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One Good Teacher

by David Lyle Jeffrey   at Touchstone    (article was sent by Mark Waldeland)

Why I’ll Never Forget Pop Shaver As Long As I Live by David Lyle Jeffrey

“Almost everyone can remember a teacher who wasn’t insufferable. Maybe, if you were lucky, you even had one who made a difference. A few of us are thankful for a teacher who turned our lives around. In my case it was Bernard Shaver—”Pop” Shaver as he was universally known outside of class—a grade-eight teacher whose specialty at Glashan Public School was unruly boys, lads with a penchant for too frequently exhibiting a surfeit of testosterone. All 36 of us in his 1952–1953 class came trailing a litter of misdemeanor citations; neither our previous schools nor our parents had proven sufficient for our correction. We were segregated from the girls our age (mostly 12 and 13) for good reasons. I don’t remember the name of their teacher, or the name of the one who taught the “normal” boys, either. But I’ll never forget Pop Shaver as long as I live.

He was already in his sixties, of middle height but with large, strong, bony hands. His face was creased, his nose also large, and there was a sparkle in his eyes and sometimes fire. Yet he had a wonderful beaming smile that could as suddenly light up the classroom as his frown could shut it down; he had a gravelly voice that made him seem forever hoarse, as if he had once had a cold he never quite got over, but it was a voice you wanted to listen to—carefully. One of the students, a chap named Rich Little, could mimic Pop well enough that he would scare and scatter us when we were rolling dice for money in the school basement—so good was he, in fact, that one time it really was Pop calling down the stairs, and I can attest that, believing it was just Rich, we did not scatter fast enough. That was not such a good day.

Pop taught us mathematics and English. We had classes in woodworking and metalwork to which we went twice weekly, and a class in music appreciation on Fridays. I remember the two shop teachers, Mr. Fraser and Mr. Castleman, but not the name of the music teacher, who was a bit of a twit and who, because I disliked opera, made me do my term paper on Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. Social studies, with the eminently distractible Mrs. MacDonald, we had gotten out of the way back in grade seven, so the only other non-Shaver class besides Phys Ed was French, for which an intern-instructor from the Normal School came to us, also twice a week.

What this meant in sum is that from 8 to 11 a.m., before our one-hour “other” classes, five days a week, Pop Shaver taught us math. He worked us hard, and we got good at it, much better than we knew until Pop came to class with first one, then two, then three of our tests, which a friend of his had administered at Lisgar Collegiate to the graduation class, five years our senior. (We had, by Christmas, significantly better scores.) The entirety of every afternoon was reserved for English.

A Man for Text & Context

It would not be too much to say, in my case, that these afternoons utterly transformed my life. I had been reading adult books avidly on my own for three or four years—Dickens, Scott, Eliot, de Maupassant, Hugo, and others. But I had never before had the experience of thoughtful, penetrating conversation about such books, or of questions that made you delve far more deeply into their thought. Pop was not just a sharp mathematician, but also a man of the text; as I can better see now, he was an acute reader with a prodigious memory, a supple imagination, and critical acumen. But he was also a man for contexts; he would tell us fascinating things about an author’s life and times, historical events that swept over the author’s horizon and still cast shadows on our own. He had a fine ear for irony, such as most twelve-year-old boys do not, and he would draw it out for us, often just by reading aloud brilliantly until he saw our lights come on. Then he would laugh, and exclaim, “Isn’t it marvelous, lads?” We came to agree, then to anticipate.

Not in the least afraid of morality, he would arrange texts so that in their succession in his syllabus (which we never got except as he announced it weekly) the connections would gradually dawn on us, setting him up for a deeper but pithy lesson. Thus, in the autumn we read (and learned to act out the parts of) Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. The cruelty of Shylock in that play is overmatched by Portia’s mercy, you may remember, but not many came to sympathize with Shylock.

When in February we came to Ivanhoe, however, something different happened. The wounded Ivanhoe’s life is saved by Isaac the Jew and his beautiful daughter Rebecca, who nurses him back to health. When, at the -denouement, Ivanhoe is wedded to Rowena, as destiny demands, and Isaac and Rebecca sail to Granada to rejoin the Sephardic community, some of us were a bit disappointed. “How many of you were hoping he would marry Rebecca?” Some of us raised our hands. “Me too,” he said with a smile and a wink. We weren’t just plodding through texts.

We didn’t immediately realize, of course, just how unusual our experience was. All we knew is that for the first time in our lives we weren’t bored to death by school, and that when Pop was teaching he had our full attention. One day two young men appeared at the classroom door. Just as Pop went to greet them a message came from the principal’s office that he was wanted on the phone, so he asked the young men to wait in the class till he returned. “Boys,” he said to us, “these fellows are former students from this class who are now studying for their degrees at Cambridge, in England.” He introduced them by name, and left.

One of the boys came in and sat at his desk (Pop almost never sat there—he always taught standing or moving about), the other leaned with his rear on the top of the desk, facing us, and said, “I hope you little thugs know what you’ve got here; maybe the best teacher in the world.” The other said, “Without this man we’d be working in a lumberyard or maybe in jail. He changed us. We just came back to thank him.” For five minutes they let us ask questions about university life and about Cambridge. I don’t think the idea of university had crossed many of our minds before—certainly not mine. Then Pop suddenly came back, cheerily asked the two some questions of his own, and with a pat on their shoulders saw them out the door. “Alright, boys, now for us it’s back to work.”

Teaching the Fear of the Lord

Pop’s manner of discipline—the charism of his character and the awe he inspired without much raising his voice—were absent, of course, when he was not in the room. This was particularly so during our instruction in French, which at the beginning of my year was provided by a rather pretty but nervous Normal School student intern who came to our room twice a week. Pop would then leave her to it, and take a break. We were not only lacking in comparable awe for this young apprentice; it would be fair to say that in her nervousness and good looks she brought out the worst in us. There was much twittering behind her back whenever she turned to write out a conjugation on the blackboard. Which was often, as she clearly did not much like making eye contact with a room full of rascals such as we were.

As was my wont, I sat at the back of the room, in the middle, and one day, when she seemed particularly distracted, I am ashamed to say that I threw a small rubber eraser her way. It bounced off the blackboard and hit her on the shoulder; she immediately burst into tears and fled the room. In a minute the door opened again and Pop strode in. In less time than it takes me to tell it, he said, “Alright, everybody on their feet. Now, those who did not see this, sit down.” Half the class, those to the front, sat. “Now everybody who did not dothis, sit down.” And there I was, standing alone. “Jeffrey, come with me.” It was that quick. The strap was not more painful than my shame.

Pop had a concern for our developing a sense of proper courtesy toward women. He strongly supported our being taught to dance with girls, at some special Phys Ed classes. And he went out at recess with us to the rink, and taught us how to skate with girls, to Viennese waltzes and other such music. I was very reluctant. “Here, Jeffrey, you stand right here beside Miss Bell. Now hold her left hand with yours, and put your right hand on the small of her back. Now both of you skate to the music.” At first I was mortified; later, of course, I came to appreciate that he was teaching us the decorum appropriate to being young men of a better caliber than might have been foreseen.

Pop reinforced all this by teaching—and getting us to memorize—many poetic passages from the Old Testament, something no public school teacher today would be permitted to do. Psalms 1, 50, and 100 and Ecclesiastes 12 were all on the spring term memorization and recitation schedule. I remember particularly the Ecclesiastes, “Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, ‘I have no pleasure in them.'” He led us through that text with great care, asking many questions. “What do you think it means, boys, when it says ‘and all the daughters of song are brought low; they are afraid also of what is high’?” That was quite a discussion—a class such as I have scarcely been able to match in fifty years of my own teaching.

Many years later, the parish priest who would marry my wife and me told me quietly, “I had Pop Shaver just four years before you. He, more than anyone in seminary, taught me the meaning of the ‘fear of the Lord.'” I laughed. Father Pat had been a rowdy, so I expected a funny tale, but no: “I loved that man so much that I was more than anything afraid to disappoint him.” After a few months in his class, though with much less theological insight than Fr. Pat, I’d say that pretty much all of us felt the same way.

Friday Recitation

One thing that set Friday afternoons apart for us was recitation. Each week we were given a poem to memorize. At first they were shorter poems, such as Keats’s sonnet, “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer.” Pop would work through the poem for us, give us background information (we were astonished that the excitement of an explorer first glimpsing the Pacific Ocean could be compared to a reader’s discovery of a translation of a Greek text), and then he would say, “Alright boys, that’s for next Friday.” We never knew who would be called upon to recite, just that it would be six of us, chosen at random. The issue was not whether or not you had the poem memorized (God help you if you didn’t), but whether you could show, by your recitation, that you really understood it. Pop would make comments on the recitations overall, have a suggestion, then an admonition, and then assign the next poem.

As the weeks went on, the poems became noticeably longer: Tennyson’s “Ulysses,” Gray’s “Elegy in a Country Churchyard,” Coleridge’s “Ode to Tranquility,” and then “Kubla Khan.” By then, it was early November, and I remember being hard-pressed to show I really understood “Kubla Khan.” But then came the mimeographed copy of our next assignment—more than one hundred lines from Byron’s “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage.” Four pages.

An audible groan was emitted by several voices. I stress that such utterances were not normally tolerated in Pop Shaver’s class, and well we knew it. But we were staggered by the length of this assignment. Pop just raised his eyebrow at us, stood silent for a minute, and then, in a total departure from his usual drill, offered no context whatsoever for the poem. Instead, he walked over to the window, and laid his hand on the frame. Outside it was raining—I can see it in my mind as if it were yesterday. He paused, then simply began to recite:

There was a sound of revelry by night,
And Belgium’s capital had gathered then
Her beauty and her chivalry, and bright
The lamps shone o’er fair women and brave men.
A thousand hearts beat happily; and when
Music arose with its voluptuous swell,
Soft eyes looked love to eyes which spake again,
And all went merry as a marriage bell,
But hush! hark! A deep sound strikes like a -rising knell!

Did ye not hear it?—No, ’twas but the wind,
Or the car rattling o’er the stony street;
On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined;
No sleep till morn when youth and pleasure meet
To chase the glowing hours with flying feet. . . .

We were mesmerized by the power of his recitation, slow, measured, catching the rhythm of Byron’s verse perfectly without overdoing it (as now I know). The opening roar of the cannons was real enough for us to feel the alarm:

Within a windowed niche of that high hall
Sate Brunswick’s fated chieftain; he did hear
That sound the first amidst the festival,
And caught its tone with death’s prophetic ear;
And when they smiled because he deemed it near,
His heart more truly knew that peal too well
Which stretched his father on a bloody bier
And roused the vengeance blood alone could quell:
He rushed into the field, and foremost fighting, fell.

For boys our age, just seven years after the end of World War II, in which most of our fathers had fought, the story line was gripping. Byron goes on to describe in sharp detail the “sudden partings, such as press / The life from out young hearts,” the mustering squadrons and the heavy thunder of advancing enemy artillery, the skirl and scree of the bagpipes, as “Wild and high the ‘Camerons gathering’ rose, / The war-note of Lochiel.” But then, in a masterly shift in tone, Byron touches upon the young troops themselves, heading out at dawn to the field.

And Ardennes waves above them her green leaves,
Dewy with Nature’s tear-drops, as they pass,
Grieving, if aught inanimate e’er grieves,
Over the unreturning brave,—alas!
Ere evening to be trodden like the grass
Which now beneath them, but above shall grow
In its next verdure, when this fiery mass
Of living valour, rolling on the foe,
And burning with high hope, shall moulder cold and low.

He went on through the gory stanzas, past the reference to Psalm 90, in which “the Psalmist numbered out the years of man.” And when he had finished, he paused a good minute in silence, and then turned to us and just said, “Friday, boys. Class dismissed.” As we gathered our binders, we avoided eye contact with each other, for there was hardly a dry eye in the place. Some thugs. When the next Friday came, we were all wearing our five-cent -plastic red poppies, as was Pop; it was November 11, and still raining. Even before the first boy was called up to recite, we had gotten the message.

None Like Him

Occasionally, in later life, boys from our class would chance to meet, and on recognition, spontaneously we’d exclaim together, “There was a sound of revelry by night!” And like as not, we’d then look for a pub, there to reminisce about Pop Shaver. None of us, that I know of, has ever had a teacher like unto him. For us he was, simply, the best teacher in the world.

Today, of course, he wouldn’t be permitted to do most of what he did so well—in fact, he might not be permitted to teach at all in a public school. In an age that has reduced expectations to the infantilism of the Common Core, that indeed seeks to deal palliatively rather than reconstructively with socially and emotionally challenged kids, he might well be regarded by progressive educationists as positively dangerous.

Yet to all such prejudices I would offer a modest rejoinder: Why not permit an experiment? If you can find such a teacher, even if one in a hundred, permit him or her to design a curriculum that will challenge kids and move them out of and beyond their cultural norms. Let that good teacher freely teach to his students’ full potential. Then, every five years for the next two decades, use those students as a control group when assessing the success of the general population. I am willing to wager that the results might encourage us to give more attention to what makes for a good teacher, and less to rigid method and a curriculum whose purpose is mere social paradigm…..”

David Lyle Jeffrey is Distinguished Professor of Literature and the Humanities at Baylor University and Guest Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Peking University. Among his recent books are Houses of the Interpreter (Baylor University Press) and a co-authored and co-edited volume, The Bible and the University(Paternoster Press/Zondervan). He and his wife have five children.

Disaster has gripped our today’s America from the absence of such educators as honored above by David Lyle Jeffrey.

I entered public high school in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1948, a school of total adult control over students whose goal was to produce learned civilized citizens for the best future of the country.   I was dyslexic, a disorder unknown in that day.  I had been disciplined by my grade school teachers, nearly all old maids who loved their career and were extraordinarily well educated to share knowledge essential for citizens of a free democratic country.   I loved their lessons, their stories, their devotion to absorb and share knowledge.

These old maids would discipline me with a finger in my face commanding that I understand there are “two reasons, Glenn Ray, you must learn knowledge!!!


I wanted so much  to learn what they knew.  I absorbed their lectures,  but failed reading texts and novels.  Yet, I could read comics, newspaper picture cutlines and articles connected to the War.  I had been given a world atlas for Christmas, 1941 and memorized national boundaries in Europe and the Americas within a year.  By third grade I could draw by heart the map of the United States and every state within with great accuracy by autumn 1942.

That June, 1942 I could read the St. Paul Pioneer Press headline…MAJOR BATTLE RAGING AT MIDWAY….and I knew where Midway Island was on the map.   I had cousins in the Navy out in the Pacific.  In third grade I sneaked away from the school line walking home, hid in the school milk room after school  so I could ask my third grade teacher, Mrs. Lucille Jaeger, where she learned all of her knowledge, “Mrs. Jaeger, where did you learn so much?”.

She told me I could begin by “reading” National Geographics she had subscribed to since she was in college…..the only reading matter stored in her room’s book cases beginning around 1920.  I learned to read the cutlines to the pictures…all black and white in those days, but pictures from all over the world many I can still see as I write.  I could come into her room after school whenever I wanted….and I did!

My favorite high school teacher was Mabel Wicker, age 68 going on 100, shrunk to 4’10”, her last year before retirement, wearing Tojo glasses and a red wig with 36 kids, mostly boys in her classroom domain….where 3 Shakespeare masterpieces had to be read and understood, Merchant of Venice, Julius Caesar, and Macbeth.

We had to buy our own texts those days of public schooling in St. Paul, Minnesota.   These three plays were in separate pamphlets, 25 cents apiece.   I was terrified looking through them viewing a language I couldn’t read.   No matter, it turned out.

She spoke by  all of the lines per character of each play to the class by heart.   I therefore learned  the goings on of each play from her recitations in class and so could read at home  every line from each and every pamphlet  from her performances earlier in the day.

I learned two years later that  the  boys  assigned to Miss Wicker’s Freshman English class were all poor readers.   She was the judge who decided which could continue in the Latin classical learnings section offered by the school.

I loved every minute of her class.  Yet, she failed me the first of the year’s eight marking periods, the only one she failed all year….Grades were made quite public to the class.   They were written on open faced cards for everyone in class and teachers of other classes  to see.  Failures of a marking period were written in the letter “F” for the failure and in Red  ink so everyone, especially all of ones teachers  could see failing students’  lack of progress.

I hadn’t handed in any homework all marking period.   I had a paper route and never got around to it. Besides, I had come from a grade school where no one failed.    She did acknowledge loudly so the entire class could hear my grade level, that I did well in class discussion.    I earned a “C” the next two marking periods, and “A” every marking period following,  which allowed me to  qualify for Latin classical learnings.

I learned to love exploring knowledge……..a passion apparently absent from teaching in today’s empty headed school populations at nearly  all levels in America today.


Is Donald J. Trump the Only Fair and Rational Person Left in Today’s American Politics?

Warning…..I am expressing my opinion gathered from my 83 years of human life, an American male who was made well educated primarily by his old maid public school teachers from K through 12  more than six decades ago.
They made me accumulate knowledge primarily so I and my fellow students, both male and female, could better understand the difference between what is and what isn’t….and what is good versus what is evil.
I was male and was treated as a male.  Females then were still allowed to be female.   Today’s Democrat leftist Hillary-like authoritarian  feminism of all colors, sexes, shapes and sizes hadn’t been invented yet.   Universities were still advancing knowledge six decades ago…..until the Gloria Steinem gurus and snakes came out of the nation’s  rotting wood work.   Feminizing the nation’s human animal became a Noah’s flood without an ark for survival……until, it seems,  the arrival of a real live actual American MALE, DONALD J. TRUMP,  IN THE AMERICAN WHITE HOUSE.
My old maid school teachers, ‘Miss this’ and ‘Miss that’, were far better educated regarding things that matter in a freedom-oriented  culture than any of today’s  television or radio programmers and newfolk, leftist fascist or conservative.   These small “l” Liberals not only have disappeared from our America schools, from   the once honorable Democratic Party, the one I attended until the rise of Ronald Reagan, but from the American ballot box.  Two plus two are supposed to  equal four.
The human male animal is born male, to be a father, to be strong,  a builder, protector, curious, a problem solver and a killer, if needed, to survive.  The human female animal is born to be a mother and a nurse with feelings, emotional, caring, ditsy, devious,  rarely a killer….all in order to survive.  Two plus two don’t have to equal four if a human female animal doesn’t want it to be.  She, after all, has feelings (hopefully!)
Politicians, of all sexes, colors, shapes, and sizes  in a democratic form of government are either born devious, or learn their deviousness in college,  from the elders of their political party, or merely from social learnings or business.
In America’s past,  its religion,  JudeoChristianity, was the people’s primary guide to achieve  righteousness…..to know decency and recognize the advantages of good over evil.   “There is neither good nor evil” that ancient adage was ingrained in me…..”ONLY THINKING MAKES IT SO!!!!!”
We now live in America of the leftist era, about fifty years now of rising noises and actions from the feminizers of all sexes, colors, shapes and sizes……where TRUTH IS CONSIDERED SO MALE!   Gone are the real male presidents of my lifetime,  Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan.   Gone are the schools and universities, that JudeoChristian educated America which sought TRUTH AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.
We now live in Jeremiah Wright’s black and white  racist Obamaville America, one size, one sex, one color, one thinking, one Party, one BIG BUSINESS, one news agency and language,  the faker the better to unify the country, the one schooling unified by atheism, Islam, or perhaps even nativism…..on the way to create a fascist New World feminized into security, forever the same, stable, changeless, safe and void of knowledge and worry.
………but, along comes a Donald, an unpolitician, ….a  Donald whom I have come to adore, a real “honest-to-goodness” American guy,  a non-drinker, a non-druggie  who loved his parents, who loves his family, and who loves his country, the one before the leftist fascists gained control of the Democrat Party, the American school and university, the American Press, and the American greedy Big Business  manipulators:  Google, Amazon and such guys.
Along came Our Donald yesterday standing at Trump Tower foyer problem solving, preaching real, not fake truth,  freedom of thought, deed, and action while reviewing  honestly  amid the fake news CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox mobsters,  reviewing as fairly as evidence could provide,  the confrontation of two terror gangs  rioting in Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday.
Note:   John Podhoretz usually advertises himself to be a conservative.  In his article below he  claims to be expert in White Nationalist, KKK, neoNazi goings on in our country.   He does have a Jewish last name.  Does he mask himself when he walks and talks in these KKK, White Nationalist and neoNazi crowds he know about so intimately?
Are they the hoodlums who trash and burn college buildings at the University of California at Berkeley?….the black and white Black Lives Matter  thugs to block traffic and shout hate and murder against whites and their establishments in step as they march  along   downtown streets?…..or the white feminazis, and other has-been  actresses screaming hate against President Trump?……or the countless savages, nearly all black,  who burned up sections of Ferguson and Baltimore USA not too many years ago?
Where exactly have these, yes,  “repulsive shouters, KKK racists, proNazi” practiced and enforced their evil  over the past year,  or years since they have exited the American Democratic Party so much that MATCHES THE VIOLENCE AND HATE of the BLACK LIVES RACISTS OF ALL COLORS, SEXES, SHAPES, AND SIZES?

Caitlin Huey-Burns, RealClearPolitics

The Google Sex Crime….The Fortune Fem’s View


“If Truth could be told and heard, it would be correctly reported that  the ditzies of the world, their feminists of all colors, sexes, shapes and sizes of our leftist days are drawn to the fascist state and its ONE PARTY DICTATORSHIP.

It’s a genes thing.    The   human female animal is by Nature not  interested in things fair and democratic.  She is not born to build, invent, inquire, explore, hunt and battle, to discover to perceive, deceive, and manipulate the unknown…….despite all of the propaganda, lies, distortions, fake news, and let’s pretend of modern American and other leftist life controlling our universities and schools, Google and other modern American social and political  industries, television,   the New York Times, the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times,  your local times, including many modern industry times.

In fascist North Korea a young adult male, not female American  brain was destroyed by its male police state folk and the body, mechanically still struggling to work was sent home to his America to die.

In today’s fascist left wing America a young employee working at GOOGLE was fired and ostracized for writing his belief that the human male and female animals aren’t really carbon copies.    The rest of the nation is supposed to be trained enough to blather and never forget by today’s developing contemporary  state and university leftist law,   “there are no differences between what used to be called male and female humans….period!”

Differences that matter in this new Obama-American new world  must only occur within  today’s  newly chosen, university designed,  ideally constructed single sex of the equally feminized.  They are an easier, safer, singular, more sheeplike  flock to obey and control.

Normal, traditional male males must be made to disappear.   These untethered, free thinking, curious, bigger, stronger, untransfigured, especially the JudeoChristians are  now mortal enemies of peace and the true Liberal left world.   As with today’s Google, they are  to be hated,  exposed,  ridiculed, and isolated  until eradicated, or  retrained or reconstructed.

(Hail Caesar  Google, our Glorious Leftist Guide.  We, who are about to die, SALUTE YOU!)    by Glenn Ray…..Please continue to  read the Fortune Female’s article on the Google matter below:



Fake news is a big, big sell these days in our American   communication and schooling industries now run by leftist ‘Democrat’ feminized and racified Marxists in our United States.    Ignorance is vital to today’s American feminized and racified Democrats.  It is taught so ‘religiously’ from coast to coast.   Nearly every citizen under the age of fifty as learned to know nothing about the outdoors.   The wealthier urban leftists in our gopherland seldom visit the outdoors.  They travel from kitchen to auto to parking ramp without ever feeling sun, shower, or snow.   They demand comfort first.     Only conservatives seem to be concerned about seeking Truth.

So what is the Truth about global warming?   BILLIONS OF DOLLARS has been collected or received  by the great bureaucracies of the world since the invention that THE EARTH IS WARMING WITH CATASTROPHIC CONSEQUENCES BECAUSE OF WHITE MAN’S CULTURES AND INVENTIONS OVER THE CENTURIES….MOSTLY DURING THE TWENTIETH.   AMERICA, that is the working American, not the millions on welfare,  must be punished, fined, crippled for the nation’s economic and industrial  crimes.    (Leftist Democrat politicos and news fakers love the charge.   Leftist college blacks and feminists of all shapes, sexes, sizes and colors riot, write, and pillage from their sufferings.)  “The Earth must be made equal, especially in their learnedlessness in order to make leftists comfortable in their skin and body”  professor politicos preach.

Sixty years ago I did manage a Bachelor’s degree in Geography which required certain class learnings in geology, geomorphology, astronomy, climatology when grades had meaning over  leftism’s indoctrinations.   Religion of note then was JudeoChristianity which disdained telling, teaching lies.

Yet, it isn’t this particular place of education where I learned some prehistoric geography in my youth….Living then in Minnesota learning something about the outdoors was vital in the public school curriculum I was blessed with.   We had to learn about local matters….why did  our gopherland have so many lakes.   Where did all of these trillions of  boulders come from?   Why is it so cold and windy in winter? Where did all of these Swedes, Norse, Finns, and Germans come from?  And, the Indians, the Chippewa and Sioux?

We were taught that as recently as 15,000 years ago  where ever  we lived, stood, or sat in St. Paul and northward, the ground we lived on was 1,000 feet under glacial ice.   THANK GOD FOR GLOBAL WARMING!

I shall be 83 soon.   I have been an outdoor boy, lad, teen, young man, and even when I became a Republican in 1980 and thereafter.   I fell in love with the beauty of the outdoor plant world.   I also learned Russian, as a duty to my country, and earned a graduate degree in Soviet Studies which led me to visit the good old socialist dictatorship of fake democracy, the  USSR in 1966 and again in 1990.

We have had a cool summer here in outdoor Minnesota.  Last winter was a mild winter and the last two winters snowfall has been overall rather light.

Up to about fifty years ago April was a winter month….snow and ice still commanded the ground here in the Twin Cities every Sunday we celebrated Easter.   These days, the Dutch spring bulbs are all in bloom by tax day.    Yes, there has been some degree of warming here in the Twin Cities….much of it due to the asphalt and concrete overwhelming the geography for about the 5,000 square miles now occupied by human animals in and around the Twin Cities.

Communist China has warmed up as well.  But their citizens are not white, of JudeoChristian guilt about  misdeeds, or live in even a slightly freedom-oriented or tolerant culture. They have no global warming industry fighting their fascists.  Communist China doesn’t send billions to sell global warming propaganda.   They aren’t white Americans.

Like today’s  Charles Schumer Democrat Party  of the United States, THE STATE DECIDES the fate of the population  with a basket or two of perks maybe.   National ‘health care’ systems usually begin killing off their elderly masses  to save money…..for leftist salaries…..as has become the habit in today’s Britain as well in  other European socialisms…..a fate our Uncle Sam’s elderly will be experiencing soon.

That the globe has been warming some in my lifetime where I live is true in my experience.   During the glacial eras in our American northland, our American Indians trekked from Siberia across to Alaska probably to seek food and warmth, killed off the Mammoths for survival.

Do you know where North Dakota and South Dakota are?   Some 70,000,000 years ago dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Brontosauruses ran wild amid jungles of ferns 100 feet tall….without a snow flake in sight….at least that is what I learned in public  schools I attended.

I wonder whom the Democrats blamed for the global cooling?   How would they punish a meteor?

Democrats have become evil oriented in America these days.   Fascism pushed by feminist fanatics and black racists, the nation’s atheist wealthy,  and supported by millions of legal and illegal relatively unschooled  immigrants has  now become a powerful political force alive in our America.   That global warming is caused by the American white of the past century has an element of truth attached.   Yes, the industrial age in America provided a wealth beyond historical record.

Millions of Americans have become rich from the fraud of global warming.   Al Gore is our most famous global warming fake, the fraud  scaring the daylights of countless millions of the unaware….  TODAY’S HUMAN ANIMAL DOES NOT KNOW IF MANKIND’S ‘PROGRESS’ IS THE CAUSE OF THIS RATHER MILD HALF CENTURY OF EARTH’S ATMOSPHERIC WARMING.    THE EARTH HAS BEEN A LOT HOTTER AND A LOT COLDER DURING ITS FOUR TO FIVE TRILLION YEARS OF RUNNING AROUND OUR  SUN.


Please read “news” from the leftist publication, the Los Angeles Times:


Total Solar Eclipse to Cross the USA, August 21st! DON’T MISS IT! I DIDN’T IN JUNE, 1954

Apparently the sun and moon are going to dance together some time around this coming August 21, 2017  It is not an every day occasion when the two meet to fete.

I was an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota back  in the early 1950s, majoring in geography, minoring in Russian and   all sorts of other studies including geomorphology, astronomy, and Biochemistry then when tuition costs were $35 a quarter.

God blessed us that early A.M. a Saturday more glorious than ever, despite a fifty-fifty chance for clouds and rain…..and NEITHER HAPPENED…not a cloud in the sky at 6AM through the rest of the day.   I had heard about solar eclipses while in high school.  It was a rarity that such  “dances”  ever occurred in  the middle of a metropolitan community.

I didn’t want to miss it, but I didn’t want to go alone.  I easily coaxed my girl friend.  We tried to coax others and landed with six to be ready at six o’clock AM.

Do go!!! Don’t be late!!!  Protect your eyes..( We did….photo film pasted on sun glasses was then recommended.)   We gathered at the top of a hillside facing downtown St. Paul in the eastward distance.   Not a cloud to be seen.  Cool.  Silent except for the morning birds, especially the cardinals and arguments among  viewers nagging me  that this better be good, or else.   Who else would be dumb enough to get up early on a Saturday to see the moon pass in front of the sun.

Yes, the day went dark…not night dark, but darker than you have ever seen morning before breakfast!   Wind stirred, air conditioned cool, birds went silent, dogs howled, shadow attacked the world around everyone.

The collection of it all shut us  into silence and awe despite the brevity of the totality of the real dance.   Confidence in me and my reputation was elevated that morning.   No one thanked anyone for their participating in the show.  I was merely the usher.

The eclipse scheduled for this August 21.   Do go out of your way if you can to be a witness to this, one of the rarest of  amazing astronomical events ever to happen in your lifetime!   Plan for a good setting regardless of the clarity of the day.

Please note that all of the following statements about viewing the eclipse are made with two assumptions: (1) “weather permitting”, and (2) you MUST use special eye protection to look at the sun whenever it is not totally eclipsed! Read more about the important subject of eye safety during eclipses.

Get your eclipse glasses here!
(You HAVE to have them in order to safely watch the partial phases of the eclipse!)

Visit Xavier Jubier’s Interactive Google Map
(You’ll see an instructions page first)


Chelsea….the Developing Star?


by Steven Hayward at PowerLine:

“We noted here a couple of months back the obvious truth that Chelsea Clinton is a nitwit. Who knew, however, that a leftist would stumble across this fact.

Prof. Corey Robin of Brooklyn College, author of a book popular among leftists called The Reactionary Mind that purports to explain conservatism (gee: I wonder if we can figure out the thesis from the title), got into an argument recently with Chelsea. On Twitter. About banality. No, you can’t make this up.

Chelsea tweeted a link to a story about an arson fire at an LGBT center in Arizona with her coda about how it is an example of “the banality of evil”—the phrase made famous in Hannah Arendt’s controversial book Eichmann in Jerusalem. Prof. Robin thought this a gross misuse or misunderstanding of Arendt’s phrase, and naturally defaulted to the usual mode of progressives everywhere, hectoring Chelsea for her superficiality. And Chelsea responded!

You can read the whole delicious saga at Corey Robin’s website, but here are a few lowlights:

I didn’t think Clinton was using Arendt’s concept of “the banality of evil” correctly. I retweeted her with some snide commentary.

There follows a lot of explication about Arendt’s phrase, but twice Robin describes Chelsea thus: “author of a best-selling book; vice chair of a powerful global foundation; former special correspondent to NBC; possible congressional candidate, with a net worth of $15 million; daughter of the former president of the United States; daughter of the former Secretary of State and almost-president of the United States,” adding that “We have in this country a really weird ruling class.”

There’s lots more here in the whole post, and Chelsea does not come out well in the exchange. I do especially like this initial response from Chelsea:

“Thankful to have read Arendt at Sidwell & Stanford” is a nice touch, another sign of the total lack of self-awareness of entitled elitist mediocrities of the left. It take something for me to side with Corey Robin on anything, but that’s what makes the ongoing left-on-left action so much fun to watch. Popcorn please!”

(Comment regarding the obvious which seems to escape the feminized:   The human male is an animal born  to be a killer and  sexual predator to survive as an animal species.  The he is born to be a problem solver……(unless born as a Democrat in America these days).

The human female animal is born to be the carrier of human offspring to continue the species.   She needs, she prefers, demands security   over problem solving,  comfort and make-believe over Truth.

Feminism’s Biggest Communist Donkey Tale……Human Males and Females Are Equal, i.e…the same!

Yes, it is true, that in our “United” states of America, its Democrat fascist Left insists, indoctrinates, preaches and teaches at college,  that  all human animals are equal…PERIOD….and therefore, should be MADE equal!  Some in this grouping are “praying”, no conniving,  for open sex forever with whomever, to prove this political, religious, social, animal ‘right’.

The ‘samer’ everyone is, the easier it is for fascists of all sexes, races, shapes and sizes to govern and make the human male do as HE is told…..VOTE FASCIST-SOCIALIST FOR ETERNAL EQUALITY!

I am a white approaching my 83rd birthday as a white….a male one, a child of the second world war, who came  to stand six feet tall and officially served his country in the army but never quite had the opportunity to do so heroically.

Contrary to our America’s  contemporary university  leftist religion, my father was decidedly male, my Mother decidedly  female…..he 5’10 in domestic stature; she 5’3.  He smoked in public….She smoked only occasionally, and  in bathroom when needed to  correct a certain  aroma.   He was a pharmacist, owning a small corner drug store in St. Paul, Minnesota.    She was born to be beautiful, charming,  athletic, sharp, ambitious, hysterical only when needed, and loved by all……totally female, not diseased or trained by fascist feminism.

They  met in the early 1920s in  downtown St. Paul when ballroom dancing competition was a rage.   Both were gifted athletically.   He was born and raised on a farm in Hope, North Dakota…..land  his own Dad, born before the Civil War began, and raised in coastal  Cherryfield, Maine,  had ‘homesteaded’ around 1873.  He was the third or fourth male child in a wealthy family where primogeniture was still  practiced, and so, left Maine alone  on horseback  to go West, homesteading  an acre somewhere near the Sheyenne River fifty miles  west of Fargo, North Dakota.

Somewhere in my house I own a post card, dated 1874, a photo of this 17 year old lone traveler going West, my grandfather, sent from Chillicothe, Ohio,  to his ‘family’ back in Cherryfield with  note….”Mother, I’m fine….Frank.”

My parents were adults.  Our neighbors were all adults.  Women were adult women, men were men as adults.  They made me adult.   My in-laws made my wife of 34 years, a Democrat woman,  a  female and adult.  My neighbors in St. Paul, Minnesota where I was raised, were adults.   NO ONE WAS ON WELFARE!  They went to “Church” instead.

American females no longer speak ‘adult’.   Nearly all of the girls and women of my first forty years  spoke elegant female “Joan Crawford” or “Betty Davis”….a movie and radio influence, no doubt.   When outdoors in those days  they dressed elegantly  as well.   Movies were censored to uplift the human soul….assuming from their JudeoChristian teachings, we humans possess  souls to counteract the animal in us.

Fox News pretends to be conservative…and, unlike majority  leftist  lines of aural communication,  such elegance does occasionally occur.  For ratings it prefers to show off female legs than cultivate female verbal and nasal excellence of  Betty Davis years.

Among leftists who today  control nearly all  of America’s means of  communication ,  whiners, such as those in the photo above are encouraged to demonstrate woe and sufferings, programmed leftists of all groups and sexes to show ‘feelings’.    They  have learned in school to be made jealous, powerful,  angry, to feel abused by males of today and ‘his’ history, and yet show ‘hurt’ when needed, remain childlike both  male or female, to weep or curse, whatever is politically needed.

National Communism, the cancerous leftist religion  of forced equality, has threatened  our America primarily through its Democrat Party, its leftist schools and universities, its newspapers, television news units, its entertainment industry, its open borders, its  criminals, its religion called atheism.   It teaches, pretends there is no difference whatsoever between the human he and the human she…or else!

I still  work outdoors….as a teacher, explorer, a planter, an artist, a landscaper, a JudeoChristian American and struggling businessman.   I ‘build’ beautiful grounds, something very foreign to forced equality socialist Americans these days….especially among the nation’s Democrat  Jewish clans who consider outdoor labors beneath the character of real people.

Adulthood doesn’t seem to enter the leftist American university ‘mind’ these days.  It is world for children such as the well dressed  weepers shown above  at  Ossoff  headquarters the night this leftist “he” fell short of representing in Congress a district in which he did not live.

Truth never matters among feminists….in fact, it’s such a pest, Obamaling Democrats from coast to coast are trying to ban it.  Children are so much easier to control than adults….

Why is it the human female animal almost automatically  turns to scream when faced with sudden shocking noises suggesting danger?

It is the tribal animal in her, countless hundreds of thousands of years in her genetic material.  She  is announcing to a tribal  human male or the tribe members  somewhere nearby,  she is in trouble and needs help.   Conservative women, usually JudeoChristian ones at that, do understand the basic differences between human female and human male animals.

Feminists do not, for feminism is a religion based upon politics and emotion.

And the  typical  animal response from a husband or adult son, or perhaps any ‘normal’ Godfearing male would be what if his space has been invaded by some strange growl followed by  female screams?

In my life time, it used to be the  automatic animal  shout, “SHUT UP” to the screamer…..the human  male animal instinct to discover the degree of  danger, to  himself and/or his clan,  the degree of  danger he or they face to fight or flee for survival.

I have in my lifetime attended dozens of Democratic election night political rallies until November, 1980, and Republican ones ever since, some won, some losers.  I never saw a weeping eye in any of these crowds.  Adult Americans wouldn’t act so childish.

On November 8, 2016 at  Hillary Clinton political headquarter, weepers began their crying roughly when Ohio went Republican.   They crying increased nearly all night long when human male Donald J. Trump was edging closer and closer to become America’s 45th President.

Fascists prefer children over adults.

The tell-tale picture above showing feminists in deep thought problem solving, is from an “opinion” article by New York Times comic, Maureen Dowd this past week.