• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Yes, Yesterday’s Press Conference Played VERY Well with Trump Supporters

Sorry, media — this press conference played very differently with Trump supporters

by Michael Goodwin   at the New York Post:

“The president proved once again that he is the greatest show on Earth. Lions and tigers and elephants are kid stuff next to his high wire act.

Next time, the White House ought to sell popcorn.

Amid feverish reports of chaos on his team and with Democrats fantasizing that Russia-gate is another Watergate, Trump took center stage to declare that reports of his demise are just more fake news.

Far from dead, he was positively exuberant. His performance at a marathon press conference Thursday was a must-see-TV spectacle as he mixed serious policy talk with standup comedy and took repeated pleasure in whacking his favorite piñata, the “dishonest media.”

(Do review  every minute of this press conference provided by President Donald J. Trump.   Expect nothing creepy as was the forte of his devious predecessor.   This Donald J. Trump is deeply concerned about the condition and future of our once beloved United States of America.

President Trump is determined to restore the good, great and God to this once  blessed land of the free.   Our Obamaling dictatorship championing black racism, feminism, scholastic ignorance and open border invasions and its press must come to an end….)


Tammy Bruce: A Conservative Star Midst a Very Stormy Sky of Liberal Whining

Black Racism, Fanatic Feminism, and  Fascism  mouths and minds now govern the heat and noise of today’s “American” Democrat Party.   These invasions have arisen from  the Obama way, an eight year  gift from  that Barrack Hussein, the  communist, Islamist-lover, the  black racist graduate from 22 years Sunday sermons by  his “father figure”,  Jeremiah Wright’s hate-whites sermons “in the name of God!

And then there was Crooked Hillary who should soon be indicted for a broad number of crimes…..but, she’s a Democrat darling who will evade the courts.

There aren’t many beautiful stars shining upon our struggling America today, striving to recover its democratic, God fearing, Truth seeking, conditions so courageously defended and fought for since the nation’s birth.   There is Our Donald on the national leadership front devoted to revive America, the once beautiful.

And there is conservative,  Our Tammy Bruce of past NOW fame who NOW speaks Truth and Wisdom regarding political and social matters at Fox Business with clarity and accuracy  rarely matched among today’s  human sexes.

Please read the her  following article regarding leftist whining syndrome:


Our Dennis Prager at His Best

America Won’t Be Great without Following GOOD Again


By Don Feder  at Barbwire….. article sent by Mark Waldeland:

“As campaign slogans go, Trump’s “Make America Great Again” wasn’t bad – especially compared to the Queen of Thorns’ “Better Together” (With Hill, it’s always about the collective.) But more than two months after the 2016 campaign ended, even Trump’s supporters have only a vague idea of what “Make America Great Again” means.

The left, which is race-obsessed, sneered that it really meant “Make America White Again.” In one of their typically dazzling displays of logic, the Democrats reasoned that since Trump wanted to deport illegal aliens, who are mostly non-white, the real goal of immigration enforcement is to make America “whiter” – as if national security, crime-control or fairness to low-income wage-earners couldn’t possibly be considerations.

Trump’s platform included border security, rebuilding our military, job creation, negotiating realistic trade deals and developing domestic energy – all worthy, even necessary, goals. But it’s values, not policies, that made America great in the first place. Only by rediscovering those virtues will our country return to its former glory….”    Please read on:



A Guide to Basic Differences Between Left and Right

by Dennis Prager

(article sent by Mark Waldeland)


Is Donald Right Exposing the Pig in Today’s American Feminist?

Looking back several generations ago, yet still in my lifetime, the American female was venerated, lovely to look at, to talk and listen to, an honor among the America’s JudeoChristian religious  rules of life, a creature worthy to protect.

There were no Barbara Boxers, Nancy Pelosis,  Dianne Feinsteins, Hillary Clintons, Al Sharptons, Harry Reids, Gloria Steinems  or Megyn Kelly Fox broads belching, slinking or starring in the public spotlight outside of the grunts of all sexes in Hollywood.

Is evil Hillary  a slut worthy of  any American veneration just because she is a human animal female?   Well, I suppose it depends upon your definition of  slut, for honest folks know she is EVIL!

Why throughout much of  our  JudeoChristian past has the human female animal been provided such idealistic  honors until the  arrival a couple generations ago of public sluttage and feminism now hounding our nation’s culture?


Motherhood was considered sacred even in my own lifetime,  before television and the collapse of our American family.

Fatherhood was the protector!  There used to be a family unit.  There used to be a religion based on thinking-man’s war of RIGHT VERSUS EVIL!

Hillary has a daughter, Chelsea…..who prospering so successfully without doing anything productive,  appears to be a perfect chip off her parents’ block!

Donald Trump has a number of children who seem to be more American, more gifted than a block.

Donald Trump  has not been groomed to be a sleaze in Truth.   His children and success in business in real, not foul  political life, are examples of what the man ACTUALLY DOES PRODUCE in the family world.

For what reason should any American, should anyone anywhere venerate the foul acts and plots of soulless Hillary Roddham Clinton.   As a rational person, try hard to look at the kind of political campaign she runs every day of her life……for this creepy, dishonest Clinton, the Queen of Sleaze,  has been running her own campaigns to power for the past two generations.

Motherhood no longer seems to be honored by leftist America….nor is Fatherhood.   The traditional human family needs to be replaced by government office fascists built and paid for by university, like thoroughly evil, Hillary herself, a slut in politics and leadership, if not of the street.

Hillary is not alone in today’s fascist feminist invasion of institutions American.  While real Americans still work or have worked for a living, a new religion is being propagandized at  our local and national universities from coast to coast…feminazism.

Despite feminist and feminazi doctrines, Nature, nature’s God, has not made the human male animal an female animals identical,  reduced to a one of the same shapes,  sizes, and gifts  to be reduced enslavement ala the world of 1984.

All civilized societies are civilized when seeking Truth, Truth being the human God.

Although Our sometimes street crude Donald may stumble on his way seeking Truth and presidency of our United States, he is gifted  builder, a winsome  man of honesty and integrity to have achieved what he has achieved……something very foreign to Democrat and most Republicans now occupying our American political arena.

Is the American public too slobby, too ignorant, too foreign to God and Country, to recognize Truth when Truth  enters their realm?

Donald Trump is not a politician, a chameleon like Hillary, Bill, and Barach.  He is a gifted American who builds things, and an American who loves his country and is truly concerned about its tomorrows…… an American who happens not to be a feminist, but a male by sex with its   gifts and burdens.

Our America is presently in a classic war  of   good versus evil to be decided in an election this coming   November.  How ironic that its leader to redeem our nation, our  winsome but humanly flawed Donald J. Trump,  is  remindful  of  the great, but profoundly flawed,   Judaic King David of our Bible, who is our today’s American warrior to resurrect good in his country!

It’s this bright American, Donald Trump the flawed, the still alive JudeoChristian  and barely alive  American Constitution   versus ……….the corrupt, devious Obama, the profoundly evil Hillary and her sexual pervert, Impeached  Bill, and their  fascist international -left machine, its one party  news and entertainment industry,  and their  Wall Street power houses funding them.

Our Donald seems to have a degree or two of pride to accompany his skills.  Can our America become so lucky to have him uplift our nation as King David did for his?

YES….but he needs to be elected first!   Vote for Donald!!

Cjack Brightens the Light Regarding Freedom’s Cancer, George Soros

Troubles in “River City”,  today’s United States of America:

For every positive there is a negative.   For every up, there is a down….or there would never be an up.  And, there is no joy without sorrow, good without evil.

Something quite new had infected our American experiment based upon God-fearing civility seeking Truth over Deceit.  There is trouble, trouble, trouble, in the land of “River City”.

Enter in AD 2016 evil George Soros with Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama and company  to sabotage all that has been good in America, our basic traditional JudeoChristian values seeking good over evil, freedom over slavery……Enter today’s  Obama-Hillary’s Democrat Party and all of its tentacles, the university, the press, the legal profession, rioters, the fanatic feminists and black racists, illegal immigrants, Islamists,   and even some, perhaps all of its more leftist Christian new- age modernists,  all feasting up on a spiritually crippled, leaderless United States of American, AD 2016.

I wish to share the thoughts and comments  of another Dennis Prager fan who is aware of George Soros, writing as cjack,  who so often compliments the concerns we view regarding the rise of Obama-Hillary leftism’s power in America metastasize  into a body  cancer potentially lethal to us all.

Cjack wrote the following note to us  recently:

“Will we ever take down Barack Obama and his ilk for crimes against the US Constitution and the People of the United States of America? This twisted lackey of George Soros has been systematically promoting a totalitarian one-world paradise without independent borders, languages, and cultures. But our demented president’s vision has become a truly mad new world of war, famine, pestilence, death; the witches brew of political, economic, and social instability of an elite of political progressives and pseudo-scientific social engineers in search of the ultimate formula. This was Nazi Germany’s vision of tomorrow that so impressed the young George Soros as he witnessed his father’s willing collaboration with the dreaded Gestapo and the SS, in the rounding up Hungarian Jews. The fact that the Soros family was Jewish was not an imperative; no matter the consequences, a new Germanic ‘world order’ negated all moral precept. And this is where George Soros’ insane mind is taking the American republic while his simpleton Barack Hussein Obama preaches ‘globalism’ at the UN, a new world without borders; that old dream of dictators this time proposed under the deceptive multicolored banner of global commercial integration. Oh yeah, the global conman George Soros has a different stroke for the dumb-downed millennial folk; in particular, the over-entertained, poorly-read, over-stuffed Americans…But the unsuspecting choir of America’s dummies sings along:…♪♪♪…Soros found his love on hamburger hill…♪♪♪…

I tell you, we ought to put up the following poster, everywhere…”George Soros—Wanted Dead or Alive for Crimes Against the United States Constitution and the American People.”

Moreover, Congress should diligently pursue the arrest of George Soros, revoke his naturalized American citizenship, fine and jail him for a definite period of time, and later deport and forever banish him from the United States of America. Let him find some miserable corner of the earth where to cavort with his devilish ilk.”

Writing the following on a personal note, I can’t imagine anyone in America who has the potential, the confidence, even arrogance, the guts, the brights, the determination to put this country back on its democratic-republican JudeoChristian track than the present Republican candidate for the Presidency, Donald J. Trump.

HOW LUCKY CAN WE  BE????     Perhaps our Donald is our American Judaic David destined to give a new breath of freedom and prosperity to his nation….and unlike King David, our Donald has never plotted the death of one of his competitors.

He merely wants to give rebirth to  the American Experiment as much as I do…..ghr