• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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When will Americans Begin to Notice the Schiff Fascists Now Destroying Our American Dream to Seek and Honor TRUTH!

Where would we Americans be today without the devotion for truth and freedom exercised by honest Jewish folks such as John Hinderaker and Dennis Prager?

Our American Christian community, may God Bless Them, seems to have retreated into the Roman catacombs again  (for another 500 years?).   At least they still worship the importance of Truth over Evil when  80% of their voters went for  and elected Donald J. Trump to the American Presidency in 2016!!


What makes Evil in a live human animal? ……  THE ABSENCE OF TRUTH AND HUMAN DECENCY, something I learned at Church and in school, kindergarten to college and graduate school when America was still the AMERICAN DREAM!

It isn’t too hard to understand….UNLESS YOU ARE FASCISTS LIKE  ADAM SCHIFF,  NANCY PELOSI, JERRY NADLER,  CHARLES SCHUMER, RICHARD BLUMENTHAL, BERNIE SANDERS, ERIC SWALWELL, MAXINE WATERS, GEORGE SOROS, HOLLYWOOD, AND UNIVERSITIES and other mouths running today’s Fascistic Dem Party absent of traditional American values dreamed and honored.

Fox News is also among this crowd of evil, but probably not by design…., perhaps their STAR animals don’t know the evil they are  nursing when selling  Adam Schiff and crowd.   “Conservative” Fox advertises “fair and balanced”  news….and so,  sells  Schiff FASCIST disorders and lies  as equal to those honest traditional Republicans and Democrats who still honor and strive for Truth and honesty but are too gutless or too uneducated to know or remember how vitally important EXERCISING TRUTH IS IN A FREEDOM LOVING COUNTRY  LIKE AMERICA IN MY LIFETIME  STRUGGLED TO MAINTAIN WHEN IT VALUED THE GUIDE OF GODFEARING JUDEOCHRISTIANITY!

I have never met John Hinderaker, one of my heroes trying to save our traditional American values in our days of Schiff swamp.   He seems to be a very gentle gentleman when evaluating the fascist and fascistic horrors now overwhelming our dreams of America!   Such gentlemen are better than no gentlemen at all.

The human female animal prefers security over freedom.   Fascism whether German, Soviet, Maoist, or Schiff-style doesn’t really seem to matter as long as she feels ‘SECURE’.

Ban All the Red Hats?

Dem Fascists Plotting to Circumvent Electoral College

The National Popular Vote Bandwagon

by Anthony C. Patton  at  American Thinker:

The national popular vote bandwagon continues to attract anxious passengers before the 2020 election.  Fifteen states plus D.C. with 196 electoral votes have joined the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC), which would obligate the participating states to cast their electoral votes for the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote, not the candidate who wins the state’s popular vote, but only after states with 270 or more electoral votes join the compact.  Most recently, Nevada’s governor had the good sense to veto the measure.

The sudden and palpable distaste for the Electoral College appears to be motivated by the festering anger of two stinging electoral defeats for the Democrats in 2000 and 2016, not by a sincere desire to improve our great Republic in a bipartisan way.  The counterfactual proof of this claim is the insight that if George W. Bush and Donald Trump had won the national popular vote but had lost the Electoral College, the Democrats today undoubtedly would be singing the praises of the Electoral College as a necessary check on mob rule.

The movement conveniently glosses over the fact that the Electoral College merely reflects how states send representatives and senators to Washington.  Even small states with only one representative have two senators, but the movement is not proposing to abolish the Senate.  Our Republic was founded on semi-autonomous states that do most of the heavy lifting for day-to-day governance (police, schools, courts, roads, etc.) and therefore need a voice at the federal table to avoid having a few large states control all the small states.  As such, presidential elections should take into consideration the interests of individual citizens (438 electoral votes) and individual states (100 electoral votes).

The movement misses another critical point: the way the election game has been played as a matter of fact.  When Al Gore in 2000 and Hillary Clinton in 2016 set out to win the presidency, their campaign strategies were designed to win the Electoral College — the road to 270 — not the national popular vote.  It is disingenuous to hail the virtues of the national popular vote after the fact.  When the news networks show election maps or conduct polls, their analysis and predictions are based on winning the Electoral College, not the national popular vote.

No one was surprised when Gore and Clinton did not waste precious time and resources campaigning in California or New York, where victory was certain.  Winning 50.01% or 99.99% of the popular vote for a state has the same result: 100% of the state’s electoral votes.  Consider a World Series in which one team wins four games and the other team wins three games but has more overall runs during the seven games.  The additional runs might seem like a moral victory, but no one would argue that the team with the most overall runs during the seven games should be crowned champion.  If scoring the most runs were the objective, the strategy for playing individual games would change dramatically.

The movement would be wise to consider how election dynamics might change if they had their way, to include the near impossibility of conducting a national recount in the case of a close election.  Democrats would probably still win the popular vote in states like California and New York, and Republicans would probably still win the popular vote in states like Texas and Wyoming, but voters across the country would probably adjust their voting behavior, perhaps dramatically.  Voters who otherwise might not cast a ballot, such as Republicans in California and Democrats in Texas, might turn out in droves if the national popular vote redefined the rules of the game.  In this case, past behavior should not be considered an indicator of future behavior.

The movement would also be wise to focus on winning presidential elections under the current rules of the Constitution or risk stomaching an even more painful scenario in which Republicans win the White House based on national popular vote after the change but would have lost had the Electoral College rules been in effect.  We have no way of knowing precisely how such a rule change would alter voter dynamics, and the Democrats might find themselves in the awkward position of scrambling to return to the good old days of the Electoral College.  The Founding Fathers wisely made amending the Constitution difficult, by design, to promote a national consensus based on sound reasoning.

The national popular vote bandwagon will not succeed in amending the Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College — the courts would be wise to strike down the NPVIC laws — but the movement will undoubtedly use this issue to trumpet the “one person, one vote” mantra to “start a dialogue” for other political ends.  The Texas secretary of state found evidence that 95,000 registered voters were not U.S. citizens, and Los Angeles County is in the process of purging over one million ineligible voters.  Prediction: As more states audit their voter rolls and purge more ineligible voters, you can count on the movement to decry “voter suppression” and demand that we “count every vote,” eligible or not.

Anthony C. Patton studied mathematics and philosophy at Augsburg University and earned an MBA from Thunderbird — School of Global Management.



How Dare a Republican Note Rep. Elijah Cumming’s Incompetence!

President Trump broke the rule to never hold a black politician responsible

by Patricia L. Dickson  at American Thinker:


Democrat Representative Elijah Cummings, along with the members of his party, have been feigning outrage and concern about the living conditions for illegal alien children at the border for over a year. The outright shameful part about his so-called concern is that his own district is in a far worse condition than the detention centers at the border that house non-citizens. In fact, every district run by the members of the Congressional Black Caucus has been neglected for decades.

Continuing to attempt to gain political points against a successful Trump administration, Rep. Cummings not only criticized the living condition at the detention centers, he even attacked the border patrol agents. In the meantime, political commentator and Baltimore County Republican Central Committee member Kimberly Klacik was busy posting videos of the dilapidated rodent infested buildings in Rep, Cummings’s District 7 on Twitter.

President Trump, obviously after seeing the videos, had finally had enough of Cummings’s dishonest bias reports about the living conditions at the border and fired back at him about the terrible conditions in his own district. This sent shockwaves across the liberal media and the Democrat party. How dare he hold a black politician responsible for the condition in his district? No other Republican politician had the backbone to do so out of fear of being called a racist. However, President Trump is not the average Republican that runs and tucks his tail at the fear of being called a racist or any other name that liberals come up with. He is a street brawling counter puncher. You throw the first punch; he punches back hard.

After President Trump blasted Rep. Cummings about the conditions in his district, the black Democrats all in unison played the race card as usual. They even enlisted king race-baiter Rev. Al Sharpton to attack President Trump and call him a racist at a press conference.  Did Sharpton actually believe that Trump would not call him out on their past relationship? President Trump reminded everyone how long he has known him and that Sharpton is and always has been a con man.

The funny thing is, Sharpton has been trying so desperately to hide his past friendly relationship with Trump so that he can claim that Trump has always been a racist and a white supremacist (even though there are many photos of them together all over the internet). What has upset and shocked the black Democrats politicians and leaders is that President Donald J. Trump broke the rule to never ever hold a black politician responsible for the conditions in his or her district.

You certainly must not point out the obvious corruption and question where and how all the tax dollars have been spent over the decades. Besides, the white Democrat politicians could not care less about the plight of poor blacks living in the inner cities. In fact, they came to Rep. Cummings’s defense. Rep Elijah Cummings finally responded to President Trump yesterday with pabulum, ignoring the ptesident repeatedly asking where has all the money gone that has been pumped into Baltimore over the years, suggesting that it has been mismanaged or stolen.

So far, I haven’t heard a peep out of Rep Maxine “impeach 45” Waters either. I am sure that she does not want President Trump to shine the light on her homeless tent city district as well.



CJack: Racism a Democrat Disease?

by Cjack

The DNC racist assault on America….

The level of obscenities and false accusations launched against our duly elected 45th President, Donald J. Trump cannot go unchallenged. If our nation is to survive it most overcome the moral and spiritual decline brought about under Barack Obama; a man whose ascent to our highest office was celebrated by the ghosts of Sodom & Gomorrah.

Though Obama made clear his rejection of our nation’s founding values and ideals, only a few courageous religious leaders dared to publicly denounce his perverted agenda and treachery. Lamentably most of Conservative America remained in fear of being branded ‘racist’ even as the nation’s pride and dignity was trampled by black racists, rappers, gays and other fringe elements assaulting our duly elected government and our academic and religious institutions. To date this network of Obama radicals continues with impunity to attack our Judeo-Christian foundation and Constitutional order.

….An example of fiscal turpitude by the Democrats…

The 94th United States Congress Sessions, First: January 14, 1975—December 19, 1975…Second: January 19, 1976—October 1, 1976.
Senate Majority…Democratic.
House Majority…Democratic.

“In 1975 the Democrat-controlled Congress retrofitted the elevators in the Capitol building to make them automatic; yet the same dimwitted Congress continued to spend the taxpayer money to pay salaries of elevator operators to operate the automatic elevators.”
Historically the Democrats have been known to stupidly spend the taxpayer’s money.

Since 1996 the loudmouth, empty-suit Baltimore bully Elijah Cummings (D) has represented Maryland’s socially disrepaired 7th district with nothing notable to show. Yet President Trump has been called a racist by the corrupt and incompetent race hustlers Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D) and the NAACP for citing the deplorable social conditions in Elijah Cummings’ district.

Why has the corrupt Elijah Cummings allowed to be a member the US House of Representatives for twenty-six years?

We have had enough of blacks and white Democrats using the race card to stir up hate and racial division. The United States of America is not a racist nation, its white citizenry is not responsible for the social disrepair in the black community. Only a return of black America to its civic pride, self-discipline, adequate education and hard work will solve its social and economic problems.

I ask, in fact, why have not the exceedingly wealthy blacks invested in the business development of the black community? Furthermore, why aren’t more powerful black religious conservatives willing to condemn the Democrat party and its devilish agenda responsible for the systematic devastation of the black community? It sure looks like the black vote will continue to support Obama’s 21st century Democrats who prefer to rule by partisan politics than by bipartisan edict.

The appointment of the ‘sleazy’ Robert Mueller as ‘special counsel’ to investigate our duly elected president on the false charge of colluding with Vladimir Putin to win the 2016 presidential elections—based on a bogus “dossier’ of preposterous lascivious activities funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC—has to be the most scandalous incident of dirty politics perpetrated against our nation.

Moreover, it should be embarrassing for the black community not to condemn this conspiracy by our first black president Barack Obama and his ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to overturn the legal election of Donald Trump to the White House.

In fact, Mueller’s investigation has brought to light troubling evidence that this whole charade was orchestrated to cover up the many crimes and misdemeanors of the Obama administration. Shame on black America for looking the other way.

Let not the corruption and hypocrisy of the Democrats go unchallenged. We must forever reject at the ballot box.

….America’s Privileged Class…

We have allowed our elected congressional officials to become an incompetent and privileged class, self-entitled to excessive benefits and privileges of rank that prevail over their collective responsibility; these kleptocrats have been permitted to function so above the law they have become an insidious nest of truants that will continue to increase the nation’s financial burden on the backs of its taxpayers. Their incompetence and malfeasance erodes our nation’s founding values and ideals.

Freedom requires infinite vigilance for it is neither free nor cheap.


… Mueller, a Man Lost in Space…

The DNC’s ‘special counsel” Mueller failed to produce evidence of Trump’s misconduct or treason against the nation; yet, the garbage-can networks CNN and MSNBC continue to promote the infamous “Steele Dossier” and the preposterous “collusion” charge against our legitimate president.

Hillary Clinton lost the election because she had a long history of lies, incompetence, corruption, and deception. Still the ensuing torrent of irresponsible and malicious accusations against Trump will continue in form or another because Barack Obama is hell bent on remaking our land in his image. The man is a communist propagandist who cares less about the US Constitution, its laws and legal processes.

Note: The buffoonish Jerrold Nadler’s “Capitol Hill” Mueller inquisition was “much ado about nothing.”


…The DNC and its Black Racism…

I see the slate of the DNC presidential jackasses as nothing more than an ongoing caravan of ‘useful fools’ coached by the anti-American anarchist Barack Obama whose rhetoric constantly disrespects President Trump and his cabinet. Obama has been licensed and empowered to accuse Trump of every sin under the sun; but Conservative America for fear of being branded racist remains silent.
And the morally bankrupt Democrats just go on dragging the nation deeper into their swamp.

No, America cannot be racist after electing Barack Obama to two terms in the White House. Yet, it’s the only card the black racists have always shown at the poker table.

Over at the “House” the senile House speaker, Granny Pelosi can’t impose any semblance of order to curb the antics of Obama’s disreputable anti-semites who have silenced the most prominent Jews in the House and Senate:Schiff, Nadler, Blumenthal, Feinstein; for these treacherous cowards, I have no room in my heart.


…Sad Sack Mueller Couldn’t Hop Off the Fat Man’s Carousel…

It’s befuddling to see that the celebrated federal “lawman” Robert Mueller never looked into the Russian Atomic Agency’s donation of $145,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation following the Obama administration’s “Uranium One Deal” (signed, sealed and delivered by Hillary Clinton to Vladimir Putin). Instead, Obama’s ‘deep state’ operatives propagated the lie of a Trump-Putin collaboration to steal the election from the unprincipled Hillary Clinton.

And please don’t forget the $500,000 speaker’s fee paid to Bill Clinton in Moscow by a Russian business group connected with the Uranium One Deal.

…Nadler’s Clown Show…

The Nadler ‘clown show’ on Capitol Hill unveiled a gaunt and confused ‘special counsel’ slipping into a mental abyss typical of those suffering the initial symptoms of progressive memory disconnects. The mumbling Mueller, a lost soul meandering in his private purgatory.

Now we must demand a rugged investigation by the US Senate to expose the unethical activities of Mueller and his team of investigators.
High on the Senate’s list should be Mueller’s lead investigator Andrew Weissmann and his pro-Hillary investigators; Mueller’s erratic performance before the House Committee justifies the investigation.

Who was really leading and conducting this symphony of lies against the President and who wrote the final report, since Mueller couldn’t hop off the fatman’s Capitol carousel, we must find out.

CJack…Weekend Commentaries…August 2, 2019

Truth Exposed: Today’s Democrats, NOT TRUMP, Are the Racists!

The Democrats, Not Trump, Are the Racists

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) speaks to media on Capitol Hill

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) speaks to media on Capitol Hill on June 27, 2018. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

It doesn’t take Nostradamus, or even a Coney Island fortune teller, to predict the coming Democratic presidential debates will be filled to overflowing with accusations of racism toward Donald Trump.

Not only that, the candidates will certainly be doing their bests, directly or by innuendo, to tarnish each other with the same ugly brush in an almost always fallacious manner. But when it comes to the real, down-home, George-Wallace-Segregation-Now-Segregation-Forever racial bigotry, it will be Donald Trump by a landslide. To them, POTUS is the big, bad, racist wolf.

This is, will be, and has been from the beginning one of the purest examples of projection since Sigmund Freud described this form of psychological hysteria in The Neuro-Psychoses of Defence (1894).

The Democrats are the true racists. The more they and their press lackeys call others racist, the more racist they are — and the more racism they generate. These days one might as well call the Democratic Party The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Racism.

They do this every day through the promulgation of identity politics, which is no more than segregationism repurposed and given a slick veneer for the 21st century via intersectionality and similar bogus academic nonsense. But it doesn’t end there. It’s a daily, even hourly, assault, the latest occurrence being the uproar over Trump’s characterization in a tweet of Rep. Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore as “violent & filthy.”

Did this have anything to do with Cummings being black? Of course not. But it certainly has to do with Cummings’ own over-the-top characterization of our southern border, which Trump considered radically unfair and purely politically motivated. Tit for tat. We’ve seen that from Trump before and will again. He punches back, sometimes too easily. But color is of no consequence, not even slightly. You could be a card-carrying member of the DAR descended directly from Betsy Ross and Trump would go after you if you went after him.

Nevertheless, it had to be called racism by the real racists — projection again. (This creepy, psychologically-deformed behavior was frequently lampooned by Aristophanes in his plays, long before Freud gave it a name. Molière also had a good time with this hypocrisy in The Miser and The Misanthrope. Only now it’s not a laughing matter.)

And speaking of unfair, exactly what is the condition of Baltimore today? Like most American cities governed for decades by Democrats — from Detroit to now Los Angeles, San Franciso, and Seattle with their ghastly homeless epidemics — the word “miserable” seems appropriate or perhaps “wretched” or “revolting” (but not in the sense of revolutionary; in the sense of “What a revoltin’ development this is” in The Life of Riley).

And is Baltimore safe? US News gives it a poor rating, 3.9/10, stating: “Baltimore’s crime rate is significantly higher than the national rate, with the metro area experiencing its fair share of violent crime – particularly within the city proper.” As for Trump’s accusation of its being “rat-infested,” it ranks eighth nationally hereand ninth here. That’s out of some 35,000 cities in this country. I’m not sure how many of those got surveyed by Orkin, but Baltimore’s results are not exactly auspicious.

The conclusion we are supposed to glean from this, the rule of rules that must be obeyed at all costs, is that whites are always wrong when criticizing blacks. That conception is quite simply mentally deranged. It is sick, completely reactionary politically and inherently racist in and of itself. And yet it is adhered to by the Democratic Party and their media lackeys with an orthodoxy even Opus Dei would envy.

And we are soon going to see it revved up even further. During the coming debates, desperate candidates like Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke are likely to hurl unfounded accusations of racism at Biden and Sanders. (These men have many failings, but racism isn’t one of them.). Kamala Harris will continue her equally unfounded attack on Biden. Pete Buttigieg will try to find some way to deflect racism charges against him by his black constituents back home, possibly by making the most vicious attacks on Trump of all. (Easy enough. His background is Gramscian, so the ends justify the means.). And so it will go. None of this will have anything to do with reality.

Nor will the corresponding attacks for sexism. Speaking of desperation, Kirsten Gillibrand, currently without enough votes to be high school class treasurer, will be going after Biden for his alleged discrimination against women. As herspokesperson said, “Kirsten believes we need to have a broader and more intentional conversation about valuing women in this country and even this primary, and she intends to do so in the coming days. Stay tuned.”

No, thank you. Identity politics gives me hives.

(NOTE TO KIRSTEN: Have you noticed vastly more young women are attending college these days than young men, making the future particularly grim for males? I guess not.)

(FURTHER NOTE: Neo-Neocon has it right.  Trump’s not a”racist.”  He’s a “rattist.”

Roger L. Simon was a civil rights worker in the sixties, donor to the Black Panthers in the seventies (apologies for that one), writer for Richard Pryor in the eighties, and leader of the Writers Guild’s rebuilding South Central libraries after the King riots in the nineties. He is now, he assumes, in the eyes of most Democrats, a racist.


Foreigner Gopher Omar’s Effort to Conquer America Sells at the New York Times!


by John Hinderaker  at  PowerLine:

Of all the Democratic Party press’s efforts to cover up the scandals surrounding Ilhan Omar, that of the New York Times is among the lamest. Linda Qiu purports to fact check the claim that Ilhan Omar was simultaneously married to two men, with one of those marriages–perhaps to her brother–being fraudulent.

Of course, fact checking is easy when you don’t know anything about the facts.

Rumors that Ms. Omar had married her brother have been circulating since 2016, when she ran for state representative in Minnesota. No proof has emerged substantiating these claims.

That is an absurd claim. Investigations by Scott Johnson, David Steinberg, Preya Samsundar, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Minnesota’s Campaign Finance Board have developed a mountain of evidence relating to Omar’s tangled marital history. At a bare minimum, it is known for certain that Omar filed joint tax returns with one man (to whom she was not married) while she was married to someone else–overwhelming evidence that her legal marriage, the one that appears to have been with a brother, was a sham. Filing such false returns is a crime, a fact that evidently troubles the New York Times not at all. And Steinberg’s latest includes persuasive evidence that Elmi is, in fact, Omar’s brother.

Ms. Qiu next recites Omar’s denial of the suspicions that have been raised about her marital history, without noting that she has persistently refused to adduce any evidence in support of her denial, and then goes on to simply recite the chronology that Omar has alleged:

According to that timeline, she applied for a marriage license with Ahmed Hirsi in 2002, but never finalized the application. In 2008, they ended their relationship “in our faith tradition.”

But records show that they continued to live together after that date–indeed, as far as one can tell, continuously to the present.

State records show that in 2009, Ms. Omar legally married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, who she said was a British citizen. They obtained a religious divorce in 2011, according to her timeline, and Mr. Elmi returned to England.

Omar’s story includes multiple references to marriage and divorce in her “faith tradition,” of which apparently there is zero record. I hadn’t realized that Islamic tradition is so casual about marriage and divorce. Curiously, when Omar married Elmi in 2009, the ceremony was performed by a Christian minister.

More importantly, address records show that Omar, Hirsi and Elmi all shared the same residence in 2009 and 2010. This is obviously consistent with her “marriage” to Elmi being a fraud and, as far as I know, there is no evidence of her supposed split with Hirsi, the man with whom she filed joint tax returns but didn’t get around to marrying until 2018.

She then reconciled with Mr. Hirsi and married him legally in January 2018, a month after she legally divorced from Mr. Elmi, according to The Associated Press. She and Mr. Hirsi have three children.

Ms. Qiu doesn’t even mention the strong evidence that Omar committed perjury when she obtained her divorce from Elmi in 2017. She alleged that she had had no contact with Elmi and had no knowledge as to his whereabouts, while photographic evidence shows them together in London.

In 2016, a blog called PowerLine cited a now-deleted post on an internet forum that claimed Mr. Elmi is Ms. Omar’s brother.

We included a screen shot of the “now-deleted post,” which you can see here. Scott verified the marriage dates set out in that post and wrote to Omar, requesting comment. She responded by hiring a criminal defense lawyer who showered Scott with vituperation, but neither at that time nor at any time since has Omar addressed the obvious questions that are raised by publicly available records.

Qiu’s final argument in Omar’s favor is based on her interaction with a Star Tribune reporter:

In 2018, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Ms. Omar showed a reporter cellphone images of documents from her family’s entry into the United States in 1995. They listed her father and siblings by order of birth, with Ms. Omar listed as the youngest of seven children. Mr. Elmi’s name did not appear in the documents.

Apart from Omar’s mysterious refusal to share copies of these documents with the reporter, the fact that “Mr. Elmi’s name did not appear in the documents” is consistent with what Steinberg has now reported: that Ilhan is not actually a member of the Omar family, and that several members of her biological family, including Mr. Elmi, found asylum in the United Kingdom.

That’s it. Qiu makes no effort to deal with the highly suggestive evidence that has been uncovered. That’s some fact check!

Another broader point should be made: liberal outlets like the Times, and until very recently the Star Tribune, have made no effort to investigate circumstances so suspicious that they would quickly have led to scandal if the Representative in question had been a Republican. Having resolutely failed to investigate or even to ask questions, they purport to resolve the controversy in Omar’s favor by alleging that claims of fraud have not been conclusively proven. They never will be proven, of course, if the liberal press has anything to do with it. The key question now, perhaps, is whether any state or federal law enforcement agencies will charge Omar with crimes. If that happens, her house of cards presumably will collapse.

About Google’s Fascistic Left Political Tendencies Manipulating Truth!


by  John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Project Veritas’s latest project is exposing the left-wing bias that pervades “big tech.” That such bias exists is no surprise, but documenting it–and, more important, its effects–is something else. Yesterday Veritas released a new video, about 25 minutes long, on Google. It consists of two parts: an interview with an unidentified Google employee whose voice is altered so that he sounds like Darth Vader, and footage secretly taped of a conversation with Jen Gennai, Google’s “Head of Responsible Innovation.”

So, does the evidence presented amount to a bombshell that finally confirms what many have long suspected about Google’s effort to steer America’s information ecosystem to the left? I would answer with a qualified Yes.

There are obvious gaps. We don’t know who the anonymous Google employee is. He sounds knowledgeable, and he has documents. The documents are suggestive, but not definitive. (No one writes a memo saying, “This is how we plan to help the Democrats win the next presidential election.”) As for Ms. Gennai, she obviously hates Trump and, as she says, loves Elizabeth Warren, notwithstanding Warren’s talk about breaking up Google. Gennai says a number of things that are suggestive, but never quite blurts out the words that put to rest any debate about Google’s push to the left.

Gennai regrets the result of the 2016 election and says that Google is preparing for 2020:

She says that the problem with breaking up Google is that smaller companies wouldn’t be able to “prevent the next Trump situation.” What situation is that? And how exactly does Google “deal with it”?

Gennai has been asked about the video. She says she was talking about “foreign interference” in elections:

In response to the video, Ms Gennai has insisted she was referring to “online foreign interference” playing a role in future elections.

But that doesn’t make a lot of sense. In 2016, the Russians allegedly “phished” the DNC’s email account. Google had nothing to do with that. The only other thing the Russians allegedly did was to buy a pathetic handful of Facebook ads–not even a drop of water in the ocean in terms of Facebook election ads. Again, though, this has nothing to do with Google. How would Russians, Chinese or others interfere in Google’s search algorithms? The idea is implausible, and that doesn’t seem to be what Gennai is talking about.

Gennai says that Congress and the President won’t “make things more fair,” so people expect Google to do it instead:

I think we all know what Google’s executives consider to be fair, but how can the company make up for the government’s failure to promote “fairness”? And who are the “people” who hold Google “accountable” to take on the government’s role? I don’t think they are talking about conservatives.

The anonymous Google employee talks about how the company adjusts search results, so that, for example, if you search “CEO” a considerable number of women turn up, regardless of the actual proportion of female CEOs in the economy. Google’s search results reflect not the world as it is, but the world as Google’s liberals would like it to be. This quote from a Google document seems pretty clear, and very damning:

Again, everyone knows what leftists mean by an “equitable state.”

This diagram of Google’s “News Ecosystem” is interesting but inconclusive. One would need to know, for example, what the company’s “editorial guidelines” are.

Putting it all together, the Project Veritas video tends to confirm that Google’s liberal executives use their dominant platform to advance leftist ideas and political outcomes. Some years ago, newspapers argued that it was true their reporters and editors were all liberals, but that didn’t affect their reporting–it was strictly objective! No one believes that anymore. Likewise, there is every reason to be skeptical about the claim that Google’s executives, and other Silicon Valley titans, are of course liberal, but it doesn’t influence their products.

What to do about the tech titans and their monopolies over various aspects of public discourse is a big issue. But I think we can all agree that identifying and documenting the problem is an indispensable starting point.

Here is the video; judge for yourself:

The Fanatic Muslim Brotherhood!


by Scott Johnson   at  PowerLine:

Anyone seeking to understand the Muslim Brotherhood would benefit from exposure to Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower and Andrew McCarthy’s The Grand Jihad. Andy, incidentally, devotes two chapters to Minnesota. We’ve got the Brotherhood and we’ve got it bad.

I believe each of these books to be invaluable in its own way, but they require a commitment of time and effort. It wouldn’t be quite correct to say that the time spent is not inherently pleasurable, but the books aren’t fun. On the contrary.

Now comes Ami Horowitz to take us “Inside the Muslim Brotherhood” in the 18-minute video below. In this excellent video, Ami investigates the origins and the motivations of the Brotherhood. From the Middle East to Europe to the USA, Ami explores the organization’s radical agenda.

Quotable quote: “‘How closely is the Brotherhood working with the leftist and liberal organizations?’ Horowitz asks [American Brotherhood advocate Nidal Mohamed] Sakr. ‘They are my backers and they are my defenders in political circles,’ says Sakr.”


Inside the Muslim Brotherhood

Oberlin, The Nation’s Famous Feminist Fascist Left University Finally Caught

Oberlin’s Comeuppance

By | June 11th, 2019


Many readers will have heard the details of the events, which in quick summary are these: On the day after the election in 2016, an Oberlin College student tried to abscond from Gibson’s Bakery with two bottles of wine. One of the workers at the bakery confronted him, and a scuffle ensued both inside and outside the store, with the worker as the victim on the ground, pummeled by the perpetrator and a male friend of his, and kicked by two women, as some members of the fair sex are wont to do when their persons are not at risk.

Oberlin College then moved into action to squash the business like a bug. The dean of students passed around a flyer charging Gibson’s with a long history of “racial profiling.” She led a massive protest against the bakery, a protest that was cast entirely in the light of the recent election. The school ordered its food supplier to cancel all contracts with them. Gibson’s, which has been a fixture in town for more than 130 years, lost business which they never recovered. Finally, the owners decided to sue the college, when Oberlin refused to retract the charge of racism, and when the school demanded as a kind of blackmail that Gibson’s report all shoplifters first to the school and not to the police. The school would then give the perpetrator a warning, but no suspension. Naughty, naughty!

Have I mentioned that African-Americans who live in town, including one long-time employee, have treated as absurd and offensive any charge of racism against the Gibson family or the business? Should I have had to mention it?

Normal people, hearing that a kid tried to steal wine from a local store, want to punish the thief. Normal people, hearing that another business owner in town loses about $10,000 a year to theft, much of it by spoiled college students, say, “That is dreadful. We must do something about it.” Normal people, learning that a couple of young ladies went about kicking somebody who was lying flat on the ground, would want to see them suspended from school at the very least.

A normal person, employed as dean of students, hearing about the incident, would go down to the bakery to speak to the people involved, to offer an apology, to pay for damages, and to promise to remit the medical bills. A normal person does not believe that anyone has permission to steal on the day after an election doesn’t go in their favor. A normal person would not move the immense institutional might of an American college against the shop around the corner, for an “offense” that he or she could not be bothered to specify, when the real and obvious offense, perpetrated by a student, lay in plain and shameful sight.

I suppose that in their private lives, even deans of students, indifferently virtuous as in the main they may be, mostly refrain from kicking people lying on the ground, or from stealing from anybody other than from governments local, state, and national. I suppose they would object to having their father, grandfather, and great-grandfather accused of heresy and being made, on threat of death, to perform an auto-da-fé. They may not be well-read, intelligent, or brave, but they would at least be normal. We must ask then what is so toxic about education, “higher” and otherwise, that makes so many once unexceptional people into monsters. For the Oberlin incident is notable only because the Gibson family had the means and the will to fight back.

People will suppose that administrators at such schools merely spoil the students, capitulating to the demands of the loudest among them. They accuse them of cowardice. Far be it from me to attribute courage to college administrators or to professors, but the diagnosis is nevertheless mistaken.

Picture the ineducable young person, face contorted with righteous indignation, raising her (it is often her) or his skinny little skill-less wrist against “the patriarchy” or “white privilege” or whatever is the devil of the day. That young person finds Charles Dickens rather slow going to read, because the language is tough, and likely has not even heard of John Milton or William Blake—well, many a college professor has not heard of Blake. That young person’s knowledge of history could be scrawled in crayon on a sheet of paper and would be mostly wrong at that.

But he (or she) is a true believer, and every appeal to evidence, reason, and common decency strike like raindrops against a massive block of stone. It is the object of our schools to produce people exactly like that. It is what the administrators themselves are, with many dollars. It is what most of the professors are, with not so many dollars. It is what many of the adjunct faculty are, with French fries or onion rings.

I am a Christian, a Roman Catholic. Every evening when I say the prayers for compline, I am of force reminded of my sins: quia peccavi nimis cogitatione, verbo, et opere, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. (I have sinned greatly in thought, word, act, and omission, through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault.) How convenient must it be to replace a real faith, which compels you to consider how far you fall short of the glory of God, with its political impostor! All you need are the correct opinions, and an eagerness to thrust them upon your fellow men, and you are absolved of all responsibility to behave with ordinary decency.

You do not examine your conscience; a political mob has no conscience to examine, anyway. You enjoy, with all the delight of weaklings gathering in a herd, the discomfiture of others stronger or wiser than you are, or simply different from you. You distort their thoughts, which you cannot know, so you project upon them what are really your own thoughts, in black. You distort their words, upon which you place the worst conceivable construction, even at violence to their plain meaning. And finally you distort their actions, which you magnify and smear by associating them, adventitiously, with evil things that other people have done.

What have I just described, if not exactly what young people are taught to do already to Shakespeare in their English classes, to Washington in their history classes, to Beethoven in their music classes, and to every man in their women’s studies classes? Such is education now—the peddling of the politically cracked, at tremendous expense.

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Today’s Christians Are the World’s Leading Victims of Persecution!


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

In numerical terms, Christians are far and away the world’s leading victims of persecution. Pretty much all of that persecution comes at the hands of Muslims. Raymond Ibrahim is one of the few who have labored tirelessly to expose the plight of Christians around the world, usually to an audience, here in the U.S., that seems almost entirely indifferent.

At PJ Media, Ibrahim addresses Islam’s war on the cross as a Christian symbol–a war that was ordered by Mohammed and that continues today:

A 37-year-old Muslim migrant in Rome was recently arrested for homicide after he stabbed a Christian man in the throat for wearing a crucifix around his neck. “Religious hate” is cited as an “aggravating factor” in the crime.

To be sure, this is hardly the first “religious hate” crime to occur in the context of the cross in Italy. Among others:

* A Muslim boy of African origin picked on, insulted, and eventually beat a 12-year-old girl during school because she too was wearing a crucifix.

* A Muslim migrant invaded an old church in Venice and attacked its large, 300-year-old cross, breaking off one of its arms, while shouting, “All that is in a church is false!”

* After a crucifix was destroyed in close proximity to a populated mosque, the area’s mayor said concerning the identity of the culprit(s): “Before we put a show of unity with Muslims, let’s have them begin by respecting our civilization and our culture.”

Other recent instances of the Islamic war on the cross, from other countries:

Egypt: A young Coptic Christian woman named Mary was mauled to death when her cross identified her as a Christian to Muslim Brotherhood rioters. Similarly, 17-year-old Ayman, a Coptic student, was strangled and beaten to death by his Muslim teacher and fellow students for refusing to obey the teacher’s orders to cover his cross.

Pakistan: When a Muslim man saw Julie Aftab, a Christian woman, wearing a cross around her neck, he attacked her, forced battery acid down her throat, and splashed it on her face—permanently damaging her esophagus, blinding her in one eye, and causing her to lose both eyelids and most of her teeth.

Turkey: A 12-year-old boy in Turkey wearing a silver cross necklace in class was spit on and beaten regularly by Muslim classmates and teachers.

Malaysia: A Christian cemetery was attacked and desecrated in the middle of the night by unknown persons in the Muslim-majority nation. Several crosses were destroyed, including by the use of “a heavy tool to do the damage.” Separately, a Muslim mob rioted against a small Protestant church due to the visible cross atop the building of worship. It was quickly removed.

Maldives: Authorities had to rescue a female Christian teacher after Muslim “parents threatened to tie and drag her off of the island” for “preaching Christianity.” Her crime was to draw a compass—which was mistakenly taken for a cross—as part of a geography lesson in class.

Then there are France and Germany:

[T]he following occurred either in France and Germany, where attacks on churches and crosses have become endemic:

* A Muslim man committed major acts of vandalism at two churches, including by twisting a massive bronze cross. (Click for images.)

* Christian crosses and gravestones in a cemetery were damaged and desecrated by a Muslim (see his handiwork).

* A Muslim man who checked himself into a hospital for treatment went into a sudden frenzy because there were “too many crosses on the wall.” He called the nurse a “bitch” and “fascist” and became physically aggressive.

* After Muslims were granted their own section at a cemetery, and after being allowed to conduct distinctly Islamic ceremonies, these same Muslims began demanding that Christian symbols and crosses in the cemetery be removed or covered up during Islamic funerals.

* A German-language report from notes that in the Alps and in Bavaria alone, some 200 churches have been attacked and many crosses broken: “The perpetrators are often youthful rioters with a migration background.”

Live links at the link.

We have all seen this bumper sticker, and others like it:

Somehow I don’t think the message is being directed to the right audience.