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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Dennis’ Warning about Using the Word, “Nazis” in Discussion and Writing

My daily, six day a week routines working in my own or our company’s  clients’  landscaped gardens are significantly reduced with the ‘fall’ of winter’s first major snow…..or severe cold spell.   Here in 2017 Twin Cities, Minnesota this past Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall have been the most beautiful, peaceful, fruitful, and beneficial  Nature has ever provided our outdoors in my past 60 years.  Nothing too hot, nothing too cold, too icy, too windy, too dark, too dry….

It was this past Monday when the Dennis Prager radio world returned in full to  my weekly schedule.   I own a half acre grounds of landscaped gardens surrounding my home.   From now till the  Spring warmings of early March my outdoor schedule is reduced to two hours every morning   to enjoy garden beauty and primp up things where needed….including keeping Virginia White tale deer from enjoying my trees and shrubs breakfast or supper, to keep the grounds beautiful.

Dennis was clarifying words which befit the world of today’s LEFTISM.   He has been preaching that there are significant differences in meaning between Leftist, and Liberal folk.     LIBERALS are those among the Left who are not as mean, foul, and as dishonest and violent as LEFTISTS.

Dennis moved on to address the general use of the word “Nazi” when conservatives discuss,  describe, or complain about the kind of countless untruthful vicious verbal and physical attacks upon conservatives in all arenas, all the foul negatives, distortions and lies today’s Leftists scream and write about to protect their owning the nation’s news industry, its educational industry,  legal and illegal immigration world, inner city-run black plantation  industry,  and the feminist industry of the Great American Swamp.

But the word “Nazi” is a very, very appropriate and accurate word to use to describe today’s American Leftist world’s politics, teachings and writings  used to destroy Truth, traditional free and learned America conceived by  the nation’s founders in 1776…..including its Civil War which cost nearly a million dead Americans  to put and end forever to  Slavery.   Nazi (National Socialism) was the term German National Socialists of some 1920s Germans chose as a title for their fascistic dictatorship movement.   The ten year  period between 1923 and 1934 with the death of then President Hindenburg,  was the decade of the Nazi government’s formation,  teaching, the  organizing, institutional infiltration and series of laws and votings to secure the foundation of the Nazi dictatorship before the fascist  moved on to the labor camps world  and war era of horror.

Today’s Americans on the Left, not merely the extreme Left, are  akin to fascisti and  Nazi, that is, National Socialists and Mussolini fascists yearning for the same PEOPLE’S DICTATORSHIP whereby the peoples dictatorship  can relieve all of its citizens of their worries in Life….from birth to death…..

Today’s Hillary Rodham Clinton’s and Barack Hussein Obama’s political party, the nation’s press, educational world from kindergarten through social science universities, its television news communication industries,  the World’s American Roman Catholic POPE, the world’s feminist and feminazi political and social movements, the legal and illegal immigrant invasions of America, the urban black slaves of sixty years of Democrat political urban encampments, and such are LIVING IN AN AMERICA VERY SIMILAR TO WHERE THE NAZIS  IN GERMANY AND FASCISTI IN ITALY WERE IN THE YEARS, 1923 to 1934, 1934 the year Adolph Hitler finally became Dictator.

Why should we worriers about America’s disappearing  civilized JudeoChristian culture dependent upon honesty, truthful, the  learnings, freedoms we’ve enjoyed in our traditional America that you and I believe in, must silence ourselves from uttering the words Nazi and fascist in our years prior AND LEADING TO DICTATORSHIP???

It is NOW when we are not yet conquered, imprisoned, or murdered, when we must call the spade what it is……When, today,  as a culture we are seriously confronted by real evil,  distressed about the present disappearance of knowledge and learnings vital to civilization, the rise of leftists, fascists, feminists and feminazis  destroying truth and honesty of news at CNN, PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, advancing  greed at Amazon and Google, even professional sports including dictating what can or cannot be discussed, described about fairness, ignorance, hate,  greed, violence, sexism, and power, whoever  can lie to the moon and  back about their ‘cultural’  feminist feelings of Leftist Nazi and fascisti ‘superiority’…..

The folks at CNN ‘sell’  lies for fascism and national socialism (NAZISM) power.

Americans the Free must be able to tell and describe  Truth when attacked by fascism and national socialism as we are habitually at this moment, this day, this week, this month and will continue forever  unless TRUTH AND FREEDOM OF HONEST TEACHING,  THOUGHT,  AND DEED ARE RESTORED TO OUR AMERICA BEFORE  B. H. OBAMA’S  RACIST, GODLESS SOCIALISTS,  FASCISTS. AND NAZIS GAIN POWER FOREVER.


Handsome Is, As Handsome Does

I had often been told by yesterday’s  elderly  who  have long passed before me, that the last years of ones life are filled with ever more frequent memories of ones yesterdays from baby carriage  through today’s passing moments.

Oh my, how true that telling has come to these, my latter days.  I have lived the great fortune of being a youthful 45 years old for the past 40 years…..until surgery a year ago “designed” to fix up a much deteriorated right knee.

Suddenly, I became a cripple in his eighties pushing on ninety.   Instead of working in my landscape garden worlds 65 hours a week, I have been  reduced to 25 hours per week on the average throughout  this past Minnesota snow free landscape season.

I am a white, JudeoChristian, Anglo-Germanic, dyslexic, born curious- driven American male raised through the late years of the Great Depression disturbed by the the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the rise of Modern America those many Decembers ago.

My Mother’s family was Democrat; my Father’s, Republican.  Her grandparents arrived from rural Protestant Germany early in the last century, my Father’s father was born in Cherryfield Maine before the American Civil War began in the 1860s.   His family was Scotch-Irish English and wealthy who still  practiced primogeniture, whereby the oldest son would receive the family’s inheritance.   Of the seven children in the family, four were boys with my grandfather  third in line.

He had to find adult life elsewhere.

By family rule he, Frank L. Ray, left Cherryfield, Maine, alone and on horseback, age 17, to go WEST.  He had bought a “homestead” acre of land in North Dakota 60 miles west of Fargo,  upon which he was to settle and farm.    I have a postcard in my possession dated 1874 from Chillicothe, Ohio sent to his mother with his picture on the front side and address and greeting on the back…..”Mother.  I am fine.  Frank.”

His acre was located a few miles from Hope, North Dakota.   He met my grandmother, Anna Williams about 12 years later.   She with her parents and  several sisters and a male cousin had left  rural southern Wisconsin to settle in the  West of Fargo, North Dakota….with four wagons  of family possessions.

On the way they got seriously stuck in the Sheyenne River not too far from Hope, North Dakota…..all four wagons.   Frank L. Ray, now in his thirties and still single and now owning several acres of developed farmland, discovered the Williams’ distress and collected a bunch of his buddies to free them all from the river’s  mud.

I know nothing more about the  immediate days after or years following this freeing from the mud….except that they, Anna and Frank,  got married.   They had five children all making it to adulthood.   Grandfather Frank died of horrible neck cancer in 1917.  My grandmother Anna, a proud member, officer, of the Daughters of the American Revolution, although only 4’10” high,  ran the family show with command and fist for many  years.  She was Methodist!   Eventually, the farm was lost a few years before the Great Depression.  One by one, each of her children had left the farm for a more economically reliable world of living anyway.   All wound up in the Twin Cities at least for awhile.

These were handsome people, God-fearing people….teases, happy, humorous story tellers family-loving people  of ‘can-you-top-this’ competitions.   I so loved being their child!   They were so respectful, hilarious, family-loving folks…..with their own secrets to keep secret.

I am moved to these memories by our following 21st century American cultural values, concepts, and performance.

Modern leftist corrupt Obamaland television and political America have reduced my contacts with the  social, Godless, cultural, political  and visual  realities of 21st century USA day to  Fox Business television.  And I have come to love our Donald J. Trump, and have so since August 6, 2015.  He has come to absorb a great deal of my time and joy beyond the hours of my favorite American preacher,   Dennis Prager.

I am discovering that today’s  fascist Obamaling Revolultionary Left has, indeed been politicizing the Nation’s ‘secret  police’, its Federal Bureau of Investigation, to join its feminist,  black racist, and legal, illegal millions of immigrants designed   to Marxify the country and  join the world of the “peace” sold by leftist dictatorships and cartels.

I began my withdrawal from America’s withering of freedom and JudeoChristian decency as a Democrat almost thirty years ago when the ugliest of the leftist uglies, Alan Dershowitz, began mouthing his world  Marxifying the American Civil Liberties Union and other once worth-while, needed democratic oriented national institutions.

I acknowledge and am impressed that this leftist fascism mouthy salesman, Dershowitz  of yesterday seems to have  discovered something  more conservative, freedom loving  democratic views and behaviors regarding  America’s troubles today.  (But, I still see Adolph with his swastika or Joseph of Red Star USSR  fame when I see or hear Alan Dershowitz on television.

Now to “chapter 3” of today’s notations….Our American today’s standard television is so politically, culturally and morally corrupt and vulgar,  the only reliable news information I can find beyond True Crime television is Stuart Varney’s working hours at Fox Business, especially the folks he invites for knowledge sharing.

I have heard the name “Judd” mentioned  attached to a Naomi or an Ashley in my television  past…..female names in the feminist world  they were advertising, when   assuming so,   I’d changed the channel as quickly as possible.  I preferred male sports.

In these days of socialist alleged feminist sufferings in the feminist entertainment and business worlds, I thought I’d give Fox Business another second or two before I’d cleaned my breakfast plate this morning.

I believe Naomi was identified as the mother of this Ashley.    This Naomi must be in her fifties.   She stumbledly  approached the television screen with an attempted smile made difficult or perhaps impossible for the thick plaster covering the skin portions of her head below the brightest red clump of hair  covering the very top of her head top as if a toupee.

She exudes, celebrates, represents “beautifully”  the know-nothing and deceptive aged children of today’s Obama leftist dictatorship of big, big business owned Godless America.   These Naomis are the human females animals, some innocent, but so many politicially advertised as victims throughout America’s FAKE NEWS INDUSTRY ironically by and  against  the Al Frankens.  We are supposed to feel sorry for and therefore vote today’s leftist human  female animals.  Why should honest, adult rational  human males feel sorry for “broads” Naomi and kind, who throw  their sex around for business and pleasure,  in public and private and conveniently, politically blame the human male animal, even the low-life Al Frankens responding somewhat naturally in today’s learnings?

My Republican man, Erik Paulsen, is my Washington representative.  He knows who I am…..by conversations, by planned events….a private, shy,  Church man….a Norwegian man, a good man who wants to be re..re….re….reelected until or beyond my age?   No one can find where his local offices are.   He advertises year round on local television.  He does get re-elected for he pleases all by avoiding all controversy.

MN Representative Paulsen  suddenly also appeared on this morning’s Varney show…..I admit I haven’t seen him for awhile.  He’s shy, remember, and I am very old.  Even unshy GOP bigwigs don’t spend much time showing up in my subCongressional District gatherings….

This decent, good Norwegian is always dressed neatly, conservatively, Americanly to accompany his Protestant upbringing.   But today while performing  on television, his head looked a bit different.  (What’s going on here?)

Of course, like all of us in the living, he’s getting older….(I think he was wearing a wig or something wigly on the top front of his head).

My elders, whether neighbors, teachers, family, Negro or white, rural or urban, Democrat or Republican (even leftist professors) were  all “victims of the GREAT DEPRESSION.  Nearly all of these JudeoChristian  Americans of those days gone by, possessed nothing beyond  their modesty, family, learnings, and religion.   They were programmed in school, church, synagogue and throughout  the general Americana, even its business believing in values, God, community,  humanity, Truth, and Happiness. …

Merry Christmas…and Happy New Year







Leftist Fascists Force MN Senator, Al Franken to Leave U.S. Senate

Eight and a half years ago or so, leftist fascists sponsoring Jewish vulgar entertainment star, Minnesota’s leftist candidate, Al Franken, stole the Senatorial election from a Jewish non-vulgar, non-fascist, non-entertainment star,  Senator Norman Coleman, the  replacement Senator  for winsome, likable, but twitty, Jewish icon of the dreamy Left, Paul Wellstone who had been killed in an airplane disaster a a few years  earlier.

Bright, clever, talented, hugely  obnoxious entertainer, noted jerk,  recently fired by Leftist public radio gurus for groping women,   Lake Wobegon star, Leftist guru, Garrison Keillor, then blamed the Wellstone death crash on conspiring Minnesota Republicans.  (I kid you NOT!)  He wasn’t totally certain about, however, just “mostly”.

I’m in my eighties.  Until the Wellstone era, Minnesota used to be civilized, JudeoChristian oriented, peace loving, well educated and/or respectful of others with honest people devoted to governance….Women, both Negro and white, were devoted Mothers of their children , their male mates hard working fathers to make “ends meet”.  (Planned Parenthood disease had not yet arrived.)

Citizens knew their neighbors.  No one swore bad words.  Nor had body deodorants been invented yet.

Grandparents were either already dead, or profoundly revered as the core of the family culture.

Apparently groping, a popular activity  with today’s 21st century American citizenry of appropriate animal  age, sex, colors, shapes, and sizes, some activists, others “receptionists”,  had become a popular exercise with certain Americans in politics.    Usually, we are told truthfully, it takes two to tangle…..but not in fascist-leftist, feminist, fanatical postObama America!  Groping is only a ONE WAY STREET!

A moment or two before today’s 11AM Central Standard Time, my U.S. Senator, Al Franken began speaking about how he felt about  his standing up before national television to abide by  rumor he was to steal  his Senate seat away from himself, as his current fascist-leftist fanatics had by rumor demanded……(the same Senate seat he and his leftist Democrats has stolen by fascist-leftist contrived recount, from the winner of the election, Norm Coleman back in 2008.

“Worst day of my political life,” Senator Franken said  calmly, masculinely, Americanly, civilly….his closets of decency perhaps expected, trained years ago  by his parents, appeared civil,  clean and orderly for several minutes shining the good man which still withstood his fascistic leftism.  (I was hoping he was NOT going to quit the Senate, despite his fanatic, fascist-leftist Democrat Party superiors, mealy mouth-stars Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer.  He hadn’t killed anyone.  People who vote, not leftist, feminist, fascists  should decide Senator Franken’s term of office.)

Democrat fascist-leftist, soon exSenator Al Franken publicly confessed, of course, of doing No Wrong…..Only traditional Americans are evil…..and then suggested that the present man in the White House was the real source of American male sins.

Minnesota Senator, Creep Franken, to Resign?

Leopards cannot change their spots.   Today’s American fascist Democrats can,  or at least think they can,  change their spots, of course depending  upon who views them or observes how they act.

Minnesota’s Al Franken has been creepy for decades.  He entertained creeps as a profession by playing games most often, those vulgar.  He’s Jewish, leftist, and loud mouthed, a good threesome for today’s political community in Washington.

He entered the United States Senate as a thief.  The U.S. President,  new in the year 2009, was foreigner, articulate leftist son of an African Muslim, socialist Barack Hussein Obama,  married to white folks hater,  and a neighbor friend  of popular revolutionary  bomber,  rioter, and some claim murderer, Bill Ayers.  This Obama the Fascist, declared upon America the night of his victory that he would  change America forever, and did so…..first….

….by maneuvering 25,000,000 immigrants to invade and disrupt every American metropolitan center in the country by creating Communist Dictatorships called “Sanctuary Cities.”

Obama fascists were one vote short in the 2009 Senate from having a super majority by which this Barack Hussein could own the Senate and damage the United States forever.   He looked to mushy Minnesota….what was left of the Humphrey-Mondale residue of liberal dreams for maternal care for all, where in the same 2008 when Daddy Obama was elected, a Jewish  Senator Norman Coleman from Minnesota had been re-elected by 725 votes over noted Creep, Al Franken, of vulgarity fame.

Democrats have run the State Establishment of Minnesota since the early 1950s.  Their state employees are always in charge when counting ballots in state elections.  Donkeys win, elephants lose was normal.   The Hubert Humphrey state folks demanded a recount….To no ones surprise, Creep Franken the vulgar  won the recount by 221 votes or so….with DFL  counted recount  ballots   arriving from Duluth and the Iron Range for Creep Franken in greater numbers than registered voters in the district.

Hello, AD 2009 Obama’s Creep Al Franken now free to change America forever  with Crooked Hillary on the horizon in 2016 to secure the extinction of honest and free elections in America forever!

Creep Franken remained creepy as a Senator….and gained a lot of weight while doing so.   He was re-elected to the Senate  in a landslide….our feminists and  Swede’s seemed to adore his creeps, his temper, his looks, his noise, his mouth.

And then there arrived in the good old USA, a shock of a century,  OUR DONALD with his presidential defeat of crooked, repulsive, creepy fascist  Hillary.

The Fascists of America, their academes,  THE COURTS, the news industry, television industry, movie industry, feminists of all sexes, colors, shapes and sizes,  family-less black racists from Chicago to the Pacific and the Atlantic and their Sanctuary Cities  were immediately  exercised by the Obama Democrat Regiments to rebel….

The United States of America had not yet been conquered by the Fascist Left.

A few weeks ago feminists arrived on the leftist news market…..POOR DEARS had allegedly been abused by America’s  Harvey Weinsteins and kind.   Even traitor feminist, Jane Fonda, ‘the repulsive’,  of Hanoi fame announced she had been ‘abused’…….and then, creeping out of the Senate “dark” into the Democrat “left” came the call for punishment of “abusers” of America’s weaker sex for Minnesota’s Junior Senator, creepy Al Franken.

A few hours ago leftist creeps at Minnesota public radio announced that Senator Al was going to accede to the demands of the Godless leftists at Minnesota public radio and such places from the Obama Pacific to the Obama Atlantic….that creepy Al was going to announce his ‘retirement’ from the United States Senate tomorrow morning.

Had these and other Obama fascist leftists discovered or rediscovered  Jesus, God the Father, and/or  Moses of the JudeoChristian Bible?  What have they been drinking to cause such a ‘revolution’ of mouth, thought, behavior?    Were these Sauls struck to become Pauls?  Or have they only  changed their colors of sleaze, deceit, and evil?

Who is their enemy number one?  God the Father?   Jesus the Savior?   Mohammed the Great?   or Donald J. Trump?

There is a Senatorial election coming up soon in red state, Alabama.   A colorful state character, Roy Moore is the contender against the fascistic Democrat party’s candidate.   Moore was a cinch to fill the vacant seat contested, until a couple weeks ago when local fascist Democrats lassoed a couple of 50 year old females who were encouraged to announce to the press that Mr. Moore 38 years ago had inappropriately touched them in wrong places.   (Oh my, my….these poor feminists were so upset they waited 38 years before they discovered their importance on America’s  political scene…..

The Obama fascists jumped into action in Alabama.   Their man, a male ditsy, now had a good chance to damage President Donald J. Trump’s agenda to make “America Great Again”!

But then Minnesota feminists came out of their woodworks to attack Creep Franken….two, four, six, eight……and in Michigan about the same time, 89 year old Congressional fixture, John Conyers, Jr…..began defending himself from dozens of sexual problems he had covered up with payments over years of his public service in Washington…at tax payers expense, by the way.

Top Democrat, famous ditsy from California,  Nancy Pelosi, announce Rep. Conyers was an American icon for his years of ??????  Yet, a few days later, she decided, after conference with her fellow fascists, that Mr. Conyers had to go home forever more!

Fixture Conyers left for home.

And then after weeks and weeks of this gal and that gal claiming abuse from creep Franken,  it was publicly announced by Leftists that my U.S. Senator, the guy whose office was originally stolen by Obama fascists in 2009, had to leave the Senate!

Why?  Had today’s feminized, fascist Left discovered God, Truth, and decency?

Are you kidding?   They are contriving personal political cleansing….to secure through a display of  self righteousness more feminists of all sexes, shapes, colors and sizes to join forces to defeat  their enemy of enemies of their American lives….Donald J. Trump, and remove him from office forever!

(I forgot my postscript!   I hope Al Franken is man enough to remain in the Senate, grow up civilized, discover politeness, and refuse to resign his office.   Franken was re-elected without incident a couple years ago by the Minnesota leftists.  It could be he possesses nothing of decent humanity, but what if he actually decides to be adult and civil for a change in his political life?

At least I’d come  to respect him for that.   He has chosen  to apologize a number of times up to this point.   Besides, there is something very sleazy about the human female animal hanging around important men, who somehow or another, years after the alleged indiscretion suddenly come out of the woods and claim “fire”.

This very evening some very sweet appearing Republican Congress gal from Illinois being interviewed about the holiness of female kind, sweetly, stupidly declared  the human male animal’s interest in the human female:  “IT’S NOT ABOUT SEX.  IT’S ABOUT POWER!”    Maybe she was born and raised in Antarctica!

What college lesbian instructor taught her that nonsense!


Fascism Alive and Well at the University of Minnesota



by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

In six short years since it was founded by 18-year-old Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA has become a powerful force on America’s college campuses, with over 1,200 chapters across the country. Turning Point promotes free market, limited government policies in a fun, aggressive manner that is attuned to young people.

Tonight Charlie Kirk gave a speech at the University of Minnesota, sponsored by the TPUSA chapter there. My wife and I attended, along with our youngest daughter and a couple of her friends. Security was tight, apparently because of threats from liberals. There were at least eight or ten police officers guarding the venue, and you had to register in advance to be admitted.

Needless to say, whatever violence had been threatened failed to materialize, and there were not even any protesters. It takes commitment to protest outdoors on a December night in Minnesota. Despite the limitations imposed by security requirements, the crowd was good.

Kirk covered some of the basic points of TPUSA’s philosophy–pro-free enterprise, pro-America, anti-socialism–and then threw the program open for an extensive questions and answer session. Sitting directly in front of us were a pair of Communists:

The guy on the right wore a t-shirt that said “Marxist.com.” It turns out that there is such a web site. During the Q and A, Kirk, who loves to debate Communists, engaged in an extensive colloquy with this guy. It was not a fair fight, as Mr. Marxist.com was a sad specimen even by Socialist standards. He turned out to be an exponent of a rare form of Communism that starts from the premise that Lenin was murdered. Apparently there was a brief shining moment during the Russian Civil War when real Communism existed, but it was quickly snuffed out. By the time this guy was done, I felt sorry for him.

As the evening went on, I tried to put myself in the place of the Minneapolis and University of Minnesota police officers in attendance. Here was a speaker who thinks America is a great country; who believes in individual freedom and the Bill of Rights; who argues that our free enterprise system is good, while Communism is bad. And he is so controversial that he must be protected from violence by armed guards. I can only assume that the officers in attendance found this mystifying. The college students, on the other hand, know how the deck is stacked.

A footnote: when the event was concluded, quite a few kids lined up to have their pictures taken with Charlie Kirk. One of them told Charlie that he had put up a poster promoting the event in his dorm, and in response someone sent out an email to the effect that displaying the poster was a racist hate crime. The punch line, of course, is that the kid who put up the poster is African-American.

This is a snapshot, one of countless such vignettes, of the battle that is being fought every day in our colleges and universities. The situation is, as we all know, grim. But Turning Point is worth keeping your eye on. It offers a beacon of sanity to our college kids.



What Percentage of Congress is a Feline Predator?

What an excellent question!

The human female animal claims she is man’s equal.   Of course, normal folks know that if this is a claim, it is a LIE!

If the human adult female animal were  equal to the human  adult male animal (especially members of  Congress) there would be no sexual predator unequal to the other….when if fact, it is likely at least 20% of the human vixen has predator moments.   They use the tricks of their trade feministly, however, perhaps especially when a member of  Congress.

Perhaps it was a grave misjudgment to allow the human female animal to occupy a seat in  Congress.   She’s not very keen at problem solving in most of the realms which entice the human male to explore, challenge, and conquer.


THE HUMAN FEMALE ANIMAL BY NATURE  PREFERS, SEEKS SECURITY, COMFORT, PEACE AND QUIET  WHETHER IN A DICTATORSHIP OR A REPUBLIC!!   (Today’s American women  don’t seem to be  interested in such a common drive, however, perhaps pretending  to be more a male instead.)

Alexis deTocqueville, a French intellectual aristocrat of the early nineteenth century forecasted the eventual collapse of a republican America once its population discovered it wasn’t necessary to be productive and creative working in life if one didn’t want to…..so let others….the guys do the work, they do the inventing, they have the energy and strength to produce and  they are genetically driven to do so.

Learn more about that bright FrenchMAN!     www.history.com/topics/alexis-de-tocqueville

But, then…..the human female is by Nature more devious, secretive, vixenish, in her methods of achieving her wants…..now, be honest…ISN’T SHE!!!!


Are All Today’s Democrats Bigots? The Obama Legacy?


You can’t make this stuff up: Vogue, a reliable Democratic Party outlet, has gone crazy over First Lady Melania Trump’s White House Christmas decorations:

Melania Trump unveiled the White House holiday decorations on Monday, which are, as some people on the internet have noticed, very, very white.

White decorations at Christmas? The horror!

No, wait, that was the Obamas in 2015. Never mind…

This is truly beyond the pale:

In a year during which many have speculated that Melania hates her husband and does not want to be First Lady at all (a claim that has recently resurfaced), Melania’s White House Christmas could be interpreted as a snowy and desolate manifestation of her own isolation, which begs the question: Is she trying to tell us something?

This isn’t just over-the-top partisan, it is borderline insane. The craziness continues:

Indeed, some of the decorations brought to life an apocalyptic, barren landscape similar to what some of us imagine lies in America’s future, or the calming white walls of a mental institution.

You have to see it for yourself, or you would never believe how nutty–speaking of mental institutions–today’s Democrats have become.

Vogue goes on to assemble some of the “best reactions to Melania’s White House creations.” All of which are sick. Here is just one example:

When I read this sort of thing, I always wonder: did anyone say anything like this about Michelle Obama? I lived through those long eight years, and I can tell you the answer is No. As an antidote to the Democrats’ hatefulness, let’s close with some photos of this year’s White House decorations: