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Robert Mueller, The Sly DC Zombie

Robert Mueller, the consummate DC schemer

by Thomas Lifson   at  American Thinker:


It’s time for a reckoning for Robert Mueller.  He is one of those D.C. veteran political appointees who carried a reputation as a righteous, honest man — as was said of James Comey not so long ago.  But the ability to get and keep bipartisan support as a high-level political appointee and maintain a broad but shallow reputation as honest seems to require more than small amount of craftiness, stealth, and duplicity when it comes to sensitive bureaucracies in the federal government’s vast apparatus.

Clear-eyed realists like Howie Carr were never fooled by Mueller, who seems to have mastered the art of not rocking the bureaucratic boat, even when faced with actual corruption.

Now that his report is finished, with volume one an honest admission of failure to find any evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians and volume two a dishonest attempt to lay out a case for impeachment of trump on the spurious claim of obstruction of justice, as Alan Dershowitz conclusively demonstrates:

So it is now time to get the measure of the man, Robert Mueller.

Louis Gohmert, one of my favorite people in Congress, has been watching Mueller for a long time and is immune to the seductions of the Beltway consensus.  Speaking with Breitbart a few days ago, he laid out the answer to a question that has been puzzling me for a long time: when and where was the FBI politicized?  Gohmert fingers Mueller as the point man:

“I gave him a pass the very first time I questioned him years ago, when he was FBI director,” recalled Gohmert.  “But then after that, I found out how much damage he was doing to the FBI, more than anybody, including Hoover in his worst days.  It was astounding.  He ran off thousands and thousands of years of experienced special agents in charge of offices, often went from having 25 years experience to five or six years experience.  He did not want anything but yes-men.  He didn’t want people with experience.  He didn’t want law enforcement agents with experience.”

Purging the leadership of the offices of the FBI across the country and installing your own yes-men (and women) is an excellent way of seizing control of an organization and redirecting it.

“This guy is not a good guy,” added Gohmert, “and I’ve been saying that since the day he was appointed.  This was a disastrous mistake.  He had been begging Trump to appoint him as FBI director again, one day before he was offered [the special counsel position], and Trump refused, and a day later he gets the chance to not just prosecute Trump but also persecute him, and that is what he’s been doing.

“Both [Robert Mueller] and his joined-at-the-hip buddy Comey … they both have a history of leaking when they want to hurt somebody that they don’t have evidence to prosecute.  They’ve done that.  In fact, if you go back to James Hatfill, who Mueller accused of being behind the anthrax killings after 9/11, and at one point it was so bad that President Bush called him in and said, ‘There doesn’t appear to be any evidence against this guy.  You sure it’s the right guy?’  He said, ‘100 percent.’  Well, there was no evidence.”

Gohmert continued, “[James Comey and Robert Mueller] went after [James Hatfill] like they went after Ted Stevens when the FBI totally manufactured a case under Mueller’s watch, and in that case, they prosecuted an innocent man — not just maybe not guilty but totally innocent — and got him convicted because they had gotten warrants, grabbed all the evidence Ted Stevens needed to prove his innocence, and didn’t give him that.  They created [and] manufactured evidence, and they were able to convict a guy just days before the election which he lost by maybe a couple of thousand votes.”

Gohmert concluded, “This is not a good man.  He should not have been allowed to get anywhere near a special counsel job, and I don’t care what Lindsey Graham says, he just doesn’t know the man like I do.”

This news, only hours old from Paul Sperry, reinforces Gohmert’s assessment of Mueller:

If this is true — that Mueller has embedded spies in Horowitz’s I.G. organization and has been getting updates from his spies — it is shocking, but maybe not surprising.  My understanding is that the I.G. is supposed to be independent and the work held confidential from those on whom reports are being researched and written.

Sperry needs to offer evidence, and I assume he had some before he tweeted his contention.  I suggest that the investigation of the investigators needs to take a look at more than the genesis of the FISA warrants and the finding of Fusion GPS.



But Dems Led by Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post Have Become TRUTHLESS FASCISTS!

Release of Mueller report finally sets Trump — and America — free

by Michael Goodwin at New York Post:

Good God, free at last, free at last.

Donald Trump is now free to be president without the cloud that hovered over him since his election. No president ever faced, let alone survived, a probe as fierce and determined as this one.

Cleared of false charges that threatened to end his presidency, Trump can be forgiven for gloating and rubbing a little salt into the wounds of his tormentors with a jab about serving another “10 to 14 years.”

Naturally, the hysterics are hysterical over that one. They can’t even take a joke.

Yet Trump’s great victory is not his alone. The release of the special counsel report marks a day of freedom for all of America and sends shock waves around the world.

As Attorney General William Barr said, the finding by special counsel Robert Mueller that nobody in the United States knowingly helped Russia interfere in the 2016 presidential campaign “is something that all Americans can and should be grateful to have confirmed.”

Take that, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Deal with it, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. You should be celebrating the outcome, not denouncing it.

The reality was that, while Russia dangled the bait, no one from the Trump campaign or anyone else took it. Those findings stand as a refreshing testament to the character of our people and the sanctity of the election.

So hide your head in shame, Hillary Clinton. You started the false charge of collusion because you couldn’t accept defeat, and now your name will be synonymous with the most destructive hoax in American history.

But reaching this uplifting conclusion took 23 months and held the entire nation hostage for half a presidential term over the possibility that the president had conspired with a foreign power to steal the election, then illegally sought to hide the evidence.

The unprecedented accusations carried the horrifying possibility that the president was a traitor, a finding that would have been catastrophic for our country and its standing in the world.

Had any of the charges been true, the president would have been impeached, convicted and removed from office. He likely then would have faced criminal charges as a private citizen. There would be no pardon to a man of historic venality.

Such a traumatic experience could have driven a stake through the heart of American exceptionalism and killed the image of a shining city on a hill. The beacon to the world would have been seen as just another corrupt country, a laughingstock worthy of contempt.

On many days, fears of that outcome dominated the headlines, as when the media reported this or that development suggesting Trump’s goose was cooked. We now know those reports, nearly all based on anonymous sources, were wrong either in their facts or import.

Take that, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC.

By abandoning their standards, Big Media got the biggest story wrong and misled their readers and viewers — yet refuse to admit it. They are the true dead-enders, still searching for a thread to justify their jihad against Trump.

There were other ramifications, too. Members of Congress of both parties surely calculated the odds of Trump’s survival in deciding how to vote on tax cuts, the border and other matters.

Perhaps last year’s midterm election would have turned out differently if voters knew then what they know now.

Think how much of the stark polarization we see every day is ­owing to the lingering possibility that Trump might be an illegitimate president. Think how families and friendships have been torn asunder, how many heated arguments took place in offices and factory floors and classrooms over the prospect that a puppet of Vladimir Putin sits behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

To this day, many people who despise Trump can’t articulate why, other than that they believe the election was somehow tainted. They were 100 percent wrong.

The decent, fair-minded people among them will now concede their error.

And what of international affairs? There can be little doubt that both friends and adversaries gave consideration to the investigation when determining their relationship with the United States. They would be fools not to.

Did the probe affect China’s position on trade, or North Korea’s on nukes? You can be sure that Iran is not happy that Trump has been cleared. That tells us something.

We can’t know all the possible ramifications, but we don’t need to know them. The bottom line is ­settled.

The Mueller report, like the investigation itself, is exhaustive in chasing down every possibility that somebody, anybody, linked to the Trump campaign sold out America.

The probers put the screws, often unfairly, to tangential players on the chance that they would give up the president in exchange for leniency.

None did because they had nothing to give up.

Certainly Michael Cohen tried. Trump’s former lawyer and fixer made it his mission to bring down the man he had sworn to take a bullet for. Cohen, in a bid to save himself, switched sides and fired all his bullets at Trump, to no great effect.

Even Thursday he was still trying to sell his soul, but there were no takers. He begins his prison sentence next month.

In fairness, Trump does not escape the Mueller report unscathed. He apparently did lie to the press about whether he helped draft a statement on behalf of Donald Trump Jr., and media reports were correct that he wanted to fire Mueller and searched for ways to make it happen.

Yet the president who is notorious for churning through staff was lucky that some aides were brave enough to ignore disastrous orders. Former White House counsel Don McGahn refused to fire Mueller, and Trump was unsuccessful in getting others to do it, too.

Lucky for him. Had he gotten his way, Trump might be facing an ­obstruction charge.

Yet it must also be noted that not only was Trump innocent of collusion, and so had no corrupt reason to obstruct justice, but also fully cooperated with Mueller.

Not once did he assert executive privilege or try to stop anyone from testifying. Indeed, McGahn spent a remarkable 30 hours with Mueller’s team, with Trump’s approval. Clearly, the president believed he had done nothing wrong and had nothing to hide.

This is not the end of Russia, Russia, Russia. Democrats in Congress can’t let go because they have put all their eggs in the rotten basket. They will do all they can to delay the inevitable, but eventually must get back to governing instead of fetishizing impeachment — or they will find themselves in the ­political wilderness.

More important is the hope that the other side of the story will be investigated with the same intense scrutiny. America needs to know whether law enforcement and intelligence agencies under Barack Obama tried to tip the election to Clinton, then undermine Trump’s presidency.

Get a good lawyer, Jim Comey. You, too, John Brennan and James Clapper.

Much evidence already gathered says they are guilty, but we are far from a certain conclusion. Thankfully, Barr has pledged himself to the painstaking task of investigating the investigators.

So it matters not whether we are at the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end. All that matters is that, sooner or later, somehow or another, America gets the full, unbiased truth of what happened in 2016.

In this season of holidays, pray for that.



Despite Mueller Trickery to Cause Trump Trouble, Pardons for the Victims He Entrapped While Hunting Are Not Popular…..YET!

NPR/Marist Poll: Mueller-Related Pardons Opposed By Majority — Of Republicans

On Wednesday night, Donald Trump hinted to Sean Hannity that he hadn’t ruled out pardons for those caught up in process crimes in the Robert Mueller investigation. “I don’t want to talk about pardons now,” Trump said in a 45-minute interview aired live on Fox News Channel, “but I can say it’s so sad on so many levels.”

SEE ALSO: AOC: Our side doesn’t name-call like those xenophobic, white supremacists on the right

At the same time, 56 percent said Mueller conducted a fair investigation, and 51 percent said they were satisfied with it. That included 52 percent of independents who said they were satisfied with the investigation. It’s one of the rare questions in the first two years of the Trump presidency in which a majority of independents sided with Republicans instead of Democrats on a subject. …

Mueller enjoys an overall positive rating among Americans, with 38 percent favorable, 25 percent unfavorable and roughly a third (37 percent) unsure or never heard of him. That’s a big change from December, when Mueller was viewed more negatively (33 percent) than positively (29 percent).

That change is largely due to Republicans viewing him far more favorably now, after Barr’s letter was released. In December, just 8 percent of Republicans viewed him favorably, while 58 percent viewed him negatively. After the Barr letter, the proportion of Republicans viewing Mueller positively jumped to 32 percent.

The response data on the issue of pardons reflects that newfound affection for Mueller, which even the president shares to some extent. Among registered voters asked if Trump “should or should not pardon his administration and campaign associates who have been convicted of crimes” by Mueller, only 20% supported pardons with 68% opposed. It wasn’t much more popular among Republicans, 33/53, with Republican men the most inclined toward support — but still opposed by a plurality, 36/48. Even among self-identified 2016 Trump voters, pardons only garner 34/47 support. No other demographic gets to 30% support, not even white evangelical Christians (28/58). It’s an utter loser, politically speaking.

Bear in mind that the survey polled on pardons in general. It’s possible that there could be some play when it comes to specific pardons. Only a hardy few would support a pardon for Paul Manafort, for instance, but there might be more sympathy for clemency when it comes to Michael Flynn. The circumstances of his conviction look questionable, especially since the first take by investigators was that he hadn’tknowingly lied about his contacts with Sergei Kislyak during the transition. Still, with numbers like these overall on pardons, it’s a stretch to think that a Flynn pardon would be wildly popular.

Aaron Blake points to these numbers when challenging Trump to make good on his “witch hunt” claims to let his associates off the hook:

Ever since Attorney General William P. Barr reported that Robert S. Mueller III had decided not to accuse President Trump of crimes, Trump has been telling anyone who would listen about the vast, failed conspiracy to take him down. He has decried the entire investigation as an attempted “illegal takeover” of American government. His party has started to go after the Democrats who continue to investigate him, like House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.). And he has even suggested loyalists convicted of crimes were railroaded.

Trump has branded this whole thing was a “witch hunt.” Even so, Republicans are not on board with Trump pardoning the alleged witches. …

t made sense for him to hint at pardons for these people when they were at risk of cooperating with investigators against him. But that ship has largely sailed. And yet Trump is still pressing the idea that they were wronged and perhaps worthy of pardons.

It continues to feed his larger narrative of persecution, sure, but the logic flows from there: If they were so badly mistreated, why wouldn’t they be worthy of pardons? If Trump and Republicans truly believe this was a witch hunt and a complete ruse of an investigation, why wouldn’t you seek to clear the names of people who had their reputations sullied in the process?

Er, who says he won’t? This may be more a matter of timing than a matter of choice. Pardons are always a bit controversial even under the best of circumstances, and they carry enormous political risk. Barack Obama knew this, which is why he was stingy with clemency actions in his first term and really didn’t start getting enthusiastic with pardons and commutations until after the 2014 midterms. Trump has been even stingier, but his pardons have been more controversially aimed at vocal supporters (Joe Arpaio and Dinesh D’Souza have two of the seven so far).

If Trump’s inclined to use his pardon power in the Mueller investigations, he’s probably looking at a target date no sooner than the second week of November 2020. In the first place, Trump won’t want to refuel obstruction allegations with pardons that could arguably interfere with congressional investigations, but more importantly, he won’t want to do anything broadly unpopular before his re-election bid without having very good reason for doing so. Pardons to Mueller defendants aren’t even popular among Republicans, as this poll shows, let alone the general public. If the defendants aren’t sitting in prison, then clemency can wait until polls don’t matter much.



The Collusion Business Enters an End

WSJ Columnist: This Is What’s Being Glossed Over In The Mueller Report On Russian Collusion

by Matt Vespa  at Townhall:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has submitted his report. The two-year long investigation is over. Over 2,000 subpoenas were issued, 500 witnesses interviewed, and after all that, there is no evidence President Trump, his campaign staff, or the Kremlin colluded to tilt the 2016 election. Half the country knew that, while the other half chose to remain drooling vegetables on this issue. There was no collusion. On obstruction of justice, another moronic Democratic obsession, Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein didn’t see enough evidence to suggest this took place. Maybe…that’s because if this did happen—and I think it didn’t—then Trump did a bad job. He allowed over 2,000 subpoenas and hundreds of witnesses be interviewed by partisan Democratic staffers on Mueller’s staff. Yet, this gives even more weight and credibility to the report, which is why I never liked the bashing of the Mueller probe based on that point. If you were confident that the Russian collusion hysterics were a wild goose chase, then you would want the most anti-Trump people on Mueller’s staff because when that report drops confirming what you had a hunch on, then there’s no ‘well, he or she used to work for Republicans’ talking point bubbling up.


I never thought I’d see the day where Democrats are visibly upset that the President of The United States DIDN’T collude with the Russians.

Yet, while we all pop champagne over this tremendous political win for the Trump White House and the country, Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel noted that what’s being glossed over with the no collusion reports from the news media is how the Mueller report totally trashes the FBI

“If you are going to investigate a presidential campaign, and on a charge as grave as collusion, and with the heavy-handed tactics the FBI employed–you’d better have a highly convincing reason to act,” tweeted Strassel. “The Mueller report is a judgment that never was any real evidence.”


1) On the findings of Mueller’s report. It’s worth recognizing that this is more than an exoneration. It’s a searing indictment of the FBI.

2) If you are going to investigate a presidential campaign, and on a charge as grave as collusion, and with the heavy-handed tactics the FBI employed–you’d better have a highly convincing reason to act. The Mueller report is a judgment that never was any real evidence.

3) The Papadopoulos conversation was always thin gruel. And the Mueller findings now prove the dossier was a fabrication. The country now deserves a full accounting of how the FBI blew this so badly–so that it doesn’t happen again.

4) If Mueller has done his job, he will address some of this. But the real accounting needs to come from a full declassification of FBI/DOJ probe docs. Mueller report is only half the story. Time to go back to the beginning, to how we got a special counsel in first place.



Obama’s Fascist Dem “Russian” Attack on President Trump Fails!

After Mueller’s Exoneration Of Trump, *Full* Disclosure

by Andy McCarthy  at  HotAir:


In sum, we have endured a two-year ordeal in which the president of the United States was forced to govern under a cloud of suspicion — suspicion of being a traitor, of scheming with a foreign adversary to steal an election. This happened because the Obama administration — which opened the probe of the Trump campaign, and which opted to use foreign counterintelligence spying powers rather than give Trump a defensive briefing about suspected Russian infiltration of his campaign — methodically forced its suspicions about Trump into the public domain.

It is not just that FISA warrants were sought on the basis of the Steele dossier, an uncorroborated Clinton-campaign opposition-research screed that the Obama Justice Department and FBI well knew was being peddled to the media at the same time. There was a patently premeditated stream of intelligence leaks depicting a corrupt Trump-Russia arrangement.

After Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, Obama, after doing virtually nothing about Russian aggression for most of eight years, suddenly made a show of issuing sanctions, seizing Russian assets, and expelling Russian operatives. He then rushed the completion of an intelligence assessment that would ordinarily have taken months to complete, so that it would be issued on his watch; and presto: The public was told not only that Russia interfered in the campaign, but that Russia did so because Putin was trying to get Trump elected. (Of course, the public was not told that Obama had known what Russia was doing during the campaign, but concluded it was too trivial to warrant a response; and the public was not reminded that, just days before the election — when Russia’s perfidy was well known to the Obama administration — both Obama and Hillary Clinton chastised Trump for daring to suggest that an American presidential election could be rigged.)



HOW DID WE COME TO BE SO LUCKY after nearly eight years of America decay?

by  Glenn H. Ray

Evil in our America handed us a countless bag of tricks these years  dear friends….A MAJOR SETBACK to our American dream!  And the Mueller Democrats’ antiTrump phony crime snoop is over.

It is now TRUTH’S TURN TO TAKE  CHARGE!  Will the past decade of leftist fascism finally be challenged, exposed,  and forever sent to the garbage dump of Soviet fascists?

Our discovery of U.S. freedom’s revolt began an hour or two past midnight that morning Wednesday of  November 9th, 2016 shocking the American Dem party’s fascist-left communication world into mourning  at CNN, MSNBC, PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, throughout the country’s university and college faculty world from coast to coast, ending forever she-devil  Crooked Hillary’s drive to bask in her   White House.  Evil and her hate for the Goodness, Truth, and Decency had been corralled!

Or, had it?

Not with  fascistic moneyed folks owning  the Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and foreign invaded California,  the nation’s colleges, universities, schools, and progressive fascists, and the internationalist American money world  profiteering billionaires and trillionaires, and those Republican Trump-haters  hanging around.

Varmints had become experienced corrupting politicians at home and abroad.   Politicians, especially fascist Dems,  rely on amassing  their dollars to own the country….after all, they went to college.   Star ditsies and the press said Donald J. Trump was a joke!  So did TV.   And then came that  November 8, 2016.

American workers, especially the Christian laboring kind, sent the Hillary fascists not to government jobs,  bars, beds or  toilets, but to  corruption to get rid of Donald J.  asap.   After all, they own nearly every arena of communication in the nation any way!

And there came James Comey’s FBI to abet removing the new President!!  There were Obama’s former Communist CIA man, John Brennan, and there were  Russian Russians, just ask Putin and Adam Schiff.   There would also be the Bill Kristols among the leftist armies put into action by Television and the Press to destroy President Donald J. Trump before he could do any American Conservative presidenting.

The fascist leftists GLORIED to do their Trump  killing, LIARS  CONSPIRATORS….ADAM SCHIFF, JERROLD NADLER,  CHARLES SCHUMER, RICHARD BLUMENTHAL,  MAXINE WATERS,  ERIC STALLWELL,  NANCY PELOSI,  BERNIE SANDERS, DIANNE FEINSTEIN,  MITT ROMNEY and such in Congress gathered fanatically to halt  Trump life and mind in the presidency.

However, a surprise showed up instead…. TRUTH WON OUT, even over investigator,   sleazy acting Robert Mueller.   No evidence of any Russian collusion crime charged by the Dems could be found  after spending over $30,000,000, ordering 2,800 subpoenas, and cornering to jail and/or to poverty  about a dozen victims of his trickery in his search for the non existing evidence.



Fascistic Mueller Losing His Fascist Dem and FBI Grip to Bury President Trump


by John Hinderaker   at PowerLine:

Have President Trump’s uncompromising denunciations of Bob Mueller’s “witch hunt” been effective? It appears so, based on this USA Today/Suffolk University poll. Currently, 50% of Americans consider Mueller’s investigation to be a witch hunt, while 47% disagree. Independents believe Trump has been the victim of a witch hunt, by 54%/42%.

And that is before Mueller releases his findings. While the press will spin Mueller’s report in an anti-Trump direction, the one unavoidable conclusion will be that after searching high and low, Mueller and his team of Democratic Party partisans couldn’t find any evidence of collusion. That should increase the number of voters who think the two-year-long investigation was a witch hunt all along.

Support for impeachment is fading as well. The USA Today poll finds that currently, only 28% of respondents think the House should seriously consider impeaching the president. That is down ten points since October.

These trends put Democratic presidential candidates in a difficult position. Their party’s base demands ever more insane denunciations of President Trump, even as the larger public is growing more sympathetic to the view that attacks on the president have gone too far. Likewise, House Democrats’ intention to spend the next 20 months investigating the president’s family and businesses appears to be at odds with the public mood.

I think the Democrats’ over-the-top conduct has helped to move public opinion in Trump’s favor, along with the fact, as now appears clear, that claims of collusion by Simpson and Steele were fabricated. I also think President Trump has helped himself by unequivocally denouncing the Democrats and the the Mueller investigation, on Twitter and elsewhere.