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President Trump’s Outstanding Teaching and Learning Skills Seeking Truth and Consequences!


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Scott wrote last week about Byron York’s revealing podcast with John Dowd, who represented President Trump during a substantial portion of Trump’s dealings with special counsel Robert Mueller. Byron has now posted, on Ricochet, the second installment of his interview with Dowd. He writes about it here. An excerpt:

In our earlier talk, Dowd stressed that the Trump White House fully cooperated with Mueller’s investigation, and that on more than one occasion Trump instructed Dowd to inform Mueller that the president respected the prosecutor’s work. But how could one say Trump fully cooperated when the president was, at the same time, loudly denouncing the probe as a “witch hunt” and a “hoax,” and bashing Mueller’s prosecutors as “17 angry Democrats”?

The answer lay in Trump’s longtime habit of operating on two levels. On the surface, Trump sets off controversies, often using Twitter to say something outrageous that sets the media agenda and leaves some commentators with their hair on fire. At the same time, below the surface, Trump is actually taking steps to get a particular job done.

That was true with the Russia probe. For public consumption, Trump was denouncing Mueller and trashing his team. Behind the scenes, Trump was cooperating and making sure his staff did the same. The Trump White House offered everyone (except, of course, the president himself) to be interviewed, and reams and reams of documents that other White Houses might have withheld on the grounds of executive or other privilege. So Trump simultaneously attacked and cooperated.

Asked about the attacks, Dowd said Mueller understood that Trump had to mount a political defense on the Russia issue. “Bob understood this, it was political,” Dowd said. ” [Trump] had to handle the political side, and that was his way of doing it with his tweets and his comments … Bob was a big boy about the political side of it. He understood the president had to address the politics of it. He couldn’t just say nothing. People were pounding him about this thing every day, both privately and publicly, and he had to take [Mueller] on.”

Interesting. Hypothesis: Trump adopts the persona of a vain and boastful man who overestimates his own abilities, because it is the surest way to cause his opponents to underestimate him.



“Winter” Arrives in Global Warming Minnesota?!?

Newspaper headlines from Feb. 3, 1996, the day after a state record low temperature of 60 degrees below zero in Tower, Minn. (Photo from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)


It could reach minus 27 in St. Paul and Minneapolis on Tuesday night, according to the National Weather Service. Two decades ago in St. Louis County, they would have considered that a tropical paradise.

Next week will mark the 23rd anniversary of the coldest temperature ever recorded in Minnesota — a Hoth-like 60 degrees below zero on Feb. 2, 1996.

It happened outside of Tower, Minn., a city of about 500 roughly 25 miles south of the Canadian border in the northeast corner of the state. According to a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources account, a few factors besides the obvious (that’d be a “deeply cold air mass”) drove the record reading.

The city sits in a slight topographic bowl, making it a collection basin for cold air, which tends to sink as low as possible. And with nearly four feet of standing snow, the thermometer — perched at five feet — was that much closer to where the coldest air rested.

Things weren’t so hot in the Twin Cities, either, with a temperature of 32 degrees below zero at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport — just a few degrees off the coldest day on record in the metro (minus 34 in January 1936.)

Six days later, it was bikini season in Tower: The high hit 48 degrees on Feb. 8, 1996.

As far as lows go, the 60-below mark is tied for fifth all-time in the United States, behind:

  • Prospect Creek, Alaska, 80 below, January 1971
  • Rogers Pass, Mont., 70 below, January 1954
  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyo., 66 below, February 1933
  • Maybell, Colo., 61 below, February 1985


Remembering the Soviet Past

From Russian Bolsheviks to American Socialists

by Alexander G. Markovsky  at American Thinker:

In December 1991, the world watched in amazement and trepidation as the communist empire spectacularly collapsed. The jubilation proved to be premature. Marxism adapted to a new reality and, in one of the most dramatic reversals of history, comfortably relocated to the United States, where it acquired a new life and malignancy within the Democratic Party.

In 2008 this ferment culminated in the election of Barack Obama who by 2016 had successfully transformed the Democratic Party into the de facto Social Democratic Party.

For those who are not familiar with the terminology:

Social democracy is a political ideology that has as its goal the establishment of socialism through implementation of a policy regime that includes, but is not limited to, high taxation, government regulation of private enterprises, and establishment of a universal welfare state.

Had Obama been succeeded by Hillary Clinton, America would have continued the smooth transition into socialism as planned. But as it often happens with the best-laid plans, life arranged some unexpected detours. What was near-universally seen as foreordained was preempted by the election of Donald Trump.

