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NFL Black Racist Showoffs Cause Empty Seats, Sagging Ratings

NFL Plots A Cure For Sagging Ratings, Empty Seats

We’re quickly approaching New Years, which is traditionally a time for reflection on the events of the past year and plans for how to do better over the next twelve months. That’s particularly true for the NFL, which has seen both its television ratings and live attendance in many stadiums plunge precipitously in 2017. As the Washington Times reports this week, the leadership in the league is busy analyzing precisely what caused all of this and how they might address it in 2018.

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Your first guess might logically be that the National Anthem protests were a big driving factor. That was definitely part of it, but media analysts and league insiders are also seeing a number of other disturbing trends affecting their bottom line, many of which were entirely of their own making.

NFL plots a cure for sagging ratings, empty seats

Outcry over players protesting by taking a knee during the national anthem isn’t helping, but it’s only one of several reasons fans are turning away from professional football, media analysts say.

Injuries to marquee players such as Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, teams with losing records in the nation’s largest media markets such as New York and Chicago, a glut of prime-time games, and viewers with other options have also taken a toll.

“I’d be stunned if any single factor contributed more than 2 percent to the ratings decline,” said Andrew Billings, director of the University of Alabama’s Sports Communication program.

So how bad were the numbers overall? In week 15, average television viewership was down 9 percent from the same point in 2016. Week 14 was similarly off. That translates into an average loss of 1.6 million viewers for each televised game overall. And it’s been an ongoing problem rather than a case of a single week here or there when the nation was otherwise distracted.

Some of the drivers of this were, to be fair, beyond the control of the league. Two of their biggest markets are New York and Dallas, and if you’ve been following the fortunes of the Giants, the Jets and the Cowboys you can see how people might be less excited to tune in. Ratings for the Cowboys and Giants games are down by 7% while viewership for New York Jets games is off by, er… 37%. Doesn’t that seem a bit unfair? True, my Jets are stinking up the joint at 5-10 going into the final week, but the Giants have only won two games! C’mon, man.

The league couldn’t predict or correct for the implosion of those popular teams in large media markets, but other factors were definitely under their control. The obvious target of criticism is the anthem protests which the league could have shut down as soon as Kaepernick started all of this. They didn’t do that and they’ve paid the price. If a combination of new rules from the top and a tougher line from the owners can eliminate that problem over the offseason they may begin to recover next fall.

But the other big driver seems to have been market saturation. The NFL Network has simply gotten too greedy, trying to have football on for half the days of the week. (That’s in addition to locking off certain games so they are only available on their own cable network, which not everyone has or wants.) We’re up to four different game slots on Sundays when there’s a game in London (another colossally bad idea), with prime time games on both Monday and Thursday, in addition to Sunday night. No matter how big of a fan you may be, there’s such a thing as too much football. Fans primarily want to watch their own team, and if they’re not playing they’ll watch one or two other games. But now the market is drowning in games and fewer people are making the time to watch.

On the bright side, all of these things sound fixable… except for the Jets fielding a winning team, apparently. Now that Roger Goodell has somehow landed himself another plush, five-year contract, will he make the needed course corrections and turn this around? Money is what makes the league go ’round, so I’m holding out hope that he will.



Fascists at Stanford Explain Hillary Clinton’s Loss to Our Donald

GOP Fascists Uniting with Lefty Feminazis and Obama Thugs in War Against Bama Male, Roy Moore

HotAir for the past two years has been losing its credibility as an honest  source for truthful political news and information…..very likely sacrificing honesty in favor of greed, bigger broader salaries, etc.   Money dictates truth in nearly all leftist circles and about 60% in the more Liberal Republican sources.

Most Godfearing Americans still practice and defend honesty to the best of their knowledge.    Wherever else does one find honesty in today’s America?   How about you, dear readers?

Candidate for the U.S. Senate, Roy Moore, would never have been mentioned recently  in our American national news political media, even from the 85% of it tainted by or swamped into the decay stench of today’s Democrat fascistic Leftist  collection of the criminally  deceitful black racists, leftist  Jewish anti-Gentilists, atheists,  feminazi feminists, college social science graduates of the past generation, and thousands upon thousands of illegal and legal immigrants brought, bought surreptitiously by our then  Nation’s LORD OBAMA OF THE FLIES.

(Quite a sentence…..please read it over, again.  Please remember the adverb, ‘fascistically’) as you review the behavior of the agencies from ObamaLeft Democrats  now destroying families, Truth, freedom, free enterprise, open  and honest school learnings,  JudeoChristianity where and whenever possible as well as destroying all learnings prior to the arrival of the feminazi leftist feminists now owning the order of ignorance throughout  American public education from coast to coast .     Add 30% of America’s political elephants in Washington to the fascist gangsters  listed above, and you will find the national political America we live in today!

Alabama GOPman, Roy Moore is in his 70s and has a long record of public service from the normal to the comical, the political to the normal, but mostly traditional Southern and local, and over all the good conquering the bad.

But,  few weeks ago following the Republican contest for the Alabama U.S. Senate seat, FASCIST FEMINIZED DEMOCRATS came out of the woodwork to present  a chubby female in her mid fifties,  photographed acting “tearfully” over  a  sexual petting or such….details of the event were not quite clear….she  alleged to have experienced 38 YEARS AGO!!!!   (Had she been in a stupor these past 38 years?  Human female animals are not always emoted to tell truths.  Where’s she been, how much was she….and as it turned out five or six other such females ….paid, if anything, by these Democrats suddenly ‘discovering’  something untoward (maybe) 38 years ago?

Feminists and feminazis usually don’t murder by shooting.   POISONING  is much more the feminist trick of criminal trade.  LOOK TO NANCY PELOSI AND MAXINE WATTERS OF SANCTUARY FASCIST STATE OF CALIFORNIA AS EXAMPLES.   While your at it, check out California Senator forever, Dianne Finestein.

These American fascists have long relied upon the myth that today’s human American females are still the lovable, sweety, honest, child-loving, reliable  Music Man innocents who sing lovely songs and bare beautiful smiles as American females  were two generations ago when JudeoChristianity rather than Obama-Gloria Steinem fascism-Marxism- racism gangs entered the political and educational markets a decade ago.

Whoring is a forever human female activity far more practiced today in our America than at any time since America was landed by the Mayflower.

It’s about time the mouthy feminazi feminists and other unthinking Americans are confronted with this truth…..and know why countless JudeoChristians like me would vote for traditional public servant, Roy Moore, flawed as he may be, in this today’s Alabama election.

According to polls local in Alabama and national….THE FEMINIST FASCISTS’ CANDIDATE IS EXPECTED TO WIN by a big margin.  GOP leftist, Allahpundit at HOTAIR reports the following regarding feminized America’s tendencies:

Poll: 61% Of Americans Want Roy Moore Expelled From The Senate If He Wins

(The country is sick!….if this is true!  but today, HOT AIR appears to be more interested in influence and making dollars than seeking honesty……akin, for instance to Fox Cable News! than printing anything honest.)   Please read further, below!


Holiday Report from Lisa Rich: The NFL Update:

NFL Anthem protests: the market speaks

“No NFL teams are corporations with stocks traded on an exchange, so those of us convinced that the pusillanimity of the owners has damaged the value of their businesses have no market gauge to rely on. Except for one price signal on a publicly traded market: the value of aftermarket tickets to NFL games resold on sites like StubHub. Emily Zanotti writes on the Daily Wire:
It turns out, if you can still stomach a professional football game, you can now get tickets for about the same price as a couple of Starbucks lattes.
According to Vivid Seats, an NFL ticket reselling site, seat prices at most NFL stadiums have bottomed out, leaving fans able to snag a lower level seat for a Buffalo Bills game for an astounding three dollars. Tickets at center field, right on the fifty-yard line (typically hard to find), will run you around $30. (snip)
…even big-name teams aren’t faring much better. Tickets to see the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field are going for around
Season tickets obviously are sold before the season begins, which means that next year’s season tickets should experience serious downward price pressure, unless the League takes action to change the blowback. But I expect that the most noticeable effect the owners will encounter will be reduced demand for luxury boxes. Companies pend vast sums on them because they create a pleasant, exciting atmosphere for their clients or associates. Inject political controversy into that experience and the advantages of the skybox evaporate.
I’ve never been to an NFL game (and never plan to go), so maybe I am wrong. But I am no longer watching their games on TV, so they no longer are able to rent my eyeballs to advertisers, and I know that I am not alone.
I am looking forward to next sale of an NFL team. My guess is that the seller is going to find out that the price of selling out the flag is much higher than anticipated.”
California’s Lisa Rich sent us the above recent NFL ticket story regarding  the programmed Leftist millions of dollars salaried black players’ suffering in America sit down during  pre-game ceremonies.


NFL stadium tickets plummet to unimaginable prices — see just how bad the protest damage is

from Mark Waldeland:


    The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene on Capitol Hill this Christmas season.
    This isn’t for  any religious reason. They simply have not been able to find Three Wise Men in the Nation’s Capital.
     A search for a Virgin also continues.
   There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.

Welcome America to Your Leftist Democrat Era of Black Savagery

“FREE! FREE, AT LAST TO RAPE, PILLAGE, AND BURN” in the Obama Era of Al Sharptonia!