginia – qualify as sinkhole states under the Baldwin formula, but with relatively few wealthy taxpayers, those states have very low Soak ’em Scores.
Mr. Baldwin also highlights the staggering levels of unfunded pension liabilities in the sinkhole states.  Using more conservative interest rates than the “wishful rates used by state actuaries,” Baldwin says Illinois is “in the hole” for $361 billion on state pensions, and California is some $769 billion in the hole for pensions.  “If you live in a sinkhole state, be wary of the home-state municipal bonds[.]”
Mr. Baldwin’s Soak ’em Score analysis may not be too popular in certain state capitals, whose politicians may finally have to pay the piper.
Steve Moore, writing at washingtontimes.com, says, “Americans will go to great lengths to lower their taxes,” and, now that the federal deduction for state income taxes has been cut back, “[s]o will politicians”:
The blue[-]state governors have argued for many years that their high tax rates don’t cause people to move – even though the two highest income tax states, California and New York, have each lost about one million residents to other states over the past decade.
But now that their high tax rates are no longer tax[-]deductible the incentive to leave is magnified and these governors like Andrew Cuomo of New York are leaping into action.
Cuomo and other blue-state governors, says Moore, are “examining whether they can convert their income taxes into payroll taxes,” “threatening to sue the federal government,” and “investigating whether their states can convert income tax payments into tax[-]deductible charitable contributions to the state government.”
“Good luck with that,” Moore adds.
Moore concludes that “politicians like Mr. Cuomo and California’s [Governor] Jerry Brown” can either “try to conjure up more short-term gimmicks to ease the coming tax hit” or “stop complaining and start taking competitiveness seriously by cutting their excessive taxes and spending.”
Baldwin at forbes.com says the “harsh reality of the new tax law will sink in when 2018 tax returns are filed fifteen months from now,” and Moore adds that if blue-state sinkhole politicians don’t get their houses in order, “they will see right before their very eyes how taxes matter as moving vans whisk taxpayers from blue[-] to red[-]state America at an accelerated pace.”……”

Time to Repeal Disastrous 1965 Immigration Act!

Time to Repeal the Disastrous 1965 Immigration Act

by Selwyn Duke  at American Thinker:

Question: If someone sells you on something with false advertising and it does the exact opposite of what was promised, are you not entitled to return the product and get a refund?  In fact, if the product caused you harm, should you not in addition be compensated for damages?

Consider that when Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) was pushing the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 (S.500) on the Senate floor, he said, “First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually.”

Actually, he was right.  We now absorb more than a million immigrants annually.

Kennedy next stated, “Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same.”

The average yearly number of immigrants prior to ’65 was 250,000.  Even with Common Core math, that’s still less than one million-plus.

Kennedy also claimed, “Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset.”  His brother, Senator Robert Kennedy (D-N.Y.), chimed in, “In fact, the distribution of limited quota immigration can have no significant effect on the ethnic balance of the United States.”

Yet as the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) wrote in 2015, “[i]n 1965, whites of European descent [constituted] 84 percent of the U.S. population, while [h]ispanics accounted for 4 percent and Asians for less than 1 percent.  Fifty years on, 62 percent of the U.S. population is white, 18 percent is [h]ispanic, and 6 percent is Asian.  By 2065, just 46 percent of the U.S. population will be white, the [h]ispanic share will rise to 24 percent, Asians will [constitute] 14 percent – and the country will be home to 78 million foreign[-]born, according to Pew projections.”

Kennedy again: “Contrary to the charges in some quarters, S.500 will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and economically deprived nations of Africa and Asia.  In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think.”

Since the 1965 act took effect, 85 to 90 percent of our immigrants have hailed from the Third World.  Moreover, the MPI tells us, “Compared to almost entirely European immigration under the national-origins system [prior to ’65], flows since 1965 have been more than half Latin American and one[] quarter Asian.”

Kennedy summed up, saying the charges he was refuting above were “highly emotional, irrational, and with little foundation in fact.  They are out of line with the obligations of responsible citizenship.”

They were actually something else: true.

In fact, it’s hard to imagine a short statement containing more untruths than what the real Lyin’ Ted packed into his immigration bill defense.  It’s not just that he was wrong – it’s that the outcomes were the precise opposite of what he’d promised.  If Kennedy had been a doctor performing a medical procedure, he’d have been sued out of the business.  If he’d been an auto-manufacturer and his pet bill a car model, he’d have had to issue a recall.

So can we finally recall this horrible 1965 immigration act?  Note that even Kennedy tacitly admitted that the act’s ultimate outcomes are undesirable.  He didn’t say, “Flooding the country with one million people per year from economically deprived areas and radically changing the ethnic mix of the U.S. is great.  Let’s do it!”  He passionately claimed that those things wouldn’t happen.

By the way, Kennedy punctuated his prevaricative defense by saying that the charges against the immigration bill “breed hate of our heritage.”  Of course, the balkanization the immigration bill bred is part of the reason our heritage is now so hated.

