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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
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    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
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    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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February 22, 1980…..That Miracle of American Sports! USA 4 USSR 3


More than half of the members of the 1980 American Olympic hockey team,  perhaps 14 players in all, were raised in, or learned their hockey  from my own state of Minnesota.

Wintertime between 1955 to 1965 I attended over 300 Minnesota high school hockey games.  I was the state high school boy  hockey ratings guy for the Sunday St. Paul Pioneer Press.    Roseau, Thief River Falls,  International Falls, Duluth East, Grand Rapids,  Eveleth, St. Paul Johnson, Minneapolis Roosevelt, Edina  were the hockey powerhouses perennially  leading  the ratings from 1947 through the 1960s.    St. Paul Johnson was THE hockey powerhouse  from the Twin City in  those days…..winning State championships in 1947, 1953, 1955,  and 1963.

Herbie Brooks starred at  St. Paul Johnson High School leading the school into  two state tournament victories,  1953 to 1955.  He was an awkward skater from hip to ankles, rather slow in the speed,  yet he starred because he was a star.   He was so clever on the attack with the puck under his control, spectators and competing players often seemed to  fell  he could ‘deek’ the goal posts.

In all of the twenty or more years attending Minnesota  High School  State Tournaments, I never saw a player who could out maneuver a defender as easily at this kid.   Herbie Brooks was a genius with the puck at the end of his hockey stick…..clever player who loved the game, a winner, who had a brain far more skilled than his legs.   HE WAS A WINNER by drive and  because of that brain!

(I think Herbie actually  majored in psychology while at the University of Minnesota, back then when the University really meant something in learnings.   This Herbie was focused that 1979-1980!)

I was not surprised that Herbie decided to play the Olympic Soviet team  (for practice) a couple weeks before the Olympic games began, losing 10-3,  at Madison Square Garden!   I was not surprised he’d work the blood out of his Olympic team players whether they liked it or not, during every practice until the Olympic competitions began.  I was not at all surprised that his superbly-coached team had managed to remain  undefeated by the time they had to play the Soviets.

Herbie was in charge!

Minnesota boy high school players in the 1980s were becoming more spoiled in their athletic surroundings than in the years gone by.  They didn’t have to play critical outdoor games in minus 15 degree temperatures any more……such as a critical  outdoor game  I watched in Roseau when the team  played St. Paul Johnson one January.

Mark Johnson blood came from Minnesota.   I knew his dad, Bob Johnson quite well.  ….a First Class Guy, if there ever was one!  He was a star coach at Minneapolis Roosevelt….and a ‘side kick’ of mine when we took graduate school classes together in the College of Education at the University of Minnesota before he came to coach hockey at the University of Wisconsin.

Herbie Brooks was a  genius coaching at that level at  that time to that Olympic victory that year, AD 1980!  It was made to be by our Creator!  His young, rather spoiled youthful team was tortured into mental, physical strength into  resolution and  endurance throughout those many  months of practice leading up to that Miracle on Ice……Team USA  was a much stronger, better balanced USA hockey team playing the Soviets during the last fifteen minutes than the first 45!   Take a look below during that third period following the Eruzione go-ahead  goal with ten minutes left!








Jonathan Alter, Thomas Friedman, Joy Behar Janowitz, Matthew Nussbaum, Harvey Weinstein, Adam Schiff, Rod Rosenstein, etc. and Today’s America

I was born in the mid 1930s  and raised in depression and World War-time overwhelmingly Christian,  mainly Roman Catholic  St. Paul, Minnesota in a very modest  neighborhood of many newly built homes amid countless acres of open space planned for slightly higher income communities.    No Catholic elementary school had yet been built to separate Catholic from Protestant, so the only minority in the district was Jewish…..as I remember about 20% of the public elementary school  where I attended.
There were no known leftists anywhere in this elementary school district.   Every one  was Godfearing in language and  public behavior, and in religious expression.
The only noticeable division within  the  two blocks of houses where I lived was the two Jewish families refused to participate in neighborhood, although always invited.
By the time I was eleven I did know  Jewish kids attending our  school  were all Democrats as were  Roman Catholics.   
That was yesterday when religion really mattered in America.  Today we have different Democrats in our voting booths,  the fascist left kind, writing our news, owning our television, atheist teaching our kids, planning and performing out entertainment, selling ignorance, drugs,  black racism, feminism, internationalist obedience  and so, creating a much different country…….
And then,  there is our America’s best known, most popular preacher,  Dennis Prager carrying the torch of the American best based on Truth, Knowledge,   goodness, courage, and Godfearing!
So many of Dennis’ enemies, far out of proportion to their populations within our nation, are the armies led by  today’s Jewish Left leaders, selling themselves as “stars” in  our American communication, education, and entertainment industries, those industries now falling as fascists in   love,  profiteering  with  the State and what the State can dictate and sell their brands of fake news. 
Do get to know and support  Our Dennis and his followers better so that today’s America can halt its fascist-left  drive for power and   decay into greed and corruption and return to America the Beautiful! 
Learn to recognize Truth from Fiction through knowledge.   Know thy enemy of freedom better by seeking Truth over Fiction and knowing their differences.
Why are the following leftist sales folks so corrupt?   Please do count the ways.   
The Thomas Friedman case:  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/18/opinion/trump-russia-putin.html
The Jonathan Alter case:  https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-russia-isnt-about-the-cover-up-its-about-the-crime
The Matthew Nussbaum case:  https://www.politico.com/story/2018/02/18/trump-twitter-mueller-fbi-russia-scandal-416858?lo=ap_c1# 

Corruption, FASCISM at Harvard, your State University and Neighborhood College?!

That NewMan in Washington Again!


Our Fascist Neighbors up North CBC Canadians Follow their Hillary’s “Victory”, Nov. 8, 2016 to the end!

Peggy Noonan Crippled. Can’t Help Hen Pecking and Lying about President Trump

Is Peggy Noonan of the Hate Trump Wall Street Journal fame hen pecking our President because she is ordered to do so by the Hate Trump faction of the Journal’s management, because she is a woman born ditsy and can’t rise above its confusion during certain decades, years, months, days, or hours, or has she joined the foul leftist fascists to remove Our Donald from office at all costs?

Back in 2016 during the campaign to save America from crooked Hillary and her fascist armies, Ms. Noonan was remarkably thoughtful and accepting  in her writings regarding the many talents of the non-crooked politician, Donald Trump.

I had quit subscribing to the Journal at mid 2016.  I owned no stocks.  Whatever little I ever had was wiped out in 2007, the last year of Dubya’s  presidency.   I was tired of reading the Journal’s editorial page dictating big business conservative this and that, nearly all foreign to  us American small business guys who never retire because they love what they do and cannot  retire for financial reasons.

I   subscribed because I live in the Twin Cities area  where there are no conservative journals or writings to be found….The area’s  only slightly viable newspaper is the Strib of Minneapolis,  editorially more a fascist  club whose membership was and still is 99% to the left of where ever the left exists.   The Strib for decades seems to enjoy   accumulating all of its leading bigotry  from the fascist dictators of the Social Science departments at the University of Minnesota or the forever living Soviets operating at St. Paul’s Macalaster College.

Noonan’s opinion half page   advances the power of  her opinions by displaying her feeling for the day in a huge   HEADLINE BLASTED ACROSS THE ENTIRE PAGE.

This past Friday’s edition boldly and dishonestly read:  I LOVE A PARADE, BUT NOT THIS ONE!   (referring to Soviet nuclear weapons show-off parades)

Adding poison to  anything Trump,  the Journal positioned just below   the headline   a large full-colored picture of huge Soviet missile weaponry with the cutline:   Soviet tactical nuclear missiles in a 1980s military parade.

President Trump had recently returned from Paris where he had witnessed a winsome pridefully arranged colorful military parade sans tanks and nuclear weapons,  in honor of the mostly men and, if any the women, serving  in the French military…..the living and the dead.

Noonan sneered and smeared President Trump throughout the five column wordy but unworthy truthless brain power akin to the fascist left’s, New York Times,  to feel superior to all things associated with our incredibly bright, thus far incredibly effective and successful 45th President of these United States!

TO WIT:  Noonan writes:  “The stock market wobbled in a way that seemed dramatic.  The president has perhaps learned he should not constantly brag about the Dow Jones Industrial Average as poof of his good economic stewardship.”  Bull!

He had a right to advertise his administration’s market successes.   Down side was caused by the trillion

And again elsewhere in the article she blames Trump for ruining the aura of the presidency  “you are making him  (Trump) normal, which means you are guaranteeing a future of President Trumps.   This means you have lowered the presidency forever, changed it forever, just when the world’s problems are more dangerous, and thoughtfulness and wisdom more needed…..”   More bull!




Banning the Bible from the American School is Yet Another Crime of Democrats’ Leftist Fascism!

America’s schools cannot claim that their graduates are well educated unless they have knowledge of the Bible. 
Article at First Things sent by Mark Waldeland:

“For years, Christians have asserted that the removal of the study of the Bible from public school curricula has had a negative moral and spiritual impact on American youth. In 2010, I conducted a meta-analysis that indicates a major educational cost of removing the Bible from our schools. These results were supported by two furtherstudies. The data reinforce the recognition, which has grown over the last twelve to fourteen years, that in order for American high school students to be considered educated, they must have knowledge of the Bible.

“A meta-analysis statistically combines all relevant existing studies on a given subject, in order to determine those studies’ aggregated results. The meta-analysis I conducted indicates that students with high Bible literacy earn a grade point average that is about one point higher than that of students with low Bible literacy. Moreover, all eleven studies included in the meta-analysis show that pupils with high Bible literacy perform better academically than do those with lower Bible literacy.

“These results opened the eyes of many skeptics. I received invitations to share the results with various government departments under President Obama, as well as former members of the Clinton administration. Wherever this information is presented, from Arizona and California all the way to the East Coast, legislators understand that high Bible literacy helps young people comprehend literature and history. Shakespeare cites the Bible 1,300 times. Many other classic authors—Dickens, Tolstoy, and Dostoyevsky, to name three—assume the reader’s knowledge of the Bible. A familiarity with the Bible helps students fathom such books as The Grapes of Wrath, Jane Eyre, and Lord of the Rings. One cannot understand the fight against slavery, the women’s suffrage movement, or the Civil Rights movement without knowledge of the Bible. . . .