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The Disappearance of Teaching TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE in Today’s American Schools and Universities!


A Star At Last Arrives at Attorney General Office!

AG Barr Will Review FBI’s Actions In 2016 Trump Probe

by John Sexton   at  HotAir:

Attorney General William Barr has put together a team which will look at decisions the FBI made in 2016 when it started an investigation of then-candidate Donald Trump. Barr confirmed the investigation during House testimony. From Bloomberg:

“I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around all the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted during the summer of 2016,” Barr told a House panel on Tuesday.

Barr’s inquiry is separate from a long-running investigation by the Justice Department’s inspector general, said the person, who asked not to be identified discussing sensitive matters. The FBI declined to comment. Barr said he expected the inspector general’s work to be completed by May or June…

“That’s great news he’s looking into how this whole thing started back in 2016,” Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, the top Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, said Tuesday of Barr’s interest in the issue. “That’s something that has been really important to us. It’s what we’ve been calling for.”

Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto last month that he planned to investigate elements of the FBI investigation once the Mueller report was in the rear-view mirror:

Once we put the Mueller report to bed, once Barr comes to the committee and takes questions about his findings and his actions, and we get to see the Mueller report, consistent with law, then we are going to turn to finding out how this got off the rails.

I know Attorney General Barr. It’s not if he looks at what happened. It’s how he does. Does he do it internally? Does he appoint a special counsel? Mr. Horowitz is looking at the FISA abuse allegations. I will be looking at the FISA abuse.

I will be looking at the counterintelligence operation. Why did they not tell Trump if it truly was a counterintelligence operation? There will be a lot of inquiry as to how this all happened.

I’m well aware of what Democrats think of this investigation but it’s hard to keep calling it a distraction when the Mueller report is complete and the investigation into collusion is over. At least it should be over, but Democrats are doing their best to stretch out the narrative for as long as possible.

We learned earlier today from Barr’s testimony (which Allahpundit wrote about here) that several of the deep mysteries Democrats have been focused on recently really aren’t that mysterious. For one, Democrats will be seeing the redacted report within a week. For two, Mueller’s office was given a chance to review the so-called summary document and declined. For three, Barr had a heads up about which way the report would come down on the main issues which helps explain how he was able to review it within 48-hours and write a letter about it.

This is really just a game for Democrats at this point. The big question, about collusion, has been answered. But once they get the full report, it will be passed through the Rachel Maddow conspiracy filter to produce dozens of new questions and hundreds of new news stories promising further revelations to come. They can tease this out for months just as they have for the past two years, always promising a “Boom” that never comes. The game won’t end because it’s not tethered to any reality except one: The very real demand of the left-wing base for an endless stream of anti-Trump content. The base will keep playing that tune and Adam Schiff and Rachel Maddow will keep dancing to it on MSNBC.




by Glenn H. Ray, a Minnesota public school teacher, 1960-1971

Some time in 1970 ‘research’ articles began to appear on the front pages of the Minneapolis Tribune, the city’s morning paper.    They were titled:   “THINK YOUNG”.   The name attached to them was a local reporter new-name, Molly Ivins.

She had been given permission by the City’s School Administration to interview students at West Senior High School, a venerated old building in the city’s wealthy Lake of the Isles area called Kenwood…..a rich but dogmatically Liberal area whether Democrat or Republican.   My wife and I lived there as an economic exception.   The Superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools lived there also,  barely a block from our house.   He had bought his home from U.S. Senator Walter Mondale.   (We  afforded the neighborhood  from savings we had collected over the years, and  because we bought  before house values in Kenwood began to sky rocket…..as our luck would have it.   Our first born arrived late 1965.)

Sometime later that year Mr. M who in 1967  was made principal at  Edison High School where I taught,  by now  in my sixth year,  sent out a notice to all teachers of social studies, about ten of us in all.    He notified us that the assistant Superintendent of Schools, Mr. V,   who preceded Mr M as Edison’s principal,  directed Mr.M to make our senior social studies classes open to interviews by (the same)  Molly Ivins of the Minneapolis Tribune for her front page column, “THINK YOUNG”.    The students were to be selected by Ms. Ivins  at random from a list of  names of students assigned to our classses.

I was a regular subscriber to the Tribune in those days.   I had read every one of Ms. Ivins “Think Young” columns on its front pages.    Each and every column  included a statistical ‘result’ of the  17 year olds’  sexual habits based on her interviews held in some dark schoolroom far  away from parental scrutiny but  authorized by the city;’s public school administration.   Leading lefties of the day, especially those   rioting at the University of Minnesota  joined the drugged and vulgars opposing    the Vietnam War business,  all gave raving reviews for Molly Ivins’  ‘innovative’ work.

The Minneapolis Tribune seeking modernity, basked in the newly found  light beaming  from  these Leftwing war protests  and the  venom  spewing  from its  femininazi fanatics.

In other pages of this same Minneapolis Tribune were full page  articles covering  a noted female of college fame who demanded  the music composed by Ludwig von Beethoven  be banned from the public ear  because its rhythms and beats were a sexual assault upon women.   His music, in this feminazi’s words, was  raping her.

I also knew the name Molly Ivins from these  antiwar rioters.     She was as ugly and vulgar as ugly and vulgar could be even by the standards of the feminist movement era.   I added that  along with her Tribune  prurience in teenage sex.    If  I wouldn’t have allowed a Church figure  to conduct such interviews during my students’ class time, why would I allow this Ivins  to see them in isolation?      And, they were indeed my students during the hours  students were assigned to me to teach or otherwise be responsible for.

I had learned tenacity as a teacher at Edison by then.    I had been elected by my fellow teachers, ‘Charirman of the Faculty Council’.    Since my arrival at  the school I had nagged my fellow teachers  that they were serfs in the world of education, and didn’t deserve even the thin pay that they were getting.   They were professional cowards, I taunted.   Big on the noise when no administrator was in sight, but melted into childlike obedience  when one approached  nearby.

It was in this same year, 1970 when the Minneapolis teachers broke Minnesota state law and went out on strike.    I became a speaker and writer of letters defending the action.    I was never more proud of my fellow teachers, both male and female.

During this time I got a call from the city’s evening paper’s prep sports reporter, Joe Kaplan.    The official School Board and Administration Line during and before the strike  was that the Minneapolis Schools were the equal of any and all public schools in the area in facilities and educational offerings.     This was an absolute lie, and Joe Kaplan knew it .    Since I coached the boys’ tennis team, he asked me about our tennis budget and how it compared to the suburban high schools  around  Minneapolis.    I happened to have the figures at hand.  I was at the time vice present of the State High School Tennis Coaches Association.    Our budget at Edison was still at $90 for the entire tennis season.     Nearly all of the schools in the suburbs started at  $2,000 and some went up from there.   Furthermore, they owned their own tennis courts.   City schools had none but could use the public city courts for an hour or two  after school hours.

Joe cited my comments in  his column in the next day’s issue.   He wrote it as I told him accurately and sympathetically.   Later in the evening I got a call at home  from Mr. V, the principal of Edison High School during my first three years, the guy who approved  my tenure.    “Did you read this evening’s Joe Kaplan article?……Did he report what you said to him accurately?”    He may have asked yet another question or two along similar lines….I answered yes to each question and added that  I thought Joe wrote a terrific article….which he did, but I think  I said it to irritate  Mr. V.   It is what he said next that turned out to be important:

“I am going to get you.   Some day I’m going to really  get you and don’t you forget it.!”

I passed it off as management-labor tensions during a very emotional  strike, an illegal one to boot.    It was Easter vacation time plus two weeks or so on the picket lines…..and in the speech halls, if I remember correctely.    Compromise was made and we teachers  went back to school officially without tenure,  but in agreement between  the Teachers’ Union and the Minneapolis School District, everyone’s tenure would be honored…….

Well, everyone’s tenure but for  one teacher…..guess who got the ‘honor’?

I cannot remember if the Molly Ivins issue came before or after the strike, but I am thinking it followed the strike.   One was not connected in any way with the other as far as I knew.

I wasn’t angry when I entered Mr. M’s office. to inform him I wasn’t going to release anyone in my class for the Ivins’ interviews.     He said he was expecting me to protest   the previous week and wondered what delayed me.   His question flowed smoothly into  my answer, “Because I have no intention to allow any  students out of my class to visit with Ms. Ivins.

Mr. M paled.   His head dropped onto his hands.   “You can’t do that, Glenn.”

“Oh, yes I can.       I wouldn’t let a clergyman take kids willy-nilly  from my  classroom  for private interviews.

What do you think you’re going to look like to the parents when they read that  you allowed your   students to be interviewed in your school by this foul mouthed frump  cozying  up to their sons and daughters to get them to describe how and with whom they have sex?    How dare ‘they’ dump this on us! (I was referring to the downtown administration brass.)    Don’t you even think  of asking me to join in.   I am not going to  have my students  participate.”

“I have no choice.!”  this good man exclaimed…..and this principal was such a good guy.   I  often felt bad being an adversary of his, but not this time.  He wasn’t a real confident Principal  with these, his ‘superiors’.     He craved for peace at his school at a time when peace in schools was becoming  impossible.

“How do the other social studies teachers feel about  the  Ivins’  interviews?

“None of them like it, but they won’t object.

“How many student  hours altogether are  the interviews  supposed to take?”

“Each interview is to run about a half an hour.   Ivins  wants  eight to ten  students picked at random from each senior social studies class.”    That meant about twenty five hours minimum  of student time   would be taken from my classroom.    And here is what   I advised and did so  forcefully:

“Here is what you say to those people:  ‘I’m getting a little static from some of my social studies teachers on the Ivins’ interviews.   You’re going to have to give me more time to persuade them.”

And then one of those far too infrequent moments in life when one  actually does come up with a  verbal  ‘coup de grace’ when needed, I said, “Tell the administration  that we teachers will have  to get parental permission first.   Sex is such a delicate, personal topic for an interview with a stranger!”    And I truly meant it as a threat.

It was the avenue out of the issue.   It  made Mr. M’s day as well as my own.  We knew we had a  winner.    By the next day the downtown  ‘authorities’  told Mr. M, they would delay the interviews.    About a week later, he received  an incidental notice that the interviews had been cancelled.   No reason was given.   He always gave me the idea he liked  me being around.   I felt I was helping him as a colleague.     Schools would be better places for learning  if teachers weren’t treated  like serfs.  Unlike Mr. V.,  Mr. M never treated me like a serf.

The following is an article written by Dave Mona, once a Tribune colleague of Molly Ivins written in 2007 shortly after her death:

“Molly Ivins Teaches Us New Words

She was totally unlike any new hire in recent memory. When The Minneapolis Tribune hired someone from “outside the market,” it was a good bet they were talking about Fargo, Des Moines or Madison.

Molly was from Texas and you couldn’t miss her.

She was loud. She didn’t sound like anyone else in the newsroom and she was tall. If she were a basketball player, which legend said she was, she would have been a power forward.

Molly taught us all how to swear.

She was good at it, and she knew words we’d never heard before.

It was difficult for Molly to complete a sentence without swearing. Her favorite word was “sumbitch,” which we learned could be either good or bad. For instance: “That dumb sumbitch was so stupid he could dive off the dock and not find water.” Or, “…you had to admire the way that sumbitch could put words together.”

For much of her brief tenure with The Tribune, she was assigned to the police beat. They clearly didn’t know what to make of her, but legend had it that they named a pet pig “Molly” in her honor.

There was little factual support for stories about Molly. She became a bit of an instant legend.

Stu Baird, the genial City Editor, once claimed that he had gotten a complaint from the police that her language was too salty. He never offered any proof, but there was little reason to doubt it.

After graduating from Smith College, getting a Master’s in Journalism from Columbia University and spending a year in France, she joined the Tribune in the fall of the year, arriving from Texas without an overcoat.

A few weeks later she entered the newsroom in a floor-length reddish orange maxi coat which nicely matched her red hair. As she walked slowly through the newsroom, Frank Premack shouted, “My, God, it looks like a bad paint job on the Foshay Tower!”

Molly’s response to one of the most senior members of the newsroom staff was that he perform an impossible anatomical feat upon himself.

There were a lot of rumors about Molly. She once admitted to shoving Linda Johnson (the President’s daughter) into a lake at summer camp.

When Molly left the Tribune she wrote a magazine article called “The Minneapolis Tribune Is a Stone Wall Drag.” It chronicled her three years at the paper and the reasons so many people left. Today, many of us still have copies of that story, and we were saddened in January 2007 to learn of her death at age 62 from an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Her columns were carried in more than 400 newspapers, and her numerous obituaries carried a number of her better quotes.

She loved to attack Texas politicians and once wrote of one, “If his IQ slips any lower we’ll have to water him twice a day.”

While covering emerging politicians in Texas she began to refer to President George W. Bush alternately as “Shrub” or “Dubya.” Upon his election as President she referred to him as President Billy Bob Forehead.

To Ivins, Arnold Schwarzenegger was “a condom filled with walnuts.”

Writing about Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky affair, she referred to his character as “weaker than bus station chili.”

Molly was one of the great characters to grace this region, and she left us far too soon.”

But, the Human Female Animal IS Born Ditsy!!! Today’s Dem Party Proves This Historical Truth by Cherishing Her for It!

by an aged American,  Glenn H. Ray, who learned  knowledge  in public schools from 1939-1952  by profoundly well educated, nearly all  full blooded American Truth-seeking old maid school teachers programmed by their country and its male professors  to teach knowledge, because learning knowledge, they instructed,  made you closer to your JudeoChristian God, the Maker of  all things known and unknown.


…….Name an HONEST problem-solver programmed  female now ‘running’ or about to ‘run’ to become the next President of our United States who has been interested in learning knowledge!    The human female animal doesn’t  seem to spend a lot of time these days learning and sharing anything  much about truth, now that JudeoChristianity has become American  fascistic  Dem’s primary  enemy in the world.

That the  JudeoChristian  God is MALE!…..born the builder, protector, challenger, the   warrior, the  Savior, the judge, the wise man  to protect to  continue the future and nature of the species “Is a history which must be made to disappear”, today’s  Dem fem fascists screech and scream.   They feel it!   They are in the mood to rebel!

Yet, this female relative to her male still  invents nothing, thinks ditsy,  and builds little!  Nor has she ever really fought under fire in a fox hole.  Her sly cunning is  and always has been quite different  from the power and violence provided the human male.

She, and only SHE, bears children……her primary God-given gift!

Yet, today, these female  animals are likely  to show up and simply   explore and expand  their own moody  feelings  taught  at Harvard,  Columbia, Yale,  the University of California at Berkeley, Macalester,  and  Sarah Lawrence College and etc….etc…..and etc from coast to  coast  to raise hell rather than civilized children!

No matter how repulsive the many, the majority  of  the nation’s  television feminist shrilly, screechy voices possess and  pierce the ears of those who suffer  the  listen,  the lefty noises are the most repulsive in content, sound,  and delivery as if the world is already totally  theirs to hen!

Via today’s “Mother Nature” lefty prefers her native ditsy world, her powerful moody, dreamy,  emotional, piercing -kind of make-believe world.  She is taught to see herself  as today’s independent queen human female, rising to the top of their world….as she, they “feel” it from their bosoms styled by a  Maxine Waters, an Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, an Elizabeth Warren, a Dianne Feinstein  or Kirsten Gillibrand American with nose and noise free of  male Truth and Knowledge.   Some of the men in Congress  carry the same Nature…Don’t you agree?

And, yet most of our adult American  human male animals still dutifully labor as  her and the species’ primary protector!   Yet, in these United States of our America today,  ditsy chicks and fascistic friends  are preaching their fascistic  gospels as Truth of Our Day at schools, universities, and colleges from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans!

Moreover, our America is being invaded by millions of foreigners crossing illegally into the country southern borders  to be taken care of by today’s Dem  feminazis who need their votes to secure their lefty feelings forever in the future.

How, do you, fellow Americans think that is going to work out?

Truth Must Return to All America AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

For Peace in America, We Must Return to the Rule of Law

by Robert Vincent  at  American Thinker:


A recent article that appeared in the March 28 Wall Street Journal, “The Two Americas Have Grown Much Fiercer,” by Peggy Noonan, is part of an editorial trend of late decrying the divided state of America in these times.  As is typical in these pieces, the author does not place the onus for our fractured state on one side or the other, but instead promotes a theme of “Can’t we all just get along?”  From the point of view of the “Trumpian” camp, this writer is here to reply with a resounding “no,” at least not until the core issue that motivates the tens of millions of Americans who support our sitting president is addressed.

Those who try to explain America’s current divisions by citing polarization into “extreme” camps miss a major aspect of the Trump phenomenon:  Trump really doesn’t represent an “extreme” political figure.   The “extreme polarization” model might have more teeth if we had elected say, Ted Cruz, who is a doctrinaire conservative on every issue, but Trump really can’t be accused of that; this was a major factor in his appeal.  Like Reagan, he too was once a Democrat.  He has taken positions that are very much at odds with the stereotype of the “Daddy Warbucks” image of a rapacious, uncompromising tool of Big Money portrayed by the Left.  For example, just this past week, he overruled his education secretary and insisted that the Special Olympics remain funded.  Though there has been some tinkering at the margins, entitlements have not been slashed.  Though generally supportive of gun rights, he banned bump stocks and is favorably disposed toward “Red Flag” laws that are staunchly opposed by gun rights advocates.  His SCOTUS appointments, while decidedly conservative, are hardly extreme right-wing ideologues.

The Left has simply become evil.  That is not to say all registered Democrats or Democrat politicians are necessarily evil, but the national-level leadership of the party and their primary backers represent a genuinely evil, oppressive, authoritarian, and — not coincidentally — anti-Semitic program (under the thin veneer of vicious, rabid anti-Zionism).  They either represent this mindset outright (e.g., vice DNC chairman Keith Ellison, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, etc.) or are unwilling to summon the elemental courage to oppose these trends effectively in their own party (e.g., Pelosi, Schumer).   What is more, almost uniformly among their leaders — to include the likes of Pelosi and Schumer — they will stoop to any level of dishonesty and corruption in order to obtain or maintain power (e.g., the Stalinesque Kavanaugh “show trial” hearings, the vote fraud spectacles we saw in Florida and California this past midterm election, advocating for illegal aliens to vote, advocating lowering the voting age to 16, etc.).  Most egregiously, there is the outrageous Mueller affair — along with the associated scandals of the previous administration (weaponizing the NSA for partisan political purposes, and so on), that even barnyard animals can see was an outright fraudulent and illegal attempt at reversing the result of a presidential election, and distracting from the very real crimes committed by the Obama administration and the Hillary campaign.

There is indeed some talk on the street about a shooting civil war.  Whether or not it comes to that, we are clearly more divided as a country than we have ever been since the last shooting civil war.  But really, whose fault is that?  Has Donald Trump divided us?

Five years ago, Trump was seen as nothing more than a flamboyant, perhaps slightly eccentric real estate mogul and show biz personality.  His audience for television programs like The Apprentice crossed all political lines.  All the Hollywood types who trash him today were perfectly happy to party with him and to hang out with him (as long as he was buying).  Today, he has been built up into a monster by the Left and its media allies.  The present “rage” against him is 100% manufactured and could serve as a case study in mass brainwashing techniques.

Consider not only the Mueller debacle, but the recent spectacle of the Jussie Smollett case.  These examples illustrate what we “Trumpians” are really so fighting mad about.  It isn’t so much abortion, or gun control, or any of the other traditional conservative rallying points; it is the rule of law, the very foundation of what America was supposed to stand for.  We are perfectly willing to peaceably debate the merits of all of these other issues in the public domain (assuming that there is a viable “public domain” in the form of an honest mass media, but that is another issue).  We have already demonstrated during the previous administration that if we cannot have our way within the parameters of the ballot box, we will accept our losses and simply try to convince more voters to see things our way at the next opportunity.  What we cannot and will not abide is an opposing side within our national community who insists on simply ignoring the rules, corrupting our national institutions, and trying to impose new “rules” designed to ensure that only its leaders and its agenda will ever prevail going forward.

Obviously, we have never perfectly lived up to our ideals as a nation; this would be humanly impossible.  There has always been some corruption and malfeasance on both sides of the aisle.  But in ten years, we went from being America to being “Obamistan”: a high-tech, relatively affluent version of a two-bit banana republic.  There has never been an American president who flagrantly abused his power and flouted the rule of law to anywhere near the extent that we have seen with Obama.  There has never been a president who, once having left office, devoted all of his energies to blatantly undermining his successor.  These facts, combined with the manner in which those who support him have absolutely refused to see his abuses for what they are, and a Democratic Party leadership who seems determined not only to sweep his crimes under the rug, but even worse, to continue with his style of governance, is what has The Rest of Us so damned angry.

It remains to be seen if our internal divisions will explode into mass violence, but the likelihood of that will be determined by the extent to which the rule of law is re-established in this country.  For if we don’t have recourse at the ballot box (our elections are stolen by the likes of Brenda Snipes, “ballot-harvesting”, etc.), and there is a wildly uneven application of the law (in the course of a now discredited investigation, Roger Stone is arrested with more firepower on hand than was used to take down Osama bin Laden, while the likes of Comey, Hillary, Obama, Brennan, Lynch walk free), then many Americans will conclude that there is nothing left to defend our rights besides force of arms.



Ben Shapiro Radiates America on “THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY”

Ben Shapiro Puts America on ‘The Right Side of History’

by  Richard Kirk  at  American Thinker:


The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great, by Ben Shapiro, Harper Collins, March 19, 2019 (277 pages, $27.99, Hardcover)

Why are things in America so good, and why are we throwing it all away?  Those are the two questions that Ben Shapiro, the staccato-laced intellectual pugilist, seeks to answer in his new book, The Right Side of History.  That things are actually amazingly good, at least materially, in the U.S. is demonstrated via statistics of which few Americans are aware.  For example, in 1900, ten percent of all infants in the country died before their first birthday, and one out every one hundred mothers died in childbirth.  Today, both infant mortality and death in childbirth are rare.  I might add that the average lifespan for American women increased from around 46 years in 1900 to over 80 today.  Beyond longevity, material prosperity has reached almost Messianic levels.

On the downside, however, Americans are more hostile toward each other than at any time since the Civil War — primarily divided along ideological lines.  In addition, a growing percentage of the population finds itself without any significant meaning in life, an existential void that promotes rapidly increasing drug addiction and suicide rates.  Concurrent with this spiritual deficit are incessant attacks on America’s traditional institutions in order to “fundamentally transform” the nation.  Thus, amid tremendous prosperity and freedom, we now see 24/7 vilification of the nation’s racist, sexist,  genocidal history conjoined with attempts to squelch any speech that challenges leftist demands for “social justice.”  In short, powerful media, academic, and political forces are in the process of destroying the very Constitutional principles and cultural institutions that made America great.

So what, exactly, made America great?  Shapiro says, correctly, in my view, the union of “Jerusalem and Athens,” by which he means the nation’s historically mediated incorporation of the Judeo-Christian biblical tradition alongside the reason-based natural law tradition exemplified in Plato and Aristotle.  The creative tension between these two poles produced in America, and less clearly in Europe, societies that embraced both individual freedom and communal goals, both transcendent purpose and the employment of reason to achieve morally sanctioned objectives.  In America, a broad devotion to basic moral and religious principles provided a foundation for the individual “pursuit of happiness” within various religious and community groups.

The philosophical and historical journey that led to this outcome constitutes the bulk of Shapiro’s book, material that may be a heavy lift for folks with little or no background in intellectual history.  That’s not to say the author dwells on minor or abstruse philosophical points — only that his brisk and insightful overview of important philosophical developments during the last 2,500 years necessarily presupposes a degree of familiarity on the reader’s part.  On the plus side, Shapiro’s  overview is narrowly focused on the issues he needs to illuminate: the embrace of faith and reason and the negative consequences of rejecting either or both of these two poles.

After more than a century of religious wars in Europe, a creative balance was tentatively achieved that included both the Greek rational tradition and the biblical heritage of Judaism and Christianity.  This fragile coalition was soon destroyed, most grotesquely in the French Revolution, whose rejection of faith and deification of human reason led to a bloodbath whose cruelty should be a clear demonstration of the depths of depravity to which human reason is liable when freed from any transcendent restraints.  (I recommend Ann Coulter’s chapters in Demonic for an impressive summary of this revolutionary barbarism.)

In America, however, the world’s first philosophically constructed Constitution was made the political foundation of a religiously diverse people overwhelmingly devoted to the broad moral and spiritual ideas derived from the Bible.  These ideas included the conviction that all people are created in God’s image and are endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights.  America’s Lockean embrace of reason, faith, and limited government provided the dynamism that gave rise to the most productive and religiously conscientious culture (cf. Tocqueville) the world has ever known.

Shapiro’s final chapters depict the West’s and America’s descent into materialism, hedonism, and spiritual nihilism.  In Europe, the “death of God” proclaimed by Nietzsche and biologically sanctioned by Darwin created a vacuum that was filled by communism and fascism — ideologies that dismissed the individual and free inquiry for the sake of utopian futures.  In America Progressives also belittled the notion of individual liberty and a Constitution that limits government power, enthralled as they were with Hegelian concepts that touted collective goals.  Progressives thus gave birth to the eugenics movement promoted by Margaret Sanger, the dogma of a “living Constitution,” and a government no longer constrained by constitutional boundaries.

The deterioration of faith in America and the West also gave rise to a rationalism that views humans as animals, or even bits of matter, with no moral purpose.  Attempts to create one’s own personal morality within this godless universe, as with the existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre,  have proven to be absurd, since morality is essentially a social concept and implies some penalty, either in this world or the next, for transgressions.  As if all these developments weren’t bad enough, today’s cultural Marxists are intent on bringing about a new society by overturning all existing institutions in the name of various victim groups.  Those institutions include the family, traditional religion, and any organization that can be viewed as supporting the white male capitalist establishment.  This phalanx of true believers pledges allegiance neither to reason nor to faith in God, but only to its own fantasies.  Thus, people can change their “gender” at will and others must agree that X and Y chromosomes mean nothing — or be punished for transphobic hate crimes.  Goodbye individual freedom, goodbye rationality, goodbye anything like the God of the Bible.

After offering detailed examples of America’s cultural and spiritual decline, Shapiro provides scant advice for rectifying the situation.  It’s certainly good to instill in one’s children an appreciation of the immense historical accomplishments of our country — accomplishments rigorously avoided by leftist academics.  It is also wise to convey to them your conviction that their lives are “guided by a higher meaning” and that “we are all brothers and sisters.”  But providing a familial remedy for a cultural disaster seems a counsel of despair.  In addition to pedagogical advice, some thoughts about the “academic and media” sources of disintegration would be in order, a few of which I offer in the closing chapter (“What Went Wrong”) of my own book, Moral Illiteracy.

No doubt, the young Shapiro will provide more extensive suggestions in the future for countering and reversing the destructive forces leading us toward a culture that neither fears God nor reveres reason.  For now, his work illuminating the historical and philosophical origins of America’s greatness and the sources of its impending doom is well worth perusing.




Senator Elizabeth Warren was,  and is, as it turns out,  NOT a very intelligent, well educated, honest American Indian…..She’s not an Indian at all.   She’s been  a mouthy Hollywood Starling Senator selling  lies to Massachusetts fascistic Dems for years….and now is competing among like Democrats to become the 46th President of our United States……THE WORD ‘UNITED’ IS AN IMPORTANT WORD HERE.  ‘UNITED’ STATES MEANS EVERY STATE COUNTS IN OUR AMERICAN DEMOCRACY.

But Elizabeth Warren is NOT an American Democrat…She is not a democrat at all…..yet, she is running around selling herself as  President-to-be, liar and all.  She bounced upon a stage yesterday announcing she, fascistic and all, is demanding the disappearance of the “UNITED STATES” OF America’s ELECTORAL COLLEGE!  (Her side kick,  “CROOKED HILLARY” would be our nation’s president today, if ditsy Warren and fellow Dems had her way.

Fascistic fem Dems of all ages, sexes, shapes, and sizes,  own our American schooling K through 12,  and universities and colleges throughout the Liberal Arts  world these days.  Perhaps that is the dilemma cursing  today’s know nothings Dems  age 55  and under.  They have all been sexually  feminazified.

So, what is this 200-plus-year American Electoral College all about that ditsies like this Elizabeth are now willing to sell for their national  Dem fascistic aggrandizement?

Lefties at  Google provide the following fairly accurate, but incomplete, summary of what our American “Electoral College” is:

“The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President. Your state’s entitled allotment of electors equals the number of members in its Congressional delegation: one for each member in the House of Representatives plus two for your Senators.”

These electors meet shortly  after the presidential election to cast their “state”  ballot accorded to the Presidential  candidate winning the largest vote of the state based upon the population of the state.   In 2016 Minnesota had ten Electoral votes based on its  population relative to the nation according to the 2010 national census. ….number  of  their ten Congressional seats…..2 Senate and 8 House of Representatives…..

Today’s CROOKED DEM CALIFORNIA has welcomed more than   10,000,000 illegal  immigrants who have criminally crossed the nation’s southern  border for ‘sanctuary’, crime, and whatever!   Add there illegal votes in  New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, etc.  by the millions,  the once United States of America will no longer exists.  Already fascistic Dems have declared their future  America as SOCIALISM IS YOUR FUTURE, LIKE IT OR NOT…..their  ditsies chant.

Every American having a high school education should know the DEGREE OF STUPIDITY fascistic Elizabeth Warren displays by demanding the elimination of our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Electoral college.

Without the Electoral College the United States would never have been born.  Without the Civil War being won , in which around 800,000 Americans  had died, the United States would never have become “the land of the free”.   California might attack Arizona,  Illinois obliterate Indiana, Maryland greedily absorb Delaware.

TODAY MEXICO AND POINTS SOUTH ARE INVADING THE ONCE GOOD OLD USA by the millions…..encouraged by Democrat Party’s current  fascistic    grab for a feminized Socialist dictatorship.

The establishment of our American Electoral College was a compromise made in the early 1800s by the states then, the big and small,  in order to become ONE NATION UNDER GOD,  the United States of America and avoid the chaos of physical and political  conflicts state to state caused by idiot and misfit Presidential candidates like today’s Elizabeth Warren and her 20 or more Dem competing candidates!

Today’s fascistic Dem-owned states begin with California, Oregon, and Washington on the West coast.   Then there’s New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, and possibly  Florida.   Another million of illegals now bulging into Texas will soon  transform it into the already fat fascist Dem bag.  Add  Virginia, Maryland, and Michigan, and pot land Colorado…..FOURTEEN STATES out of 50,  no  fascistic Dem would ever have to stub a toe into the  the rest of our America’s  36 states to win a Presidential election.      (Add the District of Columbia 3  to 7 electoral fascist Dem votes forever if a cushion is needed.)

Our 1787 “Americans” recognized their American New World problem…..The Elizabeths of   fascistic rabble could be confined in number and power to the nation’s HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.   States would be more united, more equal in the Senate where neighbors could work together  for the national good and company, and the STATES WOULD MATTER IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

Fascistic Elizabeth Warren is not dumb, but ditsy, a major emotion problem among  “thinking” human females.  If she is truly interested in America and its freedoms, she should study  more about why our forefathers…..NOT FORE MOTHERS LIKE ELIZABETH WARREN  democratically founded our once American….United States of America chose their recipe for the office of our America’s Presidents.

THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM WAS, INDEED, A COMPROMISE TO MAKE EVERY STATE PART OF OUR AMERICAN POLITICAL PROCESS ELECTING ITS PRESIDENTS……not merely the more fascist ones with larger populations.  The danger is this, however:

The fascistics own our American educational and communications industries.  Most teachers today K through college  Liberal Arts  are carbons of  devoted Elizabeth from Massachusetts.   WILL TODAY’S AMERICANS EVER WAKE UP?  DON’T BET ON IT!

May God Bless our AMERICAN Donald Trump!