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America’s Illegal Immigrant Criminals One Way to St. Helena?


by John Hinderaker  at  PowerLine:

Here in America, we can’t seem to deport even the most vicious of criminals–not so they will stay deported, anyway. In Denmark, the Telegraph reports, people are fed up. I don’t think the article is available online to non-subscribers, so I will quote it:

Foreign criminals awaiting deportation from Denmark will be banished to a deserted island, the government has announced.

Rejected asylum seekers who have committed crimes will be detained at a facility on Lindholm, an uninhabited, seven-hectare island in the province of Vordingborg, one and a half miles from the mainland.

It will also house foreigners who do not have permission to stay but cannot be deported for legal reasons, such as stateless people and those from countries which do not have a readmission agreement with Denmark.

The Danes seem to have taken an interest in their own self-preservation, unlike so many Americans:

A spokesman for the party said, “Foreign criminals have no reason to be in Denmark.

“Until we can get rid of them, we will move them to Lindholm, where they will be obliged to stay at the new deportation center at night. There will be police there around the clock.”

Left-wing Danes have responded with a variant on the “This is not who we are” plaint of American leftists:

“The green government I want to lead would never force people on to a deserted island,” said Uffe Elbaek, a prime ministerial candidate and leader of the Alternative party.

“Inhuman politics are creating a completely different Denmark from the Denmark I love.”

The idea has appeal, but here in the U.S., we are going to need a bigger island.



CJack: “The Case of the People vs. Robert Mueller”

The Case of the People vs Robert Mueller…
Posted on December 4, 2018 by cjack

Robert Mueller’s wrongful prosecution of Paul Manafort and General Michael Kelly (just to mention two of the most prominent members of the Trump presidential campaign and transition team) has—given the facts—intentionally gone beyond the scope of his legal jurisdiction because of the deliberate vagaries in the overreaching mandate drafted by “deep state” Deputy USAG Rod Rosenstein. The nefarious goal of Rosenstein was to fabricate the most egregious lie to unseat our duly elected President, as directed by the “anti-Trumpers” Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and their “deep state” operatives. (And of course, the globalist un-American George Soros pulling the strings behind the curtains). So they contracted the ex-British spy Christopher Steele to construct a bogus “dossier” to overturn the legitimate electoral triumph of the GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump on the night of November 8, 2016. Yet having confirmed her defeat, poor Hillary was in tears, loudly profane and fit to be tied. The pro-Hillary media so certain of her win, were stunned and shamed by their “fake” polls that had predicted Hillary’s 96% sure-win. But that night the American people spoke loud and clear at the ballot box: “Drain the Swamp!”

So what did un-American Bill & Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the larcenous DNC embarked on? They immediately got into gear to appoint the historically corrupt prosecutor Robert “Muleface” Mueller who quickly assembled a team of 17 corrupt pro-Hillary lawyers to overthrow the duly elected president and the government of the United States; of course it was a Plan B already set in motion the day Mr. Trump declared his intention to run for the GOP presidential nomination. Mueller’s job was to cover up the crimes of the Obama administration…It is imperative to understand that Mueller had been FBI director under Obama during the negotiations of the infamous Uranium One Deal with the Russians and had personal interests to protect and dark dealings to bury. But before the perfidious Mueller was appointed “special counsel” his pal Rod Rosenstein had to move aside the newly appointed Jeff Sessions as USAG because only that way he, Rosenstein, could assume the responsibility as Deputy USAG to unconstitutionally appoint Mueller to construct the libelous case against Trump. And so for Mueller it was not a matter off fairness and justice under the law, it was personal. It was a hit. The election results had to be invalidated, if a British ex-spy and rogue Kremlin elements had to be funded, so be it. Damn the will of the American people and their antiquated Constitution—as Obama and his DNC cronies have demonstrated.

Let us condemn Robert “Muleface” Mueller to the back pages of our judicial history. And let his “white collar” felony against the people of the United States of America be a reminder to firmly prosecute those who plot to undermine the American Constitutional Republic and the dignity and sovereignty of its people. We shall remain free men and women as our God and founding fathers intended.

Therefore let us be vigilant, the threats against our nation’s founding values and ideals will not cease. Yet we must be wise to elect men and women who cherish our way of life and commit to defend our precious land by whatever means necessary. In other nations they may resort to the gun to take power; in these United States we do so at the ballot box in open and free elections, as mandated by legal process. Never must we permit seditious forces to overthrow our duly elected government.

As Americans we must always be on the watch.”Freedom is not free.”

Cjack, Sentinel on the Gulf…December 4, 2018

A Personal View regarding Some Advantages of being Dyslexic!

The Advantages of Dyslexia

With reading difficulties can come other cognitive strengths

Note:  I am 84 years old.  Today, November 14, 2018 is the first time I have researched even a page of knowledge about the details of dyslexia.  It was invented, discovered about 50 years ago, but I wasn’t much of a reader so I didn’t bother to delve any  further to a field I was not involved in.

Until two years ago when I had a right knee replacement, I possessed a memory unique whether important to remember or not.  I am now slowly recovering from some of the memory loss a month of oxycodone 7 times a day caused.

My Mother was German and Germanic.  She wanted me out of her sight when at work inside our house.  Every weekday every morning around ten,  she’d listen to classical music on radio  from Chicago.  It was still depression time, pre World War II, 1938.  Think lots of static.  Every day, every morning, afternoon, and even at night I asked her endless numbers of questions…why she was doing what, where, and how those things she was  doing!   When I was four, she had had it!  That is when the punishments began….the same punishment, the same hour each day, Monday through Friday.  It followed, “If you ask me one more question, you’re going to the wall….Do you understand that…..GLENN RAY!

I understood, but I kept forgetting.  I was driven.  So, at age 4 I began my trip to soft stucco wall at the front door entryway to our living room as a punishment chamber…..60 minutes each foray; her being Germanic it was sixty minutes, not 59 or 61.

I gave her a pouted face once, only once. I was a quick learner.  I thought I could make her feel sad, even mean making me suffer by standing at that wall.   Four years old didn’t matter, however.  The pout cost me  2 hours of standing at the wall.  Pouting was never going to be my line again.

The American part of World War II broke out the December when I was four.  I had already discovered state road maps…..and could draw the map of Minnesota and Wisconsin quite accurately.   Mother bought me a Rand McNally World Atlas book of maps  that Christmas of 1941 when I was seven.

I was hooked by maps thereafter, and she knew it….She bought me  a globe of the world the next Christmas so I could follow the war more closely and spend less time at her windows.

Belle Swanson, forty going on ninety years old, was my second grade teacher.   Somewhere around mid January  that year she announced me to her class for the first time….by informing my fellow classmates, “Children…Glenn Ray has finally decided to make his “G”s and “R”s properly.  Isn’t that nice of him? …in sarcasm even I could recognize that very moment.   She approached my desk to show me her proof by comparing my yesterday’s backward G and R and today’s correct capital G and R.

I was stunned with what I saw.   She had many times carped and carped about me being obstinate by not making my capital Gs an Rs properly.   “Boys can sure make trouble”, she’d groan.  I was her proof, but without intending to do so. .

My mom did permit me to copy war zone maps from the atlas she bought me.  I’d  press the maps under the paper against the window  so I could draw islands around the South Pacific and pretend I was fighting the enemy along side my two step-uncles, age 17 and 19,  who were on ships in the Pacific fighting the enemy.

My coup  in school occurred in the third grade.   Mrs. Lucille Jaeger became  my favorite teacher of all time.   I was very shy in class.  I couldn’t read anything in paragraphs. Teachers would make their students  stand and read a paragraph or two or three  out loud to the class, so I was made embarrassed over and over again when I stood up….what could I say?

I could read newspaper headlines and rotogravure picture readings beginning with the Battle of Midway, June, 1942.   Headlines, cutlines, and pictures together taught me their stories visually, collectively making me see and so, read photographically  by  memory to this day.

Mrs. Jaeger presented me with a coup in my life.   It was winter but well after Christmas, that I remember.   “Glenn Ray” she called in class.   (We had to stand up at attention when called.)  I was never afraid of her, only shocked because I was called at all!

“I understand you draw maps” she stated.  “Is that right?”

I concurred.   “Could you draw a map of the United States on the blackboard for the class to see?”   (“Do I have two feet”, I thought…but politely and shyly answered I could….for I had played drawing maps many times at home, by heart, just for fun or something to learn or simply pass the time playing games I have invented.)

I’d start at Inlet, Minnesota, that bump on top of our state’s head and draw westward to Puget Sound, draw the Sound a bit and then go South along the Pacific to San Francisco and its bay, down south to the  Mexican border to the straight lines to border Arizona to Texas and the Rio Grande, to the Mississippi Delta and a few ‘bump’s to the peninsula of Florida up the Atlantic to Chesapeake Bay and such around Northern Virginia.  It was fun drawing the Massachusetts part  into the Ocean, then to the head I called Maine and then turned West again to the Great Lakes and home, Minnesota.  It took about three minutes.

Both Mrs. Jaeger and students were shocked….but the best was yet to happen.  As my teacher was about to thank me, I asked her if she wanted me to map in the states as well?

We didn’t have the time, she said.   At the time I had no clue that I had earned a unique status in serving my third grade classes thereafter.   I was very good at drawing landscape settings.   All these pieces of art I could do were caused by my Mother to keep me from asking her questions……SUCH IS LIFE!

I have never read a novel  cover to cover beyond “1984”, which in my view isn’t a novel at all.  It is a book of leftwing horror that every human being should read and know as a political bible contrary to the Bible of our JudeoChristian believers…..the ones Leftist Fascists are replacing in today’s American culture.


Now, what is DYSLEXIA according to the Scientific American below?

“Dyslexia is often called a “learning disability.” And it can indeed present learning challenges. Although its effects vary widely, children with dyslexia read so slowly that it would typically take them a half a year to read the same number of words other children might read in a day. Therefore, the fact that people who read so slowly were so adept at picking out the impossible figures was a big surprise to the researchers. After all, why would people who are slow in reading be fast at responding to visual representations of causal reasoning?

Though the psychologists may have been surprised, many of the people with dyslexia I speak with are not. In our laboratory at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics we have carried out studies funded by the National Science Foundation to investigate talents for scienceamong those with dyslexia. The dyslexic scientist Christopher Tonkin described to me his sense of this as a sensitivity to “things out of place.”  He’s easily bothered by the weeds among the flowers in his garden, and he felt that this sensitivity for visual anomalies was something he built on in his career as a professional scientist.  Such differences in sensitivity for causal perception may explain why people like Carole Greider and Baruj Benacerraf have been able to perform Nobel prize-winning science despite lifelong challenges with dyslexia.

In one study, we tested professional astrophysicists with and without dyslexia for their abilities to spot the simulated graphical signature in a spectrum characteristic of a black hole. The scientists with dyslexia —perhaps sensitive to the weeds among the flowers— were better at picking out the black holes from the noise, an advantage useful in their careers. Another study in our laboratory compared the abilities of college students with and without dyslexia for memorizing blurry-looking images resembling x-rays. Again, those with dyslexia showed an advantage, an advantage in that can be useful in science or medicine.

Why are there advantages in dyslexia?  Is it something about the brains of people with dyslexia that predisposes them to causal thinking? Or, is it a form of compensation, differences in the brain that occur because people with dyslexia read less? Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is unknown.

One thing we do know for sure is that reading changes the structure of the brain. An avid reader might read for an hour or more a day, day in and day out for years on end. This highly specialized repetitive training, requiring an unnaturally precise, split-second control over eye movements, can quickly restructure the visual system so as to make some pathways more efficient than the others.

When illiterate adults were taught to read, an imaging study led by Stanislas Dehaene in France showed that changes occurred in the brain as reading was acquired. But, as these adults developed skills for reading, they also lost their former abilities to process certain types of visual information, such as the ability to determine when an object is the mirrorimage of another.  Learning to read therefore comes at a cost, and the ability to carry out certain types of visual processing are lost when people learn to read. This would suggest that the visual strengths in dyslexia are simply an artifact of differences in reading experience, a trade-off that occurs as a consequence of poor reading in dyslexia.

My colleagues and I suggested that one reason people with dyslexia may exhibit visual talents is that they have difficulty managing visual attention. It may at first seem ironic that a difficulty can lead to an advantage, but it makes sense when you realize that what we call “advantages” and “disadvantages” have meaning only in the context of the task that needs to be performed.

For example, imagine you’re looking to hire a talented security guard. This person’s job will be to spot things that look odd and out of place, and call the police when something suspicious —say, an unexpected footprint in a flowerbed— is spotted. If this is the person’s task, would you rather hire a person who is an excellent reader, who has the ability to focus deeply and get lost in the text, or would you rather hire a person who is sensitive to changes in their visual environment, who is less apt to focus and block out the world?

Tasks such as reading require an ability to focus your attention on the words as your eyes scan a sentence, to quickly and accurately shift your attention in sequence from one word to the next.  But, to be a good security guard you need an opposite skill; you need to be able to be alert to everything all at once, and though this isn’t helpful for reading, this can lead to talents in other areas. If the task is to find the logical flaw in an impossible figure, then this can be done more quickly if you can distribute your attention everywhere on the figure all at once. If you tend to focus on the visual detail, to examine every piece of the figure in sequence, it could take you longer to determine whether these parts add up to the whole, and you would be at a disadvantage.

These studies raise the possibility that visual attention deficits, present from a very early age, are responsible for the reading challenges that are characteristic of dyslexia. If this theory is upheld, it would also suggest that the observed advantages are not an incidental byproduct of experience with reading, but are instead the result of differences in the brain that were likely present from birth.

If this is indeed the case, given that attention affects perception in very general ways, any number of advantages should emerge.  While people with dyslexia may tend to miss details in their environment that require an attentional focus, they would be expected to be better at noticing things that are distributed more broadly.  To put this another way, while typical readers may tend to miss the forest because it’s view is blocked by all the trees, people with dyslexia may see things more holistically, and miss the trees, but see the forest.

Among other advantages observed, Gadi Geiger and his colleagues at MIT found that people with dyslexia can distribute their attention far more broadly than do typical readers, successfully identifying letters flashed simultaneously in the center and the periphery for spacings that were much further apart. They also showed that such advantages are not just for things that are visual, but that they apply to sounds as well. In one study, simulating the sounds of a cocktail party, they found that people with dyslexia were able to pick out more words spoken by voices widely-distributed in the room, compared with people who were proficient readers.

Whether or not observations of such advantages —measured in the laboratory— have applications to talents in real life remains an open question. But, whatever the reason, a clear trend is beginning to emerge: People with dyslexia may exhibit strengths for seeing the big picture (both literally and figuratively) others tend to miss.  Thomas G. West has long argued that out-of-the-box thinking is historically part and parcel of dyslexia, and more recently physicians Brock and Fernette Eide have advanced similar arguments. Sociologists, such as Julie Logan of the Cass Business School in London agree.  Logan found that dyslexia is relatively common among business entrepreneurs; people who tend to think differently and see the big picture in thinking creatively about a business.

Whatever the mechanism, one thing is clear: dyslexia is associated with differences in visual abilities, and these differences can be an advantage in many circumstances, such as those that occur in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In physics we know that an engine is capable of productive work only when there are differences in temperature, hot versus cold. It’s only when everything is all the same that nothing productive can get done. Neurological differences similarly drive the engine of society, to create the contrasts between hot and cold that lead to productive work. Impairments in one area can lead to advantages in others, and it is these differences that drive progress in many fields, including science and math. After all, there are probably many more than three kinds of mathematicians, and society needs them all.”

DJT, America’s Smartest Man in the Room! And It’s True!

The smartest man in the room


In today’s fevered political environment – especially the fever on the sputtering, burning, choking, exploding left – it is seldom mentioned that Don Trump is just smarter than any president in recent memory.  We hear about his touch and his instinct, and these are real.  But sheer brainpower is behind most of what he does.

Trump spent decades in the real estate business learning how the world works, how and when money is a decisive factor and when other considerations matter more, how to get people what they want while also getting what you want even when the two aren’t obviously in sync.  Then he spent a decade or so in the TV racket, mastering presentation, tone, timing, etc.  He honed his instinct to a fine edge before moving into politics.

Unlike Barama, who had people around him formulating policy and doing the heavy lifting, Trump did all that himself.  Brains.  Effort.  Where Barama was lazy, spending hours on the golf course to avoid having to do anything back at the White House, Trump is a workaholic.  His hours on the golf course are productive rather than mere distraction.

Nor did the “political novice” tag ever fit this president.  You don’t succeed at the highest levels of finance and construction in an extensively regulated environment such as New York City without political skill of a high order.  His successes as president in such a short period of time, one rapidly following another, show that he grasped what was really going on in politics far better than did his adversaries or even those on his own side.

In Donald Trump we have a once-in-a-hundred-years leader, a guy with brains and instinct all rolled into one.  Some might say Trump gets lucky a lot, but luck doesn’t enter into it.  He has solved diplomatic problems that stumped whole generations at the State Department.  He has repaired an economy staggering under a regulatory load no economy should ever have had to bear.  He has made it fun again to live in America, with things working the way they’re meant to.

Trump.  Smart guy.  Who’da thunk it?

In today’s fevered political environment – especially the fever on the sputtering, burning, choking, exploding left – it is seldom mentioned that Don Trump is just smarter than any president in recent memory.  We hear about his touch and his instinct, and these are real.  But sheer brainpower is behind most of what he does.

President Trump, The Teacher at the Rallies!

Media don’t get it about Trump’s rallies

by Thomas Lifson  at  American Thinker:


In a must-read essay at RealClearPolitics.com, Adele Malpass explains how President Trump is “transforming” the midterms through an unprecedented flurry of campaign rallies in support of his party’s legislative candidates.  What’s remarkable to me is that so few journalists understand her points and need to have it laid out for them:

One of the new dynamics in this midterm election is President Trump reprising the rallies that helped fuel his victory in 2016.  While it’s common for presidents to campaign during midterms, arena-size crowds at rallies all over the country is a new phenomenon, and these events have proven to be a powerful way to communicate with, and excite, base voters.

Trump rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (via Wikimedia Commons).

This is hardly new, as anyone with a memory able to capture and retain what happened two years ago should know.

In 2016, Trump had the ability to fill arenas in multiple states on the same day, but some in the media played down the importance of rallies even after he won the election.  In response, White House aide Kellyanne Conway said in a post-election analysis: “The size of rallies matters.”  Recently, the president echoed that point in a tweet:

There are many benefits to these rallies, including offering the president an opportunity to respond to his critics and test out his base’s reaction to talking points he spontaneously offers.

Only at the very end of her article does Malpass mention what is to me the most potent benefit:

And each person who attends a rally is potentially a force multiplier as they recount the experience to their friends and relatives either directly or through social media.  It’s hard to measure this impact until votes are counted, but the size of the rallies is an indication of something potentially powerful afoot in the 2018 election dynamics.

Let me state this bluntly.  The rallies are designed to produce a corps of evangelists, people who will bend the ears of everyone they know about the wonderfulness of Trump and the evil of his critics.  Nearly all of the people motivated to ask for tickets and then stand in line for hours, and maybe not get in but wait outside watching the rally on big-screen TVs in the company of other Trump fans, were already going to support Trump.  The experience of sharing their convictions with a vast crowd of thousands of people just like them produces a form of euphoria that develops in like-minded crowds.

That euphoria translates into efforts to persuade family members to get out and vote, often as not filling out advance ballots and mailing them in.  This is why early voting by Republican-registered voters is breaking records.  Ten thousand attendees at a rally can translate into fifty thousand or more votes stirred by the evangelists.

Media people are professionally inclined to dismiss the importance of rallies precisely because they are invested in the notion that media are the principal drivers of voting behavior.  The idea that face-to-face conversations could drive more votes than airtime or print space that they produce is anathema.

The models used by pollsters have absolutely no way to accommodate the effects of rally evangelists.  But people who don’t ordinarily vote, or who choose candidates based on hair, appearance, or other silly factors – casual voters, in other words – are far more influenced by what friends and relatives say and believe than they are by what strangers in the media say or write.

Watch where Trump speaks.  We learned from the 2016 election that rallies are very strategically planned for places where evangelists will have the greatest probability of success.

I expect Republicans to overperform in this election, at least compared to media expectations.




Letter of Faith from Ronald Reagan to His Dying Father Discovered

President Ronald Reagan as well as film actor, Ronald Reagan was born and raised during a Godfearing JudeoChristian  America,  the  nation its male founders designed it  to be.

How else would a peoples value and defend righteousness and all of its relatives?

How would a family, a neighborhood, towns people, or city folk every produce offspring willingly able to learn and practice right from wrong?  discern knowledge from stupidity and deceit, freedom from enslavement, achieve equal opportunity, peace and harmony, truth from fiction and deception or ignorance…..a woman from a harpy, a man from an ape, and these days a problem solving Republican from a fascistic Democrat ?

Please read the following Washington Post, often a harpy institution for writing, report on a lost letter from JudeoChristian Ronald Reagan to his dying father.

Article sent by Mark Waldeland:


Hinderaker Reviews Trump Surge


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Or both. Today’s Rasmussen Reports has President Trump at 51% approval, 48% disapproval. Equally significant is his so-called Approval Index, the difference between Strong Approval and Strong Disapproval. That index now stands at -1, with 38% strongly approving of the president. For purposes of comparison, Barack Obama’s Approval Index was -11 at the same point in his presidency. Obama rarely achieved an Approval Index as favorable as -1.

I have no doubt that President Trump is benefiting from the Brett Bounce. At the same time, the economy has to be a factor. The unemployment rate is a flawed statistic, but the lowest unemployment since 1969–3.7%–is obviously good news. President Trump’s is achieving, on the economy, what Barack Obama and other Democrats assured us was impossible a few years ago.

Just wait until voters start to notice how successful Trump has been in the realm of foreign policy!