• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Ben Shapiro Reviews Politico Star of our Century’s Left, Oprah Winfrey

OPRAH WINFREY UBER ALLES!  Learn How to Speak YOUR Truth….To Hell with real Truth!




Why Do Leftists Flunk Science?

Today’s American noisiest Leftists are collectively  overwhelmingly feminists, especially the angry ditsy male haters, mobish racist blacks, illegal immigrants, devoted fascists, anarchists, and anti- JudeoChristian Jews.

Most are feminized indoor people printing  their hate signs, organizing their  hates and dates to cause America trouble especially at the nation’s  schools, universities, and in the courts,  the streets and parks.

How Do Liberals Flunk Science? Let Us Count the Ways.

by Trevor Thomas  at American Thinker:


Warning in Oslo (Last January, 2012)

US embassy: ‘Don’t walk alone in Oslo at night’

The United States embassy sent an email to US citizens in Oslo on Tuesday urging them to take extra care when out and about in the Norwegian capital after a spate of violent crimes in recent months.
The embassy made reference to a knife attack on a tram at Solli Plass on January 5th, two stabbing incidents at Oslo Central Station on January 10th, as well as a number of assaults in the city’s parks, particularly Slottsparken (The Palace Park), national broadcaster NRK reports.
Americans are advised by the embassy to observe five basic safety procedures, ”even in a generally safe country like Norway.”
1.    If possible, do not walk alone at night. If you are out late, arrange to walk with others or consider another form of transportation.
2.    Remain in well-lighted areas with heavy traffic.
3.    Be aware of your surroundings at all times; see potential threats before they become actual threats.
4.    Trust your instincts. If something seems wrong, get yourself out of the area.
5.    Keep your cell phone with you and charged to call for help if necessary. The police emergency number is 112, which you can dial from any land line or cell phone.
Norwegian media have reported extensively in recent months on an unprecedented number of attacks, especially rapes, in the city’s street and parks.
Scandinavian leftwing  governments over the last generation have destroyed the peace and quiet of these once safe and sound Scandinavian nations.    Its feminist laws,  immigration laws, tax laws its entitlements and atheism have created a  granny state unable to sustain the nation’s independence and civilized culture.
These granny state agents have condemned Norway to Islamic Shariah  voodooism and violence for its peoples’ future.
 (The above article was printed at this site, January 25, 2012.  I wonder how peaceful life is living in California these days.)

Troubles at the Fascistic Washington Post


by Paul Mirengoff   at PowerLine:

“The Washington Post is worried. The lead headline in today’s paper edition reads: “Mueller criticism grows to a clamor — FBI Conspiracy Claim Takes Hold — Driven by activists, GOP lawmakers, Trump tweets.”

Turnabout is fair play. Last year around this time, an honest newspaper could easily have written: “Trump criticism grows to a clamor — Russia Collusion Takes Hold — Driven by activists, Democratic lawmakers, leaks.”

A year ago, an honest newspaper could not have written that the Trump collusion criticism was driven by the FBI. The facts supporting such a headline were not known. Now we have good reason to suspect that the FBI was, in fact, advancing the collusion claim.

The FBI reportedly offered money to Christoper Steele to continue his work on the anti-Trump dossier (in testimony before Congress Rod Rosenstein refused to say whether the FBI paid or offered to pay for the dossier). The FBI may well have used information in the dossier to secure approval of surveillance efforts from the FISA court.

The FBI also helped push the dossier into the public’s consciousness. Its general counsel, James Baker, reportedly told reporter David Corn about the dossier, thus enabling Corn to write about it just before the election. And FBI director Comey briefed president-elect Trump on the dossier, which led to publication of its contents by BuzzFeed.

We also know about the quest of Peter Strzok, a high-level FBI man, for an “insurance policy” against a Trump presidency.

But let’s return to the Washington Post’s story about growing criticism of Mueller. The three distressed Post writers are less than fully open when it comes to informing readers what — other than activists, GOP lawmakers, and Trump tweets — is causing criticism of Mueller to grow to a clamor.

They acknowledge that it has something to do with Strzok’s role as Mueller’s former top investigator. However, they do their best to make Strzok seem innocuous.

The story introduces him by noting that he called Trump an “idiot” and predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the election in a landslide — statements that don’t distinguish him from tens of thousands of government employees and millions of other Americans. They also quote a former colleague of Strzok who says:

To think Pete could not do his job objectively shows no understanding of the organization. We have Democrats, we have Republicans, we have conservatives and liberals. . . . Having personal views doesn’t prevent us from independently following the facts.

The problem with peddling this happy narrative is that it ignores Strzok’s anti-Trump zeal, his obvious desire to impress his mistress, and his damning statement about the need for an “insurance policy” against Trump becoming president. The Post, in fact, never mentions that statement.

The Post also manages to ignore the hyper-partisan nature of Mueller’s staff, even excluding Strzok, whom he reassigned. There is a passing reference to Andrew Weissmann’s gushing note to Sally Yates praising her for her resistance to Trump, but no discussion of the ideologically one-sided composition of Team Mueller — a marked contrast to Ken Starr’s balanced staff.

Even with that diverse staff, Starr was successfully portrayed as spearheading a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” It’s not surprising that as more and more evidence emerges of bias within Mueller’s team, criticism mounts and takes hold.

Mueller himself is a Republican. But he is also a friend of James Comey, another fact the Post ignores. The steady stream of evidence of Comey’s anti-Trump animus and manipulative conduct has contributed to declining faith in Mueller.

And then, there’s the fact that Mueller appears to have come up empty so far on “collusion” by Trump. A prosecutor investigating a president is bound to lose credibility if, after an extended period of time, he neither produces evidence against the president nor exonerates him of the set of crimes that supposedly underlie the investigation.

A prosecutor who cannot credibly be accused of bias — either personal or within his team — buys himself time and patience from the public. Mueller is not that prosecutor.

In sum, the Post’s account of how Mueller lost the “near-universal support” he enjoyed earlier is shallow.

The Post’s story is significant, nonetheless. Clearly, the Post is concerned that, as it states, the growing criticism of Mueller “threatens to shadow his investigation’s eventual findings.”

It does, indeed. A recent Harvard poll found that 54 percent of voters believe that “as the former head of the FBI and a friend of James Comey,” Mueller has a conflict of interest in the proceedings. Meanwhile, only 35 percent believe that evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia has been found.

I’m sure Mueller believes his own press-clippings, but the public no longer does. The press, it seems, is beginning to realize this.”

Is today’s Human Female Animal Allergic to Governments Based on the Essentials for Democracy?

………”that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain – that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Those beautiful words and their sentiment were advanced by a human male, referring to  the human males of a Judeo-Christian culture based upon the age-old understandings of human life expressing the genetic duties of this God-fearing animal….a) the female bears the child….and b) the male protects and provides for his family.

We now live, however,  in an America revolutionized by fascist female human animals of the leftist state preaching and learning at university and school that there are no differences between human male and human female.

The human male is by Nature, and/or Nature’s God,  born to  father, born to kill,   to protect his kin, driven to explore, to build, to be curious, to investigate,  to solve problems, discover Truth,  to invent, to ‘compose’, to lead.  He must learn to adjust to the pressures of  the cultural  changes he causes from his discoveries.

The human female is, by Nature, the bearer of offspring….She  emotes,  seeks security, comfort, peace and order…… over Truth!

Today, the American university and college have been overrun by feminists who disdain motherhood, who instead preach power as in  WOMAN power, her 21st century gift to human kind.

Today’s leftist male fascists in our American universities   have maneuvered  these feminists to join their war against the traditional freedom-loving, inventive  human male,   against Truth and its Nature…..He for power…..she for greater security, comfort, and power…..and the feel she is as male as anyone else.

And then, there comes along a Donald John Trump to upset the Obama-Democrat Party  apple cart selling leftist single sex and its power for America’s future.

The entire American communications industry is in a feminist tizzy about Our Donald, the human male.   How dare he speak, write, lead, or even twitter as a real American male ready to problem solve, restore Truth in word and education to resurrect America, the free the Beautiful rather than build that Obama prison of forced equality!

Or will the feminists find their way to one-party,  “Democrat”  feminazism ala Animal Farm?



Clown Charlie Shumer in Action!

Hilarious: Watch Chuck Schumer complain nobody paying attention to his anti-tax reform rant on Senate floor

by Thomas Lifson  at American Thinker:

“I must confess that I find New York’s senior senator, Chuck Schumer, annoying at best to listen to.  He finds it difficult to speak without a tone of condescension in his voice and characteristically assumes a stance of moral, as well as intellectual, superiority to those who dare to disagree.  In other words, a singularly repellant man, whose election and re-election by the voters of New York State remain a mystery to me.  Who could stand to vote for such an obnoxious man?  Evidently, New Yorkers see his behavior as normal and acceptable.

But yesterday, on the Senate floor, we saw evidence that his colleagues among the Solons share at least some of my aversion to listening to Schumer being his snide and obnoxious self.  His anti-tax reform bill rant last night was so crushingly ignored that he complained multiple times that nobody was listening to him.

NBC News (!) tweeted out a 24-second excerpt from his Senate speech that included a demand that the presiding officer of the Senate (Jeff Flake at that particular moment) restore order (“Can we have order, Mr. President?”), meaning stopping the side conversations.  He added even more plaintively, “We believe you’re messing up America. You could pay attention for a couple of minutes.”



The Imps at Powerline who want to take the Trump out of Our Donald!


by Paul Mirengoff  at Powerline:

Richard Epstein offers a “mixed report card” for President Trump’s first year. Here’s the short version:

The bad news is the man. The good news is his administration. The overall picture is a tricky composite.

The bad news has two facets:

Trump’s personality is marred by two fatal flaws that his opponents relentlessly exploit. The first is that he is a bully whose specialty is the abusive and tasteless tweet. The second is that he is extraordinarily thin-skinned and immature, so that he will always take the bait when provoked. Democrats today know that harsh comments can lure him into senseless outbursts. . . .

So long as Trump is in office, his outsized personality will impose huge costs in time and morale on the Republican Party, and make it difficult for the GOP to retain control over the House and the Senate in 2018.

I agree.

The good news is, as Epstein says, Trump’s administration. In fact, I give Trump higher marks on this side of the equation than Epstein does, though I agree, in the main, with Epstein’s critique of the president on trade issues. For one thing, Epstein focuses almost entirely on economic issues, so he doesn’t give Trump as much credit as he deserves for reversing, in part, President Obama’s foreign and national security policy.

Perhaps because I find even more to like than Epstein does in Trump’s administration, I don’t view the “composite” of Trump’s first year quite so “tricky.” Epstein, though, ends up drawing a composite that’s close to mine. He concludes:

The current report card is mixed, but so far the economic positives have outweighed the personal negatives. Happy New Year.

I wonder if anyone at PowerLine….any Republicans who run or try to run the Republican show from Washington to frozen Minnesota, from corrupt Massachusetts to Fascist California will awaken to the reality of this American President, Donald J. Trump…….”Oh my, his hair!”  “God forbid his language!”  “Damn his Tweets!”   “He’s a hater!…..(of women, blacks, and Hispanics, America’s  Schumer type FASCISTS advertise.)”    Some at Fox have come to scent a hero in Trump, but the Stirewalts get fatter and fatter eating, dreaming, and thinking everything yesterday BD….Before Donald….and what it could have been if only the  Foxies would lead the show.

I like, I love our unique American, Donald J. Trump, as he is, as he organizes, as he directs, as he listens, as he collects more of his knowledge FOR THE WORDS AND DEEDS HE PUTS TOGETHER TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

I love our Donald for his packing our Nation’s courts with people noted for their honesty, integrity, intelligence and knowledge of the Law of the Land rather than loading it with Ruth Bader Ginsburgs.

DONALD TRUMP IS AN AMERICAN LEADER AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL, BY BEING DONALD J. TRUMP!!   And, I have a hunch that the majority leaders programmed  to be  wusses heading Republican Headquarters anywhere and everywhere, are beginning to wake up to reality that this President is most likely to become  the savior of Freedom in America and its JudeoChristian principles and values.

He’s has always had energy, brains, love of family, love and care for his country that has become so generous to him and his parents.  His ego and adulthood have turned him to work for his country and its people!!!   Thank GOD he has learned to negotiate rather than spread the the slime of ‘clever’ politicians!