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Fascistic BBC Reports Suggest Netanyahu Will Fail !

Israel election result too close to call – exit polls

From the Socialist BBC:

Exit polls following Israel’s second general election in five months suggest the result is too close to call.

The centrist Blue and White alliance of former military chief Benny Gantz is projected to win between 32 and 34 seats, and PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party 30 to 33 seats.

Yisrael Beiteinu party leader Avigdor Lieberman may end up being kingmaker.

Mr Netanyahu called the snap vote after failing to form a governing coalition in the wake of an election in April.

Negotiations on the formation of a new coalition are expected to start as soon as the preliminary results come on Wednesday morning.

Speaking to supporters early on Wednesday, Mr Netanyahu said: “We’ve all been through a difficult election campaign.

“We are still waiting for the actual results but one thing is clear. The state of Israel is at a historical point, we faced great opportunities and great challenges.”

Mr Gantz sounded more optimistic when he spoke to supporters a little earlier.

“Of course we’ll wait for the real results, but it seems we have accomplished our mission,” he said.

“The unity and reconciliation is ahead of us.”

What are the exit polls saying?

A revised exit poll released by Israel’s public broadcaster Kan early on Wednesday projected that Blue and White would win 32 seats and Likud 31 in the 120-seat Knesset.

In third place was the Israeli Arab Joint List with 13 seats; followed by Mr Lieberman’s secular nationalist Yisrael Beitenu party with nine; the ultra-Orthodox Shas and United Torah Judaism parties with nine and eight respectively; the right-wing Yamina party with seven, and the left-wing Labour-Gesher and Democratic Union alliances with six and five respectively.

Channel 12 News put Blue and White and Likud level on 32 seats, while an updated poll Channel 13 News predicted that Blue and White would win 32 seats and Likud 30.

There was a muted response at Likud’s election night headquarters in Tel Aviv as the exit polls were released.

Hundreds of chairs for party supporters remained empty, as activists were kept outside the hall and leaders digested the numbers.

Likud’s foreign affairs director noted that Israeli exit polls had got things wrong in the past. Last time, they underestimated the number of votes for Likud and also for some of the religious parties allied to Mr Netanyahu.

“There is no point starting to work out a coalition based on these numbers as they will change,” Eli Hazan said.

But Blue and White was “cautiously optimistic” that Israel would get new leadership, spokeswoman Melody Sucharewicz told the Times of Israel.

Presentational grey line
Analysis box by Jeremy Bowen, Middle East editor

The votes will be counted through the night. But it could take weeks of coalition horse-trading before the next government and prime minister emerge.

The election has been a referendum on Benjamin Netanyahu’s last 10 years in office. In opposition strongholds in Tel Aviv I saw queues of voters were waiting and hoping to end his political career.

Mr Netanyahu was, as usual, a formidable campaigner, even starring in his own commercials. His message was that he’s the only one – with his powerful friends like Donald Trump – to protect Israelis from Iran and the Palestinians.

On walkabout in Tel Aviv, I saw Avigdor Lieberman, who could be the politician the prime minister fears most once the coalition negotiations start. His Yisrael Beiteinu party could hold the balance of power.

One important factor is that although he used to be a major ally of the prime minister, now they’re opponents, even enemies.

After the exit polls Mr Lieberman’s supporters were the only ones who were celebrating. If the results back that up – polls aren’t always accurate – then the Netanyahu era in Israeli politics is ending.

I wonder how well the prime minister will sleep tonight.

Presentational grey line

What could happen next?

The BBC’s Tom Bateman says that if the polls are correct Mr Netanyahu has no simple route to government. In fact, the figures put him in an even weaker position than after April’s election, when coalition talks collapsed, he adds.

Mr Gantz could emerge as leader of the largest party, but he could have an even more complex job to form a government.

Mr Lieberman, an ally-turned-rival of the prime minister, could be crucial in deciding who takes office.

He prevented Mr Netanyahu from forming a coalition after the last vote because he refused to back down over a longstanding dispute with religious parties over a bill governing exemptions from military service for ultra-Orthodox young men.

At a rally in Jerusalem on Tuesday night, Mr Lieberman reiterated a call he made during the campaign for unity government.

“We only have one option,” he told supporters. “A broad, liberal, national government made up of Yisrael Beiteinu, Likud and Blue and White.”

Our correspondent says such a coalition only seems feasible if Mr Netanyahu were toppled as leader of Likud, as opposition groups have vowed not to sit with him at the helm.

Other possibilities could well play out first, including a third election, complicated by Mr Netanyahu’s looming hearing on corruption allegations, he adds. The prime minister denies any wrongdoing.

If the official results prove to be inconclusive, it will fall to President Reuven Rivlin to decide who gets the mandate to try to form a government. That person will have 28 days to do so, with a possible extension of not more than 14 days.

A spokesman for Mr Rivlin said he would hold consultations with party representatives “after he receives a clear picture of the results, and as soon as possible”.



CJACK Reviews the Dem’s Hillary, Obama, the Brits and Putin!

—A few thoughts while I sit in the forest—

I have mixed feelings about the Brits, they were in on the fake dossier to destroy Trump, and no one can convince me otherwise. Christopher Steele, though a retired British spy, was still one of the “jolly good ol’ boys” in the British intelligence community; they all knew what was going on.

Given to intrigue the Brits and Russians have always played the field to hedge their bets. It was quite clear the Brits’ hard-drinking ex-PM Theresa May, who favored Hillary Clinton, was very disappointed with Trump’s victory. Ms. May turned out to be a political embarrassment for the British Parliament and their Queen. The simpleton Mrs. May left nothing of diplomatic value for the UK.

We know Hillary Clinton and the “DNC” paid for the fake anti-Trump dossier from Rosatom’s $145MM donation to the crooked Clinton Foundation. This was the Kremlin’s investment to purchase Hillary’s presidency (where is the bulk of her clandestine emails, eh?). Moreover, it’s likely the Brits’ MI6 and the GRU were active participants in the Hillary/Obama treachery.

But having failed to get Hillary elected, Putin directed his mole Barack Obama to activate ‘Plan B’ (the pre-fabricated Christopher Steele dossier) to invalidate Trump’s victory.

And now Obama, again directed by the Kremlin, has his ‘dirty deeds’ operative Ben Rhodes and others interfering in Israel’s electoral process, again to derail Bibi Netanyahu (Trump’s ally). In fact, Iran has the Kremlin’s support for its invasion of Israel through Northern Syria.

Furthermore, it is well known that Obama has been supporting the Mullahs in Tehran in their efforts to destroy Israel. Remember the $150B Obama transferred to Tehran? Obama has never been a friend of the Jewish nation. What’s more sickening is that he has a network of anti-Israel American Jews carrying out his orders on the ground in Israel.

Why in God’s name would a Jew want to destroy Israel? We know the Islamist Barack Obama wants to destroy Israel. But Jews joining him?

Growing up I often heard my papa ask: will the Jews in the end destroy Israel? It looks that way, papa; we could again be slaves in another Babylon.

Christianity Preserved in Israel!

Christians voluntarily join the Israeli army to defend the only country that protects them in the Middle East


A Christian community in Israel fights to preserve its heritage and identity, while serving in the armed forces to protect the Jewish State that gives them freedom.
In Israel, all citizens have mandatory service in the IDF, with the exception of Israel’s Arabic and Aramaic (Christian) communities…yet every year, hundreds Israeli Christians volunteer to serve in the army and national service, despite not being required to by law.
Recently, there has been an major increase in the number of Christians volunteering to serve in the IDF. In the video below American journalist caught up with some of the Israelis from the Christian community in Israel to find out why they volunteered to serve.
A must see for all Christians around the world that supports the men and women in the Israel Defense Forces that protects their home in the Middle East.
Israel is the only country in the entire Middle East where women are free, Christians are protected, and minorities are flourishing.
This is what the media does not want you to know about Israel.
The UN obsessively condemns Israel, which is the only democracy in the Middle East, while ignoring the other Arab states where human rights violations occur on a regular basis.
This is such an encouraging and educational awareness of military life in the Israeli Defense Forces, as well as what life is like for Christians in Israel.

Christians voluntarily join the Israeli army to defend the only country that protects them in the Middle East

“Israel is the only country in the entire Middle East where women are free, Christians are protected, and minorities are flourishing. This is what the media does not want you to know about Israel.”

(Article sent by Mark Waldeland.)



Trouble with Samantha Power in 2016


by  John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

On Friday, PJ Media headlined: “Report: Declassified Docs Will Show That Samantha Power’s 2016 Unmasking Efforts Were Related to Israel.”

Government documents that will soon be made public will reveal stunning information about former U.N. ambassador Samantha Power’s voluminous unmasking efforts in 2016, according to multiple sources.

On Thursday, President Trump gave Attorney General William Barr the authority to declassify documents from multiple agencies related to surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016.
As PJ Media reported in September of 2017, Power was unmasking people at a “freakishly rapid rate.”

The former U.S. ambassador moved at such a rapid pace that she ended up “averaging more than one request for every working day in 2016,” multiple sources told Fox News at the time. And she continued to seek identifying information about Americans caught up in incidental surveillance right up to President Trump’s inauguration.

This is really extraordinary. Power was not an intelligence official, she was the U.N. Ambassador. Why was she unmasking anyone, let alone making hundreds of such requests? And why would she keep up this feverish pace right up to the moment she departed the White House?

According to OANN’s Jack Posobiec, Power was targeting calls made about Israeli settlements.

“When she found Gen Flynn making calls she opposed, she passed information to Sally Yates who opened Logan Act investigation,” Posobiec reported on Twitter.


BREAKING: Samantha Power targeted any call made about Israeli settlements for unmasking. When she found Gen Flynn making calls she opposed, she passed information to Sally Yates who opened Logan Act investigation. DNI Coats has now reviewed all unmaskings – @OANN


BREAKING: White House plans to declassify documents showing that Samantha Power was on a “one-woman crusade” for the Palestinians and against Israel in 2016. Repeated unmakings were used to ensure her effort did not fail – @OANN

The context was U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334, which stated that Israel’s settlements on the West Bank are a “flagrant violation” of international law with “no legal validity.” The incoming Trump administration was urging the Obama administration to veto the resolution. In addition, at appears that members of Trump’s team were lobbying allies to defer the vote, or to vote against the resolution. It sounds as though the Obama administration was lobbying allies in the other direction, trying to undermine the policy of the new administration, although this isn’t entirely clear.

In the event, the resolution passed 14-0 on December 23, 2016, with the U.S. abstaining.

The connection between the trap that ensnared General Flynn and the U.N. resolution has been drawn before, as in the Jerusalem Post.

In the lead up to the anti-settlement resolution which angered Jerusalem, Trump’s team had urged the US to veto the resolution. On December 22nd Trump tweeted “the resolution being considered in the UN Security Council regarding Israel should be vetoed.” Egypt postponed the vote on December 22nd. However it passed on December 23rd with 14 in favor and the US abstaining. According to an article at Foreign Policy in February 2017 Michael Flynn played a key role attempting to scupper the UN vote. “Flynn…and other members of the president’s transition team launched a vigorous diplomatic bid to head off a UN Security Council vote condemning Israel’s settlements.” They reached out to the UK, Egypt, Russia, Uruguay and Malaysia according to the report.

The Post reports further that when Flynn talked with the Russian ambassador on the telephone, in the conversation that ultimately resulted in his indictment, one of the two subjects discussed, and about which Flynn allegedly lied, was the U. N. resolution.

There is much more at the PJ Media link, including this from Foreign Policy in February 2017:

Nikki Haley, the president’s pick to serve as U.N. envoy, sought frantically to reach Samantha Power, then still serving as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, calling her office and cell phone number, a U.S. official told Foreign Policy. Power’s advisors suspected Haley would try persuade Power to veto the resolution, and she did not take the call.

These reports raise several obvious questions. First, why were Obama administration officials so concerned with the U.N. vote as to unmask communications of U.S. citizens on 300 occasions? The Obama administration didn’t come out in favor of the resolution, and it abstained when the resolution came up for a vote. So why would it be so concerned about the possibility that incoming Trump officials might convince allies to defer the vote, or block it altogether?

I can’t think of any reason other than the obsessive hatred of Israel that is so common on the Left. But it is bizarre, in my view, for lame duck Obama minions to carry out a vendetta against Israel, one that apparently was given high priority, through their last days in power. Maybe I am missing something here, but I can’t think what it could be.

Second, the PJ Media report suggests that Power’s unmasking of U.S. citizens involved in conversations about Israel continued until “right up to President Trump’s inauguration.” The inauguration was almost a month after the vote on U.N. Resolution 2334. So if Power’s unmasking continued, did it still relate to conversations about Israel and the U.N. resolution, or was something else going on at that point?

Third, was the Obama administration’s reported frenzy about the U.N.’s anti-Israel vote part of the genesis of the FBI’s effort to disable the incoming Trump administration? The chief ground of the FBI’s effort was the Democratic Party “dossier” paid for by the Clinton campaign, but the Israel-related surveillance apparently comes into play with regard to General Flynn. And the PJ Media story quotes George Papadopoulos, who was “shocked that Bob Mueller told the truth about why I was illicitly targeted and it really had nothing to do with Russia. It had to do with my ties to Israel.”

I don’t begin to understand how these pieces fit together. We can only hope that as Attorney General Barr pursues his investigation, the true story will come out.

Lefty Fascists Sell the Destruction of Israel at American College Campuses!

On Campus, Thou Shalt Not Support Israel

by Richard Baehr  at  American Thinker:


Hatred of Israel, and its close cousin, hatred of Jews, have been commonly held and expressed sentiments on college campuses in the US, Canada, and Europe in recent years.  Anti-Israel speakers are invited to speak, paid handsome fees, and draw large audiences of enthusiastic students, faculty and administrators.  Anti-Zionist groups, often dominated by Arab or Muslim students, proliferate and ally with groups representing other minority groups in an effort to create an intersectionality of interests, where various minority groups all rally in support of any of the causes any of the individual identity groups support. Groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine and the misnamed Jewish Voices for Peace, regularly taunt and harass pro-Israel students, disrupt meetings and talks by pro-Israel groups, and try to prevent pro-Israel speakers from appearing on campus.

Even at schools with a large percentage of Jewish students, university administrators appear to endorse actions directed at Jewish students or pro-Israel students though they never would allow similar activities directed against other minority groups they care to protect or favor.  Recently, Emory University gave its administrative stamp of approval to the posting of eviction notices by SJP on student dorm rooms (many of them with Jewish residents), meant to scare students and attempt to link the eviction threat to actions taken by Israeli authorities they falsely claim are routine in Israel and the West Bank.  In one of the lamest defenses ever offered for blatantly anti-Semitic activity on a college campus, a high-ranking Emory administrator offered this defense of the school’s approval of the eviction notice posting:

“Emory interim vice president and vice provost Paul Marthers issued the initial statement. In justifying the posting of the flyers, Marthers stated they were “posted as part of a communication campaign by a student organization concerned with human rights in the Middle East.”

At New York University, another school with a substantial population of Jewish students, an award was given to SJP for its “positive impact on the community.”   Evidence of their positive impact must include this:

In addition to posting mock eviction notices across campus, Jewish students at NYU have seen Israeli flags destroyed, swastikas painted in dorms, and anti-Israel BDS resolutions passed by student groups. They have faced screams of “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” – a crystal-clear expression of the desire to eliminate the State of Israel –as they walk past “apartheid walls” covered with hateful anti-Israel propaganda. If that is considered a positive model for the school community, we are certainly living through Orwellian times – which are looking more and more like pre-WWII German times.

Two other incidents on college campuses  in recent days suggest that a new hurdle has been raised for those who might want to be part of a group that supports the state of Israel or attempts to defend it – namely, that speaking or writing in favor of Israel,  or even organizing a college club for those who are committed to support for Israel, shall not be allowed.  Williams College, a high scorer in many ratings of small liberal arts colleges, seems to have gone the furthest in its commitment to shutting down expression of a point of view that is opposed by the loudest, least knowledgeable, and most abrasive campus voices. The Williams student council voted 13-8 to deny the formation of a pro-Israel club, the first club rejected by students in over a decade .

Some of the students who spoke against the club at a council meeting made no bones about their reasons. Your “club is pro-Israel, which means you support a state that is built on Palestinian land,” said one and made it clear that “believing in the right of Israel to exist” was a red line that no registered student organization should be permitted to cross. Israel is a “fascist state” said another. The “existence of Israel is built on the killing of Palestinians,” said a third.”  It is verboten to believe at Williams College that the state of Israel has a right to exist.

Israel is not a fascist state but a western democracy, though some of its neighbors would clearly qualify for the fascist label based on their rejection of basic human rights, including free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, freedom to practice the religion of one’s choice, free and fair elections, tolerance for difference (e.g., gay rights, minority group rights). And sadly, the intemperance, viciousness  and general ignorance demonstrated by Israel’s critics at Williams suggests that a whiff of fascism may exist in the rural bucolic air at the esteemed institution.  The 20-year-olds, who are certain they know all there is to know about any complex subject, remain steadfast that no one shall offer a counter viewpoint.

Why the fear of an alternative viewpoint?  When the argument that prevails is due solely to intimidation, shouting, shutting off discussion, and the perceived need to support  fellow “marginalized student groups,” the truth or even debate are dangerous to the zealots.

At DePaul University in Chicago,  a far less distinguished institution as far as academic ratings, the hysteria generated by the perceived threat from pro-Israel voices is no different than at Williams, though here faculty have joined with their student mob to harass a professor who authored a pro-Israel article, and the professor has received death threats and now requires security on campus .

The “offending” article by Philosophy Professor Jason Hill  expressed a point of view that is part of the serious debate in Israel on policy regarding the territories occupied in the Six Day War, one that has been argued by the likes of Caroline Glick in her book The Israeli Solution. Over 3,000 students have signed a petition condemning Professor Hill:

“Several student groups have denounced Hill’s praise for Jewish and Western civilization’s achievements as “racist, anti-Palestinian, xenophobic, sexist and Islamophobic,” characterizing his criticisms of Sharia law as “uncivilized,” “barbaric,” and “primitive.”

Those who are loudest in their objections to inviting speakers to campus with views different from their own, or who object to articles that propound a different perspective, always have the option of not attending a lecture, ignoring what a club does on campus if they are not aiming any venom at others (the way SJP and JVP routinely do towards Jewish and pro-Israel students), or not reading an article they deem offensive. The first whine from students who feel threatened by alternative points of view is the hurt they experience because of the speech or article. Since when does serious debate on an issue threaten anyone’s physical health or wellbeing, especially when they always have the opportunity to ignore anything they deem to be not of interest or not worth attending? Imagine attending college and actually allowing your views, seemingly set in stone after 20 years, to face some challenge from others who may in fact know a lot more about a subject than you do.

At DePaul, the faculty council endorsed a  resolution of condemnation, with most of those supporting the gesture coming from fields having nothing whatever to do with the Israeli Palestinian conflict, but presumably expert enough and otherwise all-wise, to judge the fallacy of an article on a subject on which they are know nothings. This action is incredible given traditional faculty deference to and support for academic freedom. It seems making a case for Israel, any case for Israel, eliminates such protections.

So far, the President of DePaul has not bowed down to those who are demanding relief from their professor who has strayed from the reservation of acceptable argument. Professor Hill is Jamaican and gay, which demonstrates the power of the forces allied to swat away any pro-Israel sentiment expressed at the school; it even trumps the normally sacrosanct identity group membership , which Professor Hill to his credit, has never relied on to make his arguments.

The events at Williams and DePaul suggest that hatred of Israel and anti-Zionism may now be at the top of the grievance tree at American universities. It does not seem to matter whether one gets mis-educated at an elite private college or an urban Catholic university. The idea that students challenge orthodoxy during their college years and grapple with great ideas seems to be rather foreign in the current campus environment. The debate over Israel and the Palestinians is not one where there can be only one view allowed to be expressed on a campus. If we are at that stage, and if those who seek to shut off debate are triumphant, then we are at a stage where higher education is in fact a key driver in the closing of the American mind.

Richard Baehr is co-founder of American Thinker



America’s Standard Leftist Jews Demand Trump “Dumps” Netanyahu!

Two largest organizations of America rabbis call on Trump to pressure Netanyahu to abandon his election pledges

The Conservative and Reform rabbinical leadership along with affiliated lay groups and tepid pro-Israel groups have revealed their elitist contempt for democracy and their disdain for Zionism by appealing to President Trump to force Prime Minister Netanyahu to break his electoral pledges.  They did this in a letter sent to a Jewish publication, The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, on Friday, April 12.  In that letter, they called on our president to stop Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from extending sovereignty over Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Why not ask President Trump to do what they really want: overthrow the Israeli government and install a secular leftist government?  Because that is what they want.  They don’t care about democracy or rule of law if Israelis dare not to want what they think Israelis should want.  The rabbis, ironically enough, are trying to declare U.S. sovereignty over Israel.  They are acting as if Israel were a vassal state of the U.S.

These American rabbis and those allied with their thinking refuse to pay any attention to what the Israelis have found out while waiting patiently for decades while the Palestinian Arabs keep repaying their every peace effort with ever increasing terrorism.  The Arab leadership will not agree to “live side by side in peace and security” with the Jewish state.

At this point, most Israelis are no longer prepared to live in limbo.  They have already rejected what these American rabbis demand they accept.  On April 9, the Israeli electorate gave a loud, resounding “no” to parties whose vision for Israel these Americans endorse, giving them the lowest election support ever.  Not surprisingly, these American interlopers are not listening to what Israelis want at all.

Perhaps what is most galling is that the rabbis’ outrageous April 12 letter oversteps their authority to speak for even American Jews within their respective denominations.  They are not interpreting Jewish law, their alleged area of expertise, but are acting as Democratic Party partisans with its allegiance to the shibboleth that two states for two peoples will bring peace.

After Netanyahu pledged to extend sovereignty to all Israelis living in the disputed areas that are the heartland of biblical Israel, the Israeli public applauded that pledge.  Israelis gave Netanyahu the highest proportion of the vote that he has ever received in any election.

What’s downright laughable is that these unelected American rabbis are now willing to prostrate themselves before President Trump, whom they daily defame, calling on him to impose their preferences on an electorate that has rejected them as a threat to their survival.  These arrogant, insulated rabbis have not learned from thousands of rockets fired from Gaza or the tens of thousands of missiles on the Lebanon border or the decades of stabbing, shooting, ramming attacks on Jews in Judea and Samaria.  But Israelis have.

These letter-writing hypocrites hide behind protestations of love for Israel and then condition that love on doing it my way or the highway.  They threaten that the American Jewish community will not support Israel if it does not do what they want.  How dare they?

We witness with sorrow the power of Rep. Ilhan Omar and her cohort in the cowing of the four Jewish Democratic representatives who cravenly echoed the rabbis’ calumny.  Not one of them had the courage to demand that Rep. Omar be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee despite her outrages against American Jews and against Israel.  Now they dare to tell Netanyahu to ignore the will of his people and kowtow to them, as they kowtow to their freshman colleague.  Reps. Engel, Lowey, Deutch and Schneider — have you no shame?

Perhaps they all — the representatives, the rabbis, and their cheerleaders — fear that they may soon be turned away by what the Democratic Party is becoming.  Appeasement, however, is unlikely to win them a delay in excommunication.  And since the real religion of their declining congregations is whatever is this year’s Democratic Party platform, they now attempt to hoist this outrageous letter as a “Jewish” position.

Let us be clear: the rabbis have no authority to speak for American Jews in the political arena.  They have disgraced themselves by doing so.

We are hopeful  that President Trump won’t be swayed by these leftist Democrats in clerical clothing.

The authors are chairmen, JewsChooseTrump.org

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Why Are Jews Held So Sacrosanct in American Political Life These Days?


Having escaped condemnation for her anti-Semitic remarks, and indeed having avoided even a straight resolution condemning anti-Semtism itself, Rep. Ilhan Omar has gone on the attack. That’s not surprising, but some might be surprised at the target of her latest attack.

This time, it’s not Jews. This time the target is former president Barack Obama. The New York Post reports:

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar ripped former President Barack Obama in an interview published Friday, belittling his “pretty face” and saying his agenda of hope and change was an illusion.

She cited the “caging of kids” at the Mexican border and the “droning of countries around the world” on Obama’s watch — and argued that he wasn’t much different from President Trump

“We can’t be only upset with Trump,” the freshman firebrand told Politico Magazine.

“His policies are bad, but many of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was,” Omar said.

“And that’s not what we should be looking for anymore. We don’t want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. We want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile.”

If this were the view of only Omar and some fringe Democrats, it wouldn’t be a big deal. The problem for Democrats is that it’s the view of significant portion of congressional Democrats and Democratic voters. Omar is saying what many Democratic politicians believe but have been afraid to say until now.

How many House Democrats share Omar’s view? What percentage of Democratic voters do? These are the big questions, to which I don’t know the answers.

But if you strip away Omar’s inflammatory rhetoric and focus on her two substantive talking points — the detention of illegal immigrants at the border and the use of lethal force by the U.S. military abroad, I wouldn’t be surprised if her views have something approaching, or maybe even exceeding, majority support among Democrats.

Few Democrats would agree with Omar’s absurd suggestion that Presidents Obama and Trump are two sides of the same coin — a pretty side and an ugly side. But Trump will leave the stage either in 2021 or 2025. The policy rift in the Democratic party looks like its here to stay.

Either that or Omar’s side will prevail, in which case the Democrats risk years in the political wilderness.

The furies have been unleashed…..by Paul Mirengoff  at  PowerLine.


by Glenn H. Ray

Why is it in our today’s America, the only community  forever protected and held in  perfection, sans public criticism in our country’s  world of standard national communication, is our Jewish brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and so on?

No matter how true, how important,  and honestly  presented the negative criticism might be within our Jewish world , the topic, the speech, the article, the book, or the paragraph alone could,  would   stir threats, even disorder on campuses, causing  screams  of historic proportions throughout our American political networks.   Yet in order of noise,  language fowl, television, and printed  attack,  most likely,  the trouble  tarts  would be 60% Democrat, 30% Republican, 7% Jewish,  and miscellaneous 3%.

Folks, we Americans  advertise our American belief in the importance of free enterprise which includes  free speech.   Ilhan Omar apparently has a background of life and learning foreign to our America.    I am guessing she believes what she says from her life’s experiences.   I am presuming she is an American citizen, and so has an American right in life to express her views in our Good old USA!

Some of America’s most devious politicians happen to be leftist Jews in Congress and the law industry…..All Americans should get to know truthless Adam Schiff,   Jerrold Nadler,  Richard Blumenthal, and such ‘unlikables’   better.

I, like our gifted President Donald J. Trump, am NOT an anti-Semite.   I was born and raised in a JudeoChristian urban environment in which the only community minority until high school was Jewish.  I attended a very well disciplined high school, 1948-1952  in which about a quarter of students in my classes were Jewish.   Inevitably, I buddied up with a lot  of the  Jewish guys, despite the displeasure of some of their mothers…. ….displeased only because I was a Gentile…..

We were made well educated in those days…..We had good times learning together in civilized classrooms with great teachers, a  demanding standard in those days.

My current favorite “social, educational,  and political” American  is Dennis Prager,   another   conservative who  is not an anti-Semite.

My son-in-law,  born in New York City, is a Jewish Democrat  fellow.   They live on Manhattan.   They have a good marriage.   He’s good to my daughter!  I adore him!



Remember: Omar Tlaib Has a Right to be Anti-Semitic in a FREE SOCIETY!

Omar, Tlaib, and anti-Semitism

By Steve Postal  at American Thinker:


Representatives Rashida Tlaib’s (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) have in their first weeks in the House made their mark as the most blatantly anti-Semitic members of Congress in living memory.

Omar and Tlaib’s anti-Semitism is unquestionable. They have in recent weeks 1) peddled the anti-Semitic canard that Jews have dual loyalty to Israel 2) expressed support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, 3) alleged that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) bribes members of Congress,  4) Claimed that “Israel has hypnotized the world.”  Statements from Omar and Tlaib on Israel are not labeled anti-Semitic because they are coming from Muslims, as Omar alleges.  These statements are anti-Semitic because they are anti-Semitic.

Supporting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement is Anti-Semitic

Both Omar and Tlaib have explicitly supported the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Omar has said: “I believe and support the BDS movement and have fought to make sure people’s right to support it isn’t criminalized.” Tlaib stated “I personally support the BDS movement.”

The BDS movement, as I previously stated, is in fact anti-Semitic as it applies a double standard to Israel, the only state for the Jews.  BDS activists, including cofounder Omar Barghouti, have frequently asserted that the intention of the BDS movement is not to force Israel to leave Judea and Samaria (commonly referred to as the “West Bank”) nor is it to promote a two-state solution, but to bring about the destruction of Israel itself.

