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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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What if the Human Female Animal Were Born to be Rational?

She’d be more male.    So, she is born DITSY as is her nature.   The more communication she professionally spends  with normal males, the more likely she can become unditsied, more lucid and rational.

Two and two often don’t make four, in the feminist mind.   She prefers to express feelings rather than explore.   She seeks security and comfort, by Nature or Nature’s God, I prefer, security is required by the human female because she is the bearer of the human  animal’s off spring.   If she is “in the mood”, she, in a free society, has or feels she has a right to feel about things any way she pleases rather than to measure or adjust or explore or be driven to problem solve as is the human animal born male.    Hence, our current  feminized, feelings driven United States of America is collapsing as a unit into a suicidal abyss.

In today’s Obamaling era of the Left, at university, and among political mouths in the foolish traditional Episcopalian, Presbyterian, and other such ‘Synods’ of today’s fading  JudeoChristian life,  have become feminized with feelings and are made to feel they are as man as men.

What would happen to America if our leftist feminized peoples continued to form a dictatorship to force the entire adult population to be man as me?   Most women don’t think along those lines.   Their imagination by birth is directed to follow other avenues of dreams and accomplishment.   (No living entity is perfect.  Without imperfection living matter would never pass its “amoeba” stage of existence.   I WAS TAUGHT THAT IN THE SMALL UNITED LUTHERAN CHURCH OF THE ASCENSION in 1947 in St. Paul, Minnesota I attended by force by  Mother and love of learning!

I did teach Senior High School Social Studies for twelve years, was married for 34 years, and am a father of two boys and one girl, now adults.    My two sons explore every day of their lives which includes, demands,  problem solving.  They are also Donald Trump Republicans, like their problem solving father.

My daughter prefers security, dreams, dancing, attention and is well married to a fine Jewish fellow who seems to love her very much.   They  live out East on the island of Manhattan, are  leftists who believed in  Hillary.

Female difficulties with the human male have again made headlines this past month and a half….at first in the leftist entertainment world with a  Harvey Weinstein becoming the center of feminist fury.  Hundreds, even leftist  Hanoi Jane Fonda claimed victim to support the feminism scream, a leftist unraveling defying this caste’s catechism that  there is no difference among human animals except feelings.

Feminist leftists sell the story of one human sex these days….via the Democrat Party and its rule in government and law, in school,  at university, of the press ….and in some churches and synagogues….perhaps even at Amazon, but that would be kept hush-hush by Amazon management….while countless human guys spend time out in the streets  noted for their raping, killing,  pillaging, burning, and lying about nearly everything.

This past week the name Roy Moore came to surface, a man in his seventies who won the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama a seat made vacant when then Alabama U.S. Senator, Jeff Sessions became Attorney General in the Trump administration.   Noted fascist news center, the Washington Post, soon came up with accusations against this former Judge, Roy Moore,charging him with sexual misconduct with a fourteen and two sixteen year olds nearly forty years ago.

A television scene demonstrated one alleged victim now in her fifties, crying over his touchings of nearly four decades ago.  No more recent calls have been dug up by the Post.

At my distance I assumed and still assume this Judge Moore did commit these four or five indecencies.  But, there was and still is, no proof…..only charges from a world long ago.    We Americans, however, are supposed to  by law remember  that a person is innocent until proven guilty beyond doubt.

Politically motivated males and females of Congress insist Judge Moore, still innocent, be removed from his candidacy…..which will make it certain the DISHONEST LEFTISTS IN CONGRESS WILL SECURE ANOTHER SEAT TO DESTROY OUR AMERICAN DREAM of equal opportunity for all citizens,  with fascist bigotry being established as the new American Way.

Our Nation’s future depends upon a Conservative American Congress to survive the FEMINISTS’ Party, its criminality, dishonesty, fascistic, feminized leftist-antiAmericans racists now in control of the Democrat Party…..and their Sanctuary Cities owned by the urban left to weaken and  destroy the nation’s unity.

Guys are born to problem solve….gals to bear children to continue the existence of the human species by the laws of Nature, “God”, I prefer!

Judge Moore has apparently demonstrated decades of civility and responsibility over the past 38 years.

It’s our Democrats who have changed during that time period….the Obamalings, both political and urban street savages, the Clinton world, have become racist and fascist in their politics.   These leftists demand  we continue opening our borders to millions of racial and political foreigners demanding comfort and security at our American citizen expense in exchange for their fascism’s one Party vote.

Leftists have already gained one party fascist control over the social sciences taught at university and public schools  ignoring truth and freedom to study beyond feminazi, racist, and class hate programs of the NEW RACIST, SEXIST LEFT  to destroy traditional  America raise by its forefathers’ founding of our Great Human Republic UNDER GOD WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”

Knowledge needs to be taught in order to conquer the unknown.  THIS IS A MALE DEMAND.   Accumulating knowledge is best accomplished by a population craving to seek Truth….that is, to grasp more and more knowledge.

Dear Feminists….both Republican and Democrat, of all sexes, colors, shapes and sizes still interested, at least somewhat,  in a Free America…….

What if Roy Moore did commit these five discretions thirty eight years ago, but  has ever since  been an honorable citizen with a conservative persuasion in his politics?

What if our once honorable Democrat Party needs just one more  vote in the Senate to guarantee its present fascist and feminist  goal to  eliminate forever!  Feminists of all sexes, colors, shapes and sizes are now committed to destroy  TRADITIONALLY DEMOCRATIC AMERICA and all  other  freedom oriented,  truth-seeking  opposition organizations , to secure their racist, sexist, economic fascist-socialist one party (totalitarian) future.

Let us assume our American, Roy Moore,  skilled as a Judge, honorable,  outside of his unproved, alleged sins of 38 years ago, is THE ONLY CANDIDATE TO SAVE AMERICA FROM THIS  DICTATORSHIP FUTURE…let’s say a paid off Al Sharpton  type, noted creepy criminal, racist,  habitual liar, devoted to sell dishonesty, racism, an obedient crook and  fascist for fame and fortune who, IF HE WINS PUTS AN END TO DEMOCRATIC AMERICA FOREVER…..(ALA SOUTH AMERICA’S ONCE DEMOCRATIC NOW FASCIST NATION, VENEZUELA.)

White American males would vote 68%, blacks males about 22% for slightly damaged, but freedom oriented devoted American, Judge Roy Moore to save the nation for democracy…..

By 2020 if  our nation’s  Democrats strengthen their   fascistic control of news, education, social-political agencies, and are funded as usual by  big businesses,  single American white  females would probably vote 99% for profoundly, forever damaged, the crooked, Al Sharpton, and black females of all backgrounds about 97%.

Feminists do not care much about honesty,  inquiry, search for knowledge, nor are they freedom oriented.    They demand security as they did in Nazi Germany in the 1930s….and as a mass, never rebelled in any fascist, communist nation…ever, ever.

They demand security, not freedom or search for the unknown…..as a mass.  Al Sharpton would win big time….because Roy Moore “done a female a slight male naughty” 42 years ago in 2020.








When and Why Did Our America Become So Ignorant of Its Past?

Cult of Personality

by John Schroeder  at  Hugh Hewitt Blog:

“In the 1780 Constitution of Massachusetts, John Adams wrote (Part the First, section XXX):

In the government of this Commonwealth, the legislative department shall never exercise the executive and judicial powers, or either of them: The executive shall never exercise the legislative and judicial powers, or either of them: The judicial shall never exercise the legislative and executive powers, or either of them: to the end it may be a government of laws and not of men. [emphasis added]

That phrase, “a government of laws and not of men,” is one of those things that has become cliché through repetition, but is neither cliché nor trite.  It is deeply and importantly meaningful.  Yet I notice that as our culture grows more focused on self, our politics grows more personality based than idea or policy based.  The last presidential election cycle was consumed with personality, as is the continuing media coverage of the presidency.  “I like” or “I don’t like” has replaced “I agree with” or “I do not agree with” in most political discussions I encounter anymore.  (Hmmm, do I detect a Facebook contribution here?)

This trend is troubling – and it is reflected in far more than our politics.  I see it in our churches as well.  I have seen way too many churches built around a pastor die when that pastor moves on in some fashion.  For institutions to survive, whether they be churches or governments or something else, they have to be about more than the people involved at the moment.  There is little doubt in my mind that many of the radical changes that have happened in our culture in my lifetime are due to the fact that our institutions no longer stand as they once did.  They are now often fickle and transient things, driven by a personality rather than something greater than any one person, standing as a bulwark in support of some ideal.

