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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Arrogant, big mouth, cocky, Foxy, antiPresident Trump, Phil Cavuto,  seems to be one of the Fox News  fascistics who froth at their joy mouth to eliminate our American 45th President from the nation’s White House as soon as possible.

Is President Trump  too American for the business folks at Fox News?   Perhaps he can’t be controlled for he LOVES HIS COUNTRY JUST AS I And  MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CHRISTIANS DO!!!   He is not bought or otherwise controlled by BUSINESS, BIG OR INTERNATIONAL.  Is that what makes so many mouths of Fox “News” reporters and reviewers like Cavuto to cheat, distort, so often complain and/or squeal against the President at news hours?  Is it instruction from station leftists or personal?

Or is the American population under age 50 so uneducated, so obtuse to American existence at home and abroad, so drugged, Godless,  and lost in life bearing  no brains clear enough to handle learning right from wrong,  those vitally  important matters of civilized human existence?

Did or did not President Donald J. Trump, while talking on the phone with the President of the Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelensky,  utter any word or words wondering about  a serious rumor  that a flaky American Vice President’s son, a young man of many serious background issues, carped millions of dollars out of  Ukraine pockets to score a bit of  fuel business for the weak nation nearly crushed by papa Russia?

So what?    Major corruption was in the air.   How did millions of dollars wind up in the pocket of  Vice President’s troubled son?

Dem fascists wouldn’t hear of something so possibly TRUE.  These fascists and fascistics, almost fascists) are programmed to assault before, during, or/and, after such news…THEY OWN OUR PRESS!

Ancient American MILLIONAIRE, Biddy Pelosi, with countless fascist and fascistic Dem friends and allies, immediately turned to their press and television command worlds.  These fascistics  OWN parts of  the Wall Street Journal, and, outside of radio, nearly every  newspaper and television news communication apparatus in our American world.

If TRUTH had any value in today’s American lines of knowledge, business, and communication,  Democrat candidate for the Leftist American Presidency, Ditsy Vice President Joseph Biden should be confronted by law for possible corruption charges,  NOT TO LIVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE.



These Pelosi fascists of our day who own news television and America’s newsprint from the Atlantic to the Pacific dictate the news that  President Trump has committed a serious crime, one for impeachment and removal from office.   That is the way the fascist Left in power makes truth and knowledge disappear!  Enough noise must overwhelm their own leftist corruptions so their evil can never be reported,  exposed.

I fell in love with Donald becoming our American President,  I think it was August 6, 2015 at Fox center, when the Republican National Committee was plotting to get rid of Mr. Trump as its GOP Candidate for the Presidency……Fox’s Megyn Kelly plotting to get rid of him asap as a presidential GOP candidate listed a few difficulties he had had with some women in the news….asking him if this was the way he viewed all women, never asking any difficult responses from  any of Fox-approved Republicans.

Donald answered, “No, only Rosie O’Donnell.”   My love for Trump began.  My love for functional, staid Republicans diminished.   I have loved and admired Donald ever since!

I am 85.   Somewhere in my 50s  when Donald Trump was happily married to his first wife, well before his Hollywood business jaunt and its episodes I was captured by  a two hour television program about his life.   His was a totally different world from my very modest life teaching  high school Social Studies and Russian in Minneapolis or later on, garden landscaping after being fired by telling Truths about school system to the public.

In the television review Donald Trump  spoke highly of his dad and mom and his opportunities…..had attended two private schools, the second one, according to his dad,  for more discipline in learnings!

Did you know Donald Trump was a gifted athlete in a number of sports.   If I remember the television biography  correctly, when he graduated college, he was offered a contract by the New York Yankees….what else?   HE TURNED THE OFFER DOWN TO WORK FOR HIS DAD IN THE BUILDING BUSINESS.

I was aware Mr. Trump lost his close older brother to alcoholism….according to the biography…..apparently a  main reason our President abstains.

My own dad was Republican.  He was an athlete and a pharmacist.  I married a Democrat in 1957 and remained one until Ronald Reagan.   I did like President John F. Kennedy very much, but no one else in his peculiar family.

Hillary was, is purely evil.   And so are the censoring big business and racist  fascists and fascistics who have taken over today’s once honorable American Democratic Party.

Will 45th American President,  Donald J. Trump,  overcome the Rise of our American fascists and fascistics now dominating American education, communication, and political worlds?

Obviously we cannot know the future.  But, with the rise of our new leaders,  Donald J. Trump and our Dennis Prager spreading knowledge, freedoms, and exposing Truth, WE AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM HAVE A GOOD CHANCE!  ghr


The 21st Century American Human Female Animal

It may surprise the human female graduating from American universities this past generation that the human female is not the identical of the human male.

Margo Epprecht has written an article through Quartz titled, “THE REAL REASON WOMEN ARE LEAVING WALL STREET”.

She ‘knows’ the real reason women are leaving Wall Street.

Before reading her real reason, let me express a male word or two regarding her and other feminist such reasons.

The human female is natively ditzy. More human females may be better, faster readers than their male counterparts. They certainly fit as a group more comfortably in the social milieu of the modern American leftwing educational system which drugs boys to act more like girls. Some human females may even sense a drive to gather some degree of curiosity, but she is not natively so gifted with the chemistry which goes with making boys males….at least most of the time.

Ms. Epprecht’s assumptions are those similar to the standard tyrannical feminists who have claimed that the domination of the human male over the human female throughout their existence, has been the result of a vast male conspiracy to avoid being embarrassed by superior female abilities.

Most rational humans with some kind of knowledge have discovered that the human male through his Homo Sapien existence has been born to become a killer for the survival of the species. He was born a killer throughout his natural ‘upbringing’ until that time when a religion or two stimulated crazy ideas in the human male brain that he should learn to reduce his degree of natural violence and become God-fearing, that is, ‘good’ fearing instead remaining a beast. Some, eventually described as ‘civilized’, spent much of their time reducing male proclivity to violence in order to run human existence ‘better’.

Weapons have always remained at close hand, nevertheless.

Man discovered “There is neither good nor bad. Only thinking makes it so,” and began his journey in life, mixed in results to be sure, developing a conscience, an idea missing amongst most feminists and other Marxists.

This beast was programmed to become curious to build a safer nest, to build better tools, to secure better concepts for survival to protect his mate, mates, and their offspring in the immediate, and his confederates under his protection and guile as their roles altered with age and their ability to remain in control.

The human female has never been a carbon copy of the human male under any conditions even in the more powerful Marxist states of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the People’s Republic of China. Until the most recent of years, her primary purpose throughout the animal’s lifetime, was to participate in perpetuating the species. In general in most cultures, it became the duty of her mate and society to protect her.

In my own personal experience women are often very efficient in accomplishing office work. I remember them as incomparable as my old maid public elementary and high school teachers teaching knowledge in a male disciplined environment. Such women have long since disappeared.

Today’s massive bureaucracies seem ideal for female efficiency in passing on programmed ideas and matter in mass production. This new world has isolated man, the thinker, the curious, the builder, the gatherer of his space for his mate and family. We have seen his demise in the Communist tyrannies of the past century.

Tyrannies are made secure by female, not male, obeisance.

If they were the human male’s equal in the meaning of the word, the female should also be his equal in physical work, the mental and behavioral, as well…. Despite constant leftwing propaganda in the American press, the nation’s schools and universities and feminist dysfunctioning, she is not there yet, for she still remains female, the sacred instrument through which this strange species in life, the human being, continues to be.


(I add the following to the above article written six years ago:

At 85 this coming summer, I still greatly  admire the role of human MOTHERHOOD ever since my  kindergarten “classes” in 1939….a time when thereafter nearly all of my teachers until tenth grade were female, old maids, loved kids and loved teaching knowledge and maturing youngsters in the then Godfearing JudeoChristian environment.

I don’t ever remember  meeting any of the countless Dem Nancy Pelosi goofs  of today’s miserable America when I learned my early school  learnings throughout  the 1940s.   Mothers were at home in the neighborhoods or on farms as  homemakers then when homemakers and CHURCH formed the primary  decency and character of our Nation’s  off spring.


Goodness Still Exists in America

The Life of Sean

by David F. Watson on Down Syndrome & the Lives That Matter   (Article sent by Mark Waldeland.)

As I watch my eleven-year-old son, Sean, make movies on his iPad, I worry about the future. In this era in which many have taken it upon themselves to insist loudly and publicly that their lives matter, many also insist that lives like Sean’s do not. Last March, the Washington Post published an article by Ruth Marcus entitled “I would’ve aborted a fetus with Down syndrome. Women need that right.” As a thought experiment, replace the words “with Down syndrome” with terms for other categories of people. Substitute a particular racial group, gender category, or sexual orientation. The hue and cry over such an article would rattle the heavens. Western culture has developed a normally unspoken hierarchy of humanity, and people with diminished intellectual capacities are on the low end of it.

One might object that categories of race, gender, and sexual orientation do not carry with them the familial and social burdens that people with Down syndrome do. This assumes that “burden” is an appropriate criterion for abortion, an assumption I reject. For the sake of argument, however, let’s grant the validity of this position for a moment. At what point, then, do we decide that the level of “burden” justifies the elimination of an entire category of people?

If you would prefer a closer analogy than that of race, gender, or sexual orientation, replace “Down syndrome” in the headline with another genetic condition, like a predisposition to obesity. “I would’ve aborted a fetus with a genetic propensity to become obese. Women need that right.” Think of the strain that obese people place on our healthcare system. If we could only eliminate such people before they were born. . . . Or how about: “I would have aborted a fetus with a genetic predisposition toward depression.” Or “alcoholism.” Or “Alzheimer’s.” Or “autism.” It is now possible to administer a highly accurate prenatal test for Down syndrome. No doubt the medical community will in time develop tests for other conditions as well. Imagine the headlines our children will read twenty years from now.

To its credit, the Post did publish an opposing opinion by George Will called “The real Down syndrome problem: Accepting genocide.” Will defines genocide as “the deliberate, systematic attempt to erase a category of people.” Consider also the eugenic character of efforts to eradicate people with Down syndrome. We are witnessing a concerted attempt to eliminate an entire category of people precisely because these people bear genetic characteristics considered undesirable. This has, by and large, already happened in Iceland, and it is happening in other parts of Western Europe and the United States. People with Down syndrome are depicted as inflicting a burden on both their families and the wider society. Therefore, this line of thought goes, their elimination makes life easier for all of us. One wonders which group of undesirables will next bear the unfortunate label of “burden.”

Conferring Value on Lives

Do not miss the significance of an article making the case for eugenics appearing in the Washington Post. It is now entirely acceptable to depict people like Sean as superfluous both to families and to society. These people are commonly understood to matter less than other people. Let’s be clear about what is happening here: the devaluing of a certain category of people because of a disability. That is the very definition of ableism. To suggest, then, that it is appropriate to eliminate this category of people in the womb is nothing less than to advocate eugenics. Why is this not considered hate speech? In a world where college students have to run to their safe spaces when a tenured professor opts not to use their preferred pronouns, how is it acceptable to advocate ableist, eugenic policies in an established forum such as the Washington Post?

The reason is that, culturally speaking, we determine the value of certain categories of people by the effectiveness of those who advocate on their behalf. In Western culture, the church has lost a great deal of its once-pervasive influence. Some people—many, in fact—insist that this is a good thing. We have finally thrown off the puritanical shackles of Christianity and entered into a new era of individual freedom. This, however, is a lie. We are no freer than we were before. We have simply decided to serve different masters.

We have entered into an era in which we have to insist that various categories of lives actually matter. The Black Lives Matter movement has given rise to other advocacy groups. We are now reminded that blue lives, brown lives, and gay lives matter. In response to these various slogans, some people have begun to insist that “all lives matter.” But do they? The emergence of these advocacy movements suggests that any widespread cultural notion that human life is intrinsically valuable has vanished. We now establish the value of lives through the will to power. Nietzschean voluntarism has replaced philosophical and theological notions of the intrinsic value of human life.

In this world, people with Down syndrome are at a significant disadvantage. Because they normally experience diminished intellectual capacity compared to “typical” people, it is very difficult for them to enter into the arenas of advocacy and public discourse. The will to power is not within their grasp. We might expect their parents to advocate on their behalf, and some do, but the abortion rate of children with Down syndrome indicates that their parents are often the very ones from whom they need protection.

The Need for Clarity

I am not surprised to see the rise of ethical voluntarism in secular cultures. It is a logical outworking of the epistemic consequence of sin. Under the influence of original sin, people replace the values disclosed to us through divine revelation with values they believe serve their own interests. What frightens me, however, is seeing these values penetrate the church. They have established innumerable outposts within mainline Protestantism, and they are increasingly infiltrating Western Evangelicalism.

I spend considerable time in various communities of the Protestant world: mainline, Evangelical, charismatic, and African-American. When faced with complex ethical issues, Protestants stand at a significant disadvantage relative to Roman Catholics. We tend to make ethical decisions based upon emotivism, biblicism, or some combination of the two. What many Protestant traditions lack is a well-thought-out body of doctrinal and ethical resources rooted in Scripture, but drawing out its implications in disciplined and systematic ways that can help to shape the life of the church. We need more than feelings about the value of life and Scripture passages that support our feelings.

We need more than the writings of theologians and ethicists whose work remains peripheral to the church’s decision-making processes. We need real doctrinal clarity that can give rise to ethical clarity. In the case of the lives of people with Down syndrome, we need theological anthropology. Without clear, reasoned teaching from the church, many of our congregants will simply adopt the values of the dominant culture in which they live.

Reinders’s Insights

One of the finest pieces of theology I have ever read is Receiving the Gift of Friendship: Profound Disability, Theological Anthropology, and Ethics, by Hans S. Reinders (-Eerdmans, 2008). This work is not simply an outstanding example of the theology of disability, but it could also serve as a model for many other areas of theological inquiry. In the book, Reinders takes up the matter of “profound disability,” by which he means a “state of mental development that has not gone beyond a toddler’s stage of development” (48). Reinders asserts that “being created in God’s image indicates a unique relationship” and that “this relationship is affirmed extrinsically by the triune God. . . . From a Christian point of view, all of this is to say that the human being exists truthfully in God’s friendship, regardless of his or her abilities and disabilities” (313).

When we become friends with people with profound disabilities, we are acting in agreement with God’s friendship with them. In the process, we ourselves are changed. We learn about what it means to be truly human. People with profound disabilities teach us about our own -friendship with God. They show us that “being accepted by God does not depend on our goodness” (320). They show us that, as we age and lose some of the capacities in which we have been taught to take so much pride, our value as human beings is not diminished. In other words, Reinders constructs a theological vantage point from which it is impossible to distinguish differences in value among people with various levels of abilities.

Put differently, in Reinders’s schema, the value of human life is not based on what a person can accomplish on the one hand, or on how much of a “burden” he or she may be on the other. The value of human life is based in God’s love. When we come into agreement with God’s love, we will understand the value of all human life, regardless of disability or any other category we wish to consider. The church must continue to insist that human life has value that is independent of an individual’s ability and power. We must resist the lure of voluntarism. We must be ever vigilant to make sure that our own values are not simply the values of the wider culture with Christian window dressing.

Picking Up Our Game

Particularly among Protestants, this means that we need to pick up our game. We need to take more seriously the theological teaching office of the church, and to help our congregants understand why each human life matters. The people in our churches don’t simply need to know that one human life matters as much as any other; they also need to know why this is the case. If we do not intentionally shape them intellectually and ethically, someone else will.

In her Post article, Ruth Marcus provides us with a moment of exquisite irony when she describes legal efforts to prevent eugenic selection against people with Down syndrome with this comparison: “In an argument worthy of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. . . .” Marcus evokes the specter of a fictitious dystopia for women when she herself is contributing to a real-life dystopia for people with Down syndrome.

Indeed, as I watch Sean make movies on his iPad, I worry about the future. I worry about his future, not because of his level of ability, but because of the voices of those who will say that his life matters less than others’. I pray that the Body of Christ will stand up for him, and those like him, in a world that sees them as burdens rather than gifts.

David F. Watson serves as Academic Dean and Professor of New Testament at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. His most recent book is Scripture and the Life of God: Why the Bible Matters Today More Than Ever (Seedbed, 2017), and he blogs at http://www.davidfwatson.me. David and his wife, Harriet, have two children, Luke and Sean.



Why Is Feminism So Married to Leftist Fascism? For Security and Equality!!!

Throughout the millions of years of the development of life…….eventually cultivating human life in its countless “gardens” the role, the life between female and male  has been consistently divided,  regardless of the culture and related species.

The minimal celled “Amoeba” has never arrived  quite  the equal of the origin or being of   Tyranasaurus Rex,  Homo sapiens, or Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Vintage Gold’ throughout these four billion plus years of  “Mother”, not ‘father’Earth!

Look the stuff up yourself!! It will require a lot of time, however.   The story is, after all, available  on the internet….but it’s all pretty dusty and dark in such closets of the stories of Truth and existence which Americans these days aren’t taught to know.   Remember, it’s  the human animal, i.e., its  male who still is  genetically driven to snoop, to discover, to conquer the bits, large and small, from the eternal unknown.)

And then here comes modern America’s popular first class squirrels, fascistic Nancy Pelosi, and company…… mouthy, bouncy,  unlearned, ditsy,  arrogant,  mindless, yet demanding of respect, wealth,  and attention;  the Democrat lefty financed through marriage and the people’s wealth, the Party  paid for by Communist-trained George Soros !

Feminists and fascists of all sexes, sizes, and colors usually blend well together, until they score victory.  They, like  human female animals,  ADORE the disappearance of “change”!

Yet, life on Planet Earth and beyond, seems to be always changing!!   That is what learned  human males caused and  discovered throughout their own years of “existence”.   That thinking-driven human male throughout the ages, had been programmed to recognize the Truth of life, death, and change as being God’s will for the revelation  of “his” endless unknown.  He still seeks by blood and soul.

“God”made the Homo sapiens crowd discover “God” as the teacher of Good and Evil, the male a killer, hunter, defender, thinker, plotter, challenger,  inventor, curious, gullible, dreamer, confused…..for the survival of the species….for today,  the female still bears the beginning of the being of human life, whether in Duluth, Nairobi, or Shanghai, and so on.

What about our today’s  American,  Pelosi sapiens?  Are they forever born  ditsy?

Well, there’s Maxine Waters, that New York Cuomo and California Harris and the other 40 plus-announced 2020 presidential candidates  from  today’s Feminist-Feminazi Democrat Party who are thrilled to be in their fascist War Zone!  Wouldn’t you if the only world you knew  was owned or   programmed by  Uncle Sam’s universities, high schools, grade schools, PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN,  newsprint New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post et alia,  the nation’s  FBI brass, 65% of its Jews, 70% of its blacks, half of   the nation’s moneyed RINOs, and  half  of its ditsy female population?  Please think about it all!

Ironically, it’s today’s Dennis Prager world desperately, sincerely  supporting, working, to establish  the best of  the   Trumpie part of the American Republican Party to challenge the nation’s ditsyites….a Party, what’s left of it,  still programmed to honor, respect, and  protect  America, its females and family life, its JudeoChristianity principles,  Truth seeking, and Freedom of expression.





I am a Prager fan, and have been since I first met him via radio in 2004 and better yet, in person those years he had his Prager booth at the Minnesota State Fair.

He is an indoor man, flies around the country,  and being a modern American, knows nearly nothing about the outdoors.  I love him anyway.  He loves classical music and is not a Jewish leftwinger, the kind I had been circled around throughout grade school, high school, and college life, AD Sept 1939-June 1952.  Yet, as antiChristian this pesty group was throughout those years, I benefited  profoundly within their presence in my learnings, my understandings of life, and respect for the Jewish misfits who were my best friends in those days.

I was raised well educated primarily by old maid school teachers who loved teaching.  They were, unlike today’s feminist animals, very well educated and so, were allowed, expected to share their learnings with their students  because problem solving, not problem creating human males dominated  the nation’s business and scholarly environment.  American females, Negro and white,  in those days were wonderful mothers and neighbors in their communities.

When I began my university Liberal Arts years, I was supposed to absorb knowledge for the sake of seeking Truth, be God fearing and so, closer to God, as it was then understood, in order to secure a wiser, more peaceful, JudeoChristian neighborhood in our nation and the world, and be a protecting Father for my wife and children.

Divorce then was limited to the nation’s wealthy.   A husband was expected to honor and protect his wife and children!  FAMILY had meaning in those days.

I managed to catch the third session of Dennis’ program today.   Apparently earlier in the program,  the question arose why the major God of the human animal is always MALE?

I learned the correct answer to that in 1948 when I was in ninth grade English class where we were taught Shakespeare by  Mabel Wicker,  68 years old going on 100…about 4’10” in height, 80 pounds in weight, wearing  a 1930’s version of a red wig, and 40 ‘misfits’, mostly boys who had  potential to achieve good grades, but issues regarding learning…Most of us couldn’t read!

As I remember, she had asked for an answer to her question, “Why IS God Male”, and supplied us with the information that among  Mohammedanism  and other major  world religions then,  the God of gods was always Male……”Why?”

She answered that God is male because…..

“Man is programmed by our Creator to be THE protector, the builder, the provider by body and mind to provide a future to the species!

“The woman is programmed to be the deliverer of the future of our species!  Her man is biologically programmed to protect her and their offspring  for the survival of the species.”

Any questions?   That was 70 years ago, folks, when JudeoChristianity not leftist atheism flourished.


How Churches Might Repopulate

Good letters in the Sunday Star Tribune
The Sept. 23 commentary “What churches get wrong, and how to repopulate” was extraordinary in its misunderstanding of the purpose of churches. The author, Ron Way, builds the case that churches should become social/political advocacy institutions, and then more people will attend. While that may be important, it totally misses the primary purpose of church. The biblically stated purpose and mission is to help people build a stronger personal relationship with God. It’s called faith.

Research shows that Bible-teaching, faith-building churches are thriving. There are plenty of social/political advocacy organizations for people to become a part of, but there is only one organization that deals with one’s faith — one’s heart and soul — and that is the church. The churches that stick to that mission grow. Those that don’t, don’t.

Charles Wanous, Bloomington

Way asserts: “Bible stories were never meant as literal history.”

This is false. Bible stories were treated as literal history until the mid-19th century. They were considered to be so reliable that scientific greats like Isaac Newton and Lord Kelvin attempted to calculate the age of the Earth from biblical genealogies.

It was only when improvements in archaeology, paleontology and astronomy made the age of the world (and the universe surrounding it) apparent that religious leaders retreated to this notion of biblical stories as not literally true, but rather being parables, illustrating morality. Not coincidentally, church attendance began declining in the mid-19th century, and hasn’t recovered since.

Rohit Patnaik, Plymouth

As a pastor and theologian, I read with interest the comments made by critics of the Bible (Readers Write, Sept. 23) in response to “One man’s journey to reconcile creationism and evolution” (Opinion Exchange, Sept. 16). One letter writer related the stories of the Bible as “rubbish, pure and simple.” Meanwhile, Ron Way, in his Sept. 23 commentary, referred to the “ ‘troubling texts,” stating parenthetically that “parts of Leviticus and Deuteronomy promote felonies,” and asked: “What caring God would endorse such nonsense?” But the emphasis of his article had to do with the decline of the church.

Therefore, I decided to make a rebuttal regarding these two issues. First of all, the Bible has never been disproved historically, archaeologically and prophetically. The accounts given in the Old Testament merely reveal the depravity and sinfulness of all humanity in need of a savior. If you miss that message, you missed the whole emphasis of the Old Testament. From the earliest expression of the gospel in Genesis 3:15 to Revelation 22:20, the unifying focus is on Jesus Christ. In addition, the God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New Testament. For people to say that the God of the Old Testament is cruel and harsh and the God of the New Testament is loving simply does not hold truthfully in the unity of the Bible.

Second, the evangelical churches together that preach faithfully salvation in Jesus Christ alone (John 14:6), through repentance and being “born again” (John 3:3, 7), are growing in contrast to the decline of liberal churches. Many of these pastors faithfully apply God’s word to daily life and social issues, as God intends it to be. Even in other countries, this message of redemption in Jesus Christ is spreading and the number of conversions is growing immensely.

The problem with the articles, and others like them, is that unregenerate people (unbelievers) try to use their human wisdom to explain spiritual things, even God’s word. Yet, it does not work (1 Corinthians 2:10-14)!

The Rev. Merrill D. Olson, Isanti

The writer is a semiretired pastor.

Big-Big Time and Mouth N.Y. Democrat, Eric Schneiderman Disappears into Disgrace!

Lock Him Up: Manhattan D.A. Opens Criminal Investigation Of Schneiderman

by Allahpundit  at HotAir:

I just want to kick in a post about Schneiderman before this story fades, practically faster than I can blog about it. News cycles in the Trump era now move so briskly that the attorney general of New York, who’s been coordinating with Bob Mueller to potentially prosecute the president and his cronies on state Russiagate offenses, can be exposed as an abusive monster, resign from office in disgrace, and become old-ish news literally overnight.

Better get those takes in now before we’re all onto the Iran deal and whatever the new Stormygate drama ends up being.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office is now looking into Schneiderman’s behavior. Don’t hold your breath, though: They’ve been looking into Harvey Weinstein’s behavior for six months and there’s nary an indictment in sight.

Danny Frost, a spokesman for Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr., said in a statement late Monday that prosecutors would look into the claims.

It’s an unusual twist: Schneiderman’s office had been tasked with investigating the Manhattan District Attorney’s office over its handling of a 2015 sex assault probe involving Harvey Weinstein that resulted in no criminal charges.

NYPD officials said they had not received any complaints, but would investigate thoroughly should anyone come forward.

How long should this investigation take, realistically? They need to interview Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam (plus, ideally, the two anonymous women who spoke to the New Yorker), look at the medical records from when the two sought treatment after being smacked around, and speak to the friends — one of whom is Salman Rushdie — who claim they were told at the time that the abuse was occurring. If everything seems credible after some basic due diligence, like establishing Schneiderman’s whereabouts on dates when the abuse occurred, that’s probable cause. It shouldn’t take months, especially if this case is made a priority.

Normally the D.A. might weigh the likelihood of conviction at trial and decide not to charge if he thinks he’s apt to lose, even if probable cause for an arrest exists, but not so much in this case. Schneiderman, after all, is accused not just of grievous physical abuse but grievous abuse of power. The most chilling line in last night’s New Yorker story wasn’t the details of him choking and slapping the women, as bad as that was. It was him allegedly once telling Barish, “I am the law.” Well, we’ll see, won’t we? Cy Vance has a heavy political incentive to show the public that he’s at least *trying* to hold this degenerate to the same rules everyone else has to play by. If the jury lets him go, that’s on them.

And in case you missed this passage in the New Yorker piece, the rules that Schneiderman and everyone else have to play by were, in this case, actually written by him. In addition to standard criminal prohibitions against assault, New York State has a special law that specifically prohibits strangulation because it happens so often in relationships where the abuse eventually leads to death. This guy, who was allegedly choking his partners in bed, was somehow woke enough to make choking a separate offense in the name of punishing violent men before they end up killing the women they’re with:

Not only did Schneiderman’s bill make life-threatening strangulation a grave crime; it also criminalized less serious cases involving “an intent to impede breathing” as misdemeanors punishable by up to a year in prison. “I’m just sorry it took us so long in New York State to do this,” Schneiderman declared at the time. “I think this will save a lot of lives.”

Jennifer Friedman, a legal expert on domestic violence, says that she cannot square Schneiderman’s public and private behavior. Anyone knowledgeable about intimate-partner violence, she says, knows that choking is “a known lethality indicator.” She adds, “I cannot fathom that someone who drafted the legislation on strangulation is unfamiliar with such concepts.” She also says, “A slap is not just a slap—it reverberates through the rest of the relationship, making her afraid of setting him off.” She adds, “People aren’t usually prosecuted for it, but, in the state of New York, slapping is assault when it results in pain or physical injury.”

Two lingering questions here. One: Why didn’t Schneiderman resign much, much sooner? Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer didn’t write this story overnight. Presumably they contacted Schneiderman himself for comment awhile ago. Even if they didn’t, friends of his would have gotten wind that something career-threatening was in the works. Why didn’t he quit preemptively, to do what little he could to short-circuit public interest in the scandal? It would have been a major scandal regardless but dropping this story on the sitting AG of New York State and having him resign in shorter order than it would take you to watch “Gone With the Wind” was an avoidable scenario. Does he really think he’s being smeared here and was prepared to fight the allegations?

Or was he so arrogant and self-deluded that he thought he might convince his party to let him keep his job? In hindsight, you’re left wondering if Schneiderman’s loud-and-proud woke #Resistance shtick, from targeting Trump to writing domestic abuse laws, was partly a matter of him banking political goodwill *knowing* that this might come out someday and he’d need liberals to circle the wagons for him. Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton made themselves politically indispensable to the left and survived, after all. Schneiderman had some reason to think he might too:

After the former girlfriend ended the relationship, she told several friends about the abuse. A number of them advised her to keep the story to herself, arguing that Schneiderman was too valuable a politician for the Democrats to lose. She described this response as heartbreaking. And when Schneiderman heard that she had turned against him, she said, he warned her that politics was a tough and personal business, and that she’d better be careful. She told Selvaratnam that she had taken this as a threat.

If Schneiderman’s career had started a mere 10 or even five years early, he might still be in line to become governor now.

Two: How thorny will the statutes of limitations prove for Cy Vance in prosecuting Schneiderman? In New York the state gets five years to prosecute a felony but only two years to prosecute a misdemeanor. If Barish and Selvaratnam are telling the truth, Schneiderman’s guilty of at least third-degree strangulation (i.e. “Criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation”) and assault. Problem is, those are misdemeanors, and since Barish stopped seeing Schneiderman on New Year’s Day 2015, that means he would be off the hook for what he did to her. (Selvaratnam dated him until last fall.) On the other hand, second-degree strangulation and assault are each felonies; he could be prosecuted for what he did to Barish in that case. Second-degree strangulation requires “stupor, loss of consciousness for any period of time, or any other physical injury or impairment” in the victim. Second-degree assault requires “serious physical injury.” I don’t remember Barish or Selvaratnam claiming injury from choking in the New Yorker piece but they both needed medical care from the slapping. Would that qualify as “serious physical injury”? Let’s hope so, for Vance’s purposes.


Feminist Fanatics Claim the Human Male and Human Female Are Equal…..END OF STORY!!

I am not a fan of famous NBC Democrat, now old man, Tom Brokaw.   Unlike the younger fascists starring at   NBC today, Mr. Brokaw did possess a pleasant, old fashioned  masculine tone to his lefty tendency phrases throughout his generation of Democrat Party airwave salemanship.   He wasn’t con artist Dan Rather of CBS’s leftist sales deceit of similar era and the leftwing of their day in no way resembles the fascist left of today’s Obamalings running almost the entire country’s  news industry whether television or newsprint plus Hollywood.

We do, however, live in the world of  Harvey Weinstein of Hollywood world.   Who among  you feminists who insist human  females  are the human male’s equal (or superior in your feminazi world)  can come up with a creature equal to Harvey?

Equal means equal, folks.   That the human female and male animal are equal in value and import within  the JudeoChristian concept of the ideal human family for the survival of the species as a human being rather than the animal we are born to be.   By Nature the human female animal role as a parent is far  more intimate from nursing to early puberty both relying upon the father for protection, safety, and housing…..until leftism came to rule the Democrat Party, that is.

The human male and human female animals weren’t born (made)  to be equal in various  forms of life.   The human male is genetically programmed in body and mind to be a killer, a hunter, a builder, a defender, an inventor, and curious for the survival of the species.

The human female animal is born to bear, nurse, and care for  offspring for the survival of the species.  She is also born ditsy.    Problem solving in her arena is often in another wildly emotional world.    In most Western democratic societies, the she of the species demands  “equality” however anywhere and everywhere, whether true of false.

The human male is born to be an attacker.   The human female is born to be sly,  manipulative, emotional, physically smaller, weaker.

So let’s come to the point regarding today’s  human female animal of importance, usually a Lefty,  who complains about being  “abused” decades in the past by a male who has made a name for himself in the time in between.   It was in the late 1960s when leftist and feminist revolutionaries made sex and nudity  in public popular and best yet with various mixtures of drugs to send the exercise to some kind of orbit.

Our leftist American Democrat Party led by Hillary Clinton  and its current  FBI upper class  have both   abandoned Truth as important in their work and life.   It won’t  fit their fascistic power agenda….  Could this movement be married to the reality that  today’s single  human female animal is programmed  to be manipulative, moody,  driven to be cared for, made more masculine by culture and so, is led to fascism, power,  and fantasy rather than the ‘animal’ bearing, raising children these days?

Mr.  Brokaw must be in my age rank….in his  80s don’t you think?    He escaped the Harvey Weinstein months of feminist uprisings of a couple of years ago, claiming they were unfairly sexually ‘invaded’ throughout the past  decades …..the decade or two after  Hillary Clinton’s President husband’s era of aggressive sexual assaults in the White House and earlier in Little Rock, when Governor of Arkansas.

As you readers remember, nearly all of the American television empires were forced  by the sudden uprising of countless  female numbers  to admit ‘company’  human male animal sexual ‘transgressions’ against women  noted and nearly noted for entertainment and otherwise  led by champion  Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein.   We, in Minnesota were blessed to see leftwing  cultural and political mouth, Al Franken join the list of the early retirees from the U.S. Senate.

If, as “Democrat feminist” fascists claim, that human female and male animals are equal, why don’t guys blame gals for sexually interfering with their normal daily routines  slutting around in shorts or catch for comfort or position, hunting for a victim….especially years after the alleged action?

What if Tom Brokaw is a victim of feminism?


The Miracle of Life….up close!

Adorable: Baby sleeps in the same position as in his ultrasound photos

For many mothers, ultrasounds are an exciting window into the womb, a glimpse of the life growing inside of them. But for one mom, she had no idea how prescient that photo would be.

South Carolina mom Sarah Kelleher Steppling originally didn’t want to get a boutique ultrasound, but her mother and grandmother wanted pictures of the little preborn baby Michael. When she went to get the ultrasound, she was thrilled to see her baby boy’s beautiful face… and tickled to see him sleeping with both arms raised up over his head. Little did she know just how much Michael loves that position.

Steppling got her ultrasound at 38 weeks, and not long afterwards, she gave birth to baby Michael. And his favorite position to sleep in is that same position he favored in the womb. Michael still sleeps with both arms raised by his head, as you can see in this adorable video (click below):

It’s become increasingly clear that advances in ultrasounds have helped the pro-life movement, and how could it not? The more people understand the science of embryology and fetal development, the more difficult it is to deny preborn babies of their humanity.

A preborn baby’s heart is beating at just 22 days; brain waves can be measured by six weeks. And later ultrasounds, like Michael’s, are a compelling sign of why late-term abortion is so especially horrendous for so many Americans. This is very clearly an image of a human child, and the only thing that changes after birth is location.

Please click below to get a full view of the photo:


The Battle for Life Continues


by Constance J. Thatcher    at   FIRST THINGS:      (Article sent by Mark Waldeland)

I write this both in sorrow and in gratitude, as a humble thank-you to the men and women who volunteer their time and their souls on those hostile sidewalks. This is the war that has been waged against us on our own soil. The war against human dignity. The war against life and the God who gifts it. My message to those kind strangers acting as witnesses to the gospel: You are the bold and vital human agents of divine Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. Though you will not save every life, you might save just one. And the saving of even a single soul offers infinite praise and glory to our Creator.”
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