Speaking of hatred, much is currently directed at President Trump because on Thursday he questioned why we have so much immigration from impoverished nations such as Haiti, as opposed to more newcomers from Norway.  Since this raised many leftists’ ire and with my being the reasonable man I am, I propose a compromise: no immigrants from the Third World or the Old World.  In other words, no immigration, period.

With a population 330 million strong, we have enough people.  With 95 million not in the labor force and robots taking over low-skilled jobs, we don’t need more workers.  With America being balkanized, we don’t need more diversity.  So what does today’s immigration provide?

Oh, yeah – Democrat voters.

Depending on the group, 70 to 90 percent of third-world immigrants vote Democrat after being naturalized.  Leftists don’t in principle love immigrants or immigration, but they do love electoral domination – and importing foreigners to achieve it suits them fine.

In fact, if 70 to 90 percent of third-world immigrants voted GOP, the Democrats would be clamoring to admit those reliably socialistic Norwegians.


Big Political Surprise in 2018

Newt Gingrich: Get ready for the great political surprise of 2018




Trump Collusion with Russia?

Trump Colludes with Russia by Arming Ukraine

by Daniel John Sobieski   at   American Thinker:

“Memo to Sen. Mark Warner, D.-Va. and Rep. Adam Schiff, D- Ca. — if  President Trump is colluding with Russia he has an odd way of showing it. He unleashed America’s energy resources, most recently in Alaska’s ANWR, which puts downward pressure on oil prices, which is the only thing Putin’s Russia has to sell. Then he revives missile defense including a pledge to Poland to deploy missile defenses there.

Now he has announced plans to reverse the policy of the Obama administration, which stood silently when Putin’s Russia annexed Crimea and attacked Ukraine, and sell the Ukrainians lethal defensive weaponry, including anti-tank missiles designed to destroy Putin’s Russian tanks in the hands of separatist rebels:

President Donald Trump is expected to announce his approval of a plan to sell anti-tank missiles to the Ukrainian government, a move that would mark a significant escalation in lethal U.S. military support for Ukrainian forces battling Russian-aligned forces in the border region, four State Department sources tell ABC News…

The sale of anti-tank missiles, which could possibly include the U.S.-made Javelin system, provoked a strong reaction from Russia on Saturday, saying it “crossed the line,” and could threaten to derail Trump’s calls for better relations with Moscow.

This hardly fits the narrative of a Trump Administration in thrall to the Kremlin and once again begs the question of why Putin would have wanted Trump to win over Hillary. Hillary would never have sold anti-tank weapons to Ukraine though she was quite willing to sell Russia 20 percent of our uranium.

President Trump, unlike President Obama, is well aware that it is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s expressed view that the demise of the Soviet Union was one of the greatest disasters of modern times. His actions in Ukraine in conjunction with massive Russian rearmament show his desire to reassemble the old Soviet Union.

In his annual address to parliament in 2005, old KGB boss emeritus Putin made the grotesque claim that the “demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest political catastrophe of the century,” demonstrating a nostalgia for what he considers the good old days.

Back in 2012 when Romney put Russia at the top of the geopolitical threat list, President Obama gave a mocking response more worthy of a former community organizer rather than the leader of the free world. As Investor’s Business Daily noted:

“You said Russia. Not al-Qaida. You said Russia,” Obama rebuked him regarding our biggest threats. “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because… the Cold War’s been over for 20 years,” said the president who promised the Russians more flexibility as he disarmed the United States.

If the Cold War was over, somebody forgot to tell Moscow, for their belligerence towards Ukraine is straight out of the playbook of Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev. They ruthlessly repressed with Soviet armor the 1956 Hungary rebellion and the 1968 Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia.

Putin’s approach is perhaps more subtle, arming so-called “separatists” rather than sending in Soviet armored columns, but it is a distinction without a difference. Grave concerns and sternly worded letters carry no weight with Putin, whose stated ambitions are clear. President Obama did less than nothing, sending only supplies worthy of a Boy Scout Jamboree rather than a sovereign nation resisting Russian aggression. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in 2015 warned Congress that Russian actions in the Ukraine were the start of a new Cold War and that President Obama’s actions were inadequate:

On Thursday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko gave a 40-minute speech to a rare joint session of Congress alerting lawmakers to the plight of his country under Russia’s creeping “Anschluss.”

Poroshenko once again pled for meaningful aid, including an affiliation with NATO, and warned that a new Iron Curtain may soon descend as Vladimir Putin tries to reassemble the Soviet Union whose demise he has publicly mourned….

In March, Ukraine asked for arms and ammunition, intelligence support, aviation fuel and night vision goggles. The Pentagon agreed only to provide the Ukrainians with supplies of U.S. military rations known as Meals Ready To Eat, or MREs.

This time Ukraine did not get much more than that — just some peripheral gear such as night-vision goggles and helmets. But once again it received no lethal aid that Poroshenko’s country desperately needs, such as requested anti-tank weaponry.

Just as Obama failed to aid Iran’s “Green Revolution” in Iran in 2009 when it might have brought the mullahs to their knees and nipped Iran’s nuclear threat in the bud, Obama allowed Putin and Russia to take the first steps toward rebooting the old “evil empire” President Ronald Reagan worked so hard to defeat. Thanks to President Trump Ukraine’s long-desired anti-tank weaponry is on its way.