The collapse of high expectations did not shatter the socialists’ capacity to shape posterity. As the aspirations of the Bolshevik Revolution were being reincarnated in Vermont and exported to New York and California, the country inured to the world of unsustainable populist demands.  The barrier separating utopia and reason is crumbling; growing embrace of free education, free health care, and a guaranteed minimum income by young people is an obvious indication of the rise of the socialist movement.

Yet, despite socialism’s increasing appeal, the Democrats are aware that “socialism” is still a dirty word in the political vocabulary and the population at large. Indeed, using the term socialism would be too forward leaning. So, they mask Marxist ideology by not mentioning the word “socialism” without the prefix “democratic.”

The “democratic” cannot conceal a commonality of the ideological vocabulary of the Democratic Party’s leadership with Marxism. Visceral hatred of capitalism and seductive promises of miraculous fulfilment of egalitarian dreams leave little doubt about the Party becoming a plagiarizing scum of Lenin’s faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (RSDLP) or Bolsheviks. Coincidentally they also had “democratic” in the party name.

Therefore, we shall not be confused by the ideological taxonomy. Democratic socialism promulgated by Bernie Sanders and his disciples is a socialist trojan horse disguised as an alternative to Marxism. Unlike the Bolshevik’s strategy of taking power via violent revolution, this one emulates the strategy of the Russian Mensheviks Julius Martov and Pavel Axelrod designed to enact socialism gradually and make it more palatable by installing the Hugo Chavezes of this world through the democratic process.

This slow-roll strategy designed to do to the United States incrementally what Russian Bolshevism did to Russia in 1917 abruptly. The Democratic Party’s socialism is nothing less than its Marxist inheritance implemented by other means. Notwithstanding its heavy Russian accent, Democratic socialism is bringing under one roof all the true believers and intellectuals disheartened and disillusioned by the ugliness of Stalinism, Maoism, and other socialist “isms” but still yearning for equality, fairness, and righteousness. It is also intended to ascertain ideological cohesion among pseudo-patriot advocates of strong governmental authority and left-wing lunatics, to whom capitalism is a common enemy.

Regardless of how the socialists come to power and what variants between political flavors of Christian democratic socialism, Soviet-style revolutionary socialism, social democratic socialism or any other kind of socialism are, they all trace their origins to Karl Marx’s “scientific socialism” and share the common mantra — “fair and equitable” distribution of wealth. Hence, the differences are superficial. The ultimate goal of socialism is economic equality.

If the uneducated graduates of American universities and supporters of socialism absorb human history, they may realize that the only historical datum that points to economic equality goes back to the era of primitive communism. There were no property and no wealth, resulting in total economic equality — in poverty. Ironically, this is the only way economic equality can be achieved; there is no equality in wealth. The critics of socialism who point out that socialism fails to create wealth are missing the point. Socialism is not about wealth creation, it is about wealth distribution. In this context, socialism works, it works as it supposed to. Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, etc. are not socialism’s failures; they are actually a fulfillment.

Nevertheless, we have to be mindful that every ism — communism, socialism, fascism, etc. — has its supporters and benefactors. Those who imagine themselves on the receiving end, have every reason to think they will be better off with socialism. But those, whose naiveté never melts away, must understand that socialism is the philosophy of poverty.

Thanks to the fatuity of the American public, there has not been any effective comprehension of the totality of the assault nor its enervating effect upon national vigilance.  We may surmise that the socialist dragon has come of age and poses the existential threat to our way of life.


(Note from Glenn.   I once learned to speak Russian quite fluently.   My Master Degree in Soviet Studies was taught in Russian by upper class Russian emigres.    As it turned out, I learned the czar’s elegant Russian in tone and pronunciation but I had no clue to this reality until my first visit to the USSR in 1966.   I had received a National Defense Education Act grant to buoy up the flagging Soviet economy of the day according to the Russian needs, and to become more acquainted with Soviet style and culture of the day according to Uncle Sam’s needs.

The Union of the Soviet Socialist “Republic” was still a first rate Stalinist fascist state at that time.  The unwanteds…almost all  males  were sent to labor and die in Siberia.  Females usually behaved  within their  police state, obeying the Communist world of spydom and thought control and so, avoided the Siberian brutal cold and death.

I visited Leningrad, Moscow, Rostov, and Sochi…..traveling mostly by train.

My Tsarist teachers of Russian were proud of my Russian enunciation.  I simply obeyed exactly pronouncing  that which they told me to say.   When in Sochi toward the end of my Soviet time, about an hour after arriving to our ‘cottage’ near the sands of the Black Sea, I raced out to the beach to explore and mix with the Soviet souls around me.  It was not a comfortable seaside, but the locals didn’t seem to care.

I came across a Chevrolet-like vehicle positioned strangely on the coarse sand with unSoviet type license plates.  About fifteen guys of all ages were examining the car as if it were from Mars.  Some were standing on the bumpers as to test their mechanical virility.  Others were pounding  on the fenders by hand or foot apparently for the same test.  But the chatter centered on what country the sedan had come from!  It’s German….no, French.   Sweden came in third….there’d be debate about something mechanical (using words I didn’t learn) ….until Britain entered the scene.

I joined the chorus.  Why do you think this might be a British automobile?  A twentyish he gave several answers and followed curiously asking what country I thought it came from.

I did know make of cars fairly well back then.   It was an American make, but made in Britain for Brits not Yanks….and so, told him so.     My answer apparently was received  as if by state authority, but I hadn’t meant it that way.   A pause followed….and then more pause….He walked to the other side of the Chevrolet make,  talked to some guys on that side,  and then returned slightly authoritatively asked why I thought it  was a British automobile.

I answered, “I’m an American.   This car is an automobile made in Britain very similar to the one we make in Detroit, in America.”

All of the guys had been listening.  They were stunned.  I was quite experienced with this approach.   I had used a similar approach   at a beach riverside in Kiev on two occasions when young couples were playing card games on the sand.

I’d ask a question.  They would balk at my rudeness.   I’d continue with a question…about weather, what game was being played, were they from Kiev,  as introductions.

They get more peeved the more I asked.  It was considered rude, but it never turned out that way.  I’d eventually apologize and then follow up with “I am a foreigner here…I didn’t mean to bother”.   Then I’d turn from the stun of their silence slowly taking a small step or two away and I’d hear…..”Excuse me…Where are you from?”

I knew I had ’em.  “Ya inostranyetz …..eez Amyeriki” I’d reply on these occasions.   At the first Kiev beach scene,  well over one hundred Soviet beach folks   gathered in no time for once  the two Russian couples  stood up to persuade me to stay  and talk we remained standing.

Standing in crowds talking in groups whether on beach or city  in summer 1966 Soviet Union was NOT condoned by the police whether  the secret kind or not.   Yet this time it took the local Soviets more than an hour to send in their uniformed  police, guns and all, eight in number, sweating as if they had been swimming.

They were also unhappy.   I had been answering question after question from the swelling group.   I loved that question so often asked in the good part of the then USSR….”Where did you learn such beautiful Russian?”   I couldn’t tell them from offspring of tough  Tsarist class Whites who had escaped Manchuria in the 1950s.

“He’s from America.   Don’t embarrass us!” one male shouted loudly at a cop nearest to me.  The group of one hundred and more quickly dispersed.   I had been away from my blanket and very expensive Swiss camera and  1,000 rubles in a small leather bag left lying on it so lonely.    Nothing had been stolen!

A similar scene occurred at the Sochi beach where that made-in-Britain  car sat studied by Soviets I mentioned earlier.   The armed police arrived in about an hour and rather rudely dispersed all very authoritatively and so quite  quickly.

Yet, two couples in their thirties approached me to go with them to a nearby beach bar setting…a rather winsome place, as it turned out.   None of the four were Russian.   I believe they were Georgian and had a bit of an accent, but not of Stalinist blood.

Our chatter was like I was with folks from home.  And then suddenly talk stopped.  One of the gals asked me to talk…..keep on talking…talk about anything……”I’ve never heard Russian spoken so beautifully!”

“My teachers wee Russian”, was my answer.  “They were very demanding that I should speak as they spoke!”

Speaking tsarist Russian had disappeared decades ago in the USSR….mostly by Soviet slaughter.

(I’ll edit this another day.  ghr)






My, WHAT A GAL!…..the Pilot of Flight 1380!

Pilot Who Safely Landed Southwest Flight 1380 Had ‘Nerves Of Steel’

by John Sexton    at  HotAir:


You’ve probably read about the near-disaster of Southwest Airlines flight 1380, which had to make an emergency landing after an engine exploded at 32,000 feet. It will be months before the NTSB releases a final report, but investigators are already saying one of the blades on a fan inside the engine had broken off. Some piece of shrapnel set loose by the broken blade struck a window leading it to shatter. That led to decompression of the cabin which sucked one woman, Jennifer Riordan, partly out of the plane. Passengers rushed to pull her back inside and then provided CPR but she was later pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, the plane’s captain, a former Navy fighter pilot, remained extremely calm, quickly dropping the plane to an altitude where passengers could breath without masks and asking for a new heading to the nearest airport. From the NY Times:

In an instant, Captain Shults found herself in a situation most pilots face only during training: having to land a plane after an engine goes out.

For the next 40 minutes, she displayed what one passenger later called “nerves of steel,” maneuvering the plane, which had been on its way from La Guardia Airport in New York to Dallas Love Field, toward Philadelphia for an emergency landing.

In the seats behind her, passengers sent goodbye text messages to loved ones, tightened oxygen masks around their faces and braced for impact. Flight attendants frantically performed CPR on the critically injured passenger, who later died at a hospital.

But Captain Shults, 56, was in control. She learned to fly as one of the first female fighter pilots in the Navy three decades ago, piloting the F/A-18 Hornet in an era when women were barred from combat missions.

“Can you have the medical meet us there on the runway,” Captain Shults calmly told air traffic controllers in Philadelphia. “They said there’s a hole and, uh, someone went out.”

If you think maybe that “nerves of steel” line is some kind of exaggerated praise, it’s not. The audio traffic between the plane and the ground shows zero indication in Captain Shults’ voice that she is in an emergency situation. In fact, if you listen to the entire clip, you can hear some stress creeping into the voices of the other air traffic controllers but Shults remains polite and calm throughout.



Leftism at realclearpolitics

Our  communications industry has been ugly left for more than a generation;  simple left for about a half century.   Our Democratic Party was once honorable.  It produced John F. Kennedy….but has been dying as a democratic institution ever since.   Feminism, black racism, illegal immigrantism, sanctuary cities, Crooked Hillary, and Barack Hussein have given birth to a new wave of fascism hysterics based on hating white males and country a doctrine taught at school, college, and university almost coast to coast.
Witness extreme feminism’s noise nation-wide yesterday, the first day of the Donald J. Trump presidency.
Realclearpolitics is  leftist and liberal in its selling of politics.   It does select a conservative or two article for a broader reading, however.   Our cause, Dennis Prager,  has had a number of his conservative writings included on the list over the years.   Realclearpolitics gurus, whoever they are, are not Trump fans…..I have read their listing titles daily for more than eight years.     Politico is usually somewhere between liberal and Leftist.  I do notice Saleno Zito’s New York Post article title included below.  I’ll be sure to read it.
I am also  certain to read George Friedman’s article below…..a source always worth reviewing, the one with the Realclearworld attached to it…Please take your pick….Our Donald will be beginning his first week   of presidential labor tomorrow.    My, how we have needed him!

The Brilliance of the Electoral College

Introductory note:   It is likely more than 99% of today’s American population knew nothing about the American Constitutional Directive regarding the nation’s “Electoral College” prior to this past week.   Mindless and sore loser Democrat leftists lead the list.

At age passing through 82 I have been  among the fortunate  not to have been one of the neglected, for I was taught meaningful grade school stuff during World War II when Americans were united.   We were taught American History as if it were religion.    Have you ever wondered why this nation is titled, THE UNITED STATES?   Aren’t those words supposed to have meaning?   One of the most brutal wars in human history was pursued over the matter.

These words  used to have meaning until perhaps the age of Obama-Clinton morass.  Please read and refuse to forget the content of the following article by ….. George Will  at the Washington Post:



Enter Another Rise of the Clintons: Bill the Pervert: Hillary, His Madame Viscious?

Criminal Hillary Roddham Clinton has been butching around attempting to besmirch Our Donald for calling a former Miss Universe “piggy” some decades ago, a Venezuelan with a love for fatty foods and lots of them becoming piggish, undercutting her agreement to retain her Miss Universe appearance at least during her reign as its queen.

Does this mean truth can finally  be told regarding the stories behind Hillary the Lesbian Bully and her wuss, William Jefferson Clinton, the pervert rapist of countless occasions  during his terms in public office, the Governor of Arkansas,  and particularly during his eight years occupying the White House?

What will Billie Clinton’s exercising role be with Butch Hillary, America’s Corrupt  Criminal in Waiting,  in the White House?   Will it matter?  He’ll  still be  married to Madame Vicious!

Does that mean the sadistic Nazi-like role the Clintons, especially butch Hillary performed,  foisting terror  on Bill’s female sex victims in Washington and Little Rock if they dared to complain to honest law abiding authorities   about their  assaults to satisfy William Jefferson’s  longings  while married to Beast  Hillary WILL NOW BE EXPOSED FOR PUBLIC VIEW?

Will the rumors that Billy the predator hooked up with buddy, sexual pervert Jeremy  Epstein 30 or so times  finally be explained clearly in public so American citizens will become used to the Hillary-Clinton  administration for another eight years?

The leftists from the Daily Beast world claim Our Donald has visited the Clinton isle sanctuary for sex from time to time as well.   Please read on to both of the following sources the first an antiTrump source at the Weekly Standard and second an anti Trump source at the Marxist, Daily Beast:



The Liar Hillary; The Feminist Who Never LIES?

Hillary Roddham is a chronic liar.   Files from history are loaded with her deviousness, her sleaziness which makes her so notorious a Hillary.

Remember the sniper shots she claimed were zooming over her head?   Please review the CBS video here……yes the same CBS industry which has always loved the Hillary:

Hillary visited with CBS reporter Pelley this week and was confronted with her devotion to LYING.

PELLEY:You know, in ’76, Jimmy Carter famously said, “I will not lie to you.”

CLINTON: Well, I have to tell you I have tried in every way I know how literally from my years as a young lawyer all the way through my time as secretary of state to level with the American people.

PELLEY:You talk about leveling with the American people. Have you always told the truth?

CLINTON:I’ve always tried to. Always. Always.

PELLEY:Some people are gonna call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself.

CLINTON:Well, no, I’ve always tried —

PELLEY:I mean, Jimmy Carter said, “I will never lie to you.”

CLINTON:Well, but, you know, you’re asking me to say, “Have I ever?” I don’t believe I ever have. I don’t believe I ever have. I don’t believe I ever will. I’m gonna do the best I can to level with the American people.

Let’s give chronic liar Hillary all we can about the benefit of doubt that this lie is NOT A LIE!

The most deceitful among today’s  most  persistent liars are called ‘feminists’.    Most belong to the female human sex, worshipers of Gloria Steinem of “female, fish, and bicycle” fame,  leftwingers at heart….the heart, NOT THE BRAIN  which makes them superior to all other human animals…superior in size, invention, building, discovering, sculpting, sports, painting, defeating Nazis,  so perfectly built to defend the human race.

Hillary Roddham Clinton is among the noisiest of these lying feminist superiors.

The human female is notoriously and otherwise well known for her power preferring  feelings fare superior to  “truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”.   And so, by NATURE, most human males are dramatically and otherwise drawn to them, lured, entrapped  by these God-given spiders by announcing,  SHE DESPERATELY  NEEDS HELP!

“Of course, she needs help”, the male genetic material automatically  announces to his  spider,  black widow or not.

Human female animals, Hillary feminists or no, are not house or major building builders.   They actually don’t build anything substantial beyond shoring up their imaginations and  ‘untruths’ to entice mates to do the building for them.   Real men, that is conservative human male animals, understand fully why the human female persistently NEVER TELLS A LIE.

Conservative men, not their leftist enemies,  are humankind’s  reliable builders, males who are driven to build  and build willingly and usually  properly, for we  readily read correctly the Hillary feminist deceptions, her dilemma of lying for her bed and breakfasts.


Bernie Captures the Brainless Youth Vote

About fifty years ago learning knowledge began to disappear from the American educational curricula from Kindergarten through  undergraduate social sciences  of any American university of your choice from coast to coast.

Therefore, I contest the title of the following article by Roger Simon.   No matter,  the contact is correct and clear.   I question the degree to which an empty American mind can actually be brainwashed.    WHAT IS THERE TO WASH?

Lefties are authoritarians.   They have their  government given  ‘POWER’ to brainwash a frog if a governor wants to….why  not spend money to brainwash the already empty minded American youth.   What harm can it do?

At university the mindless student is made empty of knowledge because, feminists, black racists, and atheists claim,  “History of the human past has been written by the European white male”, and for equality’s sake, must be expunged from the human mind.


by Roger Simon  at PJMedia




Are electric cars greener than conventional gasoline cars? If so, how much greener? What about the CO2 emissions produced during electric cars’ production? And where does the electricity that powers electric cars come from? Environmental economist Bjorn Lomborg, director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, examines how environmentally friendly electric cars really are.