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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Today’s Hisslehurst and Phillipia English Speaking World

Not quite one eighty fifth of my “current”  life was spent in what used to be a Great Britain.  From age 5, unaware as I was then, I was driven by birth and life to become drugged to become an out of doors guy, a landscape garden slave….

….after all, my Church and country used to assure my family, and therefore me,  paradise was a Beautiful Garden.    My mind and eye came to own me to love learning about God and history of  mankind, however…..despite my dyslexia which controlled  so much of my school life.  I loved learning, but NOT in the chemistry, geometry,  or masonry worlds,  but the beautiful  outdoor world the soil produces.   My Mother was an avid flower gardener.  My dad of Scotch-English background either owned or managed a drugstore.   I went to college…..and indoor world.

These days, except for the worst of winter,  my indoor world last for about an hour each morning, enough time for breakfast and news.   I am God-fearing, therefore a conservative, which means there is almost nothing of knowledge beyond leftist and/or biggest business running our American communications and the news these days.  So I turn on the North American noise from today’s  BBC for something quite different…..the world of Brit twits that has come to America for show….Aaron Heslehurst and Phillipa Thomas.

It’s Heslehurst time: Aaron is really a rabbit in a hurry, literally running hither and thither “Talking Business” while on the runs looking for a toilet, no doubt …..yet never finding one for view  (thank God) to stir the modern Brit twit’s morning in America.

And the human female version???  No one these days dare miss the female version of modern Western life!  It’s a “she” named Phillipa……Phillipa Thomas, allegedly a lefty reporter of the female variety of the human male:  Standing stately in male costume and “wisdom” radiating appearance of instant problem solving.

I wonder whatever happened to Tommy Robinson, the last chance of real Brits from the past!  Do our “English” relatives still have him in jail for keeping traditional England alive?



CJACK Reviews the Current Democrat Condition


Ghr, It would be quite useful to obtain a list of the ‘big’ donors who funded the intellectually deficient and shameless California liar Kamala Harris on her run for the US Senate; and a list of those who are now backing her for the DNC nomination in her insane quest to reach the White House.

Well, the community organizer Barack Obama went from the streets of Chicago to the Illinois Senate, and from there to the US Senate and into the Oval Office. So why wouldn’t ‘calypso’ Kamala seek the nomination; after all, only in racist America is this possible, right?

Kamala Harris is married to a white man. Her father is a black man from Trinidad & Tobago, and her mother from India, both parents are natives of Trinidad & Tobago. According to her father, his white ancestors owned slaves in the West Indies.

According to his African grandmother, Barack Obama was born in her hut in Kenya. None of his African ancestors were brought here as slaves. Yet the mulatto Barack Obama was desperately embraced by Black America as an African-American.

Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahontas apologized to an assembly of Native Americans for lying about her claim of Native American ancestry. Ms. Warren, a fake minority, has lied about her ethnicity to obtain educational benefits, a position at Harvard, and her ascension to the US Senate; now this pathological liar is in pursuit of the DNC nomination for the US presidency.

Joe Biden: liar, thief, insane. ‘Beto’ O’Rourke: fake Latino. Bernie Sanders: seltzer salesman, communist, crook, charlatan, certified nut.

Schiff, Nadler, Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayana Pressley, Elijah Cummings, Hank “Guam” Johnson…yikes! There is plenty of room for the DNC on the fetid streets of San Fran.

The Democratic National Committee? A big wagon of loons!

Best regards.

(Thank you, Cjack,  for your help!  Good to hear from you!  It’s amazing that these characters you listed above are actually  members of our American Congress or wannabes to become our next American President!)

Dem “Presidents” Gather to Blather Again


by  John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Sure, I know it isn’t over. I didn’t watch it to the end. Who possibly could? My comments will be brief:

1) Joe Biden was the winner tonight. He pretended to be sane, and did a decent imitation.

2) Julian Castro–did anyone remember that he was on the stage?–is running to be Elizabeth Warren’s VP. He did her dirty work tonight.

3) It’s time to pull the plug on Bernie Sanders. It’s not just that he is a raving maniac–he is an extremely elderly raving maniac. I hope he made it through the night.

4) Early on in the campaign, I thought Kamala Harris had a good shot. I was wrong.

5) Andrew Yang showed himself to be the quintessential Democrat. He gets votes the old-fashioned way: he buys them. Unfortunately, he could only afford to buy 12.

6) I heard a rumor that Amy Klobuchar participated tonight, but I can’t verify it.


Observations On Tonight’s Debate

What Was SOCIALISM of the “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics” of Fascist Venezuela, et alia?


by  John Hinderaker  at  PowerLine:

Many, like us, are appalled that some politicians now openly advocate the failed system of socialism, while they and others try to deny the obvious fact that free enterprise has enriched the lives of billions of people. One is tempted to chalk such opinions up to an abysmal ignorance of history.

But something else is going on, too. The meaning of “socialism” has evolved; or, one might say, it is flying under a false flag. When Democratic politicians advocate socialism, they don’t talk about North Korea, Soviet Russia, Albania, Cuba (anymore) or Venezuela (anymore). Rather, they talk about Sweden, Denmark and Norway–countries that are not, in fact, socialist. One might conclude that they just want a slightly larger welfare state–accompanied, although they never say this, by a less progressive tax system and often more business-friendly policies.

Americas Majority Foundation has done some interesting polling on how Americans view socialism, as well as free market capitalism. Their report is embedded below; I recommend reading it in its entirety. Here are a few highlights:

We surveyed voters how they view the terms Socialism and Capitalism. On socialism, we asked “When you hear or read the term ‘socialism’, do you think of Scandinavian Social Democracies like Denmark and Sweden OR Venezuela, North Korea and the Former Soviet Union?” On Capitalism, we asked, “When you hear or read the phrase ‘free market capitalism’ do you think…It is an economic system that allows people to pursue their passions and create their own careers and businesses or do you think It is an economic system where those at the top benefit at the expense of the rest?”

That, I think, is a good way of posing the questions.

At the Top Line, 52% of all respondents associate “Socialism” with “Denmark/Sweden.” Simultaneously, 52% relate “Free Market Capitalism” to “pursue their passions.”

So there are a considerable number of voters who, in this sense, approve of both socialism and capitalism.

When we studied 18-65-year-olds, we found that overall voters view socialism closer to Nordic countries as opposed to Venezuela by 52% to 48%. 67% of Democrats viewed socialism as similar to a Nordic country compared to 38% of Republicans. 51% of Independents view socialism similarly to Nordic countries compared to 49% who viewed socialism as a worst-case disaster.

So the ships are largely passing in the night. When Bernie Sanders et al. say they want socialism, we think they mean Venezuela, while a large majority of Democrats think they mean Denmark. The problem is that the Democrats’ policies are far closer to those of Venezuela than to those of Scandinavia.

Free enterprise, the greatest engine in history for improvement of the human condition, is depressingly controversial.

Overall 52% of voters view free markets as benefiting the rich while 48% of voters viewed free market as allowing individuals to allow to pursue their dream. As you would suspect, 64% of Democrats view free market benefitting the wealthy while 69% of Republicans view free markets as a liberating force that allows them to pursue their dream. 51% of Independents agree with Democrats that free markets benefit the top 1% and 49% agree with Republicans on the benefit of the free markets in pursuing their dreams.

For what it’s worth, 18 to 34 year old voters are among the most likely to be pro-free enterprise by this measure.

There is a great deal more, including some commentary and conclusions, in the embedded document, but for now I will add one more data point. What ethnic group do you think is most likely to associate socialism with Venezuela? Not whites or Asians, but Hispanics–probably because they are more aware of the Venezuelan catastrophe than the average American. This suggests a fruitful avenue for Republican candidates to appeal to Hispanic voters in 2020.


What Is Socialism?

(I spent a month in the good old USSR of 1966 when it wasn’t quite the land of  Stalinist “Socialist” murder anymore but of socialist fascist police state variety, nevertheless.   Although I spoke the elegant  tsarist accent variety, the pre-Soviet Russian language one,  the one I was taught by sons and daughters of tsarist Russians who fled their Manchurian sanctuaries from Chairman Mao’s troops in the late 1940s,  no Soviet person I met in 1966 was aware of the accent’s past.   I was allowed to roam freely….by the rules of the National Defense Education Act which was paying my way.

I returned to Soviet Russia, (the USSR), in 1990 to accompany  a Anoka area Protestant church group which had raised thousands of dollars to be given to hospitalized  victims of the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster not far from Kiev.

It’s too bad that in today’s feminized CNN’s fascistic American education systems from K through college and their mouthy gangs of Socialist “Democrats” competing for the American presidency  couldn’t have spent a week or a day living in the Fascistic Socialist USSR world  they are now selling!   If they mouthed or demonstrated a complaint against the State, they would most likely have been  made to disappear…..even forever!

Pocahontas’ Fundraising Tactics’ Story!


by Paul Mirengoff  at PowerLine:

It’s not easy to distinguish the policy positions of Elizabeth Warren from those of avowed socialist Bernie Sanders. Yet, the establishment fears Sanders and seems comfortable enough with Warren.

Why? I think it’s because they suspect that Warren’s radicalism isn’t nearly as sincere as Sanders’s.

This New York Times article about Warren’s fundraising confirms both the establishment’s comfort with Warren and her lack of sincerity. The Times documents that Warren raised large amounts of money from establishment donors during her campaign for reelection to the Senate in 2018:

On the highest floor of the tallest building in Boston, Senator Elizabeth Warren was busy collecting big checks from some of the city’s politically connected insiders. It was April 2018 and Ms. Warren, up for re-election, was at a breakfast fund-raiser hosted for her by John M. Connors Jr., one of the old-guard power brokers of Massachusetts.

Soon after, Ms. Warren was in Manhattan doing the same. There would be trips to Hollywood and Silicon Valley, Martha’s Vineyard and Philadelphia — all with fund-raisers on the agenda. She collected campaign funds at the private home of at least one California mega donor, and was hosted by another in Florida. She held finance events until two weeks before her all-but-assured re-election last November.

Bernie Sanders has never raised that kind of money from this donor class. He hasn’t wanted to, and couldn’t if he did.

Soon after securing reelection, Warren announced her bid for the presidency. She funded her campaign, in the first instance, with the money she had raised from big donors when running for the Senate. At the same time, Warren made a splash with the Democratic left by announcing that her presidential campaign would not raise money from big donors:

The open secret of Ms. Warren’s campaign is that her big-money fund-raising through 2018 helped lay the foundation for her anti-big-money run for the presidency. Last winter and spring, she transferred $10.4 million in leftover funds from her 2018 Senate campaign to underwrite her 2020 run, a portion of which was raised from the same donor class she is now running against.

The early money Warren transferred to her presidential campaign has made a big difference. According to the Times, Warren was able to invest early in a massive political organization — spending 87 cents of every dollar she raised in early 2019 — without fear of bankrupting her bid. The money also gave her a financial backstop to lessen the risk of forgoing traditional fundraisers.

Ed Rendell, the epitome of an establishment insider, says of Warren: “Can you spell hypocrite?” Rendell recruited donors to attend an intimate fund-raising dinner for Warren last year at a Philadelphia steakhouse where the famed cheese steak goes for $120. He said he received a “glowing thank-you letter” from Warren afterward.

But when Rendell co-hosted a fundraiser for Joe Biden this spring, the Warren campaign derided the affair as “a swanky private fund-raiser for wealthy donors.” Says Rendell:

She didn’t have any trouble taking our money the year before. All of a sudden, we were bad guys and power brokers and influence-peddlers. In 2018, we were wonderful.

Warren’s hypocrisy bothers Rendell and, I assume, certain other donors who are supporting Biden. But there’s little evidence that they fear what she would do in the White House.

Sure, they would prefer Biden, whom they see as safer and more likely to defeat Trump. But Warren doesn’t alarm them the way Sanders does. Otherwise, presumably, they would not have been so generous to her in 2018.

Who is the real Elizabeth Warren, the friend of the Democratic establishment or its scourge? To me, she’s just an ambitious pol who, if elected president, will try to straddle the line. Just as she has with her fundraising.


Who is Elizabeth Warren? Her fundraising tactics provide a clue

CNN’s “Loony Tunes”? Dem’s “Loony Tunes”? or BOTH TOTAL LOONY TUNES!!

And the hysteria is getting dangerous.
David Harsanyi

By David Harsanyi  at the Federalist:

Put it this way: the most benign climate-change plan proposed during CNN’s seven-hour Democratic Party presidential candidate town hall was more authoritarian than anything Donald Trump has ever suggested during his presidency. Democrats were not merely proposing massive societal upheaval but mass coercion.

CNN says it’s a “crisis,” though, so Democrats were free to offer one insane Nostradamus-like prediction after the next. Not only is every weather event now a manifestation of global warming, but Beto O’Rourke says our communities will soon be “uninhabitable,” and Pete Buttigieg says the challenge of warming is on par with World War II, a conflict that took more than 400,000 American lives and tens of millions of others.

None of this hysteria, as far as I can tell, was challenged during those seven hours.

As Joel Pollak notes, at this point climate change “is primarily experienced as a mass hysteria phenomenon,” a collective illusion of a massive threat. Just listen to audience members earnestly asking questions based on the risible premise that we’re on the brink of extinction. It’s really one of the tragedies of our age that so many anxious young people have been brainwashed into believing they live on the cusp of dystopia when, in fact, they’re in the middle of a golden age — an era with less war, sickness, poverty, and suffering than any in history.

When Joe Biden, the “moderate” front-runner, was asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper if the Green New Deal — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s unifying climate plan that bans all fossil fuels, 99 percent of cars and planes, and meat within the next decade — “goes too far,” or whether it was “unrealistic, promising too much” (“promising,” of course, suggests that GND’s goals are desirable), he answered, “No, no it’s not.”

In fact, the Green New Deal — which also promises to “retrofit” every building in the entire country and provide government-guaranteed jobs, free higher education, and salubrious diets to all Americans — “deserves an enormous amount of credit,” said the front-running candidate of the nation’s serious party.

And though the most effective way to lower carbon emissions — the one that allows us to outpace signees of the vaunted Paris Accord — has been fracking, most Democrats, it seems, now oppose that as well.

Candidate Elizabeth Warren, who’s now adopted Jay Inslee’s plan to force every American to surrender fossil fuel and nuclear energy in 20 years, claims solar panels are the way forward. To put this in perspective, remember that natural gas makes up about 23 percent of our energy consumption while renewables make up about 11 percent. Only 8 percent of that 11 percent is solar energy — much of it both already subsidized and mandated by government.

Americans use about 19.96 million barrels of petroleum products per day. To replace it, we’d have to create millions of unproductive taxpayer-funded jobs, layer every inch of available land with solar panels and windmills, and then pray to Gaia that every day is simultaneously sunny and windy. All for the low cost of $93 trillion.

How? The “norms of democracy” crowd hasn’t yet chimed in on Sen. Kamala Harris’ contention that she would reach across the aisle and demand Republicans pass her plan; and then, if they didn’t, alter the entire U.S. economy via executive action and get rid of the Senate filibuster — which will now be within her power, I guess, since we’re in a crisis.

Then again, when you’re in a crisis, all kinds of ugly things seem reasonable. Take the anti-humanism that’s long been connected to environmentalism.

One town hall audience member asked the bureaucrat Julián Castro if our children should “continue the cycle of family.” Can you imagine being so taken in by a Malthusian panic that you’re seriously pondering whether perpetuating mankind is a good idea?

Abortion, of course, has been a part of environmentalist plans for a long time. When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she “thought that at the time Roe (v. Wade) was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of,” she was right.

It’s no accident that Al Gore argued that we “have to have ubiquitous availability of fertility management” in the developing world as a way of controlling population to stop climate change. The Sierra Club and other environmentalist groups have long warned us that too many babies in Africa and Asia will destroy the Earth. “The Population Bomb” is widely accepted by environmentalists, although its chief prophets have long been discredited.

“Human population growth has more than doubled in the past 50 years. The planet cannot sustain this growth,” one CNN audience member told Bernie Sanders, who agreed, promising to back more U.S. funding for abortions in the developing world. Sanders believes women in Asia and Africa should abort their babies to save the world while he shuttles between his main house and one of his two dachas.

Sanders opposes the two greatest antidotes to poverty and suffering: affordable energy and capitalism. And others are now following him.

You might not believe Democrats’ efforts are particularly dangerous, since they’re mostly unworkable. But sooner or later, converts to utopianism are going to start demanding that rhetoric, which is always ratcheting up to new apocalyptic heights, align with policy. That’s dangerous.

David Harsanyi is a Senior Editor at The Federalist. He is the author of First Freedom: A Ride Through America’s Enduring History with the Gun, From the Revolution to TodayFollow him on Twitter.



What’s U.S.’s Sour Puss Crowd, Bill Kristol, Max Boot, George Will up to These Days…… CNN’S FASCISM?

NeverTrump Nitwits Should Just Go Away


Instead of admitting they were wrong about President Donald Trump, the #NeverTrump nitwit brigade is doubling down on stupid. Is it simply that they are too stubborn to acknowledge that despite their misgivings during campaign season, Trump is turning out to be the president they have been writing, lecturing, and think-tanking about for their entire careers?

Or are they bitter because they are now on the outside looking in, relegated to interviews with journalistic lightweights like Brian Stelter at CNN or Chris Hayes at MSNBC rather than appearing on Fox News opinion shows with much higher ratings and appeal?

Many of the names are familiar to longtime conservatives. What’s new in the past few years is the vitriol directed at Trump and his supporters

Max Boot said, “Donald Trump is the worst person ever to be president.” George Will called Trump, “A sad, embarrassing wreck of a man.” Steve Schmidt, who ran McCain’s losing presidential campaign said, “I left the Republican Party. Now I want Democrats to take over.”

These former “conservatives” — actually in name only — would have happily campaigned for a Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney, even gladly serving in those administrations if invited. Yet along comes someone whom they never interviewed for their now failing newsletters or magazines, a guy not from their world, with his own ideas, formed without the assistance of the slick tongues and the policy institutes of the #NeverTrumpers.

And here he is, a president instituting as conservative an agenda as any Republican has done since Reagan. A strong military to keeping America out of foreign entanglements. Tax cuts and reduced regulations to promoting America and creating more job opportunities than there are people to even fill those jobs. From conservative judicial selections to a strong pro-life stance, Trump is doing what the #NeverTrumpers have been wishing for during their entire careers.

Despite getting what they have always wanted, #NeverTrumpers have done a complete 180, embracing Democrats and their socialist agenda, completely contrary to their lifelong beliefs. Are their egos so fragile that they can’t stand the fact that one of their chosen establishment Republicans wasn’t elected? Or were their so-called conservative principles built on a foundation of sand, convenient when a Bush was in the White House, but inconvenient now with a President Trump, as changeable as one’s hairstyle?

One such example is Max Boot, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. That might explain his disdain for Trump who is not following the open borders globalist playbook of the CFR. Boot recently wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post, one of many newspapers eager to publish the rantings of any former Republicans who now want to bash President Trump.


Mr. Boot wrote, “I will vote for any Democratic nominee, even Warren or Sanders, despite my profound disagreement with their far-left agendas.” That makes perfect sense. How better to implement a conservative agenda than by electing a far-left socialist? Just look at Venezuela or Cuba. By electing communists, they turned those countries into Galt’s Gulch, the mythical paradise in Atlas Shrugged. Didn’t they?

Boot is triggered by the same things upsetting to CNN, like Trump calling himself the “chosen one”, when in reality he was joking about being the only president choosing to take on China. Or Trump skipping the G7 meeting on climate change, due to having more important meetings to attend. Boot had 14 total beefs with Trump, ending with his new life mission, “Saving U.S. democracy from a mad king matters more than the specific policies of his successor.”

If Trump was truly a mad king, Boot and most of the media would be in reeducation camps in recently conquered Greenland, not free to whinge and complain about the uncouth meanie in the White House.

Bill Kristol is another version of Max Boot. Kristol is the founder and editor of the Weekly Standard, which recently failed under his born-again #NeverTrumpism. Kristol wants Joe Walsh to primary Trump. When I heard that name, I thought of the Eagles guitarist. If any rock and roll guitarist were to run for president, I’d prefer Ted Nugent or Joe Perry. But that won’t stop Kristol on his fool’s errand. In 2016 his chosen ones were David French and Evan McMullin. Who are they? Exactly.


CNBC recently interviewed Kristol, who reported having conversations with another Trump-hater Anthony Scaramucci about finding a GOP replacement for Trump on the 2020 ticket. Good luck. Trump enjoys 88 percent support of Republican voters according to Gallup, meaning that the real number is likely much higher.

Have fun with a primary challenge. Any challenger would have a tough time even surpassing Jeb Bush’s anemic three delegates, at a cost of $50 million per delegate. Hopefully most of that money was donated by the #NeverTrumper brigade.

I wonder how much support Boot, Kristol, or George Will enjoy within the Republican party? Not to run for president, but enough support to listen to a sentence out of their mouths rather than hitting the television mute button.

Congress has its own share of  #NeverTrumpers. Mitt Romney has replaced Sen. John McCain or Sen. Jeff Flake, or both. Fortunately, some of the more notable #NeverTrumpers in Congress have moved on to other realms or pursuits, from the two aforementioned to Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Mike Coffman, among others.

Have the #NeverTrumpers thought beyond 2024 when Donald Trump is replaced, hopefully by another Republican? Will they all flock back to the GOP if Trump’s wingman Mike Pence is the nominee? Or Mike Pompeo?

That would destroy the illusion of credibility they might bring to the 2024 election, pulling another political 180 just a few years after their first flip-flop. Or will they remain Democrat, supporting Kamala, Cory, Beto, or Pete in 2024 along with their far-left agendas?

Republicans have long memories since, as the old saying goes, elephants never forget. #NeverTrumpers have shot themselves in the foot as serious thinkers or policy analysts. They made an abrupt about-face due to the loudmouth guy with orange hair who has no interest in the opinions and ideas of the establishment Republican smart set. The same GOPers who played almost as big a part in creating the messes America faces as the Democrats did.

If only those #NeverTrump nitwits would just go away. Or at least shut up.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, is a Denver based physician, freelance writer and occasional radio talk show host whose pieces have appeared in American Thinker, Daily Caller, and other publications. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedInTwitter, and QuodVerum.