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The New York Times’ pet racist and sexist, Sarah Jeong.

Teaching Good Little Girls to Hate and to Fear

by Christopher Chantrill  at American Thinker:


Golly, just when we deplorables had finished digesting the incomparable Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, along comes another tasty dish: the New York Times’ pet racist and sexist, Sarah Jeong.

AOC’s claim to fame is a B.A. at Boston University, which explains everything.  So I wondered about Korean-born Sarah Jeong.  Sure enough, says La Wik:

She attended the University of California Berkeley and Harvard Law School, where she was editor of Harvard Journal of Law & Gender.

Dear God.  Of course, Jeong is an anti-white racist and an anti-male sexist, for that is what she was carefully taught by her lefty teachers and administrators.

By the way, could we clear up the vile misdirection by Oscar Hammerstein II in South Pacific, sung by Lt. Cable?

You’ve got to be taught
To hate and fear,
You’ve got to be taught
From year to year,
It’s got to be drummed
In your dear little ear
You’ve got to be carefully taught.

No!  Oscar, baby, you know better!  You are writing rubbish, the self-conceit of liberals, circa 1949.  Earth to lyricists: you have to be carefully taught not to hate and to fear.  Teaching humans to hate and to fear is the easiest thing in the world!  Here’s the Guardian (H/T Jonah Goldberg):

[W]hile some individuals have “predispositions” towards intolerance, these predispositions require an external stimulus to be transformed into actions.  Or, as another scholar puts it: “It’s as though some people have a button on their foreheads, and when the button is pushed, they suddenly become intensely focused on defending their in-group.”

Well, bless my buttons!  You mean to say that all it takes is to press a button, and lefties immediately go into a group hate and start to defend their identity in-group?  Gag me with a spoon!  I never would have thunk it.

In his piece, Jonah also gently raises the question that the Steve Sailers of the world have been ventilating for a while.  When whites become self-consciously white, then the liberal race game is not going to be fun anymore, because of the button on white people’s foreheads.

Okay.  End of fun-and-games, beginning of Serious Philosophy.

When you set up a worldview that unifies, or, as we say, totalizes politics and secular religion, that proposes to use the force of government to create the perfect world, then you set up a double Us and Them dynamic.  First of all, politics is the technique of dividing people into two warring groups: Our Group, the good guys, and the Other Group, the bad guys.  Taken to the limit, we are talking about civil war.  Second, religion is the technique of assembling a community of people around a specific notion of God and a perfect world.  The religious community is the good guys, and the rest of the world are heretics and unbelievers.  Taken to the limit, we are talking about auto-da-fé and Reigns of Terror.

In their wisdom, our Founding Fathers declared that there should be a separation between politics and religion, between State and Church.  I wonder why, Alexandria and Sarah!  Do you have an idea?  Did your gender studies teachers get into this, I wonder?

I will tell you, ladies.  Our Founding Fathers knew what a tangled web was weaved when they mixed politics and religion in the Thirty Years War.

So along came the lefties in the 19th century, rich kids like Marx and Engels, and said: I know, let’s have a class war, Capitalists vs. Workers!  Yay, Workers!

So, in the 20th century, we had WWII, the religious war to end all religious wars: Democracy vs. Fascism.  You would think the wise heads would have tired of combining government and secular religion.

But no!

And so today, all over the U.S., Good Little Girls are being taught to hate and to fear.  Good Little Girls like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sarah Jeong.  Because racism.

As everybody knows, the key thing about racism is power.  If you have power, you can be a racist.  If you don’t have power, then you can’t be a racist.

But if Candace Owens can be suspended for a racist tweet exactly echoing Sarah Jeong’s tweet, except for substituting “Jewish” or “black” for “white,” and Sarah Jeong to this very day does not get suspended, and Sarah Jeong works for the New York Times and Candace Owens does not, then who has the power?  And who is the racist?

Perhaps our intersectional friends can do a little intersectional analysis on this for us.

But I warn you, you lefty professors and diversity administrators.  One day, the Good Little Girls will wake up and realize that You Lied.  I don’t think things have changed much since 1697, when playwright William Congreve opined that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Is the Slaughter of the American Unborn Waning?

The Pro-Life Movement is Winning the Abortion Battle. Here are 13 Reasons Why

from Lifenews:    Article sent by Mark Waldeland:

This is a joyful time to be an advocate for unborn babies and their mothers.

We have a pro-life President in the White House and are on the cusp of confirming a Supreme Court nominee who could tip the scales of the court in favor of LIFE.

How have we come this far? The evidence shows we are changing history!

There’s sound justification for optimism because there are multiple reasons why we’re winning the battle to end legal abortion in America.

We’re on the second generation of Americans whose first baby picture was taken by ultrasound. These adorable images and videos have been shared with grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and coworkers. They are displayed on smart phones, key chains, refrigerators and in work cubicles. They’ve been shared through emails, texts, websites and a seemingly infinite number of social media outlets.

Each one unmistakably declares the beauty and humanity of the unborn child.

The wounded – both mothers and fathers – who have experienced abortion are now some of our best ambassadors on behalf of the babies.

The number of former abortion industry workers is also growing. Sharing their stories is changing hearts among their former peers and the public at large.

The pro-life movement has become a polished and highly effective grassroots network of local chapters, state organizations, national and international entities that work tirelessly to defend the defenseless. It has also branched out into specialized organizations that reach niche constituencies like teachers, physicians and lawyers. Its diverse breadth represents people of all walks of life including different ethnic, economic or political and faith-based or secular backgrounds.

An expansive network of pro-life community health centersoffering free resources, medical services, mentoring, job training and a multitude of empowering assistance help young women and men choose life during an unexpected pregnancy.

Click here to sign up for pro-life news alerts from LifeNews.com

The explosive growth of new technology has given us websites, email, Wi-Fi, texting, and social media that enable us to do an end-run around the biased media and permeate society with the truth about abortion and its alternatives. Tools like smart phones and iPads put video and instant communication at our fingertips 24/7 wherever we go. This allows us to educate, motivate and mobilize pro-lifers in real time.

Digitalized pro-life data and persuasive content are now available around the world to anyone with basic technology. One of our four websites has over 5,000 pages of easy-to-use educational information from fertilization to euthanasia.

America’s next generation is more pro-life than their parents and demonstrate boundless enthusiasm, boldness and a passion for justice for the babies and their moms. The annual March for Life in Washington, DC consistently attracts over 100,000 participants, an easy two-thirds 25 or younger.

The movement includes Blacks and Hispanic/Latinos who, among other things, help expose Planned Parenthood’s agenda of targeting minorities and the disadvantaged.

Adoption, traditionally closed and secret, now includes a totally open process or anything in-between. This gives birth mothers a higher comfort level and a plethora of choices available which makes adoption both more appealing and a more viable option to an unexpected pregnancy.

Advancements in political advocacy have resulted in the election of a precedent-setting number of pro-life candidates to school boards, city councils, state legislatures, governors, Congress and the White House.

As a result, hundreds of pieces of pro-life legislation have passed in states, a compelling factor in reducing the number of abortions to less than any time since Roe v. Wade.

These advancements are undergirded by pro-life education, the foundation on which we build pro-life victories. It is responsible for lighting a fire of passion in individuals around the world; enabling elected officials to thrive in the face of withering pro-abortion opposition; and empowering women and men to say no to abortion. It changes hearts and minds of millions of Americans, many who participate in and financially support the movement.

Be encouraged! The cause for LIFE is making dramatic progress.

LifeNews.com Note: Bradley Mattes is the President of Life Issues Institute, a national pro-life educational group.

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Is SRN “News” a Hate-Trump Center?

SRN is the headquaters for the distribution of a wide variety of American Conservative consciences and accomplishments….and errors.  Its greatest star of fame and influence in American world is our Dennis Prager…..according to my experience and belief.

Nearly every week since Donald Trump became America’s 45th President, SRN during its homeroom “news” broadcasts between Dennis world hours it announces and advertises “dirt” news to smear the President…….you know, the darker rooms of life which often overcome male politicians and Presidents of any ilk and/or talent.  SRN, however, is consistent in its weekly news segments from Washington ever since President Trump entered office.

Dennis Prager, SRN or no, by every measure is my favorite vocal American about good things American of anyone I have ever known during my 80 plus years of life.

Over 70% of today’s eligible and participating  Christian voters in 2016 voted Donald J. Trump for President…..May God forever bless every one  of them!!

SRN news seems excited, even  thrilled reporting these weekly negatives about President Trump.  It is advertised as a “Christian” outfit…..one perhaps unaware of any possibilities of human forgiveness in life.   “Shame!” is my response even if  the smears might be true.

“Handsome is as Handsome does!” was thrown at me by my Mother throughout the first fifteen years of my human aware life….:handsome” meaning good deeds rather than good haircuts.   My Lutheran background folks encouraged practicing forgiveness.

Despite my Church background, I cannot yet forgive SRN for its bigotry and/or poison  against the President, so I confine  my listening   hours to Dennis ONLY!

As much as I do respect the wonderful messages and persuasions of Our Dennis, Our Donald’s Presidency to save the USA from leftist CNN, MSNBC, PBS, New York Times, Soviet Brennan etc- type Marxist savagery,  is a greater cause  in the short run to restore Dennis’ democratic civility teachings to our world.

Today’s Fascistic Dem Party’s War Against Good and Decent Folk

There’s Much for Conservatives to Like in Brett Kavanaugh

(Both articles sent by Mark Waldeland.)
. . . the Left is already lining up for the cultural war over Kavanaugh, and he is more than prepared to acquit himself against their slings and arrows. His opinions on religious liberties and sexual privacy are well within the realm of mainstream conservativism. Indeed, as I’ve written, when he dissented on the highly novel issue of whether the federal government had an obligation to facilitate the abortion of an illegal-immigrant teenager detained at the border, Kavanaugh emphasized that the government “has permissible interests in favoring fetal life, protecting the best interests of a minor, and refraining from facilitating abortion” and that the Court should uphold “reasonable regulations” even when applying Supreme Court jurisprudence.

Don’t Worry, Conservatives — Everybody You Like Loves This Guy

Brett Kavanaugh is a fine pick for the Supreme Court.

Yes, Amy Coney Barrett might have triggered a clarifying culture war Ragnarök. Yes, at 53, if confirmed, Kavanaugh will probably be on the Court until “only” the 2040s.

Yes, some Democrats will point to Kavanaugh’s work with Ken Starr and his role in investigating the suicide of Vince Foster and attempt to demonize him with those long-ago tawdry chapters of presidential history. Yes, Kavanaugh is “establishment” in the sense that he worked on the Florida recount and in the Bush White House. Yes, twelve years on the D.C. Circuit Court mean he has a lot of rulings, and modern young progressive activists will attempt to pick out whichever ones seem surprising and paint him as some sort of cross between Torquemada and Pontius Pilate.

Please continue reading below:

Why Do American Universities Preach Fascism for the “Social Sciences”?


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

It is common knowledge that patriotic Americans tend to be Republicans, while unpatriotic Americans tend to be Democrats. According to the latest Gallup poll, the gulf between the parties is widening.

Gallup headlines the fact that only 47% now say they are “extremely proud” to be an American, the lowest total ever recorded. But the partisan divide is stark and, as you can see in this graph, it is getting worse:

The contrast is even greater when liberals are compared with conservatives. Sixty-five percent of conservatives say they are extremely proud to be Americans, almost three times the 23% of liberals who say the same.

As you would expect, the college-educated and the young are the least proud to be Americans. This is the result of a generation of mis-education, in which Howard Zinn has become the #1 guide to American history and Karl Marx is far more widely taught than John Locke. Perhaps the best thing you can do for your offspring is not to send them to college.

Meanwhile, you have to wonder about the future of a party, most of whose members don’t like the country they are trying to take over. Maybe when they have turned the U.S. into Venezuela or Cuba they will be proud to be Americans. Let’s hope they don’t get that opportunity.



Civilized America Relies on Donald Trump and the Senate to Strengthen the Supreme Court

Conservatives Should Unite Behind Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court

Many Americans were blindsided when a Supreme Court vacancy opened up last week. One conservative lawyer has been weighing the President’s list for two years.

On March 9, 2018, Judge Amy Coney Barrett addressed Georgetown Law School students in Washington, D.C. at a conference on “First Principles of the Constitution.”

by Phillip Jauregui     at the Stream

Days before celebrating our nation’s 242nd birthday, Americans received a long-awaited gift. Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement last Wednesday. The respected jurist has been controversial as the “swing vote” on the U.S. Supreme Court.

For the first time in two generations, the nation’s highest court could have a solid conservative majority. A compelling case can be made that the next Supreme Court selection will be the single most important decision President Trump will make.

President Trump is deciding on his nominee this week. He plans to announce the nominee on July 9. If this next nomination is a miss, history informs us that another such opportunity may not arise for 30 more years.

This week, most Americans are going to focus on fireworks and barbeque with family and friends. I hope to as well. Yet we cannot be silent in this hour, despite a charged political climate.

Indeed, we must see the Supreme Court as much more than politics. The impact of the nine Justices on culture, ethics and public morality cannot be overstated.

Whether or Not We Like It, The Court Matters

Constitutional conservatives rightly lament how the high court has become the center of national political power.

In June 2015, the Obergefell decision purported to impose same-sex marriage across our land. Dozens of state laws defining marriage as between a man and woman were declared unconstitutional, without any textual support in the Constitution. In a close 5-4 vote, Kennedy “swung” towards the left.

This is one of several controversial cases Kennedy decided. Now he is vacating his seat. Lest we forget, the Supreme Court decisions of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton in 1973 opened the door to the loss of 60 million American lives in the womb since then. The stakes could not be higher.

A compelling case can be made that the next Supreme Court selection will be the single most important decision President Trump will make.

One of my dreams in life is to witness judicial renewal. We define it as restoring the Judiciary to the honorable role of deciding cases rather than legislating from the bench.

Accordingly, I have gladly researched all 25 names on the President’s Supreme Court list — especially those in the top tier. At this moment in history, I believe the one nominee all conservative constitutionalists should rally behind is Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Many informed voices have arrived at this conclusion. On Thursday, eminent legal scholar Professor Robert George shared (but did not author) an article strongly backing Barrett as the nominee. Evangelical leaders praise her record of upholding religious liberty. Contributors at National Review and Washington Examiner have endorsed her.

Let’s review her record, then consider some of the popular objections to selecting her now.

Scalia Law Clerk Takes After Her Former Boss

A former law clerk to the late Justice Antonin Scalia, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, age 46, mirrors his judicial philosophy.

“What we want in a Justice [is] someone who applies the law,” she said in a 2016 lecture. “[A Justice] follows the law where it goes and doesn’t decide simply on the basis of partisan preference.”

Her judicial philosophy, honed at the University of Notre Dame where she served 15 years as law professor, is well known. Barrett has written extensively on the limitedrole of the judiciary, precedent and judicial intrusion into legislative affairs.

Last year, Barrett was nominated and confirmed to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. During her Senate confirmation hearing, liberals had a miserable time. They turned to their tired playbook of personal attacks.

She was treated with hostility for her Christian faith, the same tactic used against other recent Trump nominees. Senator Dianne Feinstein famously said to Barrett: “The dogma [of your faith] lives loudly within you.”

Despite the drama, Barrett was confirmed with the votes of all Republicans and three Democrats. Those same three Democrats recently met with President Trump in a meeting to discuss his Supreme Court nominee.

Sarah Sanders


Tonight @POTUS met w/ Senators Grassley, Collins, Murkowski, Manchin, Donnelly, and Heitkamp to discuss the Supreme Court vacancy. @POTUS team also talked w/ more than a dozen other Senators today as part of ongoing outreach to get views and advice from both sides of the aisle.

Less than three weeks after her confirmation, President Trump added her to his Supreme Court prospect list.

Life and the Scales of Justice

Barrett would be a solid constitutionalist on the Supreme Court. “A justice’s duty is to the Constitution,” she once wrote. “It is thus more legitimate for her to enforce her best understanding of the Constitution rather than a precedent she thinks clearly in conflict with it.”

This brings us to one of society’s most contentious issues — that of abortion rights. Roeis surely the most-debated precedent, decided on faulty legal reasoning.

Having a holistic view of life issues brings into focus the compelling, compassionate life story of Amy Coney Barrett. She and her husband have seven children, one with special needs. Several were adopted from Haiti.

One never knows with certainty how a judge will decide a case before them. Yet conservatives must demand that a prospective nominee get the key questions right. One 2013 story from Notre Dame Magazine gives a good example.

Barrett has a clear understanding of the value of every life, aligned with constitutional principles.

It addressed the so-called “right to privacy” upon which Roe and Doe are founded. “Abortion deals with the life of a child, so it differs from the earlier case[s] relating to privacy,” stated Barrett in the article. Such reasoning shows how one may begin to question precedents that have long plagued our society.

Barrett also recognizes how society must uphold conscientious objection. In 2012, the new health care law mandated even Catholic sisters’ insurance cover drugs and devices that may induce abortion. A broad coalition of legal scholars responded. Barrett was one of those scholars.

It described how Obamacare required “purchase of a health insurance contract that provides abortion-inducing drugs, contraception and sterilization.” They responded: “This is a grave violation of religious freedom and cannot stand.” The Little Sisters of the Poor had their day in court and prevailed in the end.

Barrett understands the value of every life, and her view aligns with constitutional principles. She also has shown the courage to maintain these principles once on the Supreme Court.

Answering the Barrett Critics

There is always some degree of risk with any Supreme Court nominee. Yet in this former Scalia law clerk and Notre Dame law professor, we have someone as solid as Justice Neil Gorsuch. In fact, I believe she would be even better. And that’s saying a lot.

Because Barrett is female, talk has turned to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Some say Barrett should be “held in reserve” to replace Ginsburg, since the 85 year-old Justice might vacate the court soon.

This wager fails to account for the chance that Ginsburg may remain on the court during President Trump’s term. More importantly, if Barrett is the best prospect now — then she should be put on the court now. The chance missed now may never come around again.

Conservative constitutionalists should seek to identify the best nominee for the Supreme Court. Then we should humbly but boldly make our voices heard. This is our opportunity, duty and call.

Some in D.C. have voiced a concern that Barrett may be “young” or need “more judicial experience.” Another view is that her age and experience are beneficial and historically appropriate.

If confirmed, she would be older than Justice Clarence Thomas was when he was confirmed. Barrett would also have more judicial experience than Justice Elena Kagan had when she was confirmed. By Republican and Democratic standards, she clearly has the age and experience to serve on the Supreme Court.

A Clarion Call of Truth and Justice

We’ve seen this past term what a difference one vote can make. In a 5-4 decision, a California law forcing pregnancy help centers in California to advertise abortion was overturned.

More challenges to free speech — not to mention questions on the value and definition of life itself — will inevitably arrive at the nation’s highest court. Will a voice of compassion, wisdom and courage be there to tip the Supreme Court from activist to constitutional?

Help us champion truth, freedom, limited government and human dignity.Support The Stream »

Conservative constitutionalists should seek to find the best nominee for the Supreme Court. Then we should humbly but boldly make our voices heard. This is our opportunity, duty and call.

So if headlines come up as you chat around the grill with family and friends this week, remember the name Amy Barrett. And enjoy the fireworks!


Fox Fascists Out of Their “Cotton-Picking” Minds

It should never be forgotten that Fox is BIG BUSINESS.   It politically is usually not Huffington and friends, run by Noam Chomsky types whose leftist deceit is celebrated in “can you top” competition with CNN and friends.

I’ll be eighty four this summer.   I haven’t heard the phrase “Cotton pickin minds” for sixty years….a popular phrase among radio dramas having nothing  whatsoever to do with human skin color.   It had to do with boring jobs.

Fox frequently enjoys displaying  psychological performing screwball, a loony named Cathy Areu….one of the most obnoxious, foul thinking, mouth displaying,  screwball anywhere on television at any time in my life….which precedes the arrival of TV “pox”.  Notice the  fat Fox folks accumulate every month of their tv lives.    The fattening comes directly from the news political territory…..from dining and drinking with powerful people, of course.

Fox is often mouthing  “Fake News” regarding our President Donald J. Trump….starting in fox clothing  with Democrats and RINOs such as Chris Wallace, Howard Kurtz, and Phil Cavuto and a dozen feminists.

Ratings  count!!   Donald Trump’s announced political ratings aren’t yet threatening to Aussie owned  Fox fake news…..Yet, I LOVE Fox complete  televisings of President Trump’s talk to his American public……

Nevertheless, where do these Fox programmed fascists come from punishing David Bossie for “out of your cotton pickin mind”.    (Aussies, maybe?)

Please review the following article regarding the Fox news suspension: