“Pence sits near Kim Jong Un’s sister, doesn’t applaud unified Korean Olympians

At the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics on Feb. 9, Vice President Pence was seated near Kim Yo Jong, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s younger sister. 

show-stealer with epic side-eye and a sphinx-like smile wowed at the Olympics this past weekend. And no, it wasn’t Adam Rippon.

North Korean “first sister” Kim Yo Jong achieved a charm coup during her three days in PyeongChang, where even Western observers were won over by her overtures of reconciliation and her crisp composure. They conveniently forgot, of course, that she serves as the deputy director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department in a country notorious for systematic abuses of human rights. All this prompted other Westerners to lambaste their brethren for treating an avatar of a murderous regime as some sort of self-aware pageant star.

Lost amid the back and forth of fawning and fawn-critiquing was the man Kim set out to upstage: Vice President Pence. The global commentariat concluded that the vice president’s diplomatic performance didn’t even deserve a bronze. But the reality is grimmer still: With Kim as his foil, Pence was the worst possible person the United States could have sent.


Our Dennis correctly reminded his listeners that fascist feminist reporter Ms. Roberts expressed in her fascistic leftist feminist Washington Post, a glowing review of the sister of today’s most brutal prison camp director, most suffering national population, most dangerous world dictator toying with usable nuclear weapons, to belittle things Donald Trump here in America.

It’s the fanatical  American hysterical  feminist thing to do among  today’s poorly educated feminized, black racist, atheistic fanatics, emotionally driven masses programmed by press and school to hate Donald J. Trump and his loyal JudeoChristian, conservative, truth-seeking  Americans now at the helm of Americana in and supporting  the White House.

Truth and its seekers are in trouble.   Feminists and masses of the uneducated, financial profiteers at Amazon, Google, Washington Post, etc  and other  such emperors “owning”  Moscow and Peking are rising Empires, both in wealth and numbers.   And then there are the feminized Molly Roberts of feminizing  America who have been programmed to believe there is no difference between the human female and male animal.

Can female mate female to produce offspring?  Not yet, but the West is trying.  Are these animals of equal size and build from birth to death regardless of sex?  Feminists ignore such thought much less such a sight.   In North Korea as among fascists in Democrat Party USA today, TRUTH IS SOUGHT OR  ALLOWED ONLY IF IT CORRESPONDS TO MALES AND/OR FEMALES IN POWER AT THE TIME.

GUESS WHAT, YOU DUMMY BROADS OF THE OBAMA-NEW YORK TIMES, CNN ETC GANGS of America .    WITHIN  THE FASCISTIC FEMINIST LEFT……As in Kim Jong -un’s and sister, Kim Yo-jong’s  brutal dictatorship of North Korea,   fascist feminist propagandists in Pyongyang, North Korea don’t count much beyond the rest of the imprisoned slaves.

Have modern American Hillaryites ever thought about the human female condition in police state fascist empires?    No! to very unlikely!….Thinking, seeking Truth, exploring the unknown, programmed to kill for animal survival,  isn’t that important in the human female genetic complex these days.    Yet, she is programmed by God’s Nature to “feel”  first and foremost due to her Motherhood.    Who else is there  to produce human children?…..Well, today’s modern human animal is always producing new drugs.

Neither the  human animal’s female nor  male are or ever have been  programmed by God’ Nature to be the equals one of another.  Despite modern fascists,  of all Communist, Marxist, and other undemocratic backgrounds of country or California, the human male is still born to be a killer, to be curious, to protect his mate and kin, to build, invent, problem solve.   Throughout the globe, throughout its known history, the human male animal hasn’t change a lot.   HOWEVER…

THE TOOLS HE, NOT SHE, HAS INVENTED,  HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD ENORMOUSLY  IN THE PAST 200 YEARS, HOWEVER.     The curiosity of the  human male has made it possible to ‘travel’ things to Mars, Jupiter, and beyond and far beyond.  HOMO SAPIENS as of yet, cannot yet  reproduce itself in any new wave numbers beyond what it has repeated in the  countless years of the past.

By God’s Nature, today’s  human female, stripped of feminist leftish and butch Democrat political propaganda at American school and university,  is still driven to enter Motherhood to bear her own or, if needed,  care for others’……unless some greater power from some greater source, puts the human being asunder forever.