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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Obama-Holder-Sharpton BLACK RACISM POLITICS Claims First CopHate Assassinations

Two New York City police officers were executed by a black man in Brooklyn this past afternoon.

“New York (CNN) — Officer Rafael Ramos sat in the driver’s seat. Officer Wenjian Liu was at his side.
The two cops weren’t at their usual precinct — normally, the pair was assigned to downtown Brooklyn, but they were working a “critical response” detail in an area with higher crime, police said.
That’s where they were slain, ambush-style — Saturday afternoon as they sat in their patrol car, New York Police Commissioner William Bratton said at an evening news conference”.

Please read the entire article below. If you have been following the racism cooking in the left wing kettle for some time now, wouldn’t you agree that:……….

It was predicted. Racism in America has been on the rise for the past generation. This brand of racism on the rise is overwhelmingly BLACK in color, BLACK in cause, BLACK in crime, BLACK in culture….with a lot of help from the Democrat Party.

The ‘church’ attended by Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th president of the United States, was and is a cathedral of BLACK RACISM in Chicago. During 22 years of Mr. Obama’s attendance the cathedral’s priest preaching BLACK RACISM was the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whom this Barack Obama wrote lovingly as his “father figure”.

For the past two generations the laws of political correctness speech forbid American non-blacks from uttering unpositive remarks no matter how true, which might be considered unflattering to its black minority citizens. The press has used endless numbers of devices to hide even distort statistics which cover the degree of black savagery within its own community, but especially its rank violence against whites.

The Democrat Party press avoids reporting, reviewing the main reasons for the high rates of black criminality and its false claims of white racism as it cause, to deflect the truth behind the collapse of the American urban black communities from coast to coast. Anything negative about America’s black minority is deemed racist or ‘offensive’ for these suffering underclass citizens to hear.

The destruction of the black family, now in its fifth decade of decay, its fatherlessness and ensuing collapse of the family structure resulted from lefty largess of providing mothers more federal funding than any husband can provide per child per family. Great factories were built in great cities to house black residents to lift them out of poverty’s houses…These great factories of housing became great centers for crime and destruction. Democrat Party ‘teacher consorts’ populated schools reduced to criminal levels of learnings.

These plantations, along with the feminist movements, have become the major center for Democrat Party’s purchasing of votes. ONE PARTY, ONE PRESS, ONE GOVERNMENT….preaching black racism…..

“It’s whitey’s fault!” “HATE WHITEY”, the Congressional Black Caucus preaches. “HATE WHITEY”, the NAACP proscribes. BLACK RACISM PLAYS A PRIMARY ROLE IN TODAY’S AMERICAN CULTURE.

What do you think they preach in “Black Study Departments” at American universities from coast to coast?

What do you know about Louis Farakhan and his Nation of Islam?…..Look him up. How about the Black Liberation Front, the Black Panthers, etc., etc. Where are today’s Ku Klux Klanners to match them in their racism, in their violence?

Truly a misfortune, but today’s racist hate in America is churned by the ObamaLeft, the University Left, and the Press.

The most courageous Americans today are conservative blacks who practice truth over politics.

Last weekend in New York City, a city harassed by black racists of all colors, sexes, shapes and sizes, bands reported by the American news world as ‘civil rights protesters’, shouted ritualistically, “What do we Want?”…..and then answered: “Dead Cops”. New York’s leftist Democrat mayor, Bill de Blasio, supported that group…..and further, chastised his New York police force for being racist against blacks.

Please read the sad tale of the inevitable, called for by the left’s feminist-Marxist-black racist combos.


Fraud in the Federal Tax Code….$482,000,000,000 plus OWED!

Fraud in the Tax Code

December 19, 2014 from the National Center for Policy Analysis:

According to a new report from Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), America’s tax gap — the difference between the amount of taxes owed to the federal government and the amount actually received — will be close to $483 billion in 2014. While complexity and inadvertent errors are a large part of the reason for the tax gap, some of the gap is due to fraud.

How much of the gap is due to fraud? It’s not clear. While the IRS refers suspected tax fraud cases for investigation, Coburn’s report says the agency does not actually track the outcomes of those cases — how many of them turn out to be intentional wrongdoing is unknown. There are certain tax credits and deductions, however, with high “improper payment” rates:

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) provides credits to working adults in poverty. In 2014, the EITC is estimated to cost taxpayers $69.2 billion. According to a 2013 government report, between $13.3 billion and $15.6 billion in improper payments were made in 2013. Between 2003 and 2013, between $124.1 billion and $148.2 billion improper payments were made.
Since 2009, the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) has given credits — up to $2,000 — to students enrolled in higher education. But the Inspector General of the U.S. Treasury reported in 2011 that 1.7 million AOTC claimants received $2.6 billion in credits but offered no evidence they were actually enrolled in school, over 370,000 taxpayers received $550 million in credits but were not eligible for them and even 250 prisoners received the AOTC. The report concluded there were $3.2 billion “erroneous” education credits paid to 2.1 million taxpayers as of May 2010.
Federal fuel tax revenues are used to fund the highway system, but taxpayers who use fuel for off-road purposes (such as fishing, farming, or nonprofit educational operations) can receive a credit for the taxes. Of the $176 million in fuel credits claimed in 2011, one-fifth “had questionable characteristics, such as little or no reported income from self-employment or farming,” according to a government report.
Divorce alimony payments can be deducted from a person’s taxable income and must be reported in the recipient’s income. In 2010, almost half (47 percent) of the 568,000 tax returns with alimony deductions did not match the amount reported by recipients. The government estimates that $2.3 billion in taxable income was never taxed.
In addition to these tax expenditures, Coburn notes that identity theft is a growing problem, with perpetrators using taxpayer information to claim refunds. More than 1 million tax returns filed in 2011 were identified as the product of identity theft. A government report found an additional 1.2 million returns that appeared fraudulent but were not caught by the IRS’ fraud filters.

Republican Gains in 2014 Great: Obama Damage to American Democracy , 2009-2014 Greater!

Republican Gains Deep and Wide by Scott Rasmussen at realclearpolitics:

(article sent by Mark Waldeland)

“Little noticed by the Washington press corps is the extent of the Republican State legislative gains in Election 2014. A quick trip to the enormously informative Ballotpedia.org website provides the numbers that the DC reporters overlooked.

And those numbers reflect a GOP victory with stunning depth and breadth. It was far more than a favorable map and good Senate candidates.

Heading into the midterm elections, there were 143 more Republican State Senators than Democrats. By the end of the night, that advantage nearly doubled to at least 257.

At the State House level, the gains were more dramatic. The GOP now has a 689-seat advantage, an increase of 432 thanks to the ballots cast on Tuesday.

As a result, at least 10 legislative chambers flipped from Democratic control to the GOP. In what might be perceived as a rebuke to Harry Reid, the Democratic leader in the U.S. Senate, both the Nevada House and Senate switched to Republican control. Others that moved into GOP territory include the State Senates in Maine, Colorado, West Virginia and New York. State houses also changed hands in Minnesota, New Hampshire, West Virginia and New Mexico.

To give a sense of scale, this is the first time the New Mexico House has been controlled by the Republicans since 1954.

Add it all up and Republicans now control 34 State Senates, up from 31 before the election. They also control 33 State Houses. One state, Nebraska, has a single, formally nonpartisan legislature that is dominated by Republicans.”

Please read on:


Democrats Can’t Win Elections Without Their Urban-Plantation Blacks “Feeling” Victimized

WSJ’s Jason Riley: Obama “Urging Black Americans To Continue To See Themselves As Victims”

(But Democrats can’t win elections without their urban-plantation blacks “feeling” victimized. They’d go out of business permanently without promoting victimization “feelings” among feminists of all ilk, from college, presidents, professors, and students of all sexes, sizes and colors. Preaching victimization by the white human male is the bread and butter of life for the Obama Left. Nevertheless, Jason Riley is thoroughly rational in identifying the primary American problem.)

video from realclearpolitics:


Hillary-Obama’s Graft Business to Fatten Democrat Political War Chest


by PAUL MIRENGOFF at PowerLine:

“You knew this was coming, right? You knew that, with all of the national elections that will take place during his presidency behind him, Barack Obama would do everything in his power — broadly defined — to assist the Castro regime.

President Obama was a good friend to Mohammad Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s man in Egypt. He has made nice with the mullahs in Iran, bailing their country out of serious economic woes under the pretense of slowing Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He “reset” relations with Russia on terms highly favorable to Putin and would have done more to help the autocrat, as he promised to do after he gained “flexibility” following the 2012 election, had Putin not set out to dismember Ukraine.

Why should the Castro brothers be nearly the only anti-American tyrants not to benefit from Obama’s largess? Only domestic politics stood in the way.”

Do read on. Perhaps :


US Employment: Women not working

WOMEN NOT WORKING by Claire Cain Miller and Liz Alderman at the New York Times:

Since Kerry Devine, 32, and her friends began having children, she has noticed a stark difference between her female friends in Auburn, Wash., where she lives, and those in England and Cyprus, where she grew up. In the United States, they almost all stopped working outside the home, at least until their children were in school. Yet, she says, she can’t think of a friend in Europe who left work after her children were born.

Ms. Devine quit her job after she had her first child, a girl, four years ago, because she thought 12 weeks of maternity leave was too short. “I just didn’t want to leave her in day care or pay for the expenses of it,” she said. When she gave birth to twin boys this year, a return to work — she had been a property manager for apartment buildings — looked even less plausible.

Her story would have played out differently, she said, if she had been living in her native England. Like many European countries, Britain offers a year of maternity leave, much of it paid, and protections for part-time workers, among other policies aimed at keeping women employed.

“I would have been O.K. putting a 1-year-old baby in day care, but not a 12-week-old,” Ms. Devine said. “More flexible hours and being able to work from home part of the time definitely would have made a big difference.”

Her thinking is shared by many American women — and plays a role in a significant economic reversal. As recently as 1990, the United States had one of the top employment rates in the world for women, but it has now fallen behind many European countries. After climbing for six decades, the percentage of women in the American work force peaked in 1999, at 74 percent for women between 25 and 54. It has fallen since, to 69 percent today.

In many other countries, however, the percentage of working women has continued to climb. Switzerland, Australia, Germany and France now outrank the United States in prime-age women’s labor force participation, as do Canada and Japan.

While the downturn and the weak economy of recent years have eliminated many of the jobs women held, a lack of family-friendly policies also appears to have contributed to the lower rate. In a New York Times/CBS News/Kaiser Family Foundation poll of nonworking adults aged 25 to 54 in the United States, conducted last month, 61 percent of women said family responsibilities were a reason they weren’t working, compared with 37 percent of men. Of women who identify as homemakers and have not looked for a job in the last year, nearly three-quarters said they would consider going back if a job offered flexible hours or allowed them to work from home.

Please continue reading, (but remember the Obama Administration claims unemployment is at its lowest since 2007, an untruth, for Obama statistics don’t include the great numbers of workers who have given up looking for employment.)


Washington Post Distancing from Obama? “NO CONFIDENCE IN OBAMA’S ‘BAILOUT’ FOR CUBAN TYRANTS”

Washington Post: No confidence in Obama’s ‘bailout’ for Cuban tyrants

by NOAH ROTHMAN at HotAir:

The Post’s editorial is not merely a registration of their disapproval in Obama’s decision, but an indictment. The paper suggests that any progress toward Democracy in Cuba has been arrested by the president’s shortsighted move.

In recent months, the outlook for the Castro regime in Cuba was growing steadily darker. The modest reforms it adopted in recent years to improve abysmal economic conditions had stalled, due to the regime’s refusal to allow Cubans greater freedoms. Worse, the accelerating economic collapse of Venezuela meant that the huge subsidies that have kept the Castros afloat for the past decade were in peril. A growing number of Cubans were demanding basic human rights, such as freedom of speech and assembly.

On Wednesday, the Castros suddenly obtained a comprehensive bailout — from the Obama administration. President Obama granted the regime everything on its wish list that was within his power to grant; a full lifting of the trade embargo requires congressional action. Full diplomatic relations will be established, Cuba’s place on the list of terrorism sponsors reviewed and restrictions lifted on U.S. investment, and most travel to Cuba. That liberalization will provide Havana with a fresh source of desperately needed hard currency and eliminate U.S. leverage for political reforms.
The Post called Obama, and all who back his move as one that will somehow magically catalyze political reforms inside Cuba, “naïve.” What’s more, the paper noted that the Castros decision to release some political prisoners had already been agreed to by the regime in negotiations with The Vatican and Spain four years ago.

“Mr. Obama may claim that he has dismantled a 50-year-old failed policy; what he has really done is give a 50-year-old failed regime a new lease on life,” The Post concluded.

The editorial was deservedly harsh. As it is wont to do, the left is congratulating itself on a political victory here without necessarily consulting those most affected by Obama’s decree. They tell themselves that the history books will recall Obama’s courageous decision to reduce sanctions on communist Cuba with fondness. Perhaps, but not if Cubans are the authors of those history books.

For the full article, please click below:



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