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The Shanksville Side of 9/11

The holy ground of Flight 93, one of 9/11’s enduring mysteries

We will never forget the lives lost on September 11th at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and on United Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. USA TODAY

Though we do not know their full story, we know their sacrifice.

SHANKSVILLE, Pa. — As horrific as the 9/11 attacks were, they would have been even worse if not for a heroic group of everyday airline passengers whose remains rest here amid a common field of wildflowers and hemlock groves.

Eighteen years ago on Wednesday, radical Islamic terrorists, trained in Afghanistan as part of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida network, hijacked four commercial jetliners and aimed them at the emblems of America’s financial and military might.

Two destroyed the twin towers of Manhattan’s World Trade Center. The third smashed into the Pentagon. And the fourth — United Airlines Flight 93 — crashed, upside down, at 563 miles per hour outside this small town, just 20 minutes flying time from the nation’s capital.

Lingering questions

What was the ultimate target of Flight 93? That remains one of the enduring mysteries of 9/11.

The authoritative 9/11 Commission report notes that the hijackers had turned the navigation to guide the Boeing 757 toward Washington. But the report is inconclusive about the final destination: The objective of Ziad Jarrah, the pilot among the hijackers, “was to crash his airliner into symbols of the American Republic, the Capitol or the White House.”

Have we learned more since the report was issued?

“There is no new evidence so far as I am aware,” Chris Kojm, who served as the commission’s deputy director, tells me in an email. “Bin Laden wanted the hijackers to hit the White House. (Ringleader) Mohamed Atta was focused on the Capitol because it is an easy target to find. We really don’t know what Ziad Jarrah and Flight 93 planned to hit.”

In either case, the decision of the unarmed Flight 93 passengers to fight back against their hijackers spared many lives and prevented the even greater blow to America’s psyche that smashing a center of U.S. government would have brought.

To anyone who lived through 9/11, the story of Flight 93 is familiar. But a whole new generation has been born since 2001. The Flight 93 National Memorial serves as both a moving history lesson and a reminder of a time when America was more unified.

The memorial that enshrines the sacrifice of 40 people

The first thing you notice about the 2,200-acre site is how quiet it is. Four days before the 18th anniversary, gentle breezes turn the wind turbines in the distance. The mostly clear sky is reminiscent of the deep blue one on 9/11.

“You’re on holy ground. It’s goose bumps every time,” says Maryann Brett of nearby Johnstown, Pennsylvania, as she stands on the observation platform, looking out at the crash site and memorial plaza. “This is peaceful. … You can’t be divided when you are here.”

An exhibit inside the visitors’ center relates the story of Flight 93. It tells how the flight took off 25 minutes late because of air traffic delays in Newark, New Jersey. How the four hijackers, seated in first class, took control at 9:28 a.m. over eastern Ohio. How passengers used Airfones to contact loved ones and learned of the other attacks. How, in one heartbreaking recording, a passenger left the code to her safe on an answering machine. How an Airfone operator heard passenger Todd Beamer, who worked for Oracle, tell his fellow flyers, “Are you ready? OK. Let’s roll.”

And how, after a desperate struggle, at 10:03 a.m. Flight 93 came down, killing all 33 passengers and seven crew members.

“They made the ultimate sacrifice to help us,” says Craig Sutherly, a first-time visitor from Ada, Ohio, as he stands in front on the Wall of Names. Nearby, a 17-ton sandstone boulder marks the site of impact.

Here in the Laurel Highlands, politics and partisan bickering seem far away. You can’t help but wonder what might have been if not for the courageous actions of the Americans aboard Flight 93. You can’t help but yearn for the sense of unity that fleetingly brought the nation together after the 9/11 attacks.

And you can’t help but regret that it takes a devastating tragedy to overcome what separates us.

Bill Sternberg is the editor of the editorial page. Follow him on Twitter: @bsternbe

Veteran Hero Challenged the Enemy U.S. Post Office and WON BACK HIS HONOR!

Post Office Terminated Veteran Who Was Fighting In The War On Terror

This is a story that’s been far too long in the making and will likely enrage you. Fortunately (spoiler alert) it has a somewhat happy ending. It deals with a postal carrier from Maine named John Patrie. John was a member of the Maine National Guard when the attacks of September 11, 2001, took place. He was called up for active duty almost immediately, going on to serve multiple tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan until 2015.

SEE ALSO: Mueller objected to AG Barr’s description of his conclusions

All during his military service, Patrie sent copies of his orders to his USPS supervisors as required, informing them of his various assignments. He kept up with all the responsibilities of someone who is off fighting for their country but expects to return to work once their service is over. But after his discharge from the service, he was informed by the Post Office that he couldn’t come back to work and had been terminated because he “abandoned his civilian post.”

John filed a complaint with the US Labor Department, where it was determined that the Post Office had violated the veterans protection law. Still, the USPS refused to reinstate him. The Labor Department kicked the case to the Office of Special Counsel. They sent it to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). Finally, they investigated and ruled in Patrie’s favor. (Government Executive)

“Patrie did everything he could under the law, and he had no idea how long he would be away,” OSC attorney Patrick Boulay told Government Executive. The veteran even kept his locker and union membership. “The whole idea of USERRA is to maintain the employment as an ‘unburned bridge.’ It is the service member’s choice whether to cross that bridge, but the Postal Service decided at the last moment to burn the bridge.”

The Postal Service, Boulay added, has been applying its own standards in such cases similarly for years, and is the only agency that doesn’t follow the exceptions to the law’s five-year limit on employment eligibility.

“We are very pleased to have won this victory not just for Mr. Patrie but for service members everywhere,” said Special Counsel Henry Kerner. “Our country must honor its commitments to those who serve in uniform and defend our freedoms.”

So Mr. Patrie has his job at the Post Office back. In addition, the USPS was ordered to reinstate John retroactive to January 2016 and provide back pay and benefits. That’s as it should be, but he never should have been put through all of this to begin with. While it’s true that there’s a five year limit to federal employment eligibility when you can’t work for an extended period of time, there are specific exceptions to that law and one of them covers reservists who are called to active duty. The Post Office hasn’t been honoring those exceptions and that needs to change.

As a side note, you’ll notice that this matter wound up being adjudicated by the MSPB. I know that I’ve taken issue with that board here on many occasions. (Okay… that’s putting it very mildly. The MSPB is a disaster that too often allows delinquent or even criminal government employees to keep their jobs forever.) But in this case, they managed to use their power for something good, rather than protecting people who were found to be watching porn all day, selling drugs out of their offices or even driving getaway vehicles at crime scenes. (Yes, all of those things happened.)

So here’s a rare tip of my hat to the Merit Systems Protection Board. John Patrie has earned far more than just our thanks and a job at the Post Office for the sacrifices he made in service of his country. Thank you for setting this situation to rights.


Post Office terminated veteran who was fighting in the war on terror

Will Most American Jews Always Be Lefties?

Jews have strong grounds for a new exodus — from the Democratic Party

A PEW poll this week found that while Republicans are more likely to perceive anti-Christian discrimination, Democrats are more likely to see discrimination against Muslims, gays and Jews. Would that that bit about Democratic sensitivity to anti-Semitism were true. If it were, more Democrats would be sounding the alarm about the cancer of Jew-hatred infesting their party.

Leading Democrats remain blasé at best, however. On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed herself to be in ­utter denial about the disease, telling CNN that “we have no taint of that in the Democratic Party.” Self-delusion on this scale is almost heroic, what with Rep. ­Ilhan Omar’s repeated evocations of classic anti-Semitic tropes about Israel “hypnotizing the world” and buying US support with “Benjamins, baby.”

The cancer is fast-moving and invasive, and if Democrats don’t excise it from their midst, they will make it impossible for Jews to comfortably remain. Is it possible for Jews to actually leave the Democratic Party en masse? It’s not as outlandish as some may think. Just look to how British Jews have handled Jeremy Corbyn, who has brought a once-honorable and philo-Semitic Labour party into league with the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah.

This month, the Jewish Labour Movement passed a no-confidence motion against Corbyn’s leadership. As The Guardian newspaper reported, Labour and Corbyn both “were dealt a blow” when the acting general meeting of the JLM “voted to describe the party as ‘institutionally ­anti-Semitic.’ ”

Sad to say, but the US Democratic Party is sliding toward a similar fate. Soon, “institutionally anti-Semitic” could serve as an apt description for the Democrats, as well. Consider: Just this week, Pelosi, the most powerful Democrat in government, sat down with . . . none other than Corbyn.

To her credit, Pelosi didn’t shy away from the topic of anti-Semitism in her meetings in Britain, taking care to meet not just with Corbyn but also three defectors from ­Labour who left over anti-Semitism concerns. On Twitter, Pelosi wrote of her meeting with these former Labour party members.

Then again, in a tweet on her meeting, Pelosi wrote: “Pleased to have had a candid discussion with @JeremyCorbyn today about the direction of Brexit, Northern Ireland, NATO, acting boldly on climate, protecting human rights and the necessity of forcefully confronting anti-Semitism and ­Islamophobia.” What exactly did Pelosi have to say to a man who has laid wreaths at the graves of Palestinian terrorists?

Then, too, her lumping together of anti-Semitism with all other phobias, instead of treating it as a particular scourge, sounded all too familiar. It’s exactly what happened when Pelosi’s House Democrats impotently attempted to pass a bill in the wake of Omar’s anti-Semitic ­remarks last month but ­instead passed a wishy-washy and vague resolution against the ambiguous scourge of “hate.”

Pelosi herself claimed Omar’s remarks weren’t “intentionally anti-Semitic,” while Steny Hoyer, the House majority leader, said he didn’t believe Omar is an anti-Semite. Other Democrats went further in the whitewashing department. Rep. Ayanna Pressley, a freshman congresswoman, said: “We need to have equity in our outrage. Islamophobia needs to be included in this. We need to denounce all forms of hate. There is no hierarchy of hurt.”

Omar’s BFF, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, said:“No one seeks this level of reprimand when members make statements about [Latino and] other communities.”

And it’s not just the radical wing of the Democrats that is to blame. Remember: It was President Barack Obama who set out to put “daylight” between the United States and the Jewish state, whose Middle East policies consistently empowered Iran at the expense of Israel (and America’s traditional Arab allies), who in his final days in office allowed the UN Security Council to pass a resolution singling out Israel for condemnation.

Already under Obama, the Democrats were pursuing policies that the likes of Omar surely cheered. Only, Obama still retained a thin veneer of pro-Israel rhetoric.

If American Jews wish to stop the Democrats from turning their party into an American version of Corbyn’s Labour, they shouldn’t permit their votes to be taken for granted. The Democrats, like the Republicans, should have to earn Jews’ votes, and for the past 10 years, and especially lately, they’ve done little to do so. Come 2020, American Jews need to send a clear message — with their votes and their money.



Comment from Glenn:  Mandel is a Jewish name.

I was born and raised in a Jewish minority community in St. Paul, Minnesota before the beginning  of World War II.   Jewish  children were not allowed to play or spend  time after school  with any Gentiles before or after school, a Jewish rule, NOT a Christian one.

Every Tuesday afternoon,  the Jewish kids would leave a hour before 3:30 afternoon recess to attend Hebrew School.  During school recess unless it was raining,  from second grade on, as I remember,  classes would gather outdoors for a run around a three block area for a half hour  “to keep in shape”…..Trust me..NO ONE WAS OBESE IN THOSE DAYS!….teachers, students, neighbors, relatives!  No one could afford extras. There simply wasn’t much food around…..these were Depression years.

I had serious asthma problems from age three to about age fifteen, when the “serious” eventually began to wane in quantity, but not in severity.   Running would cause croup  in about twenty  seconds.  I’d occasionally pass out which would scare the teachers.   In our classes of about 40 students, only one other student in my classes also suffered from croup asthma…..a Jewish boy, Walter Pistner.   So, there we were for about three for four grades, walking together around the blocks while others ran…  We were allowed to talk with the walk, so Walter and I got to know each other via our asthma.

The running kids weren’t allowed to talk, and not walk while running or the teacher’s whistle would blow to correct the matter with a threat or two.

We had two Jewish families living on our block of twenty four residents.   During the War the neighborhood would gather twice a year, in Spring and Fall, in our Victory Garden across the alley from where I lived…..the Victory Garden over which I had from age 8 to 11 dominion for planting, clean up, insect control, and harvest.  I loved doing every bit of it myself.   It was also my  annual duty to pass out invitations to all the neighbors to join our gatherings.   I knew I had invited them to the neighborhood “feast”, but they never showed up.





I am a male.   My mother, grandmothers, aunts, great aunts, and sister were born  female,   NOT FEMINISTS!  Nor did any of them ever spread the teachings or participate in the  actions  anything feminazi  as we see blossoming at American universities and he  Democrat Party.

I was born during the early 1930s depression in America.   I was school raised during the  World War  in Europe and the Far East.   We boys played “touch” war games in our neighborhood empty lots with our war toys.   In the winter we’d build igloos and then  ‘bomb’ them with ice balls playing GIs defending the Aleutians.   We’d duel like warriors with sticks after we saw Tyrone Power and Maureen O’Hara  in their movie, “The Black Swan”.    Every school morning we’d pledge allegiance to our wonderful US of A.

We were training  by Nature’s instinct  to express that part of the human male animal drive to observe,  be curious and explore, to inquire and copy our male elders as a part of growing up.

We played war with building blocks, tinker toys, and sneak down to the Mississippi River to play Indians along the woodland shore.   In winter I played picture puzzles in the dining room with my Mother.     They had to be over 1500 pieces and pictures of beautiful gardens.   (I founded Masterpiece Landscaping, LTD here in Minnesota,  forty-four  years later and still work some this very Spring.)

My sister played dolls and paper dolls with her neighborhood girl friends and took accordion lessons.   She and her girl friends enjoyed hopscotch, playing jumping jacks on the sidewalk squares, reading books.  They wore dresses to school and answered their teachers as we boys did, “Yes, maam….No maam”.   No one in school, shops, home and  neighborhood  ever swore!   JudeoChristian adults ran the country.

During the war there was no crime running around neighborhoods.   The guys age 17 to 37 were all overseas fighting, dying  to win a  war that had to be won.  Americans attended church and synagogue then.    Unlike so many leftist Americans today, they weren’t fascists.   They were  Godfearing folks.

Until our America’s beginning of its  college feminazi movement in the late  1960s  to the empire it has created today, no one was dumb  enough even to think about positioning   female human animals of any weight, height or age into a bloody fox hole next to their male under attack by the enemy.    They  were programmed by their God of Life learnings  when under attack to scream for adult  help, not to pretend to be  male warriors on the kill.

Being a Godfearing  child of the War, I went into the Army after I got my first college degree in 1956.  (I wanted to know what I would do if I were shot at fighting for my country……stirred by Sir  Winston Churchill’s claim from experience,  that  “THE MOST EXHILARATING EXPERIENCE IN LIFE IS TO BE SHOT AT……AND TO  HAVE BEEN MISSED!”


I came to love learning about history and mankind and our struggles absorbing Truth, God,  early in life mostly from my   old maid school teachers at public school and church  school on Sundays.  They all sold  roughly the same message;

“The more I’d learn the  closer to God I’d become!”

Sunday school taught me I was a child of our God.  Public school and puberty  taught me I was a child of my mom and dad.   In 1948 my pastor, as part of our learnings to become an Christian adult,  showed us Church teenagers  a film of chimpanzee living habits, food collecting,  nursing,  eating, attacking, defending territory, protecting, yet  being curious, and  exploring.  Occasionally, I felt I saw them “playing” like us boy  kids.

Then I discovered I had male drives and duties in life.  Gals had their female drives and duties which were somewhat different.   They were to become Mothers….to bear and raise  children to be kind, healthy,  civilized and Godfearing.   At  puberty when the boy entered manhood he would begin to enter his father’s world and learn  to make a living to protect and defend  family,  children, and country to continue the life of the species.

Soon after entering  this older world, I began viewing humans as human animals.  Wars I had learned about told me it was my human animal duty to be able to kill to defend my kin, my neighbors, my country.   Most crimes causing death within a culture are caused by the human male animal.  It’s in his DNA.   He must be trained to be a civilized human.  Therefore, he  must trained to seek and honor Truth!……..for the sake of the survival of the species.

For many centuries in the West, Near East, and the Far East the human female animal has been honored and protected within the various cultures and usually exceptionally esteemed for producing children to continue the existence of  the tribe, the country.

The family no longer exists with mothers raising children  as it did throughout the American neighborhoods when I was raised.   We are beginning to live in a leftist,  fascist feminazi challenged  USA where Truth yields to feelings in meaning.   Yes, some JudeoChristian Godfearing mothers  still   raise their children  at home, and not by nurseries, baby sitters, or government’s hired hands and lefty fascists at school!      Most fascism today,  arrives from today’s childless American feminists and feminazis…..especially the unhappy, foul mouthed university trained fascist varieties of feminists from Harvard and Yale to USC.

Today’s American feminists  at universities are no longer civil,  Godfearing, honest folk.  They are FEMINISTS!!……. a new kind of National Socialist superiority…. Their airs  even advertise they’ve been born PERFECT!  They learned so in school and college!  Listen to their feelings!  Some of these leftists are feelings’ forecasting “death to us all in twelve years” if we don’t support  feminazi leftist causes this next election, AD 2020!

The Truth of the matter is the human female animal is born to be  DITSY!  Two and two don’t necessarily make four if the shes aren’t  feeling so when  in her female feelings  mood.  HER NATURE’S  FEELINGS DETERMINE HER HUMAN MOOD AND DRIVE….NOT SEEKING, EXPOSING, BUILDING TRUTH AS ACCURATELY AS POSSIBLE!

ABOVE ALL THE HUMAN FEMALE ANIMAL WANTS TO BE PROTECTED AND TAKEN CARE OF……COMMUNISM, FASCISM, ROYALTY, A FREE SOCIETY….IT DOESN’T PARTICULARLY MATTER….. usually just so the rule of government isn’t based on ability, honesty, freedom!  Yesterday’s male Democrat Party has become feminized into its present DITSY fascistic Hillary-Ocasio Cortez  stage.  Truth doesn’t matter because, as their feminists of all sexes complain ,  Satisfying Truth, Curiosity, and Occupation  is, indeed,  a male drive and dream.   “I”, she demands, “seek security and comfort.  Guys who keep inventing things make me insecure!”

GOD,  that is the GOD of Gods throughout ‘mankind the thinker’, has “always” been male.   That male  was  built and programmed to sire, to defend,  to be curious, to  feed, defend, invent, build and discover and protect his mate and family  for the survival of the species.


Churchill: “The Most Exhilarating Experience in Life Is To Be Shot At…….

       …….and have been missed!!”

– – – – – – –


by John Hinderaker   at PowerLine:

I am currently reading Andrew Roberts’ biography of Winston Churchill. So I followed, with interest, the link that someone (probably Scott) put up as a Power Line Pick to this piece by Roberts in the Spectator about his book tour in America. His theme is that Americans, in general, esteem Churchill now more than ever. Which is a good thing. I want to comment on a single paragraph in Roberts’ article:

The livid scar down the center of his forehead that Churchill received in that accident is visibly to the fore in George W. Bush’s excellent portrait of him that hangs in the Dallas Country Club. At dinner à trois with the former president and Laura Bush there, ‘43’ — as everyone in Texas seems to call him — pondered whether he might turn out to be the last Republican president in American history, because clearly Trump doesn’t count. We discussed the Whig-Democrat struggles of the 1830s and 1840s, and the way that no political party has an inherent right to exist.

Having no reason to doubt Roberts’ account, I take it that at a private dinner at the Dallas Country Club, former President George W. Bush suggested that he might have been the last Republican President ever, on the ground that Donald Trump doesn’t count. And maybe after Trump there will be no more Republicans.

I have never thought of W as an arrogant man–on the contrary–but this attitude reeks of the ignorant contempt with which the establishment, in all its many branches, views President Trump. In what way is Trump not a “real” Republican? I can think of one: he is not a budget hawk. But then, I don’t recall either of the Bushes being much of a budget hawk, either, when in office. At least Trump didn’t run as one.

Trump has governed considerably more as a traditional Republican than I expected. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a classic Republican measure, has been a smashing success, as I testifiedbefore the Joint Economic Committee of Congress. Lots of Republicans talk about cutting needless regulations, but Trump has actually done it to an extraordinary and praiseworthy degree.

Some years ago I was invited to attend an event at SMU sponsored by the George W. Bush Presidential Library. (I wrote about it on Power Line, but I can’t readily find that post in our archives.) The theme of the event was the need to increase our rate of economic growth. Various economists and President Bush himself explained that we should be striving for 4% annual GDP growth, something that used to be considered routine in the U.S., but during the Obama years was said to be a thing of the past. Strong economic growth solves a lot of problems.

Under President Trump, our rate of economic growth has doubled, although not to 4%–not yet, anyway. George W. Bush should be delighted with this result, but it doesn’t sound as though he expressed such delight to Andrew Roberts.

Then there is foreign policy. President Trump is standing up to Russia and China. He has rejected Barack Obama’s absurd dream of an alliance with Iran’s mullahs. He is completing the destruction of ISIS. He is staunchly pro-Israel. To what, in this litany, does W object? Nothing, I assume.

Then we have the voters. Gallup reports that 90% of Republicans approve of President Trump’s performance. Other surveys have placed the number even higher–higher than W’s own approval among Republican voters through most of his time as president. So, in what sense is Trump not a “real” Republican?

In this sense, I think: George W. Bush was a good president. I gave him a B- rating when his second term ended. But he had one great failing: he didn’t fight back against the Democratic Party’s continuous assaults on his administration. He was BusHitler. We haven’t forgotten. Has he?

“Artists” produced images of W’s brains being blown out by assassins, in what turned out to be a preview of the Trump administration. Liberals absurdly claimed that, contrary to the CIA’s assurances, Bush was the one person who knew all along that Saddam Hussein didn’t have vast stocks of chemical weapons–it turned out that Saddam only had small stocks–and Bush lied his way into Iraq in order to “steal” that country’s oil. Which, of course, didn’t happen. It was all a Democratic Party lie.

George W. Bush was slandered in myriad ways, almost all of them absurd. But instead of fighting back, he just took it. His administration gave little or no aid to those, like us at Power Line, who wanted to defend him. And the Democratic Party press-the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Associated Press, and all of the fringe characters whom they empower–destroyed his administration.

Donald Trump isn’t like that. He fights back. He calls out liberal news sources that lie about him as “fake news,” which they are. He may lose in 2020–no one knows what next year’s presidential election might bring–but if so, he will go down fighting against the forces that hate him and that hate America, and want to move our country toward socialism. The same forces that ultimately defeated George W. Bush.

The sad thing, in my view, is that W apparently has joined the establishment. He thinks Trump isn’t a Republican, and the Republican Party likely has no future after the current aberrant office-holder. News flash, W: the cause of freedom didn’t die when you moved back to Texas. The Republican Party stands for liberty, for limited government, for a strong foreign policy, for a better life for ALL Americans, not just app developers and Wall Street wizards. And guess what, George: Donald Trump, for all his faults, has done a better job of advancing these ideals than you did.

Which is why virtually all Republicans approve of what Trump is doing. I don’t know what the future holds, but I think Donald Trump has made it more likely, not less likely, that future



Note from ghr:   Churchill was big time popular in our United States  during WWII….even all of the way down to us kids playing war games in the empty lot across the alley where I was raised in St. Paul, MN….Roosevelt was a nobody in our little group.   He always sat and was almost never displayed  on the Movietone News we always saw at the local Highland Park movie theater on Saturdays when war news was shone every opening half hour at the movies.

Because of the war action in our local  Minnesota  movie news from 1942-1945 was primarily from the European theater, the hero of my  time  was this chubby  Prime Minister  of England who was so frequently featured in movie newsreels in body and word.   I was too crippled a reader to read novels then and forever, yet  I had no problems collecting knowledge through encyclopedias, magazines, maps, and daily news, both morning AND afternoon,  and radio.

Personally, I  first discovered in mind and vision the Pacific War ….starting to read newspaper headlines and maps  in earnest a week or so before the American attack on the Japanese bombings at Midway.    That 1941 Christmas of  Pearl Harbor  I got my first globe of the world along with a world atlas from Santa.

My mother was responsible for gift things in those days.

She was aware how fanatic  I was studying  road maps whenever we would go North before the war to Lake Alexander near Cushing, Mn. especially  in our new  1941 Plymouth sedan my dad bought that Spring.   The road maps were free whether at the Shell, Skelly, Standard, Phillips 66, Pure Oil,  or any stations…whenever   we stopped for  gas.   It was  the only means my parents  could keep me  from asking questions about scenery or whatever whenever  dad was driving.   I still have a couple hundred of them  saved to this day.

I can’t remember when or where  I was first exposed to this “most exhilarating experience”  comment.   I do know it was quite persuasive in my decision to join the US Army after I got my first college degree.

What Is Memorial Day?

Our Californian, Lisa Rich, sent the following video last week.  I missed adding it to our listing of articles and memories.   Please forgive me, Dear Lisa….

I was in the Army 60 years ago today.  I had joined the ready reserves a couple years earlier while in college, where I had learned Russian.   Being a child of the second World War, I had always wondered what it would be like to have been in battle…  I did feel strongly about serving “my country”.  This following  quote by Winston Churchill had moved me to wonder about courage…

….”The most exhilarating experience  in Life is to be shot at” he noted ……..

“and to have been missed!!!”    I had believed him, yet I never had the opportunity to find out….Instead,  I was in a serious car accident while at Fort Meade, Maryland which should have killed me.  I spent six months at Washington D.C.’s Walter Reed Hospital in recovery…and ate a piece of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s birthday cake earlier that year while he was recovering from a heart disorder.


Germany Has Always Had a EUROPE PROBLEM for 3,000 Years!

The Great German Meltdown

by Victor Davis Hanson     (article sent by Lisa Rich…)
Every 20 to 50 years in Germany, things start unraveling. Germans feel aggrieved. Ideas and movements gyrate wildly between far left and far right extremes. And the Germans finally find consensus in a sense of victimhood paradoxically expressed as national chauvinism. Germany’s neighbors in 1870, 1914, 1939—and increasingly in the present—usually bear the brunt of this national meltdown.
Germany is supposed to be the economic powerhouse of Europe, its financial leader, and its trusted and responsible political center. Often it plays those roles superbly. But recently, it’s been cracking up—in a way that is hauntingly familiar to its European neighbors. On mass immigration, it is beginning to terrify the nearby nations of Eastern Europe. On Brexit, it bullies the British. On finance, it alienates the southern Europeans. On Russia, it irks the Baltic States and makes the Scandinavians uneasy by doing business with the Russian energy interests. And on all matters American, it increasingly seems incensed.
Certainly, Germany has done some unbelievably strange things in the last ten years. In a fit of fear, after the Japanese Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor meltdown in 2011, and in a huff about climate change, Berlin more or less abruptly junked traditionally generated electrical power and opted for inefficient and unreliable “green” renewable wind and solar—despite the less than Mediterranean nature of its climate and warnings of the financial downside. The result is that electricity costs have climbed 50 percent in recent years and are among the most expensive in the developed world—and electricity itself is sometimes scarce. In response to shortfalls in power generation, the German energy industry for now is looking at solutions like coal-fired plants, buying nuclear-generated electricity from its neighbors, and cutting deals with Vladimir Putin for natural gas. In other words, Germany spiraled from the one extreme of green idealists to the other of dirty coal, while counting on others to export their electricity into Germany.
Immigration is similar. A bipolar Germany cannot just take in a limited and manageable number of genuine refugees, hope to assimilate them—and then keep quiet about its resulting sense of noblesse oblige. Instead, in a little over a year, Berlin enthusiastically opened its borders and accepted over a million migrants who were mostly unvetted and from the Middle East and North Africa, defending this radical policy with virtue sloganeering about German magnanimity (“we can do this”). Until recently, a mostly homogenous Germany had little experience with diversity, much less with assimilating and integrating mostly impoverished, male, Muslim immigrants. The result of these massive influxes from the Middle East has often been chaos. In an Orwellian sort of good-deed imperialism, Germany hectors its worried, smaller, and far more vulnerable European neighbors to embrace the nearly suicidal German model of open European borders.
Germany has always had a “Jewish Problem.” In the late nineteenth-century, German academics became obsessed with pseudo-research about eugenics and racial purity—which often led to talk of both Aryan purity and crass anti-Semitism that played out in the real world with disastrous results during the Holocaust. After World War II, Germany tried to make amends through introspection, some reparations, and the subsidized sales of military supplies to Israel. Yet Germany seems to once again be embracing anti-Semitism quite aside from its fierce opposition to Israel. Dieter Graumann, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, has warned of the present climate: “These are the worst times since the Nazi era.
On the streets, you hear things like ‘the Jews should be gassed,’ ‘the Jews should be burned.’ We haven’t had that in Germany for decades. Anyone saying those slogans isn’t criticizing Israeli politics, it’s just pure hatred against Jews: nothing else.”
In response to the growing hatred, Felix Klein, Germany’s newly appointed special envoy entrusted by the Merkel government with addressing the nation’s growing anti-Semitism—much of it the result of the influx of Muslims—recently shrugged it off, simply pointing out that more and more Jews are leaving Germany: “It is quite understandable that those who are scared for the safety of their children would consider leaving.”
During the recent decade of tension between North and South European Union nations, we saw a similar trend play itself out—a sort of self-righteous veneer plastered over cold, hard power-mongering. Germany knew its continental mercantile system hinged on easy credit to weak EU members on the Mediterranean to buy German imports on credit. When they predictably defaulted on German loans, “shocked” German bankers and pension holders understandably went ballistic. They offered self-righteous lectures on Teutonic thrift and parsimony—but only years after leveraged BMWs and Mercedes had poured into far poorer Athens and Rome.
Militarily, the radical about-faces are the same. Germany has gone from spiked helmets to Weimar pacifism, from the Waffen SS to Potemkin divisions and gossamer air wings. Berlin never quite seems to realize that had it just followed the classical golden mean—strong armed forces under the auspices of Democratic government—it would have neither scared its neighbors nor required 70 years of subsidized postwar defense dependence.
Despite America’s role in the Cold War protecting West Germany and later unifying East and West, Germans now conveniently poll as among the most anti-American people in the EU. And Germany polls the most anti-Trump, which is not surprising given Trump’s harangues about fairer NATO defense spending and trade deficits, both implicit denunciations of Germany’s mercantile trade policies, and virtual disarmament and reliance on the U.S. military.
Some historical context is also necessary. Germans often inexplicably fail to grasp that Americans did not plan on landing in France in either 1917 or 1944—or staying on in Germany until 2018 (there are currently 35,000 U.S. troops still stationed in the country). Much of American foreign policy over the 75 years between 1917 and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was predicated on either defending Germany’s neighbors from German aggression, or defending Germany itself from Russian invasion. Trump’s election showed that most Americans probably want those U.S. troops out of Germany (and a lot of other places too) as much as Germans now claim to wish them gone. Good distance may make good NATO friends.
For all of its growing animus toward America, Germany has still not met its promised 2 percent expenditures of GDP on defense according to NATO’s requirements. Yet it still runs up huge trade deficits with the United States ($65 billion a year). Germany also enjoys the world’s largest account surplus at $287 billion—warping international trade as the country discourages imports and calibrates its economy mostly for export. The Euro is, by Berlin’s design, still undervalued, and allows the Germans a commercial competitiveness likely impossible were they still to use the Deutsche Mark.
Amid the crises in the Middle East, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China, most Westerners assumed that Germany, given its size and dynamic economy, would continue to be a model Western leader and a calming force in a historically unstable Europe. Instead, it seems to be entering a dangerous phase when at the zenith of its wealth and power, it nevertheless pouts and blames. Berlin feels snookered by Southern Europeans, ignored by a departing United Kingdom, not given sufficient deference by Eastern Europeans, and resentful of America.
In a perfect world, Germany would address its frustrations through introspection. After all, no one forced Berlin to take in over a million problematic refugees from the Middle East. No one forced it to export goods on easy credit to leveraged buyers who visibly lived far above their means. No one forced it to renege on its NATO defense promises and responsibilities. No one forced it to have a long and catastrophic history with the Jewish people. And no one forces it to expect perpetual U.S. military protection while continually setting record trade surpluses.
Despite the long postwar history of U.S.-German friendship, and despite Germany’s financial and economic power, the country is becoming psychologically isolated, if not unhinged. While Germans broadcast their anti-Americanism, they seem oblivious that Americans may likewise be tiring of German petulance.
If we are entering yet another historical period of dangerous German resentment, the ensuing result will bode ill for everyone involved……”
ghr….    Remember the Hessians?
…..Thank you, Mr.  Davis Hanson for the above exercise regarding recent European history of nations, empires, and tribes attempting to keep the Germanics starving in the woods.
No one learns Latin any more.   What a pity!   One learned so much about the Roman Empire…..remember, the 1,000 year one that occupied the “World” south of the Alps throughout the Mediterranean for all those years….always warring against the Germanics who were so curious and jealous of the warm weather and wealth the Romans enjoyed.   It’s human nature….  And let’s not forget the Tatars swarming in from Mongolia all of those centuries gone by!
Remember the Hessians?   Probably not!   Americans don’t know anything history beyond Barack Hussein Obama and his fascists any more.    For three hundred years the French, and then the Russians, those Slavs from the endless East began to encircle and enslave whomever…..the Germans, that is…..stood in their expansion way!   EVEN THE TURKS SPENT CENTURIES hunting to conquer Germanic Vienna and the “Holy Roman Empire!”   (The Brits bought and brought Germans from Hess and ‘environs’  to help the rule the WAVES and BEYOND for decades!

To Know Islam is to Know Muhammad…..or?

To Know Muhammad Is to Know Islam

by Amil Imani   at  American Thinker:

Over fourteen centuries ago rose Muhammad, a supposedly illiterate hired hand of a rich widow, Khadija, claiming he was the bearer of a perfect life prescription from Allah: the Quran.  He claimed that humanity could do no better than to follow its precepts as well as to emulate Muhammad’s own life example for a guarantee of bliss and salvation.  In exchange for this, people had to embrace Islam – surrender – by surrendering their liberty to Muhammad.  Up to this day, the Muslim world considers a perfect Muslim as someone who follows in the footsteps of Muhammad, by action and by deeds.

You have an excellent model in the Messenger of Allah, for all who put their hope in Allah and the Last Day and remember Allah much. (Surat al-Ahzab 21)

To faithful Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad is a role model, and they must follow his Sunnah and learn how to implement its precepts and practices in their lives.  So to understand the Prophet Muhammad is to understand Islam.

Fortunately, for both Muslims and non-Muslims, Muhammad is not around so that we can personally observe his conduct and be tempted to emulate him.  What is possible, however, is to go to authentic Islamic records and discern what Muhammad did during his life and judge it for ourselves.

The absence of Muhammad is fortunate for the Muslims because it enables them to spin many yarns about how virtuous he was.  There are more stories about the kindness, his generosity, his forbearance, and whatnot than any dozen men could do in ten lifetimes.  Muslims, heads in the sand, keep reciting to each other all these made-up tales.

It is fortunate for non-Muslims that we won’t be inclined to do some of things Muhammad did.  Many accounts of his actions, as recorded and reported by reliable, authoritative Muslim sources, would be considered criminal in the civilized societies of today.

Special Hatred for the Jews

Muhammad, for one, was a model of spewing hateful speech, cursing all non-Muslims repeatedly, with special venom reserved for the Jews.  In the Islamic scripture, headed by the Quran, the Jews are cursed and called all kinds of names so many times.

Is it Allah who so despises the Jews, or is it Muhammad?  Either way, it doesn’t make sense.  If it is Allah speaking these derogatory terms in the Quran, then I am shocked.  It is unbecoming of the creator of the universe, the source of all good, to devote so much of his book to cursing a few millions of his own creatures.  Recall that the Quran claims that not even a leaf falls without the permission and decree of Allah.  So why is it that he allows the Jews to behave in ways he condemns?

If it is Muhammad who is angry at the Jews, then it makes sense.  The Jews kept rejecting him and telling him to take his sale pitch somewhere else.  But what doesn’t make sense here is that Muhammad claims that every word of the Quran is that of Allah.  So which is it?

Abusing Women

Islamic records report that Muhammad had numerous wives.  Some even admit that they can’t provide an accurate count because he took wives so often and with great liberty.  A number of his wives were slave women – women taken as booty in battle.  Well, okay.  Maybe he was doing what the Arabs of his time did.  Make war; take everything, including women and children; and treat them exactly the way you would treat your own livestock.  If you found a woman you desired, she was yours.  That simple.

But he also married a child of one of his most senior followers, Ayesha.  The poor child was a nearly six-year-old little girl when he married her, and he consummated the marriage when she was barely nine and he was pushing sixty.  Now, Ayesha was not a slave girl with whom he could take that kind of liberty.  He could not treat her like a piece of property, rightfully his.  She was Abu Bakr’s daughter.  Did Muhammad bamboozle the old Abu Bakr, or did the old Abu-Bakr’s lust for power make him offer his little girl to Muhammad?

Either way, what Muhammad did establish was a shameful and criminal act of marrying little girls as a legitimate practice.  Not long ago, a member of the highest Islamic Council of Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa saying that in Islam, there is no age limit for marrying even infants.  Now, this is the kind of religious sanction that ought to make you cringe.

Other Practices

Just a couple more points here.  Muhammad also declared acceptable killing non-Muslims, plundering their possessions, and taking their women and children as slaves to be held or sold.  He legitimized slavery and even described how slaves should be treated as second- and even possibly third-class chattel.

Muhammad also established what amounts to a modern-day protection racket.  He actively encouraged his followers to attack non-Muslim caravans and habitats, get all the loot they could, give him his cut of 20%, and keep the rest.

But again, if you are the representative of the creator and owner of the universe Allah, everyone must give you a wide berth.  And people did.  It just so happened that men of Muhammad’s time very much liked what he did and preached.  Never mind women.  Women did not count in much of Arabia’s baby, Islam.

Muhammad’s Praiseworthy Acts

Let us set aside these well documented unseemly and even criminal activities and look at some of the good things attributed to Muhammad.

One particular case relates to Muhammad’s trying time in Mecca.  The story is that an old Meccan woman would throw tumbleweeds on Muhammad as he walked by.  In response, Muhammad would speak to her kindly and inquire about her well-being.  This is often cited as an example of how kind and forgiving he was.  Keep in mind that Muhammad was meek in Mecca and had lots of ill wishers and few friends.  He was in no position to retaliate in kind to any abuse he was subjected to.

Once out of Mecca and in power in Medina, Muhammad hardly bothered inquiring about the well-being of old women.  He did treat his friends – his followers – kindly.  But he showed absolutely no mercy to his enemies.  He had his enemies – anyone and everyone who did not fall into his fold – treated by the sword.

A Muslim’s surrender of liberty is not merely a matter of personal choice.  Muslims abandon their most precious rights and are out to make all non-Muslims do so, too, by hook or crook.

In short: I, for one, would hardly want to take Muhammad as my exemplar and emulate him.



Time for John McCain to do HIS COUNTRY A FAVOR AGAIN….RESIGN!!!

It’s Time For McCain To Resign

by Steven Hayward at HotAir:

Even California’s Senator Claire Engel, suffering from a similar brain tumor in the summer of 1964, managed to have himself wheeled onto the Senate floor to cast a dramatic vote in favor of the fiercely contested Civil Rights Act by pointing to his eye (for “Aye”) during the roll-call vote, because he was unable to speak. (Sen. Engel died just a couple weeks later.) By contrast, McCain is out in Arizona, and unable even to make an appearance for a crucial vote on anything, with no indication that a return to Washington is possible or likely.

McCain should resign, and allow Arizona’s Republican governor to appoint a replacement so that the Senate is back to full strength. This is especially appropriate given the narrow Republican majority in the Senate. His absence is causing majority leader Mitch McConnell significant difficulties on close votes. (By the way, Arizona’s current Republican governor, Doug Ducey, is up for re-election this November. What if he were to lose? Then McCain’s seat might be flipped to Democrats if he passes away after the first of next year.)

The cause of this is easy to see. McCain’s extreme vanity gets in the way of putting the public interest ahead of his towering ego.


Comment, ghr.  John McCain, a hero to his country some two generations ago, won’t resign because at least for the past twenty years in Washington, he’s been a reliable first class jerk from Arizona.  Awkward, temper driven, hot headed, publicity hound publicly, politically unsmooth, he is not well known for domestic  bliss.

Yet, I admit that if he were Republican Senator from my state, I would have voted for him too, for his heroism, his courage, strength, and bravery as a downed American pilot being tortured in Hanoi.

He seems to be  a trouble maker as a conservative.  He is  remote and arrogant.  He seems to love being in the headlines….bossy, and not much of a party man….

He’s not going to resign no matter how remote he may become in his dying days in the United States Senate.

President Trump Zaps Continuing Obama’s Iran Nuclear Weapon Deal

Mark Waldeland sent the following article regarding President Trump’s withdrawal from Barack Obama’s dictating the “Iran Deal”

from  LOUDER WITH CROWDER, by John Porter:


The Iran deal has always been terrible. Today is a reminder that if you live by the Presidency, you die by the Presidency. We ought to be clear about this: Donald Trump isn’t ripping up a treaty; he’s walking away from Barack Obama’s personal pledge. Two and a half years ago, President Obama made a bad deal with Iran without support from Congress, and today President Trump is pulling out of President Obama’s personal commitment, and he doesn’t need Congress’s support to do so. American foreign policy makes lasting progress when it is led by the President, approved by Congress, and presented honestly to the American people.