• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Does Today’s Anti-Trump Fascist Media Include Fox News? Yes?

CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS, the Washington Post and New York Times, and your local metropolitan newspapers whether the Minneapolis Strib or something Milwaukee, (for nearly all metropolitan newspapers now opine exclusively their brand of Leftism Post  on  their front page and editorial “news” all are hammering against the Trump administration to confess it colluded with Vladimir Putin, the fascistic head of the new USSR called “Russia” to defeat the Ugly and Contemptible  Hillary Clinton in last November’s Presidential election.

ADD FOX NEWS  TO THE LIST, not because this news empire  is interested in seeking and disseminating  Truth,  it’s interested in RATINGS!  So it joins the fascistic left, JOINING THE  ONE PARTY PROPAGANDA NOISES from the  listed above, to communicate  lies and intrigues with the American citizen.

There does seem to be much turmoil  presently imprisoning President Trump’s administration to conduct business smoothly.  The above practicing fascists, including a number of Republicans,  insist the disorder arises from an ‘incompetent’ Donald J. Trump, the President himself.  Certainly no one is colluding to cause disorder!

Don’t We Real Americans Wish!

Disruption in Truth today comes almost entirely from the fascistic wing of the once honorable American Democrat Party.  But, it is now led by Senator Charles Schumer controlled by greed for power and COMMUNISM, bought by moneyed BILLIONAIRE, COMMUNIST IMMIGRANT, GEORGE SOROS and is preached throughout the American communication and education world.

Never has an American political party   so  unanimously fixed on applying  fascistic tactics of deceit, untruths, controlling the press and television news in unison to defeat its American opponent than today’s Schumer gang.  It has by plot successfully stalled the new administration’s cabinet by months.  It owns the Press.  Never has an opposing political party ever pulled such a deliberate effort  to sabotage an American government!


Senator Schumer’s fascists claim the Trump presidential  victory in November  arose from some direct collusion it  with Vladimir Putin’s Soviet behaving Russia, for their St. Hillary Clinton was far too perfect a presidential candidate to have lost  a ‘fair’ election.


Yesterday, Sunday, Our Donald complained that the Obama Administration had wired Trump Towers during his hard fought presidential campaign.


Good for President Trump’s accusation.   Of course the fascist part of foreigner, Barack Hussein Obama has bugged his enemies and competitors.    We all know that to be True!

No matter…..These Obama-Democrat fascists  control our means of communication and education in America and will use its power whether the honest  American citizen likes it or not. (Just as the Nazis did  to cause Hitler’s power  in Germany, and the Soviet Communists did creating the Stalinist Era in Russia, then the USSR.

Welcome to America, Charles Schumer’s Democrat Fascist Party?

Please read the following article related to this crisis:


Tammy Bruce: A Conservative Star Midst a Very Stormy Sky of Liberal Whining

Black Racism, Fanatic Feminism, and  Fascism  mouths and minds now govern the heat and noise of today’s “American” Democrat Party.   These invasions have arisen from  the Obama way, an eight year  gift from  that Barrack Hussein, the  communist, Islamist-lover, the  black racist graduate from 22 years Sunday sermons by  his “father figure”,  Jeremiah Wright’s hate-whites sermons “in the name of God!

And then there was Crooked Hillary who should soon be indicted for a broad number of crimes…..but, she’s a Democrat darling who will evade the courts.

There aren’t many beautiful stars shining upon our struggling America today, striving to recover its democratic, God fearing, Truth seeking, conditions so courageously defended and fought for since the nation’s birth.   There is Our Donald on the national leadership front devoted to revive America, the once beautiful.

And there is conservative,  Our Tammy Bruce of past NOW fame who NOW speaks Truth and Wisdom regarding political and social matters at Fox Business with clarity and accuracy  rarely matched among today’s  human sexes.

Please read the her  following article regarding leftist whining syndrome:


Fox’s Leftist Howard Kurtz Attacks President Trump’s Ban on Some Muslim Nationals Infiltrating USA……

………”Until we know what in hell is going on”….with terrorists coming to America, the presidential candidate properly and wisely announced while on campaign.

Unfortunately, there are no conservative news stations on television in America, these days.   Fake Fox advertises its news  as conservative and truthful, but they don’t know what conservative and truth are for their hirelings.

They are city folk selling a product not to tell, seek, or confess TRUTH, but to increase audience following in order to raise advertising rates in order to be more successful the capitalist way, a way I support, by the ‘way’.  However, many of their employees showing up on the daily screen are poorly or narrowly learned.    They play or read  their roles….some, male and female  Mary Tyler Moore style.

