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Dem’s Minneapolis Violent Crime Exploding Like Dem’s Fascism Everywhere Else!


by  John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

A number of American cities are in crisis–San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles come to mind–but Minneapolis is giving those better-known towns a run for their money. Violent crime in Minneapolis is rising alarmingly, and it is getting international attention as a result of an incident that was recorded by security cameras. In broad daylight, just outside the entrance to Target Field, where the Minnesota Twins play, a gang of feral youths beat and terrorized a random man. The video was played by a local television station, and since then has been seen around the world:

Rising crime has created serious problems for the city’s boy mayor, Jacob Frey, and its City Council. Representatives of the four professional sports teams that play in Minneapolis went so far as to jointly author an op-ed in the Star Tribune calling on the city to step up law enforcement: “City leaders must act to keep downtown Minneapolis safe.”

The reality is, downtown Minneapolis isn’t as safe as it once was. Nothing will stop people from coming downtown more quickly than the perception or reality that it is unsafe. Our professional sports teams are collectively urging Mayor Jacob Frey and the Minneapolis City Council to invest in public safety for downtown Minneapolis.

We are not alone. This opinion is shared by many who call Minneapolis their home. A recent survey found that an overwhelming 68% of Minneapolis residents supported adding 125 police officers, and 63% support adding 250 officers. Given that resounding show of public demand, support for Mayor Frey’s proposal to add 14 police officers is the very least we can do.

Indeed. The city’s chief of police wants to add 400 officers, so the mayor’s 14 would seem a bare minimum. The problem, as the head of Minneapolis’s police union has pointed out, is that city officials are uniformly anti-law enforcement:

The city council…ran on an anti-police agenda and they all made it. It’s ultra-left. It’s been [an] extreme Democrat-controlled council. It’s been that way for 22 years. …

It’s an ultra-left agenda that the police are the problem. [They say] it’s a racially biased criminal justice system here, and we need to de-police. That’s the overtone of our council.

Even in the wake of the most recent homicides and other violent incidents, City Council members are clinging to their leftist illusions. Thus, one Council member says the Council is trying to do “a better job with our youth violence intervention strategies to support the youth who are in the downtown area between 9:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.” I don’t think most residents believe the problem is that criminals who are wandering the streets in the middle of the night lack “support.”

This is the context in which President Trump will visit Minneapolis for a rally at the Target Center on Wednesday. Locally as nationally, Democrats stir up hatred against the president to distract from their own disastrous failures. Mayor Jacob Frey issued this statement:

Under ordinary circumstances, it would be an honor to welcome a sitting President of the United States to Minneapolis and to showcase all our city has to offer on the national stage.

“Ordinary circumstances” means, if we had a Democrat president.

But these aren’t ordinary circumstances. Since taking office President Trump’s actions have been reprehensible…

I would love to cross-examine Mayor Frey about which of Trump’s actions have been reprehensible. Reforming the tax code? Reducing regulations? Driving a sharp increase in economic growth, with unparalleled job opportunities and rising wages, especially for lower-income workers and minorities? Advancing American interests abroad, while standing up to the Chinese and Russians? Actually, I think the most “reprehensible” thing Trump did was to surprise the Democrats by beating Hillary Clinton.

…and his rhetoric has made it clear that he does not value the perspectives or rights of Minneapolis’ diverse communities.

Unless, of course, those “perspectives” include a desire for better jobs and rising wages. As for “rights,” I have no idea what he is talking about.

On October 10, our entire city will stand not behind the President, but behind the communities and people who continue to make our city–and this country–great. While there is no legal mechanism to prevent the president from visiting…

Mayor Frey acknowledges that if he had the legal power, he would stop the President of the United States from coming to Minneapolis. Of course, we shouldn’t single Frey out. I am pretty sure our left-wing Governor, Tim Walz, would ban Trump from Minnesota if he could. That is the depth of extremism to which the Democratic Party has sunk.

…his message of hatred will never be welcome in Minneapolis.

Actually, the president’ speeches are cheerful, upbeat and inclusive. If Frey wants to find some hatred, he should look closer to home.


Trump Visits a City In Crisis

When will Americans Begin to Notice the Schiff Fascists Now Destroying Our American Dream to Seek and Honor TRUTH!

Where would we Americans be today without the devotion for truth and freedom exercised by honest Jewish folks such as John Hinderaker and Dennis Prager?

Our American Christian community, may God Bless Them, seems to have retreated into the Roman catacombs again  (for another 500 years?).   At least they still worship the importance of Truth over Evil when  80% of their voters went for  and elected Donald J. Trump to the American Presidency in 2016!!


What makes Evil in a live human animal? ……  THE ABSENCE OF TRUTH AND HUMAN DECENCY, something I learned at Church and in school, kindergarten to college and graduate school when America was still the AMERICAN DREAM!

It isn’t too hard to understand….UNLESS YOU ARE FASCISTS LIKE  ADAM SCHIFF,  NANCY PELOSI, JERRY NADLER,  CHARLES SCHUMER, RICHARD BLUMENTHAL, BERNIE SANDERS, ERIC SWALWELL, MAXINE WATERS, GEORGE SOROS, HOLLYWOOD, AND UNIVERSITIES and other mouths running today’s Fascistic Dem Party absent of traditional American values dreamed and honored.

Fox News is also among this crowd of evil, but probably not by design…., perhaps their STAR animals don’t know the evil they are  nursing when selling  Adam Schiff and crowd.   “Conservative” Fox advertises “fair and balanced”  news….and so,  sells  Schiff FASCIST disorders and lies  as equal to those honest traditional Republicans and Democrats who still honor and strive for Truth and honesty but are too gutless or too uneducated to know or remember how vitally important EXERCISING TRUTH IS IN A FREEDOM LOVING COUNTRY  LIKE AMERICA IN MY LIFETIME  STRUGGLED TO MAINTAIN WHEN IT VALUED THE GUIDE OF GODFEARING JUDEOCHRISTIANITY!

I have never met John Hinderaker, one of my heroes trying to save our traditional American values in our days of Schiff swamp.   He seems to be a very gentle gentleman when evaluating the fascist and fascistic horrors now overwhelming our dreams of America!   Such gentlemen are better than no gentlemen at all.

The human female animal prefers security over freedom.   Fascism whether German, Soviet, Maoist, or Schiff-style doesn’t really seem to matter as long as she feels ‘SECURE’.

Ban All the Red Hats?

Democrats Haven’t Always Been Feminized Fascists

Do You Remember When Both Parties Sounded Patriotic?

By MICHAEL BROWN at the Stream:    (Article sent by Mark Waldeland.)

It wasn’t that long ago that both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates sounded proud to be Americans. That, broadly speaking, both parties sounded patriotic, deeply appreciative of our heritage. That is certainly not the case today.

One party is proud of America, the other ashamed. One party recognizes the serious errors of our past but sees a greatness beyond that. The other party sees us as defined by our errors and failings.

On Saturday, I tweeted, “Do you remember the day (not that long ago) when both the Democrats and Republicans sounded patriotic?”

In response, Raymond E. Grim commented, “This 4th of July I really saw the separation between the Rs and Ds on love of our country. The Rs talked about the greatness of our country. The Ds complained about President Trump and patriotism.”

And my colleague at Stream.org, John Zmirak, wrote, “Yep. The VENEER of patriotism was kept up under Obama, but only to allow him to ‘fundamentally transform’ the country. (Remember Michelle wasn’t proud of America till HE GOT ELECTED.)”

Cruz Calls Out Kaepernick Over Fredrick Douglass

It is not surprising that it was a Republican, Senator Ted Cruz, who exposed Colin Kaepernick’s selective quotations from Frederick Douglass, which Kaepernick posted on July 4th.

The former NFL quarterback wanted Americans to remember the perspective of Douglass, who famously said, “What have I, or those I represent, to do with your national independence? This Fourth of July is yours, not mine” And, “There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of these United States at this very hour.”

Sen. Cruz pointed out that this speech was delivered in 1852, more than a decade before the Civil War. That makes a big difference.

Cruz then cited some of the closing words of this important speech, which included: “Allow me to say, in conclusion, notwithstanding the dark picture I have this day presented, of the state of the nation, I do not despair of this country. There are forces in operation, which must inevitably, work the downfall of slavery. ‘The arm of the Lord is not shortened,’ and the doom of slavery is certain.”

And, “I, therefore, leave off where I began, with hope. While drawing encouragement from ‘the Declaration of Independence,’ the great principles it contains, and the genius of American Institutions, my spirit is also cheered by the obvious tendencies of the age.”

Ignoring the Note of Hope

It is this note of hope, of national pride, of confidence in the solid foundations of our country, that is so lacking in today’s Democratic party.

The Founding Fathers were bad men. (I can virtually guarantee you that the voting districts and educational institutions most upset with the Founders tilt heavily Democrat.)

Capitalism is evil. (Oh, if only we were a socialist country!)

Whiteness is shameful, especially when it is male whiteness. (And our country was founded by white men and is run by white men until this day.)

Yes, we have a lot of apologizing to do. In fact, we need to apologize simply for being ourselves. It’s embarrassing to be an American.

Illegal aliens are heroes, and we are morally obligated to support them and provide their health insurance. In contrast, secure borders are selfish and a strong military is hateful.

And on and on it goes, coming to a head on this 4th of July.

As John Nolte wrote, “Because Democrats and the media have to be —holes about absolutely everything America-related, rather than join President Trump in celebrating America on the Fourth, they — no joke — raged against the idea of celebrating the birth of our great nation in our nation’s capital.”

“No One Who Moves to America From Another Country Goes Back Home”

Interestingly, while taking a taxi from Manhattan to LaGuardia airport this past Tuesday, my driver, who came to the States from Pakistan in 1992, said to me, “No one who moves to America from another country goes back home.”

Obviously, this was not meant to be a scientifically accurate statement, but the overall sentiment is undeniably true.

America is the land of opportunity, incredibly so.

America is the “can do” country, where anything seems possible.

America is the desired destination of countless millions who would love to make our country their home.

America is the land of freedom. (When I asked on the radio this week, “What are some of the greatest strengths and weaknesses of our country?”, one of my staff members replied, “The fact that we can have this conversation openly is one of our greatest strengths.”)

Without a doubt, from a prophetic perspective, America has many serious needs and is guilty of many sins. Having written books referring to our sickly condition, I would be the last to dispute this assessment.

And it is part of the duty of gospel ministers to call us to repentance and change. Count me in for that, on virtually a daily basis.

But America is also an amazing country, a country with wonderful roots. And one would expect our political leaders to celebrate our heritage rather than denigrate it.

Even political pragmatism would suggest that you would have a better chance of rallying voters by cultivating a healthy sense of national pride rather than a crippling sense of national shame.

So, by all means, let’s recognize our ongoing problems and let’s address our very real shortcomings.

But let’s do so realizing that we really are privileged to live here in America, which was and is intended to be “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

May our political leaders take heed.


Do You Remember When Both Parties Sounded Patriotic?

Will Our America Survive today’s CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NBC, CBS, and ABC Fascism?


by John Hinderaker at PowerLine:

I’ve been writing over the last few days about the fact that “get woke, go broke” doesn’t always apply to companies that pose as social justice warriors. On the other hand, CNN’s formula–obsessive, over the top Trump hatred, every day, all the time–has bombed. John Nolte has the numbers:

The far-left fake news outlet CNN came in 15th place in primetime during the previous quarter and lost nearly 20 percent of its already pathetic viewership.

Here are the prime time numbers for cable news channels:

Fox: 2.4 million
MSNBC: 1.67 million
CNN: 761,000

Compared with the second quarter last year, all three cable news networks are down, I assume because Trump hysteria has subsided somewhat. Fox is down 2% in prime time, MSNBC is down 4%, and CNN down 18%. It’s tough when you are already in third place and suffer by far the largest loss of audience.

Of course, MSNBC has historically been the farthest left cable network. Nolte says:

CNN is an unreliable and dishonest hate network obsessed with working out its psychosis against Trump and his supporters by going so far as to condone and encourage violence against them.

For all of MSNBC’s flaws, its anchors are nowhere near as dangerous or unstable.

I can’t comment, since I never watch cable news, except to note that our friend Hugh Hewitt has a show on MSNBC, so they have that much balance, at least.

In any event, it seems clear that CNN’s ratings collapse is a function of its utterly boring anti-Trump mania. I wrote quite a while ago that CNN could abandon its programming entirely, and instead simply post a placard that says “We hate Trump.” It is isn’t hard to see why such a boring message repels the audience.

Note from ghr:   Where in television,  print, and schooling in Minnesota today does one party, today’s Leftist Democrat fascism, NOT OWN, RULE, and OBSTRUCT?   Only in the state’s  churches does the fresh air of Truth and traditional Godfearing conservatives  remain alive and well, almost secretly as if imprisoned in yesterday’s catacombs.

Beyond radio, where does a traditional American go to read, meet, and express and seek decency and Truth these days?

A Republican owns the Minneapolis Strib fascistic papers which sell  its Leftism.   The  St. Paul Pioneer Press barely exists.  It used to be a Roman Catholic press fully aware of  fascistic leftism, its evil weapons, threats and lies.

Where does Minnesota  go to read about and absorb the countless achievements of  our gifted, America-loving President, Donald J. Trump?   Nowhere!!   Certainly not the Wall Street Journal!!   Public school is where today’s leftist fascists rule, sculpting creatures even more ignorant and arrogant than themselves.

Are  there any real Mothers today left to mother  their children beyond the week in which they were born?   Is the disappearance of the American family for real?


Last Week’s Lefty Democrat “CLUSTERFARK”!

by  Kurt Schlicter (of Major League Baseball Fame)…..at TownHall:

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty good about the election after last week’s two-day Democratic clusterfark, and the president has got to be feeling pretty good too, since he just won it. Oh, we have 17 more months of media pimping of whichever commie candidate is currently the least embarrassing, but the debates made it very clear that Trump is going to be POTUS until Ric Grenell is on the victorious GOP ticket in 2024.

In the Dems’ defense, they do have an uphill battle. The economy is on fire, we’ve dodged all the new wars our garbage elite has proposed, Mueller (who went unmentioned) delivered only humiliation, and all 723 Democrats running are geebos. But say what you will, they are a diverse bunch in every way except thought – among the weirdos, losers and mutations onstage were a fake Indian, a furry, a guy so dumb he quotes Che in Miami, a raving weather cultist, America’s shrill first wife, a distinctly non-fabulous gay guy, T-Bone’s homie, whatever the hell Andrew Yang is, and Stevie Nicks.

But it was the thought part where they came together in a festival of insane acclamation. They agreed on everything, and it was all politically suicidal. Yeah, Americans are thrilled about the idea of subsidizing Marxist puppetry students and getting kicked off their health insurance so that they can put their lives in the hands of the people who brought you the DMV.

Exactly who, outside of Manhattan and Scat Francisco, think Americans are dying to stop even our feeble enforcement of the border, make illegal immigration not illegal, never send illegals home once they get here and – think about this – take our tax money to give these foreigners who shouldn’t even be here in the first place better free health care than our vets get? That should go well in places like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. I eagerly await Salena Zito’s interview with a bunch of construction workers at a diner near Pittsburg who tell her, “It really bugs me, Lou and Joe here that those people coming into the country illegally aren’t getting free heath care on our dime. We all want to work an extra shift so we can give it to ‘em. We need a president who finally puts foreigners first! Also, we all agree we ought to give up our deer rifles because people in Cory Booker’s neighborhood can’t stop shooting each other.”

Even Joe Biden, who should know better, hopped onto that crazy Acela. One of the last Democrats who actually thought his party should bother with voters who have to shower after they get off work, Biden was looking bad. Physically, he appeared thin and tired and crusty – the last couple years have not been kind. Mentally, it was just sad. Joe was never going to get mixed up with Stephen Hawking, but his pathetic flailing about on stage demonstrated that he’s way too old, physically, mentally and culturally. He would have been perfectly fine up there with guys like Walter Mondale and Hubert Humphrey in 1979, but instead he was onstage in 2019 with a bunch of people who – to the extent they know who Walter Mondale and Hubert Humphrey were – think that those guys were a bunch of racist cis-het white males of privilege who can’t understand the truly important issues of today, like – as Julian Castro pointed out – free abortions for transsexuals.

Democrats have morphed from the party of the working man to the party of contempt for the working man. Take away his voice, take away his respect, take away his guns and take away his money – that’s their agenda for the kind of ex-Democrat voter who said “No thanks” and dashed Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit’s hideous dreams.

By the way, Kamala’s heart-felt plea about busing in that racist hot-bed of Jim Crow, Berkeley, was especially amusing to me. I’m two months younger than her, I grew up across the San Francisco Bay from the future Not-Mrs. Wille Brown, and I was bused too. No one cared. It was no biggie in the Bay Area. You weren’t exactly marching to Selma, you goof.

She “won” the debate because she’s the least inept of that cast of mediocrities, and she’s totally inept. She’s just like all the others, just a little less so. Gillibrand is super shrill and super naggy, while Harris is just shrill and naggy. Bernie wants Americans to get off their own lawns so he can redistribute the turf, while Harris might let them keep a few blades of grass. And Marianne Williamson thinks the number one priority for the next president is to immediately communicate with the prime minister of New Zealand via magic crystals while Harris’s position on chakras and energy waves remains unclear.

Trump has to be ecstatic. These people are never going to beat him. Their entire platform consists of forcing Normal Americans to work so that the liberal elite can give free stuff to Democrat constituents and illegal aliens (of course, these categories form a single circle within the Venn diagram of who Democrats care about). They also want to ensure that the United States obeys the dictates of the transnational global elite when it comes to sucking up to those few foreigners who haven’t yet snuck in here for subsidized dental work. Yeah, Americans are totally going to applaud like the trained seals in the Colbert audience for reversing Trump’s policy of making the euroweenies pick up the tab for their own defense and for reinstating the Paris Accords, which means shipping cash to the Third World to somehow keep it from being a degree hotter in the year 2219.

Yeah Dems, you go with all that. Keep it up. And in January 2025 you’ll get your wish and finally be rid of Trump – though only after he hands over the Oval office keys to President Ric Grenell.

Of course, if Trump doesn’t win in 2020, we’re in for chaos. From Willie Brown’s Girlfriend’s pledge to rule by decree to Beto, who is a furry, demanding we allow people dressed like cartoon foxes into our bathrooms, to Swalwell wanting to go all Nagasaki on Americans who insist on that inconvenient Second Amendment thing, a victory by any of them would require you set your futures to “Dystopian.” Want a preview? Check out my action-packed yet super-snarky novels about the United States’ split into red and blue countries, People’s RepublicIndian Country and Wildfire. Liberals and the sad Loser Boat crew from the failed Weekly Standard, to the extent they are not the same, called them “Appalling,” so they have to be good!


The Disappearance of the Human Family in Our Once Good Old Godfearing USA

Motherhood in our America began to disappear  in the 1960s.  Feminists and/ or the financial struggles of the American human family of the period began pushing her out of  house and motherhood.  American feminists of all shapes, sexes, and sizes insisted she was in every way the equal of or superior to the human male animal.   Only human male bigotry and bullishness  have forced the poor dears throughout the millennia to be Mothers.  Sex is sexy.  Motherhood is tough, demanding, and can seem lonely and boring.  Nor does it bring big money to the family unit    She American female went off to college to become stars  in  leftism, butchism, mouthy and arrogance….but still remain ditsy.

There the  American female leftist was taught  butchism, its art and delusion that she, the superior sex she has been programmed she is,  at last, has been made  free from domestic slavery created  by  evil masculinity for the past 4,000,000 years of human development.

She’s in the army or has a job  and owns the government now!  Her Motherhood lasts about a week until she goes back to her occupation.   Since she is made equal or superior to any male, why have a husband?

And goodbye to  the American family, with the exception of those wonderful Christian American mothers who still stay home to  mother providing warmth, soul, knowledge, and strength to  their children,  now  on its Godless, leftist  road to destruction.

Please read the following:


The 21st Century American Human Female Animal

It may surprise the human female graduating from American universities this past generation that the human female is not the identical of the human male.

Margo Epprecht has written an article through Quartz titled, “THE REAL REASON WOMEN ARE LEAVING WALL STREET”.

She ‘knows’ the real reason women are leaving Wall Street.

Before reading her real reason, let me express a male word or two regarding her and other feminist such reasons.

The human female is natively ditzy. More human females may be better, faster readers than their male counterparts. They certainly fit as a group more comfortably in the social milieu of the modern American leftwing educational system which drugs boys to act more like girls. Some human females may even sense a drive to gather some degree of curiosity, but she is not natively so gifted with the chemistry which goes with making boys males….at least most of the time.

Ms. Epprecht’s assumptions are those similar to the standard tyrannical feminists who have claimed that the domination of the human male over the human female throughout their existence, has been the result of a vast male conspiracy to avoid being embarrassed by superior female abilities.

Most rational humans with some kind of knowledge have discovered that the human male through his Homo Sapien existence has been born to become a killer for the survival of the species. He was born a killer throughout his natural ‘upbringing’ until that time when a religion or two stimulated crazy ideas in the human male brain that he should learn to reduce his degree of natural violence and become God-fearing, that is, ‘good’ fearing instead remaining a beast. Some, eventually described as ‘civilized’, spent much of their time reducing male proclivity to violence in order to run human existence ‘better’.

Weapons have always remained at close hand, nevertheless.

Man discovered “There is neither good nor bad. Only thinking makes it so,” and began his journey in life, mixed in results to be sure, developing a conscience, an idea missing amongst most feminists and other Marxists.

This beast was programmed to become curious to build a safer nest, to build better tools, to secure better concepts for survival to protect his mate, mates, and their offspring in the immediate, and his confederates under his protection and guile as their roles altered with age and their ability to remain in control.

The human female has never been a carbon copy of the human male under any conditions even in the more powerful Marxist states of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the People’s Republic of China. Until the most recent of years, her primary purpose throughout the animal’s lifetime, was to participate in perpetuating the species. In general in most cultures, it became the duty of her mate and society to protect her.

In my own personal experience women are often very efficient in accomplishing office work. I remember them as incomparable as my old maid public elementary and high school teachers teaching knowledge in a male disciplined environment. Such women have long since disappeared.

Today’s massive bureaucracies seem ideal for female efficiency in passing on programmed ideas and matter in mass production. This new world has isolated man, the thinker, the curious, the builder, the gatherer of his space for his mate and family. We have seen his demise in the Communist tyrannies of the past century.

Tyrannies are made secure by female, not male, obeisance.

If they were the human male’s equal in the meaning of the word, the female should also be his equal in physical work, the mental and behavioral, as well…. Despite constant leftwing propaganda in the American press, the nation’s schools and universities and feminist dysfunctioning, she is not there yet, for she still remains female, the sacred instrument through which this strange species in life, the human being, continues to be.


(I add the following to the above article written six years ago:

At 85 this coming summer, I still greatly  admire the role of human MOTHERHOOD ever since my  kindergarten “classes” in 1939….a time when thereafter nearly all of my teachers until tenth grade were female, old maids, loved kids and loved teaching knowledge and maturing youngsters in the then Godfearing JudeoChristian environment.

I don’t ever remember  meeting any of the countless Dem Nancy Pelosi goofs  of today’s miserable America when I learned my early school  learnings throughout  the 1940s.   Mothers were at home in the neighborhoods or on farms as  homemakers then when homemakers and CHURCH formed the primary  decency and character of our Nation’s  off spring.


Why is the JudeoChristian God MALE!?

Note from Glenn:

Dennis Prager has come out with his Judeic reason, reasons for why our JudeoChristian God is MALE in concept.   His listing is rational, believable, and quite acceptable among rational human animals interested if the reasons of life and the unknown of death of the human body and mind.

Please click on below to absorb the rational behind his truths.

There are other cultural worlds in human history beyond the JudeoChristian.   It is from my JudeoChristian learnings while growing up that I fell in love with Roman history, and therefore Greek mythology as well, concepts  of life, God, and the inevitability of death.

That curiosity led me to study and learn Latin my sophomore year in high school….I loved learning history, where we’ve come from and why.   I was a child of the depression and the  second World War.   I was lucky.  It was a good time to be in American schools where I lived then.   My Lutheran learnings of the Old and New Testaments during Sunday School were led by the same gifted, cultural, learned teacher old maids whom I loved listening to in public grade school from 3rd grade until Confirmation.

They taught me that God, that is, God the Father, the all powerful, had no form.  HE was beyond form and ALL AND FOREVER POWERFUL, THE ORIGIN AND PURPOSE OF ALL LIFE AND EXISTENCE.   Genesis, Chapter One and Two were powerful teachers  in those days of satisfying my male wonderment..

Although without form, God the Father of all existence, known and unknown, was Male in power, mind,  and duty,  the foundation of all matter, human, animal, and mineral to survive a hostile world…..the primary world and purpose of the existence of the  human male…….to protect and provide for the continuation of the species and survival of his off spring.

Sacred in that off-spring is the gift, miracle,  and mystery of life borne and delivered by the human female.

He was  born  for purpose, a killer, a protector, a provider, a builder, a thinker,  an inventor and such of the species.  She was  born to be protected,  to be a loving Mother and ‘teacher’ and protector of her off-spring when required.

That was in the good old days when men were men and women were women.   Today in 2019 America,  the ditsy Leftists of America sell a different story…..pretending there are no important differences between human male and female.   Most American female animals outside the “Church”  don’t raise, “Mother”  their children much more than a week or two after the baby’s birth.   Fathers tend to disappear, some returning to their animal past and become Dems.    What a culture!



When Did Fascists Come to Own Middlebury College?


by Scott Johnson  at  PowerLine:

Over the weekend Steve called out Middlebury College as another college that deserves to die when it canceled a planned public lecture by the Polish philosopher Ryszard Legutko. Legutko was the editor of Solidarity’s official journal of philosophy and, since Poland overcame its Communist subjection, he has served at the highest levels of Polish government as well as in the EU’s European Parliament. He is also the author, as Carl Eric Scott put it in NR, of “the challenging book The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies.

Steve found Middlebury the perfect example of a place yielding to the totalitarian temptation: “Supposedly it was the threat of violent protests like those that shut down Charles Murray’s appearance at Middlebury two years ago that led the administration to cancel Legutko’s talk, but a clarifying email shows that the real reason the administration offered is even more cowardly.” Steve quoted the email to reveal the depth of the administration’s cowardice.

However, this was not the end of the story. Middlebury professor Matthew Dickinson said he’d allow Legutko to appear stealthily in his class if all his students approved on a secret ballot. All nine students voted yes. When word circulated on social media, the audience grew to 45 students.

Shades of Solidarity! I wish I could have been there. As Steve suggests, the Middlebury story provides a case study in the phenomena dissected in Legutko’s book.

As it happens, Adrian Vermeule has just published a brilliant review of the book in First Things under the title “Liturgy of liberalism.” Toward the end of Professor Vermeule’s summary of Legutko’s argument, he writes:

Liberalism needs an enemy to maintain its sacramental dynamism. It can never rest in calm waters, basking in the day of victory; it is essential that at any given moment there should be a new battle to be fought. The good liberal should always be able to say, “We have made progress, but there is still much to do.” This is why the triumph of same-sex marriage actually happened too suddenly and too completely. Something else was needed to animate liberalism, and transgenderism has quickly filled the gap, defining new forces of reaction and thus enabling new iterations and celebrations of the Festival. And if endorsement and approval of self-described “gender identity” becomes a widely shared legal and social norm, a new frontier will be opened, and some new issue will move to the top of the public agenda, something that now seems utterly outlandish and is guaranteed to provoke fresh opposition from the cruel forces of reaction—polygamy, perhaps, or mandatory vegetarianism.

Read the whole thing here.

(Note from ghr:  I happened to received my Master’s Degree  from Middlebury College over 50 years ago.   It was a three year summer program.  All of the classes were given in Russian.  Students all, had to speak Russian at all times while on campus.

Our instructors were Classical Russians, not Soviet ones who seemed to have invaded our schools during the Obama years.   Many were off-spring of the countless “White Russian” Orthodox refugees who fled the Fascist Soviet Revolution and its wars in the early 1920s  winding up in Manchuria….Mukden, if I remember correctly, most winding up in San Francisco.

They had to flee, families and all, to escape the champion human killer  of them all, Mao Tse Dung in his battles to conquer China when his  gangs invaded Manchuria in 1949.   Most of them settled in the San Francisco area.

I had studied Russian and Soviet Studies at the University of Minnesota in the early 1950s.   After my army stint I got a summer scholarship to ‘rehabilitate’  my Russian at San Francisco State College where I was introduced to this  exceedingly well educated, elegant, aristocratic, knowledge-driven and polite group of people I had, have ever met….all speaking classical  gorgeous Russian! ……and when needed, gorgeous English with a upper class accent and wordings.

Fussy folk were they!  They were intolerant, impatient when it came to  how their students were going to  pronounce every word.  It better be their  Russian…or else!   I wanted to please them, so I spoke  as I was told.

It came to be handy….not merely because I was going to teach Russian for twelve years, but because I was to be IN the USSR on two occasions, 1966 and again in 1990 a few years before the Soviet citizen prison system of life fell to today’s  second or third rate.

Most of the  summer instructors I had at Middlebury College were folks of the same character,  blood and demands of these classical Russians who settled in San Francisco so many years ago.  Visiting the 1966 Soviet Union was one of the greatest experiences of my life.   The nation required Russian citizens to speak only  Russian in public, or else!

None of these classical Russians then teaching Russian 50 years ago at Middlebury were Communists, Socialists, or Feminazis  of the  kind  we find in this Soviet Middlebury of today.

Isn’t that what happens when a fascistic, feminized culture and its teachings no longer have any interest in seeking TRUTH!?)






I am a male.   My mother, grandmothers, aunts, great aunts, and sister were born  female,   NOT FEMINISTS!  Nor did any of them ever spread the teachings or participate in the  actions  anything feminazi  as we see blossoming at American universities and he  Democrat Party.

I was born during the early 1930s depression in America.   I was school raised during the  World War  in Europe and the Far East.   We boys played “touch” war games in our neighborhood empty lots with our war toys.   In the winter we’d build igloos and then  ‘bomb’ them with ice balls playing GIs defending the Aleutians.   We’d duel like warriors with sticks after we saw Tyrone Power and Maureen O’Hara  in their movie, “The Black Swan”.    Every school morning we’d pledge allegiance to our wonderful US of A.

We were training  by Nature’s instinct  to express that part of the human male animal drive to observe,  be curious and explore, to inquire and copy our male elders as a part of growing up.

We played war with building blocks, tinker toys, and sneak down to the Mississippi River to play Indians along the woodland shore.   In winter I played picture puzzles in the dining room with my Mother.     They had to be over 1500 pieces and pictures of beautiful gardens.   (I founded Masterpiece Landscaping, LTD here in Minnesota,  forty-four  years later and still work some this very Spring.)

My sister played dolls and paper dolls with her neighborhood girl friends and took accordion lessons.   She and her girl friends enjoyed hopscotch, playing jumping jacks on the sidewalk squares, reading books.  They wore dresses to school and answered their teachers as we boys did, “Yes, maam….No maam”.   No one in school, shops, home and  neighborhood  ever swore!   JudeoChristian adults ran the country.

During the war there was no crime running around neighborhoods.   The guys age 17 to 37 were all overseas fighting, dying  to win a  war that had to be won.  Americans attended church and synagogue then.    Unlike so many leftist Americans today, they weren’t fascists.   They were  Godfearing folks.

Until our America’s beginning of its  college feminazi movement in the late  1960s  to the empire it has created today, no one was dumb  enough even to think about positioning   female human animals of any weight, height or age into a bloody fox hole next to their male under attack by the enemy.    They  were programmed by their God of Life learnings  when under attack to scream for adult  help, not to pretend to be  male warriors on the kill.

Being a Godfearing  child of the War, I went into the Army after I got my first college degree in 1956.  (I wanted to know what I would do if I were shot at fighting for my country……stirred by Sir  Winston Churchill’s claim from experience,  that  “THE MOST EXHILARATING EXPERIENCE IN LIFE IS TO BE SHOT AT……AND TO  HAVE BEEN MISSED!”


I came to love learning about history and mankind and our struggles absorbing Truth, God,  early in life mostly from my   old maid school teachers at public school and church  school on Sundays.  They all sold  roughly the same message;

“The more I’d learn the  closer to God I’d become!”

Sunday school taught me I was a child of our God.  Public school and puberty  taught me I was a child of my mom and dad.   In 1948 my pastor, as part of our learnings to become an Christian adult,  showed us Church teenagers  a film of chimpanzee living habits, food collecting,  nursing,  eating, attacking, defending territory, protecting, yet  being curious, and  exploring.  Occasionally, I felt I saw them “playing” like us boy  kids.

Then I discovered I had male drives and duties in life.  Gals had their female drives and duties which were somewhat different.   They were to become Mothers….to bear and raise  children to be kind, healthy,  civilized and Godfearing.   At  puberty when the boy entered manhood he would begin to enter his father’s world and learn  to make a living to protect and defend  family,  children, and country to continue the life of the species.

Soon after entering  this older world, I began viewing humans as human animals.  Wars I had learned about told me it was my human animal duty to be able to kill to defend my kin, my neighbors, my country.   Most crimes causing death within a culture are caused by the human male animal.  It’s in his DNA.   He must be trained to be a civilized human.  Therefore, he  must trained to seek and honor Truth!……..for the sake of the survival of the species.

For many centuries in the West, Near East, and the Far East the human female animal has been honored and protected within the various cultures and usually exceptionally esteemed for producing children to continue the existence of  the tribe, the country.

The family no longer exists with mothers raising children  as it did throughout the American neighborhoods when I was raised.   We are beginning to live in a leftist,  fascist feminazi challenged  USA where Truth yields to feelings in meaning.   Yes, some JudeoChristian Godfearing mothers  still   raise their children  at home, and not by nurseries, baby sitters, or government’s hired hands and lefty fascists at school!      Most fascism today,  arrives from today’s childless American feminists and feminazis…..especially the unhappy, foul mouthed university trained fascist varieties of feminists from Harvard and Yale to USC.

Today’s American feminists  at universities are no longer civil,  Godfearing, honest folk.  They are FEMINISTS!!……. a new kind of National Socialist superiority…. Their airs  even advertise they’ve been born PERFECT!  They learned so in school and college!  Listen to their feelings!  Some of these leftists are feelings’ forecasting “death to us all in twelve years” if we don’t support  feminazi leftist causes this next election, AD 2020!

The Truth of the matter is the human female animal is born to be  DITSY!  Two and two don’t necessarily make four if the shes aren’t  feeling so when  in her female feelings  mood.  HER NATURE’S  FEELINGS DETERMINE HER HUMAN MOOD AND DRIVE….NOT SEEKING, EXPOSING, BUILDING TRUTH AS ACCURATELY AS POSSIBLE!

ABOVE ALL THE HUMAN FEMALE ANIMAL WANTS TO BE PROTECTED AND TAKEN CARE OF……COMMUNISM, FASCISM, ROYALTY, A FREE SOCIETY….IT DOESN’T PARTICULARLY MATTER….. usually just so the rule of government isn’t based on ability, honesty, freedom!  Yesterday’s male Democrat Party has become feminized into its present DITSY fascistic Hillary-Ocasio Cortez  stage.  Truth doesn’t matter because, as their feminists of all sexes complain ,  Satisfying Truth, Curiosity, and Occupation  is, indeed,  a male drive and dream.   “I”, she demands, “seek security and comfort.  Guys who keep inventing things make me insecure!”

GOD,  that is the GOD of Gods throughout ‘mankind the thinker’, has “always” been male.   That male  was  built and programmed to sire, to defend,  to be curious, to  feed, defend, invent, build and discover and protect his mate and family  for the survival of the species.