Many of Omar and Tlaib’s coreligionists have called out BDS for the fraud that it is.  Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), cofounder of the Muslim Reform Movement, and author of A Battle for the Soul of Islam: An American Muslim Patriot’s Fight to Save His Faith, remarked that “no supporter… of the… BDS movement… that is anti-Israel and looks for the destruction of Israel” should have a seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  Jasser also called Omar’s worldview “incompatible with… [the worldview that] we would hope a congressperson should have,” and called Omar “grotesquely anti-Semitic.”

Asra Nomani, author of Standing Alone in Mecca: An American Woman’s Struggle for the Soul of Islam, and cofounder of the Muslim Reform Movement, flatly stated on Twitter that “Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar parrot the anti-Israel hate of BDS, CAIR, Linda Sarsour, Qatar, Turkey, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas & use “Islamophobia” to cloak their hate.” [my emphasis]

Majid Nawaz, founder of Quilliam, a think tank devoted to fighting Islamism, rejects the BDS movement as resting on a “lazy analogy” that compares Israel to apartheid South Africa,.  More broadly, Nawaz sees the “constant… signaling out of Israel as a delegitimate [sic] state… [as] distract[ing]… from very real genocidal problems… in Syria and Iraq with ISIS.”

Bassem Eid, the current chairman of the Center for Near East Policy Research, also opposes the BDS movement, and has received death threats from fellow Arabs for holding such a view. He calls boycotting Jewish businesses in Judea and Samaria in particular “genocide for the Palestinian economy,” and notes that Palestinians lose their jobs as a result of boycotting the settlements.

Other Muslim reformers that have spoken out against BDS include Raheel Raza (president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow and author of Their Jihad, Not My Jihad!), Tarek Fatah (author of The Jew is Not My Enemy: Unveiling the Myths that Fuel Muslim Anti-Semitism), Tahir Gora (founder of the Muslim Committee against Antisemitism and the Progressive Muslim Worldwide Network), and Stephen Suleyman Schwartz (Executive Director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism).

Saying that Jews Have Dual Allegiance to Israel is Anti-Semitic

Omar and Tlaib are also guilty of furthering the anti-Semitic belief that Jews possess dual loyalty to Israel.  In response to Republican Senators supporting an anti-BDS bill, Tlaib stated on Twitter that “they forgot what country they represent.”  Many took this quote to be a thinly veiled accusation that Jews have dual loyalty to Israel.  Omar, as shown above, echoed that nonsense more explicitly. Following discussion of her “Jewish colleagues,” Omar stated that “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”  When Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) admonished her for this on Twitter, Omar actually dug in by repeating the dual loyalty claim:

Our democracy is built on debate, Congresswoman! I should not be expected to have allegiance/pledge support to a foreign country in order to serve my country in Congress or serve on committee. The people of the 5th elected me to serve their interest. I am sure we agree on that!

Such dual allegiance beliefs are anti-Semitic.  According to Ben Shapiro:

Suggesting that Jewish Americans are pushing for “allegiance” to a foreign country, or that American supporters of Israel are doing so, is a vicious conspiracy theory and a vile smear. Jewish Americans by and large support Israel not out of “allegiance” to Israel but because Israel protects victimized Jews all over the world, represents the sole liberal democracy in the Middle East, and provides valuable strategic partnership to the United States. But according to Omar and other anti-Semites, the only reason for American Jews to support Israel is because they are part of a secret club, disloyal to the United States and loyal only to the ethnic tribe.

Omar’s statement would also likely fall into what the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) considers as anti-Semitic statements. ADL conducted a worldwide survey, the ADL Global 100: An Index of Anti-Semitism, where it attempted to quantify anti-Semitic attitudes worldwide.  It defined an anti-Semite as someone who agreed to at least 6 out of 11 phrases in the affirmative.  Such phrases included: “Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their own country/the countries they live in.” Omar and Tlaib’s statements fit this bill.

Omar’s Additional Statements are also Anti-Semitic

Omar has made additional statements that fall in line with anti-Semitic thinking, if benchmarked against some of the other phrases that the Anti-Defamation League stated was indicative of anti-Semitism:

  • “It’s all about the Benjamins baby.” Omar’s now-deleted statement on Twitter, in which she accuses AIPAC of bribing members of Congress, mirrors the phrase “Jews have too much control over the United States government.”
  • “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”  Omar’s statement on Twitter, also deleted, mirrors the phrase “Jews have too much control over global affairs.”

Omar would like us to think that people accuse her and Tlaib of harboring anti-Semitic beliefs because the accusers are intolerant of Muslims.  But as demonstrated by statements of her coreligionists, this is a smokescreen.  The statements the congresswomen have issued on Israel are patently anti-Semitic. Omar’s claim of victimhood is merely a Trojan horse to inject anti-Semitism into mainstream political discourse.  Democrats and Republicans alike must act swiftly to ensure that such bigotry does not take root in the halls of Congress.

Representatives Rashida Tlaib’s (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) have in their first weeks in the House made their mark as the most blatantly anti-Semitic members of Congress in living memory.

Omar and Tlaib’s anti-Semitism is unquestionable. They have in recent weeks 1) peddled the anti-Semitic canard that Jews have dual loyalty to Israel 2) expressed support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, 3) alleged that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) bribes members of Congress,  4) Claimed that “Israel has hypnotized the world.”  Statements from Omar and Tlaib on Israel are not labeled anti-Semitic because they are coming from Muslims, as Omar alleges.  These statements are anti-Semitic because they are anti-Semitic.



Our Dennis at UC Irvine Reviews the Countless Evils of the Hating Secular Left

To Troublesome Vision on the Gulf: Fsyevo Luchyevo….Ya Tozhe Stroga Za Ezrael!

To the Sentinel on the Gulf:   Vision is essential to all of us human….Yet, the brain with a soul that directs and corrects vision   is its “Mother Superior”,  as our Roman Catholic friends would contend.   I am sure you shall recover from the trouble…YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!  (Spaceeba za Shalom….vam  tozhe!)

Ghr…my vision is a bit troublesome. I have re-edited the previous…I trust you’ll understand…I have postponed all travel…This week I’ll see the eye doc for a final evaluation before surgery…thanks a bunch…dobry nochi…Shalom…

—The President Must Stand His Ground on the Matter of US National Security: Build the Wall!—

After the assurance (“I’ll have more flexibility after the elections”) Barack Obama uttered to Putin’s envoy Dmitry Medvedev at the White House, most of America confirmed that Barack Obama was the highest “mole” the Russians had planted in the US Government. Oh yes, Comrade Putin, ex-KGB spymaster, had realized the dream of his Soviet idol Josef Stalin.

Also keep in mind that the ‘patrician’ Democrat FDR was a great admirer/sympathizer of Stalin.

Now the un-American Democrats and their liberal media ‘apparatchik’ are trying to spin the tale by suggesting that Trump is Putin’s mole, not Obama or Hillary or any other American politician. Nothing could be further from the truth; yet Mueller’s office continues to leak falsehoods about Trump and his campaign. In fact for two long years Mueller has been conducting a bogus investigation to cover up the bad deeds of the Obama administration, in his attempt to paralyze the Trump administration as the nation is kept distracted by tabloid ‘hysteria’ generated by left-wing ‘fake-news’ jerks.

Needless to say, if we had an honest and patriotic media the anti-American Barack Obama would have never been elected to the US Senate and much less the Oval Office. Even now we permit the treacherous Obama and his anarchists (amply funded by the anti-American ‘globalist’ George Soros) to violate our immigration laws, stymie our duly elected government while wreaking societal havoc at large.

Enough is enough, now is the time for the President to act with the full legal force of his Constitutional power and authority to put an end to the Democrats’ political machinations and Mueller’s unconstitutional investigation. Yes, the President can, and should, declare a national emergency to effectively stop the migratory disturbances at our southern borders. And it would be appropriate, under the current circumstances, for the President to direct the US Army Corps of Engineers to build the “Wall”…No doubt the Democrats incited by the ‘anarchists’ in the left-wing media will yell and scream rubbish about a ‘Constitutional’ crisis; but the majority of Americans aren’t buying into the DNC lies anymore.

This past week ‘ditsy’ Pelosi and her political US House flunkies were about to board a ‘taxpayer-funded’ military transport to spread anti-Trump propaganda in Belgium, Egypt and Afghanistan. But the President swiftly countered such a capricious and irresponsible self-serving political tour. That old California hen with the gavel can’t lay eggs anymore and her spent rooster ‘big Schu” is looking for a new chicken because the ‘Duke of Orange’ is tearing down their musty hen house!

The last thing our battlefront troops need is a visit from self-serving political clowns. I tell you from my own experience as a combat soldier, the troops will always prefer a USO show than a visit from political waste bags like ‘big shu’ and ditsy Pelosi. These two ‘morticious’ politicians have lost, not that they had much before, all sense of decency and respect for the fighting men and women defending the values and ideals of the American republic.

Pelosi and Schumer have gone too far with their impudence and disrespect for our duly elected President. And George Soros, who is funding the waves of Central-American illegal caravans in defiance of our nation’s laws, should be arrested for crimes against the sovereignty of our nation, fined, stripped of his naturalized US citizenship and deported to his alpine digs in Switzerland. George Soros is an evil denizen for whom there should be no place in the US.

In conclusion, I have no reason to believe Bill Barr will not overlook the conspiracy to overthrow our duly elected President. Bill Barr and Bob Mueller are good friends! Barr strikes me like a man itching to add his footnotes to our nation’s political history. Nothing of substance will come of his work as US Attorney General.

As committed as he has been to “drain the swamp” Trump’s political naiveté has empowered his seasoned political enemies in the US government and the American left-wing media. And in all of this it has been sad to witness the deadly silence of Conservative America.

Cjack…Sentinel on the Gulf…January 20, 2019