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American Christians know something that the secular and left-wing elites do not.

Why Christians Support Israel

by Dennis Prager   at  the Stream:                  (Article sent by Mark Waldeland.)

In speeches to fellow Jews around America, I often point out that many American Jews are experiencing cognitive dissonance. The institution Jews most admire — the university — turns out to be the most significant source of Israel hatred in America and the rest of the West. At the same time, the people many Jews most distrust — Christians (especially evangelical and other conservative Christians) — turn out to be the Jews’ and Israel’s best friends.

‘Deceptive’ Reasons

Given that these two facts are undeniable, how do many American Jews deal with this dissonance? They largely ignore the Israel hatred on campuses, and they dismiss the authenticity of the Christian support. They dismiss it by denying it is genuine. Christians who support Israel, they (and non-Jews on the left) argue, do so for two deceptive reasons.

One is they seek to convert Jews.

That Christians seek to convert non-Christians is, of course, true. The primary aim of Christianity, after all, is to spread belief in Christ. But why would anyone think supporting Israel will convert Jews? Does anyone think that Christians who support Israel’s enemies are making Muslims convert to Christianity? The fact is there isn’t a shred of evidence that Jews have converted to Christianity, because of Christian support for Israel. Indeed, the Jews who most support Israel are either the most religious or the most strongly identifying secular Jews. Neither is a candidate for conversion.

Another way Christian support for Israel is belittled is by claiming that Christians support Israel in order to hasten the Second Coming of Jesus. But pastor John Hagee, head of Christians United for Israel, the largest pro-Israel organization in America, has said countless times nothing a Christian can do will hasten the return of Jesus; only God will decide when that happens — and in His own good time.

Moreover, even if this were the reason Christians support the Jews and Israel, why would it disturb Jews? It would mean that Christians would support them until Jesus returns. What’s wrong with that?

The Support is Genuine

Having spoken at numerous churches’ “Night to Honor Israel” events, I know how genuine this support is. But last week in Nashville, I witnessed a particularly convincing example of the sincerity of this support. I spoke before thousands of Christians at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention when they gathered one evening solely to express their support for Israel. Maybe five Jews were present. Isn’t thousands of Christians devoting an entire evening to express support for Israel — with essentially no Jews in attendance to witness it — about as convincing a proof of the authenticity of this support as one could imagine?

So, why do Christians support Israel? They believe in supporting American allies and supporting countries that share their moral values. And, unlike the left, they have moral problems with Islamism, not with Zionism.

But the primary reason virtually every Israel-supporting Christian gives is the biblical verse from Genesis in which God says to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” These Christians believe (as does this Jew) God blesses those who treat the Jews decently and curse those who seek to harm the Jews.

You don’t have to be a believer in the God of Abraham or the Bible to accept this proposition. All the Jews’ ancient enemies disappeared from history. And look at what happened to Spain after it expelled its Jews in 1492. One of the greatest powers of the world became largely irrelevant to history within a couple of generations. As for Germans, the perpetrators of the Holocaust, they endured a staggering amount of death and suffering as a result of their support for the greatest Jew hater in history; and their country was divided in half for the next half-century. Likewise, the countries today that most curse the Jews — Arab and other Muslim countries — are among the most benighted countries in the world. If they were to devote to building their countries the money and energy they devote to attempting to destroy Israel, they would be in far better condition morally, socially, economically and politically.

Meanwhile, the country that has most blessed Israel and the Jews is America. No country in the modern period has treated its Jews as well as America has, and no country has stood by Israel as much as America has. And America has been almost uniquely blessed.

These American Christians know something that the secular and left-wing elites do not: The day America abandons Israel will be the beginning of the end of America as we know it.

These people are not fools.

Their detractors are.


Dennis Prager’s latest book, The Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral Code, was published by Regnery. He is a nationally syndicated radio show host and creator of PragerUniversity.com.

Netanyahu Speaks on Iran


by Scott Johnson at PowerLine:

According to NBC News, the most significant protests in eight years are rocking Iran, with state media reporting Tuesday that the death toll from clashes between demonstrators and security forces had reached at least 21. By contrast with the protests eight years ago, the protests that have swept across Iran seek the displacement of the murderous mullahcracy that took control in 1979.

The idiot cretins of the Obama administration counsel silence and mock President Trump’s expressions of support for the brave men and women in the streets expressing their hostility to the regime. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanuyahu speaks out with words of encouragement possessing a certain moral clarity lacking among Obama’s cretins.

The Iranian regime tries desperately to sow hate between Iranians and Israelis. They won’t succeed. When this regime finally falls – and one day it will – Iranians and Israelis will be great friends once again. I wish the Iranian people success in their noble quest for freedom.

Please view below to hear Prime Minister Netanyahu’s comments:


Have NeverTrumpers Awakened Yet?

Why the Remaining NeverTrumpers Should Apologize Now

“Public apologies are difficult for most people, but particularly for political pundits whose livelihoods and reputations depend on their being right at least some of the time (Paul Krugman excepted).

Such statements can be emotionally wounding, even humiliating.  But it isn’t my purpose to humiliate or, worse, to gloat — which is a repellent trait and almost always counterproductive.  No spiking the football here.

Nevertheless, it is time for the remaining NeverTrumpers to apologize for a reason far more important than self-castigation or merely to make things “right.”  Donald Trump — whose initial victory was a shock, even, ironically, to those of us who predicted it — has compounded that shock by being astoundingly successful in his first year, especially at the conclusion. (He’s a quick study, evidently.) More conservative goals have been achieved or put in motion in eleven months than in any time in recent, or even distant, memory. It’s an astonishing reversal for our country accompanied by the beginnings of an economic boom.

But that same success is causing, it’s becoming increasingly clear, an equally determined, even virulent, reaction from the left. At first they too thought Trump was an ineffectual blowhard who would shoot himself in the foot, ultimately redounding to their advantage.  Now that they have found that not to be the case, they are in a state of panic, fearing a defeat for their ideals that would set them back years, even decades. They cannot let this stand and are marshaling all their forces from the media to Hollywood to the academy, not to mention at least some of the investigative units of the FBI.



Comment:   I have subscribed to the Weekly Standard for more than a decade.  It was/is  not an American conservative publication.  It was a snotty, arrogant, Easterner Bill Kristol publication who pontificated as a conservative rather than tolerating being one….at least one for America.

I confess I did suffer a Kristolosis dislike of Donald Trump until August 6, 2015, the evening of the first debate at the Fox empire when Kristol’s GOP was still plotting to rid the New Yorker from its offerings as its Presidential candidate in 2016.

After a round of softy questions and winks to the candidates, Megyn Kelly approached Candidate Trump with a GOP dagger to his heart with the question;  “You seem to have some troubles with women”, or something of that nature…..”You’ve called them fat pigs….”….and whatever at the same time FOX NEWS HAS ITS CAMERA FOCUSED DIRECTLY ON DONALD JOHN TRUMP’S PROFILE expecting to display a wilt in this “witness” to the 50,000,000 plus tv viewers.

“Is that the way you feel about all women?” Megyn pursued for the kill…….

With the large Fox audience in total silence, nearly all of them GOPers against anything and everything Donald J. Trump,  awaited a dying candidate’s response, and they got:

“No!  Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

The overwhelming anti-Trump Republican audience exploded with laughter, almost as much as I!

(Oh, the reality of his answer referring to Crooked Hillary’s kin “sister”.

I was aware of the Donald for thirty years of reading  front page articles about his successes and failures in New York’s big business world, that he adored his parents, had lost a brother to suicide from a drinking problem, that Our Donald was  outstanding in nearly anything he touched including baseball, and had become a television success with something to do with “You’re fired!”

I was aware of his first wife, Ivana’s  divorce rages in the newspapers   against Our Donald who was charged with  succumbed to certain  pleasures from other female sources.    I did know they were exceptionally close in family and in business, and had three children.

She was asking fifty million dollars for ‘damages’……and got it, if I remember correctly.

Our Donald would be interviewed on national television fairly often over a twenty or more year period.  Although  I was an outdoor guy,  owner of a local  landscape company then,  I used to teach Russian and Modern Problems to high schoolers for years.   I remember being attracted by his intelligence, focus, and his command of speech when responding to news  reporters.  My God, he was quick and  smooth explaining matter!  This guy loved is world of work as much as I did!

In my computer  hunt for more  info on Donald, I came across a letter to-the-editor in a July, 2015 Washington Post issue written by his ex-wife, Ivana.   The leftist Post apparently had already started smearing  him in countless ways as a candidate.

Ex-wife, Invana, was challenging the Post’s editor’s  vicious attack on him using words she had said  during divorce proceedings years ago.   She had good things to say about her Donald husband and confessed some of her accusations were ‘trumped’ up by  pain caused by the  divorce.   She wrote Donald was a wonderful father to their three children, among other warm comments.

Later in the month I caught a television interview with Our Donald, most likely by folks who already were serious about a Donald run for the White House.

PS….Months after Our Donald’s election, already  in the White House, Dennis Prager had invited David Horowitz to his radio show  to discuss his feelings about this new American President.   Dennis admitted he was a strong anti-Trumper until he was the only candidate left to defeat “CrookedHillary”…although may not have used that exact  description.   Dennis mentioned he was aware David was an early supporter, and an enthusiastic one, of Our Donald, and asked him what won him over.

David Horowitz, a person I have followed closely in the American political arena since the 1960s, long before his wonderful conversion to American conservatism, answered something like, “It was at the first Fox Television debate, when he referred to Rosie O’Donnell, displaying the guts, the devotion, the determination and honesty Our Donald possessed beyond his opponents.”

Jewish World Review Looking for Donald’s National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster

……..MCMASTER AWAKENS ——–NOW WHAT?      by Caroline B. Glick:

President Donald Trump is scheduled to release a new US national security strategy on Monday.

This past Tuesday Trump’s National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster gave a speech laying out some of its components in a speech in Washington.

McMaster’s speech was notable because in it he laid out a host of policies that McMaster himself has reportedly opposed since he was appointed to his position in February.

McMaster for instance has been open in his opposition to linking terrorism with Islam. He has also reportedly insisted on limiting US actions in Syria and Iraq to defeating Islamic State. McMaster reportedly fired his deputy for Middle East policy Derek Harvey last summer due to Harvey’s advocacy of combating Iran’s consolidation of control over Syria through its proxies President Bashar Assad and Hezbollah.

In his speech on Tuesday, McMaster embraced the policies he has reportedly opposed. He discussed at length the threat of what he referred to as “radical Islamist ideology.”

That ideology, which the US had previously interpreted “myopically,” constitutes “a grave threat to all civilized people,” he said.

McMaster regretted US myopia noting, “We didn’t pay enough attention to how it’s being advanced through charities, madrassas and other social organizations.”

McMaster fingered Turkey and Qatar, two ostensible US allies, as the main sponsors and sources of funding for Islamist ideology that targets Western interests.

He noted that in the past Saudi Arabia had served as a major sponsor of radical Islam. But Riyadh has been replaced by Qatar and by Turkey, he said.

Trump’s electoral victory raised hopes of his supporters and some of his advisers that the US would designate the Muslim Brotherhood has a terrorist organization. The Brotherhood has spawned multiple jihadist terrorist groups including al-Qaida and Hamas. President Recep Erdogan’s AK Party is a Turkish version of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Whereas McMaster reportedly opposed those calls, and his opposition played a role in Trump’s avoidance of the designation to date, McMaster took a significant step on Tuesday toward designating the Brotherhood a terrorist group.

While stipulating that not all Muslim Brotherhood groups are alike, McMaster said there is a “big problem when Islamist radical ideology bridges into political Islam.” He criticized the short-lived Muslim Brotherhood regime of Mohamed Morsi in Egypt and singled out Qatar for its support of “the Morsi model.”

He also noted that Turkey’s ruling AK Party operated through civil society to “consolidate power through one party.” He then said that the AKP’s consolidation of power “is a problem contributing to Turkey’s drift from the West.”

McMaster referred to Iran as a “rouge regime and a revisionist regional power.”

He said the US must “counter destabilizing [Iranian] activity, especially in Syria.”

Among other things, he said this includes blocking Iran’s path to nuclear weapons and blocking support for Iran’s proxies.

The problem with McMaster’s speech and the policy paper it set the stage for is that it is hard to know if they reflect an actual change in policy. Certainly his position and general drift haven’t been reflected in US actions in several key countries this week.

The day after McMaster’s speech the US Embassy in Beirut announced delivery of another $120 million in military assistance to the Lebanese Armed Forces.

As Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman has repeatedly stated, the LAF is a wholly owned subsidiary of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps controlled directly by Hezbollah, Iran’s Lebanese proxy army.

The Hezbollah-controlled LAF is the fifth-largest recipient of US military assistance worldwide.

According to Ambassador Elizabeth Richard, the LAF has received in excess of $1.5 billion in military aid over the past decade.

The newest arms shipment will include six MD 530G light attack helicopters, six Scan Eagle drones, and communications and night vision equipment.

Earlier shipments this year included Hellfire missiles, M1A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, rocket-propelled grenades, carbines and ammunition as well as helicopters, fighter jets, drones, advanced night vision and communications equipment.

Recently, Iran has become brazen in asserting its military control over Lebanon. A YouTube video posted this week portrayed Kais al-Ghazali, an Iranian- controlled Iraqi militia commander, standing 200 meters from Lebanon’s border with Israel. He and his colleagues were all wearing military uniforms.

Ghazali declared, “I am here with my brothers from Hezbollah. We announce that we are fully prepared and ready to stand as one with the Lebanese people with the Palestinian cause.”

If the LAF is a wholly owned subsidiary of Iran-Hezbollah, the Lebanese government is Iran’s satrapy.

Through Hezbollah, Iran controls every aspect of governmental activity.

In an attempt to force the West to recognize that basic truth, last month Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad summoned Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to Riyadh. Hariri’s father, former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri, was assassinated by Hezbollah in 2005.

In Riyadh, an ashen-faced Hariri announced his resignation, acknowledging that Iran controls both his government (and him) and the LAF.

Hariri’s resignation was a great loss for Iran-Hezbollah and Western countries that do not wish to acknowledge the obvious. And so, represented by French President Emmanuel Macron, the West joined with Iran to demand that Hariri return to Lebanon.

The Saudis obliged. Hariri returned to Beirut and rescinded his resignation.

Hariri was embarrassed by Ghazali’s video. So Iran’s satrap denounced Ghazali and said his “activities of a military nature” 200 meters from Metulla were illegal.

He also insisted that his satrapy “is not a banana republic.”

Ahead of the US Embassy’s announcement of the new tranche of military hardware going to the Hezbollah- controlled LAF, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made clear that the Trump administration continues to view the LAF and Hariri as positive bulwarks against Iran and Hezbollah. Tillerson met with Hariri in Paris. After their meeting, Tillerson praised the French government for pressuring Saudi Arabia to permit Hariri to return to Lebanon where he could continue to pretend that he isn’t controlled by Iran.

Rather than shake their heads at the irony of Hariri becoming the servant of the forces that murdered his father, the Trump administration embraced the absurd lie of Lebanese independence.

Last Friday, Tillerson met with Hariri in Paris. After their meeting Tillerson praised the French government for pressuring the Saudis to let him return to Beirut to serve as Iran’s fig leaf.

“I think as to Lebanon, things have worked out in a very positive way, perhaps even more positive than before, because there have been very strong statements of affirmation for Lebanon, which will only be helpful,” Tillerson said.

He also expressed criticism of Saudi Arabia. Whereas Trump has backed the Saudis’ war against Iran’s Houthi proxies in Yemen, their political and economic campaign against Qatar designed to compel Doha to end its support for jihad and its alliance with Iran, and their moves in relation to Hariri, Tillerson criticized those efforts.

“With respect to Saudi Arabia’s engagement with Qatar, how they’re handling the Yemen war that they’re engaged in, the Lebanon situation, we would encourage them to be a bit more measured and a bit more thoughtful in those actions to, I think, fully consider the consequences.”

Tillerson also belittled the importance of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, saying that the embassy won’t be moved to Jerusalem for years.

In recent weeks, members of Congress have expressed anger at statements by both US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin that indicated the administration is not requiring Qatar to stop funding Hamas.

Lawmakers sent separate letters to Haley and Mnuchin requesting clarification of the administration’s position. Whereas the administration informed Congress it continues to view Hamas as a terrorist group and demands Qatar end its support for Hamas, the administration’s diffident approach to Qatar has raised eyebrows.

Since Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt imposed a blockade on Qatar in June in retaliation for its sponsorship of terrorism and its alliance with Iran, administration officials have pointed to Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar as a reason for US’s hesitant approach. Al Udeid is the air operations center for all US air operations in the Middle East and Central Asia.

US Air Force Gen. Charles Wald transferred US air operations from Saudi Arabia’s Prince Sultan’s Air Base to Al Udeid in 2001. According to Wald, the US has several readily available options to replace Al Udeid. The Saudis have expressed willingness for the US to move their operation center back to Saudi Arabia. The Pentagon recently budgeted $143m. to expand its air base in Jordan.

It isn’t surprising, and to a degree it is reasonable, that the US is of two minds about its Middle East policy. For decades the US has both opposed and appeased its Middle Eastern enemies, and supported and turned on its allies.


Meeting of Twin City Christian & Jewish Communities, Dec. 12 Hosted by Living Word Christian Center

Shalom Glenn,
I hope this email finds you well.
This upcoming Tuesday, December 12, the Stand for Israel meeting in the Twin Cities will have an Israeli guest speaker and a special update about Jerusalem! If you are available, you don’t want to miss this meeting!
You are invited to join me for a close and personal meeting with Tal Dror, the new official Israeli Emissary (“Shlicha”) in Minnesota. Tal is from a little village in Israel that is located at the foot of the biblical Tabor Mountain in the Gallile. She was selected to be the Israeli Emissary to the St. Paul Jewish Federation. Tal shared her presentation with me, and I am excited that you will have the opportunity to see her present, experience her life in Israel including her military service, learn about her new role in Minnesota, her goals, and her upcoming Israel related project here in the Twin Cities. Tal’s presentation will be followed by a Q&A.
We will also have a special update and discussion on the big news about the U.S. acknowledgment of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the announcement about moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.
You are invited to join me, don’t miss this unique opportunity and extend this invitation to your friends and family too!      Ilan Sharon
Stand for Israel image
The meeting is respectfully designed for all audiences, it is cosponsored by nine organizations from both the Jewish and Chrisitan communities and is hosted by Living Word Christian Center. Cosponsors:
  • Daughters For Zion Minnesota
  • The Israel Center of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation
  • The Israel Project
  • Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC Minnesota & Dakotas)
  • Jewish-Christian Library and Center
  • The Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul
  • Minnesotans Against Terrorism
  • StandWithUs
Are you on Facebook? Visit the event’s page on Facebook, click Going (or Interested) to add it to your calendar, and also easily share with your friends! Click: www.facebook.com/events/2012619669007305/
  (you might have to save the calendar file and import it)
What: Special guest speaker, Tal Dror, the Israeli emissary to the St. Paul Jewish Federation and an update on the big news about Jerusalem.
When: 7 p.m., Tuesday, December 12
Where: Meeting Room 2 (MR2)
At the west end of Living Word’s building
9201 75th Avenue N.

Brooklyn Park, MN
(12 minutes North from 394 & 169)
For map or directions either call 763-315-7000 or click: http://bitly.com/R8eKVf
No RSVP is required for this free event. 
If you have any other questions, you may contact JoAnn Magnuson atjgmagnuson@mac.com / 952-994-7545, Pastor Charlie Houle at choule@lwcc.org / 763-315-7063, or me at ilan@MATmn.org / 612-217-1816.
I hope you are available to attend!
Ilan Sharon, Executive Director
Minnesotans Against Terrorism

President Trump to the World ….Hello, Jerusalem!



by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

As expected, President Trump announced today that the United States is recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He also said that he is directing the State Department to begin preparations to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Trump described his order as “the beginning of a new approach to conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.” The old approach, he said, hasn’t worked, and “[i]t would be folly to assume that repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different or better result.” I am not sure how seriously to take this. Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital doesn’t necessarily signal a significantly different approach, and as Paul noted on Monday, Jared Kushner’s comments on the region manifest what Paul called shopworn conventional wisdom about the Middle East.

Of course, Trump’s Jerusalem order could be the beginning of a real change if it signals that the U.S. is no longer going to indulge Palestinian delusions, and won’t yield to threats of violence in the “Arab street.” Time will tell whether that is the case.

Trump put his new policy in the context of an often-expressed consensus–the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act, reaffirmed unanimously last June, and promises by other politicians. In Trump’s view, he is finally doing what others have promised, but failed, to do. I think that is a fair assessment.

Mostly, Trump postured his order as a simple acknowledgement of reality. In this respect, his words were remarkably similar to what I wrote yesterday. Trump said:

Israel is a sovereign nation with the right, like every other sovereign nation, to determine its own capital. …
Today, Jerusalem is the seat of the modern Israeli government. It is the home of the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, as well as the Israeli Supreme Court. It is the location of the official residence of the prime minister and the president. It is the headquarters of many government ministries.

This is what I wrote:

The location of Israel’s capital is a question of fact, not opinion, and it is up to Israel. The Arabs may not like it, but Jerusalem is Israel’s capital: the Knesset is in Jerusalem, the Supreme Court is in Jerusalem, the Prime Minister’s office and official residence are in Jerusalem, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and most other government offices are in Jerusalem.

Trump is right: not to acknowledge this basic reality is to perpetuate the vicious presumption that Israel, somehow, is not entitled to be treated like any other country.

Moving our embassy to Jerusalem is a step beyond simply recognizing that city as Israel’s capital, but it follows logically. A considerable time will elapse before the move actually takes place, and if Trump serves only one term, his successor could countermand the order. But it is hard to see how anyone can take back the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

I haven’t yet begun reading news coverage of President Trump’s speech, but no doubt there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Perhaps it is time for Trump’s opponents (and some of his friends) to get over being shocked when he does what he said he was going to do.


This Tuesday, September 19, the Stand for Israel meeting in the Twin Cities will be about the recent trip of members of our Minnesota group to Eastern Europe in support of Israel and the Jewish people. You are invited to join us!
Experience our Minnesota friends last month’s trip to Eastern Europe to meet with supporters of Israel and their visit to Nazi concentration camps, a report by JoAnn Magnuson. Sandy Gilbert and Dave & Nancy Smith also participated on this trip to Europe and will report at a future meeting.
The meeting is respectfully designed for all audiences, it is cosponsored by organizations from both the Jewish and Chrisitan communities and is hosted by Living Word Christian Center. Cosponsors:
  • Daughters For Zion Minnesota
  • The Israel Center of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation
  • The Israel Project
  • Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC Minnesota & Dakotas)
  • Jewish-Christian Library and Center
  • The Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul
  • Minnesotans Against Terrorism
  • StandWithUs
What: Experience the recent trip of members of our Minnesota group to Eastern Europe in support of Israel and the Jewish people — with JoAnn Magnuson. 
When: 7 p.m., Tuesday, September 19
Where: Meeting Room 2 (MR2)
At the west end of Living Word’s building
9201 75th Avenue N.

Brooklyn Park, MN
(12 minutes North from 394 & 169)
For map or directions either call 763-315-7000 or click: http://bitly.com/R8eKVf
No RSVP is required for this free event.  
To visit the event’s page on Facebook click: 
If you have any other questions, you may contact JoAnn Magnuson atjgmagnuson@mac.com / 952-994-7545, Pastor Charlie Houle at choule@lwcc.org / 763-315-7063, or me at ilan@MATmn.org / 612-217-1816.