Consider this odd BBC story about the current president of very dictatorial Turkmenistan.  Like North Korea, the nation is only as strong as its leader appears to be.  This necessity to maintain appearances can results in all sorts of issues.  Hence personality driven churches often die in scandal and dictatorships are found, after their death, to be built on tissues of lies.  Simple fact of the matter is mere humans are too frail and too unreliable to base an institution upon.  We need more.

This problem has plagued mankind throughout history.”

Comment:   The feminized  left of today’s American “women’s” movements has made much noise and many threats as it takes over our today’s American education and communication world.  They preach  that life is Godless.  They dictate  the past has been male recorded and therefore evil,  plotted to advance his ego to control his flocks.  Feminists and their nazis insist history must be rewritten in the leftist, feminist nazi manner.

Welcome feminazi America’s “1984”!

Their  ignorance  of our American struggle from the Mayflower episode to today’s racist Obama’s  antiAmerican movement is overwhelming the nation’s culture.  Worse, it is in union with the recent scholastic invasion of the feminists and their feminazi instructors now ruling and corrupting our education, communication and interracial world.

These and other  anti-democratic news orders of our day are given by the rebellious  political and college leaders and  street blacks, thugs, criminals included,  of street feminazis nurtured in the streets or by leftists at college,  blacks and feminazis of all stripes and colors,  the American news industry, from CNN, PBS, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, as well as Fox News, which advertises “fair and balanced” news funneled  through  Chris Wallace and Howard Kurtz.

The above article displayed above at Hugh Hewitt disappeared from the American mind a generation before the Obama’s racist, cultural rebellion days and its invited leftist invasion of 25,000,000 mostly illegal immigrants to guarantee a on Party Soviet type  leftist fascist regime for our once civilized America’s future.

“Human dignity for all” is religious desire, a dream arising from  our American JudeoChristian  story and its historic struggles to become more knowledgeable, therefore more Godfearing to  spread  freedom to expand truth and opportunity in life by accumulating knowledge.  It depends upon the human animal’s innate powerful sense of curiosity to explore the unknown,   and that  the more  “knowledge”  released from people to people stimulates yet further inquiry to expose the unknown……and  become closer to God.


Fascism the New Confessional State?

The new confessional state

Secularism is becoming a religion.  (article sent by Mark Waldeland)
. . . Now, while pretending not to privilege any systems of life and belief, the state tacitly favors what might be called practical atheism, and penalizes contrary views.  To be sure, no one in public life is criticized – yet – just for believing in God.  The point is not so much that there cannot be a God, but that no God is needed and no God can be known.

But woe unto him who thinks believing in God makes a difference.  One is not required to be an atheist.  One is only expected to impersonate one.  Especially in law and the universities.

This masks the fact that Something Else is being elevated to godhood.  Secularism is becoming a religion.  We are growing an inverted confessional state.


“There is neither good, not bad.  ONLY THINKING MAKES IT SO!!

The above adage was first ingrained in me in the sixth grade by a forty year old German going on 90, a  Miss Mary Alice Koeneman the year World War II finally came to and end.

(GOOD, she noted more than once in her teachings,  was  one “O” added to GOD!  It should NEVER be forgotten!  )

Our Donald Celebrates in West Virginia

Full Replay: West Virginia Governor Jim Justice Announces Conversion From Democrat to Republican At Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ Rally



Marcus is a Jewish Name…..a 70% Lefty anti-Trump Name…and then there is hero, BERNIE MARCUS!

When I was a teenager, 70% of our Jewish voting population were Democrats.  Today’s 70% Jewish voting population is Leftist…..the university kind.

Then, they were business owners from small to big.  Today they have been Obamalings for the past nine years.   In between times they were rioters in the sexual and political rebellion of 1967-1972.   Please read on for something better:


“The business community is brimming with optimism across America – the highest level in ten years. I know it, because I hear it from my colleagues every day. We’re hopeful, and for good reason: President Donald Trump is moving his job creation agenda forward resolutely.

First, it was Carrier jobs, then ExxonMobil, and now it’s Ford Motor Company and more are on the way. Importantly, these big enterprises will also create thousands more jobs with their extended families of suppliers, all small and medium-sized businesses.

America’s chief executives aren’t happy with Washington’s flat tire on the road to healthcare reform, but we’re confused by the pessimism coming from Capitol Hill and the media elite. While the President’s critics wring their hands, we see remarkable success getting the short shrift.

Maybe because so few politicians have ever signed the front of a paycheck, they don’t see what CEO’s see.

We look past the remarkable 12 percent growth in the stock market, a rising tide lifting pensioners and middle class Americans alike, and see the Consumer Confidence Index, which just hit its highest mark since December of 2000. “Consumers’ assessment of current business and labor market conditions improved considerably,” Lynn Franco, director of economic indicators at The Conference Board, said in a statement on Tuesday.

That’s all 100 percent Donald Trump. But there’s far more, if you get past the screaming negative headlines and listen.

Listen carefully, and you’ll hear the locomotive of American business gaining steam, stoked by the President every week since his inauguration. He’s clear-cutting the path to robust economic growth, and even Congress is doing its part.

For the eight years of Barack Obama’s aggressive regulatory regime, the 103 million words in the Code of Federal Regulations came down hardest on small business. That’s changing fast.

Now, if Trump’s administration creates one regulation, they must kill two. Congress is fast tracking bills to the President to reverse regulations, using rarely deployed legislative tactics. Trump has already signed seven of these bills – half of all the laws he’s signed so far – and he’s promised many more.

Experts say returning to the regulatory climate of the late ’90s can bring 6,000 more new businesses and 100,000 more new jobs every single year. Our first CEO-President has promised to “remove every job-killing regulation we can find.” Add that pace to the 298,000 jobs created his first month and it’s not hard to see how President Trump could sustain 200,000-plus monthly job creation and, soon, economic growth beating three percent month-after-month – the first time since George W. Bush.

But the President has accomplished even more: he nominated Justice Neil Gorsuch, a bedrock conservative replacement for legendary Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He’s frozen bureaucratic growth, rejected the unfair Trans-Pacific Partnership, made real moves to end Dodd-Frank’s job-killing spree, turned on the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, and just signed an executive order ending the war on coal and putting thousands of Americans back to work.

By this time in his first term, Barack Obama had passed his first emergency Stimulus, but, little else emerged until a year later in 2010. George W. Bush didn’t achieve his first tax cuts until six months into his presidency, and even his popular No Child Left Behind program took a year. Trump has been in office less than 75 days.

Bill Clinton didn’t fare well in his early months, either: his first economic reforms didn’t come until August 1993; his Brady Bill didn’t succeed until November. And Clinton’s own healthcare reform campaign died a slow, miserable death 18 months into his presidency.

Of course, there’s some disappointment in the recent health care effort. Business leaders are eager for an end to the stifling mandates of Obamacare.  America knows it will implode without reform, everyone is bracing for more cost spikes in 2018, and millions of part time workers know Obamacare kills their full time opportunities. This can’t continue.

Economic growth must be our nation’s top priority, and we cannot get there with the broken health care system we have today. Clearly, both parties must listen to the American people, put partisan politics aside, and work together to give all of us the health care we deserve.

But as this train steams toward the milestone of its first 100 days, American consumers and businesses, large and small, are encouraged by the direction we’re going, pleased by the results we’re seeing, and we have real hope for the future.”

Mr. Marcus is the chairman of The Marcus Foundation, co-founder of Job Creators Network, and retired co-founder of The Home Depot



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What’s the best way to help people stuck in poverty get out of poverty? Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, shows where conservatives and progressives differ.  (Please click below)





by Ben Shapiro   at  the New York Post:

“President Trump’s approval ratings are nothing special. Actually, they’re extraordinarily low by historical standards — he’s clocking in at 44 percent, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. His support base is highly polarized, with 85 percent of Republicans behind him and just 9 percent of Democrats. If those rates drop steadily for the next two years — and given the level of polarization, they certainly could — Republicans would be in serious danger of losing the House, since low presidential approval ratings correlate significantly with House elections.

Then again, Trump’s support base may be stable.

Here’s why…..”   Please read on: