• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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A Case for a Trump Landslide in 2020!

Leftist Google’s YouTube Fascistic War Against Prager U Still Stirs!?!


by  John Hinderaker   at PowerLine:

Prager University produces a wide variety of educational videos that have become very popular, especially with young people. They are some of the highest quality materials available on the internet. As with most other video producers, Prager U’s most important outlet is YouTube, which is owned by Google and is the platform on which 90 percent or more of videos are watched, worldwide.

For several years, YouTube has suppressed Prager U’s videos by “restricting” them, which makes them invisible to viewers who are using the restricted mode, as is the case in many school environments, and by not allowing them to be monetized. After multiple appeals of YouTube’s discriminatory decisions, Prager U sued YouTube and Google in federal court, alleging violations of the First Amendment and the Lanham Act (the federal law that governs advertising in interstate commerce), as well as several causes of action under California law. The district court judge granted defendants’ motion to dismiss the federal counts, and Prager U appealed. That appeal was argued on Tuesday before a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

That YouTube has engaged in viewpoint discrimination to the detriment of Prager U is indisputable. That YouTube does this because its employees disapprove of conservatism is obvious. But YouTube and Google are private companies, and the First Amendment applies only to government. (“Congress shall make no law…”) The U.S. Supreme Court has articulated a narrow exception where the First Amendment can apply to private entities if they “exercise powers traditionally exclusively reserved to the State.” Prager U faces an obvious hurdle, in that hosting videos is not a traditional governmental function.

The hurdle got higher when, in June, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, in which the City of New York hired a private nonprofit to operate the public access channels on Manhattan’s cable television system. On its face, this seems like an instance where a private entity has taken over a governmental function and is involved in “state action.” But the Court’s conservative majority, in an opinion by Justice Kavanaugh, rejected that position. Kavanaugh emphasized the very narrow circumstances under which a private entity can be subjected to the First Amendment. The four liberal justices dissented, not unreasonably, based on my superficial reading. But their dissent does Prager U little good, as no governmental entity has delegated the task of hosting videos to YouTube.

The 9th Circuit broadcasts its oral arguments live (on YouTube, ironically), and they remain archived. Here is Tuesday’s hearing; it begins about halfway through the video:

I thought everyone involved acquitted himself or herself well. Prager U’s lawyer emphasized YouTube’s repeated representations that it is a viewpoint-neutral forum, equally available to all. But, as one judge noted, if YouTube has failed to live up to its promises, that sounds more like a contract cause of action than a First Amendment issue. The two judges who asked questions were obviously sympathetic to Prager U on the facts, but skeptical of its legal theory given Supreme Court precedents and the language of the First Amendment. Looming in the background, of course, is the fact that YouTube monopolizes (in the legal sense of the term) video hosting, while Google monopolizes search and Facebook and Twitter monopolize their social media niches.

It is YouTube’s market dominance that gives Prager U’s case its resonance, yet there is no traditional legal theory that clearly applies. Market dominance does not align with First Amendment jurisprudence, and antitrust law, which is administered as much by economists as by lawyers, generally assumes that the point of having a monopoly is to make money by raising prices. To my knowledge, there is no body of antitrust law that addresses the abuse of monopoly power not to raise prices, but to advance a political and philosophical agenda.

The Supreme Court might create such a body of law, under the broad mandate of the several antitrust statutes. The propriety of doing so is far beyond the scope of this post. But there remains the question of antitrust remedies. Treble damage awards in favor of aggrieved parties like Prager U might help to keep liberal platforms in line, although contract-based actions might do that nearly as well. Some, like Glenn Reynolds, argue that the tech and social media monopolies should be broken up under the antitrust laws. But if there were, say, five YouTubes, is there any reason to think that any of the five would be hospitable to conservatives?

And what if tech platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are natural monopolies, like the electric company and the water company? I suspect that this is the case; otherwise, why do successful competitors not spring up? Once we had Facebook and MySpace, now we only have Facebook. Social media platforms derive their value largely from network effects. I.e., Facebook is valuable precisely because your high school classmates are on it. You don’t have to search five or six different platforms to communicate with them. Likewise with Twitter: it is desirable to only tweet once, not five times on five different platforms, in order to reach your audience. YouTube is perhaps different; there may be room for competing video platforms, like Vimeo. But YouTube’s 90 percent-plus market dominance suggests that it, too, may be a natural monopoly.

Natural monopolies like the electric company and the water company are, by statute, regulated utilities. It may be that internet platforms should be treated in similar fashion. But that would require federal legislation that at this point has zero chance of passage.

Prager U may yet win its case, which is in its early innings. Perhaps the 9th Circuit will hold that Prager’s First Amendment and Lanham Act claims state a claim, and give it a green light to pursue discovery. Perhaps Prager U will prevail on its state law causes of action, although I assume that California’s judiciary is securely in the hands of the Democratic Party, which generally is not in favor of free speech. But for the foreseeable future, the Left’s control over the principal means of public communication will remain a huge advantage.


Prager U vs. YouTube


How blessed all of us  Americans are that our once Beautiful Godfearing America is at last becoming reacquainted with a Great Preacher for our Times…………

…….not a President, not a General, not a Pope, not a Stalinist, but a radio Preacher…..


“I first met this Dennis via radio, late October, 2004, when civil and decent,  but boring and limited President, George W. Bush was struggling to retain his being in the nation’s White House.   He was trailing noted phony Vietnam crone, liar, foul fool from Massachusetts.   Then, as now, television news was already lefty news…..one and all.

Radio had been abandoned of matters of import.   Best friend of mine, intelligent thinker, skilled artist, politically astute and articulate called…….”You’ve got to turn on the radio!!”

“Why?”    Radio for me in those days was classical music and bouncy polkas….and I loved both….

“There’s a radio  guy, Dennis Prager, ….a conservative really upset and angry  about the possibility of   Kerry making it to the White House!  You’ve got to listen to him….He’s Great!”

I fumbled around searching for the station I had never heard of before.

John F. Kerry was a classic phony, a sleaze, a make-believe.   He had concocted a fairy tale of himself in Vietnam being shot at, with movie and all……starring himself as a hero dodging danger…..A liar….it was all a set up, but it made him a hero who wound up in every lefty communication’s industry and newspaper around.   He was phonier than Hillary by far.

This Dennis was in command of Truth with emotion……I caught him building  his  emotion filled with Truth, building, building……only Truth intended!!

In late August for years Dennis used to preach politics honestly, persuasively at the Minnesota State Fair.     I had never met a conservative as religious in his delivery as he.   I attended the fair every year he was there, every year a Star.

God Bless him……He’s the best American I have ever met.   I am proud and honored to help his conservative cause in any way I can.  Look what he has been able to achieve thus far!!!    God bless him and his cause”………Glenn H. Ray

Our Blessed Dennis Prager Goes to Washington Today to Challenge GOOGLE’S LEFTIST FASCISM!!

Dennis Prager On Suing Google For Alleged YouTube Censorship


Syndicated radio host Dennis Prager joined Tucker Carlson Monday night about his lawsuit against Google for allegedly censoring his ‘Prager U’ short videos relating to conservatism.

Prager said Google is “transparently ideological” and “there is no question” that they censor conservative information.

“Google needs to say, ‘The truth is, we are not a conduit for free expression. We are here to, in fact, promote our views that are on the left,'” Prager said. “Either we’ll we a win or we’ll get honesty, and either way it’s a win.”

Prager U videos will always be available on RCP Video:



Prager University’s WHY TRUMP WON IN 2016

The Disappearance of Teaching TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE in Today’s American Schools and Universities!


Do Corrupters at the New Yorker Arise From the Water They Drink, From Fascist Democrats They Love, or the University They Attended?

I have never met the folks at PowerLine.   I know them only from what I read from their site.  I have read from their site  for almost a couple decades.   John Hinderaker is my favorite among the PowerLine crowd.  He’s Jewish.  He’s honest.  He’s a conservative American.  Most Jews in America today are leftists.  Here in Minnesota they’ve been Democrats all of my life.   I was raised in a Jewish part of town.

Today the more fascistic leftist ones carouse around New York and Los Angeles and/or work for Democrats, feminists, and  at university, the television and  newspaper world, the entertainment industry, or the George Soros world where big, big  money is.   (But, no one in our United States is supposed to, allowed to  expose that Truth……No matter how truthful this paragraph is, it is verbotten to be expressed in the America I know and live in, and has been all of my life.

Yet, the greatest Americans teaching American  to  Americans today  are American JEWS! They’re folks who happen to have risen from sectarian dogmas of the past or survived  the last century being  too busy like the rest of our families of those days, living and dying through the Depression and War of our  lifetime.

These courageous Americans of today’s conservative saviors SAVING AMERICA begin  with  Dennis Prager, David Horowitz,  John Hinderaker and kind on the broad front…..(and my good friend, Marion Levy) , who have managed to survive the singe of  hate  displayed from  their arrogant, intolerant, fascistic-leftist kinfolk throughout the country and in their  neighborhoods in Minneapolis!

Keep up your good American work, Powerline folks!  Freedom and Truth need to survive!



Prager University’s Lawsuit Against Google and YouTube in the State of California

PragerU has officially filed a new lawsuit against tech giant Google and its subsidiary YouTube in the state of California.

With an appeal currently pending in the Ninth Circuit, PragerU is now doubling down in California state court, continuing the fight for free speech online for all Americans and calling for Youtube to end its restriction of over 80 PragerU videos.

The Left controls our universities. 
The Left controls our mainstream media.
Don’t let the Left control the Internet, too.

PragerU is leading the fight against the censorship of conservative voices online.  

Can we count on your support as we fight to end the censorship of our ideas?

It’s now been over one year now since PragerU filed the initial federal lawsuit against tech giants Google and YouTube for censoring so many of our videos. YouTube continues to restrict access to more and more of our videos simply because they present a conservative point of view. There are currently over 80 PragerU videos that are restricted – more than double the amount since we filed our lawsuit against Google.

It’s clear that Google is not backing down. But don’t worry, neither are we.

We are prepared to take our lawsuit against Google as far, and for as long, as we need to. In addition to our current federal appeal in the Ninth Circuit, we are now pursuing action against the tech giant in California state court.

YouTube calls itself a “public forum.” It builds its ENTIRE business model on the claim that it is a “public forum: committed to fostering a community where everyone’s voice can be heard.” Yet, it defrauds the public by censoring speech it doesn’t agree with.

Free speech, especially online, is one of the most important rights of our era, and we intend to fight for it.

We can’t do this alone. Join us NOW and become a critical piece in this fight by donating today.

Every day, PragerU is changing culture with online content that teaches the values that make America the freest and most prosperous nation on earth. Millions of Americans are watching our videos, and minds are changing. We cannot let that stop.

The Left knows how effective we are. That’s why they want to censor us.

PragerU continues to fight online suppression of conservative ideas. Over the past year, we have led the charge in bringing public awareness to the issue of online censorship. Our case has been mentioned in nearly every article on the issue, and has been covered by several media giants, including the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and Buzzfeed.

Over 500,000 Americans have signed our online petition urging Google to end its censorship of conservative ideas. Our goal is to reach 1 million signatures by the time we meet Google in court.

We need your support now more than ever.  Please consider making a donation today. 

As we continue this important fight – not just for PragerU, but for everyone who uses Google – we need to win in both the court of public opinion, and in the courtroom.

We recently launched a public awareness video to bring much-needed attention to the issue. The video has already hit over 10 million views, but that’s not enough. With your help, millions more will see this critical video and learn about our case.

Can we count on your support as we fight to end the censorship of our ideas?

Prager University: How the Reformation Shaped Your World

Why You Should Be Nationalist!

Why You Should Be a Nationalist

by Yoram Hazony  at Prager University

It’s undeniable: Around the world, nationalism is on the march, and the media and reigning political elites would have you believe this is a dangerous disaster in the making. So, why is Yoram Hazony, author of The Virtue of Nationalism, unafraid? Watch to understand.

Please click below for Lesson WHY YOU SHOULD BE NATIONALIST!