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Biden “Brain” at Work Overtime!

Biden: If You Think You Can’t Work With The Other Side, You Might As Well Start A Physical Revolution

by Allahpundit  at  HotAir:

Literally every liberal and conservative activist watching this clip is thinking, “Time for a revolution then, I guess.”

Biden has given variations of this answer repeatedly over the last month, insisting that bipartisanship in Washington is still possible, all conventional wisdom to the contrary notwithstanding. I … kind of think he believes it. It’s the sort of thing he would say even if he didn’t believe it since he’s counting on centrists to be his base and centrists love hearing well-meaning claptrap about reaching across the aisle. But after decades of writing legislation in the Senate and buddying up to Republicans to do it in a past era, he may really believe that his dealmaking prowess and friendly relationships with the GOP on the Hill make him the man to end the new era of fierce of negative hyperpartisanship.

His former boss famously believed this too. Win reelection, Obama thought in 2012, and the Republican resistance would crack and finally get down to the hard business of compromising with him on policy. He did win reelection — but the GOP dug in and won a Senate majority in 2014 which they have yet to relinquish. I bet Trump believes the same thing about 2020. Democrats won the midterms and are confident about their chances next year, so they’re waiting him out on major policy deals right now. But once he’s safely reelected and Pelosi realizes he’s the only game in town until 2024, she’ll come around.

She won’t. Activist organizing and partisan media cocooning on both sides in the Internet age are irresistible forces.

I think Biden’s going to get shredded for this at the debates. There are all sorts of policy issues he can and will be challenged on, but policy is complicated. His apparent belief that Republicans are basically good at heart and want to compromise is, by contrast, very easy for the average left-wing voter to grasp and verrrrrry likely to elicit a strong reaction. “You can shame people to do things the right way,” he insists at the very end of his answer here, ignoring the fact that the very first commandment in the modern Democratic creed is that Republicans are shameless.

The smart answer here, which he should have given, happens also to be the truth: The filibuster is not long for this world regardless of how the 2020 elections turn out. Elizabeth Warren gave that answer at this same event this afternoon, in fact, not long after Biden spoke.

It’s a mortal lock that the filibuster will be scrapped if either party ends up with total control of government next year. Each side has been frustrated legislatively for too long by the 60-vote rule. It must and will change.

I wonder if it might change even if government stays divided. What I mean is that right now seems like an opportune moment for both sides to agree to nuke the rule, sparing themselves from having to take sole responsibility down the road for a raw power grab aimed at ramming their agenda through. Odds are good that the House will stay Democratic and that the Senate will remain Republican on Election Day next year, with the presidency a question mark. As such, with Pelosi enjoying currently veto power over Republican legislation, the stakes are relatively low for Democrats in scrapping the filibuster. If they agreed to do so and then electoral fortunes shifted their way next year, they’d be in position to retake government and enact ambitious programs with the filibuster already long gone by the time they’re sworn in. Same goes, of course, for the GOP if Trump is reelected and they reclaim the House majority.

If Biden were wise, he’d push that idea now. “I believe in bipartisanship,” he might say, “but bipartisanship shouldn’t demand supermajority thresholds. As president, I can bring together majorities in the House and Senate. Let’s move America forward by moving past the filibuster.” Instead Warren’s going to end up saying that at the debates. And it’ll be a big hit when she does.

Exit question: What planet is Uncle Joe on here when he insists that Obama had no time to explain ObamaCare? He explained it for literally six years, bro. His “explanation” was the 2013 lie of the year!

Biden: If you think you can’t work with the other side, you might as well start a physical revolution

Dem’s Fascist Obama Playing Dictator in Exile in France!?!

Obama playing dictator-in-exile from a kingly south of France palace?

by Monica Showalter  at  American Thinker:

President Obama is living the life of a former king, vacationing these days at a palatial estate in the south of France. At what point has he made enough? Silly us for asking.

Daily Mail has a report with a lot of photographs:

Former US president Barack Obama and his family arrived in Avignon in the south of France for a week’s holiday just days after they were pictured celebrating daughter Sasha’s graduation from high school.

The Obamas are reportedly staying at a luxurious 18th century farmhouse on Bathelasse island, near the Provencal city.

Barack, 57, his wife Michelle, 55, and their two daughters Sasha, 18, and Malia, 20, will relax at the palatial Le Mas des Poiriers, rented at 55,000 euros for the week, according to a report by Le Parisien.

The two former first daughters were seen out and about Saturday after jetting into the Provencal city on Friday.

Security detail from the Gard regional police as well as the US Secret Service will surround the residence as the former first family visit the area.

The property sits on 65 acres – providing seclusion and privacy for the Obamas  during their stay.

Why the taxpayers should pay for this via the security guard details, as if the man can’t afford any of his own after all the payoffs he’s now collecting from speeches and book deals is rather a side issue.

The problem is that this comes as he’s engaging in quite a few shenanigans on his own around Europe.

DCWhispers, a pretty reliable blog, reprinted an item stringing together all the Obama spottings around Europe with its leaders, all of whom are of the #NeverTrump ilk, calling it the activity of a “dictator in exile.” Obama’s met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He’s also met with French President Emmanuel Macron. Funny, he’s now staying in Macron’s country now… And all of this comes as Obama has become increasingly implicated in the activities to overthrow President Trump from Deep State, a trail that’s now being investigated by the Justice Department. And it comes as revelations roll out about Obama’s former Secretary of State, John Kerry, as well as other prominent Democrats, such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein, meet with America’s enemies such as Iran on the sly, advising them to hold on until they can retake power.

The DCWhispers writer raises even more questions:

Why is a former president, any former president, conducting policy discussions that might have foreign policy implications with the leaders of foreign governments without first clearing his contacts with the currently seated administration?

That question is of even greater import in light of the diametrically opposed world views held by the current president and the former president.

Is Obama using his relationships with foreign leaders to continue pushing for the expansion of globalism, the shadow government’s foreign policy agenda?

If it’s all true, this is indeed how many ex-dictators in exile act. And actually, it’s never before been seen by former American presidents. It’s clearly a kind of decadence borne of a lifestyle of an idle rich person — using that idle time to plot a comeback. The south-of-France thang is a nice touch.

At a minimum, it’s time to pull the plug on the taxpayer funding for the presidential lifestyles-of-the-rich-and-famous abroad. It’s gone too far and now it’s leading to trouble. Why should the Secret Service tag this guy at huge taxpayer expense wherever he goes? And why should he be allowed to use these resources to run a shadow government?



Why You’re Wrong About the Democratic Primary The wild history of presidential campaigns has a lesson: Nobody knows anything.

by Jeff Greenfield  at Politico:

Warren’s down! No, she’s back! O’Rourke is hot! No, he’s faltering! Biden is dead on arrival! No, he’s unstoppable! The 2020 Democratic presidential campaign already has the feel of a stock market, with TV pundits and internet prediction experts monitoring the minute-by-minute movements on the big board.

There’s much to praise about all this attention. It provides gainful employment for hundreds, if not thousands, of campaign workers, journalists, pollsters and hotel, restaurant and car-rental employees. It offers leisure-time speculation for the millions of TV viewers searching for a successor to “Game of Thrones.” And in the pages and on the websites of our best journalistic enterprises, it even provides detailed, tough-minded looks at what the women and men in the race intend to do with the powers they seek.

Here’s what it does not do, though: tell us what will actually happen in 2020. If voters and the news media take that to heart, and focus our attention on the character and the intentions of the candidates instead of who’s winning eight months before anyone votes, the coverage—and the choosing—will be better for it.

And what the history of modern presidential nominating contests suggests about this moment is that the seemingly daily polling, and the “she’s-surging-he’s failing” stories, have all the staying power of sandcastles at high tide. The last half-century of presidential primaries is a catalog of slow erosions of “insurmountable” leads, sudden shifts of the current, candidates left for dead who have revived and triumphed, front-runners hit with a blow from nowhere that recalibrated the certainties of a moment ago. If there’s a candidate you like in this race who you feel isn’t getting the attention she deserves, it’s far too early to fret. The history is varied enough to worry every one of the top-tier candidates, and provide comfort to most, or even all, of the rest. Even John Delaney. Here are a few lessons for the field.

How confident should Biden be?

Joe Biden entered the race in April, and since then, the former vice president has polled more strongly than nearly anyone anticipated, staking out what is, six weeks later, a 17-point lead in the RealClearPolitics polling average. How safe is a lead like that? The canonical cautionary tale is that of Ed Muskie, the former senator from Maine. In 1971, he was the consensus choice for president among a wide range of Democrats, considered the most electable challenger to a president despised by progressives: Richard Nixon. But the intensity of the party’s anti-war elements, and a New Hampshire win that was characterized as a defeat by the news media, sank Muskie by spring.

But if Biden starts to fade, that doesn’t mean you can write him off. More than three decades after Muskie, in the summer of 2007, the Republican front-runner, Arizona Senator John McCain, was out of money, having gorged on an army of operatives. His top campaign aides had fled. By that autumn, the new, undisputed poll leader was former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, whose path to the nomination would be a romp through moderate, populous states like New York and New Jersey. In California and Florida, Giuliani was anywhere from two to four times as popular as his nearest rivals. Could an anti-abortion, pro-gay rights, pro-gun-control candidate actually win the presidential nomination of the Republican Party?

Well, no. As soon as voters actually began, er, voting, Giuliani sank like a stone. And as is so often the case in presidential campaign politics, Giuliani’s collapse helped to cement a conventional wisdom that was soon upended. The failure of a mouthy, socially moderate New York mayor was one reason so many discounted the consistent lead in the polls held by Donald Trump in 2016. Could a formerly anti-abortion, currently anti-free trade, anti-war candidate actually win the nomination of the Republican Party? Well, yes.

The very year that Giuliani fell apart, as McCain was going from front-runner to also-ran to GOP nominee, Hillary Clinton held a sizable lead in the Democratic polls. One of the keys to her contest with Barack Obama in 2007 and 2008 was supposed to be her strong position in the battle for African American votes. In November, 2007, POLITICO reported that Clinton was besting Obama among African Americans. As late as December 2007, she and Obama were effectively tied among black voters. But when Obama won the Iowa caucuses, his victory in a virtually all-white state validated him as a credible Democratic nominee. Within days, the African American vote moved decisively to him, and black officials who’d endorsed Clinton began switching almost by the day.

This is why the results in Iowa and New Hampshire are so crucial for Biden: If Kamala Harris or Cory Booker perform well in the early states, Biden’s own significant lead among black voters in 2019 might similarly fade.

There is a Democratic campaign, however, that offers Biden a measure of reassurance. In 1984, former Democratic vice president Walter Mondale seemed to be facing nothing but calm seas and fair winds. Mondale proclaimed the campaign “the sweetest primary in history.” On the day of the New Hampshire primary, eight days after he won the Iowa caucuses by a 3-to-1 margin, the New York Times reported that “Walter F. Mondale now holds the most commanding lead ever recorded this early in a presidential nomination campaign by a nonincumbent.”

The next day’s the Times reported that Colorado Senator Gary Hart had beaten Mondale in New Hampshire by 10 points—a win that upended the race completely and put Hart on a path to win a series of primaries. Still, by the time it was over, Mondale was saved by black voters in Alabama and Georgia, by big-city Democrats in Illinois and New York, and by questions about the “unknown” Hart.

Then again, in November 1984, Mondale lost 49 states to the incumbent Republican president, so perhaps Biden shouldn’t take too much comfort from this history.

What about Bernie?

As for Bernie Sanders, his surprising strength in 2016 might be mitigated by the precedent of a similar candidate from 2004. By late 2003, the insurgent campaign of his fellow Vermonter, Howard Dean, had turned the internet into a cash machine of astonishing and unprecedented proportions, fueled by the anger of progressive Democrats at what they perceived as a timid and centrist party in Washington that wasn’t responding to the grassroots anxiety over the unilateralist Republican in the White House.

Just in the third quarter of 2003, Dean raised $15 million, almost all of it in small donations. His anti-Iraq War message had won him a significant lead in the polls. At year’s end, CNN reported that Dean was polling twice as high as his nearest rivals. Both of the Democratic contenders from 2000—Al Gore and Bill Bradley—endorsed him.

John Kerry’s more mainstream campaign, meanwhile, had become a joke. In November, Jon Stewart mocked the Kerry campaign on “The Daily Show” and highlighted the departure of key staff members. Then the calendar flipped to the election year of 2004, and a combination of fears over Dean’s electability and a Democratic electorate unsure of the risk of an unknown candidate caused Dean’s support to collapse in what his top campaign aide Joe Trippi calls “a flight to safety.” The former Vermont governor finished third in Iowa and was plummeting in New Hampshire even before his caucus-night “scream.” A few weeks later, he was out of the race.

The Rise of the Rest

The rest of the field—from rising contenders like Pete Buttigieg to candidates like Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke and Elizabeth Warren who were deemed to be struggling after promising debuts—can take heart that primary campaigns are so volatile that they sometimes shift, quite literally, overnight. In March 1976, former California Governor Ronald Reagan had lost five consecutive primaries, and was virtually out of money. His aides were beginning to reach out to the campaign of President Gerald Ford to discuss the details of Reagan’s withdrawal. But in North Carolina, Reagan was propelled to victory by the field army of Senator Jesse Helms and the impact of a half-hour televised speech that denounced Ford’s foreign policy. Reagan then ran off a string of primary wins, leading to an intense, contested convention in Kansas City, where he fell just a few dozen delegates short of unseating an incumbent president in his party’s primaries.

Reagan faced a similar, if more abbreviated, challenge four years later. After Reagan lost the Iowa caucuses, prominent NBC analyst Tom Pettit said, “I would like to suggest that Ronald Reagan is politically dead.” Six weeks later, Reagan’s landslide win in New Hampshire put him on the road to the nomination and the White House.

History’s lesson is not that front-runners are always doomed to fail like Muskie or Dean or Giuliani, but that at some point they will have to survive a serious competitor. For Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign, the worst days were in 1999. Bill Bradley, the former New Jersey senator, was out-raising Gore and leading him in some New Hampshire polls. The sitting vice president was jettisoning longtime political aides and moving his headquarters. But once the voting started, Gore won every contest. That same year, Governor George W. Bush’s coronation was disrupted when John McCain beat him by a record margin in New Hampshire. But starting in South Carolina, the consensus choice of the GOP establishment prevailed over the heretic. In 2011 and 2012, Mitt Romney was often displaced as the front-runner in polls by a series of rivals, including “9-9-9” tax-plan candidate Herman Cain and, more plausibly, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. But once Romney dispatched Gingrich in Florida, the contest was over. Hillary Clinton in 2016 did not expect Bernie Sanders to match her bankroll, or to prove a persistent rival, but he did, though by the end she was the clear winner in total votes cast and delegates won.

Unless Trump Changed Everything

But even that time-tested observation—that every front-runner must surmount an existential challenge to his or her candidacy—has now failed the test of time. In 2016, Donald Trump, a candidate with no political experience and no measurable support from his party’s establishment, never trailed in the polls and was never seriously threatened during his campaign for the nomination. Based on the lessons of history, Trump’s inevitable fall was confidently predicted by journalists and insiders, even as he racked up primary victories and delegates. The day former Florida Governor Jeb Bush withdrew from the race, on February 19, 2016, his brother George W. was telling a New York audience that he did not believe Trump would win the nomination.

Every winning candidate’s journey to the nomination is serpentine, and their stories are so varied that, depending on what contest you look at, there are enough different paths to provide encouragement to just about any candidate. Will voters choose familiarity, as they did in 1984 and as Biden may hope they will do again? Or will they go for a Reagan-like insurgent who represents a rising ideological wing of the party, like Sanders? Can Harris or Booker draw large portions of black voters by doing well in an early contest, as Obama did in 2008? Will a candidate now struggling and basically given up for dead (Kirsten Gillibrand?) come out on top, as Kerry did in 2004 and McCain did in 2008? Or what if the past offers no guidance whatsoever, as was the case in 2016?

The answer to each of these questions is: We don’t know, and we won’t know for quite a while. The adage that “if you want to hear God laugh, make a plan” has a corollary: If you want to hear God start wheezing and crying and struggling to breathe, make a prediction a year in advance. And when it comes to presidential primaries, you could sometimes have generated a divine belly laugh just by trying to project a day into the future.



Michelle Obama’s Former Chief of Staff, Tina Tchen, Appears in Smollett Case Trouble

Something making Michelle Obama’s ex-chief of staff Tina Tchen nervous about that Smollett case?

by Monica Showalter  at  American Thinker:

If anyone ever needed a proxy indicator of sorts to get a sense if some miscreant is guilty of something or not, well, acting guiltily is often that indicator. Cops look for this all the time.

That’s what Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff, Tina Tchen, is doing, avoiding process servers from a Chicago-based special counsel charged with finding out if some untoward influence was used in the Jussie Smollett hoax case and the even stranger decision of Chicago district attorney Kim Foxx to let him off the hook. Here’s Fox News:

Officials are trying to get to the bottom of it, asking Tchen (who made phone calls to Foxx) to testify and she won’t take her papers from process servers, she’s just deluding herself that they will go away. She’d rather not answer any questions about why Justin Smollett got off scot free.

Slink, slink, hide, hide, gotta get away from those process servers, who are staking themselves out behind every bush like repo men. I know what this is like from the process server end: in San Francisco in the 1980s, I actually used to be a process server. People like Tchen to us, were colloquially known as ‘dirtbags’ because they wouldn’t take their papers, but they never did get away with not eventually getting their papers. They just wasted our time.

It raises questions about what she doesn’t want to testify about. Can it be that something other than justice was served as Smollett walked? Why is she running scared?



Trouble, Trouble, Trouble in the US CITY?!


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

There was a time in my early adulthood when many believed that American cities would soon become uninhabitable. New York City was the prototype: crime and social decay had made the city a dystopia. Many expected New York to collapse, and other cities to follow.

It didn’t happen, because New York’s officials–most notably Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Police Commissioner William Bratton, although others were involved–adopted the philosophy of Broken Windows policing. That policy proved remarkably effective, and made New York City livable again. George Kelling, who played a major role in developing the Broken Windows philosophy, told the story in 2009 in How New York Became Safe: The Full Story. Other cities followed New York’s lead, and in the end, the only American urban area that arguably succumbed to a crime-driven death spiral was Detroit.

George Kelling died yesterday, and Heather Mac Donald has written a fine tribute to him and to the public safety methods he developed and advocated for, at City Journal:

Go to a police-community meeting in any troubled neighborhood—whether the South Side of Chicago or South Central Los Angeles—and you will rarely hear complaints about what most criminologists call “serious” crimes, such as robbery or shootings. Instead, residents will plead for surcease from open-air drug dealing, the unruly teens colonizing corners, loud music, and other affronts to civility. Kelling recognized this yearning for public order among the poor and in so doing created one of the most important contributions to urban policy in the last half century: the Broken Windows theory of policing.
In the 1990s, Kelling chaired a panel at Rutgers University (where he taught) on whether the New Jersey State Police were engaged in “racial profiling.” The panel rightly challenged the conventional wisdom among political and journalistic elites that racially disparate car stop-and-arrest rates indicate police racism, rather than racially disparate rates of offending.

Kelling endured withering attacks for his public-order advocacy. Ivory tower criminologists and law professors view order-maintenance policing as a pretext to oppress minorities. A Columbia University law professor, Bernard Harcourt, has made a career arguing that Broken Windows enforcement is racist.

The tragedy is that, although the facts are in and the data are incontestable, we are still fighting the same old battle. The Left is more insistent than ever that effective policing is “racist,” whatever that means when the primary beneficiaries of such strategies are the minority residents of high-crime neighborhoods. Heather concludes:

The endgame for much of academia and for “progressives” is to eliminate proactive policing in minority neighborhoods. These critics remain wedded to the idea that crime can be lowered only by solving its alleged root causes: racism and poverty. Kelling asserted the opposite: that constitutional, responsive policing is the best hope that law-abiding residents of high crime areas have to live free from fear, a right that people in safer neighborhoods take for granted. Portraying the police as a force for evil is one of the most destructive consequences of the 1960s revolt against traditional authority. George Kelling’s empirically based wisdom revived the understanding that protecting public order is an essential and humane function of government—and that the viability of cities rests on respect for the law.

George Kelling, RIP.

The Arrival of the American Feminazi Movement in that Dem Party of Today!

Our America in Deep Trouble!

Why on Earth, in the world of the human being,  throughout known history, is the  supreme GOD,  MALE…..and not female?

Because the human male animal was and still  is born programmed…… to be a killer,  and curious…..a problem solver….a builder…….a hunter, an inventor……a dreamer, a protector, defender  of his brood and clan,  a seeker  exposing the unknown.  for the sake of the survival of the species.

I was born a child of the Great Depression, raised in a five room bungalow during the Second World War,  taught and  educated in our  American world of the  JudeoChristian God.

I was lucky….very lucky, for I lived in a culture which  taught me  to seek and defend Truth above all matters for my family and my country……for Truth would make me, neighbors and our country become closer to God.   Neither I nor my family were alone in those days.   Families had mothers and fathers in those days.

Guys and gals of my schooling  were taught similar manners.  They were Americans too.  Gals were also taught to be girls.   Boys were controlled to be boys…..both sexes were  taught JudeoChristian values!

Until I entered college in 1952, I sensed girls were by Nature and Culture more disciplined students than boys.    They did their homework neater, read books faster and more frequently, and until high school were rather shy about making noises causing attention.   Despite lack of discipline, I loved learning in college.  I was born curious.  I had been taught by my teachers that the more I’d learn in school, the closer to God I would become.  I had a profound reading problem, however.   My teachers knew it better than I did.

I attended K through eighth grade, during the Depression and War years, 1939-1948)  at newly built Horace Mann School in St. Paul, Minnesota.  I earned my first college degree in 1956, majoring in Geography and Russian.    I did enter the army in 1957, the year I was also married.   I returned to college in 1959 to get a degree in Education….so I could teach Social Studies, American and World History, and Russian.

My first professional career was teaching Russian at the University of Minnesota High School, the fall of 1960.    I didn’t know at the time,  that  within eight years the truth-seeking America I knew and loved, would begin its decay rotting into the Leftist fascistic nation  we now endure.    It was Betty Friedan time.

Americans have since been  told, programmed, preached, that there are no longer important differences between human  man and human woman……that women  of our modern time are equal or even better  carbon copies  in their abilities than  the human male, especially the cruel white human male,  and always have been…..that throughout the countless million, billion years of our planet past, this white man,  has abused, imprisoned, crippled, cheated, belittled,  murdered, warred against   his mate and innocent others throughout the world.

America’s current  godlessness assures fems they’ve been forever cheated….and today is their day to revolt and rise to worship the Hillarys,  Ocasio-Cortezes and fellow feminazis  of our today’s new world.   However,  there is a problem here no one dares expose……….The human female animal is born  ditsy, moody, flaky,  seeking  attention, protection, and care.  FEELINGS, not Truth, is the human female animal’s primary animal drive.  She does bear curiosity, but not the male drive kind.      It has been the human male’s curiosity that has made  nothing in life stay the same generation to generation.  Despite the rise of America’s noisy feminazism,  he keeps inventing, problem making and solving, protecting and so on by the drive  given to him by   Nature, God’s Nature, if you prefer.

Yet, in  today’s ever more  feminazified America, he and his masses are suffering because he no longer can find his room to labor, imagine, and invent and be father to his children  in our today’s American “feminazified” culture.

Learning knowledge has been disappearing from our American “learning” institutions since the 1960s.   Leftist lies now dominate as a religion at our schools and universities from coast to coast.   Today’s fascistic Democrat Party deceit is taught and preached without any reverence to Truth.  It’s goal seems to be more Soviet and Mao, than Nazi.  Hillary was and still is merely an old fashioned Crooked Liar by habit and probably by birth.    About 20% of traditional big  money-making business Republicans are fascist stimulated the leftist way these days because they can’t own Our Full Blooded American Donald J. Trump.

I became a Democrat when I got married….I wanted to please my wife.   Her folks and their kin folk  were Southerners, poor,  rural and small town Arkansans.   Her Father was college educated.   Her Mother, one of sixteen children raised in rural Pine Bluff wound up teaching  school in rural Texas until the Depression hit he rural South hard in the early 1930s when both were displaced until they wound up living in our Duluth, here in Minnesota.    My father-in-law, after a year of being jobless, was able to secure part time work as an inspector for the Chicago-Northwestern Railway in 1932.   Two boys of the sixteen offspring were in the Navy at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941……one on the Oklahoma…..and they both survived the bombing and the war.   One of my wife’s uncles did die rather young however due to his war experiences.

Our today’s Dems, especially their fems,  are far more modern in the up-to-date  than yesterday’s  Dems and fems back then.   They and their husbands  honored motherhood,  family, and country, first and foremost because of their faith in God and the JudeoChristian teachings to be Truthful and love thy father and mother, to obey the Ten Commandments for a better Life.

I knew before I went into military service I,  a human being, was an animal.   Being a child of the second world war, I wanted to know what I would do if shot at.   Could I kill another human being.    Winston Churchill was my favorite “American” during and after the second world war.    I loved his quotes…..the best being:   “The most exhilarating moment in Life is to have been SHOT AT……..(and have been missed!”)

“What would I do if shot at” came to mind many times during and after the War.   We boys in the neighborhood “played” war countless  times each Summer during school  vacation during WWII.   In winter we’d build igloos with snow on an empty lot across our alley,   and then dive bomb them with ice bombs from our toy B17 bomber planes  like we’d  see in the news reels on Saturday afternoons at our neighborhood  movie theater.

Being a potential killer, the human male animal MUST be taught religiously, profoundly to follow the JudeoChristian Ten Commandments Godfearingly.   Murders are a way of common life in far too many American neighborhoods these days.  Lefty idiots and their friends  blame guns.    I blame our Godless, 21st century LEFT WING fascistic culture,  especially the present Dem Fem Party Nazi-like chronic liars like Adam Schiff one…..and the reality that our millennials who make so much noise and trouble are close to know-nothings thanks to our left wing godless fascists at school and universities.

Fascism occurs in any culture when Truth, knowledge,  and free expression are no longer  taught and valued …hello America’s Lefty DemFem Party,  AD2019.

Today’s American Dem Party has been thoroughly  feminized for their leaders are  now  selling the human culture killer, fascistic Socialism to vulnerable Americans.

Whereas the human male animal is aware he is born programmed to carry  a killer  instinct, which is needed from time to time for the species to survive,  he must learn to Godfearing enough to control his violence potential.

The human female is not programmed to be a killer to save the species.     She KILLS THE SPECIES WHEN SHE DOESN’T PRODUCE ANY CHILDREN.  Is she then born to be perfect?

Of course not.   The human female animal is born programmed  to ditsy when adult….moody  instincts throughout her adult life when  feelings often “trump”  Truth in order to seek and receive  comfort, protection, and security.  (But,  she is usually too emotional to think about such things…..)




We also live in a western world of feminazism in which lefty fascist ditsy of  the Hillary and Ocasio-Cortez  and such kind seek to play God running



Dems on the March to Dislodge Our Freedom in America and its President Trump

New Hampshire Poll: Elizabeth Warren Leads Amy Klobuchar By One Point — For Fourth Place

by  Allahpundit  at  HotAir:

Is there anything new to be said about this terrible result for Warren in New Hampshire that wasn’t said about the last terrible result for Warren in New Hampshire? No, not really.

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Am I going to blog it anyway because it tickles me to see her struggling in her own backyard? Oh yes. Very much.

In fact, I should warn you now. There are likely to be many terrible polls for her over the next 11 months and I’m apt to write about every one of them, purely for the schadenfreude factor.

Emerson carved up the results by age group: 18-34, 35-54, 55-74, and, weirdly, 75+. The only one in which Warren’s not stuck in single digits is the last, where she’s at 18 percent. Imagine having as your core constituency a group of voters that’s at death’s door. For most candidates, the challenge in New Hampshire is attracting support. For Warren, an additional challenge is not having her current support expire before primary day.

It’s too obvious to belabor the point but Bernie’s decision to run and gobble up the progressive vote is an immense problem for the almost-but-not-quite-as-far-left Warren. Sanders is crushing it with the youth vote here, piling up a lead of more than 30 points in that group over second-place Joe Biden. (Bernie’s share of the vote declines with each successive age cohort.) Warren is left at the margins, rolling out a splashy new progressive idea every week to try to pick off part of the Sanders personality cult. She proposed a new tax on the mega-rich, she started talking up universal child care, she floated the idea of reparations for slavery. Today she’s out with something new.

Warren’s bid for the White House has been defined since its start by themes of fighting corruption and money in politics. The Massachusetts Democrat took that to the next level on Monday, blasting out an email to supporters vowing to forgo any “fancy receptions or big money fundraisers only with people who can write big checks,” as well as phone calls to wealthy donors.

“For every time you see a presidential candidate talking with voters at a town hall, rally, or local diner, those same candidates are spending three or four or five times as long with wealthy donors — on the phone, or in conference rooms at hedge fund offices, or at fancy receptions and intimate dinners — all behind closed doors,” Warren wrote. “When I thank the people giving to my campaign, it will not be based on the size of their donation.”

She’s going to try to cut into Bernie’s vote through sheer hustle, figuring that the more proposals she rolls out, the more it’ll force progressives to consider that she’s a better bet as president to move an ambitious agenda than Sanders is. That’s worth a shot strategically if you believe primaries really are decided by policy contests. I tend to think they’re decided by “brands.” And Bernie’s brand is an order of magnitude more valuable on the left than Warren’s is.

Gotta look on the bright side, though. Biden might not run, which means she’s liable to finish no worse than, uh … fourth, once Klobuchar inevitably passes her. In the state next door to her own. Hoo boy.

Congrats to Kirsten Gillibrand on keeping pace with John Delaney, by the way.