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Can Our America and Donald Defeat the Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie, and Pelosi Ditsy Fascist Crowd?

Why Never Trumpers Will Never Shut Up

by Kurt Schlichter  at Townhall:

There are not that many Never Trumpers anymore, though the media (and the remnant Never Trumpers) try to fool you into thinking so. The honest Never Trumpers, the ones who thought that this orange New York real estate developer with the succession of hot wives was not a real conservative and would betray us the first chance he got, have evolved. It turns out that Donald Trump is the most consistently and effectively conservative president since Reagan. The Never Trumpers who weren’t in on the scam noticed his track record of conservative success and morphed.

Some became actively pro-Trump. I fit in there, as the first chapter of my book Militant Normals describes. Now, I was anti-Trump, not Never Trump, since I was already Never Jeb! and Never Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit and you can only have so many nevers in your life. Trump earned my support with his consistent and remarkable conservative achievements, so he got it. I am now an advocate, highlighting his successes, much as I do as a lawyer for clients. There are plenty of folks ready to highlight his missteps, and I seek his success.

Others are still freaked out about his pugnacious, allegedly unseemly manner (which I and others consider a strong plus), and they became merely Trump Neutral. Many of them fret about his mean tweets and wish he had the quiet dignity that the rest of us associate with failures like George W. Bush – you know, the kind of Republicans Democrats love in retrospect. These are the folks who “call balls and strikes,” criticize him where they oppose him and support him (sometimes grudgingly) when he does something they like. Fair enough – you have to follow your principles, assuming you have any.

Which brings us to the cruise-shilling hacks of Conservative, Inc., who are still ticked off that this guy came along and threw a handful of sand into the gears of the grand donor grift they had been running for three decades.

The Fredocons needed someplace to go, the Michael Corleones of conservatism having kicked them out of the family following their betrayal. The Never Trumpers, who have now gathered on deck at whatever sad website The Bulwark is after having gathered on the deck of the recently-sunk Weekly Standard, crave attention. That’s why whoever Charlie Sykes is – he edits The Bulwark and tweets about how conservatives have disappointed him – decided to send a leftist abortion activist to CPAC as the site’s correspondent so she could give what-for to those icky pro-life people who are trying to stop the Democrat infanticide push. But hey, when some liberal billionaire is bankrolling your Trojan horse conservative outlet, you need to walk a fine line between trying to look enough like a horse to get inside the gates but still be enough like a donkey so your benefactor keeps writing you checks.

Now, the backlash these hacks received from the CPAC fiasco had the salutary effect of reuniting some alienated conservatives. Pretty much everyone in actual conservatism agreed; this was a garbage move by a garbage outfit dedicated to garbage outcomes and their own personal benefit. Sykes tried to play the victim, but no one was buying what these scammers were selling – as I put it on Twitter: “True Conservatism (TM) now means *squints* hiring a left-wing descendant of literal communists for your magazine and promoting her Marxist ramblings while having her troll pro-life events wearing your credentials. Ahoy. [cruise ship emoji x 20]” Too bad it took standing up together against killing babies to realize that the people at the various levels of sub-Never Trump skepticism have done so much more to unite us than divide us.

Today’s Never Trump is a tiny group of greedy misfits whose gravy train got derailed – they would put it “an elite group of select individuals of discerning taste” – but we actual conservatives do spend a lot of time on manhandling them. They cite that as evidence of their lasting influence, but it’s actually the result of two other factors. The first is human nature – people hate traitors. There’s a reason civil wars tend to be so much more brutal than other wars. It’s the sense of betrayal, and the actions of turncoats like Bill Kristol – whose tiresome Twitter feed is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from those of Senator Will Brown Side Piece and Senator Panders with Wolves – infuriate the very same people he shamelessly hustled for decades.

The other reason is that the Never Trumpers have a media presence utterly out of proportion to their dwindling numbers and influence. Why? Because they say exactly what the leftist media needs them to say. You know when you get a Never Trumper on your MSNBC or CNN show, he’s going to faithfully parrot the party line of Nickleback-channel cliché Joe Scarborough or noted particle physicist Don Lemon. When I defended Trump on CNN in 2015, Lemon cut my mic, and I’ve never been back on CNN since (though, hilariously they once called me begging to come on to discuss a big story because I was one of only a few in-the-know people without a non-disclosure agreement on the issue – I told them to pound sand). They want shills and hacks, and when you want shills and hacks, you get yourself a Never Trumper.

The problem is, for the uninformed in the CNN/MSNBC audience, including those stuck at the airport and forced against their will to watch, having these Never Trumpers on identified as “Republicans” or “conservatives” gives the impression that actual Republicans and/or conservatives agree with the liberal narrative. The fact is, the likes of Jeff Flake and Charlie Sykes speak for no one who isn’t already inclined to be a Lido Deck-dweller on the upcoming Bulwark cruise.

So, what is their endgame? Do they even have one, or are they going to just run out the grift until the latest billionaire sucker tires of setting fire to his money? They can’t believe that somewhere down the road, if they keep the fires of appeasement and defeat in the face of aggressive progressivism alive, we Normals are going to come to our senses and demand a return to the paradigm of losing like good gentlemen. Sean Trende had a terrific thread on this, especially when he points out that The Bulwark’sattack on the prosecution of the cultural issues that motivate the base more than the GOP establishment priority of sucking up to big business makes reconciliation difficult.

There can’t be a reconciliation, not on their terms. There is no path to an outcome where the representatives of the conservative base that supports Trump comes to its senses and shows up at Jeb! Bush’s compound, wailing “We were wrong! Save us!”

The Never Trumpers seem to have no answer to the Trump era except to pine for a return to a status quo that we simply won’t return to – one where the government is run by, and run for, the ruling class. The country must continue to evolve to incorporate Normal Americans’ interests, a process Trump began, or it may fall apart. I write about an America split apart into red and blue in my novels People’s RepublicIndian Country and Wildfire, and while my hypothetical future is action-packed and occasionally hilarious (at the expense of liberals), potential chaos is not a good thing. And the Never Trumpers are making it more likely.

Our course of action as actual conservatives is therefore clear. We need to pound the Never Trumpers into well-deserved irrelevance. And judging from their performance lately, we have an invaluable ally in our war on the Never Trumpers…the Never Trumpers themselves.

Would Sour Grapes Bill Kristol, J. Kasich, “Mitt, Quit-Romney” etc. Be Traitor Enough to Oppose TRUMP MAN in 2020?


by  Paul Mirengoff  at PowerLine:

The headline of this article by Byron York is: “Dems’ hard-left turn poses dilemma for ‘Never Trumpers.” Actually, I don’t believe the Democrats turn to the hard left is creating a difficult decision for hardcore Never Trumpers. They are determined to bring Trump down whether it means a Joe Biden presidency, a Kamala Harris presidency, or even a Bernie Sanders presidency.

Their overriding objective is to see Trump repudiated and Trumpism take what they hope will be a fatal blow. Thus, as Byron says at the end of his article, “[S]ome ‘Never Trumpers,’ long committed to ‘disposing of’ Trump ([Bill] Kristol’s phrase), will no doubt keep trying, no matter where that might lead.”

The Democrats’ left turn does, however, create a difficulty for Never Trumpers. The difficulty resides in raising money and generating enthusiasm for a Republican challenger to Trump, where such a challenge might help pave a leftist’s road the White House. Hardcore Never Trumpers may be okay with that consequence. Republicans who dislike Trump but don’t make a religion of it aren’t likely to be.

It’s well understood that challenges to incumbent presidents are often associated with the defeat of the challenged presidents. Byron cites Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George H.W. Bush.

To some Never Trumpers, this is a feature, not a bug, when it comes to challenging President Trump. But to Republicans who dislike Trump but haven’t consumed the Never Trump Kool Aid, it’s a deal breaker, especially if undermining the president’s reelection prospects might produce hard left-wing rule.

Byron puts it this way:

As the Democratic Party lurches left, that could mean the work of “Never Trump” conservatives ensures the election of a radical candidate on a platform of the “Green New Deal,” tax rates above 70 percent, universal healthcare, free college, even more liberal abortion policies, and more. It would be hard to imagine a more self-defeating result for activists who previously worked in conservative Republican politics.

Republican donors might be disinclined to shell out big bucks for a challenge to Trump in the face of this prospect. Few Republican voters will relish the prospect, either.

Remember, too, that the challenges to incumbent presidents Byron cites were by Ronald Reagan, Ted Kennedy, and Pat Buchanan, respectively. Reagan and Kennedy were stars backed by serious money. Both had a reasonable hope of winning the general election, if nominated (as Reagan later did). Neither was viewed as a mere spoiler.

Buchanan was a spoiler. But as a white hot populist — something of a Trump before Trump — he had no trouble generating enthusiasm.

Of the potential challengers the Never Trumpers reportedly are interested in enlisting — John Kasich, Larry Hogan, and William Weld — only Kasich seems capable of generating any enthusiasm among a discernible portion of the Republican rank-and-file. But Kasich is not a star like Reagan and Kennedy — not even close. And I doubt he can generate enough enthusiasm to perform remotely as well as Reagan, Kennedy, and Buchanan did, given that the consequence of such a performance might be the election of a left-wing Democrat.

At least I hope that’s the case.



That NewMan in Washington!



Pinched Red Professors at Yale HATE President Trump, OUR Full Blooded American Problem Solver!


by Scott Johnson   at  PowerLine:

“The Islamist terror attack that killed eight in Manhattan yesterday fills me with impotent rage, but it also got me thinking about President Trump and his national security team. With them, there will be no hiding or downplaying the underlying reality of the attack. We will not be solemnly instructed to gainsay the truth that stares us in the face.

Bill Bennett’s most recent installment of his podcast show includes a discussion with Yale’s Professor David Gelernter in part addressing the subject of Trump. There is no one I respect and admire more than Professor Gelernter. He is a deeply learned and decent man. I wanted to hear what he had to say.

Bill’s conversation with Professor Gelernter begins with the subject of Trump. Bill asked him, what do they think of Trump at Yale? “They hate his guts,” Professor Gelernter responded.

Listening to the podcast earlier this week, I found Professor Gelernter expressing my thoughts in a form I haven’t quite been able to articulate. Some readers may find Professor Gelernter’s comments of interest. He elaborated (the transcription is mine and omits Bill’s comments, which also mirror my own thoughts):

People on the left find Trump not merely objectionable on principle but they hate him as a person. They find him grating and annoying and he drives them crazy. I understand that. He often drives me crazy. Obama had the same properties….He was such a pain. I think there is nothing worse than a combination of patronizing arrogance and insincerity. Whenever he opened his mouth, your stomach turned over. It was painful to hear him talk. Now I understand that people — my friends on the left — have the same reaction to Trump, but the remarkable thing is what this says about the way the country swings and why did we elect Trump? The left and academia [are] too busy hating him to ask why their countrymen were

The American people know perfectly well what is due to the office of the presidency. I think Trump is undignified in a lot of ways. I think Trump falls short in a lot of ways and I think that is absolutely as clear to a farmer in Alabama or a cowboy in Wyoming as it is to the Washington Post.

People were driven to elect Trump not because they deemed him a perfect candidate to be president but because they were angry, they were incensed, they couldn’t stand where the country was going and the analysis that should follow upon that isn’t there. I mean, it goes on in conservative circles but it ought to be the number one topic in the study of American government, in the study of American history all over the world, and it’s not, of course. Needless to say.

I remain absolutely a supporter and a sympathizer of Trump. And you know, no president checks every box. I think his virtues far outweigh his faults. I do wish he would take the office and the history of the office more seriously than he does…

Just the fact of getting elected was an extraordinary accomplishment. I mean, you could say it was the most culturally democratic moment in the history of the world. Never before has a great power spurned everything the elite — the intellectual and the social elite — knows, left and right, about who should be running the country. Never before has a great power said to hell with that. The dignity of the country is important and has a lot to do with the power of the country, but this is an emergency and we’re going to make use of the best candidate who’s out there. And the implications are enormous. The left believes that, since it refuses to report on the right, the right doesn’t really exist, that it’s just a bunch of uncollected morons with no serious thought.

We all know this. We’ve reached a point where the left’s blindness is aiding the collapse of the intellectual structure built up since the rise of Marxism….The left is too arrogant, too complacent, too self-satisfied to notice it or do anything about it — I hope.

The podcast is posted online in all the usual formats. I have embedded the Stitcher version below. It is also posted here. Bill’s conversation with Professor Gelernter begins at about 41:00…..”

(Note:  It is our American President’s duty by law  to serve not the dictates of the pinched, Obama fascistic university left, but the American people!  Isn’t he wonderful!

Hillary’s Fascist Media in Action to Forget Her Feminazism

Realclearpolitics claims to be impartial regarding its propaganda presenting Hillary as someone other than a feminazi propagating her lies throughout the American press.

It should be clear to all Americans this feminazi  is, and has been  Hitlerian  as a propaganda-teller  throughout her political life.

By now it should be clear to all Americans this feminazi is not alone in her fascist evangelism…..Take a look at the feminazi run  social science departments of American universities from coast to coast…(start with today’s  Duke University), to understand this nation-wide Hillary Hitlerism’s  truthhate being taught by  her hysterical  feminazi  allies to rid the culture of its history, of its truth and honesty, of its exceptionalism by selling  the falsehood there are no differences between the human female and male animal.

Hillary-fascists turned to the realclearpolitics  feminized media  to  sell  their  profound dishonesties  which  Hillary  herself admits loudly  is needed  to con her public  to fall into order to succumb to open borders and  sell nation wide ignorance and dependence upon the STATE to run life equal to all but Hillary’s fascists.

Good morning, America’s Animal Farm.

Truth, discovery, invention, curiosity ARE NOT FEMALE HUMAN ANIMAL DRIVES!!!!

AS AN ANIMAL SHE  CRAVES SECURITY first and forever, and as in Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Russia.   PS…Fascism arrives in all sexes, colors, shapes and sizes.

So, Donald Trump had a rather foul, but accurate description in a private discussion about some sluts and their habits in today’s garbage culture called America.    Hillary has her mistress.   Hillary has her husband Bill Clinton….remember the Democrat president who was impeached for lying on national television about real screwing in the Oval Office  ……and furthermore as gossip has it, has flown with a sexual pervert buddy of his to cuddle with the very  young and innocent on a Caribbean island…… forever kept hush by the  Hillary leftist-fascist one party press led by the New York Times and Washington Post, Fox News and CBS, NBC, ABC, and particularly PBS.

Follow the ‘news’ below at realclearpolitics a pervert of the fair and balanced doctrine of free nations.

A famous Democrat of the 1920s described our Hillary American world most accurately:

“NO ONE EVER WENT BROKE UNDERESTIMATING THE INTELLIGENCE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!”       (Hang on Donald.  America desperately needs a new mind in the White House!)        Take a list of the offerings of today’s news to deflect from the real story of the day….Hillary’s Hitlerisms  via wikileaks.


Our Donald Trump will be opposed by two of the creepiest, ugliest, sleaziest, sneakiest, most dishonest criminals ever to play American president in the Oval Office, the noted Frump, Hillie and her well known  very public Hump, Billy.

Hump and Frump are nevertheless quite representative of the constituencies frothing at the mouth to destroy democracy in AMerica.   They are   the most popular political animals in our  contemporary American Democrat Party cesspool of neo fascist academics and neverTrump Kristols, feminists, and black racists and their Obama-made  illegal immigrants, all of whom show no knowledge  of America’s noble and honest yesterdays and principles upon which it was founded.    Many prefer to war  about toilet user titles and other such matters for  hysterics  of such kind.

A clear choice is ahead for American voters in November.

How dumb has  the American voter become after  eight years of Barack Hussein Obama’s rule from the White House unchallenged by the nation’s Democrat Party controlled  news industry?  That is a real question.   The population under age 40 is essentially ignorant of any yesterdays, whether American or the world.

The article below grants there is a ‘starkly’ different view of the past American political conventions.

The truth, however unknown in  America,  is that Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamic and black race sympathizer, an anti-American, a man of global warming bigotry, and leader   of our nation’s  already Marxist media and academia worlds which have propagandized class hate rather than educating and reporting  based upon truth and knowledge to enlighten free and responsible citizens.



Nicholas Kristof, Simple of the New York Times, Simply Loses IT!

Simple man, New York Times man has been simple and New York Times for decades.   Often simply gentle, usually simple American who is moved by feelings…..the leftist, simple kind, not the warrior…..

Do read his new face and body…..pretending warrior against things not simple in today’s New York Times Kristof feelings below:

Will RNC Deny Trump His Victory in Pennsylvania?

Reports indicate Ted Cruz and the RNC,  in an concerted  effort to deny Donald Trump victory in opposing Hillary Clinton in the presidential race are conspiring to deny Mr. Trump’s overwhelming lead over Ted Cruz and John Kasich in this coming Tuesday’s runoff election.    Below is a list of polling data which indicate Mr. Trump’s enormous victory if a fair election had been allowed:
Pennsylvania Republican Presidential Primary

Polling Data

Poll Date Sample MoE
RCP Average 4/4 – 4/18 43.8 24.6 23.6 Trump +19.2
Franklin & Marshall 4/11 – 4/18 549 LV 4.9 40 26 24 Trump +14
CBS News/YouGov 4/13 – 4/15 837 LV 4.8 46 26 23 Trump +20
Monmouth 4/10 – 4/12 303 LV 5.6 44 28 23 Trump +16
Morning Call 4/7 – 4/12 422 LV 5.5 41 23 26 Trump +15
FOX News 4/4 – 4/7 802 LV 3.5 48 20 22 Trump +26

All Pennsylvania Republican Presidential Primary Polling Data

Pennsylvania Republican Presidential Primary

GOP Establishment Now Sells Trump as Loser

Unelectable: Trump’s Unfavorable Rating Spikes to 67 Percent Nationally

Among voters broadly, he’s a five-alarm dumpster fire:

As Allahpundit notes, Trump is (-42) on the honesty metric, nearly twice as bad as Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Think about that.  And that’s his best margin among these four characteristics.  He’s nearly 50 points (!) upside down on the ‘presidential temperament’ question.  Cruz and (departed) Rubio each vastly outperform Trump on each and every one of these points among the general electorate.  Cruz is competitive but underwater on all four, while Rubio is actually right-side-up on two of the four. Among Republicans?  Blowouts….
Trump’s overall favorable/unfavorable rating is a breathtakingly bad (-37), much worse than anyone else polled (Hillary -6, Rubio -6, Cruz -16). NBC also has a new survey pegging Trump’s unfavorables near 70 percent.
** Trump’s RCP poll averages against Hillary are three times worse than Cruz’s, which are within the polls’ margin of error. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/2016_presidential_race.html  And comparisons of Trump’s numbers  to Reagan’s numbers at this stage of the election are wildly inaccurate.

No, Trump’s Polling Position Isn’t ‘Better Right Now’ Than Reagan’s Was in 1980

This is a more important indicator than the head-to-head scores, which are easier to dismiss (though less so as time wears on, particularly given the universal name recognition Trump and Clinton enjoy). Reagan was never, ever even remotely as disliked as Trump is now. And as we discussed yesterday, his image problems aren’t improving. In fact, they’ve managed to get worse with female voters, who comprise more than half of the electorate.  To wit: …..
==> Bottom line: Trump gets waxed even by a weak Clinton in the general election (unless Hillary is led away in handcuffs over her emails) and likely drags down Republicans in the Senate to a minority.   Cruz has a fighting chance against Clinton, but at least won’t be an albatross in Senate races.  Kasich could probably beat a weak Clinton and, even though he’s an uninspiring moderate who won’t fire up the conservative base,  probably gives Republicans a decent chance to hold a Senate majority.
(I, Glenn Ray,  received the above shock clock of our American future from Ted Cruz folks……the folks whose candidate, or any other Republican but our Donald Trump,  has NO OPPORTUNITY TO WIN THE 1237 votes to secure victory for their man on the first ballot.
To date, GOP world, both professional and devoted supporters  have  done their   best to outdo our Donald by fear and smear….. debates,  millions of dollars of paid ads portraying Mr. Trump and his followers as thugs, “Low information voters”, as snot Senator Cruz  described us, and trickery by local, state, and national GOP establishment sources worming their way through  mud encouraging we conservatives abandon our Donald….or they’ll abandon our Donald by any means possible……as demonstrated in the SMEARING AND FEARING paragraphs above.
If your GOP snot, Senator Cruz is so winsome a candidate, why isn’t he leading the GOP field by miles?…..If GOP  Governor John Kasich,   slouchy, grumpy, and sour-popular as he is, why  isn’t he miles ahead of the rest of the once 17 Republican  member pack?
What if GOP central, Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus, Lindsay Graham, and countless others who perform on “news” television,   those of the Fox world and conservative print media, and countless others  bought, persuaded,  or  paid for by special interest pack  gurus,  had decided NOT  TO  FAULT AND  DESTROY DONALD TRUMP FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE CAMPAIGN  CALENDAR LAST SUMMER?
Should we subtract 40% from the hate Donald statistics so repeatedly listed in the claims recorded above?  More?   Donald Trump is a very, very winsome guy if one cares to wake up and asses honestly why he is winning.
However……Media statistics, those gathered  pumped up by Trump-haters report……
“It’s Donald Trump’s fault he has high negatives.”   He and his followers are thugs, racists, sexists, hate islamists, nuns, outdoor workers ignorant of the HOLY GOP  work of salesfolk, Dennis Prager, William Kristol of Weekly Standard,  Stephen Hayes, feminist, Megyn Kelly, GOP Karl Rove, Jonah Goldberg, Charles Krauthammer of Fox,  Rich Lowry of the National Review, PowerLine,  PJMedia, and the Wall Street Journal  blabbings and writings.
If Donald Trump  weren’t such a dynamic, HONEST, gutsy, experienced builder and businessman, so energetic in his love for America,  our country might have become strangled by the THIRD MAN BUSH to defend America from Dem Socialist Dictatorship.
THE REAL ANSWER IS…..THEY BELONG TO  THE SAME, VERY, VERY SMALL CLASS OF URBAN FOLK WHO MAKE A VERY GOOD  LIVING BLABBING THE SAME BLABBINGS……My beloved Dennis Prager is definitely INCLUDED in this very, small, but influential  political and cultural propagandists of their brand of conservatism….believing we should think and act as they, the privileged elites, do.
Your statistics of popularity vs. unpopularity claimed  above are mere propaganda at this point….perhaps mainly as a result of nasty  propaganda founded and spread primarily by you, the GOP pinched club.)

Paul Ryan Takes First Step to Unite, NOT Divide GOP


“House Speaker Paul Ryan addressed the media on Tuesday to end rumors that he would seek the Republican nomination for president. Ryan is the 2016 convention chairman.

“I want to put this to rest once and for all,” Ryan said Tuesday. “Let me clear: I do not want nor will I accept the nomination for our party.”

Ryan said the possible nominees should be limited to those who participated in the primary process.

“If no candidate has the majority on the first ballot, I believe that you should only choose from a person who has actually participated in the primary. Count me out.”

Please view the video:


(The question is, will he be able to control his Irish temper when shouting about our Donald?)