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Washington Post Attack on Judge Roy Moore a Typical Fascist Smear!?

In Defense of Judge Roy Moore

by Frank J. Tipler    at American Thinker:
(Please read the entire article by Frank J. Tipler.   In my lifetime Americans used to oppose lynching, whether the lethal or the cultural.  It was often violated previous to my 1934 birth.  But, frontier “justice”killings were disappearing, civilization spreading, that is, until the Barack Obama Washington era, when savagery returned full blast in Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, even Middlebury, Vermont.
The civilized began to rely on fair trials arriving at fair conclusions by seeking Truth…..with exceptions such as when the OJ Simpson trial murdered set savagery free to roam……and the rise of the feminized, feminazified rioters and writers of the nation’s leftist Democrat Party.
This neofascistic institution has contrived a scenario using drama to smear a Judge Roy Moore running for the open  U.S. Senate seat from the state of Alabama.
 A couple of  women have arrived via  the fascistic Washington Post newspaper to defeat the Posts’s major enemy in life,  the  National Republican Party  retaining  control of the U.S. Senate in an election this coming midDecember.    Mr. Moore is in his seventies.
The current  Washington Post is not known for its honesty, its concern for Truth.  It prefers a Marxist dictatorship culture these days, a single god of politics with central party control.
Some thirty eight years ago  this Mr. Moore was, according to the leftist WP’s yesterday discovery, being somewhat naughty in the presence of a 14 year old girl and a couple 16 year old women…. A video of one of the 16 year old accusers was shown still crying over the event…..To be accurate, no one has charged rape, not even the folks at the Washington Post.
Republican Senators, Mitch McConnell and John McCain, and other such elephants ganged together with others  to stop the Roy Moore campaign, mouthing as if they had stood by observing these alleged events those many decades ago.   They forget….  In America any person charged with a crime is considered INNOCENT UNTIL PROVED GUILTY in a court of law.    PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE BELOW by Frank Tipler at American Thinker!

“If one reads the original Washington Post article on Judge Moore’s supposed harassment of underage “girls” with an open mind, one will conclude that Judge Moore is completely innocent, and that he is the victim of Fake News.

First, a few definitions. I shall call a human female who is under the age of consent, a “girl.” I shall call a human female who is of the age of consent, a “woman.” I shall also define the “age of consent” to be what the legal code of the state of Alabama, both in the 1970s and today, to be the age of consent: 16. This age is above the biological age of consent, which is puberty: menstruation for a woman, pubic hair for a man. In medieval canon law, a woman was thus of the age of consent around 12. In most of current-day Mexico, this is still the age of consent. I am a 70-year-old college professor, and to me, a woman under the age of 30 seems like a young girl. I personally regard none of my female students as women; all are children in my eyes. But I shall reject both the biological age of consent, and my own personal view of the age of consent, and adopt Alabama’s age of consent.

Now read the Post article and assume that the reporters wrote the exact truth about what four human females told them (a big assumption, I grant). Then three of the four claim that Roy Moore dated them when they were women, not girls. And not only did they themselves consent to dating Moore, their families consented to their dating Moore. (Actually, according to one, her family withdrew consent, after which Moore ceased to date her). Furthermore, according to these three women, Moore never went beyond kissing and hugging. Which are the only acts a Christian man is permitted to engage in with a woman not his wife. According to these three women, Moore consistently acted as the Christian he claims to have been, and claims to be now.

The fourth human female told the Post reporters a completely different story. She claims that not only did Moore date her when she was a girl of fourteen, but that he also undressed her, and exposed himself. Notice the differences between this single claim and the other three reports: In a single case, Moore, a trained lawyer, dated jailbait. In this single case, Moore behaved in a dishonorable manner to a girl, not a woman. In this single case, we have reasons, given in the Post article, to doubt the claim: the accuser has been married three times, and has been in bankruptcy twice.

A commonsense view of human behavior is that bad guys repeat their MOs. Willie Sutton did not stop with a single bank robbery. Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, and Bill Cosby have numerous rape accusers, not just one. Yet we are asked to believe a single report of mere sexual misbehavior, which is not even a claim of statutory rape.

On the basis of the Post article alone, I would have no doubt that Judge Moore dated young women when he was a young man in his early 30s. It is irrelevant that these women were in their late teens.  They were of the age of consent, and hence women, not girls. It was my own experience in my thirties that women preferred older men. My own wife is six years my junior. Judge Moore’s wife is fourteen years his junior. (Judge Moore was 38 when he married his wife of 24, which an indication that he preferred younger women — and that his wife preferred older men.)

Disregarding the single dubious accusation, Judge Moore is accused of behavior which has been considered completely moral for almost the entirety of human history: courting a young women in her teens while being more than ten years older. In contrast, John McCain, who has demanded that Judge Moore resign from the senate race, committed adultery, and divorced his wife to marry the woman with whom he committed adultery.

Notice that I don’t have to write “alleged to have committed adultery.” McCain admits it, because adultery is not only no longer illegal, it is now not even immoral. But for the entirety of human history, adultery has been, not only immoral, but a capital offence (Leviticus 20:10). “Thou shalt not commit adultery” is the Seventh Commandment. No doubt this is real reason the federal judges object to Judge Moore placing the Ten Commandments in his courtroom.

Democrat Doug Jones, Judge Moore’s opponent in the senate election, supports partial birth abortion, which is to say, infanticide. In earlier times, Jones would have been considered not merely immoral, but a homicidal psychopath. Jones, should be elected, fully intends to continue supporting infanticide. Judge Moore will support pro-life Christian morality.

The Alabama voters have a choice. I hope they make the only moral choice.

Frank J. Tipler is Professor of Mathematical Physics at Tulane University. 


That Hillary “Girl” Sure Is a Star at Smearing!

Our today’s American herd of Feminists sure know how to blab, bully, cry and lie.  Deception IS an exceptional female human animal gift.   Years ago I read a remarkable paper written by an ‘anthropologist’, a he in this case.

He, amid others, had completed a study on the human development of language, that is,  how did chimpanzee-like grunts, screeches,  and teeth transform into nouns and verbs, sentences and so on.

The human female animal, the perpetrators of this interesting study averred, had and have  long been connivers as if clans, plotters grunting, working together to get their share of ‘goods’, comforts, advantages  to receive higher rank in male animal dominated humanoid society…..and also greater power over other females in the society sense.   Gestures led to language among the females of the collective…..preSoviet, that is.

I do believe the human female animal is quite gifted in language used primarily  to gain  “whatever” when wanting.  I’ve been a teacher both in and out of a classroom for decades.  Girls into puberty  generally could run chatter miles ahead of their male  competitors among the majority of school topics discussed or written….until college,  that time when the human male animal was mature and became driven to want to problem solve by deed over chatter.   And then there’s our Hillary!

PLEASE read the following writing by Clarice Feldman from start to finish.  (It is too ‘rich’ for an alive, thinking,  problem solving American to miss its ‘beauty’ of content:

You Have to Hand It to Hillary – the Girl Can Smear

by Clarice Feldman  at American Thinker:

“With the help of the DNC (broke, but forking over millions to this end), Hillary pulled off what Kimberly Strassel rightly calls “one of the dirtiest tricks in U.S. political history.” She hired a smear outfit (Fusion, headed by Glenn Simpson) which put together ludicrous claims, leaked them to willing press cohorts, including David Corn at Mother Jones, hired Christopher Steele (GPS) to concoct a fairytale about Donald J Trump and had Steele give the Dossier to the FBI in July 2016. Then press megaphone Michael Isikoff at Yahoo News — obviously tipped off by Steele — reported, “U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump advisor and Kremlin.”

Having generated this nonsense, handed it off to the FBI, and shared the news of that handoff to Isikoff, Hillary “jumped all over it, spinning its own oppo research as a government investigation into Mr. Trump.” She and her surrogates hit the airwaves with it:

To that point, it is fair to ask if the entire Trump-Russia narrative — which has played a central role in our political discourse for a year, and is now resulting in a special counsel issuing unrelated indictments — is based on nothing more than a political smear document. Is there any reason to believe the FBI was probing a Trump-Russia angle before the dossier? Is there any collusion allegation that doesn’t come in some form from the dossier?

The idea that the federal government and a special counsel were mobilized — that American citizens were monitored and continue to be investigated — based on a campaign-funded hit document is extraordinary. Especially given that to this day no one has publicly produced a single piece of evidence to support any of the dossier’s substantive allegations about Trump team members.

It’s not the first time GPS’s Glenn Simpson served as a conduit for fake news from foreign sources. Nor the first time he enlisted leftist allies in his smears. In 2007 and 2008, while still acting as an investigative reporter for the Wall Street Journal, he smeared Alexander Mirtchev, his corporation, and others, claiming that they provided “murky services… to dictators and oligarchs from the post-Soviet states, including the Kazakh first family” based on accusations from two brothers, Devincci and Issam Hourani, who claimed they had done so. An outfit titling itself Project on Government Oversight (POGO) funded by a variety of foundations, including George Soros’ Open Society, the Living Fund of the (far left laundering outfit) Tides Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the pro Iran (former roost of Valerie Plame) Ploughshares Fund, followed up in 2011, demanding that Eric Holder investigate whether members of Congress received money to alter perceptions of Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbayev. As a basis for POGO’s claim, they relied heavily on five articles published in 2007 and 2008 and co-authored by Glenn Simpson, then with the Wall Street Journal.

When Mirtchev — doubtless after an expensive legal battle to clear his name — finally got his day in court, the Hourani accounts were dismissed with prejudice, the court finding that “The campaign and court case were predicated on forgeries and fabrications, exposed by leading international expert document examiners. The Court of Appeals sustained the dismissal of these bogus claims.”

Though it’s less well known, Simpson’s GPS was also trying to play both sides of the street in furtherance — whether they knew it or not — of a Russian plan to confuse the electorate and create havoc. GPS had prepared a second dossier targeting donors to the Clinton Foundation.

The Kremlin hoped to undermine the United States government regardless of which party won. Fusion GPS, the research firm commissioned by the Clinton campaign to compile the so-called Trump dossier, is also responsible for a second dossier — the information that Kremlin-connected lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya provided to top Trump-campaign officials in June 2016. The second dossier reportedly alleged financial misconduct by major contributors to the Clinton Global Initiative, a project of the Clinton Foundation. [snip]

For all the talk about “Trump collusion with Russia,” it seems increasingly clear that the Kremlin, as is its wont, hoped to undermine the United States government regardless of which party won the White House in 2016. Wittingly or not, Fusion GPS helped the Putin regime play both sides.

Still, Simpson’s shoddy work and known reputation as a smear merchant did not give the press pause to carry the Russian Collusion flag Hillary placed in their hands. Worse, it caused James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and Robert Mueller to tie it into what Conrad Black rightly calls “a Gordian knot of absurdity.”

No one seems to have noticed that the Democrats are now making unctuous noises about the inviolability of a process that has disintegrated into utter nonsense. According to the bipartisan leadership of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Steele dossier is the only possible evidence of Trump-Russian collusion, and we now know that it was composed of unsubstantiated allegations by unaccountable sources in and around the Kremlin, paid through intermediaries engaged by a retired British spy and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee through the sleazy political dirty-tricks provider Fusion GPS. We also know that the special counsel, Robert Mueller, and the deputy attorney general who engaged him, Rod Rosenstein, were, as FBI director and U.S. attorney for Maryland, the prosecutors of the Russian representatives who offered improper incentives to secure Russian acquisitions of substantial American uranium interests, but did not bother the Clintons or Clinton Foundation, which contemporaneously were generously paid by those who favored that transaction, at a time when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s approval was required under national-security legislation. We also now know it is likely that the Steele dossier was used as the excuse for surveillance of the Trump campaign and transition activities in the Trump Tower in New York by the Obama administration, which had appointed Mr. Mueller and Mr. Rosenstein to their former FBI and Justice Department positions. And [snip] we now know that his protégé and successor at the FBI, James Comey, caused the appointment of his friend Mueller by Rosenstein (who had recommended that Comey be fired), by leaking to the New York Times a memo to himself (Comey) of contested accuracy and ownership [snip] And finally, in this Alice in Wonderland sequence, Comey confirmed to the Senate Intelligence Committee that he had assured President Trump three times, starting on January 27, ten weeks after the FBI took over the Steele dossier from the failed Clinton campaign, that Mr. Trump was not a suspect of any wrongdoing. The burning question is why this unutterable nonsense continues, and the Trumpophobic media respectabilize the (Hillary) Clinton view that paying for the Steele dossier was just a normal attempt to get “campaign information.” [snip] If this all sounds like the Hound of the Baskervilles chasing its tail, that is because it is that and more: The hound has caught its own tail and devoured itself from behind to the point that it has become a deformed biped.

