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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
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    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
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Watch Fired FBI Director Comey’s Testimony Here

I didn’t have an opportunity to watch the political  leftist arranged television event today starring former FBI director, James Comey…..the one newly elected President Donald J. Trump fired recently…..the one Democrats hated for sniping publicly about one of countless Hillary crimes while running for the American Presidency, the one she and all of her devoted racists and feminists felt she deserved for being Hillary.

I had to go to work.

On my way to work, and until 11AM I caught the event on radio.

Our American deviates in Washington, the  Axis concocted by Hillary sore losers,  Chas  Schumer deviates, you know the creepier Al Franken types, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, CBS, NBC, MNBC and nearly all of the rest of the media including Fox on a bad day;   the new leftier klutzes causing American President Donald J. Trump trouble in Washington.  I follow American national politics closely…and have so since the Dewey-Truman presidential campaign in 1948.  (It sure beats going to the horse races.)

I admit I love our American 45th President.   I love him for his obvious traits and gifts…and his honesty according to what he sees and senses.  He loves his country.  He sees it, knows it is in financial and moral decay.

We haven’t had a really gifted and astute, uplifting  President during  my life with the exception of  Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy,  and Ronald Reagan.  Worse, the country was profoundly struck down by American hater, racist, feminist, open borders for illegal voters foreigner Barack Hussein Obama for the past eight years of national disorder and decline.

Best of all, Donald J. Trump is an American non-politician.   He’s “Ugely” American bright….and the fascist-feminists leftist hounds controlling  our today’s  education world hate him  and all the rest of us over age 60 as well who aren’t drugged by the glory of ignorance, atheism,  and meaningless unemployment.


Mr. Comey seemed a good man….a gentle man…..or perhaps not quite a man, but rather a boy scout determined to do good by obeying Obama’s urban  scoutmasters……a  2017 man, that is, not quite a man at all.   Gentle, plotting, polite, shy-pretending, a person who loved his job station in life…..an almost man, a bureaucrat who wanted to do good to honor his name….an almost man who had worked in the political maneuvering world all of his adult life, who tried to do good so others would know him as good.

And then along comes businessman, Donald J. Trump winning a presidential election beating the  government establishment, the Hillary establishment, the newsprint establishment, the television news establishment, the leftist college urchins without knowledge and careers, countless  programmed black racists, 12,000,000 illegal voting immigrants….some less illegal than others whose arrivals were all seen by leftist fascists as  votes for their inevitable forever dictatorship  future.

Business man Trump is hated by countless Republicans as well….news industry people.   His  nose isn’t sufficiently perfect for the manikin they could display as their toady.   Mr. Trump reeks leadership.  He builds towers, golf courses, skating rinks.  He likes people.  He is a Republican who  loves his country and is fed up with those GOPers who have colluded with   leftist leaches draining our America of blood for more than a decade in  the name of the  gods of global warming, sanctuary cities,  brainless screamy coeds, and Windy City urban murderers.

Be sure to enjoy this spectacle presented below….how these Democrat vermin and their Republican compatriots welcomed President Donald J. Trump to the 45th presidency of these “United” states of America to solve our nation’s countless problems…..




Only an American Idiot Can Claim “Our Primaries are not rigged”

…….unless, of course, it depends on what one  means by the word “RIGGED”.

Democrats rig their party events…..Republicans rig theirs….Otherwise, how, why  would these ‘corporations’ exist?    Democrats prefer feminists, black racists, atheists, socialists, communists, Islamists  and other hate groups, and Republicans don’t!

I have been an on again, off again grass roots volunteer for the GOP many years of the past quarter century….enough to know some of the conservative folk who work enough to keep the local party alive, if not well.    They are good people… often women of Roman Catholic persuasion…..dependable, culturally conservative,  church goers….folks who don’t swear either at sleep or awake….quiet, private, trustworthy  suburban neighbors whose todays and tomorrows are perfect extensions of yesterdays.

And along comes Donald.    Thousands of people showed up at our grass roots GOP gathering last month…..giving   Marco Rubio  their vote…NO DISCUSSION, NO CAUCUS,  NO DEBATES, just a mob of good, peaceful, Church -driven people.   No ads, not a word ala television or newspapers….although I quit the lefty,  schmaltsy teenager-level  reading Minneapolis STrib thirty years ago.

People were herded in, given their piece of blank paper to vote…and go home….GOP the Minnesota way……all very fast and hush-hush….very representative of the states’ GOP.

Do read the following UNBELIEVABLE  article from realclearpolitics:   NO, OUR PRIMARIES ARE NOT RIGGED


The Dishonesty of our Ranting God, Dennis Prager

On this Friday morning Dennis Prager  spent the  first hour of his radio show ranting.  He hates Donald Trump.  After the fifty minutes or so of its noise, Dennis finished his Hitlerian sermon with “God knows who’s right.”

In Dennis’ world, Dennis Prager is God, therefore Dennis Prager is always right on his radio show….and so his hating of our Donald is part of his life’s worship.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have  the machinery to  record God Dennis’ rant.   Dennis speaks very rapidly when he is angry.   When he’s angry with Hillarians, he spews Truth with clarity and evidence, for there is so much evidence to discuss.    When Dennis’ pudding seems to bear something new and foreign, Dennis tends  to speak very, very rapidly and spews untruths about the unknown,  especially when  fantasy  ranting about our Donald these days.

Is our Dennis a liar when he gets emotional and spews lies and verbal axes   so emotionally  at Republican for President, candidate, Donald Trump?     Or is just a product  of upset?

I happen to love our Donald…and out Dennis.    Donald  is the most refreshing presidential candidate breathing  “real-American air” to have come across our coast-to-coast once democratic United States since  my post puberty lifetime, early eighth  grade,  St. Paul, Minnesota in  1947.    Looking back since that time my favorite candidates who became  presidents are Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy,  and Ronald Reagan.    Most of the rest of the presidential candidates since  that time period   are  Marco Rubios and Ted Cruzes or better.

What, Dennis,  have the Marco Rubios and Ted Cruzes ever done in adult life but play politics and learn the language, games,  and  deceits of that world?

What,  Dennis, have you  done in earnings throughout  your  adult life except  to ‘propagandize’?    Office to flight to home, to office to radio to propagandize  to home, to flight to propagandize to home?….and speak , speak, speak and write to change minds?

What, Dennis, have you EVER built with your own  brain AND hands?  What, do you know about such human adult animals….nearly ALL males….who do  build with their brains AND hands?…YOU, RADIO Man….another social intolerant  Joseph  Goebbels of today’s antiTrump snobby, Republican Party elite establishment?

This morning, Radio Dennis winced at “the coarsening of America….It’s becoming a real issue”.   Dennis implies Donald Trump is inventing and advancing the nation’s coarsening movement, or at least advances its cause when in yesternight’s  GOP ‘debates’  our Donald responded to Marco Rubios attack upon Trump masculinity.

Our Dennis was so outraged at the Trump defense statement he opened his morning’s program with five minutes of  Dennis wailing over the  Trumpism.   I kept waiting for the  vulgar wording, but their wasn’t one.   Dennis preferred to introduce the unusual word for public  gab”genitalia” to his radio show not only once in complaint about Donald, but twice to emphasize  his version of how, why,   evangelical Christians should be outraged for voting for our Donald and vote for his…..well…..today’s Cruz.

Dennis cannot understand how on EARTH Christian Evangelicals have been voting for our Donald…May God Bless Them for doing so!  Our Dennis says he  knows so many of them…..especially the ones who line up supporting Israel….May God Bless Them for doing so!

“IT’S ALL EMOTION”….Dennis RANTED emotionally!  “THERE IS NO THOUGHT!!”   Dennis really shouts, without  Dennis thought.

Dennis, is as I am,  upset with GOP Establishment’s Marco Rubio….a fine young man who speaks well as a politician and comes from a family with a classic beautiful family story all Americans should be proud of.   Marco had  drifted from the righteous and was advised to  ‘dirt’ on Donald…..in public, no less…not once but twice.   Dennis, upset with GOP- preferred Marco, is now persuaded the Ted Cruz GOP way.

Dennis considers the liar Ted with the evangelical Ted.   He makes no mention of  Cruz’s radio, television, and stump clever  slimy language pretending, morphing   who he thinks  our Donald is to get himself the most votes.  I do find Cruz bright, determined, hard working, yet greasy, like Burt Lancaster as Elmer Gantry……and greasy not only referring to his sleaze thrown at Trump, but unreliable politically  in general….simply more clever about who he is than others, and a loner.

Dennis identifies with these politicians.   They make their money politicking, selling thoughts, ideas, the reasons mostly  why I have listened to Dennis’s radio sales since October, 2004.

How,  fellow citizens,   would you like your own personal life smeared the way this  GOP gang does to Donald  in its  efforts to bury him?   Dennis, have you ever  listened to your own recordings of your radio performances falsely smearing him?  Is Mr. Trump really a racist who hooks up with the KKK behind American lines?

Dennis either deceives us or he doesn’t really know,  yet  avers with God-Dennis certainty that our Donald cannot defeat the American Lady Macbeth Hillary in November:

“Trump is receiving ONLY 35% of the Republican presidential primary vote”.   And, the greatest horror for all America, “Cannot defeat Hillary”… Dennis asserts.   He suggests none of these  votes will drift to our Donald.

Has Dennis ever invited a true proTrump pro to chat about candidate Donald’s ‘goods’ and ‘bests’?   Has our Dennis ever invited Donald to his radio show for a chat?

Dennis!    Nowhere in the Federal Constitution does it state a candidate for the presidency of the United States HAS TO BE A TRAINED POLITICIAN!”…..nor that he or she has to be a member of a political party!

I see the same Donald J. Trump that you see, Dennis!    Nearly everyone sees the same body, hears the same Trump words.  Many have children who with their parents watched last  evening’s battle and didn’t hear anything vulgar at all….I am a generation older than you and am personally far better aware than you (my opinion)  about the collapse of JudeoChristian standards  of classical Biblical values.    Its cancers metasticized exponentially  in  the mid 1960s and were only somewhat  controlled during the Reagan years.    Were you about a Brooklyn 3 years old then?

What about your words. today’s words, Dennis, you, not cursing, but foully describing our Donald and the millions of us who see in him….EMOTIONALLY:

A great personality, far more immediately winsome  than yours and any Republican’s or Democrat’s  I have come across in the past 65 years of American life.

Not like you and your fellow GOP and Hillarian politicos who harp and carp for a living, he has built things, here, there and elsewhere.  THERE ARE CAUSES AND RESULTS FROM HIS BUILDING THINGS.  things you  and your world of  observers seem to be  too blind and/or nasty politically  to take note.   Have you ever put even a minute of imagination into what DONALD TRUMP HAS LEARNED, EXPERIENCED and ACTUALLY HAS RESULTS TO SHOW HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS beyond the world of political propaganda.

Have you indoor people,  your radio propaganda world ever personally resurrected a dead nearly semi-sized truck placing into  its  huge shell  all of its   mechanical contents  needed for its second life, correctly interconnected and placed to make eventually its motor purr….often with used parts, no less…..and  now usable for our company’s  five or more years of safe service and  delivery.

If I would have spent all of my life teaching high school social studies and Russian, I,  then an indoor person selling learnings and ideas,  couldn’t  imagine such a fete :   Three guys in their early thirties  did  that very truck resurrection for our landscape company this past winter season.  We couldn’t afford a new one.  They were certain they could resurrect ours which  had finally died after fifteen years of heavy duty.  They are Donald Trump guys.   They and the  rest of  the company as well with no urging from me at all.  They have never voted before….”What for?” …..until,  on their own, they discovered Donald Trump.

Your isolation from these folks is at the foundation of your bigotry toward them and hence, your bigotry toward a Donald Trump.

Please replay your first hour of the Dennis Prager Show of this morning.   Be me, a profoundly devoted Donald and Dennis Prager man.   Think of the damage YOUR BIGOTRY TOWARD DONALD, YOUR BIGOTRY TOWARD US TRUMP FANS already  have caused our Party and Our Nation!!!!!   How my, our Republican Party AND YOU have treated citizen Donald, a builder, not a propagandist by trade from the very moment of his entry in the race!

There is more to your evil to be written about this topic, Dennis, but I am wearing out now.   I am well enough educated and alert, Dennis, to know evil can be done without intent.   The problem is you indoor people evil in this Donald Trump case, especially those raised in Brooklyn type neighborhoods have become so detached from real reeling  America, you think and blab judgingly in your narrow and arrogant universe, because you live and work so indoors,  so separately from today’s  real American workers.


Around a century ago a well known American eastern establishment guy, with the initials HLM wrote:


In  general no American generation has been made more TRUTH UNAWARE, ABSENT OF KNOWLEDGE, THAN ITS BODIES ALIVE TODAY UNDER THE AGE OF 50.

What would Democrat, HLM, think of today’s American population so empty of head?

The wealthy of the GOP Establishment, the GOP elected relying upon that wealth, the Fox Cable folks,  and the entire leftist American communications and educational industries of preaching and practicing   feminism, black racism and atheism are gathering together to BURY DONALD J. TRUMP.

When our conservative Donald Trump promised the GOP last summer not to run 3rd Party, according to believable reports, the GOP bosses agreed to “allow” him to run as a Republican.   The Establishment folks and even Dennis Prager and the advertisers  at Fox, I am certain since I’ve been following their surreptitious  paths very closely  from then to now, all awaited the brilliant Donald’s fall into oblivion in a month or two.

They, “we”, “I”,  erred.

Donald is with us to stay….with all of his talent and its refreshing offerings regarding “Making America Great Again!”

Today they, we real  Americans, face  embarrassment and defeat…..and worse Donald’s enemies’ deviousness and evil.  The GOP- preferred candidate is a juvenile Senator from Florida who speaks well, is Spanish speaking a well,  and has a wonderful family history to tell and respect our own American story.

Beyond that, this GOP Marco Rubio  offers the nation  NOTHING, NOTHING NOTHING, FOR HE HAS ACHIEVED NOTHING but talk politics in his young life and obey GOP establishment nonsense….such as his attack on Donald Trump’s small hands and peeing  pants claim demonstrating GOP Establishment skills.

On the other hand there is Ted Cruz…who, in fact, IS a liar when twisting  Trumpisms in effort to belittle…none of his claims true.  He relies upon voter knowledge ignorance.

And, yes, our Donald exaggerates often in his own right….However, he is a very, very, talented man with years of experience dealing and building…..Unlike our GOP Establishment  Mitt who only wheeled and ‘dealed’ with money.

John Kasich is  grumpy and peculiar.

Mr. Romney disgraced himself and the Establishment GOP….perhaps beyond repair for both “institutions”……Rumor mongering is what these gangs have reduced themselves to…..and its sleaze.


There are two articles below both from strident socialist-leftist  Hillary and Obamaling  political news industries, the Washington Post and the New York Times covering the Mitt Romney GOP Establishment speech:


The following is a transcript of the Speech Itself from the New York Times:


(Be remindful that 90% of means of commuication and education  in today’s America distributes leftwing  socialist-Democratic Party theology and supports atheism, black racism, and feminism as its 2016 American Trinity.)

Donald Trump’s, America’s Vice President….Marco Rubio!!!

I am not an enemy of today’s  Republican Party.  I have been an active member since 1984, even a delegate to its state convention upon occasion.

But the Republican Party, Dennis Prager,  conservative  pundits, nearly all  good, solid, conservative  people, as if  a clone of one,  are still fitfully continually  smearing and warring against  OUR DONALD, and therefore  an enemy  of their conservative  selves….their  own goals,  their  own tenets.

Hillary’s feminists and feminizers, regardless of  sex, color, shape, and size  are incapable of  rational thought.  Their god is ‘feelings’.   Truth is  foreign, mostly the enemy, white male material.    They preach Marxism instead.  They graduate from college.

Our, my,  followers of the Republican Party also has been profoundly victimized, even infiltrated  with  feminization for over the past two decades, perhaps more.  (After all, they attended school and probably  university, too.)

Republicans over the years, unlike their  competitors,   Democrats, and now the Bernie Sander’s Socialists, both  infected, infested  by feminism  and  sister diseases, atheism and black racism,  have been less dynamic, less invasive, less  influential, less damaging to the nation than the donkey  believing folks for they aren’t permitted to be seen, much less heard,  while being indoctrinated  at college.

Nevertheless, there are long lists of these feckless in the GOP who have not learned to pay attention to the cancers which have infiltrated our present American body, nearly all from left-wing viruses. Our, my, Republican Party has offered a rather long list of these feckless competing  for the highest and other political offices in our land….which is as much their ‘right’ to do, as any one else’s of required age.  Most, however, lack “energy”.

The names, Bob Dole, G.W., Mitt, hero, irascible, John McCain, Bush, the  low energy functionary, lead a countless list of others over the past quarter century come to mind.

Good boy Marco, odd man Ted, both high on the remaining GOP roster for the office, both fit the personality-less rosters of its more modern political offerings.

And then,  along comes an America’s Donald….a Trump kind….a real male who wears love for  his country in his mouth far beyond his sleeve, and more recently, in “deed” by  driving his energy and brilliance to the promised land of America, its Oval Office.

WHAT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!!!….about a third of our Republican family shouted…..which included me,  a Dennis Prager believer and  fan, who like Dennis,  thought for decades Our Donald a buffoon….and, so,  how dare a buffoon, no matter how superior and American to its Hillary, become a leader of America!

After research to prove my disdain for Our Donald was warranted, I converted instead.


(My Dennis Prager hasn’t done his homework yet.   He’s too busy doing his great works helping Americans  think better  about their God, country, and lives ….may God forever bless him.

GOP SELECT, Jeb Bush, ex-candidate against Our Donald, spent over $100,000,000 of its Pac money to smear Our Donald, pretending  the successful business man is  not a GOP guy, (an interesting twist for the GOP to pursue) ‘not conservative enough and supported by idiots including, therefore, me’.

Instead, GOP SELECT boyish, pleasant, articulate, neat, soon jobless if not elected president, Marco Rubio, will spend about another $100,000,000 of GOP Pac wealth to smear Our Donald, picking up the same lingo which sent Jeb INTO THE BUSHES rather than insure Marxist, black racist, feminist and habitual liar, Hillary Roddham Clinton doesn’t become president..

Then a  newer GOP, my Republican Party  claim now  rings out…..Our Donald cannot beat Hillary…only our boy, sweet cheeks, pleasant, Spanish speaking, intelligent  Marco, can.

“Look at today’s poll numbers”, the stuttering, shocked remains of these antiTrump GOP money men send through  the Press.  “All Marco needs is $200,000,000 more of big business Pac money to beat “not-conservative-enough” Donald Trump.

(At this site, I have already received two requests for donations and one in yesterday’s mail to donate the the RNC and its handsome, Spanish speaking, pleasant, articulate, boyish GOP establishment guy, Marco Rubio……who said on television last evening, that he has two futures for the coming year, either be  “jobless or president of the United States”.

HE FORGOT THE OBVIOUS choice, the one best of all….that he  become employed as Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential candidate to become closer to the Oval Office and help his nation and his president to “Make America Great Again!”


The War Against Trump

Trump Optimists and Trump Skeptics Are About to Go to War

by  Liberal  Nate Silver

“If you think the arguments between the Republican candidates have been bad, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Pundits, reporters and political analysts are going to really have at it. Two competing theories about the Republican race are about to come to a head, and both of them can claim a victory of sorts after South Carolina.

The first theory is simple. It can be summarized in one word: Trump! The more detailed version would argue the following:

So, um, isn’t it obvious that Trump is going to be the Republican nominee?

Not so, say the Trump skeptics. Their case is pretty simple also:

  • Trump is winning states, but he’s only getting about one-third of the vote.
  • Trump has a relatively low ceiling on his support.
  • Trump now has a chief rival: Florida senator Marco Rubio.

(please continue reading:)


Reviewing the South Carolina GOP Vote Scene

SOUTH CAROLINA WINNERS AND LOSERS   by Carl M. Cannon  at realclearpolitics:


The Donald. Donald Trump was triumphant in the South Carolina Highlands, he carried the Low Country, and he ran strongly with evangelicals and retired military families. And he did it handily. “Winning is beautiful,” Trump proclaimed. He may or may not ultimately win the GOP nomination, but who can disagree with that sentiment?

Marco Rubio: He finished a distant second, but he nearly tripled the vote total of Jeb Bush, whose campaign ran a drumbeat of negative ads against him. But Bush was chased from the race Saturday night, and the pressure will now be on him to endorse his one-time protégé.

Diversity: Marco Rubio is a Cuban-American. So is Ted Cruz, who finished just behind him in a close third place. Rubio was endorsed by South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, the daughter of Sikhs from India, and by Tim Scott, the first African-American U.S. senator from the South since Reconstruction. Don’t look now, but the modern GOP is no longer a sea of white faces.

GOP Outsiders: At the beginning of this decade, Donald Trump wasn’t a Republican. Ted Cruz is the most hated Republican in the U.S. Senate. Ben Carson, the political neophyte who seems to be on an extended book tour, finished much closer to Jeb Bush than Bush did to Marco Rubio. Add their vote totals Saturday night and they come to 62 percent…….”

(please read on)

Rumor? GOP Pac $$$ to Anyone Who Can Beat Cruz and Trump?

The anybody-but-Cruz-or-Trump move is coming soon

“Get ready for major Republican officials and large donors to begin a campaign to unite behind an alternative to presidential candidates Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) and put intense pressure on two of the leading center-right candidates to drop out of the race before the Super Tuesday GOP voting.

Today, the GOP establishment is in total disarray. There is a fair chance that the two top candidates in the South Carolina primary will turn out to be Cruz and Trump battling for first and second place with the center-right alternatives coming in distant third, fourth and fifth places because they are dividing the anti-Cruz and anti-Trump vote.
Democrats, who feel a growing unease about the Democratic contest, are ecstatic that Republicans might nominate Cruz or Trump, both of whom are viewed by Democrats — correctly, in my view — as unelectable. Most Republican leaders and many of the largest Republican donors feel exactly the same way, and fear great peril if the GOP nominates Trump or Cruz…….(please read on:)



Mama’s Boy Jeb Bush Moves on to South Carolina

Self-centered  Jeb, the mama’s boy of the 2016 Republican effort to return  civility, honesty, democratic institutions to America, is a decent, but very awkward soul.

He can barely speak  intelligible English.   He is very, very American of  yesterday, a good servant governor of the state of Florida.

At this point his campaign to compete in the Republican primaries has cost his Big Business buddies  $50,000,000 of conservative money to smear Marco Rubio  and Donald Trump.   In the New Hampshire contest the other day, this mama’s boy spent $1,280 per EVERY VOTE HE MANAGED TO COLLECT!  He crept up to fourth place promising his millionaire backers, whoever they might be, not that he was going to make America great again, but that he’d continue his CAUSE……to be another boy made by  his mama back into the White House.

My Donald spends his own money.  If he’d let me, I’d love to  give him the only  $100 I could afford.

Every day I love my Donald for American president more…..Every day I am more worried about the various streams of phrases exiting his mouth.     If he does make it, despite all of the obstacles in his way…..nearly all of them foul, including those occasional spurts from that New York mouth, to the final battle against free-America’s enemy, feminist socialism, I do hope he selects Marco Rubio as his running mate.

Despite all of the above and previous writings, by far my favorite GOP soul of our blessed, but crippled America today, is Trey Gowdy, U.S. Senator from South Carolina.    He’s even a lawyer,  a  former practicing prosecuting district attorney in this Palmetto State.   I immediately remind myself that my favorite American of all time was our Abraham….also an attorney by profession.

My Trey is not a Trump guy…..I believe he’s a Rubio backer.

Trump and Rubio are headed for South Carolina to do battle against the boring rest of the GOP pack.   Ted is talky-talky Ted, Kasich is a decent and honest America-loving guy bureaucrat, dour, sour, problem solver.   Any state population would appreciate him as Governor.  However, however, could this Kasich inspire the American-voter soul?

Mama’s boy, Jeb, would make his mama happy again with him in the White House.   Dad Bush is even older than  I.   Can he still  remember his son’s  name?


Will the Feckless GOP Govs in the Race Derail Marco Rubio?

Will Rubio gaffes hurt him in New Hampshire tomorrow?   Will Mama’s Boy, the meaningless  Jeb Bush move up the Republican ladder a notch or a  percentage point after wasting  $50,000,000 establishment PAC  money to derail Rubio and Trump?  Will the hot tongue of prosecuting attorney,  Chris Christie or the characterless, habitually  snearing, John Kasich,  rise suddenly to contend by tomorrow’s vote?

“No, No, and No”!……. due to  the boredom from them all!

Will Marco Rubio really be damaged from his troubles with  repetition during the last debate?

Sean Trende at realclearpolitics offers the same question:



Molly Ball at Leftist ‘the Atlantic’ writes: