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Dems’ Habit of Forever Wasting Our American Money

Blunders by Democrats and Capitol Police Enabled What Prosecutors Call the ‘Largest Data Theft in Senate History’

by   at the Stream:                     (Article sent by Mark Waldeland.)

A rogue Democratic aide stole a massive trove of political data and used it to harm Republicans by “doxxing” them in what prosecutors call the “largest data theft in Senate history.”

The theft was made possible, and could have been much worse, because of myriad blunders by the Capitol Police and multiple Democratic congresswomen.

DCNF - small

Jackson Cosko was sentenced Wednesday to four years in prison. Prosecutors called his offense an “extraordinary” and “vicious” crime where the ex-Democratic aide stole a senator’s data, mined it for blackmail material and then published the home addresses and phone numbers of Republican senators during the 2018 hearings for now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Even after the computer administrator was caught in the act and arrested for spying on a senator’s office using his advanced technical skills, Capitol Police didn’t check the USB ports of nearby computers. Six different computers within steps of where he was arrested in the Senate had keylogger devices in them that continued to capture and beam private information over WiFi. They were only exposed through a confession.

Police the got a search warrant on his home, but missed critical evidence because they didn’t check the oven.

Toxic individuals were repeatedly passed among government offices apparently without anyone performing a background check or calling for job references. And despite lamentations from Democrats about the DNC hack, there was seemingly little concern about technology and data security.

Capitol Police Missed Key Evidence

After Cosko was arrested for posting Republicans’ private information online during the Kavanaugh hearings and breaking into New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan’s office late at night to steal the data, Capitol Police missed key evidence.

“The Capitol Police, when they executed the search warrant on his home, they missed what we consider the most significant tranche of data. And we told the Capitol Police to go back and check the oven,” defense attorney Brian Stolarz said in court Wednesday, highlighting the extent of Cosko’s cooperation with police after being caught.

Even though Hassan and the police knew Cosko used his computer knowledge to pilfer data from the office, no one in the Senate appears to have done a thorough sweep of the office’s electronics. The Senate continued to be spied on even after his arrest because officials never checked the USB ports of computers in her office, where keylogging devices were beaming back every keystroke over WiFi.

“He told them about the keyloggers. If he didn’t, they’d still be there,” Cosko’s lawyer said in court.

To this day, police haven’t been able to figure out how to detect the keyloggers from their signal, and it is hard to rule out that they aren’t still elsewhere on the Capitol complex.

Hassan Hired a Felon Into the Office’s Most Sensitive Role

Before any of this trouble began, Cosko already had felony run-ins with the law attributed to drug addiction. Nonetheless, Hassan hired him as computer systems administrator, which prosecutors said gave him the “keys to the electronic kingdom … the sysadmin becomes the ultimate insider threat.” She hired him in early 2017, the same time period during which a different scandal involving congressional IT aides abusing their positions was breaking in the House.

Hassan fired Cosko in May 2018 because of a different issue that pre-dated the hack. Hassan spokesman Aaron Jacobs did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s questions about that incident. Cosko hatched a plan to steal the office’s data and use it to extort Hassan into giving him a good reference, according to prosecutors, out of fear for future job security in Washington.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Hired Him Despite Having Just Been Fired

Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas gave him an unpaid position, apparently without calling Hassan’s office as a reference check. The idea of a 27-year-old man who was working in a specialized role in the upper chamber suddenly taking an unpaid “internship” in the lower chamber didn’t seem to set off red flags for Jackson Lee.

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During this time period, Cosko stole Hassan’s data with the intent of blackmailing his Democrat former employer, but his own partisan bias overwhelmed him as he watched the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh from his office in the House, court documents show. Some of the data he stole included Republican senators’ home addresses and phone numbers.

Using his House computer in Jackson Lee’s office, he doxxed Republicans who were voting on the confirmation by posting their private information to Wikipedia in order to intimidate them.

Cosko is the son of a millionaire real estate developer who was the head of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and who has ties to California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He previously served in the offices of Feinstein and California Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Feinstein was the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee hearing the nomination, and played a critical role in shepherding sexual harassment allegations against Kavanaugh. Jackson Lee attracted national attention during the hearings by slipping a mysterious envelope to the lawyer of Kavanaugh’s accuser on television.

During this period, Cosko was addicted to drugs and alcohol so badly that “the probation office indicated they’re surprised he wasn’t dead,” Judge Thomas Hogan said.

Cosko’s attorney said “it was legendary, and not in a good way. The worst I’ve ever seen.”

This behavior did not seem to stand out in Jackson Lee’s congressional office. Multiple studies have named Jackson Lee’s office the most dysfunctional on Capitol Hill. Jackson Lee spokeswoman Robin Chand did not respond to TheDCNF’s questions.

His Accomplice Gets a Job for a Congresswoman’s Office

Cosko knew how to operate Hassan’s computer systems, but since he was fired, he didn’t physically have access. Prosecutors said Cosko gave rent money to another Hassan staffer, Samantha DeForest-Davis, in exchange for her key. They allege Davis was aware he was using it for late-night break-ins to steal data, and that she saw some of the data.

During one of these break-ins Oct. 2, 2018, Cosko was caught in the act by another Hassan staffer and fled, later emailing the witness that he had private emails, texts, and even health information about senators’ children he would publish unless the witness kept quiet, according to a statement of facts Cosko agreed to as part of his plea deal.

The statement said Cosko asked Davis to go into the crime scene, wipe his fingerprints off the computers, and restart the computers to destroy evidence. Prosecutors said Deforest-Davis texted: “So I was able to wipe down the keys and mouse but [a witness] was coming so I could [not] do the other thing … sorry I couldn’t do everything.”

Cosko was arrested Oct. 3, 2018, and lied to police in two interviews before eventually agreeing to cooperate and implicating Deforest-Davis, prosecutors said in court Wednesday. As a result, she was fired from the Senate Dec. 19, 2018, according to payroll records.

On Jan. 18, a case against her became visible in online federal court records, titled USA v. Deforest-Davis, and was one of the first results to come up when her name was searched on Google.

Eight days later, Rep. Abigail Spanberger, a Virginia Democrat, hired Deforest-Davis anyway. Spanberger, a former CIA agent, apparently did not detect Deforest-Davis’s history. Spanberger’s spokesman Connor Joseph did not respond to a request to explain whether the congresswoman’s office called anyone in the Senate to get a job reference and why her central Virginia constituents should trust that her office safeguards their personal data.

Capitol Police spokeswoman Eva Malecki did not respond to a request to explain why it did not alert Spanberger that the House’s newest pending hire was a suspect in an ongoing criminal investigation.

Spanberger is a member of the House’s foreign affairs committee, which deals with information of interest to America’s adversaries.

DeForest-Davis abruptly departed the payroll after working from only Jan. 30 to Feb. 11, according to pay records.

According to a fundraising campaign she posted online, DeForest-Davis is set to begin yet another government job as a Milwaukee Public Schools teacher through Teach for America, which did not respond to a question about whether it did any reference checks, and if so, who gave her a reference.

Luke Rosiak is the author of the new book Obstruction of Justice: How the Deep State Risked National Security to Protect the Democratsabout a computer hack on the House of Representatives.


(Note to remember:   Sheila Jackson is the same Lefty Dem who not too many years ago after American withdrawal from the Vietnam War,  congratulated the wisdom of America to create two peace-loving new nations, NORTH VIETNAM AND SOUTH VIETNAM.)

Fascistic Dem California, the State of “Medieval Diseases, Gangs, Corruption”……..

America’s First Third-World State

Fascistic Dems Lead Plot to Destroy America by Wrecking the Electoral College

Wreck the Electoral College, Destroy the Country


While you were sleeping, the Democrats (abetted by some deviant Republicans) have been working on a plan that would destroy the diversity of the American political system and bring the nation to the brink of civil war. The plan is called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and tens of millions of dollars have already been spent over several decades trying to implement it. Fourteen blue states and the District of Columbia have already joined the Compact, which means they are 70% on the way to making their proposal the law of the land.

The Democrats’ plan is designed to eliminate the influence of the Electoral College in choosing the nation’s president, no doubt because while Hillary won the popular vote she failed win necessary votes in the Electoral College. Eliminating the influence of the Electoral College would end the diversity now embodied in the federal system with its division of powers between Washington and the fifty states. The fact that a party which presents itself as a defender of diversity should be leading the charge to eliminate the nation’s most powerful source of diversity should be all that is required to understand the threat their agenda poses to what has been the nation’s constitutional way of life for 232 years.

The Electoral College and the division of powers are features of the Constitution. But the National Popular Vote movement does not propose to amend the Constitution because it doesn’t have the votes to do that. Instead, in the name of “democracy,” it proposes to circumvent the Constitution and its requirement of large national majorities for amending what has been the fundamental law of the land. Think how Orwellian that is, and how concerning it should be for anyone believing the Founders created the most practical, realistic, democratic, diverse and successful polity the world has ever seen.

This is how the Democrats’ circumvention of the Constitution and its provision for an Electoral College would work. Instead of abolishing the College, which would require the support of two-thirds of the states, they are hoping to put together a coalition of states representing 270 electoral votes that would agree to award all their votes to whoever wins the national vote. In other words, if the popular vote is won by 10 votes, every state in the Compact would award 100% of their votes to that party, even if a majority of the voters in their state voted against them.

The bottom line (and goal) of this devious plan is to eliminate the influence of rural voters or “Middle America” and create an electoral lock for the large urban population centers, e.g., California and New York, which would then decide the direction of the country.

Currently the Electoral College forces candidates to campaign in states they might otherwise ignore, and thus forces them to compete for diverse constituencies, and therefore to compromise and moderate their positions. It was designed by the Founders to move the country to the center and to prevent an overzealous majority from tyrannizing the minority.

Consider the practical implications of this radical plan to remove an institution that has stabilized our political life for more than 200 years. The urban centers of America, which would become dominant under the plan, are also the centers of America’s crime problems and gun homicides, its intractable poverty, its failed public schools and political corruption. Do we really want to replicate for all America the failed welfare policies that have created a permanent underclass in cities like Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, and Baltimore?

Or consider California, a one-party state whose government has defied federal law and proclaimed itself a sanctuary for illegal migrants. What will be the consequences for an already deeply divided nation of having an open-borders policy imposed by leftist states led by California and New York on Middle American states who are already fiercely opposed to flooding the country with millions of illegal aliens whom no government agency has vetted?  lf New York has legalized the killing of babies already born, how will that go down in states already banning abortions of babies with fetal heartbeats? All the blue states pushing this agenda are fans of the Green New Deal which focuses on a problem — global warming — that most of the country doesn’t consider urgent, calls for crushing new taxes to finance new social giveaways while programs like Medicare and Social Security are already on the brink of bankruptcy. Or consider the Green plan to remove 250 million gasoline-driven automobiles within ten years and replace them with electric cars. If an incredibly costly and unsettling confiscation scheme like this is imposed on the rest of the country, what can we reasonably expect as a reaction?

The Founders’ scheme to produce compromise between competing factions and to put checks and balances on radical adventures was never more needed than now, when the country is divided in a way that it has not been seen since the Civil War. But apparently this is the perfect time for an out-of-touch and increasingly out-of-control Democratic Party to undermine the constitutional foundations of the nation, push a divisive agenda, and move the nation towards a one-party state.

David Horowitz is the author of the newly published book Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.



Remember That Corrupt D.C. Obama?

For years under the weight of Communist government tyranny, the Russian public would explain in complaint:  “The future is known.  It’s the past that keeps changing.”

Yesterday’s histories were always rewritten by the Marxists,  the Lefties, to buff up the Communist Party, the only political show in any Soviet Russian town.   As allies of Stalin fell from grace, for whatever reason, they were dead, usually both figuretively and in body.   Every act of history was adjusted to the new order of events.   Photos were retouched.  Articles were rewritten or disappeared.   As with modern American Democrats led by the president, yesterday’s story keeps changing…..and the Obama Main Stream Media insures…..”That the future is known.   It’s the past that keeps changing.

Sounds like the Obama speeches to me.  It’s the one skill Barack learned well during his first three years of presidenthood and his years at Marxist learnings.

Obama Marxists are not bothered by telling untruths.  Indeed, truth is valued only when it flatters Lefty tyranny.

Today’s Democrats, led by Barack himself, would have one believe that the great financial crisis of the final year of the GW’s administration was caused by greed in the private sector, abetted, of course by mean old guard Republicans out to make a buck.

But, in truth, the Bush administration warned years before of the shaky nature of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in financing with government guarantees  home mortgages for people who could or would NEVER intend to repay the loans.   The entire enterprise was engineered by Democrats starting back during the administration of Jimmy Earl Carter.   Then in 1977 the Carter administration threatened banks that if they didn’t expand their coverage of  black mortgage applicants, whether they could or would pay back the loan or not, the Carter government would sue them for Civil Rights violations.   That was the background.   Then arrived the chief culprits….all Democrats…and led by Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and abetted by Charlie Schumer, and a host of others who have used courts to charge racism against their political opponents, social or economic.

It began the slide down hill almost to national insolvency.

President Obama lies when he infers in his talks after talks, that Wall Street was the source of the financial meltdown sin in 2008.   A chief conduit, perhaps, but not the source.   The chief source was crook, Barney Frank, Representative from Massachusetts…where else?

The Bush Aministration warned the public of potential insolvency from the Barney Frank Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae scandal.   Click on the following video for more….

(Above commentary by ghr.)


Feelings, NOT TRUTH, Feverishly Govern the Human Female Animal’s Mind!

Truth has seldom been a powerful drive in the feminized  human female animal’s primary drive in life.   FEELINGS UBER ALLES keep interfering with her abilities to recognize Truth.  Unlike the human male animal, she isn’t born driven to problem solve.

Nearly all  of our American feminist loud mouths are Democrats from Nancy Pelosi of the US Senate to our  today’s typical  public school teacher from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

The accumulation of knowledge is a human male drive, whether BC 1000 or AD 2019.  “HE” IS THE BORN PROTECTOR OF HUMAN SPECIES SURVIVAL, not the she!!  He is born with a killer instinct his “cultural” life dictates.   She, NOT HE, is born to bear the offspring for the duration  of the species.  He is born curious,  driven to be the provider, builder, and the  protector.

“She” used to be a RESPECTED MOTHER….EVEN IN MY LIFE TIME.   In our good old USA today,  generally her career dictates her mode and mood.   Homemaking has disappeared.   In AD USA 2019 one can even correctly claim HOME has been disappearing.   With the exception of a few of  today’s devoted JudeoChristians, those few who are allowed to  home teach there own children,  America’s married females of age aren’t home caring for their offspring.   They work for a living five days a week instead.

Marriage in America isn’t what it used to be before our American “animal revolution of the  1960s”. Nor are its neighborhoods,  atheism, lefty schools, newsprint and television.

Today’s America has become the land of Dem  “Ditsy Queens”, leftists in today’s Democrat Party where TRUTH no longer has any meaning and the human  male disappearing.

Please read the following article by Michael Barone


Using the Big Lie to Delegitimize Election Results

by Michael Barone  at realclearpolitics:

The Big Lie is back in style. Wikipedia tells us that the term was invented by Adolf Hitler to describe what others did — though he was the biggest liar of all. “The broad masses of a nation,” he wrote in “Mein Kampf,” “more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie.”

No one on the political scene in this country or any democratic nation is a monster comparable to Hitler. But some have resorted to the Big Lie in their attempts to override clear decisions of the people, at the risk of delegitimizing the nation’s democracy.

Exhibit A: the claims that Democrats Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum “won” last fall’s elections for governor in Georgia and Florida. Actually, both of them lost by a 50-49 percent margin.

Abrams admits this but insists, “so many people were disenfranchised and disengaged … that I feel comfortable now saying, ‘I won.'” Presidential candidate Kamala Harris told the Detroit NAACP, “without voter suppression, Stacey Abrams would be the governor of Georgia. Andrew Gillum is the governor of Florida.”

(Please continue reading below to know today’s America better:)



Why Are Today’s Dems So Reprehensible? BECAUSE THEY’VE BECOME FASCISTS!

Birds of a feather: Why are so many Democrats so reprehensible in exactly the same way?

by Patricia McCarthy  at  American Thinker:


Observing the events of the past two years, the past month since the release of the Mueller report, and the last few days of contempt charges, it is impossible to miss the defining characteristics of the most repugnant Democrats driving the impeach Trump campaign.

Pelosi, Swalwell, Schiff, Blumenthal, Nadler, Cohen, Waters, Harris, Booker, et al. are of a piece.  Each of them seems to possess an almost identical and wholesale lack of any character at all.  Each of them is vicious to the core.  Each of them is either wholly unaware of his own hypocrisy, as in falsely accusing Attorney General William Barr of contempt, when those who were in Congress at the time were hysterical when Attorney General Eric Holder was found to be in contempt of Congress.  Or they assume the American people are ignorant and unable to discern the deviousness of their plan to destroy Trump.

Holder actually was in contempt of Congress for authentic scandals involving deaths of Americans, such as Operation Fast and Furious.  Barr is not.  Unlike Holder, Barr is the smartest lawyer in the room.  He knows, as does any sentient legal scholar, that to give the House Judiciary Committee what they are asking for — names of intelligence assets, legally protected grand jury testimony — would be breaking the law.  The Democrats with their handmaidens in the media are manufacturing a “constitutional crisis” simply to hound the president and prolong the collusion hoax as long as possible.

Curiously, Trump does not seem to be at all concerned.  Hmmm.  Could it be that the president sees this throng of sociopaths for exactly who they are: unscrupulous to the shallow depth of their soulless beings?  These people are about one thing alone: their own political power.  To that end, they have no knowledge or grasp of right and wrong.  Like the malignant narcissists they are, they are unable to consider the damage they do, to the country and to people, both groups and individuals.

Likewise, the criminals who invented and perpetrated the Russia collusion hoax are equally unable to see themselves as they are: corrupt and treasonous.  Like the Democrats in Congress, and their counterparts in the media, this coterie of thugs felt absolutely justified in breaking countless laws and abrogating the Constitution to prevent Trump from taking office.  One of Dennis Prager’s most oft repeated quotes is that “those who do not confront evil resent those who do.”

Trump has done an immense amount of good throughout his life.  He builds things, he has employed hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world, and he decided that the U.S. needed some fixing after the damage done by Obama.  So he ran for the office of president.  The Left, even those among the Left who knew him and liked him, hated him from that moment on with the “white hot passion of a thousand suns” (Cheers).  They apparently decided then and there that he would never be president.  Like the schemers in the old film Seven Days in May, their arrogance exceeded their intelligence.  Their contempt for the president and his supporters is the very definition of bigoted intolerance.  They hate Trump because he is not one of them; he is a better man, a better father, a better president, and they know it.

There is another quote of Prager’s that is appropriate here: “If we continue to teach about tolerance and intolerance instead of good and evil, we will end up with tolerance of evil.”  For the past fifty years, the imposition of multiculturalism and all that it has entailed, two generations have been taught that tolerance of all things must supersede all other values.  Ergo, we’ve arrived at a place in which the bulk of one of our two political parties has, if inadvertently, embraced evil in the name of tolerance — radical Islam, all variations of sexual orientation including pedophilia, the absolutist notion that all minorities are victims, all women are victims.  We must now accept the trope that all white men are bad, a blight on civilized society.  How destructive is this to our country?  It is devastating, and they do it purposefully, these Democrats.  They have become the embodiment of Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky.  They want to destroy what the founders created, the greatest, freest nation on the planet.  At least it used to be.

Our left has done such terrible damage over the years. They have destroyed academia, especially our once  great universities.  Few of them today permit free speech or freedom from the forced acceptance of all things politically correct.  They no longer value critical thinking, so they do not teach it.  They indoctrinate.  Students who deviate from the new rules that seem to have leapt off the pages of Orwell’s 1984 will be harassed, punished.  They have terrorized the young with their frightening exhortations of man-caused global warming hysteria. They are working hard to obliterate the absolute truth of gender. Science and biology be damned. It is into this moment in time that Trump was miraculously elected to the absolute horror of the Democrats. Their behavior since that day has been monstrous. They’ve lost their minds and have behaved badly from that day forward. Now they are just pathetic, an embarrassment to this country. These Democrats, the ones who so virulently attack and lie about Trump, are worse than ethically challenged; they are congenitally predisposed to be hateful. The lot of them should be so ashamed of themselves, but they’re not. They are birds of feather and a loathsome bird it is.




When Will This Dem Fascist Invasion End?

Are There Any Limits to Illegal Immigration?

by Victor Davis Hanson   at AMERICAN GREATNESS:

The U.S.-Mexican border is essentially wide open.

Why? Because there is a general expectation in Mexico and Latin America that American immigration law is unenforced. Or it is so bizarre that simple illegal entry almost always ensures temporary legal residence, pending an asylum hearing.

A scheduled asylum hearing, in turn, is seen by border crossers as a mere formality to be ignored. The popular perception on the border, then, is to stick one foot illegally onto U.S. soil, and, presto, win permanent residence for you and any family members who wish to follow.

In an age of 500 sanctuary city and county jurisdictions, few illegal aliens believe they will ever be deported permanently, even if they have been apprehended committing serious crimes. There is also a general perception among would-be illegal entrants that prominent Democrats and progressives welcome their massive influxes as useful and will do their best to ensure illegal immigration continues unabated.

There is also the assumption that the greater the chaos at the border, the less likely Congress will take bipartisan action to end it. After all, 2020 is an election year and progressives are in no mood to hand Trump the semblance of a legislative victory. This fact is also known to would-be border crossers.

Illegal alien families sense that they are vital to progressive agendas of fundamentally transforming the country by importing first-generation, loyal constituents—a sentiment that is slowly replacing the prior idea of mostly young men coming to work off the books. In an increasingly tribal America, they expect on arrival to be recalibrated instantly from Mexican nationals without any experience of America into “Latinos” and “Hispanics” with historical grievances against the majority population of United States, to be remedied by reparatory hiring and admission, and facilitated by ethnic operatives.

Some polls in the past have suggested that a third of Mexico’s population would immigrate to the United States if possible. The percentages of would-be immigrants from Central America are likely to be even higher. In theory, 50 million could cross the border in the next two decades, which poses the question: what are the theoretical limits on illegal immigration?

When would it cease? When 50 million or 60 million or maybe 80 million foreign nationals entered illegally, without meritocratic criteria or much diversity?

Historically massive influxes of migrants from one nation to another are reflections of imbalances in fertility and demography, and radical political, economic, and cultural asymmetries. People vote en masse with their feet to escape violence, oppression and poverty to flee to a different, indeed antithetical, system that promises them greater security, freedom, and economic opportunity.

Think in the past of mainland China versus Hong Kong, East versus West Germany, North versus South Korea, or Europe versus North Africa and the Middle East. Or consider why indigenous residents of Oaxaca would give up their homeland to travel 2,000 miles to a quite foreign country whose traditions, language, culture, history, and values were often antithetical to their own.

Saturation Nowhere in Sight
Mass population movements end (or never start) if there is border symmetry, in the fashion that Canadian and American immigrants roughly balance each other out.

The promise that Mexico and Central America in the early 21th century would obtain rough economic parity with the United States has not happened, despite progress there and lower birth rates in the United States. But what has transpired is a radical increase in cartel and gang violence, endemic corruption and general lowering of the quality of life south of the border.

Under such conditions, the logical limits of immigration can be calibrated not so much by whether countries south of the border reach parity with American standards of living, freedom, security, and quality of life. But rather the current issue is whether regions of America, especially the American Southwest become roughly indistinguishable from Latin America and Mexico, and therefore in terms of economic opportunity, safety, and quality of life do not offer that much of an improvement—or at least not such a radical margin of enhancement to justify abandoning one’s homeland.

In such an equation, the more that illegal aliens arrive, swamp social services and tax law enforcement, the more that they create ethnic enclaves that resist rapid assimilation and the more that they sense that their hosts see them most useful as an identity politics constituency, then the more parts of the southwestern United States will seem more like Mexico, and perhaps to the point of eventually diminishing illegal immigration.

No one knows what the saturation point might be of illegal and unassimilated immigration, but influxes are now approximating each month a mid-sized American city. In theory, we may already be nearing a point where many immigrants are starting to see their new homes as not all that different from Mexico—although in general far more expensive.

How Illegal Immigration Changes Us
Illegal immigration and its effects on a community are incremental but steady. This past week, two miles from my home, an illegal alien fled the scene of an accident that he had caused, which killed a pregnant Mexican-American and critically injured her 11-year-old daughter. He is still at large. Within a 100-mile radius of central California, at least five citizens were killed by illegal alien gunmen in the last four months. When I go to town to drop off dry cleaning, I rarely hear English spoken. Almost all the stores in the shopping center (where I have gone for 50 years) have Spanish names. Few English signs are apparent or needed.

The formerly rich diverse community of Japanese-, Armenian-, Basque-, Portuguese-, Mexican- and Scandinavian-Americans have long since vanished. I stopped riding a bike in my rural environs four years ago, given the packs of unlicensed and unvaccinated dogs, and the owners indifference to their attacks on passersby.From experience of driving each week across the Central Valley to the California coast, I assume that about one of every 20 cars at rural intersections will run the stop sign. I make the further assumption that if I am hit, the driver of the other car may well flee the scene and has no license, insurance or registration—and has never felt any real need to obtain them.

In my immediate rural environs, there is now the following: 1) an illegal dump of various junk, wrecked cars, and discarded household items; 2) a strange open-air vacant storage lot dotted with porta potties, trailers and assorted junk spread over five acres; 3) a bizarre sort of camp, in which lean-tos, shacks, and tents are hidden among an old persimmon orchard, where no one quite knows how many such structures are hidden inside the mysterious grove; 4) a permanent hanging gardens of Babylon-type of yard sale where a home’s trees and bushes are littered with hanging clothing and flotsam and jetsam, some of them rotting from the recent rains; 5) a former backyard that is now a small goat mart; 6) an unlicensed, ad hoc outdoor barber shop; 7) an unlicensed, ad hoc outdoor daycare center.

I’ll stop there, but the avenue where I have lived for 65 years in terms of the fundamental metrics of civilization—sanitation, single-family zoning, building codes, mosquito abatement, dog licensing and registration, and sanctions for illicit activity—has regressed a half-century or more.

Officials apparently assume that visiting these places can become a lose-lose-lose situation: the miscreant will not comply with citations, the bureaucratic costs of enforcement are not offset by collectable fines, and the touchy subject of illegal immigration may earn either unfavorable press coverage or censure from politically sensitive county and local officials. In other words, we are a world away from Nancy Pelosi’s gated Napa estate, or Dianne Feinstein’s $40 million hilltop Pacific Heights mansion but not from the results of their ideology.

Future Without Law
Life down the street is conducted mostly on the premises of rural Mexico, where one does what one pleases or must in terms of water, power, sanitation, business, commerce, leisure, and pets, without audit from authorities.

If one reads either the local or regional papers, it is composed of stories about one of three themes.

One, the disturbing litany of DUIs, gang stabbings and shootings, fatal hit-and-run accidents, police shootings of armed suspects, high-speed chases, robberies, and drug busts.

Two, there are also many human interest inspirational stories of illegal aliens from Mexico who are running successful businesses, whose children are star athletes or students. The subtext is not that they are doing the exceptional things other Americans are not doing, but that they merit special attention and approbation because of their immigrant status and the obstacles they have overcome.

Three, the grievance or victimization meme: the lawsuit against law enforcement, the filing of a bias claim against the county, the firing of an official for some alleged insensitivity, or the injustice of some agency that has curtailed support from, tried to deport, or was somehow biased against, an illegal alien.

The point is, that unlike the past, almost every new story is grounded in some sort of overt ethnic context, and ultimately related to illegal immigration and its effects.

Latino and Hispanic citizens, to the extent that they identify as such, may in the American Southwest be the key to the future of illegal immigration. So far, they have put up with higher taxes, swamped social services, gang activity, hit and run accidents and subpar schools that are the wages of illegal immigration, on the theory of ethnic solidarity and of general sympathy with the underclass of which many now in the middle class were once a part.

But no one wishes to have a neighbor who is an MS-13 member, or schools where non-English speakers hold back collective learning, or to be hit by an unlicensed driver who flees the scene. For successfully assimilated Hispanics there is a growing resentment that they are being used to support political agendas that are not conducive to improving the quality of life in their own backyards.

Translated that means, for example, that California’s high income, sales, and gas taxes, along with sky-high housing, electricity, and gasoline costs, do not make one sympathetic to millions who arrive illegally and without English skills or a high school diploma but with plenty of instant needs for state services.

In sum, either when Mexico resembles California, Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico, or when these border states resemble Mexico, then illegal immigration will likely cease. Conventional wisdom has always postulated that declining birth rates, economic reforms, and globalization south of the border will discourage Mexicans and Central Americans from coming north as rough parity is achieved.

But it may be that as so many have already come north—and they are coming in increasing numbers—and as so few feel a need to assimilate, that an impoverished “north” is no longer a promised land and thus not necessarily a place for which it is worth abandoning one’s homeland.

The other day I noticed for the first time that I have a lot more fear of an oncoming car in rural California than I had of intersections in Libya; a lot more worries about a wild stray dog wandering into my yard than I did while living in Greece; a lot more anxiety of being shot or robbed than I did when visiting the current Middle East; and a lot less hope of being treated promptly in extremis at the local emergency room than I would have expected in Eastern Europe.

In that strange sense, I guess I have some hope that illegal immigration will soon taper off.