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Today’s Leftist Victories Via Fascism’s UNTRUTHS at HLN TELEVISION!

by Glenn H. Ray, American Seeking Truth:

A half-century ago I was a teacher in a civilized high school in a Minneapolis public school system when JudeoChristianity still existed in our once honorable US of A. It was, however, the time of the rise of local urban unchurched BLACK RACISM violence and its rising criminality of these unchurched to burn down city buildings when in the mood.

The Lyndon Baines Johnson President by law in the 1960s made it possible for “Colored” Americans….the term then referring to American blacks today…..to receive more welfare money from the President’s socialist state government gifts if adult blacks weren’t married. Within ten years marriage among black Americans disappeared and divorces swamped their families. Americans’ news industries , although heavily biased Democrat almost all, WERE NOT FASCISTS then in their way of presenting state and nation news….In the general FASCISTS, whether left, USSR Communist, Nazi or China Red are gatherings of people usually of hate, greed whether personal power or industry!

Our once highly respected historic American family WITH CHILDREN BEGAN ITS DISAPPEARANCE beginning in the 1970s. Churches since have also been made to disappear in our modernizing (fascist-lefty) USA led at colleges and universities, and more recently throughout the nation’s school industry.

Fascist institutions, governments, are those collectives who strive to gain and forever maintain complete control of national or local power. Today’s Congressional and economic gangsters causing and extolling President Joe Biden’s crooked presidency are nearly all today’s fascist LEFT….also where truth has no meaning beyond what POWER GOVERNMENT INVENTS AND DELIVERS.

Here in Minneapolis a great lefty fascist Dem group has risen from the past to sell its untruths hither and thither IN ORDER TO CONTROL THE HUMAN MIND so the greedy atheist, thieves, the their arrogance, and general haters can gather to do their things, gain power to dictate Truth, Police, and School.

How does one begin the tricks of today’s Dem fascists now owned by the Pelosi, Schumer fascistics?

Vile lefty fascists here in America already control or dominate the nation’s newspapers, schools, television news, and colleges and universities from coast to coast. Nazi Germany fascism was NATIONAL- SOCIALIST, or did you forget or never know, THE SOVIET UNION, THE UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST UNION….

A very important court case example of “FASCISM for all America” is taking place these days here in Minneapolis. Our police department service has been ‘numbed’ by both local and national fascist left Dems interested in FASCISM AND FASCISM ONLY….WHERE TRUTH HAS NO MEANING, NO ROOM WHATSOEVER for dictatorships CNN, MSNBC, AND our schools and universities are selling.



A police officer, Derek Chauvin, is on trial here in Minneapolis for allegedly killing as if ‘murdering’ a black man within the line of duty within a Minneapolis angry black community. The rumor, “murder killing” was supposed to be a, the major cause for setting countless, massive fires destroying buildings and their violence by savage black lives matter and antifa racists on three occasions last summer. Our Mpls fast-growing leftist black community blamed the arson and rioting on cops, whites, and in particular, of course, a white police officer, Derek Chauvin.

Minneapolis today Has become a fascistic leftist political center, and has been for years, a center where truth no longer has any meaning, BUT SUCCESS DOES….rather like the Big Tech Zuckerbergs….the Down with America, UP WITH THE WORLD CZARS!

I was late in discovering Twin City lefties’ story about the loss of life of 6’4 “WELL- built, nice looking colored fellow, GEORGE FLOYD. Our lefty press reported Floyd was an innocent victim, killed, actually, racially ‘murdered’ allegedly by the hands of a ‘standard’ racist white police officer’.

Fascist Dems’ hate-news became American news to help their fascist causes for our American fascist future. Black Lives Matter, Antifa and friends have been fire-balling ever since and including January 6 in Washington.

HLN, a fascist NEWS wing of fascist CNN has grabbed hold for their fascist growth opportunities, to sell black, well built, nice-looking George Floyd, as a martyr for their fascist causes to advance their power throughout the nation.

Earlier this week I accidentally came across television HLN’s hourly coverage of the Minneapolis Court case to send Police Officer, Derek Chauvin to Prison FOR HIS MURDER of INNOCENT, WELL MEANING, SUFFERING VICTIM OF WHITE Prejudice, George Floyd, despite his criminal problems, drugs, violence, and apparent fear of police.

Police officer, Derek Chauvin and his four fellow police officers became victims and targets of today’s powerful and dangerous fascists, the black racist leftists and their crimes, totally supported by HLN afternoon news until further notice.

These HLN weekly afternoon “news” hours are fascist news….where truth must be made to disappear whenever needed to sell their STORIES OF FASCISM FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW a case which will require about 90% lies to sell their FASCIST GOODS SO BIG TECHS WHEREEVER CAN RUN “THEIR” AMERICAN SHOW, not the public.

Please turn on HLN as soon as possible while it is ‘smear-covering’ the Minneapolis Court Case against the innocent police officer, Derek Chauvin. Learn by listening and watching these fascist stars, how they explain and sell their tricks with lies, speed, and stories to secure their power for VICTORY, NOT TRUTH!…..TRUTH IS THEIR ENEMY!

HLN’s fascist “host” is BOB BIANCHI AT CNN’S HLN….glib, skilled host of lies to sell leftist fascism cleverly, swiftly….with his “HOST” OF FASCIST NOISE MAKERS, male and female who help put their fascism together as if baking a cake.

Fascist mouthpieces of these day regarding this topic are: Areva Martin, Joey Jackson, and Darrin Porcher, former cop, each dictating their deceit with a different topic, but each with fascist dictate of power SOUND from a fascist mouth!

Nearly all things reported by these fascists are not actually true or have meaning to the case. Officer Chauvin is white AND a victim…..these fascists are black and victorious without truth, because TRUTH USUALLY IS FASCISTS’ ENEMY!


Homage to Alexei Navalny, Courageous Russian

By Michael Curtis at American Thinker:

In March 2021, archaeologists in the Czech Republic uncovered a part of chilling history: the instillation of a forced labor camp that had been built in Prague during the communist regime, which ended with the Velvet Revolution of 1989.  The camp was close to the spot on a strategic hilltop overlooking the medieval city where a massive, 51-foot-high monument to Stalin had stood from May 1955 until it was blown up in 1962 under pressure from Nikita Khrushchev, who was denouncing the crimes of Stalin.  The camp had held “politically unreliable” individuals, often academics, intellectuals, and paid manual labor prisoners.  This was the first time that Czech archaeologists had uncovered a penal institution in Prague built during the communist regime.  This camp was previously unknown, as all mentions, footprints, and evidence of the encampment had been destroyed.

At a moment when Alexei Navalny, a prominent political activist critical of the present Russian regime, is being held in a labor camp, the Prague finding is a reminder of the Gulag system in the Soviet Union, the network of forced labor camps set up by Vladimir Lenin in 1918, and intensified by Joseph Stalin until his death in 1953, and which were officially ended by Khrushchev in January 1960.  The hundreds of labor camps incarcerated more than 18 million, of whom at least 1.5 million died.  They averaged between 2,000 and 10,000 inmates: the Vorkuta Gulag at its peak held 73,000 prisoners.  In his magisterial trilogy, The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn provided a compelling picture of the vast array of forced labor camps and prisons, the horrors of the Gulag throughout the country, and an indictment of the Soviet Union.

It is now three decades since the end of the Soviet Union.  Since Vladimir Putin consolidated power in 1999, Russia cannot be categorized as a Stalinist-type totalitarian state, but an authoritarian one that does not resemble a normal democratic system.  Though it has a sort of pseudo-democratic legitimacy, it is a county that subverts democratic rules and continues the forced labor system.  Putin, the holder of a judo black belt, a symbol of guile and aggression, and master of tokui waza, a match-winning throwing technique, is a dictator, planning to stay in power ruling a Potemkin democracy, changing the constitutional rules to remain in power, becoming head of the executive and curbing the power of the Legislature and the courts.  Though Russia is officially, according to the 1993 Constitution, democratic, a federation of territories with their own rights and responsibilities, Putin in effect has eroded their autonomy and imposed on them the power of the Kremlin.

Putin on the international stage has demonstrated his policy to reassert Russian power with military intervention in Ukraine, annexing Crimea in March 2014, and acting to support the Assad regime in Syria.  Internally, Putin is an authoritarian ruler in whose hands power is concentrated, supported by loyalist security forces, a subservient Judiciary, controlled media, a Legislature dominated by his party, and manipulation of elections.

The human rights situation deteriorates with bans, repressive laws, restrictions online, persecutions, and elimination of political and other critics.  The list of individuals threatened or murdered is long and well known.  Some of the more familiar are Alexander Litvinenko in 2006, Boris Berezovsky, Anna Politkovskaya, Sergei Skripal, Pyotr Verzilov, Yaroslav Belousov, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Sergei Mokhov, and Vladimir Kara-murza — along with the best known recent serious opponent, Alexei Navalny.




Joe Biden has nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. She currently sits on the U.S. District Court in D.C.

This nomination was 100 percent expected. In fact, there has been speculation that Biden promised to nominate Judge Jackson to pacify radicals unhappy with the selection of Merrick Garland for Attorney General (as if the selections of radical race mongers Vanita Gupta and Kristen Clarke for top DOJ jobs weren’t enough). Garland’s move to the Justice Department opened up a seat on the D.C. Circuit.

There is also speculation that Judge Jackson is being groomed for the Supreme Court. Such speculation is reasonable when a youngish judge is placed on the D.C. Circuit (Jackson is 50). After all, three current Justices — Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, and Brett Kavanaugh — took that path to the Supreme Court. So did Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

What about Judge Jackson’s credentials? On paper, they are stellar. She has an undergraduate degree (magna cum laude) from Harvard and a law degree from there as well (cum laude). She was an editor of the Harvard Law Review and clerked for Justice Breyer on the Supreme Court.

Jackson has worked, among things, as an assistant federal public defender, appellate litigator at a major law firm, and vice chair of the U.S. Sentencing Commission. She also has almost a decade of experience as a federal district court judge.

Judge Jackson is a left-liberal, but doesn’t appear to fall outside the mainstream of left-liberal thinking on legal issues. All of this — her credential and her ideology — point in the direction of Senate confirmation.

However, Ed Whelan, who follows these things much more closely than I do, raises a salient point. He contends that Judge Jackson is a mediocre jurist at the district court level.

He writes:

Jackson is not highly regarded as a judge. Inquiries I have made recently of folks knowledgeable about her work confirm that she continues to have a middling reputation. This criticism, I’ll emphasize, is on grounds of quality, not ideology. Indeed, she is not regarded as ranking high among the ten or so district judges that President Obama appointed to the federal district bench in D.C. . . .

This assessment of Jackson finds support in her record on appeal:

Jackson has a striking record of reversals by the D.C. Circuit—including by liberal judges—in her high-profile rulings:

*In 2019, Jackson issued a 122-page opinion in support of her preliminary injunction (in Make the Road New York v. McAleenan) barring the Department of Homeland Security from enforcing its decision expanding the reach of its expedited-removal process to the statutory limit. Jackson ruled (among other things) that plaintiffs had sufficiently established that her court had jurisdiction over the challenge to the decision; that Congress “did not intend to commit implementation of the expedited removal process it authorized entirely to agency discretion”; that plaintiffs had procedural claims under the Administrative Procedure Act; and that the DHS decision was arbitrary and capricious.

The D.C. Circuit reversed Judge Jackson. All three judges on the panel agreed that she got things very wrong. They differed only on which error required vacating her injunction.

In her majority opinion, Judge Patricia Millett, joined by Judge Harry Edwards—both are liberals appointed by Democratic presidents—held that Congress did indeed commit to DHS’s “sole and unreviewable discretion”—that’s the statutory language—the judgment whether to expand expedited removal to the statutory limit. The DHS decision was therefore not subject to review under the APA, and Jackson’s preliminary injunction was improper. . . .

*In 2018, in what the Washington Post hailed as a victory for federal-employee unions, Jackson wrote a 119-page opinion enjoining executive-branch officials from implementing provisions of three of President Trump’s executive orders that (in the Post’s summary) “aimed at making it easier to fire employees and weaken their representation.”

But in a unanimous ruling by an ideologically diverse panel (in American Federation of Government Employees v. Trump), the D.C. Circuit held that the district court lacked jurisdiction to decide the case, as a federal statute vests adjudication of federal labor disputes in the Federal Labor Relations Authority, subject to direct review only in the D.C. Circuit. Judge Thomas Griffith wrote the panel opinion, which was joined most notably by Obama appointee Sri Srinivasan as well as by Bush 41 appointee Raymond Randolph.

*In a 118-page ruling in 2019, Brown ruled that the House Judiciary Committee could sue in federal court to enforce its subpoena to compel former White House Counsel Don McGahn to testify. After a divided D.C. Circuit panel ruled that the constitutional separation of powers forbade federal courts from enforcing the subpoena, the en banc D.C. Circuit rejected the panel’s conclusion. But the panel—again divided, with the same two appointees of Republican presidents in the majority—then ruled that the House lacked statutory (or equitable) authority to enforce its subpoena.

(Emphasis added)

There is a good chance, then, that Judge Jackson is an affirmative action nominee for the D.C. Circuit. In other words, she was selected because of her race, which trumped her mediocre record.

If so, this won’t derail her nomination. Democrats will tout her “diversity.”

Republicans aren’t likely to call Jackson on the ground that she is mediocre. Indeed, as Whelan suggests, conservatives should perhaps be glad that Biden didn’t select someone more formidable for such an important judgeship and for possible grooming as a Supreme Court Justice.

Still, it’s unsettling to think that the quality of the appellate bench — especially that of the all-important D.C. Circuit — might be diluted in the name of diversity.

DEMS Racist Fascist Left Continues Its Political ATTACK On Minneapolis Police Officer!



Firefighter EMT Genevieve Hanson returned to the stand for cross examination by defense counsel Eric Nelson Wednesday morning. Did she show the officers on the scene identification as a firefighter? She did not. Nelson had nothing more for her. With a question or two more from prosecutor Matthew Frank on redirect — she believed George Floyd needed immediate medical attention, but the officers other than Tou Thao didn’t talk to her — she was released.

Frank then called 19-year-old former Cup Foods cashier Christopher Martin to the stand. In May 2020 he was living with his mother and sister in an apartment above Cup Foods while pulling his shifts at the store from 3:00-8:00 p.m. Martin’s testimony took us inside Cup Foods to observe the events leading to George Floyd’s fateful arrest on May 25. Frank drew on Cup Foods surveillance video from inside the store to accompany Martin’s testimony. This is video we have not seen before.

The video shows Floyd hanging around in the store. He seems to have had his phone serviced in the store that day. He appears jumpy but genial in the video.

Martin chatted with Floyd before Floyd purchased cigarettes with the counterfeit $20 bill that prompted the call to the police. Based on Floyd’s delayed response to Martin’s question and his difficulty articulating, Martin figured Floyd was high. A few minutes later Martin sold Floyd a pack of cigarettes that Floyd purchased with a $20 bill that Martin thought was obviously counterfeit.

The rule at Cup Foods was that if an employee took a counterfeit bill it was docked from his pay. When Floyd left the store Martin raised it with his manager. Martin went out twice with coworkers to Floyd’s Mercedes to seek payment. They spoke to Floyd’s friend on the passenger side (I understood that he too had tried to pass Martin a counterfeit bill) while Floyd mimed “woe is me” in the driver’s seat.

At the manager’s instruction one of the coworkers called the police. Two officers arrived and met with the manager, who showed them where Floyd was parked across the street.

Within a few minutes Martin heard a commotion outside the store. He heard yelling and screaming. He saw Derek Chauvin with his knee on Floyd’s neck. He called his mom and told her not to come downstairs. He started a recording of the police subduing Floyd, but deleted it after the incident. He said he was emotional watching the arrest, expressing “disbelief and guilt” over what he views as his contribution to it.

He saw the ambulance arrive and watched the officers and crew load Floyd onto it. Watching the ambulance head off, he thought they were not headed to the hospital and that Floyd had died. Martin is a credible and effective witness.

The State then called Christopher Belfrey. He too lives in the neighborhood. Forty-five years old, Belfrey is another of the bystanders who recorded a video of the incident leading to Floyd’s death, though his recording begins with Floyd’s initial arrest in the Mercedes. He was startled by the officer pulling a handgun on Floyd. He stopped recording and moved his car when he heard sirens approaching. He resumed recording. He said he felt “Kinda scared” when one of the officers stared at him. He though the incident was over when he saw Floyd placed in one of the police squads and drove off with his fiance. Nelson let him go without cross examination.

The State then called Charles McMillian. Sixty-one years old, Mr. McMilliam proved in his own way to be a devastating witness. He was a bystander who urged Floyd to cooperate with the police. He can be heard on video telling Floyd “You can’t win.”

He began sobbing after prosecutor Erin Eldridge played police bodycam video of Floyd saying over and over that he couldn’t breathe and calling for his mother. “Oh my God,” Mr. McMillian said as he hung his head and cried. Hearing Floyd call for his mama, Mr. McMillian stated, “I feel helpless. I don’t have a mama either, but I understand him.” He said his mother died this past June. As events unfolded, his instinct told him “it was over for Mr. Floyd.”

The State played video we hadn’t seen before during McMillian’s testimony. He can be heard talking to Chauvin. He told Chauvin on the scene after Floyd’s departure that he was “a maggot.” His told Chauvin his knee on Floyd’s neck — “that’s wrong.” Chauvin responded he “had to control a sizable guy.” Again, Nelson passed on cross examination.

The 47-minute video below captures all of Mr. McMillian’s testimony. It is well worth watching in its entirety.

Pro bono prosecutor Steve Schleicher called Minneapolis Police Lt. James Rugel to close out the day. Rugel runs the department’s technology unit. His testimony laid the foundation for introduction of the department surveillance and bodycam video into.

Without much in the way of commentary from Rugel, Schleicher played each of the officers’ bodycam footage of the incident leading to Floyd’s death. The video below includes Rugel’s foundational testimony as well as the bodycam video played for the jury.

The bodycam video is the first evidence of the larger context of the knee on the neck scenario. We haven’t heard much about it from either the prosecution or the defense. It’s easy to miss, but you can hear Floyd explaining his drug use — “I was just hooping earlier.” One of the officers describes Floyd’s eyes “shaking back and forth really fast. Is that PCP?” I think it is Officer Kueng who observes to Floyd, “You’ve got foam around your mouth too.”

We see the officers try to get Floyd seated in the squad car. He is wildly resisting and yelling he can’t breathe. Somewhere along the way it is noted that Chauvin’s body camera was under the squad car.


An altar for George Floyd is erected where Floyd was killed.


What Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Wrought

By Lauri B. Regan at American Thinker:

At less than 100 days in, Trump-haters have imposed growing disasters on the country. Trump-hating voters cared about one thing and it wasn’t the success of Operation Warp Speed, a strong economy, or peace in the Mideast. Bad Orange Man must go, the country, our kids’ and grandkids’ futures be damned. And we reap what we sow.

The 46th President of the United States Joseph Robinette Biden began by signing an unprecedented number of executive orders designed to bypass the legislative process (including job killers and open borders). He signed the hyper-partisan “Covid relief package” proving that he has no interest in unifying the country. He actually boxed out Republican voices in the negotiation process resulting in a true moderate, Susan Collins, wondering why Biden “would want to alienate” Republicans willing to work with him. In between we’ve barely seen the president while he hides behind Harris and Dr. Jill. 

Trump-haters ignored Biden’s senility and Harris’s record as the most progressive member of the Senate (who was so disliked by Democrat voters that she didn’t even make it to the Iowa caucuses). Now we learn the White House has directed agencies to refer to the “Biden-Harris administration” in official documents. Harris has been making calls to world leaders on behalf of the administration and participating in all meetings. The stage is being set for Biden to predictably step down and rest (the White House called a lid on Biden’s day at 1:13pm on Monday).

Under the auspices of never letting a crisis go to waste, the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion dollar “Covid” boondoggle (on top of the $4 trillion previously thrown at the pandemic) benefits special-interest groups, applies just 9% of the funds towards fighting Covid, puts the country further in debt, funds teachers’ unions that still refuse to get back to work, and wastes vast sums that will have to be paid back through massive tax-hikes on constituents Biden promised would never see tax hikes (reminiscent of Obama’s infamous lie that if you liked your doctor and health insurance, you could keep them).

And the Democrats’ spending spree has just begun. Next up is a massive $3 trillion infrastructure bill intended to reduce carbon emissions and narrow “economic inequality” (notwithstanding that the Trump economy drove minority unemployment to its lowest and minority wages to their highest). The Green New Deal is estimated to cost between $50-90 trillion.

Biden has stated his support of studying slavery reparations that would cost $1.4 trillion reiterating he’s committed to addressing “systemic racism that persists today” — one of the biggest lies the left perpetuates in order to maintain power and bleed the last drop of capital from “the wealthy.”  Democrats are also beginning hearings on 18 bills that will eventually lead to single-payer healthcare.

Democrats must know that taxing the “rich” will never produce enough money to pay for their progressive plans; they’ll do so anyway. They realize corporations will move offshore while the wealthy find tax havens, unemployment will rise, and welfare dependency will grow. That’s the plan – use Covid, TDS, race-baiting, cancel culture, and global warming as smokescreens for grabbing power.

Ironically, the one place at which the Democrats refuse to see a crisis is our Southern border.  It’s not even caravan season and yet migrants share that they’re flocking in precisely because Biden told them to come. Liberal Chuck Todd is questioning whether Biden has put a gag order on media reporting from the border, while Democrats perpetuate the myth that the reversal of Trump’s effective policies was humane. And as they spend $86 million on hotel rooms to house illegals, Democrats see future voters and couldn’t care a less about the terrorists, drug runners, cartel members, gang bangers, human traffickers, and convicted sexual predators infiltrating our country, nor that open borders and free stuff for all are unsustainable.

YouTube screengrab (cropped)

The filibuster is, unsurprisingly, facing cancellation (supported by Biden) and while McConnell has warned that would lead to a “scorched-Earth Senate,” Democrats only see power. DC statehood is now being debated, but the scariest bill in the works is HR-1, Democrats’ “voting rights” bill that would nationalize elections while institutionalizing fraud.  HR-1 is arguably the most dangerous piece of legislation proposed in Congress in our lifetimes, overriding state laws intended to protect election integrity. Yet Democrats are using their favorite term – systemic racism – as a justification to ram it through.

After Democrats nationalize voter fraud, they’ll likely turn to education. Blue states are imposing on students ethnic studies and critical race theory curricula that teach that white people, the Founders, police officers, and anyone who doesn’t agree with them are racists. One of Biden’s first EOs dissolved Trump’s 1776 Commission, established to promote patriotism and counter the anti-American 1619 Project that teaches that America is “irredeemably and systemically racist.” Toddlers are being taught social justice aimed at “dismant[ling] bias for kids as young as two.”

Biden’s executive order on transgenders in sports was a power-grab that harms female athletes at the expense of 0.4% of the country’s population that identifies as transgender. Couple that with the Equality Act that passed the House with only three Republican votes and say goodbye to women’s sports, bathrooms, locker rooms, and safety and privacy more generally.

In addition to racism, Democrats are obsessed with climate change and want to destroy our nation’s energy independence by outlawing gasoline-powered vehicles, fracking, and nuclear energy. Energy prices would skyrocket while inefficient alternative sources would result in power outages becoming common place as we’ve seen in California and Texas. Those who don’t abide would be cancelled as “climate deniers.”

Speaking of cancel culture, the silencing of Trump and conservatives by social media authoritarians is cheered on by Democrats. Aunt Jemima, Pepe LePew, Mr. Potato Head, Mark Twain, Dr. Seuss, and American history have all been on the chopping block. Statues representing our astonishing history are torn down and schools with names like Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson are renamed. Careers are being destroyed and free speech is under attack as liberals run roughshod over ideas they don’t like.

On foreign policy, Biden has an even more Iran-friendly government than did Obama.  While he reunited the Obama pro-Iran team consisting of Blinken, Sullivan, Rice, Power, Kerry, Sherman, and Malley, he’s added many Israel-haters also enamored of the Mullahs who seek Death to Israel and America. Maher BitarReema DodinHady AmrColin KahlUzra ZeyaKristin ClarkeAvril Haines, and others have all been appointed to high-level and influential positions in an administration even more hell-bent on handing Iran nuclear weapons than Obama’s. And just as Obama ignored Iran’s attempt to blow-up a DC restaurant in order to murder the Saudi ambassador, Biden is apparently ignoring Iran’s plans to blow-up a DC army base and murder a U.S. general.

Amr, who was “inspired by the Palestinian intifada,” is responsible for Biden’s position paper on resetting relations with the Palestinians. The plan begins with funneling billions of dollars to Palestinians who, according to a State Department report, in 2019 spent $151 million on pay-to-slay programs and $191 million on Palestinian “martyrs.” Biden is apparently undeterred by U.S. law that prohibits aid to the Palestinians until they stop paying terrorists.

Biden’s plan also returns the Democrats’ obsession with the “two-state solution” to the front burner while gutting Trump policy that proved Kerry’s ignorance when he proclaimed that Mideast peace wasn’t possible without the Palestinians. However, Trump’s Abraham Accords that resulted in four Arab countries signing normalization agreements with Israel are now on the line. Lee Smith explained:

The alliance between Israel and the Gulf states is an impediment to the dream of a reempowered, nuclear-armed Iran backed by the United States, which was Obama’s main foreign policy aim—and an affront to peace processors convinced of their own never-ending importance. The Biden administration apparently aims to sink the accords by penalizing Israel and its peace partners for getting too close, and returning the Palestinians to center stage—in order to prepare the ground for reentering the Iran deal.”

China just publicly bitch-slapped Blinken while turning the administration’s obsession with non-existent systemic racism into a weapon used against it. Fred Fleitz wrote:

The Alaska press event was a debacle that will build a perception that the US is returning to Jimmy Carter-like incompetence in foreign policy. It also confirms claims by Biden critics that his foreign policy team is headed by inept second and third-string Obama retreads.

And while China is on track to replace the U.S. as the world’s superpower, Democrats wish to gut our military and dumb down our education system lest black kids fall behind. While the Chinese excel in STEM disciplines, Democrats seek “math equity” because focusing on the “right answer” is an example of white supremacy. This cannot end well. Putin is laughing and how long will it be before Kim Jung-Un decides to flex his muscles?

U.S.-Russia relations hit a new Cold-War low recently when Biden gratuitously called Putin a “killer” on national television resulting in Russia recalling its ambassador and Putin describing relations as “very bad.” As Biden alienates Russia and China, the result is a new friendship between our two nemeses with the Russian Foreign Minister cozying up to his Chinese counterpart.

So here we are. Unity? Moderation? Not in a Biden-Harris administration that brags about passing the most “progressive bill in American history.” Not in an administration driven by reversing Trump policy no matter how successful while driven by divisiveness, lies, ideology, and power. But Trump’s gone so we have that going for us.  Sadly, the 74 million American voters who didn’t cast ballots for these awful people and policies will pay the price for the vapidity of Americans filled with enough hate and ignorance to elect this garbage. 

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“Yon Cassius Has a Lean and Hungry Look. He Thinks Too Much. Such Men Are Dangerous!”

by Glenn H. Ray:

One of the most eventful times in my young life was listening to  lectures  by a 68 year old (going on 120)  old maid school teacher, Mabel Wicker at Central High School in St. Paul, the fall of 1948.   If she did weigh 100 pounds,  every pound was distant and cold.   She had apparently one and only one drive in life…… to teach Shakespeare, Dickens,  George Eliot and the like.

I was 14  that late  September.   I was impaired as a reader.  I couldn’t read fiction whether five pages or five hundred.   Earlier in my life I  had trouble recognizing letters, but strangely, I was never bothered  when ‘reading’  encyclopedias and newspapers,  or scanning and studying atlases.

By second grade I knew the population of St. Paul in 1930 was 271,606, according to my memory at age I am writing this note.    Eventually,  I could read many  wonderful lines of Shakespeare after beautifully toned by this red-wigged relic, Miss Wicker,  once she  had pronounced them in lecture.

“Let me have men about me that are fat…….Sleek-headed men, and as such men as sleep a-nights. ……Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look.   He thinks too much.    Such men are dangerous.”

I found reviews similar to  the following Julius Caesar  guide at GrAde Savers.   Do read the following to put Caesar’s comment about Cassius in context:

“A soothsayer approaches Caesar and calls out for attention. Caesar allows him to speak, and the man tells Caesar, “Beware the ides of March” (1.2.25). Caesar ignores this warning and calls the man a dreamer. Caesar then leaves with his assembled men.

Brutus and Cassius remain on the stage. Cassius tells Brutus that he has noticed Brutus acting more serious lately. Brutus tells him that he is “with himself at war” (1.2.48) and that Cassius should not worry about it. After a shout and cheering from offstage, Brutus remarks he is afraid the people will crown Caesar king. Cassius is thrilled to hear this, and tells Brutus that they were both born as free men the same way Caesar was. He tells Brutus a story in which he and Caesar were holding a swimming contest across the Tiber river, and Caesar started to drown. Cassius claims that he rescued Caesar and carried him to the shore. He then complains that Caesar has become so powerful that even though he once saved Caesar’s life, he must now bow before him.

Cassius then tells Brutus that “Brutus” is just as good a name as “Caesar”, and that both names could just as easily rule Rome. He invokes the image of Brutus’ ancestor who founded the Roman Republic and expelled the former kings. Brutus, afraid that Caesar will become a king, struggles to decide whether to join Cassius in taking action against Caesar, but ultimately decides against it.

Caesar returns, accompanied by his followers. He turns to Antony and remarks, “Let me have men about me that are fat, / Sleek-headed men, and such as sleep a-nights. / Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look. / He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous” (1.2.193-196). Antony dismisses Caesar’s concern, but Caesar is not convinced that Cassius is completely trustworthy. He tells Antony to come with him and let him know if there is anything to be worried about.

Casca remains onstage with Brutus and Cassius and tells them that the three shouts they heard were because Antony offered Caesar the crown three times, but he turned it down each time. Casca then says that Caesar swooned and fell down with his mouth foaming at the lips. (Caesar was considered to be epileptic, called the “falling sickness”.) When Caesar awoke, he begged to be forgiven for his infirmary. Casca adds that the people forgave Caesar and worshipped him even more for turning away the crown. He also explains that Murellus and Flavius, the public tribunes, were removed from office for pulling the decorations off of Caesar’s statues. Cassius, hoping to lure him into the conspiracy against Caesar, invites Casca to dinner the next night. Brutus also takes his leave, but agrees to meet with Cassius the next night as well. In a soliloquy, Cassius informs the audience that he will fake several handwritten notes and throw them into Brutus’ room in an attempt to make Brutus think the common people want him to take action against Caesar.

Act One, Scene Three

Casca meets with Cicero, one of the great Roman orators, and tells him he has seen many strange things on the streets of Rome that night including a slave with a burning yet uninjured left hand, a lion loose in the streets, and an  owl hooting in the daytime. Cicero tells him men interpret things in their own way, and takes his leave.”

Or how about this quote from Julius Caesar which I haven’t forgotten:    Again from GrAdeSaver:

“You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things!”    Caesar complains about the public masses around him.

“Julius Caesar opens with the tribunes of the people chastising the plebeians for being fickle. They refer to the masses as “You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things!”(1.1.34). This imagery of the masses as stones will continue throughout the play. They are in fact a fickle group of people, easily swayed by whoever is speaking to them, as evidenced later in the play when Antony turns a hostile crowd into a mob against Brutus and Cassius.”

Miss Wicker’s teachings of Shakespeare’s lessons of life and society overwhelmed me emotionally, educationally, and I think, spiritually.    My Church told me Man was flawed.    I understood murder and theft as a child.   Now I was beginning to understand conspiracy, jealousy  and  intrigue.

I believe Abraham Lincoln received most of his early learnings from the Bible and Shakespeare, taught to him by his step-mother.     One cannot go far wrong in life when nursed into learning from such ‘primary’ readers.

In “Merchant of Venice”, I learned when Miss Wicker expressed Shylock’s questions:       “I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer as a Christian is? If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that. If a Jew wrong a Christian, what is his humility? Revenge. If a Christian wrong a Jew, what should his sufferance be by Christian example? Why, revenge. The villainy you teach me I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction.”

I remember to this day the tears which covered my eyes as she continued her “lecturing” simply by reciting the play hilights  by memory.

I learned that “the quality of mercy is not strained …….it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the Earth below.  It is twice blessed.    It blesseth him that giveth and him that receiveth…….as mercy’s   ‘attorney’ Portia  pleaded on his behalf…..or as I remembered the verse more than 60 years later….but I looked it up at found this:

“The quality of mercy is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven,
Upon the place beneath.
It is twice blessed.
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.
It is mightiest in the mightiest,
It becomes the throned monarch better than his crown.
His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,
An attribute to awe and majesty.
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings.
But mercy is above this sceptred sway,
It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,
It is an attribute to God himself.
And earthly power doth  then show  likest God’s,
Where mercy seasons justice.
Therefore Jew,
Though justice be thy plea, consider this,
That in the course of justice none of us should  see salvation,
We all do pray for mercy
And that same prayer doth teach us all to render the deeds of mercy.
I have spoke thus much to mittgate the justice of thy plea,
Which if thou dost follow,
This strict court of Venice
Must needs give sentance gainst the merchant there.”

(Oh damn….I forgot to continue….”It is the mightiest in the mightiest, It becomes the throned monarch better than his crown.”   This I remembered but could go not further in memory.)

Art, when made beautiful is the greatest teacher of all.   I was lucky, so lucky in my learning life that these wonderful old maid school teachers loved beautiful art so much, they became artists themselves in their knowledge and its delivery.

It all died my senior year when the Liberal Educators squelched the classical curriculum.   No grades were to be given beyond pass-fail.   No Shakespeare, nothing classical.   “We are going to teach you how to think.” the principal Mr. Lenander declared in an assembly to the seniors.

In social studies that year we were supposed to learn how to plan cities.

That eventually was changed to “We are going to teach you what to think”, a few years before the Obama Era by the intellectually sterile  Left who gained control of learnings in America…..the Bill Ayers crowd.


Byron York’s Daily Memo: Post-Trump Republicans and the black vote

by Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent |   at Daily Memo:

Daily Memo Default Image
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POST-TRUMP REPUBLICANS AND THE BLACK VOTE. Republican strategists have long sought to improve the party’s performance with minority voters in presidential elections. Much of their attention has focused on the Hispanic vote — after Mitt Romney‘s loss in 2012, top GOP officials engaged in a long self-examination (known as “The Autopsy”) in which they predicted dire consequences for the party if it failed to appeal to the growing number of Hispanic voters.

Republicans paid less attention to the African-American vote, perhaps because it seemed so completely out of reach. It certainly was in the Obama years. In 2008, candidate Barack Obama won 95 percent of the black vote to John McCain’s four percent. In 2012, President Barack Obama won 93 percent of the black vote to Mitt Romney’s six percent.

Then, in 2016, candidate Donald Trump did a bit better with black voters, winning eight percent to Hillary Clinton’s 89 percent. And then, in 2016, President Donald Trump did even better, winning 12 percent of the black vote to Joe Biden’s 87 percent.

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The numbers are still hugely lopsided, but is there something going on? Commentary at the time of the 2020 election pointed to Trump’s campaign effort among black voters, especially his emphasis on increasing black employment, as the reason for his improved performance.

Now, there is another possible explanation — one that could bode well for the Republican future. “Black Protestants are slowly and surely drifting toward Republicans,” tweeted Ryan Burge, a political science professor at Eastern Illinois University who studies the interplay of religion and voting. “Romney got 3% in 2012. Trump got 7% in 2016. Trump got 9% in 2020. This is something to keep an eye on.”


I asked Burge what he thinks is going on. Does it have something to do with religion and longer-term trends? Or did some black voters just like Donald Trump better than Mitt Romney? Burge pointed to the decline in religiosity in America, and especially among Democrats.

“People are starting to understand that to be religious in the United States is to be Republican,” Burge said in an email exchange. “That linkage is growing stronger over the last couple of years. For instance, there’s some pretty compelling evidence that young, religiously devout African-Americans have really shifted away from the Democrats since Trump’s election.”

“For men, it’s a bit more pronounced,” Burge continued. “Just a decade ago, three-quarters of young black men who went to church weekly were Democrats. Today, it’s closer to 60 percent. For women, it’s more subtle — maybe down eight points from the peak. But it’s still there.”

Burge said he expects the move to Republicans to continue. “I do think Republicans are going to continue to make inroads with devout African-Americans,” he said. “In the last few years, 12 to 13 percent of black evangelicals identify as Republicans. That’s up from six to seven percent around 2012.”

And then there is what is happening with the two political parties. The short version is, Democrats are far less likely than Republicans to belong to a church today. According to a new Gallup analysis released Monday, church membership among Republicans fell from 77 percent in 1998 to 65 percent in 2020. Among Democrats, it fell from 71 percent in 1998 to 46 percent today. So church members are now a minority in the Democratic Party. Some black voters who are religious may feel less and less at home among Democrats. And that might be an opportunity for Republicans.

One last caution. Donald Trump was such an unusual candidate, and such an unusual president, that it is impossible to gauge whether the changes in voting behavior that occurred during his presidential runs will last. Many religious voters felt under attack in 2016 and 2020, and they looked to Trump as someone who would protect their interests. Those voters will undoubtedly still feel threatened in 2024, but it is unclear whether they will see the Republican candidate the same way they saw Trump.

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What Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd was despicable — but it’s unlikely to get a murder conviction

By James A. Gagliano at the New York Post:

March 29, 2021 

An altar for George Floyd is erected where Floyd was killed.

An altar for George Floyd is erected where Floyd was killed.Polaris

We exist in a period of ideological purity tests and zero tolerance for what F. Scott Fitzgerald described as “the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”

For that reason, it is necessary to balance the revulsion for disgraced former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s mistreatment of George Floyd — an appalling case of police brutality — with recognition that prosecutors may have made a critical error by overcharging the case.

Let us stipulate that the conduct of Chauvin — an armed instrument of the state — was repugnant and yes, criminal. Casually kneeling on a handcuffed, prone suspect’s neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds does not meet the definition of proportional police use of force. No twisted, distorted interpretation of “objective reasonableness” — codified as the means to judge law enforcement actions by the Supreme Court in Graham v. Connor — changes that.

Law enforcement professionals won’t defend Chauvin’s misconduct. There is no defense for it. However, criminal cases are often messy, complicated, and complex.

To wit, Hennepin County Medical Examiner, Dr. Andrew Baker, concluded that the cause of death was homicide. However, the preliminary report suggested that underlying conditions may have contributed to Floyd’s death. The attendant toxicological report concluded that the death was attributable to the “combined effects of Mr. Floyd’s being restrained by police, underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system.” Traces of fentanyl, methamphetamine and an underlying heart condition surely lends to the messy, complicated, and complex particulars of this criminal case.

In court — not the public opinion version — there will be an introduction of physical and testimonial evidence. And this is where prosecutors have made a miscalculation. Last May, the Hennepin County attorney charged third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Public outcry led Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison to add a charge of second-degree murder. After a series of appellate challenges, the charges remain intact.

The prosecutorial burden of proof in a murder case is an impossibly high threshold when saddled with the autopsy report’s listed contributory factors in Floyd’s death.

Proving an applicable second-degree murder charge in Minnesota requires an intent to cause death; impossible to prove in this case. The definition of third-degree murder is murkier and plagued with conflicting interpretations.

However, a person may be charged with second-degree manslaughter if they “knowingly or consciously take a risk (like kneeling on someone’s neck) that results in the death of a person.” Chauvin’s conduct was manslaughter; culpable negligence. For those viewing as injustice anything less than a murder conviction, forewarned is forearmed.

George Floyd Jurors Burdens

12Defense attorney Eric Nelson, defendant and former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, and Nelson’s assistant Amy Voss introduce themselves to potential jurors on Tuesday, March 23, 2021.

Court TV, via AP, Pool

Prediction: Acquittal on the murder charges and found guilty of second-degree manslaughter.

Tannhauser, GRAND MARCH