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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Killing Trump in the Park for Charity

Establishment fixtures at Fox news this evening reviewed the sins between leftist  murderers, anti anything-American rioters, university staff deviates, gangsters, invaders, Pelosi Ditzies, phony investigations, and Obama’s hate America racists all  of  the violent, corrupt revolutionary LEFT with  Donald J. Trump’s tweets.

Both sides  are supposedly  equally responsible for the life threatening attacks  on America culminating in yesterday’s Bernie Sanders’ political gangster attack upon Republican Congressmen preparing for their traditional annual baseball game against their Democrat rivals.   Let’s all get into bed together was their  general modern verbage to accept  the nine year Obama led illegal Sanctuary Cities dictatorship of some twenty million   ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS,  to perpetuate and hurry up their sexist, racist, leftist, anti democratic, antiJudeoChristian  revolution against our once democratic- republic America financed by BIGGEST BIG BUSINESS, even the very Jewish kind by the way, if truth were allowed to be told.

Opponents were called bigots or worse and told to shut up or the Obamaland will shove a riot down our traditional peaceful American necks.   The criminal Hillary, we were told…..the wealthy, crooked one, would carry out Obamaland’s destiny to begin her era to sabotage  free expression in  the country, beginning January 20, 2017.  The New York Times and Washington Post empires reported so.

And then there arose Our Donald.   By corruption with whatever necessary,  these Leftists deviates of the Democrat Party were no going to allow that to happen.  They own the schools, the press, television news, Biggest Business, blacks, illegal immigrants, and two thirds of the American Jewish population…..the unsynogogued Charles Schumer kind…..How could….did….Queen Hillary lose her fixed election?



Fox Guru, Charles Krauthammer, suggests Donald J. Trump, as President,  is equal  in blame for  the current  contemporary war waged by Democrats in the whole, and Republicans by the half……  because?   the  President tweets!

Mark Waldeland sent the following Shakepeare note regarding a current  New York City in-the-park production of the stage  murder of American President, Donald J. Trump to raise funds for  charity.   Mr. Waldeland is a retired high school English teacher.  He knows great literature when he reads it.

Do get to know your American ObamalingLeftist hateAmerica killertypes  better.   The American press and university program so many of them.


Why Is James Comey Still Around?


by Jonathan F. Kieler  at American Thinker

“James Comey epitomizes a lot of what is wrong with Washington and the elite culture of which he is a part. The question Americans ought to be asking after his recent testimony before Congress is not “What happened?” with Hillary Clinton, the election, or the Russians but “How the hell is this guy still running the FBI?” It’s a question for the president too.

Comey is a creature of Washington and the self-interested hypocritical elites that President Trump excoriated on his road to the White House. And yet there was Comey the other day, preening before Congress in his “ah shucks I’m just a big tall guy trying my darndest to do the right thing” act, balancing attacks from the left and right with a complacent disregard for any notion of what is right, other than his take at the moment on any particular issue.

Comey’s survival owes in part to some basic qualities. In many respects he is the type of guy who typically prospers in a hierarchical environment. He is tall and imposing, while being technically smart and basically competent. Comey always appears calm and has the knack to look slightly exasperated when fielding questions or criticism, as if those inquiring are barely worthy of his intellect or attention, but he deigns anyway.  In an attempt to buffer his obvious condensation he offers up that occasional “Aw shucks” moment, as when at the recent hearing he exclaimed “Golly!” to explain how he felt about the slings and arrows sent his way.

Comey is very much like his bete noir Hillary Clinton, the woman with whom he is now historically entangled — don’t try to imagine it literally. Like Hillary Clinton, he won’t go away, can’t admit to mistakes, nor does it appear he has a good sense of self-awareness. It’s like inspector Javert investigating Torquemada, or vice-versa, it really doesn’t matter.

Hillary Clinton obsessively blames Comey for her defeat at least in part because consciously or not, she recognizes that he acted much the way she would have in a similar situation. That is, she would have lied, dissembled, and rationalized a position that she thought would bring her personal advantage, and arrogantly blow off any criticism as ignorant or in bad faith.

And as like members of the same class, Comey’s “accomplishments” are actually similar to Hillary’s. They are marked by connections, politics, legalisms, self-interest, and mediocrity. Just as Hillary nurtured a false reputation as a crusader for women’s and the underprivileged, so Comey carefully cultivated one for probity and impartiality. The centerpiece of this construct, his 11th hour intervention to stop evil White House counsel Alberto Gonzales from getting ailing then Attorney General John Ashcroft to sign off on a wiretapping order Comey deemed illegal has a kernel of truth to it, not unlike Hillary’s coming under sniper fire in Bosnia. It assumes that Ashcroft could not have refused to sign but for Comey’s hulking presence in the room. It’s a nice story, but that’s all it is.

Even Comey’s use of language mimics to some degree Hillary’s similar efforts, as when she modulates her grating harangue into an odd approximation of a southern drawl. Thus we get Comey’s “golly” comment, quite as if he fell off the turnip truck, and the even more inauthentic dyspeptic comment that he’s “mildly nauseous” over the idea that in another 11th hour act, reopening of the Clinton email investigation, might have influenced the election. Like everything Comey seems to do, it’s an attempt to have it both ways, to eat his cake and keep it too, which ought to make ordinary Americans on both sides of the aisle a bit queasy.

But Comey’s real genius is that he knows what ordinary Americans think doesn’t matter. All that matters is what his fellow elites think, and they still seem unwilling to make him pay for his myriad errors in handling the Clinton email scandal. He’s cleverly taken the position that because everybody is upset with his actions, both on the right and on the left, he must have done things correctly, like Solomon threatening to split the baby, only to tweak out the ethical center.

He knows that lawyers and politicians more than anyone are familiar with this approach, deal-making and compromise being the lifeblood of both professions. Every lawyer knows the old saw that a modest settlement is usually better than a trial, and that if both parties walk away from the negotiations unhappy, than the mediator must have done his job well.

But this is not what Comey’s really done. Unlike Solomon, metaphorically speaking, he actually split the baby that is federal law and procedure then ground it up into an unidentifiable mush, ladled equal portions to both Democrats and Republicans, and expects everybody to go “Mmmmm!” It’s enough to make a reasonable person much more than mildly nauseous.

The real question now is what does Donald Trump think about all this? One of his most puzzling moves was the decision to keep Comey on as FBI director. Not long after the FBI went through a pro forma interview of Hillary and shortly before Comey’s infamous July announcement that no “reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges in the email scandal Trump tweeted that the system was “rigged” presumably with Comey at the controls. Comey’s July announcement seemed to prove that, but now Trump seems content to keep the rigged system in place, Comey still at the controls.

Trump came into office seemingly willing to confront and put some big tough guys in their places. But upon meeting and getting to know some of them, he’s had a change of heart, for example reverting back to “one China” rhetoric after meeting with Chinese Premier Xi Jinping, whom he clearly respects. That might make perfect sense on the international stage and be good policy in dealing with the world’s largest nation, but Comey works for Trump.

Does Trump actually like the guy? Does he think Comey’s actually doing a good job now after excoriating him on the campaign trail? Or is Trump, like the Washington elites among whom Comey swims so successfully, unwilling to put the big guy in his place, which means somewhere other than the FBI……..”  Please read on:


Obama the Devious and Dishonest, proves “the Wuss” Behind His Arrogance with Syria Delivery

…..Or did Barack Hussein Obama merely hate the nation he was supposed to lead?

Trump’s airstrike on Syria delivers another blow to Obama’s legacy

by Michael Goodwin  at the New York Post:

“In a flash, President Trump’s missile strike on Syria conveyed America’s moral outrage over the slaughter of innocents and delivered a lethal warning to two-bit tyrants everywhere.

The attack did something else, too. It punched a giant hole in the battered legacy of Barack Obama.

The former president talked early and often about Syria, but wasted six years and countless lives with hand-wringing dithering. He failed to enforce his red line about Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons, kicking the job to Trump, who acted just two days after Assad again unleashed fiendish weapons on his own people.

The contrast on Syria was one of several events that made Obama a big loser last week. Another one was the growing evidence that his team spied on Trump’s for political reasons.

The confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court illustrated the importance of Republicans holding the Senate and winning the White House as part of the nationwide rejection of Obamaism…….”  Please continue reading below:


Schumer Dictates Filibuster to Halt Gorsuch Path to Supreme Court, so.. GOOD RIDDANCE FILIBUSTER!!!

Democrats to Filibuster Gorsuch, Thanks Be to God

The Democrats will force the GOP Senate to trash the phony judicial filibuster. That helps us on the next Supreme Court fight.

Article sent by Mark Waldeland



WHY AMERICA MUST LEAD     from Prager University

Presented by former Danish Prime Minister and NATO SECRETARY GENERAL, ANDERS RASMUSSEN:

Terrorism is rampant around the world, rogue states seek powerful weapons, and old rivals to liberty and democracy are once again ascendant. So, what will happen if America retreats from its position as the world’s sole remaining superpower? In this week’s video, Anders Rasmussen, former Danish Prime Minister and NATO Secretary General, discusses the implications of America’s withdrawal: what it could mean for the world, and what it could mean for America itself. Watch the video here and let us know what you think.

Presented below by:


“The world is on fire. Syria has fallen apart. Russia has seized Ukrainian land. And China is flexing its muscles. Who can put these fires out? As Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Denmark’s former Prime Minister and NATO’s former Secretary General explains, only the United States.”

Please click on below:


The Daily Kos, a major leftist website, ran a hit piece on PragerU. You’ll love it! Read it here.

Video: President Trump’s Speech to Congress and America

Full Replay: President Trump Addresses Joint Session Of Congress

by Tim Hains   at  realclearpolitics:

40 days into his presidency, President Trump will delivered his first address to a Joint Session of Congress. His team has told the public to expect “his biggest speech yet” on the vision for the nation’s future.

On Monday, Trump’s team sent out an email to supporters asking for their “input on the direction of our country” before what they called his “State of the Union address.” Trump will deliver his first official State of the Union address in 2018, but the president’s office released this preview listing things Trump has already accomplished, described as an ‘agenda to Make America Great Again’:   Please read on:


“Minnesotans Against Terrorism” Need Help in Combating BDS!

Ivan Sharon at Minnesotans Against Terrorism sent the following request to help stop the anti-Israel group,  BDS in Minnesota.
What is BDS?   What is it up to?
BDS, that is,  Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions,  is an international militant anti-Israeli  movement organized  to gain support to  wipe the state of Israel off everyone’s map in any or every way possible.
During the years of Islamophylic Obamarule here in America, terror has been encouraged to come to the Gopher state in a new foreign form….Islamic fascism supported by activists mingling in Hubert H. Humphrey’s good old DFL.
Ivan Sharon at Minnesotans Against Terrorism sent the following request to help stop this anti-Israel group,  BDS in Minnesota.
Important Action Alert: Help us stop BDS in Minnesota!
The BDS movement is an Anti-Israel movement; it is aggressively pursuing boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel.
Thankfully, a bipartisan coalition of  Minnesota State Senators and Representatives authored pro-Israel bills to stop BDS. This legislation was voted and passed one House Committee last week and now referred to two other Committees (one at the Minnesota Senate and the other at the Minnesota House.) The committees have hearings about the bills this Tuesday and Wednesday.
We need legislators to hear from their constituents to vote in support of these bills. We need your help! We prepared your phone message script which also includes the name of your Senator and the phone number to call to leave a message. It is very important, please call today! It should take you just a minute to leave the message. We also prepared your e-mail, and we can send it for you to your Senator and Representative. Our system will always allow you to preview the e-mail before it sends it.
Make your voice count! It takes less than a minute. Visit www.MinnesotaIsrael.com/stopBDS to see what we prepared for you.