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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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A View of Dennis Prager’s Obamaland 7 Years Ago

The following article appeared at this site on March 16, 2010.


“I have known Dennis Prager (via radio) now for five and a half years.  Summing up the time I have spent in mental conversation with him, listening to his theses, assumptions, interpretations and conclusions and his conversations with folks he interviews, I have spent more time in his “presence’  than with anyone outside my  immediate family and the handful of compatriots with whom I work.

I know nothing about the private Dennis….and don’t wish to.  What Dennis envisions about America, I envision.  What Dennis fears about America’s future are my fears.

Dennis’ attitudes and experiences with academic America are my attitudes and experiences.  I have taught.    Dennis has taught.   How Dennis interprets, Glenn has interpreted and had done so years before there was any Dennis to “talk to” in his life.   Dennis  thoughts were isolated within my own thinking.

Back in those days when Dennis was at Columbia University, a student  enduring  the attacks from the “fascist left”  (Dennis’ own words) disrupting his classes, defacing the school, and shutting it down in the name of druggies  for love, more drugs and the righteousness to  “Hate America,”  I watched the same insanity  every evening on television alone, a Democrat, married with children.

Dennis Prager declares the first Republican he ever voted for was in November, 1980.    I had never failed to vote for a Democrat  until November, 1980….for the same candidate, Ronald Reagan…..although I voted for him as a Democrat…..the final end of my line with  that party affiliation.

Dennis taught himself Russian.  I majored in Russian, was taught the language by Czarist aristocrats who unbeknownst to me, made me pronounce my Russian at the level of the ‘Queen’s English.’   Dennis possesses a quaint Brooklyn Jewish accent when he says, “dobroe ytro….kak dela?’.

I earned a graduate degree in “Soviet Studies” and spent much of the summer of 1966 in the good old USSR.  Dennis, too, has a post graduate degree, I think from Columbia, from the School of International Relations there.  Dennis likes to travel, likes people, talks to people often about cultural matters while traeling, just as I used to  do.

Dennis likes hockey.  Some of my best times in life  have revolved around hockey.

Dennis,  during the opening moments of his radio program  on that Wednesday after the November Tuesday when the vapid, (Dennis’ words) very vapid John F. Kerry was defeated by President George W. Bush broke into tears….mumbling…..unable to speak, choking up , failing in his attempt to maintain his reserve.

I wept the night before when at midnight, my son Christian, disturbed my sleeping pill by waking me up, per instruction, if G.W. had won Ohio.    I was certain vapid man was going to  win.  But, Chris had jumped in joy too soon….George was only leading in Ohio, and  the vote was narrowing.

I believe, as does Dennis, that America is in deep trouble as America.  We never have had a foreign president running the country as we have in Obama.   Foreign in experience of life and family,  president Obama is nevertheless, simply the inevitable result of  a new religion sweeping the nation’s universities and schools, Marxism.  The man shows no romance, no love, no tears, no honest and sincere feeling about America.  He ran to “Change America”.

He was trained to be a Marxist, and accepted the cloak willingly.

But  Dennis Prager refuses to use this “M” word for the “Marxists” Barack Hussein Obama, Bill Ayers, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, and Harry Reid the Lefties they  truly are.    Does he  allow  the Left to determine his vocabulary.  Why?

Dennis admits there are nearly no Liberals left in the Democrat Party.  They have been purged or forced into compliance and silence….only the “Left” exists, as he likes to say.  That “Left” as he likes to say, are Marxists, but he cannot utter the word.  Why?

The bigger the government…the smaller the citizen!  What a wonderful Prager truism….but how big must government get before it achieves the noun “Marxism” from Dennis’ lips?

“Our country is becoming  more Marxist”.   That is as true a statement as any.   Dennis cannot deny its truth.  “Our country is becoming Marxist”…..yes, that is true as well, but, Dennis could say ala parsing Bill Clinton, it depends on what you mean by “Marxist”…….but Dennis wouldn’t parse.  Here is a typical Dennis explanation….regarding lying….as in “telling a lie”….or “being a liar”.

Dennis has explained often that a lie is not  a lie, if the person telling the lie does not believe it to be a lie.

That tricky scenario does occur in life, but it rarely occurs in politics, the world in which Dennis so often excuses liars for lying.   He prefers  them to be people who are unaware of their lying….even though they are paid to know the difference between lies and unlies.   Weren’t they elected to help lead the country?

Dennis is simply not combative on radio.   He may be in private, but he is not on radio.  He was a terrible wuss during a full hour radio show  interview with Henry Waxman, a sharp Marxist Democrat from California.  Dennis showed respect for this weasel no matter the size of  lies and distortions he repeated, one of the  most devious-tounged Lefties  in the House of Representatives.  Certainly Dennis  should not name-call using the word Marxist…..but use it often when appropriate.

What does Marxism entail?

Government ownership of major industries, including those of finance and auto production.  Government micromanagement of citizen lives.  Punishment meted out to those who use  more water than allotted by bureacrat design……rural agricultural schools must have the proper number of lesbians on teaching staffs…..living space must be limited so everyone shares the same size domestic experience…..rearing children will be rationed as will be the number of people allowed to be older  than sixty years old…..rearing or marrying dogs or cats are substitutes for children or husbands for equality standards…….all decided  by Lefty bureaucrats……..car ownership limited to government enterprises…….everything will be micromanaged to pretend equality.   Eventually only Marxists will have “spending money.”  For others money will be made equal.

President Obama is a Marxist because he is selling Marxism.  He advocates government micromanagement of personal life.  He opposes private enterprise and prizes depriving people of wealth reforming  them as drones, naked and impotent  before his bureas of Washington management and in the future, their henchmen by  the tens of millions to oversee religiously dedicated “government” dictating  equality of health care passed March 2010…….the first  major Marxist victory over the diminishing citizen   in American history.

Marxism is the religion of government forced equality.  The high priests of the religion come from academia who “know” they know best the ways of human behavior.   They have been trained to pass written tests and deserve  the riches that come from such superior experience and great expectation.   Obama comes from this class.

Since no one is born equal, nor can learn equally, cannot  live life equally and die equally,  equality must be forced on the people according to  Marxist religious tenets.  Some Marxists, those who govern,  will inevitably be made more equal that others.  That is the law of the jungle, Marxism or no Marxism.

Think of the billions of dollars that will be earned through the boundless possibilities for   bribery!   How much will be paid under the table to buy the Commissar of Aging, to allow your mother to live past 60?…….Who will have the “luxury” of a sex change or a hip replacement except through payoffs?   Bureaucrats usually crave Marxism as a religion.  It increases their profit margin.

Dennis prefers to be liked.  He has a radio show…..is a teacher more than an entertainer.  He is cautious by nature, doesn’t want to be thought of as a crank, which the Marxists would certainly quickly jump on…….Dennis has a personna that helps him succeed  winning over listeners who might not  show up if he uses the word “Marxist” even where it should be used.

Perhaps Dennis thinks that president Obama doesn’t yet know he is a Marxist!   Although he preaches Marxism, advances Marxism by stealth and wealth,   hires Marxists, befriends Marxists, avoids criticisms of Marxists, because he doesn’t know he is  a Marxist, why shouldn’t he  still be identified as he is….a Marxist?

Only in America!”

(The above was printed at this site on March 16, 2010.  May God continue to Bless Dennis, and therefore the cause for  freedom in America,  in the future as well as he has in the past.)

CNN’S Jake Wonders Why President Trump More Warmly Received in Riyadh Than the Islamist Obama

CNN’s Jake Tapper wonders why Trump more warmly received in Saudi Arabia when Obama’s father was a Muslim

by Thomas Lifson   at  American Thinker:

“Somebody please explain to Jake Tapper about Arabs and the “strong horse.”  Osama bin Laden explained it pretty economically years ago, but that’s a message that is difficult for liberals living in a fantasy world to grasp.  After all, Barack Obama had a Muslim father, and he’s a “person of color” (one of the most annoying expressions in the English lexicon, casting Caucasians as colorless), so there must be some kumbayah, right?

Jen Psaki, to whom Tapper asked his question, is in no position to explain, as she first tries to grab credit for the arms deal Trump just announced before denouncing it.  Both people are completely unable to deal with the realities of a power equation, especially one that shows the emptiness and futility of Obama’s policies.

Watch and wonder at the kind of people who get access to media time, and ……..”

Please do read on:

Time for America to Confront the Democrat Party Fascist Left and Its Strangle Hold on Communication

It is certainly understandable that the American atheist, fascist Obamaling Democrat  savage Left is enjoying its total control over the nation’s press and indoctrination institutions called courts, school, and university.

There is a lot rotten in America’s “State of Denmark” in the left wing of the recently beaten Obama fascist, racist, sexist Democrat Party determined  to continue control the Presidency……feminist fangs, black racists and gangsters, the smug Hollywood millionaires and friends, 20 million or more illegal immigrants hidden and protected by taxpayer money in political cells called “Sanctuary Cities”  weren’t quite enough to con enough Americans to send that oily, noisy,  political slimy criminal, “Crooked” Hillary to the White House.   She should be sent to jail for her crimes against the State.

She’s free, however.   She’s a feminist, leftist Democrat…an Untouchable?

Our Donald was fairly, cleanly, honestly, Constitutionally elected to become the Nation’s 45th President…..and BEST yet, he is not a crooked Democrat, or sleazy Republican….but a businessman skilled at solving problems to build matter.

Over 90% of the American communications empire is grease-mouthed by the Charles Blows,  nearly all of television “news” at the level of Rachel Maddow, the Washington Post’s billionaire,  and the  Jake Tapper “boys” at CNN……folks of the same bath tub oils.    Then there are CBS, NBC, PBS, ABC,  and the Ninth District Courts politically, educationally crippled enough to make certain TRUTH AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH ARE LOST IN THE PAST to make room for the goons of their religion, their gods of feelings over Truth!

Will these Obama fascists join the NeverTrumpers…the Bushes et alia to sabotage our refreshing, America-loving, America built, Donald Trump…..or will one party fascism finally kill the United States of America?

OUR AMERICA IS IN TROUBLE, FOLKS.   The Charlie Schumer people of Communist George Soros land are leading our nation  to a Venezuela future!    PAY ATTENTION….AWAKE!  Please read the following article by Newt Gingrich!


Feminized U.S. Colleges Go Fascist These Days to Control Free Speech

It is a truism that the human female is born to prefer feelings over Truth.   By Nature she is not born to be a problem solver, a builder, explorer, clan defender, attacker, hunter, killer, but a reactor to problem solving.   She  needs protection, for in the past the primary reason for existence of  the human female animal was to bear children for the continuation of the species.

But, that is so yesterday.  At America’s college these days one might be made to disappear from class if this truth of history of the human species would be exposed.

The human female is not often by Nature  interested in Truth.  She is programmed to be possessed by feelings, the mood of the moment or day….or year to be courteous or sly, depending upon her needs of the moment.   Even though feminists and their fellow American college  feminazis of all sexes, colors, shapes, and sizes these days selling  leftism’s feelings distributed in schools from coast to American coast feel and shout their superiority among the sexes, last time I’ve noticed, 90% of the human male animal   by size, shape, muscular and mental condition is still overwhelmingly  the actual  natural born killer in our neighborhoods at home and at war abroad.

Truthful human female animals know and accept the truth  of this printing.   They are usually conservatives…..and still love bearing and caring for their children whom they are programmed by Nature to protect at all costs.    When American human male animals used to be more male by Nature, they sired children and defended the family which they created rather than run around in Colorado and California hunting for a piles of pot.

America’s schools,  college and university social science departments nearly everywhere have become feminized or feminazied from instruction  over the past decade.   They have also  come to own the once honorable Democrat political party, a  large faction of the GOP, the network news and the world of American newsprint.

They  want to be taken care of feeling good and ditsie, playing political games of “let’s pretend” in order to feel good while they fatten up to become Democrats in state houses and Congress to dictate what is said and  felt for the day.

Please read on:



New Orleans Fascists Plot to Make Robert E. Lee Disappear

What do fascists do for a living?  In our United States they become Democrats these days……black racists, feminazis at university, Latino drug cartel salesmen, thieves, and distributors, atheists, and  those who rally around the Charles Schumers and Al Frankens of life; human animals who con for a living.

They hunt down deplorables, that is, those creeps, those who still work for a living and  aren’t in love with Elizabeth Warren and her gang of Hillaries!

Today, they,   even mayors of major metropolitan areas hunt down statues, concrete from the past to sell votes and  get up better in the morning feeling good about themselves while “reading”  the New York Times and Washington Post at ABC, NBC, PBS, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, MSNBC to learn and obey the tasks of their day.

New Orleans Destroys Confederate Monuments—But Partners with Murderous Racist Regime

 by Humberto Fontova   at Townhall:

“New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu cannot stomach the sight of Robert E. Lee in his city.  So one of the city’s most famous landmarks, the statue in Lee Circle in downtown New Orleans, will soon be toppled.

Mayor Landrieu refers to the towering Lee statue as an “aberration.” Historic statues of Jefferson Davis and Confederate General PGT Beauregard are also slated for imminent disgrace and demolition.

Mayor Landrieu first gave vent to his anti-Confederate-monument fetish back in 2015, declaring the monuments “public nuisances” which necessitated prompt removal.  The majority black city-council voted 6-to-1 in his favor for removal.  (Meanwhile the city’s murder rate soared past Chicago’s and potholes dating from Hurricane Katrina still cratered many city streets.)

Initially lawsuits by historic preservation groups held up the avenging cranes, bulldozers and jackhammers. But the legal path has been cleared and soon the hydraulic engines will roar into action against these intolerable and downright dangerous “public nuisances.

One monument near the historic French Quarter to a post-civil war gang-fight between “Reconstructionists” and the “Crescent City White League against the Reconstructionknown as the “Liberty Place Monument ” was cut down earlier this week.

Some years ago your humble servant saw something very similar (thematically, at least) to this little drama.  In early 1961 just as food rationing started in once food-exporting Cuba, just as hundreds of thousands of Cubans were exiling themselves from once immigrant-inundated Cuba, just as hundreds of thousands of Cubans were finally coming to “feel the burn” of the vast slum, sewer and prison Castro was converting once prosperous Cuba–just at this time Castro came up with the brilliant SOLUTION to the mess!

Why, he’d rally a mob of idiots and make a big show of tearing down the American eagle which perched atop the monument in Havana to the victims of the USS Maine! THAT’LL straighten things out!…It was an intolerable symbol of “Yankee Imperialism!” after all.……….”  Please read on.  Mr. Fontova is just beginning!


Gustavus Adolphus Used to be Lutheran, Now Fascist Left?

I am embarrassed to confess I was fortunate to be  raised Lutheran, but not the Gustavus Adolphus variety then as well as the fascistic, feminized, or childish moronic one it is today in Minnesota.

There used to be lots of Lutheran Churches in Minnesota.   I belonged to a small American synod Lutheran on on Stanford Avenue in St. Paul.   I was Sunday schooled and confirmed there.  Clarence B. Lund was its most dynamic Pastor.  During his leadership of nearly ten years,  he had expanded membership enough to require two preachings on Sundays.  He was exceptionally well educated, gifted in voice both singing and in speech, and was nationally recognized as a leading organist including the pipe organ.   He led in the purchase of lake shore land in Chisago County for summer outdoor  learnings for boys.

At least 100 children ages 8-12 attended Sunday School regularly learning Bible Stories of the Old Testament in particular.   Sermons were reserved for lessons from the New Testament.  Unfortunately, Pastor Lund had a weakness for boys of confirmation age which caused him to move on…..to somewhere in the Lutheran ranks in Denver….music, it was mentioned quietly.

Two years ago at 80, having been ‘unchurched’ for 60 years, I craved for the old days Christmas time, and decided to take a visit to the largest Lutheran Church in Minneapolis on Christmas Day….I was aware things had changed….modern hymns of forgetful language and harmony  replaced the old unforgetable beauties our congregations of yesteryear, including even my Dad,  would sing so proudly during service.

The service opened with “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”….one our congregation seven decades ago would also sing along with the Church Choir of about 25 devoted.

At this largest Minneapolis Lutheran Church maybe a quarter of the 500 in audience actually sang along with the choir.   It was the second of two sermons that Christmas Sunday….at a Church which one time  was packed to the brim for each 5 services every Sunday if the year including  the last time I was there for Church  service 60 or more years ago.

Immediately following that introductory Carol, the audience was welcomed by a second tier Minister…..He had a welcoming voice tone…..smiled…..and reminded the audience that today, being Christmas Sunday, was Jesus’ birthday…..and then with child-like giddy tone asked the folks to stand and sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus.

I couldn’t take it.  It  hurt too much.   Being in Church used to be so uplifting in music and message.  I quietly picked up my coat and left…..it’s the 21st Century  dying America.

Read on to learn more about the Lutheran feminized ‘presence’ in college today.


‘Til Death Do Us Part….

Does anyone bother to get married these days, the world of our American fascist Left?

Why bother when ‘modern’, in the groove modern Americans, begin their  screwing  around by age 14?   Why bother when Americans no longer indulge in the JudeoChristian world.  Why bother when marijuana is on hand?

Why bother when lesbianism is the most popular brand of learnings, feelings, beings  in today’s world of ‘valued’ up-to-date human female animal of expression sold at college, at school and Hollywood and, until recently  has swaggered so leftly following their above-the-law, goddess, their   beloved, crooked Hillary Roddham Clinton ?

Why bother when ones culture hangs out to dry dictating  “ONE SEX FITS ALL?”    Surely, something must be rotten in our today’s American Denmark!   Indeed!

Charlie Schumer’s Fascists have arrived.  Leftists, atheists, gays, Black Lives Matter hoodlums,  gangsters, druggies, invaders, CNN, NBC, MSNBC misfits  of all stripes, shapes and sizes  even some born in the good old USA, sold and led  by the Schumer sleaze bags to make America DEMOCRAT, ONE  forever and ever.

Never in our once Beautiful America has such evil been gathered so  tightly into one machine advertised and sold by “college educated” pinched-brained junior -high Pol Pots, Stalinists, Hitlerians  at CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, PBS, CBS and where ever the New York Times and Washington Post extend their verbal tentacles…all selling fake freedom, fake news, fake history, fake America.

This truly wretched refuse of our teeming shore is led by the America’s  fascists, not primarily abroad but at home celebrating its VICTORY OVER THE GOD-FEARING!

Cultures as individuals, deserve what they earn……..Wake up America!!   You are so lucky to have caused Donald J. Trump to be your leader to challenge the  Schumer Democrat fascists now in control on the once honorable American Democrat Party, now owning the feminized college world, the nation’s communications world, and its entertainment world, and even throughout much of the religious world, its JudeoChristianity, particularly the Jewish  part.

The  more you know “Dennis Prager”, the more traditional God-fearing honest, decent American thinking citizen seeking Truth you will become……Seek Truth, rather than become feminized with feelings,  and you shall be Blessed  with happiness, curiosity, if not more!

I have  lived my life.  Living is Tough…..that  I have learned from it, yet  I have been very blessed……!  So, I advise especially  to you guys, hold yourself responsible for your deeds.

Above all, raise children!

Seek knowledge for the sake of knowing Truth, for as those wonderful old maid public school teachers pounded into my head  seventy,   nearly eighty years ago……”SEEK KNOWLEDGE, AND  YOU WILL BECOME CLOSER TO GOD, FOR GOD KNOWS ALL THINGS!”