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Will Most American Jews Always Be Lefties?

Jews have strong grounds for a new exodus — from the Democratic Party

A PEW poll this week found that while Republicans are more likely to perceive anti-Christian discrimination, Democrats are more likely to see discrimination against Muslims, gays and Jews. Would that that bit about Democratic sensitivity to anti-Semitism were true. If it were, more Democrats would be sounding the alarm about the cancer of Jew-hatred infesting their party.

Leading Democrats remain blasé at best, however. On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed herself to be in ­utter denial about the disease, telling CNN that “we have no taint of that in the Democratic Party.” Self-delusion on this scale is almost heroic, what with Rep. ­Ilhan Omar’s repeated evocations of classic anti-Semitic tropes about Israel “hypnotizing the world” and buying US support with “Benjamins, baby.”

The cancer is fast-moving and invasive, and if Democrats don’t excise it from their midst, they will make it impossible for Jews to comfortably remain. Is it possible for Jews to actually leave the Democratic Party en masse? It’s not as outlandish as some may think. Just look to how British Jews have handled Jeremy Corbyn, who has brought a once-honorable and philo-Semitic Labour party into league with the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah.

This month, the Jewish Labour Movement passed a no-confidence motion against Corbyn’s leadership. As The Guardian newspaper reported, Labour and Corbyn both “were dealt a blow” when the acting general meeting of the JLM “voted to describe the party as ‘institutionally ­anti-Semitic.’ ”

Sad to say, but the US Democratic Party is sliding toward a similar fate. Soon, “institutionally anti-Semitic” could serve as an apt description for the Democrats, as well. Consider: Just this week, Pelosi, the most powerful Democrat in government, sat down with . . . none other than Corbyn.

To her credit, Pelosi didn’t shy away from the topic of anti-Semitism in her meetings in Britain, taking care to meet not just with Corbyn but also three defectors from ­Labour who left over anti-Semitism concerns. On Twitter, Pelosi wrote of her meeting with these former Labour party members.

Then again, in a tweet on her meeting, Pelosi wrote: “Pleased to have had a candid discussion with @JeremyCorbyn today about the direction of Brexit, Northern Ireland, NATO, acting boldly on climate, protecting human rights and the necessity of forcefully confronting anti-Semitism and ­Islamophobia.” What exactly did Pelosi have to say to a man who has laid wreaths at the graves of Palestinian terrorists?

Then, too, her lumping together of anti-Semitism with all other phobias, instead of treating it as a particular scourge, sounded all too familiar. It’s exactly what happened when Pelosi’s House Democrats impotently attempted to pass a bill in the wake of Omar’s anti-Semitic ­remarks last month but ­instead passed a wishy-washy and vague resolution against the ambiguous scourge of “hate.”

Pelosi herself claimed Omar’s remarks weren’t “intentionally anti-Semitic,” while Steny Hoyer, the House majority leader, said he didn’t believe Omar is an anti-Semite. Other Democrats went further in the whitewashing department. Rep. Ayanna Pressley, a freshman congresswoman, said: “We need to have equity in our outrage. Islamophobia needs to be included in this. We need to denounce all forms of hate. There is no hierarchy of hurt.”

Omar’s BFF, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, said:“No one seeks this level of reprimand when members make statements about [Latino and] other communities.”

And it’s not just the radical wing of the Democrats that is to blame. Remember: It was President Barack Obama who set out to put “daylight” between the United States and the Jewish state, whose Middle East policies consistently empowered Iran at the expense of Israel (and America’s traditional Arab allies), who in his final days in office allowed the UN Security Council to pass a resolution singling out Israel for condemnation.

Already under Obama, the Democrats were pursuing policies that the likes of Omar surely cheered. Only, Obama still retained a thin veneer of pro-Israel rhetoric.

If American Jews wish to stop the Democrats from turning their party into an American version of Corbyn’s Labour, they shouldn’t permit their votes to be taken for granted. The Democrats, like the Republicans, should have to earn Jews’ votes, and for the past 10 years, and especially lately, they’ve done little to do so. Come 2020, American Jews need to send a clear message — with their votes and their money.



Comment from Glenn:  Mandel is a Jewish name.

I was born and raised in a Jewish minority community in St. Paul, Minnesota before the beginning  of World War II.   Jewish  children were not allowed to play or spend  time after school  with any Gentiles before or after school, a Jewish rule, NOT a Christian one.

Every Tuesday afternoon,  the Jewish kids would leave a hour before 3:30 afternoon recess to attend Hebrew School.  During school recess unless it was raining,  from second grade on, as I remember,  classes would gather outdoors for a run around a three block area for a half hour  “to keep in shape”…..Trust me..NO ONE WAS OBESE IN THOSE DAYS!….teachers, students, neighbors, relatives!  No one could afford extras. There simply wasn’t much food around…..these were Depression years.

I had serious asthma problems from age three to about age fifteen, when the “serious” eventually began to wane in quantity, but not in severity.   Running would cause croup  in about twenty  seconds.  I’d occasionally pass out which would scare the teachers.   In our classes of about 40 students, only one other student in my classes also suffered from croup asthma…..a Jewish boy, Walter Pistner.   So, there we were for about three for four grades, walking together around the blocks while others ran…  We were allowed to talk with the walk, so Walter and I got to know each other via our asthma.

The running kids weren’t allowed to talk, and not walk while running or the teacher’s whistle would blow to correct the matter with a threat or two.

We had two Jewish families living on our block of twenty four residents.   During the War the neighborhood would gather twice a year, in Spring and Fall, in our Victory Garden across the alley from where I lived…..the Victory Garden over which I had from age 8 to 11 dominion for planting, clean up, insect control, and harvest.  I loved doing every bit of it myself.   It was also my  annual duty to pass out invitations to all the neighbors to join our gatherings.   I knew I had invited them to the neighborhood “feast”, but they never showed up.



The Disappearance of Teaching TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE in Today’s American Schools and Universities!


Elderly Palo Alto MAGA Hat Man Holds Ground against Fascist Female Attacks!

A Palo Alto Woman Harassed An Elderly Jewish Man In A MAGA Hat And Vowed To Get Him Fired (She Was Fired)

How many times have we seen this? Some woke person gets worked up over someone else wearing a hat that shows their support for Trump and decides to go nuts in public. It happened again yesterday in Palo Alto, California. A 74-year-old Jewish man named Victor was wearing the hat in a Starbucks when a woman he didn’t know approached him and started shouting. From KTVU:

SEE ALSO: Former Hillary staffer: Let’s make this video of Mitch McConnell tripping go viral!

“This woman came over and not only started screaming at me, she turned to the Starbucks audience and said, ‘Hey everybody come here! This guy’s a racist! This guy hates brown people!’” said Victor, wearing a yarmulke on his head Wednesday instead of his MAGA hat.

The woman who shouted at Victor identified herself on Facebook as Rebecca Mankey. She posted two photos of Victor and encouraged other people who saw him around town to join in and harass him. From an archive of her Facebook post:

Anybody in Palo Alto know this freak. He was sitting in Starbucks. I think he lives in Palo Alto. He will never forget me and will think seriously about wearing that hat in my town ever again. If you see him in this hat, please confront him. You do not want to be the person who didn’t speak up as we slipped into fascism.

I yelled at him. Called the entire Starbucks to order and yelled at him more about how it is not ok to hate brown people. He threatened to call the cops. I left after yelling at him some more.

When I walked back by after picking up my lunch, he was still there. I went back in and yelled that I had changed my mind and wanted him to call the police because I wanted to know his name, where he lived, his wife’s name, and where his kids went to school…

The part that was really heartbreaking to me was that in a full Starbucks, I was the only person yelling at him. There were other white people there who should have called him out. It is the duty of every white person in America to stand up to this every time they see it.

When someone responded to Mankey’s Facebook post suggesting that she had gone too far, she replied, “I am going to publicly shame him in town and try to get him fired and kicked out of every club he is in.” She continued, “I am going to go to his house and march up and down carrying a sign that says he hates black people. I am going to organize protests where he works to make him feel as unsafe as he made every brown person he met today.”

Alas, that plan didn’t work out too well for Mankey who is an affordable housing activist who also worked as an office manager in a local guitar shop. When her boss at the guitar shop found out about what she’d done, he fired her. From the Palo Alto Post:

By Tuesday afternoon, Mankey was fired, according to the management at Gryphon Stringed Instruments, also called Gryphon Strings, a company that sells, rents and repairs used and vintage instruments from guitars to mandolins.

“We understand how passionate she is regarding politics. We never could have imagined it would have escalated to this kind of ordeal,” Gryphon Strings store manager Matt Lynch told the Post. “Putting political beliefs aside, you know, we are just not going to tolerate that kind of harassment from any of our employees, no matter what position they hold here.”

The decision to fire Mankey wasn’t made by the manager but by the store’s owner who has apparently known Mankey since grade school. He told KTVU he sees his store as a place where everyone is welcome:

“It’s not every day that you come to work and have something like that land in your lap,” said Richard Johnston, owner of Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto.

He says Mankey was the office manager the past four years, at the guitar sales and repair shop.

Tuesday his phones were ringing with inquiries, caustic comments, and threats in reaction to the social media posts. He decided to fire Mankey, a friend since grade school. But the sacking isn’t due to the firestorm, but because her actions – publicly bullying someone because of their political beliefs – are contrary to his beliefs.

“We’ve always felt that Gryphon was the equivalent of kind of a musical town square for the community. And we welcome people of all views,” said Johnston.

I don’t like seeing people get fired over politics but in this case, what can you say. She literally vowed to make this exact outcome happen to a stranger over a hat. If ever there was a case of poetic justice, this is it. I’d like to think this could be a learning experience for Mankey but really, if she hasn’t learned this lesson by age 46, she probably won’t learn it now.

Here’s a report from KPIX:


Truth Must Return to All America AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

For Peace in America, We Must Return to the Rule of Law

by Robert Vincent  at  American Thinker:


A recent article that appeared in the March 28 Wall Street Journal, “The Two Americas Have Grown Much Fiercer,” by Peggy Noonan, is part of an editorial trend of late decrying the divided state of America in these times.  As is typical in these pieces, the author does not place the onus for our fractured state on one side or the other, but instead promotes a theme of “Can’t we all just get along?”  From the point of view of the “Trumpian” camp, this writer is here to reply with a resounding “no,” at least not until the core issue that motivates the tens of millions of Americans who support our sitting president is addressed.

Those who try to explain America’s current divisions by citing polarization into “extreme” camps miss a major aspect of the Trump phenomenon:  Trump really doesn’t represent an “extreme” political figure.   The “extreme polarization” model might have more teeth if we had elected say, Ted Cruz, who is a doctrinaire conservative on every issue, but Trump really can’t be accused of that; this was a major factor in his appeal.  Like Reagan, he too was once a Democrat.  He has taken positions that are very much at odds with the stereotype of the “Daddy Warbucks” image of a rapacious, uncompromising tool of Big Money portrayed by the Left.  For example, just this past week, he overruled his education secretary and insisted that the Special Olympics remain funded.  Though there has been some tinkering at the margins, entitlements have not been slashed.  Though generally supportive of gun rights, he banned bump stocks and is favorably disposed toward “Red Flag” laws that are staunchly opposed by gun rights advocates.  His SCOTUS appointments, while decidedly conservative, are hardly extreme right-wing ideologues.

The Left has simply become evil.  That is not to say all registered Democrats or Democrat politicians are necessarily evil, but the national-level leadership of the party and their primary backers represent a genuinely evil, oppressive, authoritarian, and — not coincidentally — anti-Semitic program (under the thin veneer of vicious, rabid anti-Zionism).  They either represent this mindset outright (e.g., vice DNC chairman Keith Ellison, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, etc.) or are unwilling to summon the elemental courage to oppose these trends effectively in their own party (e.g., Pelosi, Schumer).   What is more, almost uniformly among their leaders — to include the likes of Pelosi and Schumer — they will stoop to any level of dishonesty and corruption in order to obtain or maintain power (e.g., the Stalinesque Kavanaugh “show trial” hearings, the vote fraud spectacles we saw in Florida and California this past midterm election, advocating for illegal aliens to vote, advocating lowering the voting age to 16, etc.).  Most egregiously, there is the outrageous Mueller affair — along with the associated scandals of the previous administration (weaponizing the NSA for partisan political purposes, and so on), that even barnyard animals can see was an outright fraudulent and illegal attempt at reversing the result of a presidential election, and distracting from the very real crimes committed by the Obama administration and the Hillary campaign.

There is indeed some talk on the street about a shooting civil war.  Whether or not it comes to that, we are clearly more divided as a country than we have ever been since the last shooting civil war.  But really, whose fault is that?  Has Donald Trump divided us?

Five years ago, Trump was seen as nothing more than a flamboyant, perhaps slightly eccentric real estate mogul and show biz personality.  His audience for television programs like The Apprentice crossed all political lines.  All the Hollywood types who trash him today were perfectly happy to party with him and to hang out with him (as long as he was buying).  Today, he has been built up into a monster by the Left and its media allies.  The present “rage” against him is 100% manufactured and could serve as a case study in mass brainwashing techniques.

Consider not only the Mueller debacle, but the recent spectacle of the Jussie Smollett case.  These examples illustrate what we “Trumpians” are really so fighting mad about.  It isn’t so much abortion, or gun control, or any of the other traditional conservative rallying points; it is the rule of law, the very foundation of what America was supposed to stand for.  We are perfectly willing to peaceably debate the merits of all of these other issues in the public domain (assuming that there is a viable “public domain” in the form of an honest mass media, but that is another issue).  We have already demonstrated during the previous administration that if we cannot have our way within the parameters of the ballot box, we will accept our losses and simply try to convince more voters to see things our way at the next opportunity.  What we cannot and will not abide is an opposing side within our national community who insists on simply ignoring the rules, corrupting our national institutions, and trying to impose new “rules” designed to ensure that only its leaders and its agenda will ever prevail going forward.

Obviously, we have never perfectly lived up to our ideals as a nation; this would be humanly impossible.  There has always been some corruption and malfeasance on both sides of the aisle.  But in ten years, we went from being America to being “Obamistan”: a high-tech, relatively affluent version of a two-bit banana republic.  There has never been an American president who flagrantly abused his power and flouted the rule of law to anywhere near the extent that we have seen with Obama.  There has never been a president who, once having left office, devoted all of his energies to blatantly undermining his successor.  These facts, combined with the manner in which those who support him have absolutely refused to see his abuses for what they are, and a Democratic Party leadership who seems determined not only to sweep his crimes under the rug, but even worse, to continue with his style of governance, is what has The Rest of Us so damned angry.

It remains to be seen if our internal divisions will explode into mass violence, but the likelihood of that will be determined by the extent to which the rule of law is re-established in this country.  For if we don’t have recourse at the ballot box (our elections are stolen by the likes of Brenda Snipes, “ballot-harvesting”, etc.), and there is a wildly uneven application of the law (in the course of a now discredited investigation, Roger Stone is arrested with more firepower on hand than was used to take down Osama bin Laden, while the likes of Comey, Hillary, Obama, Brennan, Lynch walk free), then many Americans will conclude that there is nothing left to defend our rights besides force of arms.





I am a male.   My mother, grandmothers, aunts, great aunts, and sister were born  female,   NOT FEMINISTS!  Nor did any of them ever spread the teachings or participate in the  actions  anything feminazi  as we see blossoming at American universities and he  Democrat Party.

I was born during the early 1930s depression in America.   I was school raised during the  World War  in Europe and the Far East.   We boys played “touch” war games in our neighborhood empty lots with our war toys.   In the winter we’d build igloos and then  ‘bomb’ them with ice balls playing GIs defending the Aleutians.   We’d duel like warriors with sticks after we saw Tyrone Power and Maureen O’Hara  in their movie, “The Black Swan”.    Every school morning we’d pledge allegiance to our wonderful US of A.

We were training  by Nature’s instinct  to express that part of the human male animal drive to observe,  be curious and explore, to inquire and copy our male elders as a part of growing up.

We played war with building blocks, tinker toys, and sneak down to the Mississippi River to play Indians along the woodland shore.   In winter I played picture puzzles in the dining room with my Mother.     They had to be over 1500 pieces and pictures of beautiful gardens.   (I founded Masterpiece Landscaping, LTD here in Minnesota,  forty-four  years later and still work some this very Spring.)

My sister played dolls and paper dolls with her neighborhood girl friends and took accordion lessons.   She and her girl friends enjoyed hopscotch, playing jumping jacks on the sidewalk squares, reading books.  They wore dresses to school and answered their teachers as we boys did, “Yes, maam….No maam”.   No one in school, shops, home and  neighborhood  ever swore!   JudeoChristian adults ran the country.

During the war there was no crime running around neighborhoods.   The guys age 17 to 37 were all overseas fighting, dying  to win a  war that had to be won.  Americans attended church and synagogue then.    Unlike so many leftist Americans today, they weren’t fascists.   They were  Godfearing folks.

Until our America’s beginning of its  college feminazi movement in the late  1960s  to the empire it has created today, no one was dumb  enough even to think about positioning   female human animals of any weight, height or age into a bloody fox hole next to their male under attack by the enemy.    They  were programmed by their God of Life learnings  when under attack to scream for adult  help, not to pretend to be  male warriors on the kill.

Being a Godfearing  child of the War, I went into the Army after I got my first college degree in 1956.  (I wanted to know what I would do if I were shot at fighting for my country……stirred by Sir  Winston Churchill’s claim from experience,  that  “THE MOST EXHILARATING EXPERIENCE IN LIFE IS TO BE SHOT AT……AND TO  HAVE BEEN MISSED!”


I came to love learning about history and mankind and our struggles absorbing Truth, God,  early in life mostly from my   old maid school teachers at public school and church  school on Sundays.  They all sold  roughly the same message;

“The more I’d learn the  closer to God I’d become!”

Sunday school taught me I was a child of our God.  Public school and puberty  taught me I was a child of my mom and dad.   In 1948 my pastor, as part of our learnings to become an Christian adult,  showed us Church teenagers  a film of chimpanzee living habits, food collecting,  nursing,  eating, attacking, defending territory, protecting, yet  being curious, and  exploring.  Occasionally, I felt I saw them “playing” like us boy  kids.

Then I discovered I had male drives and duties in life.  Gals had their female drives and duties which were somewhat different.   They were to become Mothers….to bear and raise  children to be kind, healthy,  civilized and Godfearing.   At  puberty when the boy entered manhood he would begin to enter his father’s world and learn  to make a living to protect and defend  family,  children, and country to continue the life of the species.

Soon after entering  this older world, I began viewing humans as human animals.  Wars I had learned about told me it was my human animal duty to be able to kill to defend my kin, my neighbors, my country.   Most crimes causing death within a culture are caused by the human male animal.  It’s in his DNA.   He must be trained to be a civilized human.  Therefore, he  must trained to seek and honor Truth!……..for the sake of the survival of the species.

For many centuries in the West, Near East, and the Far East the human female animal has been honored and protected within the various cultures and usually exceptionally esteemed for producing children to continue the existence of  the tribe, the country.

The family no longer exists with mothers raising children  as it did throughout the American neighborhoods when I was raised.   We are beginning to live in a leftist,  fascist feminazi challenged  USA where Truth yields to feelings in meaning.   Yes, some JudeoChristian Godfearing mothers  still   raise their children  at home, and not by nurseries, baby sitters, or government’s hired hands and lefty fascists at school!      Most fascism today,  arrives from today’s childless American feminists and feminazis…..especially the unhappy, foul mouthed university trained fascist varieties of feminists from Harvard and Yale to USC.

Today’s American feminists  at universities are no longer civil,  Godfearing, honest folk.  They are FEMINISTS!!……. a new kind of National Socialist superiority…. Their airs  even advertise they’ve been born PERFECT!  They learned so in school and college!  Listen to their feelings!  Some of these leftists are feelings’ forecasting “death to us all in twelve years” if we don’t support  feminazi leftist causes this next election, AD 2020!

The Truth of the matter is the human female animal is born to be  DITSY!  Two and two don’t necessarily make four if the shes aren’t  feeling so when  in her female feelings  mood.  HER NATURE’S  FEELINGS DETERMINE HER HUMAN MOOD AND DRIVE….NOT SEEKING, EXPOSING, BUILDING TRUTH AS ACCURATELY AS POSSIBLE!

ABOVE ALL THE HUMAN FEMALE ANIMAL WANTS TO BE PROTECTED AND TAKEN CARE OF……COMMUNISM, FASCISM, ROYALTY, A FREE SOCIETY….IT DOESN’T PARTICULARLY MATTER….. usually just so the rule of government isn’t based on ability, honesty, freedom!  Yesterday’s male Democrat Party has become feminized into its present DITSY fascistic Hillary-Ocasio Cortez  stage.  Truth doesn’t matter because, as their feminists of all sexes complain ,  Satisfying Truth, Curiosity, and Occupation  is, indeed,  a male drive and dream.   “I”, she demands, “seek security and comfort.  Guys who keep inventing things make me insecure!”

GOD,  that is the GOD of Gods throughout ‘mankind the thinker’, has “always” been male.   That male  was  built and programmed to sire, to defend,  to be curious, to  feed, defend, invent, build and discover and protect his mate and family  for the survival of the species.


Ben Shapiro Radiates America on “THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY”

Ben Shapiro Puts America on ‘The Right Side of History’

by  Richard Kirk  at  American Thinker:


The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great, by Ben Shapiro, Harper Collins, March 19, 2019 (277 pages, $27.99, Hardcover)

Why are things in America so good, and why are we throwing it all away?  Those are the two questions that Ben Shapiro, the staccato-laced intellectual pugilist, seeks to answer in his new book, The Right Side of History.  That things are actually amazingly good, at least materially, in the U.S. is demonstrated via statistics of which few Americans are aware.  For example, in 1900, ten percent of all infants in the country died before their first birthday, and one out every one hundred mothers died in childbirth.  Today, both infant mortality and death in childbirth are rare.  I might add that the average lifespan for American women increased from around 46 years in 1900 to over 80 today.  Beyond longevity, material prosperity has reached almost Messianic levels.

On the downside, however, Americans are more hostile toward each other than at any time since the Civil War — primarily divided along ideological lines.  In addition, a growing percentage of the population finds itself without any significant meaning in life, an existential void that promotes rapidly increasing drug addiction and suicide rates.  Concurrent with this spiritual deficit are incessant attacks on America’s traditional institutions in order to “fundamentally transform” the nation.  Thus, amid tremendous prosperity and freedom, we now see 24/7 vilification of the nation’s racist, sexist,  genocidal history conjoined with attempts to squelch any speech that challenges leftist demands for “social justice.”  In short, powerful media, academic, and political forces are in the process of destroying the very Constitutional principles and cultural institutions that made America great.

So what, exactly, made America great?  Shapiro says, correctly, in my view, the union of “Jerusalem and Athens,” by which he means the nation’s historically mediated incorporation of the Judeo-Christian biblical tradition alongside the reason-based natural law tradition exemplified in Plato and Aristotle.  The creative tension between these two poles produced in America, and less clearly in Europe, societies that embraced both individual freedom and communal goals, both transcendent purpose and the employment of reason to achieve morally sanctioned objectives.  In America, a broad devotion to basic moral and religious principles provided a foundation for the individual “pursuit of happiness” within various religious and community groups.

The philosophical and historical journey that led to this outcome constitutes the bulk of Shapiro’s book, material that may be a heavy lift for folks with little or no background in intellectual history.  That’s not to say the author dwells on minor or abstruse philosophical points — only that his brisk and insightful overview of important philosophical developments during the last 2,500 years necessarily presupposes a degree of familiarity on the reader’s part.  On the plus side, Shapiro’s  overview is narrowly focused on the issues he needs to illuminate: the embrace of faith and reason and the negative consequences of rejecting either or both of these two poles.

After more than a century of religious wars in Europe, a creative balance was tentatively achieved that included both the Greek rational tradition and the biblical heritage of Judaism and Christianity.  This fragile coalition was soon destroyed, most grotesquely in the French Revolution, whose rejection of faith and deification of human reason led to a bloodbath whose cruelty should be a clear demonstration of the depths of depravity to which human reason is liable when freed from any transcendent restraints.  (I recommend Ann Coulter’s chapters in Demonic for an impressive summary of this revolutionary barbarism.)

In America, however, the world’s first philosophically constructed Constitution was made the political foundation of a religiously diverse people overwhelmingly devoted to the broad moral and spiritual ideas derived from the Bible.  These ideas included the conviction that all people are created in God’s image and are endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights.  America’s Lockean embrace of reason, faith, and limited government provided the dynamism that gave rise to the most productive and religiously conscientious culture (cf. Tocqueville) the world has ever known.

Shapiro’s final chapters depict the West’s and America’s descent into materialism, hedonism, and spiritual nihilism.  In Europe, the “death of God” proclaimed by Nietzsche and biologically sanctioned by Darwin created a vacuum that was filled by communism and fascism — ideologies that dismissed the individual and free inquiry for the sake of utopian futures.  In America Progressives also belittled the notion of individual liberty and a Constitution that limits government power, enthralled as they were with Hegelian concepts that touted collective goals.  Progressives thus gave birth to the eugenics movement promoted by Margaret Sanger, the dogma of a “living Constitution,” and a government no longer constrained by constitutional boundaries.

The deterioration of faith in America and the West also gave rise to a rationalism that views humans as animals, or even bits of matter, with no moral purpose.  Attempts to create one’s own personal morality within this godless universe, as with the existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre,  have proven to be absurd, since morality is essentially a social concept and implies some penalty, either in this world or the next, for transgressions.  As if all these developments weren’t bad enough, today’s cultural Marxists are intent on bringing about a new society by overturning all existing institutions in the name of various victim groups.  Those institutions include the family, traditional religion, and any organization that can be viewed as supporting the white male capitalist establishment.  This phalanx of true believers pledges allegiance neither to reason nor to faith in God, but only to its own fantasies.  Thus, people can change their “gender” at will and others must agree that X and Y chromosomes mean nothing — or be punished for transphobic hate crimes.  Goodbye individual freedom, goodbye rationality, goodbye anything like the God of the Bible.

After offering detailed examples of America’s cultural and spiritual decline, Shapiro provides scant advice for rectifying the situation.  It’s certainly good to instill in one’s children an appreciation of the immense historical accomplishments of our country — accomplishments rigorously avoided by leftist academics.  It is also wise to convey to them your conviction that their lives are “guided by a higher meaning” and that “we are all brothers and sisters.”  But providing a familial remedy for a cultural disaster seems a counsel of despair.  In addition to pedagogical advice, some thoughts about the “academic and media” sources of disintegration would be in order, a few of which I offer in the closing chapter (“What Went Wrong”) of my own book, Moral Illiteracy.

No doubt, the young Shapiro will provide more extensive suggestions in the future for countering and reversing the destructive forces leading us toward a culture that neither fears God nor reveres reason.  For now, his work illuminating the historical and philosophical origins of America’s greatness and the sources of its impending doom is well worth perusing.




Eric Bolling: ‘Last Night I Came Face To Face With True Evil’

“Something awful happened to me last night,” Eric Bolling said on his Blaze TV show. He continued, “Last night I was sitting with some friends at the Trump hotel in DC. Among several others, Hayden Williams from Berkeley was at our table. I was chatting with Hayden…him telling the story about being walloped on campus by a thug just because he was wearing a MAGA hat. I barely noticed what was about to happen.”

“A guy who appeared to be talking on a cell phone walked by our table and turned toward us and said ‘Eric Bolling’s son killed himself because he was embarrassed by his dad.’”

Before describing what happened next, a little backstory. Bolling was a Fox News host until late 2017 when the Huffington Post published a story accusing him of sexual harassment. Bolling denied the allegations and sued the author of the story, but about a month later, he parted ways with Fox News. That was September 8, 2017. Later that evening, Bolling learned that his teenaged son, Eric Chase Bolling had died from an accidental overdose after taking a Xanax tablet laced with Fentanyl. He and his wife were both devastated by the news. Since then, Bolling has spoken repeatedly about the opioid crisis and been involved with public events trying to raise awareness about the danger it represents.

So after this passing person made his ugly comment, Bolling got up and followed him outside. He admits he was belligerent and angry. He yelled at the man and filmed the interaction. The man who’d made the comment just kept walking but soon Bolling was approached by a second man who was filming with his cell phone. In the video below you can tell Bolling is obviously distraught and keeps saying “My son is dead.” The 2nd man just kept filming with a smile on his face, like it was all a big joke.

If Bolling knows who the two men were, he doesn’t say but he’s certain the attack was prompted by politics. At the end of this segment, Bolling concludes, “It’s an evil world out there. I’ve been exposed to way too many hateful comments on social media and in the media, but last night I came face to face with true evil, over politics folks. Have we all lost our collective minds?”

“We’re all human beings here and some things are just off limits,” he added.

He’s absolutely right. There aren’t many hard and fast rules in politics that both sides observe but one of the few that does is this: Don’t bring the kids into it. And if that’s true in general it should be true 100 times over when you’re talking about a deceased child. No one should ever go there.

In the clip below Bolling has blurred the faces of the two men to avoid making them targets. That’s probably a good idea given how people are likely to feel about this but I hope these two do face some consequences in their personal lives. They should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Below that clip is a Fox News segment from 2017 about the death of Bolling’s son.