I don’t live in New York.  I have followed American politics rather closely since high school, 1948 when I was enthralled by the Dewey-Truman campaign battle.   Americans were far more civil then…..and far better educated and respectful.  They were churched.

I live in Minnesota.   I was watching Fox “news” yesterday as its toady reporters were blasting President Trump’s directive to halt temporarily immigrants from certain terrorist Islamic nation’s.   While they were compiling as many negatives about this directive as possible, they showed a scene from LaGuardia airport, where five, then seven, then eleven persons were collected by leftists to display tearful victimhood on television to prove again  how mean and evil, how Hitlerian, how unfeeling and ignorant Our President  Donald is.  There were about fifty noise-making leftists  cluttering around the television camera.

I saw someone I recognized among these  fascist  leftist  dancers!  Wow, it was….

“Jerrold Nader”…..a creepy, leftist, slob by body and intellect, communist New York politician….a wormy member of our nation’s House of Representatives hiding in the shadows while know- nothings line up to do his bidding.   There he was smiling while the television screen zeroed in on his selected  protesters.

Do you remember Arlen Specter…..perennial U.S. Republican Senator from Pennsylvania?  He was around  and in the Senate for decades, in the 1980s and 90s  even  more as I recall,   when some home tv sets were still black and white.   Whether  color or colorless, this Specter was the slimiest, ‘smelliest looking’  human creature ever to be seen on screen…..not due to anything physical, but due to everything political, almost ratlike.  Well, Jerrold Nader is his act -alike but much more modern.  He is hugely overweight.

Howard Kurtz, Specterlike,  plays his role at Fox, pretending he is interested in TRUTH.  He smiles, talks fast and faster.  He controls the topics covered by interrupting….a requirement in the industry…and does it well.   Howard is greasy more than truthful…a leftist in conservative clothing which may eventually force you to take a shower immediately after watching his performing.

Poor leftist Howard was complaining about the harshness of  mean and awful President Trump’s Executive Directive attempting to halt terrorists from entering the United States to murder more civilized American citizens in the name of Allah!   Howard replayed yesterday’s camera report showing chubby, greasy  Jerrold Nader enjoying the festivities of the complaining Islamist sharing his woes ala American television.

Did anyone on Fox note as I did sitting in my den, 1,200 miles away from LaGuardia, that the antiTrump rally  recorded on National Leftist Media was a put-up, well timed and organized HATE-AMERICA JOB.

Why is Fox so antiDonald?  ……….The Media is programmed to be lefty bigots.  It’s their pride and religion!!

Our Donald is  not in their pocket book, most likely.  He belongs to the people who voted him into Office.   He is a builder not a destroyer politician.  He is the ideal American way.


I do not apologize regarding any of my above descriptions about fascist leftists.   They earn their keep….one of the few things they truthfully earn.  Learn more about them….Gather more knowledge.

Fox Separates from Megyn Kelly

I am a Fox News oriented fan.  I don’t particularly like their in-ones-face news staff, starting with Bill O’Reilly, a noisy blowhard followed by the egotistical, aggressive, very  attractive in appearance, butch voiced and arrogant attacker, feminist, Megyn Kelly.   I understand she is a mother of two kids…so God Bless Her…..I pray at least one of them is a boy and, is,  will be treated fairly as a boy.   Feminist Ms. Kelly seems to be marching  full speed ahead  celebrating her own aggrandizement.

My JudeoChristianity more than sixty five years ago  taught me to be wary of such self pleased, self oriented humans.    I do recognize she likely has a very charming, alluring side to her…and she is intelligent within her own state.

According the the American Thinker article below, Tucker Carlson has been chosen to replace her.    From my very distant and isolated view of this matter, the fact he is very quick minded  and an honest, real conservative guy, might add to his popularity in the cable television news industry.

One item I shall miss by missing Megyn.   She is one feminist, almost the only tv performing female, who owns a voice not glued to teeny-bopper adolescence…..the thirteen year-old variety.   It seems American females these days are trained to never mature vocally including so many gals at Fox.

Do forgive me if this truism seems harsh.  I was raised when women were taught to be women, the grown up kind…..Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Irene Dunne and thousands of others grown-ups including my mother, aunts, and adult neighbors of the female sex.

Please read the following article from American Thinker:


The Stench of Hillary, Megyn Kelly, Robert DeNiro, and other Sluts

In 2012 unAmerican but suave, handsome, articulate college educated fascist half-white lawyer, son of a leftist whore from a banker family, foreigner-chronic liar, socialist Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected president of the United States.   Former  White House Lesbian, Butch Hillary Clinton was his Secretary of State then  when a few weeks before the November vote,  Islamist radicals in Benghazi raided the American Embassy under the Butch’s watch killing, wounding several of its staff.

This Butch Hillary announced again and again her  lie, the local attack was the result of an anti-Islamic movie by some loony Christian nut  to hide the fact  she was entirely responsible for allowing the disaster to occur.    Butch Hillary has had a long history of dishonesty and cruelty.    She is a sick animal, the most devious human animal ever to occupy the White House.  Lying is her favorite pass time.

Butch Hillary is merely one in of millions of a contagion of hysterical human female and leftist male animals rising to power at university and in politics to dictate their view of the best in our American future, a collection as in   Animal Farm, when the world of Hillary  Pigs obtain power over the land to control thinking, communicating, and living.

Megyn Kelly is chief feminist and feminizer in thought and deed on Wall Street Journal’s anti-Donald Trump big business television news  location.   She is very attractive especially when juiced up for her television performances, sexy, giddy, bouncy, great smile, slim body lines down to the seated position, yet exuding enough masculine noise, tone,   and movement  to suggest she knows her job equal to any human male around.   Yet, she shows of all of the visual  accoutrements  she physically and orally possesses to show off her sexual self for visual effect via, one could argue,  the same  bimbo business Donald J. Trump sold at his  entertainment businesses on television and elsewhere while also building buildings.

Megyn Kelly works for an antiTrump Wall Street Journal enterprise which bimbos up its dolls with phony boobs, short skirts, crossed legs, ditsy voices, and sexy smiles to up their male viewer numbers.    Wall Street Journal Megyn Kelly upped her Wall Street Journal viewer numbers by millions by providing a filming of old man noted loud mouthed leftist Hollywood creep, Robert DeNiro while he listed as many vulgar nouns and adjectives he could to describe successful builder, charmer, winsome Donald Trump.

Wall Street Journal makes money off of the numbers of viewers it catches, not on the quality or nature of its honesty and fairness.   It’s today’s  Hillary’s Big Business, folks.

Our sexy  WSJ  Kelly benefits with  higher ratings  from today’s  American sex world sales and showings despite  selling  her public  disdain for a sleazy Donald guy-to-guy private conversation about acts and  activities of women who show off their talents more crudely.

Before  the druggy , sexual, black racist, leftist Abby Hoffman and Bill Ayers bombings revolution beginning in the 1960s, all of these clubs, the Donald and the Megyn,  would disappear from their stalls.   Hillary would never have left college.

Family, both black and white,  was still valued until those days of bombings and riots.   Moms and dads were still married.   Mary Jane was an empty lot weed.  Humans were thought of as humans, not animals  like Hillary then.

No one known in public life was a chronic, every hour  liar  like Hillary Clinton, or political verbal deviate like her boss, Barack Hussein Obama.    Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin tried some Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton-Megyn Kelly-NBC smears  during those  communist infiltration days…and then there was the silly foolish  Watergate scandal that  Richard M. Nixon buried himself with….but, none  of these  attacks on our American freedoms match an hour in these   years of Obama-Hillary’s Stalinist-like pursuits to use their government power to invade the private lives of conservative voting Americans, their tax returns and worse by far, the establishing of feminazi Hillary Butch dictatorships occurring throughout our America’s college  social science departments.

We live in a far more ignorant America today.  Citizens under age forty are quite empty- brained of  nearly everything of our human and even our  American yesterday.    Activities  via drugs, sex, socialism, feminism, black racism, homosexuality, and other animalisms  replace civility, wisdom, achievement, purpose, humanity, and God.

Voting peoples deserve their fate.  Is the  freer and wiser  America already dead?   Have  its  Wall Street Journals, NBC, CBS, ABC, and Public Radio, the nations schools  and its Megyn Kellys  earned and therefore deserve  Hillary?   Has the Left already killed America?

Is it your  time for Hillary’s OPEN BORDERS FOR AMERICA?  Will there be a quota for New Guinea head hunters?

With Hillary in the White House,  there will be no return……..if Donald doesn’t rise from this dust, civilized and freedom-loving  America will disappear into  the  quicksand of feminazism.   Have you visited any classes in the feminazi social sciences at your local college or unversity lately?   Missouri, Duke, UCLA, and hundreds more?

If not, why has your brain been wasting your time?



Do Svedania, Wall Street Journal. It once was nice reading you.

I have become a convert toward  our Donald.   My Saul became Paul for certain somewhere late  August this past summer when I, a conservative, was confronted with this strange New York City creature entering the 2016 presidential race as a Republican  to save America as a free society in an unfree  and corrupt world.

The black racist Obama along with his feminist and atheist hate group generations have managed to turn our blessed nation into another third world state where slime and crime operate at the highest levels of political and economic life…..We no longer border Mexico.  We are becoming Mexico where democratic institutions have never managed to germinate properly.

Today’s American noisemakers at college  program their   racists and sexists to go  “teach all nations” their Nazi brands of hate of today’s Jew, the white JudeoChristian  males who  founded  the greatest collections of civilized governance, science, research, and tolerance  ever known to human kind,   our forefathers who invented the greatest document of law of a land, the American Federal Constitution…..the one now ignored and  abused by  the tyranny of American foreigner, Barack Hussein Obama, feminists of court and government, atheists of the preachers class, and greed of the Godless, which seems also to include our National Republican Party as organized today.

I have subscribed to the Wall Street Journal for about 20 years…..I am not moneyed.  Whatever stocks I have ever owned died years ago.   Only five or six pages of each issue interest me….The front page and its news and editorials of commentary from a conservative perspective.  (I haven’t subscribed to the local Minneapolis Star-Tribune for nearly 30 years….and haven’t missed a thing except for some obituaries, for I was trained by my public school teachers to crave knowledge, history, science, culture, and art.

My present subscription is up in a couple weeks.   I shall not renew.   Since the arrival of our Donald on today’s  American political scene, the Journal is more remindful of reading Pravda and Izvestia during my days of Russian language study….

“The Donald and the Demagogues”.

“Trump Voters Need a Mirror”, “Trump’s Tax Returns Might Not Answer Questions”,  “Trump Faces Tough Battles in GOP Races”,  “The Trump Test for Principled Republicans”,  “Staring at the Conservative Gutter”, “GOP Trump Backlash Grows”,  “The Donald and the Terminator”, “GOP Cage Fights Make Democratic Winners,” “GOP Lawmakers Air Unease Over Trump”, “Trump’s Speech to Jewish Lobby Prompts Protests”,  “The Zero-Sum Worlds of Trump and Sanders”,  “GOP Chief Sees Long Fight Over Trump”,  are standard headlines whenever the Trump name is associated with a head line taken from only four issues picked at random from the past weeks.

On today’s front page “Fight Over Delegate Rules Escalates” reads a bit more truth than previous headlines regarding Donald’s getting screwed out of delegates by GOP insiders manipulating where ever possible to steal votes to stop the Donald’s arrival as winner in the GOP National convention in June.

Twelve weeks of seventy plus issues of this WSJ  regarding  our fellow conservative, the  personable  Donald,  add up to more than 120 headlines of snide, smirky, devious, even dishonest and denigrating  ‘reviews’ of this man, one of the most talented, clever, winsome, non-political American characters ever to vie for the presidency.

During the same time period I have found five articles which describe our Donald favorably…..Not a single article, however, has been written about his great successes, his ups form his  downs, his family, his talents, his humor, his being a human……PRIMARILY BECAUSE HE ISN’T EITHER NOT ENOUGH CONSERVATIVE, OR NOT AT ALL A CONSERVATIVE…..

This morning’s Dennis Prager nasty announced to Prager radio  show listeners, this day of Trump’s needed big electoral  win in his home state, New York,  “Did  you know that Donald Trump supported John Kerry for president in 2004?”………and  then hedged a bit and then more by adding, “I think I remember that right”.

Shame on you, Dennis.   You have become my Wall Street Journal of radio conservatism, devious, bigoted, unfairly, and so unDennis.   Fortunately, you have many  other arenas of interest I respect and enjoy hearing you preach  than any pages of the Wall Street Journal, so I still listen to you bellow against our Donald as I drive to work every morning.





Mouthpieces for the GOP establishment including Dennis Prager, Fox Cable News,  William Kristol’s Weekly Standard, the folks at the dying National Review,  have finally struck up a smear victory for dweeb, lying Ted Cruz.

Their propaganda has the ever more unlearned American population believing  the boring, uninspiring,  tedious, lying Mr. Cruz or worse, the grouchy, sourpuss governor of Ohio and his twin in politics,  the Packer’s,  Paul Ryan are the truly great leaders of today’s 2016 pack of our  nation’s  problem solvers.

God forbid the country is in a hole when this is the best America can offer to remove the Obamaling  feminist, black racist,  atheist, anti-American fascists now running honesty,  freedom,  and decency into oblivion.

In a democracy the nation’s people deserve the people who rule over them.  This nation, Dennis Prager notwithstanding, has deserved its Obama-Clinton evil……and its pathetic Republican Party which has cowered in the shadows,  wussy victims of the poisons of  leftist university fascisms of political correctness.

What a breath of fresh air our Donald Trump has been in these cesspool days of our torturous American collapse!!!!    What a breath of fresh air our Dennis Prager used to be before he, too, joined the American  Roman Coliseum crowd…… Death, where is thy sting?

Have all the wolves been fed?