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Miners in the Dictatorship of Global Warming Canada Find 110 Million Year Old Dinosaur

Now folks, Canada is to the North of our Minnesota in case you have forgotten.  The confused majority population voting  there endures  a loonier, far more leftist and intolerant government from the Atlantic to the Pacific than our Minnesota’s motherland.   And they worship the Al Gore global warming commandment that American invention and industry over the past century are responsible for the disappearance of breathable air throughout the world.

Shame on Abraham Lincoln.

Doomsday is just around the corner……yet….

Sixty five million years ago Saskatchewan, North and South Dakota were nesting and hunting grounds for Tyrannus Rex and countless other dinosaurs eating each other up and fertilizing Mother Earth.    Suddenly back  then some damned piece of rock  “flew in”  from outer space diving to its “death”  in the Gulf of Mexico and ruined everything, well 90% of everything living on Earth  at the time.    Global warming disappeared for quite awhile.

Had I lived about fifteen million years ago here in the Twin City, Minnesota area where I write, eat, landscape garden, and sleep, no astronaut or kin from outer space could have found me or anyone else in our 2,000,000 population community.   We would all be buried or doing our shopping under 500 feet or more of ice…..so Thank God for Global Warming!!

In Canada, MINERS, not MAIDENS stumbled across something unexpected recently.  Please read further to see what they found:


Minnesota’s Lying Keith Ellison Fits Vice Chair of Democratic National Committee Perfectly


by Scott Johnson  at PowerLine:

I am sorry to repeat myself on the subject of Keith Ellison, but Ellison keeps repeating his lies. As vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, he is a consequential national figure. In Minnesota, the Star Tribune sits in Ellison’s congressional district. It continues to avert its eyes from Ellison’s repeated lies. Who will call him on them?

Ellison repeated his lies again most recently in the March 18 column “I have fought against hate my entire career” that has been posted at Medium. Here is the core of Ellison’s story:

Over the last few weeks, some political opponents have been pushing the narrative that I am somehow connected to a man named Louis Farrakhan. It’s not true. Mr. Farrakhan leads a group called the Nation of Islam and is best known for organizing the 1995 Million Man March. He’s also well-known for his anti-Semitism.

If you are a Black man from my generation, you remember the march. A huge number of Black men from all across America came to Washington to alert lawmakers to the social and economic problems facing our communities. I helped organize the march in my local community in Minneapolis. And I marched in it, along with civil rights leaders like Rosa Parks and Jesse Jackson.

After the march, Mr. Farrakhan’s disparaging views on Jewish people, women and the LGBT community became clearer to me. I’ve since spoken about why I believe Mr. Farrakhan’s views ultimately divide our society. I wrote an open letter expressing my opinion of Mr. Farrakhan’s views, and I wrote about it in my book, My Country ’Tis of Thee. In a speech just last month he again attacked Jewish people with intolerant and divisive language.

I do not have and have never had a relationship with Mr. Farrakhan…

I documented the falsity of this story since Ellison won the DFL nomination to run for the Fifth District seat in 2006 in “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman” (October 9, 2006), in the companion Power Line post “Keith Ellison for dummies,” and in “The Ellison elision”(February 3, 2014).

Most recently, I revisited this history in the context of Ellison’s national ambitions in “The trouble with Keith Ellison” (November 21, 2016) and in the Power Line post “Keith Ellison’s back pages” (February 8,2017). The 2017 Power Line post includes a video of Ellison as a third-year University of Minnesota Law School student appearing in February 1990 under his Nation of Islam pseudonym Keith Hakim. (His first Nation of Islam pseudonym, I should say.)

From the time he hit the Twin Cities to attend law school until he first ran successfully for office, Ellison was a local leader of the Nation of Islam. Indeed, he first ran for office (unsuccessfully) under another Nation of Islam pseudonym (Keith Ellison-Muhammad, per the 1998 article above that appeared in the Minneapolis Spokesman-Recorder). At that time he sought office as a self-avowed member of the Nation of Islam. He was an enthusiastic member of the hate cult for a long, long time.

Ellison’s repeated claims of ignorance are laughable. By the time he sought office again (successfully) in 2002, Ellison had apparently moved on from the Nation of Islam. He has relegated his time in the hate cult to the inconvenient past. Today Ellison is an inveterate liar.



Jewish Left Accuses Sam Harris of Racism

Ezra Klein’s Intellectual Demagoguery

by Kyle Smith  at  National Review:

He accuses Sam Harris of being racist — for thinking that Charles Murray isn’t.

Ezra Klein wants you to know that he doesn’t think Sam Harris is a racist. “I’m not here to say you’re racist, I don’t think you are,” Klein explains in a two-hour debate with Harris on the latter’s podcast, Waking Up. “We have not called you one.” No, not at all. Klein is telling the truth here. Why so touchy, Sam?

Klein’s site Vox, in a piece by scientists Eric Turkheimer, Kathryn Paige Harden, and Richard E. Nisbett, merely tagged Harris as participating in “pseudoscientific racialist speculation” and peddling “junk science” while being “egregiously wrong morally” and implied he’s on the same side as eugenicists, claiming that the burden of proof is on Harris to demonstrate that he isn’t. The piece was listed as one of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hatewatch headlines” of the day, right alongside news about neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Klein himself then chimed in with an attack piece saying Harris was carrying on with “America’s most ancient justification for bigotry and racial inequality.” All of this because Harris had a podcast conversation with Charles Murray, the co-author of The Bell Curve, which contains a chapter about race and IQ.

For Klein to maintain that he and his site didn’t call Harris a racist is dishonest. In so many words, they did. His dissimulation reveals something important about him: He’s in the business of intellectual demagoguery. He debases the tone of good-faith debate. He whips up crowds using smears. Then he denies he did any such thing.

Associating hate with Harris is bizarre. I’ve grown fond of his preternaturally composed, hyper-rational style on the Waking Up podcast. But when he talks about Klein, he is not quite himself. He can’t disguise his bewilderment. He sounds like Spock discovering his shorts are on fire. “Captain, I have detected . . . flames and singed flesh . . . in the vicinity of . . . my perineum.” His tone remains steady, but the words are uncharacteristically pointed. During the debate, as Klein keeps delivering lectures to Harris on the history of racist injustice and repeatedly accuses him of having a “blind spot,” you can hear Harris sighing. Does Harris — does any intelligent person —  really need to be told that blacks have been victimized by racism? Of course they have been. It’s a different conversation from the one about what we do and don’t know about IQ scores.

Harris, who has to his credit a philosophy degree from Stanford, a Ph.D. from UCLA in cognitive neuroscience, and several well-reviewed books, has described himself as on the left on virtually every issue. How disorienting it must have been to find himself reclassified as a neo-Mengele and besieged by the social-media mob because he spoke with Murray. His reputation, he says on another episode, was severely damaged. He believes the bloodlust Klein successfully instigated on social media would have gotten him fired if had been on staff at a mainstream media outlet or university. People go bananas if someone cries racism, regardless of whether the charge is founded.

Because of The Bell Curve, Murray has long been demonized on the left as a racist and a white supremacist. Harris hadn’t paid much attention to the book in the quarter-century since it was published but said in the debate with Klein (this is the transcript) that he had been under the impression that “it must be just racist trash, because I assumed that where there was all that smoke, there must be fire.” After reading The Bell Curve, though, he came to think that Murray “was probably the most unfairly maligned person in my lifetime” because “the most controversial passages in the book struck me as utterly mainstream with respect to the science.” Harris doesn’t necessarily agree with Murray’s policy ideas, but wouldn’t rule them outside the boundaries of discussion.

If you have the law on your side, argue the law. If you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. If you have neither on your side, call your opponent a racist.

The core of the disagreement between Klein and Harris is that Klein thinks Murray should be treated as radioactive, and name-calling is his method for making that happen. Harris thinks Murray’s science is sound and that the attacks on the two of them in Vox were misleading, vicious, and ad hominem. Harris cites, for instance, a recent New York Times op-ed by Harvard professor David Reich that says “as a geneticist I also know that it is simply no longer possible to ignore average genetic differences among ‘races,’” as well as an essay by Richard Haier, a psychologist and editor in chief of the journal Intelligence, which directly charges Turkheimer et al. with misrepresenting what The Bell Curve says, adds that some of their assertions about race and IQ run contrary to the weight of evidence, and note that its core arguments have been challenged many times by experts. Haier offered the piece to Vox, which rejected it. New York magazine’s Andrew Sullivan, a friend to both Klein and Harris, took Harris’s side in a column, saying Klein didn’t have a satisfying response to the scientific argument and “seems to back a truly extreme position: that only the environment affects IQ scores.” What’s even more troubling, Sullivan writes, is Klein’s “attempt to smear legitimate conservative ideas and serious scientific arguments as the equivalent of peddling white supremacy and bigotry” via “stigmatization and demonization.”

In short, it appears that it’s Klein’s Vox, not Murray, and certainly not Harris, that is pushing views outside the mainstream of scientific research about intelligence. Klein’s central role in this is repugnant. To adapt the legal adage: If you have the law on your side, argue the law. If you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. If you have neither on your side, call your opponent a racist. This was also O. J. Simpson’s strategy.

It worked for Simpson, and to an extent, it worked for Klein. At least Simpson did it to save himself, though. Klein does it because he’d rather destroy the reputation of a fellow liberal than acknowledge being on the losing side of an argument.


The Fraud Secretary John Kerry vs. the Quality Secretary of State Appointee, Mike Pompeo


by Scott Johnson  at PowerLine:

In Allen Drury’s Advise and Consent, still in print after all these years, the president’s left-wing nominee for Secretary of State has a secret. As a young man — echoes of the Hiss case — he was a member of a Communist cell.

Leffingwell’s Communist past is a secret that must be covered up. Complications ensue, giving life to a Washington novel that is one of our favorites. Novelist Thomas Mallon rendered his considered literary judgment in his fiftieth anniversary tribute to the novel.

Times have changed, big league. By the time President Obama nominated John Kerry as Secretary of State, what were once vices had become habits hardly worthy of mention in polite company (as in this Boston Globe backgrounder).

Kerry had been wrong on just about every foreign policy issue he has addressed in the course of a long public career, stretching back to 1971. As an undergraduate, I saw him in person speaking on campus at the Hopkins Center peddling the vicious lies that turned him into a national celebrity. I believed him because I was credulous and sophomoric, but what excuse did he have?

Like Leffingwell, Kerry had been worse than mistaken. But it was no secret. It was out there in the open, and the guy nevertheless came within a hair of being elected president in 2004. John Perazzo reviewed the record of the man Obama saluted as “the perfect choice” to be his Secretary of State: “The historical record informs us that not only has John Kerry been on the wrong side of every major foreign policy issue for most of his adult life, including Iraq, Nicaragua and most recently in Syria, but he has routinely engaged in deception to conceal his folly. What’s worse, Kerry has a clear record of giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies, all the while never missing an opportunity to viciously trash our brave forces fighting against them.”

Returning to Advise and Consent, I recall recall that a key plot point hangs on the blackmailing of the senior senator from Utah in connection with a youthful homosexual affair. He is threatened with disclosure of the affair if he fails to vote in favor of the left-wing nominee. Rather than submit he commits suicide.

President Trump’s nomination of CIA Director Mike Pompeo to serve as Secretary of State is to be voted on by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee next week. Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Democrats have united in opposition. Given the additional opposition of Rand Paul, observers anticipate that Pompeo will receive a negative recommendation from the committee. Marc Thiessen traces the historic (and disgraceful) nature of such a negative committee vote against a Secretary of State nominee in this column.

One of the Democrats’ points against Pompeo is his disapproval of homosexual sex and homosexual marriage. He is apparently guilty of subscribing to traditional Christian doctrine. If only Pompeo could reveal himself to be a man with a homosexual past proclaiming “correct” thoughts, he might qualify to serve as Secretary of State. Coincidentally, the Democrats would also prefer a nominee who vowed to continue the Obama administration’s love affair with the mullahs who hang Iranian homosexuals for “male to male anal intercourse.”

We are reminded once once again. Democrats, you’ve come a long way from Advise and Consent, from advice and consent, and from the Constitution, baby.


P.S.   A Cause to Remember, by Glenn H. Ray

I am wondering if anyone of any American  party of any kind remembers the profound frauds JFK….that is, John F. Kerry perpetrated while serving and fibbing about his stardom “on military duty” in Vietnam…..the time when he was movie producing about his phony heroism for future political play when he returned to home to enter the lefty  jungles of Massachusetts politics.

Has anyone ever written a book, a page, a paragraph about this contemptible phony  maneuverings in film stardom, directed by the fraud himself?   He became CBS, PBS, ABC, and NBC star playboy at evening news hour playing expert about his false prowess, phony heroism,  absent wisdom and profound fraud on his road to Congress, the Senate   and Presidential contender.

(He did marry into the Heinz fortune, however!)

Why was it likely that the only  human on any  American  air or print wave of that critical election year, 2004, who had the courage, knowledge, the skill,  and honesty to  describe   this  suitless,  JFKerry,   so perfectly as the “creature, fraud and twit” he was came from Our Dennis Prager   that late October radio broadcasting day in 2004……..the first day I,  a lonely conservative, discovered him.

Democrat Collusion Conspiracy Charge Against Trump Dies as A Typical Fascist Democrat Lie!

Fascist Democrats  arrived on the American national political scene by electing  antiAmerican foreigner  Barack Hussein Obama president in 2008.   He had promised to change America forever the very night of his initial victory.    Leftist fascism was to  conquer and deliver a Revolution to establish  Peace to Dictate American Life Forever by creating one Party, one Press, one School, one Leader, one Sex, one Rule, one World…….

He did what he could do by screwing up the economy, the health system, encouraging racial uprisings, colluded with the Russians,  sent hundreds of millions of dollars to Iran to bolster Shiah Islam and its nuclear weapons program in its wars against the West.

Obama failed to deliver his new america after eight years of spying on Americans he didn’t tolerate and weeks of playing golf.     His replacement was chosen to be a she dictator to be elected by demand on November 8, 2016 to continue what needed to be done to dictate a brave new world beginning with the dying America of past freedoms.

(but she lost the election she was  programmed  to win.)

Then the  Fascists at University,  the New York Times, Washington Post and Democrat Fascists turned to Russian Collusion and the FBI to fulfill the demand:

Collusion, Anyone?

by Michael Barone   at realclearpolitics:

“As the likelihood that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia seems headed toward zero, the likelihood of proof of a different form of collusion seems headed upward toward certainty.

The Russia collusion charge had some initial credibility because of businessman Donald Trump’s dealings in Russia and candidate Trump’s off-putting praise of Vladimir Putin.

It was fueled by breathless media coverage of such trivial events as Jeff Sessions’ conversation with the Russian ambassador at a Washington reception — and, of course, by the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel. But Mueller’s prosecutions of Trump campaign operatives were for misdeeds long before the campaign, and his indictment of 13 Russians specified that no American was a “knowing participant” in their work.

Now there’s talk that Mueller is winding up his investigation. It seems unlikely that whatever he reports will fulfill the daydreams so many liberals have of making Trump go the way of Richard Nixon.

Meanwhile, the evidence builds of collusion by Obama administration law enforcement and intelligence personnel in trying to elect Hillary Clinton and defeat and delegitimize Trump in and after the 2016 election.

The investigation of Clinton’s illegal email system was conducted with kid gloves. FBI Director James Comey accepted Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s order to call it a “matter” rather than an “investigation.” Clinton aides were allowed to keep her emails and destroy 30,000 of them, plus cellphones. They were not subject to grand jury subpoenas, and a potential co-defendant was allowed to claim attorney-client privilege.

On June 27, 2016, Lynch clandestinely met with Bill Clinton on his plane at the Phoenix airport — a meeting that became known only thanks to an alert local TV reporter. Lynch supposedly left the decision on prosecution to Comey, who on July 5 announced publicly that Clinton had been “extremely careless” but lacked intent to violate the law, even though the statute punishes such violations whether they are intentional or not.

Contrast that with the collusion of Obama officials with the Clinton campaign-financed Christophe Steele/Fusion GPS dossier alleging Trump ties with Russians. Comey and the Justice Department used it, without divulging who paid for it, to get a FISA warrant to surveil former Trump campaign operative Carter Page’s future and past communications — the “wiretap” Trump was derided for mentioning.

Similarly, when Comey informed Trump in January 2017 of the contents of the then-unpublished Steele dossier, he didn’t reveal that the Clinton campaign had paid for it. Asked on his iatrogenic book tour why not, he blandly said he didn’t know. And maybe he doesn’t actually realize he was employing J. Edgar Hoover-like tactics to keep his job. Maybe.

In any case, after he was fired, he immediately sent four of his internal memos, at least one of them classified, to a law professor friend to leak them to the press, with the intent of getting a special counsel appointed — who turned out to be his longtime friend and ally Robert Mueller. Collusion, anyone?

Collusion can get complicated and sometimes fails to produce the intended results. Comey’s deputy FBI director, Andrew McCabe, reportedly kept to himself for weeks the discovery that Clinton emails had been transmitted over the home computer of her aide Huma Abedin’s then-husband, the disgraced ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner. After Comey learned of this, he made his Oct. 28 announcement that the Clinton email investigation was being reopened.

Comey and McCabe have produced contradictory accounts of events, and Comey’s public praise of McCabe contrasts with his referral of McCabe to Justice’s inspector general, who found him guilty of “lack of candor” — a fireable offense for which he was indeed fired. Partners in collusion sometimes fall out.

Longtime Clinton friend Lanny Davis charges that Comey’s statement was responsible for Clinton’s defeat, and Comey, on his book tour, admitted that he may have made it only because he assumed Clinton would win.

Davis may be right, though no one can prove it. But one could also say that the Democratic Party lost the presidency because it nominated a candidate under investigation for committing a felony. And it seems as certain as these things can be that if Hillary Clinton had followed the law and regulations, there would be today no President Trump, no Attorney General Sessions, no EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, no Justice Neil Gorsuch.

The blame ultimately belongs to Barack Obama, who knew of Clinton’s private email system and who could have ordered her to follow the law. But that’s one bit of collusion that didn’t occur.”


Was Al Franken, or Is It Keith Ellison the Looniest Gopher Nut in Congress?



by Scott Johnson  at  Powerline:

“I think of Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison as our man in Havana. He prays for the Castro regime so that it can continue to shelter Joanne Chesimard (a/k/a Assata Shakur), the first woman named by the FBI to its most wanted list. Ellison is also vice chair in charge of vice at the Democratic National Committee.

On Friday Ellison told an audience at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee that they have a moral obligation to defeat Republicans at the polls, saying “women are dying” because they’re losing (video below).

“Did you know that in Missouri and in Texas, and maybe other places, maternal mortality has risen?” Ellison said. Dr. Keith is on the case: “Women are dying because we are losing elections. We don’t have the right to lose a damn election. We have to win. We have to win.” They have to win so that they can socialize the health care system completely. It’s for the women (or the womyn).

Is it still okay to single out women for concern? In their capacity as mothers?

Incidentally, Ellison himself isn’t looking too good, though I don’t think the elections have anything to do with that either.”

Via Paul Crookston/Washington Free Beacon.

UPDATE: The data on maternal in deaths in Texas–I assume the ones Ellison was relying on–turned out to be fake news.


America’s Fraud of the Century? Hillary? Barack?…..or Global Warming Al?

It’s April 15, 2018 today in Goopher State Minnesota.  Flaky Dems run the show here.

They, like 95% of America’s religiously devoted lefties, are indoor people.  Their Jewish brands don’t mix with  any   “outdoor working” white American men people.

They consider such animals (such as I)  failures, ignorant,  know-nothing Christians, Trumpies,  married with too many children;  subhumans who look and sweat like farmers  and   wear outdoor clothing whether plumbers or landscapers, electricians or snow removers, home builders or janitors, they all look like bums, obviously uncolleged,  the lowest of lows, unworthy of voting rights, citizenship, even conversation…..who know nothing about making real money, ….too dumb, too racist and sexist to vote for queen Hillary for President.

These Jewish  lefties are Al Gore fans, devoted religious  believers of Gore Global Warming from California to the Lake of the Woods to Florida and beyond across the seas.  He, also a lefty, is a successful multimillionaire made one,  preaching the leftist religion  “global warming”  wealthy indoor lefties thrill about….air conditioning forever!

Outdoor looking and/or working white males  still exist in Minnesota.    I was born in 1934 and began working outdoors in 1942.  Our Minnesota part of the Earth had colder and longer winters then.    Snow  still covered the state each April.   Ten, twelve-inch snows even fell in early May from time to time.   About fifty years ago the blessing of a mild global warming seemed to be coming our Twin City way.   Thirty five degrees below zero in winter began to disappear.   One could grow okra in ones back yard if one was pleased to do so.   Wider varieties of tomatoes, perennials, conifers, shrubs, even some beautiful Japanese maples arrived for planting in the southern half of the state…….along which came the worst garden pest in the world, the Japanese Beetle, finding  its way from Chicago to Minneapolis-St. Paul…..unless a colder winter dictated otherwise.

The Powerline article below was written by knowledgeable, very honest, reliable conservative man, John Hinderaker who lives in our Twin City land.   He is aware of the grand fraud of them all, the leftist politician, Al Gore-Barack Obama  sell that American capitalism is the principal  cause of the end of life on our Earth just around the corner  due to whiteman  made, Global Warming!

(Twelve thousand years ago our Minnesota was entering the last years of the last glacial age….about 500 feet or more under ice!  Democrats and other leftists don’t believe that, however.   They value  false news and fascism studies  over  learnings  in geology, climatology, geography, geomorphology,  astronomy, and such.    Until 65,000,000 million years ago Tyrannus rex and kin were running around the jungles of the Dakotas where ferns grew over 100 feet tall.   Do you know how that environment came to an end?   Politician Al Gore apparently doesn’t.

Winter in Minnesota 2018, it turns out, is making another  liar of liar lefty, global warming millionaire Al Gore.  It is Sunday, April 15, with around 25 inches of snow drop since April fools day here in the Twin Cities.   Our April this year is freezing and then some!

Please read the following article by Powerline’s John Hinderaker about the Al Gore Effect coming to Minnesota: