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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
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Dem Nadler’s Fascistic Democrats’ Attack on Corey Lewandowski

“Their Muscles Remind Us of Rambo!”

A French soldier’s view of US soldiers in Afghanistan

by  Thomas Lifson  at American Thinker:


A reader who, in this day of blacklists, must remain anonymous, sends this observation about our soldiers in Afghanistan:

It’s not unusual for the French to comment on anything American and normally in the negative.  What is rare is a Frenchman saying something positive about Americans; in this case heaping praise on our soldiers in Afghanistan.

Blogger and veteran Wes O’Donnell has translated an editorial in a French newspaper from a French soldier serving with a prestigious U.S. infantry battalion.  I recommend reading the whole thing.  Here are some excerpts:

US soldiers are in top physical shape compared to the French, and it appears much better in infantry tactics.  The soldier notes:

Heavily built, fed at the earliest age with Gatorade, proteins, and creatine — they are all heads and shoulders taller than us and their muscles remind us of Rambo.  Our frames are amusingly skinny to them — we are wimps, even the strongest of us — and because of that they often mistake us [the French] for Afghans. [snip] Even if some of them are a bit on the heavy side, all of them provide us everyday with lessons in infantry know-how.  Beyond the wearing of a combat kit that never seems to discomfort them (helmet strap, helmet, combat goggles, rifles etc.) the long hours of watch at the outpost never seem to annoy them in the slightest.

U.S. Soldiers depart Forward Operating Base Baylough, Afghanistan.
Photo credit: US Army.

In combat, US soldiers go on the offense in every encounter with the enemy in contrast to soldiers of other nations who have been taught to first defend and await orders:

And combat? If you have seen Rambo you have seen it all — always coming to the rescue when one of our teams gets in trouble, and always in the shortest delay. That is one of their tricks: they switch from T-shirt and sandals to combat ready in three minutes. Arriving in contact with the enemy, the way they fight is simple and disconcerting: they just charge! They disembark and assault in stride, they bomb first and ask questions later — which cuts any pussyfooting short.

And finally:

To those who bestow us with the honor of sharing their combat outposts and who everyday give proof of their military excellence, to those who pay the daily tribute of America’s army’s deployment on Afghan soil, to those we owned this article, ourselves hoping that we will always remain worthy of them and to always continue hearing them say that we are all the same band of brothers.

Maybe the socialist candidates for president should be given a copy of this editorial, but they likely wouldn’t read it, and if they did, they wouldn’t acknowledge our brave warriors in the field.


Our St. Paul Central’s Gathering for a 67th Year Class Reunion!

Student leaders of my graduation class from high school organized a reunion celebration which I shall, God willing, be attending this coming Tuesday.   We survivors  had all graduated from St. Paul Central High School, June, 1952.   So many of us have been dying recently those leaders must have decided to speed up our showings before we all disappear.

High schools “taught”  ninth grade then.  No one normal would have been stupid enough to detach puberty developing human animals from seniors in high school “to kin”  with  seventh  graders in junior high….except for typical College of Education majors of any day.  Unlike our today, teachers actually taught knowledge in public school.  They themselves, as it turned out,  were well educated, civil and JudeoChristian….especially the Christian part.

The more  knowledge I could amass, “the closer to God I would become”  was the mantra I had heard again and again the ideal why I was in school.   I was also expected to seek and discover a career for my future.

The only thing then I knew about the University of Minnesota is that it beat Nebraska 61-7 in the fall of 1945, the same autumn we began to get GIs; as teachers in 7th and 8th grades to replace the retiring demanding, encyclopedic, well educated  old maids.

I had a reading problem.  School mate, Brian Humphrey did too.  We couldn’t read novels.  My best friend, Jim Meeker could.  He was a well disciplined, A-plus, super study, rather quiet guy and good student and reader.  He could read nearly a novel per day!

I was reduced to Classic Comics….and loved the entanglements of their stories!!

A Mrs. Dagmar McClement was our basic 8th grade teacher at St. Paul’s Horace Mann Elementary School, K through 8th grade.   A  buxom bossy gal, intelligent, but NOT of the old maid well educated “religious and well learned”  old  guard type.  It was, after all, only eighth grade and consuming knowledge hadn’t arrived yet!

I had seen the  movie, “The Yearling” which was based on very popular novel of that day.  Some time well after Christmas Mrs. McClement announced  we would be having our annual  “Weekly Reader” test from the folks who publish the “Weekly Reader” an up-to-day learning weekly news piece about general knowledge the publishers and educators of the day thought necessary to read and follow beyond the school curriculum….pictures of stuff, articles of animals, maps, paragraphs of historic events, 100 items for the eye to conquer for the mind.

I had no trouble reading paragraphs, even pages, books  of history, especially where maps might be involved or newspaper articles.   But, I could, can, never read or follow a novel.

Jim Meeker and I were the best of friends from first grade on.   We played all sorts of games scholastically  oriented at his house, just the two of us…..for years!  He had a college-educated brother twelve  years older than we were, who had lots of stuff available we could work with.    I was certain he was my only real competitor.

Day of the annual Weekly Reader class test…..100 items, all short answer or multiple choice.   I had left only one question blank, and was certain I had finished the rest of the items correctly.   Jim told me he  had  left two blanks.   It turned out no one was close to us.

One of the question items was a picture of a dromedary we had to identify in writing.   Jim couldn’t name the creature so left the item blank.

I wrote in “DROMEDOR”. The answer should have been “DROMEDARY”.

Mrs. McClement didn’t like me.  I knew that.   She told the class I had misspelled the name of the animal, and therefore the answer was just as incorrect as Jim’s no answer at all.   She reminded me and the class that Jim was a better all around student and therefore had earned the book!

I was “mature” enough NOT in any way to blame Jim.   But, Dagmar was evil in my mind for the rest of the school year both in her classes and others.   I had ‘hired’ an anger about school I had NEVER before experienced, which carried me to my first class in high school,  English with Mabel Wicker the very next year.

There she was, that September….68 years old, her last year of teaching English.   Four feet ten,  90 pounds, a confident but  shadow of a woman, one wearing a red wig.

First hour, first day in her class we were to buy a pamphlet of Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”.  We had to buy all of our school books in those public school days.   I looked at its first pages.  I smelled trouble.    I knew immediately Shakespeare English might as well be Chinese.  I had, have, never been able to read a novel, even to this day…end of story!

The very next school day Miss Wicker began her Shakespeare menus….She began reading with “Enter Antonio”, who says,  “In sooth.  I know not why I am so sad:  It wearies me; you say it wearies you;  But how I caught it, found it, or came by it, What stuff  ’tis made of, whereof it is born, I am to learn;  …….and such a want-wit sadness makes of me, That I have much ado to know myself.”

Salarino responds;  “Your mind is tossing on the ocean;   There, where your argosies with  portly sail.  Like signiors and rich burghers on the flood, Or as it were, the pageants of the sea, Do overpeer the petty traffickers,   That curtsy to them, do them reverence,  As they fly by them with their woven wings……..”

I was warned studying in high school would be a challenge.   Unbeknownst  to me,  the fact she had already read the play  to me as a member of the class made it possible for me  to understand the core of the drama itself.     I felt I was reading almost like anyone else.  I so wanted to read properly!

There were forty kids in the class….mostly boys….which I didn’t recognize until two years later when my college prep teacher at Central, Grace Cochran, cornered me regarding my bad reading ability.    “Who was your Freshman English teacher”, she asked.   She told me Miss Wicker  was the English teacher responsible for weeding  poor readers out of  the college prep line sending them to machine shop.    I admitted I hated Wm. Thackeray stuff, and by Nature couldn’t read “Vanity Fair” anyway.

She soothed me by mentioning a lot of boys were poor novel readers…..She told me to stay with my Classic Comics habit….at least I would know the Classics’  basic plots.

Miss Wicker failed me the first marking period.   She called each of  her  forty students as they were seated,  by alphabetical order to come quickly to her desk…..I, being Ray, was toward the end of the list, meaning I had to sweat  longer.   She called each of us  by her  same tone and volume.   When needed she spoke loudly so  every student in the room knew who isn’t working up to ‘snuff’.

I was quite nervous waiting for my turn.   I wasn’t used to doing homework.   “Mr. Ray!”

On her desk there sat a black ink well and a red ink well.    Each grading card was a small stiff card with the titles of  classes on the left,  with six or eight grading periods awaiting marks toward the right.   One’s grades were open for the world to see.

Our meeting was brief.   She  admired my improvements on her test scores concerning Shakespeare….However, she showed me the total absence of any and all homework I was supposed to do….

Her pen reached to the RED ink well.  Miss Wicker made as big a red “F” as she could in the space fit for the grade…..THE VERY FIRST CLASS MARKING ON MY REPORT CARD FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR for all to see!!!   My first grade at Central!



Our High School Reunion at age 85!

Except for one or two among us,  the  400-plus  high school graduates of St. Paul’s Central High School  of 1952 were born in 1934……. the year of the lowest birthrate in the nation’s history.  It was our Depression in America  time and then suddenly  World War time before America itself  became Great economically,  morally, culturally, and financially until  the 1960s.

I was one of those 1934 babies.  Graduation had been celebrated every five years after until this “off” year.  Too many of us  are dying in far greater numbers than in the past….a natural condition, of course,  but not popular among yesterday’s high school stars, may God Bless Them!

They  decided to gather us together this coming August 27th….for our collective 85th birthday gathering.

Since the 1960s we know there  has been  rise  in our once Godfearing America,  a fascistic, atheistic   collective USA  led by a new generation of  fascistics,  ‘scholastics’, feminists, and socialists……a wave of millions of college unlearneds, all gathering  to do good by destroying   that  religious  American dream for democratic freedom for all of our citizens  initiated by those male patriots of 1776.

Americans  used to be  taught to worship seeking  TRUTH in the public schools I attended.

I was born to  be energetic and curious.  I felt it from early on.    I wanted to know everything outside of  engineering, building buildings, and sweeping.

At age eight I became a person in wartime to be in  charge of a quarter acre  “Victory Garden” across the alley from our “five room bungalow” where I was raised.  It was a part of the World War effort to help feed the neighborhood since so many millions of men were over seas.

I became the garden’s planter, it’s caretaker, weeder,  insect controller, waterer, harvester.  The city provided plowing that first year of “the Victory Garden”.   I learned to love plants, to be outdoors, to be gardening, even weeding.    I was born to be curious.

I was also dyslexic.   I couldn’t read books…..novels especially.   But, I was gifted by having visual memory.   What I could see, wanted to see, and until a few years ago, needed to see, I visually stored things, actions, events.  I was lucky to live long enough to discover and appreciate the issue.

I was born curious to a fault.   “Mom, why  are you doing that?”…..”Dad, what’s this for?”  And, at age 8,  until the end of Summer, 1945 I loved that Victory Garden.   I was into my own precious world.   I could see and enjoy my produce.   I was ‘bombing’ evil insects as if I were helping the war effort.

The War made me love maps.   I could read cutlines attached to the pictures of the rotogravure Sunday newspaper section of the St. Paul Pioneer Press already in June, 1942 covering the Battle at Midway.   I can still see by memory its layouts, maps, pictures, headlines of the war action.    What I saw, I’d remember….especially trees, shrubs, flowers, birds, rodents.   I wanted to know every things’ names.

It drove my Mother nuts…so she’d send me out doors to get rid of me….even before the War began….even in Winter where, during the War, I’d build igloo type structures in the Victory Garden and then I’d bomb them with ice chunks, pretending I was helping the War effort…..After all the Japanese had invaded some of our American  Attu islands of Alaska!

I loved learning at school.  But,  I couldn’t read.   Teachers knew it…I did not, consciously.  I wanted so to do what adults  asked of me throughout my school life.   I loved algebra….working those quadratics was like putting 2,000 piece picture puzzles of beautiful American gardens of those days together with my mom.  The Joy of Finishing the Visual Problem!!

I didn’t socialize much with my St. Paul Central school mates.   I had  a paper route to ‘pay my way’ of the day.   At school I  mostly had great teachers.   My favorite was a Mabel Wicker for Freshman English, 4’11” at age 68 going on 100 in her last year before retiring.   I learned years later that she is the person who allowed me to be permitted to enter college after high school graduation.    She taught Shakespeare!

How in hell was I going to read, learn anything Shakespeare?   I knew there was going to be trouble.  And it began the first day of class that September!   We were ordered  to read and study “Merchant of Venice” beginning immediately.   By then I could read most newspaper articles, but never a novel, and NOW I had to read a play?

No sweat….It turned out, after handing out a book to me and my classmates…which we had to pay 15 cents for that first day of class….that Mabel Wicker, being the great old made school teacher she was….and despite  wearing her red wig, she began her rule over the class by  reading  most of the play itself, underscoring, ever tastefully acting out some of  the most beautiful, the most important passages herself.

I remember going home after school that day so excited.   I knew the words and caught their purpose…and almost immediately  I knew I could read the entire play….and that is what I did when I got home….after my paper route, of course.

I got a failing grade the first marking period, nevertheless.   It didn’t happen again!

Thirty eight freshman kids, mostly boys, sat in that red-wigged  Wicker’s classroom in God’s world, 1948-49, and in my presence, NEVER MADE A SLUR OR INSULTING REMARK ABOUT THAT TEACHER AND HER RED WIG.

Three years later when I was supposed to read something William Thackeray, another English teacher, again an excellent one of the College Prep Program, suspected I was having  some reading problems.  She asked me who my Freshman English teacher was…..”Oh, Miss Wicker!”, and then followed with “Good for you!”

Miss Wicker, she told me,  was THE  teacher deciding which  freshman students  who read poorly might still be placed into the College Prep stream at the school.

Miss Wicker failed me with a red ink F in big print on my report card that first marking period  so everyone who’d come close to the card would notice I was in trouble!  Her’s was the first class of my day.    It also would be open broadly for every one of my teachers  see the  RED “F” I had earned.

I was so very lucky to have lived in that St. Paul school district which still hired such great teachers when seeking Truth mattered.

They aren’t around anymore, folks.   Feminism, fascism, antiAmericanism and other drugs  reign.







How blessed all of us  Americans are that our once Beautiful Godfearing America is at last becoming reacquainted with a Great Preacher for our Times…………

…….not a President, not a General, not a Pope, not a Stalinist, but a radio Preacher…..


“I first met this Dennis via radio, late October, 2004, when civil and decent,  but boring and limited President, George W. Bush was struggling to retain his being in the nation’s White House.   He was trailing noted phony Vietnam crone, liar, foul fool from Massachusetts.   Then, as now, television news was already lefty news…..one and all.

Radio had been abandoned of matters of import.   Best friend of mine, intelligent thinker, skilled artist, politically astute and articulate called…….”You’ve got to turn on the radio!!”

“Why?”    Radio for me in those days was classical music and bouncy polkas….and I loved both….

“There’s a radio  guy, Dennis Prager, ….a conservative really upset and angry  about the possibility of   Kerry making it to the White House!  You’ve got to listen to him….He’s Great!”

I fumbled around searching for the station I had never heard of before.

John F. Kerry was a classic phony, a sleaze, a make-believe.   He had concocted a fairy tale of himself in Vietnam being shot at, with movie and all……starring himself as a hero dodging danger…..A liar….it was all a set up, but it made him a hero who wound up in every lefty communication’s industry and newspaper around.   He was phonier than Hillary by far.

This Dennis was in command of Truth with emotion……I caught him building  his  emotion filled with Truth, building, building……only Truth intended!!

In late August for years Dennis used to preach politics honestly, persuasively at the Minnesota State Fair.     I had never met a conservative as religious in his delivery as he.   I attended the fair every year he was there, every year a Star.

God Bless him……He’s the best American I have ever met.   I am proud and honored to help his conservative cause in any way I can.  Look what he has been able to achieve thus far!!!    God bless him and his cause”………Glenn H. Ray

Leftist Star, Alan Dershowitz, a Liberal Conservative!? Welcome!!

Two of my favorite people in today’s Leftist political wars against our American democracy,  Dennis Prager and John Hinderaker have been writing sweet  about leftist, anti-American, ACLU fanatic for about 45 years,  super arrogant lefty loud-mouth, Alan Dershowitz.

Dershowitz is closer to my age….in his early 80s.      It  is unlikely that either of these younger American heroes of our day remember or  ever heard, felt the heat against our America  emanating from the  lefty  mouth of  Dershowitz throughout those decades.

I’ll be 85 later this Summer.   I have loved learning, accumulating knowledge in countless directions, all of my thinking life, and in the meantime collected two Bachelor degrees, one Master’s degree, and one credit short of a second Master’s degree in Horticulture…..my major  profession  in life,  landscape gardening.

I did teach Russian and Social Studies at the high school level during the first stage of my adult labor.    In total I gathered  over 700 quarter credits of college study in my schooling years.   I had dyslexic issues, as it turned out.   I couldn’t read books.   But newspapers were a different arrangement of paper.

I could read headlines of the St. Paul Pioneer Press’s Sunday editions shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.   By June 1942 I could read every article in the Press’s rotogravure pages of the war section.   Some of the pictures of the Midway attack that month are still in my mind.   I could read cut lines to National Geographic pictures without trouble soon after.   I have never been able to read a novel.   But I have read countless newspapers.  I used to teach Russian, American History, and Social Studies for about fifteen years until 1972.

I  even voted  Democrat during  Dershowitz’s 30 plus  mouthier anti-American years.  Perhaps  he has softened his brain and mouth these days  because of the dangers Israel has to endure merely to survive.     I thoroughly support him on that.   And because of my great esteem for Dennis Prager and John Hinderaker in this current civil war to save American democracy,  I shall try hard to smile when I see and hear the NEW Alan Dershowitz pump up his words on television these days.


by  John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Alan Dershowitz is a lifelong liberal, but in recent years he has diverged from the left-wing line on a few issues, including Israel and, to a degree, the Trump administration. That has brought the knives out. Liberal anti-Semites, in particular, are out to get him. The New Yorker, a disgusting rag, has been “researching” a hit piece on Dershowitz for some time. Apparently the magazine has dredged up two “accusers” who had something to do with Jeffrey Epstein, and claim that Dershowitz had sexual relations with them. The allegations appear to be entirely false, and may have been cooked up by the partisan lawyer David Boies, who somehow has gotten into the act.

Dershowitz has written an open letter to the New Yorker, defending himself against the smears that apparently are in progress. His defense is exhaustive and eloquent. This is how it starts:

Having been contacted by your “fact” checkers, I now understand the thrust of Connie Bruck’s hit piece: You must know there is no actual evidence that I engaged in sexual misconduct or even met my false accusers — because I did not. So, you appear determined to concoct a false narrative of my life, going back more than 40 years to my first marriage, that falsely suggests that I am the kind of person who “could” or “might” have engaged in such misconduct. To support your false narrative, you began your negative “research” – as you acknowledged to my son — by sourcing a Holocaust denial site that circulates false stories about prominent Jews, including me. You then interviewed my enemies, my critics, dissenting students and especially anti-Israel and, in some cases anti-Semitic, zealots. The original reporting, which took place over many months, did not include interviews with longtime friends and associates who know me well and can present a more balanced perspective. …

You have even refused to interview me face-to-face. When your negative sources are dead or unwilling to be interviewed, you have quoted decades old adversarial court documents that contain false information that you believe is protected by the litigation privilege. You report old, negative articles about me even though they are based on false information. You don’t seem to care whether the information is provably false, as long as you are protected from a lawsuit. Most importantly you are apparently refusing to include in your one-sided screed information that undercuts your false narrative that I and others have provided you.

Based on the claims of your fact checker, your reporter originally wrote an entirely false account regarding a confrontation between me and a summons server that was fed to you—-as many false stories about me have been fed to you. Your writer reported that a summons server tried to serve me in my apartment and that I told him to go “f.. himself.”

The problem is that he tried to serve someone else three times in an apartment that I haven’t lived in for seven (7) years. Finally, that person told him what he could do. But that person wasn’t me. I don’t use that kind of language. Your reporter believed your “source” and was prepared to attribute the episode to me without any proof that it was me. I wonder how many other stories in the article are also the product of such shoddy reporting.

Here is a list of just some of the information and documents that you and your fact checkers have been given. I urge readers of the published article to compare this list with what appears in your article and more importantly what has deliberately been excluded.

There is much more. Among other things, Dershowitz points out the obvious difference between the hostile attitude toward him that results in printing provably false assertions with Jane Mayer’s recent sympathetic defense of Al Franken. The difference? Politics. The New Yorker has no integrity, and no one should take anything it publishes seriously.


The Left vs. Alan Dershowitz

Being Pro-American Seeks TRUTH!

Steve Hilton: Proud Americans – That’s not who today’s Democrats are

by Steve Hilton  at foxnews:

There was a time when being pro-America was a given for politicians in both main parties. Of course, President Reagan put it beautifully when he talked of a “shining city on a hill.” But I also loved Bill Clinton’s great line, “There’s nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed by what’s right with America”

But this past week, this July 4, we saw that those days are gone. Yes, we still have a Republican president who, like Ronald Reagan, is obviously proud of America and happy to say it, to celebrate it. But today’s Democrats? No. They’re embarrassed by America, far from celebrating America. They want to tear it down and turn it into something else.

That was the background for President Trump’s “Salute to America” on Independence Day. The Democrats couldn’t wait to attack it.

“Donald Trump, I believe, is incapable of celebrating what makes America great because I don’t think he gets it,” former Vice President Joe Biden said.


Okay. Here’s some of what the president actually said:

President Trump: Together, we are part of one of the greatest stories ever told: The story of America … It is the spirit, daring and defiance, excellence and adventure, courage and confidence, loyalty and love that built this country into the most exceptional nation in the history of the world, and our nation is stronger today than it ever was before.

I think you’ll find, Joe China, that President Trump “gets” what makes America great better than a knackered old swamp creature who took billions of dollars in bribes in the form of payments to his family businesses from America’s No. 1 enemy. You are the last person to lecture anyone on patriotism. #JoeChina!

But it wasn’t just Biden. It was all of them. “How dare you celebrate America” cried the left. “It’s not who we are.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif. and 2020 presidential candidate: It’s just not who we are as Americans. We don’t thump our chest, put tanks in the streets, fly jets over the mall to prove our strength.

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, presidential candidate: I think reducing our nation to tanks and shows of muscle just makes us look like the kind of loudmouth guy at the bar.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y and 2020 presidential candidate – I think it’s a waste of money. You know he’s having a parade for himself, putting tanks out there for himself. A if he really cares about the men and women who are serving our nation, he would be investing in higher pay, better housing and better health care.

By the way, that’s exactly what he has done, unlike President Obama, you total charlatan, Kirsten Gillibrand. But the big point is captured in that smug platitude trotted out there by the ridiculous Eric Swalwell and the rest of the left these days: “It’s not who we are.”


For once, that phrase told us something useful about the Democrats, just not in the way they intended.

The proud Americans who stood in the pouring rain in front of the Lincoln Memorial to celebrate their country on July 4 – no, that’s not who the Democrats are. The millions more who watched at home and thought finally, we have a president who loves America as much as we do and isn’t embarrassed to say so – no, that’s not who the Democrats are.

The Democrats won’t celebrate America because their new ideology demands that they denigrate America, not least with their reckless, divisive lies about concentration camps at the border, collusion with Russia, and “Hitler” in the White House. Today’s Democrats are engaged in a concerted effort to smear this country at home and in the eyes of the world. When they tell you they don’t want to celebrate America because *it’s not who we are,” believe them.

President Trump, by contrast, laid out exactly why we should celebrate. The American spirit he talked about on Independence Day has driven some of the most profound human achievements in history, from medical breakthroughs to artistic glories to engineering and technological marvels. American ingenuity has continually confounded what the world thinks is possible.

But why? How? It’s not just chance or luck. There are other countries with other people just as talented and ingenious. Here’s my perspective, as a recent arrival: It is America’s greatest achievement that has made all the others possible. And that is the genius framework constructed by the Founders and expressed in the founding documents, all in service of that simple, but revolutionary idea — liberty under the law.


It is the guarantee of individual liberty that gave the pioneers the confidence to set out into the unknown, that gave the entrepreneurs the belief they could build something better, that convinced communities they could govern themselves. Power to the people. Decentralized and limited government. The rule of law. These are the foundation of the American spirit, and they have paved the way, not only for America’s long-lasting democracy but also our world-beating economic system, in which investment, innovation, and above all, success, are rewarded, not punished.

Today’s Democrats are engaged in a concerted effort to smear this country at home and in the eyes of the world. When they tell you they don’t want to celebrate America because “it’s not who we are,” believe them.

And look at the difference it makes when we have an administration that believes in those American economic values: Another incredible jobs report last week, incomes rising fastest for those who were left behind under the Democrats, record low unemployment and a fairer economy. For example, the gap between white and African-American unemployment has shrunk by nearly a half since 2016. The Obama years gave us lower growth and higher inequality. With President Trump’s pro-America economics, we have the exact opposite: higher growth and lower inequality

Those facts don’t matter to the Democrats. They’ve been captured by an extremist ideology that is fundamentally anti-American. You saw it at their debates the other week, and it connects everything – their economic policies, environmental policies, health care policies – and yes, their hysterical reaction to President Trump’s “Salute to America.”

Not celebrating America, but denigrating America.

Not power to the people but power for themselves and the bureaucratic elite.

Not decentralized government, but everything controlled from Washington, D.C.

The Democrats don’t want limited government; they want endless, relentless, extravagant intervention by an all-knowing all-seeing all-powerful state. And here’s perhaps the biggest change from the Democrats of the past. Today’s Democrats don’t even want the most vital element of the American inheritance: The rule of law.

At their first presidential debate, almost all of the 2020 candidates backed the decriminalization of illegal immigration. Last Wednesday one of them, Sen Cory Booker, even escorted migrants towards the U.S. border himself. Even Jeh Johnson, President Obama’s former Homeland Security secretary, now says the Democrats are effectively for open borders.

The Democrats point to the Statue of Liberty and say that immigration control is un-American. But they forget one vital thing. It’s not just liberty. It’s liberty under the law. And it is their blatant, thuggish assault on the rule of law that is truly un-American

Let me end on a personal note about America. I’m an immigrant here, just as my parents were in England after they fled communism in Hungary. I’ve always been pro-immigration – how could I be anything else? But it’s especially those of us who believe in the virtues and benefits of immigration who should want to see it properly-controlled. Because public consent for immigration depends on government control of immigration. That’s why immigration has to be done the right way, according to the rules.

That’s certainly how I’ve done it since I moved here with my family seven years ago. And I thought this July 4 weekend was a good moment to let you know that I’ve now begun the process of applying for U.S. citizenship. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the opportunities this country has given me and the welcome you’ve all shown me. And now I’m looking forward one day to celebrating Independence Day as an American.

If you’ll have me, that is.

Adapted from Steve Hilton’s monologue on “The Next Revolution” on July 7, 2019.


Training America’s Future Begin’s at Home

Conservative Californian, Lisa Rich, sent the following notice:


Hinderaker and Owens….REAL AMERICANS!


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

As assiduous readers know, I am a big fan of Candace Owens. I think she is one of the most important people in the United States, perhaps second only to President Trump. Three weeks ago, Candace headlined Center of the American Experiment’s Annual Dinner. I wrote about it here. Nine days ago, I posted five brief video clips from Candace’s excellent speech. After she talked for a half hour, I joined her on the stage and asked some questions, after which we opened it up to questions from the audience of 940 or so. I am now getting around to posting short clips of that colloquy between Candace and me. They are interesting, I think, and have some entertainment value, too.

Why is Candace so effective? It has to do with focusing on culture:

Candace is visibly happy. How do happiness and unhappiness relate to Right vs. Left?

Candace is probably the second most attacked person in the U.S., after Donald Trump. How does she deal with the hate that the Left showers on her, day after day?

Recently Candace testified before the House Judiciary Committee. Her testimony went viral, and is the most-watched segment on CSPAN ever. What was it like?

Is Owens interested in running for office? Maybe she could follow in the footsteps of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…

I ask Candace to describe the Blexit rallies on which she is now focusing most of her attention:

Finally, my favorite: I ask Candace what she does for fun. She is getting married in August, and we talk about her fiancé’s idea of a good time–hunting wolves in Serbia with eagles. Seriously:

When Candace Owens burst on the scene a year and a half ago or so, I wondered whether she could take the heat. Pressures on prominent black conservatives are almost unimaginable. But she is a knowledgeable, fearless conservative who will, I am convinced, stay the course. In person, she is delightful. I hope you get a sense of that from these brief clips.

Candace Owens, of Prager University, Keynote Speaker at Annual Dinner of Center of the American Experiment


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Last Saturday evening, Candace Owens delivered the keynote address at the Annual Dinner of Center of the American Experiment. The Annual Dinner is a distinguished event; speakers have included such luminaries as Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev and the first President Bush, along with leading conservative commentators. Candace is probably our youngest Annual Dinner speaker by more than 20 years.

It was a great event, with a crowd of close to 1,000.

Candace was her usual spellbinding self. As always, she didn’t deliver a canned speech, but moved seamlessly from one story or piece of analysis to another, reading the audience and improvising as she went. It is rare to see anyone with such an easy rapport with an audience, which gave her a rapturous reception.

I won’t try to summarize Candace’s speech, but the Center’s Communications Director tweeted some quotes as it went along. Here are some samples:

Center of the American Experiment@MNThinkTank

“In order to be a leftist you have to wake up every day and say, what’s wrong today and who can I blame?” –@RealCandaceO

Center of the American Experiment@MNThinkTank

“The biggest problem facing black America is absentee fathers. And now feminists have created a term called ‘toxic masculinity.’” –@RealCandaceO

Center of the American Experiment@MNThinkTank

“I always ask myself: Why does progressivism lead to regressive results? Did you know there are black-only dorms in the South because apparently black people need safe spaces from white people? We’re taking about self-imposed segregation.” –@RealCandaceO

The Minneapolis Star Tribune covered our event and quoted me, along with several African-Americans who attended the dinner. The Star Tribune story isn’t bad, but it focuses more on other blacks’ reactions to Owens than on her message.

At the end of Candace’s speech, I asked her some questions and we had a little dialogue, after which we finished with questions from the audience. Here, someone seems to have said something funny, but I don’t remember what.

Offstage, Candace was delightful, as she was when she appeared at a lunch forum for us a year ago. Her popularity is remarkable for someone who burst on the scene so recently. Saturday night, around 400 people had their pictures taken with her–300 who had VIP tickets, and 100 students who got selfies on their own phones. Her patience and infectious good humor are commendable. On a personal note, we also enjoyed meeting Candace’s British fiance, who proposed to her two weeks after they met. Who can blame him?

Owens has departed amicably from Turning Point USA and is focusing on her own Blexitcampaign. She also has a show on Prager University, which from what I have seen is excellent.

It was a wonderful evening, including the 12-year-old who sang the National Anthem beautifully and Senator Rudy Boschwitz, who delivered the invocation. And I took 17 minutes for a Power Point presentation about the Center’s accomplishments of the past 12 months–for me, probably the most fun 17 minutes of the year.