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Leftist Fascist CNN, MSNBC Promoted Russian Hate-Trump Rally


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Who can keep up with the news these days? Not me. This story is a day old, but too entertaining to pass up: CNN and MSNBC promoted Russia’s anti-Trump rally in New York on November 12, 2016, just after the election. Scott has already noted that Michael Moore was a prominent figure at the Russia-sponsored rally outside Trump Tower. But Moore wasn’t the only one to fall in enthusiastically with the Russians’ anti-Trump theme:

A check of their November 12 coverage showed both CNN and MSNBC gave enthusiastic coverage to the Russian-organized anti-Trump rally that day, with live reports every hour. Correspondents celebrated the idea that it was “a love rally,” and repeated the marchers’ anti-Trump mantras, such as: “We reject the President-elect.”
Of course, none of the networks were aware of who was allegedly behind the march, but CNN and MSNBC reveled in the inflammatory messages of the march. At one point, MSNBC anchor Alex Witt credulously responded to the ridiculously alarmist rhetoric: “That woman, when she’s saying she’s concerned that black people will be shot in the street….Is that a legitimate concern for her? Because, that’s scary.”

Correspondent Morgan Radford cheerfully played along: “Alex, it’s not only a legitimate concern for her, it’s a legitimate concern for a lot of people I’ve spoken to….They’re wondering if this [Trump’s election] is almost a license to carry in terms of hate.”

If the goal of the secret Russian organizers was to inject nonsense like that into the American political dialogue, then their unwitting helpers on CNN and MSNBC certainly gave them plenty of assistance that day.

Both CNN and MSNBC talked about who they thought was organizing the rally. On MSNBC a few minutes before the march began, anchor Alex Witt asked Radford: “Hey, Morgan, can you tell who has organized this rally?…Is there someone in charge here?”

Heh. We know now that the Russians were in charge. It is no surprise that our liberal media followed the Russians’ anti-Trump lead, just as they did with the nuclear freeze movement in the 1980s and the more recent anti-fracking campaign. American liberals have always been happy to be fooled, and few if any have ever expressed regret for parroting the Russian line, then or now.

Still, it is hard to take seriously the Left’s current mantra that Russia’s “meddling” is the greatest threat since 9/11 when leftists themselves have enthusiastically joined the Russian chorus when it suited their agenda.

There is entertaining video at the link.




Corruption, FASCISM at Harvard, your State University and Neighborhood College?!

Interviewing Trump’s Bright Ann Coulter at the Socialist CBC


Fake News Folks Bury the Fact: AMERICA’S RABBIS VOTED FOR OUR DONALD TRUMP Last November!!

Not Just Jerusalem: Why America’s Rabbis Voted Trump and Don’t Regret It

by Rabbi Yaakov Menken  at  American Thinker:

“Yes, you read correctly.  America’s rabbis voted for Donald Trump.

Given the common belief that Jews are liberal, this may come as a surprise to many.  But not only do Orthodox Jews (the traditionally observant) have very different political leanings from their more liberal brethren, but they now encompass the vast majority of American Jewish clergy.

Lakewood, N.J. is the home of the largest rabbinic seminary in America and home to tens of thousands of its alumni.  In a few square blocks, you’ll encounter more rabbis than liberal seminaries have produced in several decades.  Lakewood also produced the largest pro-Trump majority in 2016 of any New Jersey town, despite a higher percentage of immigrants, impoverished, and non-whites than most other pro-Trump communities.

Rabbis voted Trump not for financial benefits; it is liberal candidates who support generous government programs.  They supported him not simply because of his pro-Israel posture, although he has exceeded expectations with his new, commonsense approach to the right of Israelis to live in peace and security.

Neither did they blind themselves to Trump’s failings.  They do not support what he said on a bus 12 years ago or appreciate the un-presidential things he says or tweets on a daily basis.  They look askance at casinos and beauty pageants and have little patience for “reality TV.”

So what is it about Trump that they liked on Election Day, and like even more a year later?

First of all, Trump understands that good and evil remain vibrant in today’s world and refuses to point fingers only at those who liberals agree are evil.  Charlottesville provided a great example of this phenomenon.

No honest reading of the president’s remarks has him calling white supremacists “fine people.”  This nonsense, so loudly proclaimed in the media, was designed to prevent sober analysis of Trump’s true crime: he dared point out that violence and bigotry are not unique to those perceived as “right-wing.”  This, liberals could not countenance.  As Maxine Waters put it, “No, Trump.  Not on many sides – your side.”

That liberal narrative is both false and profoundly dangerous.  Our First Amendment liberties depend upon protection of free speech even for those with abhorrent views.  Disruption of opposition events was a Nazi tactic, and had Antifa not violently employed it against the Nazis, we might hardly have heard of Charlottesville.

In the succeeding weeks and months, Antifa repeatedly proved President Trump correct, using force to stifle free speech not from Nazis, but from anyone with whom they disagreed — including Ben Shapiro, the conservative, yarmulke-clad Jew who was the journalist most targeted by anti-Semites in 2016.  Trump deserved an ovation for stating that hatred is not a one-sided phenomenon.

The leading belief of anti-Semites is that all Jewish property is stolen; this is something rabbis know from both rabbinic literature and world history.  It is why Jews were forced to live in ghettos and barred from most professions during the Middle Ages.  It is why the Nazis began with a boycott that declared that Germans should “protect themselves” rather than buy from Jews.  And it is why the Arab League co-opted the German boycott, which leftists then renamed BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) to make a “human rights” cause out of economic warfare against Jews living in their ancestral homeland, something visited upon none of those engaged in true, unquestioned occupations of the homelands of others around the world.

Thus, anti-Semitism travels seamlessly between the far right and the far left.  It is too real and too dangerous to be wielded as a partisan cudgel.

We already had a president who said Israel is “occupying” Palestinian land and who sat idly while the U.N. called Jewish life in Judea “illegal.”  Similar language was seven percentage points away from being part of the Democratic platform.  The only foreign flag flown inside the DNC was Palestinian, while they burned the Israeli flag outside.  That’s not about Israel’s politics, government, or policy.  That’s about anti-Semitism.

The Republican platform rejected the “false notion” that Israel is an occupier, and President Trump has unquestionably acted in accordance with those positions.  He has a history of trusting visibly observant Jews, and he put two of them, Jared Kushner and Jason Dov Greenblatt, in charge of negotiating peace with Mahmoud Abbas.  Their first demand was that Abbas stop funding terrorism.  In any other context, this would seem obvious, yet this revolutionary idea entirely escaped previous negotiating teams.

Nikki Haley’s indignant, even furious reaction to the U.N. Security Council’s attempt to tell the United States where it can put its embassy to Israel was merely her latest verbal fusillade against U.N. bias regarding the world’s sole Jewish state.  Trump’s decision to move the embassy, recognizing that no peace can be achieved that does not recognize the attachment of Jews to Jerusalem, showed that he is unafraid to speak truth to world powers.  The administration was far too busy protecting Jewish interests to pay attention to Jewish liberals claiming that Trump was “encouraging” Alt-Right hatred.

And then there is the “big picture” – the underlying vision for the future of America.  Western civilization traces its roots to what are called Judeo-Christian values, which trace their roots to a small community of liberated slaves clustered on the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

Their Bible sanctified human life and peace, while surrounding countries glorified warfare and considered fights to the death a form of entertainment.  They taught that a ruler’s power must be limited, that even a king must live within the law.  They pioneered universal education, which other cultures reserved for the wealthy.  And they valued family and social responsibility while others regarded these as signs of weakness.

Western civilization depends upon choosing biblical values over those of Greeks, Romans, Huns, and Visigoths.  This is not a political posture, but reference to our moral foundation.  It is a sad commentary that one party seems devoted to tearing down traditional moral norms, expressing the belief that what is new is automatically superior.

Rabbis were guided by rabbinic scholarship and their consciences.  We do not look to politicians as role models, and the idea of a perfect human is foreign to Judaism in any case.  Rather, an election is a binary choice.  Which candidate and which party will better protect innocent lives – our lives – here and around the world, and keep America closer to our core values?

This is why rabbis voted for Trump in 2016 and are yet happier with that choice today.

Rabbi Menken is the managing director of the Coalition for Jewish Values.


Never Forget the Lying Criminal, Corrupt Hillary Rodham Clinton


Star Coach, Bill Belichick Stirs Nasty Leftists at realclearlife.com

Bill Belichick’s Remarks About Earthquakes Offended Some Mexicans


“Outrageous ignorance of a ‘genius’ in the NFL,” ESPN Mexico’s Poncho Vera says.

Folks above at “realclear” remind me of their liars at realclearpolitics, Leftists  who claim they are a conservative information center but  by lie leftward by habit.

I admit, I am prejudice on matters Bill Belichick, noted Patriots longtime very successful professional football coach…..truly, the best who has ever worked in such an occupation.

New England politically  is another spoiled brat of American politics.  Dumps Harvard, Dartmouth, and Yale are evil, brat, and  feminized fascist   preacher clones   located there.  But, it doesn’t bother me when it comes to pro football, American style.

My two favorite sports teams of all times, all sports, are the Vikings of lefty goopherland, and equally the Patriots of Bill Belichick, I respect Belichick’s  ability, intelligence, and cleverness so highly as an American and a teacher-coach.

(I wonder if the leftists  at “realclear” know how to spell “Mexico?  It is usually capitalized because it is the name of a nation…..and outside the leftist world of ignorance, crime, and persecutions,  Mexico is spelled, Mexico, not Mexcio.)

Review the article below to discover where the ignorance might lie in any remark made by this exceptionally talented American football coach who probably knows how criminal the country’s culture is and how often earthquakes to occur, and have since and before the era of  Inca’s human-eating habits  of the centuries around the 16th.   Please read on below to discover any evidence of Mexican discontent with this Patriot coach’s brisk comments.   Did he make them before or after his team’s victory in Mexico City?




Are Feminists Born Ditsy or Do They Just Learn to Be Ditsy Democrats?

Chief Communications Tzarina  in the Obama Administration was  Maoist, Feminist  Anita Dunn.

The champion mass murderer in human history was Socialist-Communist Chinese dictator Mao Tse Tung.   In the first two years of the Obama administration black  children in America’s inner cities were   taught to sing “Hail Obama, our Savior and Lord” hymns.

No one seemed to be bothered by this racist Soviet step to secure political votes from the least educated populations in the country.

Please get to know President Obama’s major White House Communications Director,  feminist, Anita Dunn better.  Ms. Dunn’s declared her two favorite political philosophers  who ever lived are Mother Theresa, and mass murderer of between 50,000,000 and 80,000,000 human beings, this Communist Chinese dictator, Mao Tse Tung, in a speech given to students at graduation.    Feminist Dunn also  became a contributor for NBC News/MSNBC/CNBC.

Please listen to her speech where she venerates her two most revered “political philosophers  who ever lived”, Mao and Mother Theresa:

Obama Cabinet Member Anita Dunn: Mao Tse Tung “Favorite …