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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Our Dennis Prager at His Best

America Won’t Be Great without Following GOOD Again


By Don Feder  at Barbwire….. article sent by Mark Waldeland:

“As campaign slogans go, Trump’s “Make America Great Again” wasn’t bad – especially compared to the Queen of Thorns’ “Better Together” (With Hill, it’s always about the collective.) But more than two months after the 2016 campaign ended, even Trump’s supporters have only a vague idea of what “Make America Great Again” means.

The left, which is race-obsessed, sneered that it really meant “Make America White Again.” In one of their typically dazzling displays of logic, the Democrats reasoned that since Trump wanted to deport illegal aliens, who are mostly non-white, the real goal of immigration enforcement is to make America “whiter” – as if national security, crime-control or fairness to low-income wage-earners couldn’t possibly be considerations.

Trump’s platform included border security, rebuilding our military, job creation, negotiating realistic trade deals and developing domestic energy – all worthy, even necessary, goals. But it’s values, not policies, that made America great in the first place. Only by rediscovering those virtues will our country return to its former glory….”    Please read on:


Waiting for Dad

Military Photo of the Day: Awaiting a Father’s Return



(Article sent by Mark Waldeland)

A little girl waits for her father to return from a deployment at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina on December 20, 2016.

What a touching photo. All of us at The Stream thank God that this precious child’s daddy made it home safely. Happy New Year!


We live in a time in America where a boy child is supposed to become girlish to make room for girlish things to become equal to boy things…..a disease spread by the nation’s universities, public schools, Democrat Party, and nearly all institutions feminist.


Please think profoundly while you watch a two year old boy working overtime for his age to relieve the danger his brother is bearing by being pinned by a large dresser which had fallen on him.

Boys, by genetic material, are not girls despite  today’s leftist tribes in the nation’s  academic, communications,  and political industries  spewing propaganda throughout the country that there are no basic differences between human male and female.   They’re essentially the same animal yet should be raised as female as soon as possible for the sake of peace.

A reason I joined the army sixty years ago came from a quip by my hero then, Winston Churchill  who had announced during war time:   THE MOST EXHILARATING THING IN LIFE IS TO HAVE BEEN  SHOT AT…….AND HAVE BEEN MISSED.

Did I have the courage?   I was a child of The War and followed it closely.  I knew by instinct I couldn’t let my American buddies down in battle.  I couldn’t survive the humiliation.  But I was never tested while in the military.

The killer feel in me arrived the night my first born came home from the hospital and has lived with me ever since.  It increased with the arrival of my second and third child.

 Be sure to watch the video showing the very beginning  of the accident  where the boys in boy fashion are practicing life,  climbing onto the dresser!!!!   BOYS ARE BOYS BY BLOOD!!!  the way we were meant to be in our natural world of life.
View the incident from beginning to end:
Please view the accident here first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psyxreR7T98

Fox Separates from Megyn Kelly

I am a Fox News oriented fan.  I don’t particularly like their in-ones-face news staff, starting with Bill O’Reilly, a noisy blowhard followed by the egotistical, aggressive, very  attractive in appearance, butch voiced and arrogant attacker, feminist, Megyn Kelly.   I understand she is a mother of two kids…so God Bless Her…..I pray at least one of them is a boy and, is,  will be treated fairly as a boy.   Feminist Ms. Kelly seems to be marching  full speed ahead  celebrating her own aggrandizement.

My JudeoChristianity more than sixty five years ago  taught me to be wary of such self pleased, self oriented humans.    I do recognize she likely has a very charming, alluring side to her…and she is intelligent within her own state.

According the the American Thinker article below, Tucker Carlson has been chosen to replace her.    From my very distant and isolated view of this matter, the fact he is very quick minded  and an honest, real conservative guy, might add to his popularity in the cable television news industry.

One item I shall miss by missing Megyn.   She is one feminist, almost the only tv performing female, who owns a voice not glued to teeny-bopper adolescence…..the thirteen year-old variety.   It seems American females these days are trained to never mature vocally including so many gals at Fox.

Do forgive me if this truism seems harsh.  I was raised when women were taught to be women, the grown up kind…..Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Irene Dunne and thousands of others grown-ups including my mother, aunts, and adult neighbors of the female sex.

Please read the following article from American Thinker:


TRUMP: From Mogul Buffoon to a Great President?

I believe the title of this article below written by Roger L. Simon at PJMedia.   I am an old, old man.  It is highly likely I shall not  see the product  of this  prophecy, but the guy in question,  President to be, Donald J. Trump, is making a great start with the selection of both Reince Priebus and Stephen Bannon.

It was August 6, 2015 at the Fox Republican presidential candidate show I awakened to a thought that this Donald Trump might be far more than an alleged  showman on television and braggart about real estate  and women.   I was aware of his financial ups and downs and knew he was a New Yorker fathered by a millionaire.

I also knew he didn’t drink….and wasn’t Mormon, folks I admire.   His older brother was an alcoholic and had escaped its sufferings by committing suicide.   (That tragedy  did and still does, move me!)

I have worked for a living.   I still work, outdoors.  I was married once.   I have three grown up kids…..One, my only daughter is  a successful Manhattan feminist, a  Hillary  New Yorker with  all the pluses and the obnoxious active in that insular neck of the American woods.    She’s bright, talented, into the ‘arts’, but  has  never studied any science, knows little history,   is certain her dad is a deplorable, a primate.   I am, of course, but she doesn’t know much about the origins of and differences within  the species, homo sapiens.  (I adore her anyway!  That is the way it is with flesh and blood.)

Fox Guard Dog, Megyn Kelly, ever devoted to increasing her viewership, aggressively approached  Candidate Trump that August 6, 2015 political show of top GOP candidates, as a feminist cobra would, prepared to strike  and dig her  fangs deep into our Donald neck while he was off guard.

She thought she had him. She wanted to know Mr. Trump’s view on women…..and recited a list of words nasty about the sex he was alleged to have pronounced.    To that point all of the candidates on stage had been fed sugar and candy….but butch Megyn went for her grand slam knock down  at first swing.

“Is that how you feel  about women?”

“No”, the male responded.  “Only Rosie O’Donnell!”……followed by a loud and extended roar of laughter.

(This guy, Trump, is serious.  He’s not afraid to tell it like it is.  I have to get to know him better.)

Being a former high school teacher of Russian and Modern Problems, back when public schools were civilized, I knew I had to do some research on Donald J. Trump.

I found he was a very, very successful business man, had five children and into his third marriage.    I was already  aware of his contentious divorce by his first wife, and learned he had 4 very intelligent, well educated, well brought up, civilized, unspoiled adult children and one youngster by his present wife still attending primary school.    During his news making moments of years ago, this Trump appeared to be many steps beyond arrogant, and seemed to have a brain that caused the problem.

I had to know more about him.  He seemed to me kidlike, one who loved life, not quite knowing who he was, but admired his abilities….of which he had many, including  guts and charm with the vulgar not too far away when angry.   Yet, he had built an empire around the globe….and no American president had ever managed that.

Mr. Trump was definitely NOT A POLITICIAN.   He was too fluid with thought and speech.

I loved it.   He was not a programmed zombie.   He felt.   He fought.  He spoke far more than NEWSPEAK.   He reminded me of so many students I had once taught….back before the REVOLUTION OF THE VULGAR of the 1960s and 1970s, before the era of drugs, open sex, riots, revolution and crime, when they were still children of God, civil,  normal,  healthy Americans, and likable and taught to seek TRUTH.

By late October a year ago, I was convinced Donald J. Trump was, not a greedy, sneaky, ego-driven businessman  seeking the American Presidency.   He simply was a carbon copy of me,  but of  billionaire  status…..HE, WHO  LOVED HIS COUNTRY AND WAS TERRIFIED ABOUT THE DAMAGE  THE FASCIST LEFTISTS, LED BY GENTEEL COMMUNIST-EDUCATED, AMERICA CRITIC, “BLACK RACIST” COMMUNITY ORGANIZER, NOW  PRESIDENT  BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA of the Jermiah Wright HATE AMERICA church,  THE MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PRESS AND EDUCATION WORLD HAD ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED!

I do believe  many  millions of  the American JudeoChristian community must have felt the same angst…..the same horror, that  these Leftist Democrats, fed by Barack Hussein Obama, now  led by fascist feminist, the crooked Hillary Roddham Clinton would complete the collapse of traditional American freedom.

Pray for a  long and alive Donald Trump incumbency.   Our America needs a lot of fresh air to lead  us out of these stinking leftist swamps from the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Let MEN BECOME MEN AND WOMEN BECOME WOMEN AGAIN at our nation’s universities.



Will the Obama-Hillary Democrat Party Remain Fascist?

Dear readers:   Did you forget that our once blessed United States of America endured a very successful LEFTOFASCIST REVOLUTION fifty years ago?   Did you forget many of you were stupid enough to be a part of that LEFTOFASCIST REVOLUTION basking in heroin and wilting with pot ?  Remember the violence?

Remember your  Abbie Hoffman, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Doehrn et-alia creeps sexing in and out of the bushes, bombing federal buildings, shitting in university hallways and on office desks and shooting cocaine to keep your powder dry ‘to make a statement’?   Did you know billionaire Communist foreigner, George Soros,  was even then plotting and spending  to destroy our America, the once great hope for mankind? ……that at today’s feminized junkyards of college ‘learning’, I might be fired, made to disappear,  for my writing of “mankind” rather than “womankind”?

Haven’t you watched CNN, PBS, CBS, NBC, MSNBC  and ABC news for the past couple decades celebrating daily the rise of Democrat Party fascism  in their “news” and wordings?    FEMINISTS OF ALL SEXES, COLORS SHAPES AND SIZES were  being college produced for American consumption and single party rule.

Were you paying attention to the new masks of  presidential con-artist, Barack Hussein Obama’s  NEWSPEAK in 2008…..in 2012…..in 2016?

Since the rise of George Soros’ leftist fascism in our once blessed America and its takeover of our country’s educational, communications, entertainment, and spiritual industries, this Obama-Hillary team has opened our borders to millions of future fascist voters and revolutionaries to make permanent Democrat fascism as the  STATE PARTY, the only party needed for OBAMA-HILLARY CARE or whatever Leftism required for perpetual power.

THE ACCUMULATION OF KNOWLEDGE IS A MALE ENTERPRISE.  He needs knowledge to assess his day….especially if he has a family.  As an animal it is in his DNA, not “hers” to drive to  protect, build, invent, defend, to win, to seek TRUTH and TRUTH’S  accouterments to protect her, their  children and, therefore, the continuation of the species.   “She” is the Mother, the most cherished role of the human animal.

(I assure you, I never knew the full truth of the above statement until the mother and our  first born child came home from the hospital, and again when she returned home with the second and the third.   Only late in life do memories gnaw at your answers about life, its nature and quality.  One is too busy living and working  during family rearing.)

(What happens when the family no longer appears?    Do read George Orwell’s “1984”.)

I was lucky in life.   I had a marvelous liberal education.  But,  I lacked discipline regarding fields of interest for I was interested in nearly all fields  except Physics, Geometry, Carpentry,  and AutoMechanics.

And so, following the magnificent results for Our America  of this  Tuesday past, I have been viewing the American academic left establishment news on television almost exclusively in order to assess their continued devotion of leftist fascism, ie, one Party, one Voice, no God, and Love for Feminazis….the Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan’s shadow crowd.

Of course I’m glad they are in stupor shock.   Whether CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, PBS, ABC, leftist pundits speak the same language, sing the same tunes, and curse the same  hated groups with the same lies and passion.  But not all of these channels are merely  leftists fascists.

At least one, a male,  actually cherishes honesty…..and I shall seek him again another day  in order to see if his honesty is in his way of life, or just a shock of a moment…. Morris Reid at MSNBC, as I recall.  He was identified as a Democrat Party strategist.  If he has friends or identical twins with the same verbage,  there’s hope this fascist party might revert back to serving the people, not the fascists at university.

These leftist stations’ news hours  spent much language and time claiming the incoming Trumpies are bigots and racists, misogynists, antiLatino-Latina, anti-Piccadilly, antifeminazi.   Nearly all were in their own state of shock…and rightly so.  They know and see nothing beyond their  pinched leftist  noses.

Another smile came through the puff and smoke of this crowd of  leftist fascism, a David Swerdlick  perhaps at CNN…..(one fascist network is the same as all of the others, making it very difficult to match names with their brand of fascism.

This David reported the Hillary-loss with humor, truth, and acceptance. “How could we have  been so wrong”….He laughed and reviewed some evidence.

The usual lefties running the news were concerned about Trump’s white racist legions launching their race wars against all things not white.    A picture of a swastika was featured in their news, a vulgar word of singular voice recorded to support the vastness of mean Trumpie-white racists….AT THE SAME TIME EACH AND ALL OF THESE LEFTIST PROPAGANDA FASCISTS honored  riots, burnings, beatings, thievings,  attacks on businesses, because Donald Trump had the nerve to win the presidential election according to the laws of the land.

“WE MUST UNDERSTAND THEIR GRIEF”….”Know where they’re coming from” leftist reporters tell us and imply,  “so let them rape, pillage, and burn to ease their sorrow.

“Eventually, they might go home”……the American television news media professed, praying to the stars they’d benefit in the ratings and so, increase their daily leftist profits.


A swastika appears on lefty news….but no one reports  who drew the swastika…..The Dem reporteress insisted  it would be a conservative.

At that very same moment,  tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter thugs and other leftist marauders were shown rioting and burning in ’30 plus’ American urban areas, “Exercising ‘correctly and proudly’, their Constitutional right to protest the election results….to show their disdain” toward Donald Trump and Republicans’  greed and white racism’.   Yet, what goes oblivious to these Marxists due to   the leftist world’s  ignorance, violence,   bigotry, and control of the press, are the billions of dollars, the many deaths, injuries, beatings, and murders in the black communities,  the overwhelming damage  leftism’s  thugs and lies have caused.

Which is a worse crime to our American way…..the above terrorizing, pillaging, and marauding, or the suggestion that a Trumpie might have drawn a picture of a swastika?

Lefty commentator, Richard Cohen, announced, “It’s really scary out there”, worried about the rioters.

It was good to see the President and President-to-be appear on television together yesterday.   Mr. Obama does have an appearance of a gracious side to his cunning.

I never liked Our Donald until August 6, 2015. He lived in a different America from me.  I “knew” him only through newspapers.  I now do confess openly, that today I find him the most exciting American President of my lifetime.   But, then, after all, what am I to the American reporter Left?

A DEPLORABLE AND IRREDEEMABLE!    Truly, what an honor….I think those of us “insulted” so, are all profoundly honored by those two adjectives, for what we have managed to accomplish…..the conversion of our Donald J. Trump to become the President who saved America’s democratic institutions.

Thank you to you, Dennis Prager as well.   We DEPLORABLES AND IRREDEEMABLES  could not have won without you!!!   MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA!!