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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
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    • Sexism
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    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Is Bernie’s Brain Bigger Than Bernie’s Socialist Mouth? Impossible!!


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Brontosauruses are renowned for their small brains, but let’s be fair: at least they weren’t socialists. They may have become extinct, but unlike Sanders and many of his fellow Democrats they didn’t subscribe (as far as we know) to an extinct ideology.

Michael Ramirez imagines what really killed off the dinosaurs. The cartoon also features an ancient fossil. Click to enlarge:

I don’t suppose socialism actually killed the dinosaurs, but it surely will destroy us, as it destroyed Soviet Russia, Albania, North Korea, East Germany, Cuba, Venezuela, and every other country that has been foolish enough to adopt it, if Bernie Sanders and his Democratic Party get their way.


What’s the Difference Between a Brontosaurus and Bernie Sanders?

Americans all should know that  before that deluge from outer space around 65,000,000 years ago somewhere off the shores of Mexico which obliterated 80% or so of Earth’s animal world of that time, North Dakota housed not only Brontosauruses by countless other “saurs” of the day.

Our today’s lefty fascistic and fascist American  Democrats, especially those of the feminazi type, are not very learned human tribes.   Accumulating knowledge they need when problem solving too  often interferes with their inherent animalistic  emotions they learn to stir in today’s colleges and universities.

Another Chernobyl at Russia’s Sarov?

Russia’s New Chernobyl?

It’s been almost three weeks since a nuclear accident took place near the secret military city of Sarov, and Russia has only now begun to acknowledge it. Yesterday, the country’s weather service reported the elevated presence of four isotopes in the environment while still claiming that no particular danger exists:

Russia’s state weather and environment monitoring agency on Monday released new details about a brief spike in radioactivity following a mysterious explosion at the navy’s testing range that has been surrounded by secrecy and fueled fears of increased radiation levels.

The Aug. 8 incident at the Russian navy’s range in Nyonoksa on the White Sea killed two servicemen and five nuclear engineers and injured six others. The authorities reported a rise in radiation levels in nearby Severodvinsk, but insisted it didn’t pose any danger.

Russia’s state weather and environmental monitoring agency Rosgidromet said Monday the brief rise in radiation levels was caused by a cloud of radioactive gases containing isotopes of barium, strontium and lanthanum that drifted across the area. The agency said its monitoring has found no trace of radiation in air or ground samples since Aug. 8.

Russia has finally — if indirectly — acknowledged that the accident involved their new nuclear-powered cruise missile, which NATO calls Skyfall:

Russian officials have not conceded that the explosion involved the missile called the Skyfall. But on Monday, a Russian diplomat for the first time spoke of the accident in terms of the purpose for such a missile.

The diplomat, Aleksei Karpov, Russia’s envoy to international organizations in Vienna, blamed the United States for setting Russia on the path to developing a new device by withdrawing from an antiballistic missile treaty over 15 years ago.

Just how bad was this explosion? The types of isotopes in the leading edge of the cloud makes it clear that this was a reactor explosion, as was Chernobyl in 1986, if not on the same scale. It also leads observers to conclude that the radiation risk is likely worse in the region than Russia’s weather service admits:

“These are fission products,” Joshua Pollack, a leading expert on nuclear and missile proliferation, told Insider. “If anyone still doubts that a nuclear reactor was involved in this incident, this report should go a long way toward resolving that.”

Alexander Uvarov, the editor of the independent news site AtomInfo.ru, told the news agency RIA Novosti that these isotopes were products of nuclear fission involving uranium, Agence France-Presse reported Monday. This collection of radioisotopes could be released by a reaction involving uranium-235.

Nils Bohmer, a Norwegian nuclear-safety expert, told The Barents Observer that “the presence of decay products like barium and strontium is coming from a nuclear chain reaction,” adding that it was evidence that it “was a nuclear reactor that exploded.”

The Russians have acted as though the danger was higher than they were willing to admit on camera. In their zeal to protect themselves from criticism over the accident, Russian authorities left residents in the dark about the risks, including the first responders:

The Defense Ministry denied any radiation leak even as the local administration in Severodvinsk reported a hike in radiation levels and told residents to stay indoors — a move that prompted frightened residents to buy iodine, which can help reduce risks from exposure to radiation.

Russian media reported that the victims of the explosion received high doses of radiation. They said that medical workers at the Arkhangelsk city hospital that treated three of those injured said they hadn’t been warned that they would treat people exposed to radiation and lacked elementary protective gear.

The Moscow Times on Monday cited Igor Semin, a cardiovascular surgeon at the hospital, who scathingly criticized the authorities in a social network post for failing to warn the hospital workers about the deadly risks. “They were abandoned and left to fend for themselves,” the newspaper quoted Semin as saying.

Anyone who has studied the Chernobyl accident will find frightening parallels in this new accident. For years, the Soviets denied the true scope of the accident, and in the first few hours denied an accident had taken place at all. When Western nations began detecting high levels of radiation on the winds, the Soviets admitted that an accident had taken place but denied the scope of the problem. They delayed evacuations so as not to embarrass the political leadership, lied to the first responders, and only admitted to the true nature of the accident after the Soviet system had collapsed — bad engineering combined with incompetent operation.

This accident may not be anywhere near as bad as Chernobyl, but given the Russian government’s desire to follow the Chernobyl playbook, it must be pretty bad on its own. They’re only admitting to what cannot be denied — the dispersal of radioactive elements — while still denying any other implications of what seems clearly to be a reactor explosion, which would be a highly contaminative event. The need for secrecy suggests something closer to the worst-case scenario rather than the best-case scenario.

Perhaps this will convince Russia and others to dispense with the idea of nuclear propulsion on missiles. Don’t count on that, though; Chernobyl should have forced the Soviets to shut down all of its RBMK-type reactors, but they continued to operate — and in fact ten still operate in Russia. Some lessons never quite get learned when accountability is non-existent.

Russia’s new Chernobyl?

(Note:   In 1990 I had traveled to the USSR, fascist Soviet Russia,  with an Anoka, Minnesota group of Christians who had gathered thousands of dollars to donate personally to Russian hospitals serving the countless thousands of victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.   I was fluent in speaking Russian at the time and was glad to be of service.
I had been teaching Russian in my ‘earlier’ life, and had spent a month in the USSR in 1966, practicing the language when it was still a first class nasty  fascist government.
Our current Dems in Congress today  seem to be have become purveyors of a Soviet type fascist  state.   Countless Americans don’t seem to care.   Most are Democrats!)  ghr



by  John Hinderaker   at  PowerLine:

What does it mean to be a liberal in today’s world? More than anything else, to be a liberal is to be anti-American.

Byron York describes a New York Times project of which I was unaware, but by which I am not surprised:

In the Times’ view — which it hopes to make the view of millions of Americans — the country was actually founded in 1619, when the first Africans were brought to North America, to Virginia, to be sold as slaves.

This year marks the 400th anniversary of that event, and the Times has created something called The 1619 Project. This is what the paper hopes the project will accomplish: “It aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are.”

The coincidence of slaves arriving in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619 has been seized on by liberals as an excuse to talk more about slavery–a subject that an objective observer might think had already been talked to death. The “400th anniversary” was to be celebrated by the City of Minneapolis in bizarrely racist fashion, with “white bodied” and “black bodied” city employees attending different consciousness-raising sessions. Those events were canceled after we brought them to light.

The basic thrust of The 1619 project is that everything in American history is explained by slavery and race. The message is woven throughout the first publication of the project, an entire edition of the Times magazine. It begins with an overview of race in America — “Our democracy’s founding ideals were false when they were written. Black Americans have fought to make the true.” — written by Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones….

The idea that “everything in American history is explained by slavery and race” has become conventional wisdom on the Left. Basically, nothing good has ever happened here, at least not until recently. The Left now includes the public schools, so that one of my kids came home from second grade with the understanding that Martin Luther King had freed the slaves.

The essays go on to cover the economy (“If you want to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation.”)…

This is profoundly stupid. The South had a relatively primitive economy; the North was the home of capitalism, which is why the North had the economic strength to win the Civil War. There was a time when everyone understood this, but the Times has regressed.

…the food we eat (“The sugar that saturates the American diet has a barbaric history as the ‘white gold’ that fueled slavery.”); the nation’s physical health (Why doesn’t the United States have universal health care? The answer begins with policies enacted after the Civil War.”); politics (“America holds onto an undemocratic assumption from its founding: that some people deserve more power than others.”); daily life (“What does a traffic jam in Atlanta have to do with segregation? Quite a lot.”) and much more.

That this is childish doesn’t mean it is harmless.

[A] project with the aim of reframing U.S. history has to be more than a bunch of articles and podcasts. A major goal of The 1619 Project is to take the reframing message to schools. The Times has joined an organization called The Pulitzer Center — which, it should be noted, is not the organization that hands out the Pulitzer Prize — to create a 1619 Project curriculum. “Here you will find reading guides, activities, and other resources to bring The 1619 Project into your classroom,” the Center says in a message to teachers.

As noted above, the Times might be surprised to learn how far gone in leftist idiocy our public schools already are. The Times’s anti-American message will be welcomed by the far-left National Education Association and the other teachers’ unions, which control public education.

A normal person might wonder why the Democratic Party, in the person of the New York Times, is so obsessed with slavery, which was abolished 154 years ago. Isn’t it time to move on? Forty or fifty years ago, that is what just about everyone thought. But the Times, on behalf of the Democratic Party, is trying to stir up race hatred. Democrats think racial hostility is essential to defeating President Trump in 2020–their paramount goal, next to which everything else is an afterthought. They face a problem, in that Trump has been the best president for blacks, certainly since Reagan, maybe forever. So, they say, let’s focus on 1619. And then go out and vote for Democrats, the party of slavery and Jim Crow.

Can a country that is despised by its own establishment, which seeks to undermine it every turn, survive? I don’t know. We will find out.


The New York Times Rewrites American History

Comment from ghr:   The once honorable America’s Democratic Party has chosen the fascist road to power for at least a decade by now.   Their fascism now frees this once Democrat political entity and their salesmen and saleswomen from any and all honesty.

The human female animal is particularly exercised by fascism as demonstrated in National Socialist Germany,  and the good old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ Communist Fascism.

After all, freedom to be curious, to imagine and explore, build, and protect is a human male genetic drive.

The human female animal seeks protection above all matters.  After all, she bears the next generation’s human beings.

The New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN,  ABC,  PBS, and universities and schools from coast to coast  are quite satisfied selling their fascistic world.   Their kingpins have nothing but contempt for today’s American  beings who labor, still farm and keep the country fed, our houses and sky scrapers built, and roads and bridges repaired and nation protected.

Above all, they hate Christians.    Today’s American leftists don’t want to be bothered  about their sins and crimes.   They prefer their wealth through pillage with fascist government permission.

Time to Get to Know Soviet Socialist Bernie Sanders Better


by  Steven Hayward   at  PowerLine:

We at Power Line are not categorically opposed to recycling. So I repair to an old post from the last election cycle in 2016. Back then Bernie Sanders got a lot of buzz over this ad featuring Simon & Garfunkel’s “America,” though as a lot of people at the time remarked, it looked more like scenes from Burlington, Vermont, the morning of a Phish concert:

My first thought on viewing it again is that Bernie has visibly aged in the short two-plus years since this video.

But the real point is that in this age of super-charged and reborn progressivism, this spot really needs a progressive rock backdrop, which I was only too happy to provide:

I really think Bernie should go with this version now. If he wants to be honest.

Who Is Jerome Corsi?

Saturday evening, June 15, 2019:

I’ll be 85 late this coming summer.  I was born curious to a fault some friends might say.   I was a child born into the Great Depression,  into a limited income but new St. Paul Minnesota neighborhood of God fearing Judeo-Christian citizens who practiced in life what was preached on Sundays.   By my second grade of schooling I could read all about the World War our America had entered in newspapers, but had trouble handling school books.   I got a world atlas and world globe and a  handful of lead soldiers for Christmas in 1941 to help me understand the war effort better.

Most of my very best teachers until college were old maids, super well educated,  and blessed by loving the subjects of their domain, both students and topics of study.

Thank God I could read maps and encyclopedias.  By third grade I could draw a map of the United States with all 48 states by memory.   I knew our state and the world capitals too.  I loved learning about the world…..but, I could never learn to read novels.

My first career was teaching Russian and Social Studies to high schoolers from 1960 to 1972.  Minneapolis School Superintendent, Harvard’s John Davis, and Assistant Superintendent,  Yale’s Nathaniel Ober    fired me in 1971 allegedly for “not filling out a form properly”.   I was required to ignore the guns certain colored boys age 13 and 14 were bringing to school to stir up trouble bullying and robbing.

Nevertheless, I own hundreds of books and more hundreds of pamphlets; history from the Greeks, Romans, and Aztecs to today,  school readers from the 1870s,  biographies, and have often traveled  to Europe and twice to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics……the place where fascist socialist  Democrat candidate, Bernie Sanders, spent his Communist honeymoon…..the guy who is selling himself as a typical American Democrat Presidential candidate.

I have been a landscape gardener since I was about ten.   I created and still manage a half an acre of a beautiful landscape garden where I have lived the past 45 years.   We in Minnesota had a rough snowy wet winter and spring just passed.   Floods!  I have spent six weeks, around 250 hours, mulching,  struggling to salvage and repair the damage done.   A light drizzle returned early afternoon and sent me indoors to relax with something television,  and found a Jerome Corsi lecturing on CSpan 2.

He had written a volume called:  “SILENT NO MORE:  How I Became A Political Prisoner of Mueller’s Witch Hunts!”

He had been a victim of zombie FBI and CIA innuendo lefty man, the devious Robert Mueller, in similar fashion as had President Donald J. Trump.

I’ve kept abreast of the lies and fascistic attacks today’s Dems have thrust upon President Trump.   Jerome Corsi appeared to be a very  literate, persuasive,  articulate, seemingly honest in his self defense.  He had recently published a book about the Mueller “Deep State” attacks he personally had to handle.

Why hadn’t I heard of him until now?  He was so articulate and rational!   I turned to the Leftist controlled internet  and found the following fascistic advertisement:

“Jerome Corsi (1946–) is a nutty right-wing political commentator, currently serving as the head of the InfoWars branch in Washington D.C. He was formerly a senior columnist for WorldNutDaily.

Despite getting a Ph.D. in political science from Harvard,[1] his modus operandi is to cash in on the fringe wingnut conspiracy theory du jour by giving it a veneer of legitimacy. Some of his more infamous works include:

Corsi is also the author of the novel The Shroud Codex, about the Shroud of Turin.[7] It’s full of blatant errors that make it look like it was never proof-read after he finished writing it. He also declared that Barack Obama was married to his male Pakistani roommate(!) before he married Michelle, which must set some record for combined unsubstantiated wingnuttery and homophobia in a single conspiracy theory.[8] And just like most conspiracy memes of this kind, the gauntlet got picked up by at least one fellow nutter (Scott Lively, no less) who was also dumb enough to think that it was a perfectly valid argument.[9] Most recently he has appeared on King-of-The-Crazies Alex Jones‘ Infowars program and claimed that Hillary Clinton was in a secret-M00slimLesbian relationship with her aide Huma Abedin.[10]

Corsi is also convinced that proof of Obama’s Kenyan citizenship can be demonstrated by the fact that there was a photo of him on a Kenyan calendar from 2005 when Obama was still a Senator from Illinois.[11] With standards of evidence like that, there’s every indication that he’s in a competition with Joe Arpaio for the 2012 Booby Prize in late-period Birther silliness.

Basically, Corsi is useful as a benchmark or barometer for current fashions of conspiracy theory and crankery. If Corsi writes on it, it’s hot on the fringe. Think of him as a device powered by crank magnetism.

In 2018, Corsi was subpoenaed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump-Russia connection, apparently in regard to Corsi’s association with Roger Stone.[12] On January 25, 2019, Stone was arrested and charged by Mueller’s team with obstruction of proceedings, making false statements, and witness tampering.[13] That same day, Corsi and Randy Credico,Wikipedia's W.svg another Stone associate, indicated a willingness to testify against Stone in court.[14]”

I’ll buy the book this coming Monday!  ghr

Obama’s Hired “Judge” Blakey Does What Obama’s Ego Fashioned Him To Do

Obama-appointee to federal bench dismisses lawsuit against transfer of park land to Obama’s personal monument


The monument to Barack Obama, the community organizer turned president, has vanquished the community organizers who attempted to stop its takeover of public land.

Federal Judge John Robert Blakey, appointed by Barack Obama and confirmed by the Senate in 2014, wants construction to begin “without delay” on the “Obama Presidential Center” (OPC) on former park land belonging to the citizens of Chicago. The OPC should not be confused with a presidential library, as it will not contain any official records of the Obama presidency and will not be under the control of the National Archives or any governmental body at all. It is strictly a private project, under the control of a board of Obama acolytes unaccountable to the public and will function as a monument to Obama.

In a move the Chicago Tribune called “surprising,” Judge Blakey used strong language to dismiss the lawsuit.

“The facts are clear in this case and the law is more settled than the parties are suggesting,” Blakey said from the bench.

“Everyone’s had their day in court. … There’s been no rush to judgment,” he said before declaring there should be “no delay in construction. This case is dismissed.”

He also dismissed criticism from the plaintiffs that the museum is a personal monument, not accountable to the public:

“The museum itself is the public benefit,” he said.

“The record is swelling with evidence of the benefits, not only of this particular museum, but also to its location in a park generally and to this particular location,” he said.

The Chicago Sun-Times adds:

Blakey announced his ruling after an hour of oral arguments at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse. He concluded in a 52-page written opinion that “the facts do not warrant a trial, and construction should commence without delay.”

However, Judge Blakey’s desire to see groundbreaking and construction right away is not likely to be realized.

…lawyers for the advocacy group that filed the lawsuit, Protect Our Parks, immediately told reporters they would take the case to the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

And before construction can take place, the project must also go through what has been a long-running federal review, mandated because Jackson Park is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Once the review is done, there are more time-eating steps, including a public comment period to consider the findings, time to reply and time to weigh plans to mitigate adverse impacts, if any, caused by the development.

Also at issue is another aspect of community organizing: a “community benefits agreement” in which a powerful party (in this case, the rich Obama Foundation backed by the powers-that-be) agrees to payoff community groups. The Sun-Times notes that Chicago’s brand-new mayor wants one:

On top of that, it’s not known how Mayor Lori Lightfoot intends to wrangle a pledged community benefits agreement from the Obama Presidential Foundation, and whether she is on board with the proposed $174 million related-traffic redo plan.

The foundation and former President Barack Obama oppose a benefits deal.

The specifics behind the ruling are explained by the Chicago Maroon, of the University of Chicago:

Public trust doctrine originates from the common law principle of maintaining public access to navigable waterways for commerce, which in Illinois includes submerged land a mile outward from Chicago into Lake Michigan. This land cannot be transferred from the state to a private entity, as it would constitute “private encroachment and interruption,” against public trust doctrine.

Blakey responded in the ruling, “Plaintiffs invite this Court to find that because the OPC site may have been submerged approximately 11,000 years ago, it constitutes ‘formerly submerged’ land for purposes of the public trust doctrine. Respectfully, the Court declines the Plaintiff’s invitation.”

POP’s second major argument called for “heightened scrutiny” in this case due to potential conflicts of interest between the Obamas and the City of Chicago that calls into question the public benefit of the OPC.

Blakey was unconvinced. “Plaintiffs attempt to twist this public benefit into a private purpose, arguing that the Museum’s mission merely ‘seeks to preserve and enhance the legacy of the former President and his wife’ rather than benefit the public,” he argued.

He dismissed POP’s assessment of the Obamas’ intentions behind the OPC, stating, “This Court cannot accept such a mischaracterization.”

It sounds to me as though Judge Blakey is a true believer in the wonderfulness of Barack Obama, so that nay monument to him is a public benefit.



Fanatic Democrats Turn to Fascism to Create Their Feminazi Era of Feelings!

Democrats Have Always Wanted to Impeach Trump

by New Ryun  at American Greatness:

Let’s imagine for a moment a hypothetical situation in which a president shoots someone on the White House lawn. A two-year, $34 million special counsel investigation ensues. As a result of the investigation, the special counsel finds that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that the president committed murder.

Now does anyone honestly believe the special counsel, in announcing his findings, would refrain from stating a clear conclusion and instead of announcing that simply say, “Charging the president with a crime was not an option we could consider”? Of course not because that would be ludicrous. If the evidence were there, the special counsel would say he found sufficient evidence to conclude that the president committed murder.

Whether the special counsel could “charge” the president with that crime would be totally irrelevant to the inquiry because charging him is not his role and responsibility. The House would initiate impeachment proceedings, the president would be tried in the Senate, and the president would be removed from office. That’s the way it should and would work.

The hypothetical above shows that the blessed “Saint” Robert Mueller is playing games. On the collusion and conspiracy issue, Mueller stated pretty clearly that “there was insufficient evidence to charge.”

Yet on the obstruction of justice allegation, Mueller would not say his team found obstruction but then offered weasel words to the effect that they didn’t find that the president did not commit a crime, noting that charging him was not an option.

Well, that conveniently leaves it wide open, doesn’t it? Which seems to be exactly as Mueller intended.

Mueller could have said there was insufficient evidence to charge. He also could have said there was sufficient evidence to charge but that he had no authority to charge. Or he could have left out the verb “charge” altogether, since his ability to charge is irrelevant, and simply stated his conclusions. As in the murder hypothetical above, he might have said our investigation has led us to the conclusion that the president obstructed the investigation.

But he didn’t say any of those things. Instead, dropping all pretense about his motivations, the partisan political hack played cute. He winked and nodded to Congress without stating a clear conclusion.

Mueller’s equivocation and inconsistency tell you all you need to know. This was always a political hit job with two alternatively acceptable goals in mind: either they were going to impeach the president or damage and undermine him going into the 2020 elections. To be clear, I don’t think Democrats truly care which one it is so long as Donald Trump does not win reelection next year.

There are several sickening aspects to yesterday. First, as Sean Davis at The Federalist noted, we had Robert Mueller trying to propose a new legal theory that an uncharged person was not innocent. Not only does that flip the presumption of innocence on its head—positing now that someone is guilty until that person can prove himself or herself innocent—it also shows that Mueller intended to muddy the waters and wants to undercut this president.

Mueller’s was not the only major investigation over the past two years. We had one underway with the House Intelligence Committee, another with the Senate Intelligence Committee, and yet another with the Senate Judiciary Committee. In addition to the 500 witnesses Mueller interviewed, there were likely hundreds more with those concurrent investigations. Yet all of those people, under oath, didn’t give even one piece of evidence for “collusion” or criminal conspiracy, nor did they give any definitive proof that there was any obstruction of justice—because there wasn’t any.

Now Mueller and the Left are signaling to the country that a political opponent can help instigate an investigation based on false premises through partisan propaganda or through illegally leaked memos, without proof of any wrongdoing, and that such an attempt by someone to defend oneself against such actions will now be construed as obstruction of justice.

Have we completely lost our minds?

If we accept these innovations suggested by Mueller’s actions, we will now be saying that due process and the presumption of innocence are dead. For what? We would destroy the foundations of our republic for a short term and purely partisan gain, to our eternal shame. If we remove those principles and eviscerate the rule of law, all bets on the longevity of our political society are off.

The fact is, Democrats have always wanted to impeach Donald Trump. From day one, unable to accept the results of the 2016 elections, they have sought to nullify them.

Now, with a strong economic tailwind at his back and a collection of Democratic Lilliputians clamoring to be the nominee against him, all of their election models are showing Trump winning re-election in 2020. Democrats, in defiance of common sense, knowing that a Republican Senate won’t remove him, want to impeach him because they think that might be the only way they can cripple him and keep him for winning again in 2020.

They keep blabbering about principle and a supposed constitutional crisis, to which I say: it’s hardly principle to launch oneself off a political cliff, but by all means, stop talking, find the nerve and do it—and be prepared to accept the political consequences for your actions at the ballot box in 2020.



But, Canada Is Already A Fascistic, One Party Government, Education, Communications, & Political World

…..and one of its neighbors across its southern border,  Minnesota,  isn’t too far behind..

Dennis Prager doesn’t live very close to fascistic Canada.  He’s lucky.   He’s got Oregon sitting north of his fascistic home state, California and Washington state “polarwise” beyond that.   It’s still woodsy and mountainous there in BC.

Canadians have British Columbia as their California:   one of their leading fascistic provinces  dictating  wrong from right,  night from day,  fascism from freedom.   Unlike Manitoba, it’s an up-to-date province from the leftist prospective throughout our continent.

Dennis turned to British Columbia for a while  during his radio show this Friday morning.  (British Columbia is that large Pacific Coast Province of Canada that politically behaves a lot like fascistic Seattle, Washington, only leftier, apparently.)

A 14 year old girl wanted to be a boy, because she “felt” like it.   She apparently challenged, or had a lawyer  challenge her parents who had shamed her with a girl’s name, because the body of the little being was a girl’s body fourteen years ago……and has remained so for all of these years.  The Girl-boy, or Boy-girl won her case, because the screwball leftist Judge said so.   He warned that her  parents better pay attention to their 14 year old’s feelings or pay a hefty price for not doing as the STATE DICTATES!

More than that, the Judge lawed down the rule that the parents of the parents of the  boy-girl  would be committing a British Columbia crime if they didn’t refer to  her with  a male name as their “child” had demanded.  (Perhaps something  very butch “Tarzan” perhaps?)

The CBC is a  programmed fascistic-left feminized gang of intellectual thieves of all lefty ranges who spread their FEELINGS to their public…. all somewhat soprano  to contralto in their aural thinkings.  After all, the majority of human females really don’t give a damn about TRUTH.   Their FEELINGS DICTATE.    It is NOT in their province to PROBLEM SOLVE!! Why bother….that’s what guys do…. THE HUMAN FEMALE ANIMAL  SEEKS SECURITY whether Nazi, Soviet, or Hillaryites ABOVE ALL….it’s in her “blood”.

(Be sure to review the CBC “report” of the 2016 American Presidential Election.   Could it be that human female animal is born to be LEFTISTS who prefer feelings over reality’s (God’s) Truth?


Communist Van Jones Communist Again?!

Van Jones On Jussie Smollett: He Owes Black Gay Men A Lifetime Of Atonement

by Allahpundit  at HotAir:

The only interesting question left with Smollett is whether he apologizes and, if so, to whom. And by “apologizes” I mean a real apology, not the usual celebrity horsesh*t to which we’re accustomed where he rambles about “my truth” and says he’s sorry to anyone whom he “might have offended.” Jones is right that Smollett should atone to victims of actual hate crimes, especially blacks and gays.

But a word of contrition towards the many millions of Trump fans he smeared by association in concocting a MAGA hate hoax is in order too. Will we get that in the eventual teary confessional career-rehab interview?


Eh, hopefully not. I think ritual apologies are pointless, if not counterproductive, when they’re insincere since they do more for the malefactor than for his victims. There’s zero chance that Smollett is genuinely sorry and 100 percent probability that he’s sorry he got caught. Go watch ABC’s interview with him from a few days ago if you haven’t yet, particularly the part at around 14 minutes in where he tears up. Either he’s a diagnosable sociopath or was so committed to covering his ass on this grand lie that he may have been prepared to see innocent people carted off to prison in the interests of protecting his narrative.

He’ll apologize, and he won’t mean a word of it. What is “if I say I’m sorry will you let me work again” worth?

I also think the hand-wringing about people not believing victims anymore after this is overwrought. Jesse Singal is correct:

Anyone willing to treat all reports of hate crimes going forward as likely hoaxes was already inclined to do that before Smollett’s chicanery. If this incident changes anything, it might give pause to those predisposed to treat all reports of hate crimes as credible — not because they’re remorseful about smearing Trump fans in this case, of course, but because Smollett made them look like fools by inviting them to vouch for his credibility. Their egos, not any instinctive impulse towards fairness, will lead them to be more circumspect in the future.

One more point. I think Smollett unintentionally helped his chances at career rehabilitation by handling this so moronically, which will make the plot seem less sinister and more comically inept with hindsight. Lots of attention is being paid today to the fact that he paid his co-conspirators by check, a mind-boggling lapse of criminal judgment, but don’t forget that the alleged attack happened at 2 a.m. on a night in Chicago when the temperature was below zero. Is it possible that raging homophobes were so determined to assault him that they’d risk hypothermia and frostbite to do it, rather than wait until the weather warmed up? I … guess so? But it’s very improbable, which is no doubt what got Chicago PD looking at a hoax in the first place. That’s probably Smollett’s best PR play going forward: “I was emotional, I wasn’t thinking clearly, you can see it in how silly the plot was.” Then he’ll go to rehab for “exhaustion” or whatever. Three months from now, good as new.




How Soviet IS “Communist” Bernie Sanders?


by  John Hinderaker at PowerLine:

This video of Bernie Sanders in 1985, celebrating the 7th anniversary of the Communist takeover of Nicaragua, is a classic. I knew people who talked like this, but that was in the 1960s and early 1970s. By 1985, almost everyone knew better. But not Bernie Sanders.

Embedded video

The Reagan Battalion


Video: At the invitation of the communist regime in Nicaragua, @BernieSanders speaks at the 7th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution in 1985, where he bashes “150 years” of American imperialism, & defends the Communist regimes in Latin America who are just trying to do good.

It isn’t shocking that some dimwitted guy was a Communist stooge in 1985. It is shocking that that same stooge is now running for president of the United States.

The questions that journalists never seem to ask lifelong leftists who run for office are, have you changed your views? And if so, when and why?

As far as I know, Sanders has never recanted the childish anti-Americanism and pro-Communism that he expressed in 1985. On the contrary, his public persona has been depressingly consistent for decades. Moreover, his enthusiasm for the Sandinistas couldn’t be more timely. The Sandinistas ruined Nicaragua; in more recent years, the Chavistas have ruined Venezuela.

The socialist Chavez/Maduro regime, which espouses the same creed as Bernie Sanders, has been a disaster: what once was one of the richest nations in the world has been reduced to abject poverty. Millions have fled Venezuela; those who remain have only sporadic electricity and water, and hunt rats as food; health care has ceased to exist; inflation is running at a level that is unmeasurable, but estimated at 1 million percent per year, or more; and crime is so rampant that Venezuela is one of the most dangerous places in the world. To be fair, a considerable portion of that crime is committed by Maduro’s death squads, who attack anti-socialist protesters, often with fatal results.

So where does Sanders stand on the Chavez/Maduro regime? He supports it. To my knowledge, he has not leveled any criticism, and he denounces the Trump administration’s efforts to bring about a constitutional change in government as a “coup” in support of a “right wing extremist,” i.e., the leader of Venezuela’s National Assembly–an absurd claim.

As far as the record shows, Bernie Sanders is the same Communist dictator-supporting thug today that he was in 1985. He nearly won the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2016, and is a serious candidate for 2020. It is telling that his main liability as a Democratic candidate is not that he is a lifelong supporter of socialist tyranny, but rather that he is a white man.