• Pragerisms

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    Dennis Prager Wisdom.

    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Prager U…..The Rise, Death, and Resurrection of Socialism in America

Since the 1950s the American citizen has been taxed to pay our Government to spend over $6,000,000,000,000 to dictate ‘equal’ housing, ‘equal’ schooling, ‘equal’ crime, and ‘equal’ destruction of the once civilized, but economically and socially disadvantaged American Negro family.

Today, the majority of voting Democrats PAY NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX.   They ‘own’ government because they OWN the majority of voters who depend upon LEFT WING SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS.

Nowhere in our American lands is the resurrection of corrupt Socialism more evident than in today’s Democrat Party politically controlled  black ‘slave’ plantations of the inner city fatherless American black communities.

How has One Party Democrat Socialism and Republican tag-alongs done for America’s blacks during and since the Lyndon Johnson years dear readers?   Crime, poverty, destruction of the human family, 48,000,000 Americans  on food stamps,  lousy government schools with children singing hymns to godObama….remember those?

Warning:   The following Prager U. program may be further damaging to Obamaling   black racists’, feminists’, and atheists’ and Ivy Leaguers’ mental  health, if they stumble upon the following lesson, for it’s presented orally :

Presented by


“Was America once socialist? Surprisingly, yes. The early settlers who arrived at Plymouth and Jamestown in the early 1600s experimented with socialist communes. Did it work? History professor Larry Schweikart of the University of Dayton shares the fascinating story.”


The Dishonesty of our Ranting God, Dennis Prager

On this Friday morning Dennis Prager  spent the  first hour of his radio show ranting.  He hates Donald Trump.  After the fifty minutes or so of its noise, Dennis finished his Hitlerian sermon with “God knows who’s right.”

In Dennis’ world, Dennis Prager is God, therefore Dennis Prager is always right on his radio show….and so his hating of our Donald is part of his life’s worship.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have  the machinery to  record God Dennis’ rant.   Dennis speaks very rapidly when he is angry.   When he’s angry with Hillarians, he spews Truth with clarity and evidence, for there is so much evidence to discuss.    When Dennis’ pudding seems to bear something new and foreign, Dennis tends  to speak very, very rapidly and spews untruths about the unknown,  especially when  fantasy  ranting about our Donald these days.

Is our Dennis a liar when he gets emotional and spews lies and verbal axes   so emotionally  at Republican for President, candidate, Donald Trump?     Or is just a product  of upset?

I happen to love our Donald…and out Dennis.    Donald  is the most refreshing presidential candidate breathing  “real-American air” to have come across our coast-to-coast once democratic United States since  my post puberty lifetime, early eighth  grade,  St. Paul, Minnesota in  1947.    Looking back since that time my favorite candidates who became  presidents are Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy,  and Ronald Reagan.    Most of the rest of the presidential candidates since  that time period   are  Marco Rubios and Ted Cruzes or better.

What, Dennis,  have the Marco Rubios and Ted Cruzes ever done in adult life but play politics and learn the language, games,  and  deceits of that world?

What,  Dennis, have you  done in earnings throughout  your  adult life except  to ‘propagandize’?    Office to flight to home, to office to radio to propagandize  to home, to flight to propagandize to home?….and speak , speak, speak and write to change minds?

What, Dennis, have you EVER built with your own  brain AND hands?  What, do you know about such human adult animals….nearly ALL males….who do  build with their brains AND hands?…YOU, RADIO Man….another social intolerant  Joseph  Goebbels of today’s antiTrump snobby, Republican Party elite establishment?

This morning, Radio Dennis winced at “the coarsening of America….It’s becoming a real issue”.   Dennis implies Donald Trump is inventing and advancing the nation’s coarsening movement, or at least advances its cause when in yesternight’s  GOP ‘debates’  our Donald responded to Marco Rubios attack upon Trump masculinity.

Our Dennis was so outraged at the Trump defense statement he opened his morning’s program with five minutes of  Dennis wailing over the  Trumpism.   I kept waiting for the  vulgar wording, but their wasn’t one.   Dennis preferred to introduce the unusual word for public  gab”genitalia” to his radio show not only once in complaint about Donald, but twice to emphasize  his version of how, why,   evangelical Christians should be outraged for voting for our Donald and vote for his…..well…..today’s Cruz.

Dennis cannot understand how on EARTH Christian Evangelicals have been voting for our Donald…May God Bless Them for doing so!  Our Dennis says he  knows so many of them…..especially the ones who line up supporting Israel….May God Bless Them for doing so!

“IT’S ALL EMOTION”….Dennis RANTED emotionally!  “THERE IS NO THOUGHT!!”   Dennis really shouts, without  Dennis thought.

Dennis, is as I am,  upset with GOP Establishment’s Marco Rubio….a fine young man who speaks well as a politician and comes from a family with a classic beautiful family story all Americans should be proud of.   Marco had  drifted from the righteous and was advised to  ‘dirt’ on Donald…..in public, no less…not once but twice.   Dennis, upset with GOP- preferred Marco, is now persuaded the Ted Cruz GOP way.

Dennis considers the liar Ted with the evangelical Ted.   He makes no mention of  Cruz’s radio, television, and stump clever  slimy language pretending, morphing   who he thinks  our Donald is to get himself the most votes.  I do find Cruz bright, determined, hard working, yet greasy, like Burt Lancaster as Elmer Gantry……and greasy not only referring to his sleaze thrown at Trump, but unreliable politically  in general….simply more clever about who he is than others, and a loner.

Dennis identifies with these politicians.   They make their money politicking, selling thoughts, ideas, the reasons mostly  why I have listened to Dennis’s radio sales since October, 2004.

How,  fellow citizens,   would you like your own personal life smeared the way this  GOP gang does to Donald  in its  efforts to bury him?   Dennis, have you ever  listened to your own recordings of your radio performances falsely smearing him?  Is Mr. Trump really a racist who hooks up with the KKK behind American lines?

Dennis either deceives us or he doesn’t really know,  yet  avers with God-Dennis certainty that our Donald cannot defeat the American Lady Macbeth Hillary in November:

“Trump is receiving ONLY 35% of the Republican presidential primary vote”.   And, the greatest horror for all America, “Cannot defeat Hillary”… Dennis asserts.   He suggests none of these  votes will drift to our Donald.

Has Dennis ever invited a true proTrump pro to chat about candidate Donald’s ‘goods’ and ‘bests’?   Has our Dennis ever invited Donald to his radio show for a chat?

Dennis!    Nowhere in the Federal Constitution does it state a candidate for the presidency of the United States HAS TO BE A TRAINED POLITICIAN!”…..nor that he or she has to be a member of a political party!

I see the same Donald J. Trump that you see, Dennis!    Nearly everyone sees the same body, hears the same Trump words.  Many have children who with their parents watched last  evening’s battle and didn’t hear anything vulgar at all….I am a generation older than you and am personally far better aware than you (my opinion)  about the collapse of JudeoChristian standards  of classical Biblical values.    Its cancers metasticized exponentially  in  the mid 1960s and were only somewhat  controlled during the Reagan years.    Were you about a Brooklyn 3 years old then?

What about your words. today’s words, Dennis, you, not cursing, but foully describing our Donald and the millions of us who see in him….EMOTIONALLY:

A great personality, far more immediately winsome  than yours and any Republican’s or Democrat’s  I have come across in the past 65 years of American life.

Not like you and your fellow GOP and Hillarian politicos who harp and carp for a living, he has built things, here, there and elsewhere.  THERE ARE CAUSES AND RESULTS FROM HIS BUILDING THINGS.  things you  and your world of  observers seem to be  too blind and/or nasty politically  to take note.   Have you ever put even a minute of imagination into what DONALD TRUMP HAS LEARNED, EXPERIENCED and ACTUALLY HAS RESULTS TO SHOW HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS beyond the world of political propaganda.

Have you indoor people,  your radio propaganda world ever personally resurrected a dead nearly semi-sized truck placing into  its  huge shell  all of its   mechanical contents  needed for its second life, correctly interconnected and placed to make eventually its motor purr….often with used parts, no less…..and  now usable for our company’s  five or more years of safe service and  delivery.

If I would have spent all of my life teaching high school social studies and Russian, I,  then an indoor person selling learnings and ideas,  couldn’t  imagine such a fete :   Three guys in their early thirties  did  that very truck resurrection for our landscape company this past winter season.  We couldn’t afford a new one.  They were certain they could resurrect ours which  had finally died after fifteen years of heavy duty.  They are Donald Trump guys.   They and the  rest of  the company as well with no urging from me at all.  They have never voted before….”What for?” …..until,  on their own, they discovered Donald Trump.

Your isolation from these folks is at the foundation of your bigotry toward them and hence, your bigotry toward a Donald Trump.

Please replay your first hour of the Dennis Prager Show of this morning.   Be me, a profoundly devoted Donald and Dennis Prager man.   Think of the damage YOUR BIGOTRY TOWARD DONALD, YOUR BIGOTRY TOWARD US TRUMP FANS already  have caused our Party and Our Nation!!!!!   How my, our Republican Party AND YOU have treated citizen Donald, a builder, not a propagandist by trade from the very moment of his entry in the race!

There is more to your evil to be written about this topic, Dennis, but I am wearing out now.   I am well enough educated and alert, Dennis, to know evil can be done without intent.   The problem is you indoor people evil in this Donald Trump case, especially those raised in Brooklyn type neighborhoods have become so detached from real reeling  America, you think and blab judgingly in your narrow and arrogant universe, because you live and work so indoors,  so separately from today’s  real American workers.

GOP, Fox Establishment Determined to Eliminate Trump


GOP, FOX Relieved!    Thursday’s Republican Debate Excelled  in  Balance, the  repetitious  and  the petty!

GOP, Fox continue to examine  little on our current American political scene  beyond their own belly buttons where they can hide among the blubber, name call and smear the Donald without any retribution both wise and the stunning to upset their own rules of political correctness.

Thank God for Blessing America thus far with the Donald’s presence in our 2016 Republican presidential campaign.    The dullness of Bush, ugliness of Kasich, belchings  of Christie,  the pretentiousness of Cruz and weaknesses of all the rest becomes weary…..with these exceptions:  the  clarity  and balance  of Marco Rubio……and the memory of all the talents, the gifts of our Donald.

I refused to view the live Donaldless Thursday “Can You Bicker” show starring “Gotcha-Gal”,  Megyn Kelly,  and others playing  this  unusual Foxy game of “Gotcha” for the audience making  themselves appear clever, quick,  and superior compared  to the pathetic candidates…..pretending for Republican’s sake  its good for America  to pepper their candidates with cheap shots, the sleazier the better,  to enhance  their own pride,  ratings and profits among their own  television tribal wars.

However, I have reviewed the reviews of the “Gotcha” games from internet sources.   The entire Republican establishment seemed much relieved that nothing of value,  beyond the picky and sicky was really discussed.   Everyone on stage sang the same solo without any real melody…..Please read the article below I offer as support:


What the Obama “LIBERAL LEADERSHIP” Years Hath Wrought upon the World!

THE RECKONING by Victor Davis Hanson at PJ Media:

“Let us start our grand tour of an increasingly out-of-control world in Russia. Putin plays a two-bit Hitler in trying to gobble up his neighbors. The West responds with a one-bit imitation of 1930s Britain and France. ISIS reminds us that beheading and human incineration are contemporary, not premodern, practices. The only difference is that we video them on iPhones now rather hear rumors about them by word of mouth a year later.

Jews are wise to leave Europe in the manner that some of the lucky got out in the 1930s. The danger is not that we are facing a sudden war on any one front, but that all these fronts — the former Soviet republics, the Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria, the roaming Islamic terrorist gangsters inside the West, and the Iranian soon-to-be-nuclear co-prosperity sphere from Yemen to Lebanon — are combining to create chaos as the new normal.

Whole swaths of the globe are becoming badlands that sane people avoid — the former Soviet republics, Russia, the Middle East, North Africa, Persia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Cuba, and perhaps soon Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus — as if they were the national no-go-zone versions of our own New Orleans or Detroit.”

Tour the world, the globe morphed by America’s first ‘BLACK’ president leading our nation’s march to the behind:


The Boundless Pride and Ignorance of the Obama Left Responds to American Sniper

What makes today’s American Left so vulgar, so ignorant, so unaware, so vile……and yet paint themselves so elite? Why are they so drugged? Why are they so dependent of their fellow sick for survival?

Well, where in today’s America would they learn otherwise? They possess no knowledge. Most of the most mouthy are single due to self love. Who else could love them? They are feminists of all sexes either adoring themselves or hating others, or hate themselves, so jealous of others. They are misfits and without family with little interest beyond their own bodies. They have no soul without family, without off spring, without knowledge of either today or anytime yesterday.

They are products of a teaching class and they do, like Barack Hussein Obama, have mouth for they have been taught PRIDE IN THEMSELVES regardless of their vacuousness. They vote Democrat, today’s illiberal Liberals: Marxists, Feminists, and Black Racists free of learnings but filled with feelings they worship. Most have no Fathers, broken blood families and intake weed to nurse the one god they worship and follow religiously, their own personal and collective FEELINGS. They are programmed to be free to invent Truth and truth’s facts as they feel and are duty bound to spread their religious “feelings” through school, the press, the New York Times, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, PBS, the arts….whatever today’s American universities dictate to shape feelings of the day.

Facts don’t exist. Truth, honesty, and goodness are dead, as dead as dead white men’s writings and teachings of yesteryear. Truth, honesty, and goodness don’t matter in the rich and peacepreparing fresh air flow of original opinion through feelings determined and dictated by their vocally established Left triumvirate gods, the Marxism, feminism and black racism leadership….Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Michael Moore, Toure, Nancy Pelosi, Alan Grayson, Noam Chomsky, Alan Dershowitz among the elite.

The following feelings article at rollingstone, “AMERICAN SNIPER” IS ALMOST TOO DUMB TO CRITICIZE’, was written by Matt Taibbi:


“Michael Moore Explains ‘Snipers Are Cowards” feelings at CNN:


…and from the lefties at NBC, “Kyle was a racist on a killing spree”:


Obama’s Feminized Ditzies Everywhere MUST BE CHALLENGED! Resurrect Honesty in America!

Today’s Democrat Party is dictated, supported, and educated by FEMINIST DITZIES OF ALL SEXES! They preach feminization from the goddess of FEELINGS, the Holy Spirit of today’s Marxist atheism of Equality.

There is, indeed, a war in America today…..Primarily a Civil War, a Revolution of Feminized Feelings to Purge Knowledge of Our Human Past and Put and End to Thinking.

“Who needs to learn thinking when one can act by feelings alone?” the feminized ask.

Thinking is so yesterday, so male, too unfair to the unfair, too protecting to the unprotecting, too strong to the weak, too inventive to the uninventive, too creative to the uncreative, too curious for the incurious, too unpeaceful to the peaceful, and too imaginative to the unimagining.

Live and deal by Feelings, not thought, the Change the feminized promised; the Change they dictated we were waiting for. THE FEMINIZED REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN: HAVE YOU FELT IT?


John Hinderaker at PowerLine wrote the following article: IS THERE ANY HOPE FOR OUR CIVILIZATION?

Please read it carefully:


Hack Democrat, Obamaling Rick Nolan, in Trouble being a Hack in Minnesota’s Northland

The nearly all white working class, eighth Minnesota Congressional District has been Democratic Party voting since voting was invented in Minnesota. Not too long ago a GOP recluse created a stir by ousting a 50 year DFL fixture from his Washington DC Democrat office. Hack Democrat, Rick Nolan, who ruled the 6th Minnesota Congressional District for years, returned to lefty selling after a brief hiatus from Marxifying America, recovered the eighth congressional district for Obama a few years ago.

This office secretary for left wing politics is now in trouble “up North”, as we Twin Citians refer to the 8th Congressional District which includes, “Angle”,the farthest northern point in the USA outside Alaska.

His portion of Obama-raised money for Marxism, has bought the following advertisement being repeated hour upon hour on local and Twin Cities television…..an attack on Rick Nolan’s conservative opponent, Stuart Mills, alleging he is wealthy by heritage and is buying his office with this dollar ‘inheritance’. No effort, not one sentence has any reference beyond a slur.

One of the wealthiest Minnesota families is the Dayton family….a well known, decent, honest, quality family; all but one known to be a conservative, the present Democrat governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton.

He is a man who has never earned a dollar in his life outside of lefty politics. He bought his nomination as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate, and after failing there, he bought the nomination and election as governor of the State.

He is currently running for re-election. I have yet to see any assault upon his character or family from his Republican opponent because of his personal financial investments in his political life.

Democrats celebrate any color of dishonesty these days to reach their sacred Marxist goals to create government control of “equality.

Mark Waldeland sent the following Wall Street Journal article featuring the 8th Minnesota Congressional

Democrats Lose Their Grip on Voters With Keys to the House
White, Working-Class Voters Give Republicans an Edge in Contested Congressional Election’.



Tidal Wave Time To Save Uncle Sam……. Trey Gowdy for President in 2016

Have we had enough of the racism, sexism, anti-Americanism of today’s Barack Hussein Obama’s America? ……the change the neoMarxists in the press, at university, and in Big Business told us we were waiting for?

Have we had enough of the male wusses programmed at university to run American leadership from behind?…..from conservatives made second class citizens, fearful and closeted in school and college for their traditional American values by the Marxist feminazis of all lefty sexes who censor our thoughts, speech, memories of our past with gestapo-like scrutiny to advance the holy grail of Marxist Unisexism?

NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE HUMAN FEMALE AND HUMAN MALE ANIMAL (except by socialization) the Democrat Party Obamaling fascists at university declare!!


“NO DIFFERENCE” is the foundation, the core side-by-side lefty exploitation of black racism which altogether have given power to the present regime to destroy our beloved America…..still, however wounded, the hope of the free world.

No difference between the human female and human male animal? Are you kidding?

To hell with these fascists! Retrain these wussy, timid kitties trained to bow and heel and beg, leading from behind called “Republicans”. Retire Obamaling Marxists! They have done their damage.

Lead from being ahead!! Wake up! Join the Trey Gowdy crowd…..Follow their determination….follow their thoughts, follow their language….follow, follow these truly bright American Americans led by Trey Gowdy…..and, having discovered their skills, their brilliance, their American purpose and determination, their abilities to explain and convince, having discovered their souls……SUPPORT TREY GOWDY FOR PRESIDENT beginning now!

Fund no one else, no other Republican, no TeaParty purist , no other make-believe presidential candidate for President in 2016!!




Obama Takes a Read from Lois Lerner’s Emails: Advises GOP, “Stop Hating All The Time”

Barack Hussein Obama, trained by his father figure, black racist and condemner of America, Jeremiah Wright, certainly knows something about hating all of the time.

President Obama is a master practitioner of projection, the disease of blaming others with the evils he himself is a star performer possessing, so much so, he infects his followers with the same infections disease. He advises his Republican rivals to “stop hating all the time”.

Mr. Obama performs the following without teleprompter, and it shows rather dramatically. Please take a look:


3rd World Obama’s Drive to Corrupt America into a 3rd World Nation

No administration in American national history has been so  unAmerican, so  corrupt, devious, dishonest, racist, divisive, evil and third-world  than this Barack Obama’s  performance as president.   No leading political party in our history  has so purposefully,  willingly  shepherded its bleating sheep to  follow not only  the lead of  so foul, so corrupt,  so arrogant  a president  to advance him as the  leader   destined  to destroy  America’s traditions  cherishing and advancing  life,  liberty,  and the pursuit of happiness for its people  specifically and  human kind generally by becoming corrupt equally among the nations of  the Third World.

The American press discarded its once- revered  adjective ‘free’;  the American educational industry followed suit  by controlling   history and banning  God to create an  elixir of equality  rallying majority Jews, blacks, Latinos (legal and illegal)  gays, lesbians, unionists, crony capitalists,  food stamp recipients,  and  single women of all shapes and sizes,  and the nation’s entertainment industry to ‘harden’  America into third world living……poverty, ignorance, violence, isolation, secret police,   and the isolation,  exploitation,  and communal  hate of  those who don’t sufficiently  hate American white males.

Is Obama’s third world America  our American future?

Selling dishonest news is common in Obamaland.  Spying on and lying about  foes is cherished,  honored.    It is distributed  directly from its Washington headquarters via all possible venues.

The mouth of our president assures America , however, there isn’t a smidgen of corruption anywhere in his political and religious Marxified empire.


More Than a Smidgen

  by Stephen F. Hayes   at the Weekly Standard:

The facts are simple. The IRS systematically targeted conservative and Tea Party groups after their activism proved decisive in the 2010 midterm elections—Obama’s famous “shellacking.” The effects of this targeting were widespread. Some Tea Party groups were neutered in the months before the 2012 presidential election.

Few of the explanations or justifications of this targeting provided by IRS leaders and Obama administration officials have held up. IRS officials at first denied that any targeting had taken place. That was false. They later claimed that the targeting had involved only low-level employees in the Cincinnati office. That was false. They argued that conservative groups weren’t singled out, that progressive groups were subject to the same level of scrutiny. That was false. They argued that the IRS has complied with all requests for information from Congress. That was false.

Please read more about Obama’s war against  America: