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Google Powerhouse “Sneaked” For Hillary in 2016!


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

I’ve written several times about the fact that the Left has outsourced censorship to the giant tech firms of Silicon Valley. Given that much political debate now takes place on social media, generally thought of as a public space, it is a handy way around the First Amendment. But the role of the giant tech companies goes beyond suppressing conservative voices, to include promoting liberalism and the Democratic Party.

The tech companies all take the same position as the Democratic Party press: sure, we’re all liberals here, but it doesn’t affect what we do! In our business lives, we are scrupulously neutral.

No one has bought that line with regard to the liberal media in a long time, and there is no reason to believe it with regard to Silicon Valley, either. The latest evidence comes from a leaked Google email that found its way onto the Tucker Carlson show last night:

A Google executive’s leaked email reveals efforts to increase Latino turnout prior to the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the executive’s “surprise” at Donald Trump’s performance among Latino voters.

The 675-word email, first obtained exclusively by Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” was written by the tech giant’s former head of multicultural marketing and details a range of efforts to increase Latino turnout, including the support of a partner organization that helped to drive voters to the polls.

The full text of the email may be online somewhere, but I haven’t seen it, so I have to rely on the Fox summary.

“We worked very hard. Many people did. We pushed to get out the Latino vote with our features, our partners, and our voices. We kept our Googley efforts non-partisan and followed our company’s protocols for the elections strategy,” the email begins. “We emphasized our mission to give Latinos access to information so they can make an informed decision at the polls, and we feel very grateful for all the support to do this important work.”

At the end of the email, the author wrote that Latino Googlers are “probably hurting right now” and that the election results are “tough to handle now that we know not all of us were against this.”

The Google executive acknowledges that Latinos, long considered the “sleeping giant” of American politics thanks to the country’s rapidly shifting demographics, did vote in record-breaking numbers and turned out early—but a significant percentage supported Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.

“Ultimately, after all was said and one [sic], the Latino community did come out to vote, and completely surprised us. We never anticipated that 29% of Latinos would vote for Trump. No one did,” the executive wrote.

The only reasonable interpretation is that Google tried to help Hillary win the election, in part through this initiative, but fell short.

Google distanced itself from the memo with the usual rationale:

A Google spokesperson previously told Fox News: “The views expressed in this email are the employee’s personal political views and are not representative of any official stance from the company. Google’s elections efforts—both in 2016 and leading up to this year’s midterms—have been entirely nonpartisan.

Right. What to do about the liberal (often, far-left) bent of the tech giants, several of which are monopoly platforms, is a big question. Break them up under the antitrust laws? Turn them into regulated utilities like the water company? Found competing conservative/moderate platforms? That is a big topic to which we will return many times in the months and years to come.



Minnesota’s Ellison Plot

Kudos to the Star Tribune Editorial Board for advocating jurisprudence as the basis for reconciling the domestic violence accusation of Keith Ellison’s former live-in girlfriend and his “flat” denial.

The constituents of U.S. House District 5 are 100 percent urban, essentially Minneapolitans, and represent a bit more than 10 percent of Minnesota’s population. Ellison routinely receives 70 percent of the vote within this DFL protectorate. As recently evidenced, he is always assured a DFL endorsement.

Ellison’s ambition of seeking statewide election as attorney general is to be taken seriously. But anything approaching a 70 percent of the vote, statewide extrapolation would be folly, given the demographics of the other 90 percent of Minnesota’s population.

Our local media has perennially granted Ellison a politically correct shield as to his personal and political record. Accountability is not a component of his repertoire. But, due to the #MeToo phenomenon, his current accuser could partly penetrate that shield.

In any event — Ellison, as an attorney general candidate, is now accountable to all Minnesotans.

Gene Delaune, New Brighton

Mark Waldeland sent the above ‘epistle’ found in the usually leftist Strib newsprint.

Remember the Leftist Shock the Day After America Was Saved by Donald J. Trump Becoming President?

FBI Colluded with Hillary Guy, Christopher Steele, 12 Times AFTER the Election

12 times Christopher Steele fed Trump-Russia allegations to FBI after the election

by Byron York at Washington Examiner:

Congressional investigators know that Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled the Trump dossier on behalf of the Clinton campaign, kept supplying allegations to the FBI after the 2016 election — and even after he was terminated as a source by the bureau for giving confidential information to the media.

Because he had broken his agreement with the FBI, bureau procedure did not allow agents to keep using Steele as a source. But they did so anyway — by devising a system in which Steele spoke regularly with Bruce Ohr, a top Obama Justice Department official whose wife worked for Fusion GPS, which hired Steele to search for dirt on Donald Trump in Russia. Ohr then passed on Steele’s information to the FBI.

In a highly unusual arrangement, Ohr, who was the fourth-highest ranking official in the Justice Department, acted as an intermediary for a terminated source for the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe. His task was to deliver to the FBI what Steele told him, which effectively meant the bureau kept Steele as a source.

Agents made a record of each time Ohr gave the bureau information from Steele. Those records are in the form of so-called 302 reports, in which the FBI agents write up notes of interviews during an investigation.

There are a dozen 302 reports on FBI post-election interviews of Ohr. The first was Nov. 22, 2016. After that, the FBI interviewed Ohr on Dec. 5; Dec. 12; Dec. 20; Jan. 23, 2017; Jan. 25; Jan. 27; Feb. 6; Feb. 14; May 8; May 12; and May 15. The dates, previously unreported publicly, were included in a July letter from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, to the FBI and Justice Department.

Congressional investigators have read the Ohr-Steele 302s. But the FBI has kept them under tight control, insisting they remain classified and limiting access to a few lawmakers and staff. Congress is not allowed to physically possess copies of any of the documents.



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Will Iran Finally Shred its Fascist Ayatollah World ?


by John Hinderaker  at  PowerLine:

Barack Obama pursued the fantasy of a U.S.-Iran alliance and sought to build up Iran as a regional power. Beyond sheer perversity, it was hard to see a rationale for this strategy. President Trump has sensibly reversed it. Seeing Iran’s mullahs has our bitter enemies–let’s not overthink this, “Death to America” does not lend itself to a subtle, counterintuitive interpretation–Trump has sought to weaken them both externally and internally.

This Reuters report suggests that he may be succeeding far better than I, for one, imagined:

Mounting pressure from the Trump administration combined with discontent among many Iranians at the state of the economy are rattling the Islamic Republic, with little sign that its leaders have the answers, officials and analysts say.

Three days of protests broke out on Sunday in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar, with hundreds of angry shopkeepers denouncing a sharp fall in the value of the Iranian currency.
However, the weekend protests quickly acquired a political edge, with people shouting slogans against Iran’s ultimate authority, Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and other top officials, calling them thieves who should step down.

I confess I was unaware that the rial has dropped 40% in value. Odd that this hasn’t been more widely reported:

The rial has lost 40 per cent of its value since last month, when President Donald Trump pulled out of Iran’s 2015 nuclear accord and announced draconian sanctions on Tehran.

These include an attempt to shut down the international sale of Iranian oil, Tehran’s main source of revenue, a threat that has cast a chill over the economy.
The full impact of Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal and Washington’s move to stop foreign countries from doing business with Iran, may not be clear for months.
Already French companies Total and Peugeot, for example, have said they will pull out of Iran rather than risk being shut out of the U.S. financial system, as Washington threatens to use the dollar’s reserve currency status to punish anyone who gets in the way of its ramped-up Iran policy.

“Sanctions cannot be blamed for all the internal problems. They have yet to be implemented,” said a second official, familiar with Iran’s decision-making process.

To pile on the pain, Washington says all countries must end crude imports from Iran by Nov. 4, hitting the oil sales that generate 60 percent of the country’s income. Iran says this level of cuts will never happen.

Demonstrations against the regime continue in various cities around Iran. Reuters says that “analysts and insiders” expect the mullahs to weather the storm. Likely so, for now. But tyrannical regimes generally appear secure until the day comes, to the surprise of analysts and insiders, when the seemingly solid edifice crumbles, often with stunning rapidity. That’s something for the mullahs to think about. And in the meantime, the likelihood of foreign adventurism should be much diminished.




Please name anything truthful, anything appropriately realistic and factual in the article written below blaspheming America’s 45th duly elected Republican President.  Every item is untrue, contrived by the Leftists who  own or rule the nation’s newsprint, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, PBS, CBS, including much at Fox,  the nation’s educational systems….Contrived lies, organized and  funded by the wealth of noted communist-business tycoon,  George Soros Media Matters and such.

There was no Trump conspiracy with Russia to defeat Crooked Hillary.   She defeated herself by being a repulsive candidate except for the feminist class.   President Trump is restoring, not destroying freedom to Americana by ridding Obama control and corruption using the FBI and other agencies to spy on conservative business folks.

President Trump had nothing to do with the arrival of  separating children from parents among those invading America illegally.    THAT LAW WAS CONTRIVED AND  PASSED BY LADY HILLARY’S PRESIDENT, WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON Democrat from Arkansas……and has been active until a few days ago when present President Donald J. Trump challenged it.

Jill Lawrence, like Charlie Schumer and Adam Schiff are chronic liars from the fascist leftwing of American politics…..Know your history!   Read the untruths below by Fake News writer, Jill Lawrence at USA Today:

Russia is worse than Watergate, the ethics mess is unprecedented and the immigrant children crisis dwarfs Katrina. Donald Trump created this tragedy.

President Donald Trump is an overachiever. Seriously.

by Jill Lawrence  of USA Today:

The ethics abuses and conflicts of interest in his administration are unprecedented. The Russia investigation, with Trump’s accompanying attacks on the media and Justice Department, is far more serious than Watergate. And the border orphans crisis is not Trump’s “Katrina moment.” It’s much worse because this is not only a tragedy, it’s one that the president created for political reasons.

Separating children from parents was supposed to to be a deterrent, but people crossing the border didn’t know their kids would be taken. It was supposed to be a hallmark of a harsh zero tolerance policy, but judges typically slapped people with time served and a $10 ticket. It was supposed to strengthen Trump’s hand with Congress (yes, a bargaining chip) until pressure forced him not only to cave, but to urge no action at all on immigration.

Vicarious panic and dread

And although family separation was — briefly — a pillar of administration policy, justified with Scripture no less, the government put no system in place to reunite families. Not  even a simple system of bracelets to identify children and parents.

That is unfathomable. How did Trump and his team think U.S. parents would react? Probably the way Fox & Friends did — it’s not like he’s doing this to kids in Idaho or Texas. But they were wrong. Most parents seem to be feeling vicarious panic and dread, and most Americans oppose the policy.

Even if you’ve never lost sight of your child for a minute at a mall, it’s all too easy to imagine this. And then to read that some families might never be reunited? That Americans could end up adopting some of these children? Imagine that happening to you and your child, happening to any parents and children from anywhere on earth. And then imagine your country did that. On purpose.

More: Family separation policy reveals the brokenness of our political incentives

Donald Trump’s vicious assault on immigrant children hits America’s moral gag reflex 

Trump has always expressed love for authoritarian leaders, but we failed to listen

This is the administration that, having thrown our immigration system, our alliances, our international trade and our foreign policy into chaos, now wants to reorganize the U.S. government. First on the list, combine the departments of Labor and Education. Raise your hand if you trust Trump or anyone on his team with that project. It’ll never get anywhere, because Congress has never warmed to this kind of thing. Still, the audacity — the idea that they think they are competent enough to remake government — is stunning.

Amid all the tragedy there is black comedy: Leading administration figures on immigration hounded by protesters as they try to dine out at, wait for it, Mexican restaurants in Washington. Melania’s “I really don’t care, do u?” jacket worn on a trip meant to show she cares about immigrant children ripped from their parents. Trump’s cavalier treatment of his fellow Republicans in Congress, who have been struggling for days toward an immigration reform compromise.

Waiting for the Red Wave

“Republicans should stop wasting their time on Immigration,” he tweeted, until after the “Red Wave” pads their House and Senate majorities this fall (he and Newt Gingrichmay be the only political figures in America who are expecting that wave).

Trump is treating his GOP allies as if they’re Canada and Mexico: Like garbage. They can’t even trust him to accurately describe a meeting scores of them attended and saw with their own eyes. He said they “applauded and laughed loudly” when he insulted their colleague Mark Sanford, who lost his primary race this month to a Trump pick. They didn’t; they grumbled and booed and said he was way out of line.

The next day the president abruptly canceled the traditional congressional picnic on White House grounds. “It didn’t feel exactly right to me,” he said. “We’ll make it another time when things are going extremely well.”

Good luck with that.

Jill Lawrence is the commentary editor of USA TODAY. 



Minnesota’s Dayton Menace

Minnesota’s Mr. Wrong: Gov. Dayton’s Math and Reasons for Vetoing Tax Bill Don’t Hold Water

Haveman devastated Dayton’s main criticism that “misguided priorities for corporations” emphasize “tax cuts for corporations over real people.”

For starters, the claim of excessively favorable treatment of corporations doesn’t match the reported numbers. Conforming to the federal government’s broadening of the corporate tax base actually exposes more Minnesota corporate income to the state’s tax rates. According to nonpartisan legislative staff, the vetoed tax bill was projected to increase Minnesota’s corporate franchise tax collections by nearly $50 million in the state’s next two-year budget cycle.

That doesn’t exactly meet the test of a huge giveaway to big corporations.

And what about the phased-in corporate rate reductions?

According to a study by the accounting firm Ernst and Young, even if a state decides not to conform to any of the new provisions imposing a tax on foreign source income, the increase in the state corporate tax base from other federal conformity provisions is likely to average 10 percent. Applying that estimate to Minnesota means that even if we left foreign earnings alone, lowering the corporate tax rate to 8.8 percent would still have kept us revenue-neutral.

Since the tax bill did capture some of these foreign earnings and would have brought the corporate rate down to only 9.1 percent by 2020, there’s an argument to be made that it would have increased state taxes on corporations over the long term.

Dayton wanted to aggressively tax foreign profits to raise an estimated $378 million to permanently expand a government program but the Legislature “unwilling to be as aggressive in laying claim to multinational corporate profits” whose “constitutional authority and legal framework for states to tax these earnings is far from settled.”  The last thing Minnesota needs is to add new permanent spending and then find out the taxes used to pay for it were unconstitutional and must be returned.

Plus corporate income taxes are highly unpredictable, twice as volatile as individual income taxes and almost five times more than general sales taxes.

Haveman closes with more wise advice that Minnesota governors and legislatures should take to heart:

The fiscally irresponsible action would be to march full speed ahead and bank on hundreds of millions of inevitably litigious, uncertain, volatile — and in many cases one-time — revenues to pay for permanent spending increases and individual income tax relief. That would jeopardize the very fiscal stability the governor applaudingly wants to leave as his legacy.  …

Big multinational corporations might always be great villains and foils for politicians, but the income taxes they pay will always be lousy foundations for ensuring state fiscal stability.