Read it all, and tell me why Black isn’t absolutely correct to tag this “bunk, rubbish, a Babylonian ziggurat of pompous and officious


suppositions and confections that, when explained in its correct sequence… no sane person could take seriously.”

Of course, it should be shut down. It’s a disgrace and an embarrassment that our top legal officials and intelligence operations could be so stupid or corrupt.

We’ve grown to expect that of the press, of course, and Justin Raimondo reminds us how stubbornly they cling to the Russian collusion horse puckey; in particular, he notes the hysterical press insistence that the DNC was hacked by Russia:

This is what I love about the presidency of Donald J. Trump — this news story: “CIA director met with DNC Hack Conspiracy Theorist at Trump’s Urging.” Isn’t it magical how a 40-year veteran of the National Security Agency, formerly head of its World Geopolitical and Military Analysis Reporting Group, a whistle-blower who exposed Agency abuses long before Edward Snowden hit puberty, can be reduced to a mere “conspiracy theorist” at a headline-writers’ whim?

The media is aghast at this intrusion of a competing conspiracy theory into the “Russia-gate” debate: there’s only room enough for the Official Story, which is that Russian state actors were deployed to capture the DNC/Podesta communications and hand them over to WikiLeaks. No evidence has ever been provided by the US government or its corporate contractors to make a convincing case for this scenario. Indeed, there’s been lots of talk about Russian “bots” somehow hypnotizing the US voting population into pushing the lever for Trump, but very little “forensic” evidence that shows a Russian handprint on the WikiLeaks materials.

Binney and a growing number of technical co-thinkers are challenging the Official Story by revealing that internal evidence points to the fact that the data was physically downloaded onto a handheld device of some kind. There was no “hack” of the DNC: an insider copied the files and handed them over, probably on a thumb drive.

Now I don’t know whether this theory is correct, or if it will be later disproved when new evidence comes in. Yet I think you’ll notice the hysterical tone that Binney’s appearance on the scene has provoked from the President’s enemies: isn’t it just a bit over the top to call a longtime NSA employee with a distinguished service record a “conspiracy theorist”? Well, no, not when it’s a matter of religious dogma that must be defended at all costs: the DNC “hack” couldn’t have been an inside job because that would undermine the public pronouncements of every Democratic party official since Election Day, 2016.

In any event, things continue to move along. Simpson has finally agreed to testify to Congress — albeit it on the dossier and in closed hearings.

And his effort to keep from turning over to Congress the bank records, which seem likely to disclose the names of journalists whom his outfit Fusion paid, has hit a bump as far as he is concerned. The Obama-appointed judge who was handling the bank records case has been removed — perhaps because her law firm represented Huma Abedin and other Democratic insiders and a new judge appointed to hear it;

If you, like me, prefer to remember the day when Americans were smarter and more resourceful than to be taken in by this foolishness, I draw your attention to an obituary in this week’s New York Times.

It’s about Irv Refkin, from my hometown, Milwaukee. When he was 3 or 4 his immigrant parents died in an auto accident and he spent the next 10 years in a German Lutheran orphanage where he learned to speak German. Through a series of mix-ups while in the U.S. Army, he was mistaken for a Canadian and flown to Britain, “before the United States army knew he was missing, he had parachuted into occupied France.” He carried out three missions for the British and when the U.S. entered the war he worked for the O.S.S. as a “saboteur, assassin and courier behind enemy lines.”

It’s good to remember that once upon a time in a country called the USA we had people with enough courage and wit to know how to do the right thing….”

The Feminist Rumor Against Alabama’s Roy Moore….is RUMOR

The feminist fascists at the Washington Post, today’s American university, schools, and the Democrat Party are not noted for their honesty.   Satisfying feelings overwhelms satisfying Truth in feminism’s leftist world.    Seeking Truth is so….male, so yesterday, so vulgar and JudeoChristian!    And, then there’s that Donald guy in the White House pasting  free and honest America back together again,.

Today’s feminists, the Friedan and Steinem breeds,  however,  claim female superiority  in the human mystique of today’s America’s  university modern social science life…..,over the male, that is.  Just ask one, or a thousand of these breeds.   A Cathy Areu, noted feminist motor mouth leftist said so while starring on the Tucker Carlson Fox Show this very evening.    She “feels” it.    After all, the Harvey Weinstein popular female show of the past month caught  a lot of television viewers…..Even Hanoi Jane Fonda joined his crowd of complainers.

A Roy Moore is running for the U.S. Senate seat from Alabama.   He’s around 65 years old.   It is a vital Senate seat for the leftist obstructionists led by their leader, foul ball Charles Schumer,  doing everything possible  to destroy the tenure of  American top problem solver, nonestablishment hero, President Donald J. Trump!

Democrats claim to have some rumor goods against Mr. Moore…..something from 35 or so years ago…..something which rather conveniently showed up from nowhere to feed the Schumer cause to destroy things Trump……. out of  nowhere in the leftist Washington Post a day or so ago.

If the feminists and their females are so superior to the white American male, why can’t their superiority get themselves out of all the sex scandals they find themselves in so frequently?    I remember before the feminist, sexual, drug, leftist, black racist  rebellion of the 1960s  when American women were clothed beautifully especially  in public……when they and the American male were married and  attended Church and Synogogue regularly.

The American Republic, its freedoms and civility  need you these days,  Roy Moore, to win the open U.S. Senate seat in Alabama!   (Ironic though that might be!)  May God be with you!


That year ago when our Nation’s Feminized News Industry Cried!

Essentially today’s political war in America is a war between the sexes…..the vanishing male….the one who seeks truth and knowledge so essential in things that the normal human male is born to do  (be curious, to seek, to discover,  defend, protect, invent,  build, sire, seek Truth, and the human female, who is born to seek safety, protection, in order  to bear off spring for the continuation of the species.

Within the  soul of the human male animal is a primary  drive to seek  Truth in order  to accomplish his tasks.   The drive of the human female is to provide continuation of the species.  Seeking Truth is NOT the  primary requirement for her happiness, for   feelings count the most in her “court”.    Seeking  comfort and safety,  protection count.

The vast majority of human animals controlling  communication today  (outside of radio are feminists of all sexes, races, shapes, and sizes.  Truth doesn’t seem to matter as long as these folks feel good about what they say and do, write, and say.

America’s highly noted  leftist  royal   highness, crooked Hillary Roddham Clinton, and her minions   were expected to dance, march, and drink early last year ago at this date from the billion and a half dollar investment she had programmed for her certain victory.  AFTER ALL, HILLARY AND HER LEFTIST TRIBES OWNED, AND STILL OWN NEARLY  90% of our America’s news and college industry.

Please follow the dailycaller article below to remember that glorious victory of what was left of America, the JudeoChristian  republic it was founded to be:


Crossing the Trump Rubicon, by Victor Davis Hanson

Crossing the Trump Rubicon

by Victor Davis Hanson at American Greatness:

We are in a veritable war of competing visions. The strife inside the two parties is irrelevant—when compared to the larger existential war for the soul of America.

Like it or not, Donald Trump in fits and starts has chosen not to accommodate the progressive vision. But in most unlikely fashion he leads the fight against it.

Those who found him too crude, who saw his tweets as too adolescent, and who vowed never to vote for such an antithesis of conservative and family values have all weighed in.

So have those who are embarrassed that Trump—as did Obama during the Henry Louis Gates fiasco, the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, and the Ferguson shooting and subsequent riots—quite inappropriately weighs in on current criminal investigations and trials.

And yet, warts and all, the Trump presidency on all fronts is all that now stands in the way of the completion of what was started in 2009.

The Age of Intolerance

We are no longer in the late 1950s era of liberal reform. It is now a postmodern world of intolerance and lockstep orthodoxy.

There are few Berkeley-like free speech areas on college campuses any more. Students charged with particular crimes enjoy little due process. There is noJoan Baez-style acknowledgement of the tragedy of good Southern poor men fighting for an awful cause. No one acknowledges tragedy anywhere at all; it has all become melodrama. We may yet see Joan Baez’s version of The Band’s ballad or Shelby Foote’s commentaries in Ken Burn’s epic Civil War documentary Trotskyized.

The media is not disinterested. Networks such as CNN see their role actively on the barricades, devoted to the higher cause of destroying the Trump presidency, not as reporting its successes or failures. The danger to free expression and a free media is not even Trumpian bombast. It is the far more deliberate and insidious transformation (begun in full under Obama) of journalism into a progressive ministry of truth. Even if he wished, Trump could not take away what the professional press already surrendered voluntarily.

The Cultural Abyss

After the nocturnal effort to tear down historic statuary, the NFL player psychodramas, the therapeutic reactions to radical Islamic terror attacks inside the United States, and the often unhinged profanity and assassination chic of the anti-Trump “Resistance,” Trump almost alone seems to sound off in opposition.

And while reform and protest may be innate to the American character, traditions and values of the past simply cannot be airbrushed away because a particular generation suddenly believes that the dead of a far more hazardous and impoverished age must meet their own transitory mores of the present.

On one side are traditionalists who believe the United States is the most exceptional nation of a uniquely self-critical West. They believe that we need not be perfect, past or present, to be good and certainly are and were always far better than the alternative. And while reform and protest may be innate to the American character, traditions and values of the past simply cannot be airbrushed away because a particular generation suddenly believes that the dead of a far more hazardous and impoverished age must meet their own transitory mores of the present. Oddly, few of the Republican establishment speak out for them.

The new progressive Left believes that America has always been defined by its collective sins, which outweigh those of other cultures. They identify the white heterosexual male as the font of most pathologies (cf. the Democratic National Committee’sunapologetic effort not to hire white males for some of its jobs). Like it or not, Trump is now a central figure in resisting a full-scale dismantling of the idea of the uniquely individual, free, and outspoken American.

The Economy

Economically, the new progressive party seems either to be uninterested in or of the opinion that it can’t do much about problems such as GDP growth, labor participation rates, industrial output, and increased consumer optimism and confidence—all relatively stagnant in the last few years. Upward mobility is seen as nearly impossible anyway, given the greater need for regulating all manner of commerce. We were warned that a return to a 3 percent economic growth was little more than a right-wing fantasy.

Instead, the new Democratic Party sees the economy as largely static. Indeed, stasis is apparently good for the environment, stops the rich from getting richer, ensures the growth of compensatory entitlements and offers a fixed target for government regulators, wealth redistribution, and identity politics set asides.

Like most neo-socialists, the new progressive party that supplanted the old Democratic Party promotes social justice in relative terms, and not defined by absolute incomes of the middle class.

The new progressivism would prefer an America in which everyone made about $50,000 a year, overseen by a far greater and more intrusive government (of properly insightful and caring souls, whose selflessness would earn exemption from the consequences of their ideologies) to the alternative of a country where a small minority made well over $1 million but the middle classes achieved average incomes of $75,000.

The strange meteoric career of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is illustrative of the anti-Trump agenda: free college tuition, single-payer socialized medicine, an EPA as ultimate arbiter of government regulation, much higher taxes, and greater leeway in reinterpreting the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments to isolate those who would push back against such an agenda.

There is no longer a Democratic workers party akin to something that Hubert Humphrey once championed. or Bill Clinton’s third way Democratic Leadership Council. And there is certainly no longer an old-line Republican establishment that can win Michigan or Pennsylvania or have a shot in Minnesota and Virginia.

Instead, the new Democratic Party sees the economy as largely static. Indeed, stasis is apparently good for the environment, stops the rich from getting richer, ensures the growth of compensatory entitlements and offers a fixed target for government regulators, wealth redistribution, and identity politics set asides.

The Marquess of Queensberry world of John McCain and Mitt Romney has ossified into either one of losing nobly or sort of an “I got mine” assumption that personal money or success will provide familial sanctuary not available to those of Youngstown or West Virginia.

Like Trump or not, by the end of his first three quarters of his presidency, GDP growth had rebounded and was growing at a pace set to achieve 3 percent for the year. Real unemployment (U6) had fallen below 8 percent; business and consumer confidence were at record levels. Energy production was likewise. Manufacturers expressed confidence unlike that seen in the last two decades. Corporate profits were unparalleled. The radical turnabout was largely Reaganesque in spirit—predicated on a new can-do psychological climate, ending insidious deregulation, the specter of impending tax-cuts, and a determination that manufacturing could return to the United States if energy was cheaper than elsewhere and industry had proper incentives. One can see the sudden bustle anywhere one goes.

In sum, the gap between Trumpian conservative economics and progressives is as wide as at any time in American history. The new Democratic Party is the updated vision of Eugene Debs. Its dream is a uniform coastal California culture, a San Francisco of renters and Presidio Heights spreading from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

For now, the unlikely Trump is the only road bump left on such an expressway to a medieval world of masters and peasants with few in between.

National Security

Obama finished off the remnants of the old Scoop Jackson wing of the Democratic Party. The post-Obama years were supposed to be a gateway to the internationalist and globalist world in which transnational agreements such as those of the EU or the Paris climate accord naturally trumped a supposedly blinkered and unenlightened popular plebiscite and their representatives in the national legislature.

The United States, given its past flaws and the blood on its hands, would remain a nominal world leader, but only in the sense of being one among many in a much to be preferred multilateral world that checked historic American aggression. Regional autocratic hegemonies—Shiite Iran in the Middle East, China in the Pacific and most of Asia, a reset Russia in the Eastern Europe, and new “moderate” socialist countries in Latin America—would naturally oversee their own neighborhoods, albeit with occasional nods to U.N. mandates on energy, the environment, and “human rights.”

Again, by mid-2017 Trump offered about the only alternative vision of an all-powerful United States, in Jacksonian fashion protecting its own classically liberal interests and those of its allies abroad, often by punitive deterrence rather than hearts-and minds-nation building,




“Trust in the media is at an all-time low. But should it be? Why do fewer and fewer Americans trust the mainstream media. Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson, author of The Smear, explains.”

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GOP in Danger of Losing the “Stupid Party” Title?

GOP is in serious danger of losing the title ‘Stupid Party’

by Thomas Lifson  at American Thinker:

‘I have gotten accustomed to, if not comfortable with, the GOP’s label as the “Stupid Party.”  After all, it gave us permission to ridicule the GOP establishment before Trump.  And besides, the alternative label worn by the Democrats is the “Evil Party,” and I’ll take stupid over evil any time.

With Donna Brazile ratting out her former comrades and scandal threatening to engulf the party, chaos reigns among the donks.  Amid the recriminations comes a moment of surpassing stupidity.  Yesterday, DNC Chairman Tom Perez actually refused to answer when asked on Meet the Press if he thinks all pickup truck drivers are racist (transcript):


I’m sure you’ve been familiar with the ad itself and the controversy around the ad. And the Republican party’s response, that it was basically, Democrats don’t like it when, you know, when Republicans stereotype. Aren’t you stereotyping? Are all pickup trucks–I drive a pickup truck. I mean, are all pickup truck drivers racist? That’s what the ad–do you understand why some people think the ad implies that?


Well, Chuck, let’s be clear about what’s happening in the race in Virginia and in all too many races, dog-whistle politics. Steve Bannon just endorsed Ed Gillespie in Virginia this morning. And throughout this campaign, Ed Gillespie has been fear mongering. He’s been doing the same thing Donald Trump did. That’s not fair. That’s not right. Virginia, under Ralph Northam’s leadership, under Justin Fairfax leadership, they’re looking for a way to unite people. And Ed Gillespie, throughout the campaign, has been dividing people. And when you, when you hit the bully back, and the bully starts crying, those are crocodile tears to me.

Pickup trucks account for over 15% of U.S. vehicle sales, and the Ford F-150 pickup has long been the most popular vehicle.  People who drive pickup trucks have lots of friends and family members.  Perez is actively driving these people away.  In their pickup trucks.  Volvo drivers elect few statewide majorities.

When you consider that the backup for Perez is Keith Ellison, I have to admit that the GOP’s hold on its title is shaky.