Merry Christmas, Vladimir Putin, from President Donald Trump.


The First Year of Our Great American Trump Card

A Tale of Two Years

“It was the best of years, it was the worst of years.
To hear some folks tell it, 2017 marked a hideous cataclysm in the affairs of man.  “So long 2017, you won’t be missed,” wrote Robert Schlesinger in US News & World Report. “Little went well in 2017,” this sage confided in his threnody, “but maybe 2018 will be better.”
Mel Robbins, writing for CNN, sounded a similar note. “This year,” Robbins wrote, “I heard so many people ask, ‘Is this really happening?’” 2017 was “bizarre,” an “alternate reality.”
What happened in 2017 to mark it out as a year that will live in infamy? Dear Reader, I hope that you are sitting down. You will hardly believe the hideous truth. Quaff a bit of brandy. Have the smelling salts at hand. What was the unspeakable reality that sent almost the entire U.S. media, the academic establishment in toto, nearly all of Hollywood, and Democratic politicians from Washington state to Florida into hysterical mourning? Are you ready?  Steady on. Take a deep breath. OK, here it is.
Someone those repositories of virtue did not favor was elected president of the United States in a free, open, democratic election. Can you believe it? Their candidate lost. Even worse, the opposing candidate was elected without their permission, over their strenuous objections, unremitting ridicule, and against their hermetically sealed certitude that such a thing was impossibleimpossible Kemo Sabe!
Now you know the worst. The 2016 presidential election worked as the Constitution said it was supposed to work, not the way Hollywood millionaires, Ivy-educated pundits, angry feminists, or partisan opponents wanted it to work.
There was other bad news in 2017.  On November 8, 2016, the Dow Jones industrial average closed at 18,332. “Little went well” this year, so it is no surprise that the market closed on Friday, December 23 at 24,754. In other words, the market rose 6,422 points, or 35 percent, in little over a year. I’m told that represents more than $6 trillion in shareholder value.  Horrible!
There were other terrible things in 2017. The United States, thanks in part to the exploitation of fracking technology, is now the world’s largest energy producer.  Oil prices, to the chagrin of the Middle Eastern petrostates, and to Russia, are less than half what they were just a few years ago. (That’s one way the cunning Donald Trump kowtows to Vladimir Putin, by supporting policies that enhance America’s energy production.)
“Little went well in 2017,” quoth the scion of Arthur “see-no-evil-among-the-Kennedys” Schlesinger, except that unemployment is at 4.1 percent, consumer confidence is at a 17-year high, and 1.7 million jobs have been added over the course of this annus horribilis.
“Little went well in 2017”—unless, that is, you think that GDP over 3 percent is a good thing or that cutting 16 business-strangling regulations for every one new federal regulation is something to write home about.
“Little went well in 2017,” especially when you consider that the American military, with a $100 billion increase in its budget, is modernizing and strengthening.  Meanwhile, illegal immigration is down more than 50 percent, even though Trump’s promised border wall has yet to be built.
Really to understand why Schlesinger fils could write that “little went well in 2017,” you have to understand that the tax-reform bill that Trump signed last week was “the worst bill since the Fugitive Slave Act” of 1850. Nancy Pelosi was not so cautious or understated in her assessment. The bill, according to her, is “the worst bill in the history of the United States Congress,” “Armageddon,” “ the end of the world.” Former Obama functionary Larry Summers, noting that the bill repeals Obamacare’s provision that forces people to buy insurance or pay a fine, predicted that 10,000 people a year would die because of the bill. In fact, the bill, by cutting corporate taxes from 35 to 21 percent, will spur economic growth which will create jobs, which will increase America’s prosperity.  America’s middle class are the chief beneficiaries. The new plan doubles the standard deduction to $12,000—$24,000 for families—and also doubles the child tax credit from $1000 to $2000 per sprog. While the new act keeps seven individual tax categories—Trump wanted to reduce it to 4—it lowers the rate of all seven, maxing out now at 37 percent instead of 39.6 as before.  Look at your paycheck in February: you’ll see the difference.
“Little went well in 2017,” except that the United States now has an ardently pro-American president who puts the country’s interests, not the interests of the permanent bureaucracy and its media and academic echo chambers, first….. “
How does that work on the ground? Donald Trump, in fulfillment of a campaign promise, announces that the United States will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The United Nations goes into full snit mode. The Security Council votes against the plan, and the United States vetoes that resolution. Then the General Assembly votes to declare the plan “null and void” by a margin of 128 to 9 (with 35 abstentions).  The votes, like most things the UN does, is utterly meaningless, but Nikki Haley, our ambassador to the UN, warned that the United States would be taking note of who voted against us. The first fallout was just announced: the United States will be cutting its contribution to the UN by $285 million. “We will no longer let the generosity of the American people be taken advantage of or remain unchecked,” she said.  Good for her.  Surely that’s one little thing that went well in 2017.  I expect a lot more of the same in 2018, though I don’t expect senile politicians like Nancy Pelosi or wimpy commentators like Robert Schlesinger to notice.”