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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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I: The Disappearing American Human Female…..Looking Back to THE WAR!

I was born in 1934.   I was born to be very, very visual, gifted with  a great memory, but crippled when it came to reading novels.    This meant I was very accomplished in some worlds of learning, but school life could be very bleak when it came to reading novels and taking standard tests.   It turned out I had, what was called in those days, a photographic memory.

At age 84, I can still see and remember the names of my classroom teachers until I entered college.

I had no clue I was in scholastic trouble until college.   The only course I ever failed was Geomorphology, a requirement needed to secure  my first ‘major’ study, Geography.   Outside of Climatology, of the 40 quarter credits required to major in the field, I earned straight A in each course at a time when undergraduates were weeded out of the “Social-Liberal Arts ” school 40% per year.

I was poorly disciplined yet in those days.  I wasn’t certain I knew what school discipline meant.  I did the best I could as I was told.    I was born  exceedingly gifted and  crippled by curiosity.   Nearly all of my pre-college public school teachers were old maids, gifted with knowledge and experience teaching in their fields, in a male adult environment where no student  was allowed to misbehave…..(except occasionally  when substitute teachers would show up.)

I couldn’t run then.   I was seriously crippled by asthma until college.  Later in life, I discovered my life with  dyslexia….well after it had been “invented”, however.   I own well over 1,000 books and have snooped through them all….especially readers of the American nineteenth century.   The only book I have ever read cover to cover…..and have repeated doing so, is George Orwell’s “1984”.

I was well raised JudeoChristian and am “God-fearing” to this day….although unchurched.   The most moving religious ceremonies I have ever experienced were Russian Orthodox….especially that 1990 October Sunday in Kiev when the Soviet Red authorities there opened services at  St. Nicholas “Cathedral” that day when  I became one of thousands upon thousands of locals  who joined the inspiring  hours of ceremony  that  morning.

In all,  curiosity sent me collecting around 700 quarter credits of college  in my life time….yet, only one graduate degree….. “Soviet Studies” where all classes were given and to be spoken only  in Russian.   (Bwillo chudno!!)   The study allowed me transport and time to  speak Russian in  the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, almost as if I lived there,  on two occasions, in August, 1966 and in October, 1990.

They needed the American dollar!

I was born, raised, and still live in Minnesota’s Twin Cities.   Almost a year of my life was spent in Europe, mostly in Great Britain,  throughout the 1990s absorbing the arts of  landscape gardening.

It was about a half century ago when civilized America slipped into the drug world of sex, crime, ignorance, feminism,  and leftism…..about 1968 in our Twin Cities…… when learnings, jobs, American Christianity, Truth seeking, family life, and womanhood  were all still allowed, practiced, and honored….and the door to racial freedom was to be, at last,  opened!

I taught Russian at the University of Minnesota High School from 1960 to 1967…..and Social Studies and Russian at a working class Minneapolis High School until Spring, 1971.  I had been in the US Army 1957 and 1958.  (I was a child of WWII who religiously and closely followed the war and its pictures and maps from the Battle of Midway  that June of 1942 to the very end, August 15, 1945!  I wanted to know  what I would do if shot at!….as my cousins were!   Our neighborhoods everywhere were still safe in 1956.

I had earned my first Bachelor’s degree that year….and wasn’t sure what to do with it.

I had Winston Churchill’s quote always on my mind from the war…….”The most exhilarating moment in life is to be shot at……………and have been missed”.   Prime Minister Churchill was speaking from experience.

Women were still women then, that August well up to 1960….Christian, mothers, God-fearing, neighborhood ruling, family tending,  raising children, keeping  the home front together during the war.  Neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Landmark had lost their son early in the war in the Pacific.  My dad was in his 40s then, and we lived in St. Paul.  He joined the Air Raid force in our part of the city and was on active duty from Spring 1942 until the following winter.    Twice a week he and his force would walk up and down his team’s blocks to make sure every light in every house was out until siren count at about 9:30 or so.

Our family, actually mostly I, as it turned out, wound up starting  in May of 1942,  in charge of planting and maintaining our neighborhood’s VICTORY GARDEN.   The city would plow up the soil of the empty lots across the alley from us for free if we would agree to plant and care for  vegetables there for the war effort.  We could keep half of the crop for our own family use, but share the remaining half with our neighbors.

That is where I learned my love for plant life……a drug that has stayed with me to this very wintery winter day.

During that first year of the war, our neighborhood folk crowded together  at our local grade school gymnasium twice each month on Monday’s at 7PM to sing patriotic songs for a couple of hours and sign up for war duties such as mothers being taught how to bandage their children if the enemy ever reached ‘our shores’.   I enjoyed the stardom I received when my Mother shared me with other mothers  bandaged up…..

Every house on our block and the block east of ours, had Mothers and children  but one, where grand parents lived whose daughter brought her two boys to the neighborhood from Cedar Rapids, Iowa each summer season for years.

Every Spring and Fall until after the War was over,  our neighborhood would picnic in the lot where we raised our vegetables from egg plant to sweet corn, tomatoes to okra, green beans,  squash, onions,  sprouts, lettuce, rutabaga, white potatoes, and more….the world I   at age 8 to 11 was the primary seeder, weeder, harvester, and insect killer.

I loved it all.   I played war games while pinching potato beetles by dive bombing them as if they were Stukas or Zeros off of the potato leaves and sticking them into a can of  car grease.

Even in our safe Minnesota urban neighborhood women were working overtime in some way to aid our nation’s war effort.   But, they were MOTHERS FIRST AND FOREMOST!   They raised their children to be God fearing, to behave, be polite,  caring for others…..or else!    I never heard a curse word of any kind until I heard the word damn used when I was a freshman at St. Paul’s Central High School the spring of 1949.  A new kid to the school that Spring, Dave Martin, uttered it while we 9th graders were quietly going outside for recess one day.   He was made to disappear from school for one week for his error.

There was no television in our Twin Cities until 1947.   Our first set was an 11 inch black and white screened Philco.   Colored television wasn’t yet on the market for several years yet.  Neighbors were still neighbors then…  moms were moms talking to each other, helping each other, sharing with each other,  laughing with each other.   Moms stayed at home and were real moms, teaching, preaching, playing, gardening,  sewing, decorating, respected.   I didn’t know “crime” in action until a junior in high school when two boys in my school were caught shooting bbs at autos one evening along Snelling Avenue and St. Claire.  They were sent to detention for a couple of months.

My Mother did work part time at my dad’s drug store from 1947 to the mid 1950s.   Mrs. Merrill across the street was a working nurse half time  throughout and after the war.  No other Mother on the block worked even when I entered the army in January, 1957.

Butches hadn’t been invented yet, certainly not in the public arena.   No one on the block had been divorced, either.   No one had a reputation of being ugly or beating up anyone.  Only Tommy Joyce’s dad was known to “drink” from time to time.   However, “Spiral Staircase”  was a big hit at our neighborhood movie house in 1947 or 1948.  I sneaked out to see it one 7PM  just before rain fell and thunder clapped arrogantly  anxious to see what adults were complaining about.   I learned far more than I wanted to learn about what some adult guys might be up to…..and added my sweat to the rain and thunder as I ran home to sweet home.




Fox Aussie Rinos Ridicule Trump over Acosta Stink ?

Trump on Acosta Ruling: “People Have To Behave”


President Trump commented Friday on a judicial ruling ordering the White House to reinstate the press pass for CNN’s Jim Acosta. The judge did not rule on the underlying case, but he granted CNN’s request for a temporary restraining order on Fifth Amendment grounds. During a bill signing the president said his staff is working on a set of rules journalists will have to follow in the White House.

“People have to behave,” Trump said on the Acosta ruling. “We’re writing up rules and regulations…If they don’t listen to the rules and regulations, we’ll end up back in court and we’ll win. But more importantly, we’ll just leave, and then you won’t be very happy.”


Aussie Foreigners at Fox Join Forces with Fascistic Mouthed Jim Acosta?!!

One America News Chief: We’re Standing With Trump Against Jim Acosta, Not With CNN Like Fox News Is

by Allahpundit  at HotAir:

We love you more, Mr. President. It’s a sensible pitch as OAN grasps for ways to cut into the Fox behemoth’s market share. But Fox’s decision to stand with Acosta is sensible too. If in fact Trump wins in court and gains the power to exclude particular reporters from White House events, liberals will want the next Democratic president to make use of that power too. And we all know who the prime target will be, and it won’t be OAN. Fox was targeted years ago for exclusion from interviews with the Obama administration, as Ed noted a few days ago; only because CNN and other networks hung with them in objecting did Team O finally relent. Siding with CNN again now is Fox’s way of taking out a little insurance just in case President Kamala Harris decides that FNC is too evil or whatever to be allowed into her briefings. They’re scratching Acosta’s back today so that CNN will scratch theirs tomorrow.

No doubt Herring has also been paying attention to the fact that Fox has put a little daylight between itself and the president lately. Emphasis on “a little.”

But the network has made several moves in recent weeks to distance itself. Fox News was quick to condemn the two hosts for appearing to campaign with Trump, especially after Hannity had pledged to not take the stage with the president.

“FOX News does not condone any talent participating in campaign events,” a Fox News spokesperson said in a statement at the time. “This was an unfortunate distraction and has been addressed.”

And earlier this month, Fox News pulled an immigration ad put out by the White House, which other networks had labeled as racist. Nonetheless, the network’s coverage of immigration still tended to align with Trump’s interests — Fox News devoted significant air time to a caravan of migrants heading through Mexico in hopes of seeking asylum in the U.S.

If I know my president, he’ll be delighted at an opportunity to play Fox off of OAN and vice versa for more flattering coverage from both. Supposedly he used to enjoy watching underlings at the Trump Organization vie with each other for dominance; the same dynamic played out for awhile during the 2016 campaign when Corey Lewandowski and his loyalists battled Paul Manafort and his team for control of the Trump train. Now Trump has OAN seizing the Acosta dust-up to declare itself the one true Trump News Network. POTUS will probably reward them with some sort of extended interview, or much more frequent interviews, if only to remind Fox that he’s capable of singlehandedly elevating OAN as a serious rival to them if they wander too far off the reservation. If you think primetime on FNC is pro-Trump now, check back this spring and see what it looks like.

Speaking of which, this can’t be true, can it? Since when does Trump show contempt for his biggest sycophants?


Any President should, must have the right to ban from his news gatherings  obnoxious, rude,  insulting, lying, Hitlerian, fascistic mouthies like Jim Acosta who spend energy and precious time selling falsehoods TO THEIR FELLOW FASCISTS as news to CNN, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, ABC and the Rinos at Fox News to smear the President.



Fascistic James Acosta and His Fellow Travelers of Today’s Leftist Fake News Press “Star” at Press Conference


by John Hinderaker at PowerLine:

These days it seems that half of our country has gone mad. Many Democrats, perhaps because of disappointment over yesterday’s election results, are behaving in a manner that can fairly be described as crazy. Exhibit A is today’s presidential press conference, where reporters representing the Democratic Party lost their cool entirely. Their rudeness and presumption were extraordinary. CNN’s Jim Acosta was the worst offender, but by no means the only one. It is hard to believe that this is how allegedly professional reporters conduct themselves:

Exhibit B is Democratic Congressman Jerrold Nadler, who will become Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Riding the train from New York to Washington, Nadler couldn’t restrain himself while talking on the telephone:

Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., revealed plans for House Democrats to investigate and impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh for alleged perjury and investigate and impeach President Donald Trump for alleged treasonous collusion with Russia.

Somehow I don’t think that is what the voters are looking for. Details at the link.

Exhibit C is sheer comedy: Joy Behar, political pundit on “The View,” explaining to a Democratic Party consultant that Republicans made gains in the Senate because of gerrymandering. You can’t make this stuff up:

Tom Elliott@tomselliott

Here’s the clip of Joy Behar thinking Dems lost Senate seats because of gerrymandering


That interview was one place among many where Democrats have peddled the concept of a national “popular vote” in House and Senate elections. This is a wholly irrelevant concept with no constitutional or logical standing, but expect to hear more about it from the Democrats. Basically, they are trying to undermine the legitimacy not only of the Senate, but of our entire constitutional federal structure. I have no idea what the end game of that effort is supposed to be. Perhaps there isn’t one; perhaps we are just observing people who have been driven mad.



Note:  At last the rude, mouthy, bully show-off fascistic James Acosta has lost his credentials to return to the President’s Press Conference until further notice!

THREE CHEERS FOR CIVILITY!   Thank you, President Trump!  ghr

Cynthia Nixon: The Feminized Brain in Over Drive!

In the general the human animal female brain is not by instinct, a problem solving one.  This “She” overwhelmingly seeks security, comfort, attention, protection, friends, associates above all in sink with her primary drive in life for FEELINGS…..the animal in her!

In today’s America, despite the cumbersome feminizing of  its  human males by leftist “educators”  and politicians to render equality into a  single feminized mass for leftist political control purposes,  curious, inventive, honest, problem solving, Truth-seeking citizens still exist in our land of yesterday’s free…..nearly all  males, mostly the God-fearing variety.

Political leftists and their feminism within them above all, FEEL answers for problem-solving to feel good,  rather than seek rational, scientific Truth regardless of emotion.

Please read the following medicare service program suggested by Lady Cynthia Nixon below!  How feminized can one be!!!!  It is so  natural in the Hillary world!



What if Donald J. Trump, the present 45th President as he IS, had won the Democrat Party nomination this past presidential election cycle and happened to be BLACK?

How  would 90% of today’s American  news columnists, those  same fascistic Leftist  Party quite uneducated  bigoted bulldogs whether newsprint or television now covering our nation’s news about the Presidency in today’s United States of America be reporting if President Trump  happened to be black?

Would today’s Black Racist Eugene Robinson still be a Black Racist?  What about all of those white today’s New York Times, NBC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, ABC, etc. one party fascistic reporters?  Would their fingers “tone” any different lies and distortions?

Trump Doesn’t Care About Justice — Only Protection

by Eugene Robinson at realclearpolitics:

 There’s a reason why President Trump increasingly sounds like the mob boss in a cliche-ridden gangster film: That’s basically what he is — and he must know how such movies usually end.

On Wednesday morning — a day after his former campaign chairman was convicted of felonies in one federal courthouse and his longtime lawyer pleaded guilty to felonies in another — Trump issued this statement on Twitter:

“I feel very badly for Paul Manafort and his wonderful family. ‘Justice’ took a 12 year old tax case, among other things, applied tremendous pressure on him and, unlike Michael Cohen, he refused to ‘break’ — make up stories in order to get a ‘deal.’ Such respect for a brave man!”

A few days earlier, Trump had referred to John Dean, the White House counsel whose truth-telling was instrumental in Richard Nixon’s downfall, as a “RAT.” And in a Fox News interview broadcast Thursday, he complained at length about defendants who “flip” and inform on higher-ups in exchange for leniency at sentencing: “This whole thing about flipping, they call it, I know all about flipping. For 30, 40 years I have been watching flippers. Everything’s wonderful and then they get 10 years in jail and they flip on whoever the next highest one is or as high as you can go. It almost ought to be outlawed.”

Those are not the words of some two-bit hoodlum who feels the law closing in. They are the words of the president of the United States — who apparently feels the law closing in.

Trump speaks as if the Trump Organization, the Trump campaign and the Trump administration were one long continuing criminal enterprise. The man charged with faithfully executing the nation’s laws paints his own Justice Department as a villain and celebrates criminals who stoically go to prison rather than inform on higher-ups. Nixon talked that way in private, among friends and co-conspirators; Trump just blurts it out. He makes no bones about valuing loyalty over respect for the law.

Manafort, who might have much to tell about contacts between the campaign and the Russians, has been silent thus far. But he was convicted in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, on eight counts of bank and tax fraud, and could receive what amounts to a life sentence for a 69-year-old man. Now he faces another trial, this time in federal court in Washington, on conspiracy and other charges stemming from the influence-peddling work he did for Russia-backed politicians in Ukraine.

The second trial could produce even more jail time — and definitely will generate another crushing pile of legal bills for a man whose finances were shown to be in tatters. After Tuesday’s verdict was read in Alexandria, a statement from Manafort’s defense team said nothing about possible appeals or the looming court proceedings. Instead, it said Manafort was examining his options.

Perhaps that is why Trump is going so far out of his way to praise Manafort’s virtue — and why, when asked if he will grant Manafort a pardon, the president never says a discouraging word.

Cohen, on the other hand, used the occasion of his guilty plea in federal court in Manhattan to directly implicate Trump in two felony crimes. He said Trump directed him to arrange six-figure payments, in the days leading up to the election, to guarantee the silence of Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels — two women who say they had extramarital liaisons with Trump.

Cohen has offered full cooperation to authorities, including special counsel Robert Mueller, and Cohen’s attorney has strongly suggested his client might have evidence bearing on the question of collusion. Perhaps that is why Trump was up at 1 a.m. Thursday, angrily tweeting: “NO COLLUSION — RIGGED WITCH HUNT!”

Look at the people Trump surrounds himself with. So far, four men with high-level roles in his campaign and one with a more junior role have pleaded or been found guilty of federal crimes.

Look at the people who are drawn to him. The first sitting member of Congress to endorse his candidacy, Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., was indicted earlier this month on charges of insider trading. The second sitting member to endorse Trump, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., was indicted Tuesday on charges of illegally using more than $250,000 in campaign funds to underwrite his lavish personal lifestyle.

Responding to criticism from Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared Thursday that the Justice Department “will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.” He must understand by now that Trump doesn’t care about justice. The president wants only protection.


What If the Fascistic Dems Do Win Midterms?

What to Expect if Democrats Win the Midterms!

by Robert Oscar Lopez at American Thinker:

Would conservatives achieve an easy victory against the left if it came down to civil war?  The question seems less absurd by the day as tensions increase between the right and left.  Many conservative writers seem to think the left would fold quickly and the right would triumph.

One has good reason to doubt that.  Consider basic issues like political bias in universities, or religious integrity.  After decades of exposés and outcries from conservatives over liberal tyranny, universities are as biased as they ever were.  Past cases of anti-conservative persecution (including mine) remain unaddressed.

Meanwhile, in the world of Masterpiece Cakeshop, conservatives celebrate a largely toothless victory at the Supreme Court over a wedding cake for two men.  While a small fortune went to defending a Colorado pastry chef who wouldn’t make a cake for a ceremony approximating a wedding, a dozen states have banned “conversion therapy” in terms so broad that many church ministries will be outlawed.

The LGBT movement is no longer worried about taking over state legislatures to stop religious liberty laws.  Soon they won’t have to do that.  They are gaining in power at the denominational governance level of Christian churches and changing doctrine so religious liberty will not even be an issue.  The religious position itself will be so thoroughly corrupted that no Christians will have “deeply felt” convictions against homosexuality.

I am nowhere near as confident as Kurt Schlichter that the right wing could trounce the left wing in battle.  We can’t even unite to keep Alex Jones on Facebook.  It is true that conservatives have more guns and are probably better street fighters.  But conservatives also cave in large numbers even when their most sacred cows are in danger – such as the First Amendment or Christian principles.  The two latter issues sit at the core of academic bias and debates on sexuality, respectively.  I have the war wounds from both battles and can attest to the repeating scenario: conservatives talk and talk about what they believe and how bad the left is.  Then they give up droves when it comes time to fight.

Take the question of defending the gospel.  We hear constant sermons from Christian preachers that speak of standing by God’s word even in the face of popular criticism.  In anticipation of the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting, I spent months searching for people be willing to sign on to a resolution affirming Christian sexual ethics and supporting churches’ rights to offer counseling in defiance of laws like California’s “stay gay” bill.  Almost sixteen million Americans claim to be Southern Baptists.  I could not find a single person willing to back the resolution.  When I submitted it under my own name, it was killed in committee and never brought to the floor.

Consider, as well, the special election for Alabama’s Senate seat in December 2017.  That may feel like ancient history, but it was less than a year ago.  Doug Jones was a radically pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality Democrat endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, an organization founded by alleged pederast Terry Bean.  Jones defeated Roy Moore, one of the few public servants who stood up for Christian marriage in the face of withering attacks.

The slander campaign against Roy Moore and suspicious timeline of voting returns on Alabama’s election night both offered an occasion for conservatives to contest the election.  Right-wingers abandoned the issue within twenty-four hours of Jones’s suspicious victory.  The election was not contested, which left Trump with a slimmer majority in the Senate: 51 to 49.  That slim advantage all but doomed the chances of conservative favorite Amy Coney Barrett to be nominated to the Supreme Court.  Ironically, at least one supposed conservative, David French, militated viciously against Roy Moore, celebrated his loss to Doug Jones, then attacked Donald Trump for not nominating Amy Coney Barrett.  Did French not see that his efforts to sink Moore left Trump without the votes to get Barrett past the Senate?

We may fantasize that conservatives constitute a massive invincible army against the left.  None of this will help us if nobody is willing to show up for the fight.  The midterm elections this fall could easily hand the Democrats a commanding lead in both the Senate and the House.  We have no real reason to expect that conservatives will gather in large numbers to monitor the voting process for fraud.  The fall surprises full of slander, innuendo, and social media mobbing will follow the pattern we saw in the Roy Moore election, with National Review writers like David French slamming Republican candidates and commentators like Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro playing it safe by virtue-signaling if ominous accusations, no matter how unproven or unlikely, gain traction with the general public.

Prudence calls for us to rally our troops to fight smear campaigns rigorously and to monitor the elections for voting fraud.  But let’s not dream unrealistic dreams.  If the Democrats win both houses of Congress, we should brace ourselves for the following probabilities:

Trump Will Be Impeached but Probably Not Removed from Office

The Obama years spoiled the left.  With amazing speed, they developed an adolescent sense of entitlement, convinced themselves that their own propaganda is “fact,” and believed they would never lose control of the government, culture, schools, churches, military, intelligence, and media.  While the left hates Trump with particular ferocity, any figure associated with the left’s loss of total national power would have provoked a knee-jerk temper tantrum.

Under no conceivable scenario will the left control the House without impeaching Trump.  They hate him with the heat of a thousand suns and defy all appeals to fairness and logic.  The trial in the House will consume the country, bog Trump in red tape, and stall the swamp-draining reforms until the presidential election in 2020.  It will probably be impossible to get 67 senators to vote to remove Trump, but the impeachment in the House will be enough to throw most of Trump’s housecleaning efforts into disarray.

In an impeachment situation, many conservatives will betray us and jump on whatever charges the left manages to articulate against Trump.  Too many on our side lack the willpower to resist coordinated message across major news outlets.  Some within Trump’s circle will also betray him.  The disunity and loss of morale will pose serious dangers to our movement, and we will likely see many federal agencies start to fall under the power of lingering Obama cronies.

Conversion Therapy Will Be Banned Nationally, and a Sexual Police State Will Be Born

California’s extreme “stay gay” bill fulfills the most important aspiration of the LGBT movement.  Marriage, military service, and even anti-discrimination laws all pale in importance beside the acquisition of a captive constituency.  Gays know that homosexual life is not enough to keep large numbers of people locked in their dating pool if they know how easy it is to get out of the gay scene and go straight.  (It is exceedingly easy, by the way.)  They need the world to signal belief of their fantasy that they were born gay.  They need self-questioning men and women to believe that it is more dangerous to get out of the gay lifestyle than it is to stay in it with all its epidemiological and psychological burdens.

While blacks and Latinos provide Democrats with badly needed voting blocs, the gays and Muslims are indispensable sources of money.  A lot of rich people seem to have gay children (like the Gettys or Paul Singer), and Muslims enjoy the supply chain of money from the oil-rich Middle East.  What gays wants, Democrats provide – they’ve been trained like show poodles with all the cash gays have funneled to them over the years.  If the Democrats have enough votes in Congress to ban any defection from the homosexual life anywhere in the United States, they will avail themselves of the power.  Trump is not particularly worried about LGBT issues.  He may feel that evangelicals just care about wedding cake laws and won’t abandon him over conversion therapy.  Chances are, Trump will sign it.

A national law against conversion therapy will create a sexual police state because it will allow the government to monitor a vast range of interactions that fall under “counseling.”  Churches, schools, medical professionals, and even bloggers like me will find themselves increasingly under the threat of lawsuits, loss of licenses, censorship, and social media mobbing unless they guarantee gay adults a steady pipeline of new gay recruits drawn from children and teenagers.  With the massive push by gay groups like the Human Rights Campaign to flood schools and church youth groups with pro-gay propaganda, young people will be bombarded with cues designed to push them to experiment with homosexuality.  As with Hotel California, they will be able to check in, but they will not be able to check out.

The far-ranging effects of such a change will far surpass what one might imagine at first glance.  First, the percentage of future generations that identifies as LGBT will be enormous.  It is already hovering between 16% and 33%, depending on which poll you look at.  This compares with earlier generations in which less than 2% of the population was gay or transgender.  The damage to our already frail fertility rate will necessitate more immigration to make up for drops in births.  The market demand for children by design will fuel more genetic engineering, adoption on demand, and child-trafficking, as millions of couples incapable of reproducing will expect society to give them children.

Worst of all, a system of child sex abuse will develop far worse than anything we have ever seen.  The pro-LGBT educators tend to emphasize “consent” as the main factor determining healthy sex.  With so much pro-gay messaging overwhelming children, many young people will consent to sex under terms that will have the effects of abuse but will not qualify legally as abuse.  The aftereffects of their grooming and coercive initiation into sodomy will not be treatable because of laws criminalizing any counseling that casts homosexuality in a negative light.

Congress Will Pass Open Borders Laws that Trump Will Veto

The deluge of sensational news about families separated at the border this summer reveals that immigration will be an existential issue for the Democrats going forward.  Native-born Latinos like me will not be a reliable voting bloc for the left, so they will need constant infusions of Latin American, Asian, and Middle Eastern immigrants.  Democrats need them to enter the USA, get citizenship, and feel indebted to Democrats for at least one or two generations.  There is no way a Democratic Congress will get sworn in without bill after bill trying to institute open borders and an unconditional pathway to citizenship.

On immigration, Trump will probably veto.  Republicans will probably have enough votes to prevent an override.  But the hype and hysteria over the immigration issue will most likely derail the possibility of a border law, undermine border security, and gin up emotional capital for the 2020 election.  The demonization and demagoguery will reach nuclear levels, and many conservatives will probably crack under pressure and make deadly escalating concessions.  Chances of open borders and mass amnesty will grow.  If a Democrat wins the presidency in 2020 or if a moderate Republican ousts Trump in the primary, the United States will see open borders and amnesty – and the country will be en route to implosion.

Conservatives Will Complain and Roll Over and Do Nothing

I am sorry this prediction is so dire, but we have seen little in recent history to indicate any other outcome if Democrats take the House and Senate.

The point is, we have to hold both houses of Congress, which means we have to get moving immediately.  As I told my Christian friends recently, “yes, God is on the throne.  But we still have to get off our couches and do something.”