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AUGUST 11, 2022 BY JOHN HINDERAKER at Power Line:


There is much to be said about the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s home. I won’t try to say it all here. These are a few observations, based on what we know currently:

* To get a search warrant, you have to identify a crime that has been committed, and explain how evidence you are looking for is relevant to that crime. At this point, we don’t know what purported crime was the basis for the Mar-a-Lago search warrant.

* Earlier today, Attorney General Merrick Garland delivered a brief statement to the press, and declined to take questions. He looked remarkably nervous and said hardly anything. Only two points emerged: 1) he ordered the raid himself, and 2) the Department of Justice will unseal the documents that were filed in connection with the search warrant.

* No one doubted that the raid was ordered, at a minimum, by the Attorney General. I think it is virtually certain that Garland had authorization from his boss, Joe Biden.

* Multiple parties, including Judicial Watch, moved the Florida court to unseal the filings related to the search warrant. The magistrate gave the government until close of business on Monday to respond. In effect, Garland said today that DOJ will accede to these motions and unseal the records. It remains to be seen how informative they will be.

* President Trump, like other presidents before him, took files with him when he left the White House. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this. The Presidential Records Act, passed in 1978, says that the official records of a president are public property and belong to the National Archives. But a president can take with him, when he leaves office, personal papers as well as–a point that I haven’t seen made–copies of documents, as long as they are marked as such and he leaves a copy for the Archives.

* Trump, like prior presidents, has negotiated with the National Archives about the materials he took with him. Earlier this year, he sent 15 boxes to the Archives. Subsequently, it is reported that representatives of the Archives came to Mar-a-Lago to review approximately 15 more boxes that Trump still had in his basement. While they were doing the review, Trump came downstairs to greet them. I don’t think the contents of those boxes, the apparent target of the search warrant, are a mystery to the Archives or to DOJ. Maybe they were hoping to discover something new in Melania’s closets.

* The DOJ, in its many press leaks, mostly to its in-house media organ the New York Times, keeps talking about classified information. This is because no penalty attaches to violation of the Presidential Records Act. The Biden administration has to allege the commission of a crime, and that most likely explains its references to classified information.

* I have no idea whether classified information is included in the 15 boxes that Trump has in his basement or not. It wouldn’t be surprising. The serious criminal statutes on classified information relate to passing it on to, say, the Russians or Chinese. As far as we know, there is no suggestion that Trump gave classified information to anyone. He was perfectly entitled to know it and to view it himself; the issue is that he may have taken it to an unauthorized location, i.e., Mar-a-Lago. Until now, this has generally not been considered a serious offense. Sandy Berger is an exception, although he got a slap on the wrist. But in his case, the point was that he stole a document from the Archives, apparently something damaging to the Clinton administration, so as to delete it from the historical record. There is no such suggestion, as far as we know, with regard to Trump.

* Many people have drawn analogies between what Hillary Clinton did and whatever misdeed Trump may now be charged with. I don’t see any comparison. Hillary, while Secretary of State, conducted official business on an illegal, off-the-books server located in her home, apparently for the purpose of evading the Freedom of Information Act. Most notably, the server was insecure, and the Russians, Chinese or others could have, and likely did, intercept her official communications as Secretary of State. Trump, on the other hand, has 15 boxes of documents in his basement. There is no comparison.

* It might be worth noting that 15 boxes, if that really is what is at stake, is a ridiculously small number of documents. As a lawyer, I supervised exchanges of hundreds or even thousands of boxes of documents. Fifteen boxes are a pittance, although it depends, of course, on what is in them.

* We will know more about the Mar-a-Lago raid within a few days, when the search warrant filings are unsealed. My guess, though, is that those documents will leave a lot of questions unanswered.

* The Democrats crossed the Rubicon when they raided Donald Trump’s home. Never before in American history has anything like this happened. I think the consensus of the commentariat is correct: the Democrats had better have something really good up their sleeve, or the blowback will be intense. Hence Merrick Garland’s sad performance today.


Fascist Dems Broke The Sacred Law Forbidding Invasions Of A PRESIDENT’S HOME

—Joe Biden Is Not Our Legitimate First Executive—

Dear Ghr, the Stalinist Democrats are becoming afraid of the Orangeman returning to the White House. And behind the malevolent campaign to deny him the win in 2024, Beijing’s and the Kremlin’s DNC seditious politicians, who have sold their souls to their Russian and Chinese masters, are burning the midnight oil fabricating trash to deny Trump the win in 2024. The dirty Democrats have never cared about the safety and security of the American people, with them it is about greed and political power. And so, the corrupt DNC, for money, will always sleep with the enemy; albeit Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, George Soros, or Rupert Murdoch.

Have we forgotten that Putin’s wealthy Russian friends donated $145 million to the ‘dirty deeds’ Clinton Fund as they projected Hilary’s 2016 electoral win; and the Bank of China inking a big dirty-money deal of $1.5B with the Biden Crime Family while Joe Biden was ‘Obama’s’ VP; and the Biden Crime Family’s bagman Hunter, directed by his ‘capo’ Joe, also inking that dirty-money deal with Burisma in the Ukraine [how sad to see that in all of those dirty-money deals Joe [‘the traitor]’ used his morally depraved son Hunter as his bagman].

“Come on, man” this seditious crime boss was not legally elected to the White House. Rupert Murdoch prematurely declared Arizona for Biden. Ole Rup was in on the electoral fraud; yes, he was! And so were George Soros [and his son Alexander] and Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, all in on theft from the start on the 2020 Joe Biden electoral campaign flimflam. They orchestrated it to put their ‘useful fool’ in the big chair in our white building on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Yes, Joe “the useful fool” Biden and his un-American underlings stole the 2022 elections; and in so doing, not only violated the electoral laws but also committed treason. Still, the Trump haters in the anti-American media will continue to sweep, under the rug, the DNC crimes against the nation.

While Putin plans for his grand parade in Moscow’s Red Square, Xi Jinping also has his network of spies disbursing dirty-money all over Capitol Hill to bring down our magnificent Constitutional Republic already so tainted by its corrupt political class and abuses of its laws.

On January 6, 2021, American patriots peacefully convened [as it is a right under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution] on the grounds of Capitol Hill to contest the electoral fraud committed by the Democrats against the nation. They were unaware of the paid Antifa, BLM, and others who had infiltrated the peaceful protestors to incite the crowd. Even the Capitol Police was in with the DNC, and the Soros and Obama vandals. The agitators’ acts of vandalism resulted in the death of a peaceful young woman who had served in the nation’s military.

I say, Joe Biden is not legit. The egregious political partisan [and Stalinist] US Attorney General Merrick Garland must resign. The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was his doing, to boost public support for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. But it will not work, their stench is nauseating.

It is also high time to deport naturalized Americans who have committed crimes against the nation, regardless of their wealth and/or social status. Too much harm has been caused to the United States of America by the anti-American globalist billionaires George Soros and Rupert Murdoch; they must go!

To prevent persons such as Soros and Murdoch from entering our country, the US Congress has to make our immigration laws stricter. But then again, it is probable that we will have roosters laying eggs before our corrupt political class rejects campaign donations from the rich and powerful.

Of politicians my dad would always remind us: “The good ones, which are few, run for public office to serve the nation; but the rascals, which are most, run for office to serve themselves. It is a tragedy, and so shall it be until the end of time.”

[“James McHenry (1753-1816) while he was a Maryland delegate to the Constitutional Convention, wrote on the page where he recorded the last day of the convention, September 18, 1787”]: “A lady asked Dr. Benjamin Franklin: Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy–A republic, replied the Doctor, if you can keep it.”

Dear Ghr: May the Lord’s blessings be always at your door.

Cjack…Sentinel on the Gulf…Thursday, August 11, 2022…

Thank you, BUDDY! It’s good to hear from you at SENTINEL ON THE GULF! It is sad to have to read THE TRUTH YOU HAVE SHARED WITH US in the above note. I’ll be 88 in less than a month. I used to teach Russian and Senior Social Studies in Minneapolis in the 1960s when our America was still honorable yet struggling, but determined to mix blacks and whites equal citizens!

Today the bigshots now owning the Dem Party will be spending trillions of American dollars to maneuver their control over our population with fascism, Soviet Style! (Nancy Pelosi mouth and Charlie Schumer action already destroying “the American way”).


FBI, R.I.P.?

The agency has become dangerous to Americans and an existential threat to their democracy and rule of law. 

By Victor Davis Hanson at American Greatness

August 10, 2022

The FBI is dissolving before our eyes into a rogue security service akin to those in Eastern Europe during the Cold War.  

Take the FBI’s deliberately asymmetrical application of the law. This week the bureau surprise-raided the home of former President Donald Trump—an historical first. 

A massive phalanx of FBI agents swooped into the Trump residence while he was not home, to confiscate his personal property, safe, and records. All of this was over an archival dispute of presidential papers common to many former presidents. Agents swarmed the entire house, including the wardrobe closet of the former first lady. 

Note we are less than 90 days out from a midterm election, and this was not just a raid, but a political act. 

The Democratic Party is anticipated to suffer historical losses. Donald Trump was on the verge of announcing his 2024 presidential candidacy. In many polls, he remains the Republican front-runner for the nomination—and well ahead of incumbent Joe Biden in a putative 2024 rematch.  

In 2016 then FBI Director James Comey announced that candidate Hillary Clinton was guilty of destroying subpoenaed emails—a likely felony pertaining to her tenure as secretary of state. Yet he all but pledged that she would not be prosecuted given her status as a presidential candidate. 

As far as targeting presidential candidates, Donald Trump was impeached in 2020 ostensibly for delaying military aid to Ukraine by asking Ukrainian officials to investigate more fully the clearly corrupt Biden family—given Joe Biden at the time was a likely possible presidential opponent in 2020. 

The FBI has devolved into a personal retrieval service for the incorrigible Biden family. It suppressed, for political purposes, information surrounding Hunter Biden’s missing laptop on the eve of the 2020 election. 

Previously, the FBI never pursued Hunter’s fraudulently registered firearm, his mysterious foreign income, his felonious crack cocaine use, or his regular employment of foreign prostitutes. 

Yet in a pre-dawn raid just before the 2020 election, the FBI targeted the home of journalist James O’Keefe on grounds someone had passed to him the lost and lurid diary of Ashley Biden, Biden’s wayward daughter. 

At various times, in Stasi-style the FBI has publicly shackled Trump economic advisor Peter Navarro, swarmed the office of Trump’s legal counsel Rudy Giuliani, and sent a SWAT team to surround the house of Trump ally Roger Stone. Meanwhile, terrorists and cartels walk with impunity across an open border. 

FBI Director Christopher Wray last week cut short his evasive testimony before Congress. He claimed he had to leave for a critical appointment—only to use his FBI Gulfstream luxury jet to fly to his favorite vacation spot in the Adirondacks.

Wray took over from disgraced interim FBI Director Andrew McCabe. The latter admitted lying repeatedly to federal investigators and signed off on a fraudulent FBI FISA application. He faced zero legal consequences. 

McCabe, remember, was also the point man in the softball Hillary Clinton email investigation—while his wife was a political candidate and recipient of thousands of dollars from a political action committee with close ties to the Clinton family. 

McCabe took over from disgraced FBI Director James Comey. On 245 occasions, Comey claimed under oath before the House Intelligence Committee that he had no memory or knowledge of key questions concerning his tenure. With impunity, he leaked confidential FBI memos to the media. 

Comey took over from Director Robert Mueller. Implausibly, Mueller swore under oath that he had no knowledge, either of the Steele dossier or of Fusion GPS, the firm that commissioned Christopher Steele to compile the dossier. But those were the very twin catalysts that had prompted his entire special investigation into the Russian collusion hoax. 

FBI legal counsel Kevin Clinesmith was convicted of a felony for altering an FBI warrant request to spy on an innocent Carter Page. 

The FBI, by Comey’s own public boasts, bragged how it caught National Security Advisor designate General Michael Flynn in its Crossfire Hurricane Russian collusion hoax. 

As special counsel, Mueller then fired two of his top investigators—Lisa Page and Peter Strzok—for improper personal and professional behavior. He then staggered their releases to mask their collaborative wrongdoing.   

Mueller’s team deleted critical cell phone evidence under subpoena that might well have revealed systemic FBI-related bias. 

The FBI interferes with and warps national elections. It hires complete frauds as informants who are far worse than its targets. It humiliates or exempts government and elected officials based on their politics. It violates the civil liberties of individual American citizens. 

The FBI’s highest officials now routinely mislead Congress. They have erased or altered court and subpoenaed evidence. They illegally leak confidential material to the media. And they have lied under oath to federal investigators. 

The agency has become dangerous to Americans and an existential threat to their democracy and rule of law. The FBI should be dispersing its investigatory responsibilities to other government investigative agencies that have not yet lost the public trust.

What Are These Dem Fascists UP TO?

Trans activists want archeologists to stop identifying skeletons as male or female

at JAZZ SHAW Aug 11, 2022

(Ciro Fusco/ANSA via AP)

We’ve known for some time now that transgender activism has been making a mess of the sciences, particularly in medicine. Thousands of years of scientific research is being swept away as medical organizations like the American Medical Association buy into the bizarre notion that people can simply “decide” whether they are male or female. But it’s not just the field of medicine that’s feeling the impact. Would you have guessed that archeologists and anthropologists are coming under the same sort of pressure as well?

Dr. Elizabeth Weiss is a professor of anthropology at San José State University. (She is also the wife of British UFO researcher Nick Pope.) In an article she published at Spiked recently, Weiss notes that groups of woke scientists in her field have joined the parade of researchers who are issuing “warnings” about assigning genders to human archeological remains. You probably don’t need me to explain why they are saying this, right? Apparently, we might be “misgendering” these ancient humans because they are unavailable to ask how they would prefer to be “identified.”

According to woke archaeologists and anthropologists, ancient human remains should no longer be classified as either male or female. Apparently, this is because we do not know how these people would have identified themselves.

Last month, for instance, the Black Trowel Collective, a group of American archaeologists, said we should be ‘wary of projecting our modern sex and gender identity categories on to past individuals’. Some academics have even started to explicitly label ancient human skeletons as ‘nonbinary’ or ‘gender neutral’.

This attempt to stop the sex identification of skeletal remains, dating hundreds or even thousands of years old, probably sounds like a slightly absurd academic squabble – of concern only to archaeologists and anthropologists. But it has far-reaching implications.

Stories such as this one are why I still keep the “HeadDesk” hashtag handy when I’m on Twitter.

I had never heard of the Black Trowel Collective before this, but I checked into it and it’s a real thing. It’s a group of archeologists who are concerned that transgender voices need to be emphasized in their field and they offer microgrants to support work along those lines. I suppose that’s all well and good if you’re talking about the archeologists themselves and how they wish to be identified. You wouldn’t want to inadvertently offend one of your colleagues for no reason.

But what about the skeletons that they’re digging up? Are they implying that someone who died thousands of years ago is going to be offended? And do they really think there were a lot of people questioning their gender identity that long ago? (To be fair, there were probably a couple of female Pharaohs in ancient Egypt such as Hatshepsut who passed themselves off as men, but I don’t think that’s the same thing.)

As Dr. Weiss points out in the title of her article, “there’s no such thing as a nonbinary skeleton.” She notes that this is not only an unscientific approach to studying early mankind, but it’s part of a larger cultural war that undermines science. She writes that the demands of these activists in the archeological community “are trying to erase the reality of biological sex in the present by erasing it in the past.”

But there are real-world implications for this sort of activism as well. As Weiss points out, forensic anthropologists who work in law enforcement frequently begin their education being trained by archaeologists. How are they supposed to properly identify the remains of a crime victim, allowing the investigation to move forward if they can’t even determine if the person was a man or a woman?

Dr. Weiss also notes that most of this transgender activism is part of a broader trend in the scientific community to promote anti-Westernism and discredit Euro-American ideals. But it fundamentally seeks to impose some sort of nonbinary past for humankind when this entire concept is very new. (Not to mention not being supported by fundamental medical science.) Mankind’s ancient history was not nonbinary because people understood gender roles, particularly in terms of procreation, quite well for all of recorded history.

So let’s check the scoreboard briefly. We have activists trying to upset the applecart in medicine, social sciences, and now archeology and anthropology. What’s next? Chemistry? That should be interesting.

“A Nation In Decline”

AUGUST 10, 2022 BY STEVEN HAYWARD at Power Line:


Even before the hapless Biden Administration decided to make a yuuuge in-kind contribution to the Trump 2024 campaign by raiding his Florida home in search of . . . classified documents?! (yeah, right), everything I have been hearing from people who have spoken with Trump or been close to Trumpworld all say the same thing: he’s running again.

Perhaps it is only a coincidence, but the day after the raid, Trump released this very powerful video about “A Nation in Decline,” which I heard John Podhoretz (no Trump fan) say is the most effective short piece of political communication since Reagan in 1979-80. It’s just three minutes long, and worth watching. See if you notice what’s not said in this spot:

What’s not said? Nothing about the stolen 2020 election. (Notice also the production techniques, of transitioning from black and white to color about halfway through.)

It’s almost as if Trump knows what he’s doing.


Under Biden’s DOJ, The Rule Of Law In America Has Become A Farce

BY: JOHN DANIEL DAVIDSON at the Federalist:

AUGUST 10, 2022

Joe Biden

Biden’s Justice Department and FBI will do anything to keep Trump from regaining the White House, even if it means imitating Nicaragua.

Author John Daniel Davidson profile


The criminal indictment and imprisonment of former heads of state by ruling regimes in other countries is more common than most Americans probably realize. Today, former presidents of Argentina, Bolivia, El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Paraguay, and Costa Rica are all imprisoned — and that’s just in Central and South America.

The world is replete with corrupt leaders who criminalize the opposition and politicize domestic law enforcement. That’s why, for example, Daniel Ortega has been president of Nicaragua since 2007. When you jail your political opponents and potential rivals, as Ortega did with gusto ahead of Nicaragua’s 2021 presidential election, it’s easy to stay in office. One of the salient features of these so-called “developing countries” is that they have not developed a way to transfer power peacefully. Brute force, not free and fair elections, is how rulers of the Third World seize and retain power.

Soon, the United States might join their ranks. On Monday evening, dozens of FBI agents raided the Florida home of former President Donald Trump. The absurd pretext for the raid was a dispute over documents with the National Archives — a circumstance by no means unique to the Trump administration and one that no serious person believes could ever justify such a raid.

(As my colleague David Harsanyi pointed out on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton and her staff committed numerous felonies by using a private email server to send classified and even top-secret information and then destroyed all evidence related to the illegal server. Yet there was never an FBI raid or even a single charge filed against anyone. Just the opposite, in fact: Clinton’s staff was given immunity.) 

Everyone in America knows the real reason for the FBI raid: to tarnish Trump as unfit for office and to intimidate and dissuade him from running again in 2024. Nothing like this has ever happened in American history. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., was exactly right to compare the FBI raid to the kind of thing you see in Ortega’s Nicaragua. It’s what ruling regimes do to rob the people of their voice and avoid the consequences of elections.


As bad as the raid was, though, it’s only the most recent incident in a larger pattern of corruption, not only in the Justice Department but across the federal government, designed to keep Trump out of office and away from the levers of power.

On Monday, before news broke of the FBI raid, The New Yorker published a remarkable piece about Gen. Mark Milley and other top Pentagon officials during Trump’s presidency. The article, an excerpt of a forthcoming book by Peter Baker and Susan Glasser titled “The Divider,” is meant to show what a hero Milley was to stand up to Trump, especially after the 2020 election (no doubt thanks to Milley obviously being the unnamed source for the conversations the article recounts).

But what it unintentionally reveals is a U.S. military establishment that simply refused to follow the orders of a duly elected commander-in-chief and worked behind the scenes to thwart Trump’s entire foreign policy agenda, and, in Milley, a chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who came within a stone’s throw of staging a military coup in Washington. Milley and other top-ranking generals undermined Trump not because he asked them to do anything illegal but because he asked them to do things they opposed, like withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and Afghanistan and take a hard line on Iran.

Withdrawing U.S. troops from these places and pushing back against Iran is, of course, one of the things Trump campaigned on in 2016. Many of Trump’s voters, disillusioned with unending and seemingly pointless foreign conflicts, were ready for a radical shift in U.S. foreign policy. But Milley, whom zero Americans voted for, disagreed. He thought he knew better. Thus we are told about how in December 2020, Milley met privately with then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “to personally urge him to back off with Trump” and not strike Iran’s ballistic missile sites, which Trump wanted to do in response to Tehran’s breakout nuclear capabilities.

This was around the same time Milley was making phone calls to a Chinese general to reassure Beijing that Trump wasn’t about to start a war — and that if Trump did plan to attack, Milley would personally warn his Chinese counterparts ahead of time. 

The left and the Never Trump crowd think that doesn’t count as treason because they think Trump was never a legitimate president. They think we needed people like Milley to undermine him until he was out of office and the “adults” were in charge again. Under the circumstances, almost anything was justified, goes the thinking.

The same twisted logic is at work in this FBI raid against Trump. In addition to corrupt Democrat lawyers like Marc Elias admitting on Twitter that the real purpose of the raid is to rig the 2024 election by disqualifying Trump from running, you have Never Trumpers like David French peddling the laughably naive line that “no president is above the law” and that no one should assume the FBI is abusing its power. Even South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott said Americans should not jump to conclusions but let the DOJ investigation “play out.”

But of course the FBI is abusing its power, as is Attorney General Merrick Garland. The idea that the FBI and Garland’s DOJ deserve the presumption of integrity and impartiality is only possible if you have been blissfully unaware of the events of the past six years in American politics.

The FBI fabricated evidence and then repeatedly submitted it to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to obtain an illegal warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. The FBI’s top officials then illegally leaked to the press and later lied about it. They used this illegal surveillance as a pretext for the years-long Mueller investigation. All of it was designed to remove Trump from office or, failing that, fatally weaken his administration. None of it had anything to do with the rule of law.

Nor did the FBI’s decision to quash an investigation into Hunter Biden’s criminal activities and overseas business dealings ahead of the 2020 election, even though much of the information driving the investigation was verified or easily verifiable.  

And neither does this FBI raid. This is about one thing and one thing only: holding onto power by any means necessary. There is nothing particularly subtle or nuanced about it. If you want to know where it leads, check out Nicaragua.

John Daniel Davidson is a senior editor at The Federalist. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Claremont Review of Books, The New York Post, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter, @johnddavidson.


August 10, 2022

Mar-a-Lago should become a byword for government overreach

By Charles Ortel at American Thinker:

In the spectacle playing out in Palm Beach, Florida, where armed thugs wearing FBI jackets stormed the residence of former President Trump and his family, ostensibly in search of classified materials stored there, ordinary people see clearly how far a once great nation has already sunk down into the gutter—republic meet banana and forget about rule of law.

Leaving aside valid questions about whether the materials in question were classified or declassified, the raid on Mar-a-Lago is certainly not justified, as Donald Trump and his legal advisors seem to have been cooperating with the National Archives to ensure that Presidential Records remained under federal government control, starkly in contrast with how the Clinton family has handled such records over decades.

So, political insiders who enrich the donor class and use family members to collect spoils from foreign governments are protected in modern America, but outsiders who actually win elections and then try to keep promises and clean up corruption are pounded into oblivion, as influence-shapers cheer?

This raid is a step too far, and it has already backfired spectacularly.

In this moment, a nation of laws is apparently ruled by a collection of craven, political con artists working hardest to protect Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Days following the release of poll results from CPAC showing that Donald Trump is the clear frontrunner among possible Republican presidential candidates for 2024, persons unknown authorized another outsized assault, apparently busted open a safe, and carted away materials, spending hours inside the former President’s private property.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray had to understand these jackboot tactics would inflame the passions of Trump supporters, as they certainly have done. When did they sign off on this unprecedented hitjob and, if they did not, who did?

There are evidently no impartial grownups exercising discretion over the decisions to investigate or prosecute crimes in America. Instead, political impulses rule, and political loyalties protect wrongdoers. After all, scant days ago, even CNN finally admitted that concerns about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop were reasonable. Instead of questioning who tamped down these concerns before the 2020 election, likely influencing the results then, mainstream media now piles on Donald Trump yet again.

An odious and contemptible double standard is clearly seen in the contrast between how the Obama Administration protected and promoted Hillary Clinton, and how it and holdovers in the Trump and Biden administrations ceaselessly and baselessly attacked Donald Trump and his family. This latest made-for-bad-tv stunt seems to be a coordinated attempt to kneecap President Biden’s most potent political opponent by setting up the canard that Trump’s mishandling of classified information will render him unfit for elective office evermore.

Instead, the Mar-a-Lago raid has galvanized support for Donald Trump’s return to the White House, but this time with his eyes wide open and including an experienced team dedicated to draining the swamp—an effort that should especially include many in the Republican Party who pretend they are against corruption but flourish with Democrats playing monkey-business as usual.

A Study in Bold Contrasts

Does anyone in the punditry or the FBI care to explain what truly happened from January 21, 2009, through and after February 1, 2013, when Hillary Clinton certainly mishandled classified information as Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton directed the affairs of a purported “foundation,” all the while reaping millions of dollars for themselves and even more for Democrat political campaigns?

Here, the main unanswered questions include: (1) who authorized Hillary Clinton and her team to use unvetted electronic devices to transmit classified materials and store them off government servers; (2) why did it take so long to attempt to retrieve these materials; (3) why are we certain that all government records were returned; (4) how many foreign powers gained access to these materials; (5) and how far back in time has the Clinton family financed personal lifestyles and political campaigns harvesting government resources?

Before Hillary Clinton formally announced her second presidential campaign, valid questions swirled around the organization and operation of the “Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation” and the evolution of the Clinton family wealth from January 2001 forward. The FBI “missed” the purported charity’s obvious and continuing failures to comply with a raft of laws and regulations from 2001 through 2005 when they “investigated” and they “missed” bold and escalated wrongdoing starting in January 2016, when they “investigated” yet again.

American voters understand that the FBI seems more like a concierge service protecting politicians who grease wheels for the donor class than an organization dedicated to bringing criminals of all political stripes to justice. When we swarm out to vote, we certainly will remember what happened at Mar-a-Lago and what may happen to those responsible for such an outrageous and unwarranted episode of bullying as Hillary Clinton and her lawyer Marc Elias, who prematurely and unwisely celebrated Donald Trump’s demise on Twitter.

Justice is coming.

Healthcare Institutions Offer 14 Minutes Of A Patient’s Physical Review, WITHOUT REAL DOCTORS…where I live!

August 10, 2022

The Nightmare that Health Care Became

By Dr. Lyn Olsen at American Thinker:

“They are trying to kill me!”  The worst words anyone wants to hear from their loved one.

One might imagine hearing those words when you are on the phone with your loved who is being brutally attacked as they cry out for you to save them. 

But it is not.  This fear-stricken cry for help from your loved one is caused by someone they trusted, that you trusted — it is your doctor who wields the weapons of death.

The United States had the greatest healthcare system in the world.  This status was achieved because the doctors swore as part of the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm to their patient, but rather to do everything to save their patients’ lives.  This oath is exemplified in Dr. Ben Carson, who became the world’s greatest pediatric neurosurgeon because he did everything he could do save lives, even developing new medical procedures despite the naysaying doctors who would tell him it was impossible to save a life. His motto was “I do my best, God does the rest.”

The descent into the nightmare began slowly in the mid-1900s when government and insurance companies began their intrusion into healthcare with no concern for the fraud that would ensue. As a small child then I knew it was not going to end well when I heard a doctor at the hospital bragging that he could charge anything he wanted because Medicare would pay anything. Many years later when I was working for a worker’s compensation insurance company, we were told by the state government to pay all claims even if we could prove fraud.  Ben Franklin foresaw this potential for fraud if people figured out they could write themselves a blank government check which would cause costs to spiral upwards. This spiraling of costs was clearly seen when Obamacare (ACA) which caused health insurance premiums to soar upwards to $2000/month with high deductibles so that healthcare was no longer affordable – the professed intent of ACA.

Today, our health care system is on life support, afflicted by the diseases of greed, incompetence, immorality, selfishness, politicization, and loss of good sense and ethics which have seeped into every aspect of health care.  These afflictions have contributed not only to the demise of our once great healthcare system, but more sadly to the unwarranted demise of patients who should never have died, but did die because doctors no longer wanted to do everything they could to save their lives.

The loss of trust in healthcare is threefold: administrative, the patients, and ethics. Administratively, healthcare is buried under a plethora of regulations, standards, requirements, and laws which few doctors or their staff understand or apply properly.  Many of the most serious administrative issues relate to reporting and billing as evidenced in recent legislation that is trying to dam the flood known as surprise billing. 

The collection of patient data has exploded, and along with the mandate for electronic health records, serious problems developed. Breaches and theft of medical records numbered over 40 million in 2021. At the center of these problems are negligent activities, whether willful or deficient, with charts and documentation.  Apathy or negligence of duties can result in the wrong information, loss of information, or lack of correct information in a patient’s chart which can seriously affect a patient. Healthcare mistakes are the number three killer of Americans (400,000/yr).  Add to that, 12 million misdiagnoses every year are reported, but many more are not reported, oftentimes because patients seek help elsewhere or give up. And even when healthcare is provided, it may not be the right course and may cause problems of its own.  Faulty documentation in a patient’s file can result in denial of services or payment by payers as well as other problems relating to many aspects of life such as employment and benefits.

At the heart of many of the administrative problems is medical coding and billing. There is a plethora of serious problems that can result if the correct codes are not applied which constitute fraud or abuse. Healthcare fraud today is estimated by the government to be in the tens of billions of dollars every year. Fraud may occur if the codes selected do not prove medical necessity. The payer may then refuse to pay and the patient will either not receive the needed services or are forced to pay a “surprise” bill with exorbitant charges.  Another fraud issue is upcoding which is choosing a higher-level code than services provided so doctors can get more money or providing codes for services never provided. Failure to code correctly resulting in the payer’s refusal to pay can then be aggravated by the lack of proper appeals by the doctor to the payer.

These administrative failures were blamed on the patients who are supposed to know how the healthcare system and insurance function despite the fact even the highly experienced and qualified healthcare staff oftentimes do not know what they are doing, nor do the doctors or nurses. Patients are then conveniently left with little recourse for help or justice when the healthcare system fails them, and respectability for healthcare began to plummet.

Healthcare became a fatal setup eagerly embraced by patients who wanted the quick fix so their lives of pleasure were not interrupted. Wearing a mask or condom, or taking drugs or vaccines gave people that quick fix, and the truth was ignored because it was inconvenient despite the extensive warnings such as about the dangers of prescription drugs or the continuation of unhealthy lifestyles who believe taking insulin will let them eat as much sweets as they want. We became inpatient and did not want to wait for the good, but the quick easy healthcare fix isn’t saving us, it is killing us, and respectability for healthcare continued to plummet.

Perhaps the most egregious problem and the most damaging to the respectability of healthcare nowadays is doctors’ unethical violation of their Hippocratic Oath to do no harm to their patients. Perhaps the “Hypocritic” oath would be more appropriate because too many doctors refuse to do everything they can to save the lives of their patients. They justify their refusal by blaming the protocols of the hospital and the government, regardless if the patient dies. This refusal by doctors to do everything they can to save the lives of their patients is further exacerbated by the intentional exclusion of family and friends from participation in the treatment of patients which is well known to have a huge impact on the well-being and recovery of patients.  This loss of trust in healthcare has led to the replacement of respectability for healthcare with fear and distrust instead.

Fascist Nazi-Dems Raided President Trump’s Florida Home

Eric Trump Recalls Odd Thing FBI Did During Raid

Sarah Arnold

by Sarah Arnold at Townhall:

Posted: Aug 10, 2022

Former President Trump’s son Eric Trump reveals key details on the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago. 

Trump told the Daily Mail that the FBI refused to to hand over the search warrant for their raid on the Florida residence.

He also recalled about 30 FBI agents kicking his attorney off the property.

“So they showed it to her from about 10 feet away. They would not give her a copy of the search warrant,” Trump said. 

“There’s 30 agents there… They told our lawyer … you have to leave the property right now. Turn off all security cameras,” Trump said. 

He said that the former president’s attorney Christina Bobb was forced to stand at the end of the Mar-a-Lago’s driveway during the raid. 

Calling the event another “coordinated attack” on his father, Trump said Bobb was confused why a lawyer for the person’s home being raided by the FBI was not able to see or obtain a copy of the search warrant.

He questioned whether a real warrant even existed, saying that he would be “thrilled” to know. 

“When I arrived and kind of announced myself as the legal representation for President Trump. I asked to see a copy of the warrant,” Bobb recalled. 

She said that once she was able to see the warrant, it was partly sealed which made it impossible for her to read why the judge granted a raid on the property. 

“Initially they refused and said, ‘You know, we don’t have to show it to you.’ And there was a little bit of an exchange about whether it was appropriate to withhold the warrant when you’re searching the residence of the former president, who’s likely to be the Republican nominee in the next election, though they conceded and let me see it, they did not give me a copy of it right away, but they did let me see it,” Bobb said.

Additionally, Trump insisted that there was no way President Joe Biden was clueless about the raid despite what the White House is claiming. 

This comes as the Department of Justice is facing calls to explain why they searched the grounds of Mar-a-Lago. Both Republicans and Democrats are calling the raid “illegal” and an “abuse of power.”