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Forget NFL’s Traitors Corrupting America! They may grow up someday.

Forget NFL Players: These Roofers Stood and Saluted the Flag for the National Anthem

by Nancy Flory  at the Stream:    (article sent by Mark Waldeland)


“With all of the news about NFL players kneeling for the National Anthem, some workers are still paying respect. Take three roofers in Maine.

Working near Waterville High School’s football field, the roofers stood for the Star-Spangled Banner while standing on top of a house.

Michelle Lyons Cossar, a resident of Old Town captured the moment. She noticed the men standing as she stood for the National Anthem at the football game. “When I looked over the fence, I saw them standing and respecting the flag,” she said. “I just thought the world could use a little more of that right now.”

One of the roofers, Dwayne Harrison, told Fox News that standing for our National Anthem “was the right thing to do.” “It is a respect thing for myself — we did not do this to prove a point.” He added that the men were not aware they were being photographed.”




Professional Football Rebel Low Lifes vs. the States

The glass house of the NFL

by Victor Davis Hanson   at Jewish World Review:

“The National Football League is a glass house that was cracking well before Donald Trump’s criticism of players who refuse to stand during the national anthem.

The NFL earned an estimated $14 billion last year. But 500-channel television, internet live streaming, video games and all sorts of other televised sports have combined to threaten the league’s monopoly on weekend entertainment — even before recent controversies.

It has become a fad for many players not to stand for the anthem. But it is also becoming a trend for irate fans not to watch the NFL at all.

Multimillionaire young players, mostly in their 20s, often cannot quite explain why they have become so furious at emblems of the country in which they are doing so well.

Their gripes at best seem episodic and are often without supporting data. Are they mad at supposedly inordinate police brutality toward black citizens, or racial disparity caused by bias, or the perceived vulgarity of President Donald Trump?

The result, fairly or not, is that a lot of viewers do not understand why so many young, rich players show such disrespect for their country — and, by extension, insult their far poorer fans, whose loyal support has helped pay their salaries.

ESPN talking heads and network TV analysts do not help. They often pose as social justice warriors, but they are ill-equipped to offer sermons to fans on their ethical shortcomings that have nothing to do with football…….Please read on:


Where is the White Disgust for Democrats Nourishing the Nation’s Black Murderousness, Ignorance of Knowledge and Reality?

Since the 1965 politics of Democrat President, Lyndon Johnson, murderers in America relative to population have been OVERWHELMINGLY BLACK, MALE, UNDER AGE 55, and ABSENT OF FATHERLY UPBRINGING!

Because of  the 1965 politics of Democrat President Lyndon Johnson, American Blacks who vote  in local and national elections do what they are told and paid to do,  VOTE DEMOCRAT, THE LEFTIER THE LESS POORER, AND SO, HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO HERD LIVING AS A POPULATION FOR A HALF CENTURY.

Because of the presidency of the devious Leftist, Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow Democrats,  our America is entering a Civil Disorder Era led by its university-trained leftist fascist propagandists selling anti white American  rebellion at college and university.

How many college black football playing “students”  pay tuition?   Anyone care to guess?

The doors open for an education outside professional football  “study”  for black college athletes  are almost nonexistent.   They didn’t come from educational systems which valued teaching knowledge!    In the social sciences as a whole, learning knowledge for any student has about disappeared from the American public grade and high school from coast to coast.   FEMINISTS’  FEELINGS ARE TAUGHT INSTEAD!

Today’s black racism to stir up hate and division  in our country is fueled and fostered by the current American Democrat Party leftists and their multi-billionaire corporations, who need blacks, feminists and their  feminazis, illegal and legal immigrants, as many nonWhites as possible to secure their Socialist dictatorship a majority forever in national and local elections.

Mark Waldeland sent the following article regarding an early reaction to the professional football world’s black racist knee  war of hate to destroy civilized, democratic America.


Snob Fascists Working Normal Time at PBS Election Night, 11/09/2016

Leftism’s religious Primates  Judy Woodruff, David Brooks, Mark Shields, Cornell Belcher and their dozen or so station plebes   gathered together as one at tax- supported Public Broadcasting System election night to dictate and celebrate  the election of  world famous Crooked Hillary  Roddham  Clinton as  45th President of the once great, USA.    Remember the Hillary of the nation’s White House from 1993-2001 whose husband was noted for pillaging countless females during his ‘public service’, seducing at least one in the nation’s  White House, who,  while  PRESIDENT of these United States stood proud before  national television  oathfully swearing  to the American public, “Ah never had sex with that woman…..Miss Lewinsky!”

The Clintons were the most notorious, popular liars ever to occupy the White House in Washington and the State House in Little Rock Arkansas when they “ran”  the state in the 1980s.

Liberal enterprise, Wikipedia, claims that for nearly 50 years PBS “is an independently operated non-profit organization and is the most prominent provider of government-funded educational television programming to public television stations in the United States”.

These sixteen political clones of the PBS left weren’t alone election night.  Professional  Leftist national figures were introduced to the PBS audience to explain the Clinton victory more toward the  beginning of the evening, however.

David Brooks, a functionary PBS hired to be “Republican”, and side-kick chat man, old time traditional laborist, Mark Shields have been the political twins hired to analyze national and world news  leftishly to entrench the collegiate wealthy as viewers.

Over the eight hour PBS television review of the Hillary Victory to-be, only one real Republican, was presented to the PBS television audience….the Secretary of State from the state of Kansas,  Kris Kobach.     PBS scouts might, must have messed up here depending upon the number of years one is acquainted with PBS political persuasion control.

Kris Kobach was among the very, very best speaking and appearing state public servants ever to be interviewed on national television of any era.  (See for yourselves by viewing the video below.)

I believe David Brooks IS intelligent but shifty, silky,  and narrow minded often when playing leftist.   I wonder if he has ever put  foot on a farm or in factory he speaks so  “privileged”, to fit in…….Do you think he ever had to work at a Dairy Queen while in school?

Mark Shields burped the same stale labor-Dem sentences describing opponents  this election night as I remember he  did some  forty years ago when I was a Democrat.

Leftist fascism is becoming very popular in our country since Obama time, because the American  Left today OWNS American communication industry (with the exception of radio) the American entertainment industries, American education industries from Kindergarten  through College in the Social “Sciences” and whereever Climate Change is sold as an American white man’s crime.

During the first two years of America’s leftist president Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, black urban  public schools were inundated with sing alongs to learn worshiping Barack Hussein Obama as their god president….straight out of Castro’s Communist Cuba or Stalin’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republic’s atheist choral hymnals.

Regarding  November 9, 2016 American election night:   It is my opinion, but I might be wrong, folks, that PBS was the most Soviet in its leftist political coverage Trump victory night…..probably due to arrogance, snobbery, and certainty before the arrival of their state of shock that “godess” Hillary might lose.  (I do believe these PBSers starring for Hillary election night mean to be good people, honest people, not the Cuban or Soviet brand of villainy people.   However, on that November election evening, PBS, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CSPan, all behaved  fascist  America 101 with their narrows in knowledge, their sneers and smears, their arrogance, their certainty and pride,  their class deceit and bigotry so remote from, yet contempt for the real, mostly Christian America, they curse.   Worst of all  they condone and actually preach feminism,  black racism and hate white America at college and university from coast to coast these days……and now sell  pages with  articles of alleged racial  sufferings of spoiled, scholastically unlearned  but athletically talented, millionaire black football stars to display their finger to America  as introduction to their professional sport shows and expect Americans to love their politics.

Plotting leftists  condone and contrive these ceremonies played out by  racist ignorants including  the team owners who make excuses approving these attacks  on  our America….They claim those Americans who object to finger show offs are white racists.   America the Beautiful must not be conned, however.

Yet, we must realize that  THIS BRAND OF BLACK  RACISM AT LARGE IS  INTENTIONALLY CONTRIVED BY THE AMERICAN LEFTIST EXTREMISTS, REVOLUTIONARIES  IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY  BEGINNING WITHIN  THE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.      Please View PBS’s election night, 2016, coverage and its chapter of selling black racism and white hate to its viewers throughout the night.



Socialism’s black  President,  Barack Hussein Obama,  was the most racist American President since Democrat Woodrow Wilson.

America is now enjoying the result of his CORRUPT  antiAmerican administration, including the “Kaepernick Method”,  to expand its current Communist Revolution, the one now exercised and led  by the Charles Schumer-Nancy Pelosi Leftist Democrat Party, the New York Times, Washington Post, PBS, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, MOST OF FOX NEWS and MUCH OF FOX BUSINESS…… and bred by  nearly every contemporary American university from coast to coast.

The American Democrat Party has encased the American Black Citizen and Family in its political and economic cages without pause since before the  WAR BETWEEN THE STATES, 1861 – 1865.   Barack Hussein Obama’s biography has never been allowed to become public.   Leftists would sell the idea as WHITE RACISM at the New York Times, PBC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, MOST OF FOX NEWS AND MUCH OF FOX BUSINESS.

THE OBAMA PARTY began using the Kaepernick Method as propaganda  about a year ago.  Obama’s BLACKS AND FRIENDS of all colors, sexes, shapes and sizes, apparently even the many skilled   who are paid millions  to play professional football for today’s American public entertainment, have been cowed to advertise Communist programmed propaganda against  the most free, the most tolerant, democratic nation ever devised by mankind.  “Be ugly where ever and when ever possible”…is the Obama racist antiAmerican strategy…..from blocking roads, beating up conservative students and speakers at university ,  reporting untruths on television news (including Fox’s magnate international  business folks who hate the American in  President Donald J. Trump….and be ugly especially on Sundays, when once upon a time, even when I was young,  nearly every American spent time for GOD AND FAMILY.

That yesterday’s Sunday  is about dead.   Big Business’ Professional Football has become  today’s American  ‘god’ of  life, whose worship of body overwhelms worship for mind, being,  and TRUTH.  This god worship has spread to Monday’s and Thursdays as well, when in season.   Leftists who run the country’s news,  prefer to  perform the “Kaepernick Method” for their racist  propaganda on holy days.

Our American President Donald Trump recently announced his American unhappiness with this leftist, black racist, “Kaepernick Method” disorder.  “Keep politics out of America’s sports world!” he responded, hoping the professional football folks might wake their Kaepernicks up.

Yesterday’s football Sunday became very black indeed.   Some Kaepernick footballers sat on their fannies while their American National Anthem was heard….Others disappeared from public view.  In Chicago where the Pittsburgh Steelers failed to play well yesterday , only one Steeler   broke team racism by  not only respecting the flag, but, as if in solo, sang the National Anthem remarkable emotionally with the fans.  I believe he had an Italian name.

My son and I have had Viking season tickets for twenty years.  I did not go to the home game yesterday.  I refused to watch the game on television yesterday.   I worked in my gardened grounds instead, very happily….And I was happy the Vikings had won.    Until yesterday, I used to be a devoted fan of the New England Patriots despite their political left wing miasma geographically.   Its owner, a good American,  was mouthy critical of President Trump’s very American view about separating this foul Obamaling era marriage of leftist politics with American sports….. marriages Communists forever perform when Communists are on the march.

I’ve been in Obamaland’s one party dictatorship  socialist dream, the Soviet Union twice, in 1966 and again in 1990 when its national imprisonment began to shake.  I spoke Russian fluently then….what a blessing!   But the traditional American family, especially in today’s  Black American community, the one with a responsible Godfearing mother and  father with children  has pretty much disappeared since then……along with the knowledge and spirit so desperately needed in a civilized society.


These males do exist today…..and so many are blacker than I am in  color.    I have been aware of Kevin Jackson for years and used to carry his commentary at this venue.   There’s David Webb and others found at Fox.   Thomas Sowell was a public intellectual Saint for years, but rarely read.

Kevin appeared this morning at Fox Business, as I was watching.  I am not surprised that he sees what I see in  Our Donald.   Fox Business is often less Foxy Left than Fox News, the ‘fair and balanced’ sales sold  by New York and/or Washington DC people, the ones still in shock that Our Donald gathered 306 Electoral College votes last November.

Kevin was surrounded by photo the standard Fox Business Neil Cavuto types…an antiTrumpee business Charlie who further despised Our Donald for opposing ‘freedom’ of rebellious political speech by the football Marxist revolutionaries pre-game time, a Sabrina, a gal of typical ditsy feminist utterance  on the matter of blacks and friends expressing themselves politically before they earn their keep on the football field……and staid, programmed business Fox guy, Cavuto who has some ‘business’  axe to grind regarding Our Donald.

Until Our Donald became President last January, Fox News was a wonderful center in introducing bright, articulate, intelligent, honest Americans of blackish tint all of whom made me very, very proud to be an American in this our God’s year, 2017.

Follow them folks.   They are vital in our All-American efforts to make America Great Again!!

(Correction:   Memory erred regarding the family name of the courageous Steeler American patriot mentioned above.   His family name was of a Romance language other than Italian…..He, Alejandro Villanueva,  has more of a Hispanic family name.)




The Stupid Left at ESPN



“It was a story too dumb to be real: reports yesterday emerged from ESPN critic Clay Travis at Outkick the Coverage that ESPN had pulled an Asian announcer named Robert Lee off a University of Virginia college football game to avoid offending idiots. I have to admit, I didn’t think it could be true. How unbelievably stupid do you have to be to think that someone whose name is similar to a Confederate general – albeit absent the all-important middle initial – would lead to triggering and upset viewers if he called a Charlottesville-based sporting event.

Apparently, this stupid: they really did pull the announcer from the Virginia football game because his name is ‘Robert Lee.’ ESPN’s statement: “We collectively made the decision with Robert to switch games as the tragic events in Charlottesville were unfolding, simply because of the coincidence of his name. In that moment it felt right to all parties. It’s a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play by play for a football game has become an issue.” More here.

I cannot fathom how incredibly stupid you have to be to think this is an issue. Additional reporting today suggests that ESPN brought this up internally, weighed it in discussions with Lee, and ultimately decided to switch him to a presumably inoffensive Pittsburgh game instead. But he’s still going to be right there, with that troublesome name, and since announcers aren’t onscreen for most of the games, you’ll be hearing that name without the knowledge that he’s a pleasant-looking Asian fellow instead of a white-bearded steel-eyed gray-clad racist monster on a horse. As Iowahawk notes:

View image on Twitter

Would someone have made a guy named Robert Lee calling a UVA game a meme of some kind? Potentially, but it wouldn’t have lasted more than a day, and ESPN’s real concern as their statement and reporting show was “insensitivity” more than walking into a joke. Except now they are the joke – they are an absolute laughingstock, and their defenders have been totally undermined by a move so stupid that it will be an item of ridicule for months to come.

Of course, now the search is on for other Civil War figures with names similar to those announcers who irritate the fans. I can inform you I have found a Confederate of note named John Buck, but not a Joseph Buck, so you should keep looking. This is an incredibly stupid age, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to get something good out of it. Happy hunting!


CNN Pinned by President?

CNN has fallen into Trump’s pro-wrestling trap and it can’t get up

By Thomas Lifson  at American Thinker:

The media swells outraged at President Trump’s CNN wrestling tweet do not understand the level at which he communicates to his base, primarily out of their disdain for vulgar mass culture, including reality television and pro wrestling.  (Remember that the root of the word “vulgar” is the Latin “vulgus” or “common people.”)  The president, by contrast, is one of the most successful impresarios (and stars) in the history of American mass culture. Celebrity Apprentice was the most successful reality TV program in the history of the American medium.

President Trump knows how to reach the great mass of the public using images, music, and words, while those who disdain him primarily operate on the level of discourse they consider far superior: an appeal to intellect. Now, as somebody who went to the trouble of acquiring three graduate degrees and teaching at a couple of Ivy League universities, I can make a plausible claim to value intellectual discourse as much as anyone. And I do.  But I don’t kid myself that this is the only meaningful level of communication – in politics, art, human relations, or anywhere else.

The visceral reactions to the wrestling takedown by Trump of a character with a CNN logo photoshopped on his head backfired immediately, as the first stage of the trap sprung.  The primary outrage was that this could incite violence against journalists, which is laughable considering that most of the media establishment shrugged off the Kathy Griffin ISIS-style beheading photo as a harmless exercise of the First Amendment.  President Trump, the impresario, understands the potency of an image such as this:

He knows that these memories do not completely fade. Don’t forget that he is also in the branding business, and understands the nature of keeping images and associations alive on a continuing basis.  The comparison with his own cartoonish image takes place subconsciously even if not in the front of mind:

There’s much more….please read on!