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Biden’s Road To Corruption!

Biden’s road to record-high gas prices may soon lead to rationing

By Steven F. Hayward at the New York Post:

Gasoline prices at the pump have always fluctuated within a regular epicycle of global oil prices, but the Biden administration’s every policy choice from its first day in office has contributed significantly to this week’s news that gas prices exceed $4 a gallon in all 50 states. President Biden and the Democrats seem determined to repeat every policy mistake of the 1970s, and it might not end until Biden attempts to impose price controls and rationing.

Start with Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline on Inauguration Day. This act was more shocking than merely the loss of unionized jobs and an insult to our largest trading partner; it is the first time to my knowledge that any president has canceled a private-sector project that was already under construction.

It is one thing to block a permit; the government does that all the time. It is another thing to revoke a permit already granted absent some malfeasance, and there was none by Keystone alleged.

The Obama State Department concluded years ago that the pipeline would have no impact on climate change, but such is Biden’s slavishness to environmental fundamentalism that he felt compelled to cancel Keystone, which would have transported nearly 1 million barrels of Canadian oil a day and expanded the capacity and resiliency of our petroleum refining sector. The heavy pressure on America’s oil refineries right now because of market distortions is one of the chief causes of high pump prices.

President Joe Biden speaks during a briefing on preparing for and responding to hurricanes this season at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Wednesday May 18, 2022.
President Biden claimed he wants to increase American oil and gas output.

Nothing so surely signaled Biden’s hostility to hydrocarbon energy — which provides about 80% of our total energy needs — as this egregious act. And Keystone isn’t the only pipeline Democrats have targeted. They want to shut down several existing pipelines, such as Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline, under a small stretch of Lake Michigan, that transports more than 500,000 barrels of Canadian oil and petroleum products a day to the United States.

The message to the industry is clear: Don’t even think about proposing new pipelines in America.

But the Biden administration didn’t stop there. It attempted to cancel oil and gas drilling permits the Trump administration had processed, and just last week it canceled long-scheduled offshore drilling auctions, killing new offshore exploration and production for the next several years. (Needless to say, Biden’s plans for offshore wind power leases are breezing through the administration’s review process very quickly.)

Active pump jacks increase pressure to draw oil toward the surface at the South Belridge Oil Field on February 26, 2022.
Gas and oil prices have continuously climbed in the last few months, and experts believe it may only get worse.

It is trying to impose new regulations on hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas production, even though cheap natural gas from fracking has been the largest factor in reducing US greenhouse gas emissions over the last 15 years because gas became cheaper than coal. No matter: Environmental fundamentalism hates fracking, so Biden wants to strangle it.

Biden and his green zealots are seeking to have the Securities and Exchange Commission impose climate change “reporting” requirements on American industry, which is a pure act of intimidation. The Federal Reserve is adding “climate change” to its list of priorities, though it is the Fed’s incompetence that has generated the soaring inflation of the moment.


Gas chart

Here’s how much US households are spending on gas

Beyond these formal measures, the Biden administration has been cheerleading the “environment, sustainability and governance” movement that is trying to starve capital investment in oil and gas production.

This makes a farce out of Team Biden’s newfound interest in increasing oil and gas output. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, to whom Donald Trump’s famous epithet “low-energy” applies better and more literally than to any other target, is begging the oil and gas industry to ignore the administration’s repeated assaults and carry on as if Trump were still in office: “We are on war footing,” she told industry leaders a few weeks ago. “That means [crude oil] releases from the strategic reserves all around the world. And that means you producing more right now if and when you can. I hope your investors are saying this to you as well. In this moment of crisis, we need more supply.” (Emphasis added.)

Democrats on Capitol Hill are dusting off Jimmy Carter’s playbook and calling for an “excess-profits tax” on energy companies as well as price controls on gasoline and diesel. Plans for rationing will come as night follows day. These are the same people who just a few years ago said we couldn’t “drill our way out” of our domestic oil supply shortage only to see the nation do exactly that under President Donald Trump. President Biden, who was in office during the 1970s energy crisis, obviously learned nothing from the experience of the last 40 years.

Steven F. Hayward is a resident scholar at the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley and author of a new biography, “M. Stanton Evans: Conservative Wit, Apostle of Freedom.”

The Left, All The Way Back To Lenin, CONSIDERS TRUTH A CURSE!

May 19, 2022

The New Racial Hatred

By D.F. Mulder at American Thinker:

America has truly reached Soviet levels of mass delusion and absurdity. The official lines on the most important subjects of the day are not just inconsistent with reality, they are the complete inversion of it.

Last week, NPR published an article titled, “Has Tucker Carlson created the most racist show in the history of cable news?” The article is not your everyday propaganda piece; it is almost humorous in its mendacity. Tucker Carlson diligently avoids anything that can be intrepreted as “racist.” He repeatedly denounces racism on his show and repeatedly affirms that he judges individuals as individuals, by their character and its content, and not by their skin color or their membership in any particular demographic group.

But can we say the same about America’s leftist ruling class? Hardly. These are people brainwashing white elementary schoolchildren to hate themselves, their own skin, and their own history. These are people who believe blatant racist discrimination against whites is necessary and good, and is in fact “anti-racist.” These folks truly believe white people are ineluctably racist, on account of being ensnared in a culture of white racism. Whites cannot help being immoral! They are an irredeemably awful race! These people want whites to literally kneel before non-whites on account of history or something. That is the price whites must pay for so unceremoniously existing. They have given white people the Sophie’s Choice of hating non-whites or themselves. There appears to be no other option. Whites must either loudly and aggressively denounce themselves or do violence against black and brown bodies through silence. These people call themselves “anti-racists”, but they are not “anti-racists” so much as deranged white-hating zealots. Their unmistakable racism is not racismwhereas Tucker Carlson’s non-racism is racism to the nth. Confused yet?

The regime’s opposition to Carlson is not actually due to Carlson being a racist, it is that Carlson, subconsciously or by implication, stands athwart their diabolical plans. Its incessant condemnations and attempted cancellations of the man are also not the result of Carlson stating anything evidently or provably untrue. Indeed, the regime’s own propaganda makes plain that truth matters not at all to it. Many media outlets label “replacement theory” a conspiracy theory even as they acknowledge its occurrence, indeed celebrate the ongoing replacement/cleansing of whites throughout America. But why would one celebrate what is a crazed conspiracy theory? Something does not compute here.

The power structure’s opposition to Carlson, its disdain for him, is not about the truth. It cannot be. The truth is with Carlson after all. That opposition is about the effects of his words and the words of other honest dissidents on the right. Our elites fear that such words might inspire young whites to resist their own dispossession and/or extirpation. The regime wants white people to disappear, but most importantly, it wants us to disappear quietly.

One common refrain uttered by educators and others against rightist critics of Critical Race Theory is that CRT is “just the teaching of American history,” nothing more. This is another complete lie. Critical Race Theory is a Marxist academic “discipline” (undisciplined as it is), like all “critical theories.” It is the telling of American history through the lens of the relentless racial exploitation and maltreatment of non-whites by wicked white oppressors. It is myth, but it is a popular myth on the Left. White people are uniquely evil, white people are uniquely racist, white people oppressed and continue to oppress us all. Well, that is not “just the teaching of history”, which is to say facts and the like. That is a highly ideological teaching of history. It is the teaching of history from a very specific, quintessentially Cultural Marxist viewpoint.

The Left claims Critical Race Theory is not actually being taught anywhere. It claims this even as it shrieks that legislatures are banning the teaching of the theory in many of our public schools. But why would you be outraged by a prohibition on something you are not doing? That makes about as much sense as celebrating a great replacement which is not really occurring.

Black-on-white racist attacks occur all the time in America. Yet the U.S. power structure treats the hatred behind many of those acts as something mostly, if not fully, justified. If white people are oppressing you, surely some amount of violent resistance is due. The problem is, white people are not oppressing anyone. White supremacy was a spent force in America a full century ago. The U.S. power structure is not only not white supremacist today, it is viciously and committedly anti-white. The treatment of interracial violence in this country demonstrates this definitively.

White victims in mass-killing events committed by black mass murderers are never given the same level of sympathy or support as black victims of white mass murderers. And black perpetrators of mass murders against whites are never given the same kind of infamy or odium as white perpetrators of mass murders against blacks. The disparity is glaring. Black-on-White acts of violence are given a fraction of the media coverage given to events like the Buffalo shooting involving Peyton Gendron, or the Charleston shooting involving Dylann Roof, despite Black-on-White violence, including murder, being significantly more common. Furthermore, the racial and ideological motives behind those crimes are systematically ignored and/or downplayed, and not just by the media, but by law enforcement as well. The opposite would be true in a genuinely white supremacist nation. Again, reality is being inverted.

It goes on and on. In America today, either you believe the most brazen of lies, or you are a dangerous radical, which means anyone with any sense or integrity is now a “dangerous radical.” The Cultural Marxist power class aggressively peddles narratives that are the complete inversion of the truth, and it demonizes, slanders, banishes, and cancels anyone willing to speak the truth. Lies on such a scale are deeply destabilizing to any society.

Violence and radicalism are increasingly inevitable given the dishonesty of our bottomlessly corrupt ruling class. Resistance is inevitable. It seems everyone intelligent knows something is horribly amiss in America today. After all, how much nonsense can a people really tolerate?

People Who Could Read Newsprint In 1975 COULD NOT FORGET WEIRDO LEONARD PELTIER!

May 19, 2022

The Case of the Murdered FBI Agents

By Ed Woods at American Thinker:

“I’m hit” were the last words the FBI heard from Agent Ronald Williams.

On June 26, 1975, just before noon, FBI agents Jack Coler and Ronald Williams, in separate vehicles, were searching for a fugitive, Jimmy Eagle.  The agents followed a suspect suburban containing three individuals from a rural highway onto a dirt road leading to the Jumping Bull family farm in a remote corner of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

The suburban stopped at a distance, as did the agents, who were now exposed in an open field.

The beginning.

The unprovoked attack and what followed are undisputed.  Agent Williams was on the FBI radio describing that the three individuals were getting out with rifles and were about to fire at them.  As gunfire erupted, personnel in the FBI’s Rapid City office heard Agent Williams trying to describe their location.  The radio call for assistance ended with “I’m hit.”

Unknown to the FBI, and the two agents, was the presence of an American Indian Movement (AIM) camp nearby.  They had followed Leonard Peltier, who was also a fugitive at the time.  When the shooting began, others from the AIM camp, with rifles, pinned the agents in a deadly crossfire.  The attack didn’t last long, but it ended with no fewer than 125 bullets holes in the FBI vehicles.

Agent Coler received a devasting wound to his right arm.  Agent Williams, wounded three times, removed his shirt and waved it as a sign of surrender — which was ignored — and crawled to his critically wounded partner, using his shirt as a tourniquet on Agent Coler’s shattered arm.  Williams waited, hoping help would arrive quickly, not knowing that the first to find the Jumping Bull farm were also fired upon and forced back to the highway.

Later trial testimony placed the three older AIM Indians, Leonard Peltier, Bob Robideau, and Dino Butler, at the agents’ vehicles.  Agent Williams faced his killer as the muzzle of Peltier’s AR-15 was placed against a raised hand and fired — fingers blown through to the back of his head.  It was hoped that Agent Coler was unconscious as the weapon turned toward him, with two more point-blank bullets to his face.

Peltier and others stole what they could, shot at responding law enforcement, and managed to elude capture.

Eight months later, Leonard Peltier, the FBI Top Ten Fugitive, was arrested in Canada and extradited.  In April 1977, in Fargo, North Dakota, he was convicted of murder and aiding and abetting, receiving consecutive life sentences.

The Peltier myth quickly emerged, resting on the notion that since Native American history with the government is dismal at best, Peltier’s plaintive cries of innocence must be true.

Feigned innocence aside, a number of times, Peltier changed his version of that June day — and along the way, considered within the context of his public statements, made tacit admissions of guilt while showing no remorse at all.  Over nearly two decades, his alibi was that someone else, someone they knew but would not name, the phantom Mr. X in the infamous red pickup, was the one who killed the agents.  “This story is true,” Peltier falsely claimed in a television interview.  The lie continued until one of his own, Dino Butler, publicly denied it.  Later, one of his own attorneys denied it as well.

Aside from AIM’s purported and enticing goals, its history of disruption and violence leaves little doubt that while some leaders became rich and famous, they collectively contributed nothing to the betterment of their people.  Peltier’s involvement with AIM was mostly as a bodyguard and enforcer, with one documented incident of placing a gun in the mouth of a suspected FBI informant.  Time has proven that the loyal Anna Mae Aquash wasn’t an informant, but nonetheless, AIM leadership ordered her execution.

Peltier-supporters come in a few categories.  There are those who disdain America and will use any excuse, whether they believe Peltier or not.  Most are not even Native Americans.  There are those who have bought into the Peltier folklore without the slightest effort to verify his fabricated claims.  And there are individuals who fail to comprehend Peltier’s voluminous and detailed appellate history.  This includes recent attorneys, in their zeal and advocacy, who repeat the myth and ignore or misrepresent the facts.

What followed Peltier’s conviction was an endless stream of motions and appeals, well over a dozen, raising efforts to distort the record, often with frivolous filings.  The result was that every single issue Peltier raised was reviewed in minute detail by the appellate courts.  Some replied with disparaging critiques.  One later court decision made Peltier’s guilt unmistakably clear:

Previous federal court decisions provided the (Parole) Commission with ample facts to support its conviction that Peltier personally shot Agents Coler and Williams. … Neither the conviction nor any of the subsequent court decisions have been overturned. (10th Circuit Court of Appeals, 11/04/03)

On that June day, there was no question that the two white men, in civilian clothes, driving late-model sedans with additional antennas, were the Feds.  This was common knowledge on the Reservation.  Added to this was that one of the passengers with Peltier had been questioned the prior evening by the same two FBI agents, pursuing their search for fugitive, Jimmy Eagle.

Knowing he had been followed by federal agents, and that he was also a fugitive himself at the time and obviously not wanting to be arrested, disproven fabrications aside, Peltier suggests a motive for the unprovoked attack.

Peltier, unsurprisingly, fails to recognize that adding political prisoner to his criminal résumé creates a serious conflict: it then follows that the deaths of Agents Coler and Williams weren’t murders after all, but assassinations.  Neither Peltier nor his supporters, nor his attorneys, want to venture down the path of Peltier the assassin.  Yet Peltier shamelessly promotes this deception to the public.  He was not engaging in political activity, discourse, or dissent that day.  He committed a purely, maliciously lawless act.  However, he did grasp that dead men make poor witnesses.

The final moments of Ron Williams’s life were revealed during sworn testimony in a later, unrelated trial.  During their escape from Pine Ridge, Peltier made a stark admission: “the MFer was begging for his life, but I shot him anyway.”

The end.  Jack Coler on the left, a shirtless Ron Williams on the right.  Both agents, shot in the face, are found face-down, manhandled in death as the final insult.  Adding further offense to the carnage, in a June 2, 2004 email to this writer, Bob Robideau said, “… they died like worms.”

The author was a Green Beret officer and an FBI agent for thirty years.  He then flew and was an administrator for Delta’s Corporate Charter department for fifteen years.

Hasn’t Delaware Biden Been Gangster-like SINCE HE ENTERED THE SENATE?

 by SCOTT JOHNSON at PowerLine:


President Biden has conducted an incredibly effective war on energy production in the United States. It is amazing what he has accomplished on this front in such a short span of time in office. We have seen his progress in the price we pay at the pump virtually every day since January 20, 2021. Steve Hayward maps out the path Biden has taken in the New York Post column “Biden’s road to record-high gas prices may soon lead to rationing.”

The Post created the graphic below to accompany Steve’s column. The graphic is charitable to Biden in attributing the wreck to woolly headed incompetence rather than malice. If Biden were an avowed enemy of the United States, he couldn’t have done it much better, although that is an observation that is widely applicable to Biden’s policies (as Victor Davis Hanson makes out today in “Is Biden’s ‘success’ our mess?”). It is almost unbelievable.


Posted on March 8, 2022 by Glenn H. Ray | Edit

Posted on August 18, 2020 by Glenn H. Ray | Edit


For most of us human beings life is growth moving through  a tunnel  of   woundings.   

Not all of life’s wounds are equal.

Personally, I have been very foruntate  regarding my woundings.   Although life’s  tunnel by the Law of Nature,  keeps slicing at me every day of my existence, I have experienced only two that have made  their  way deep  into my mind and body.   A third might be visiting me shortly, but, as it is said, ‘time will tell.”

To feed my family, my imagination, and  ‘end’  my formal intellectual training, I became an  educator…..the teacher ‘kind’……..the real kind, a classroom instructor of knowledge.   Despite many shortcomings cultural and personal, I was quite good at it and  I thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing.   

After several years of teaching in a Minneapolis public high school, trouble was brewing in the community where I taught; trouble  coming from the  ‘outside’ world beyond the walls and lives of the young at the high school where I was employed.    I took battle to defend the students and their community against a powerful, often well meaning, city establishment, the Minneapolis School District, a bureaucracy causing and abetting  wars  against  this very  community.

At the time, although I was tenured,  I lost the battle, my job, and eventually  my career as a public school teacher.  I was in some ways wounded for the rest of my life.   Through time  although initially painful, the deep wound eventually healed over  leaving a scar as such wounds do.     I thought my Crusade was the right thing to do based on my cultural and educational background.

I have never doubted that thought.   I felt I  was a teacher fulfilling my civic duties despite the costs  of losing something.    Yet, although I was chronologically an adult, a father with a wife and  three children, I was still  a teenage dreamer never thinking evil could overcome good.

The  agony from my  ‘rightousness’ was temporarily soothed when both the Court and the School Board admonished the Administration to allow me to be reinstated, but without tenure, back into the school system to teach if I agreed to do so.    

I knew I would be on trial.   I knew my teaching would be attacked, for I was transferred to a  predominantly black school which was advertised as a “Magnet School”.   Despite major efforts by the school district and  by most of  the teachers, both the standard and the lefty loonies,  the environment was made a powder keg by the viscious in the black community both in and beyond  school  enrollment.

Half of the victims assaulted and threatened by these black hoodlums were black, the others white.   Assaults,  occuring almost daily included the sexual, a shooting, robberies and  beatings of whites, setting fires to clothing in lockers usually  to send ‘messages’,  and daily intimidations by these hoodlums  against white teachers.   Car tires were flattened.   Objects including spit, were aimed  at white targets when these teachers  walked from car lot to the school  each morning through the boiler room for our safety.   

The administration, of course, denied all of these truths.   The city newspapers and politicians  protected the school district.   All hoped the schools would successfully retain a civilized educational  tradition and termed any criticisms of this  ideal at any of its schools in black neighborhoods as   “WHITE RACISM”.   

Black racism was endemic throughout the  school system particularly in the ‘black’  high school to which I was transferred in the autumn of 1971.  ‘ Hate whitey’ was at fever pitch.    During the days before the opening of the school term for students,  I got a phone call from a fellow teacher at the school.    She was a white gal who  taught English.  

I had never met her  in my life.    She didn’t mention her name,   but  in the foulest language a female anywhere could produce, the crux of the message she passed on to me was ….”You f…ing, *****,  racist pig.   We’ll have you out of here by Christmas.”  

She was so proud of her Crusade that  she had informed some of her English class students of her noble deed calling me especially of the vocabulary she chose to use.   She and some other white  teachers were more enraged black racists, than any blacks.     After all, some blacks were simply hoodlums who from no racial prejudice at all, picked on any victim closest by.

This English teacher sexually, was a married gal, so we should remember these were also the days of feminist insanity which  competed with  her racism in the flow of her  vocabulary and swearing choices.

I lasted longer than Christmas.   It was February 9th, 1972, as I remember, when I received notice in the middle of my last  class of the day.     The note read something like:   “Please collect all of your belongings by the end of this day.   Henceforth, you will report  to Room  xxx  at the  School District office for further assignment.”

One of the students in that class was Joey Lykken about 14 years old.   He was the youngest  among twenty others, almost all  seniors about to graduate.    A quiet, polite, articulate, confident kid who asked all the right questions a student would ask when seeking  to expand ones knowledge, including mine.     There were other choice students in other classes I taught at the school.    “Choice” student in my thinking, was any student who sought to improve his or her understandings of the mysteries of life around them.   

Joey, however,  was exceptional.   I knew nothing about him except for his youngness and behavior as a student of mine.  I might have teased him about his Norwegian name.   I did know of a ‘Lykken’ who was a teacher at a nearby public high school.   I don’t think I mentioned it to Joey.

I also knew the Lykken name from the Minneapolis newspapers.    This family’s home had been raided  by the Minneapolis police about December of the previous year.   They were seeking evidence  that these “Lykkens” were subversives  plotting something or another not particularly  good for the Minneapolis community.    I had read the article, but  did not  associate the name with Joey.    Or,  it is possible that the name was not mentioned in the article which I had  read, but learned later the Lykkens of the newspaper were  Joey’s parents.

I had taught Russian at  previous schools  and on three occasions my own world had been  ‘visited upon’  by FBI agents checking out the degree of  loyalty to my country.   I admit I enjoyed the attention  and the pleasure I imagined  when  the investigators would discover I was a model citizen…..which was reaffirmed each time both to me and the agency.

During the evening of the day of  my exile from teaching I got a phone call from a Harriet Lykken.   She introduced herself as Joey’s mother.   She said some wonderful words about my teaching and how much her son had enjoyed my class.     He was profoundly upset, she said.

In the afternoon of the day I received the firing notice,  I was in the midst  of teaching  a  class, Joey’s class.    When handed to me, I read the firing notice directly to the students of  that last class before my exile.   The  school principal’s secretary who personally had handed me the notice in front of the class, shouted at me  that I had  “no right”  to read the notice to the students.   I read it.      Afterwards as I was cleaning out my desk, Joey approached  and asked  if I had been fired.   “Yes” I replied.

And then he asked…..”Does that mean you won’t be back?”    After I answered,  he teared up and left the room.    That was one of the most painful moments of my life….the ones you can never forget until the final moments  of release.

Harriet asked if she could be direct with some questions.  Joey was terribly upset.    She wanted to know if there was anything behind the scenes  I had done which instigated the firing.      “Absolutely nothing.   I have become an irritation to them, that is all.”   We talked a bit and then she asked….”Would you mind if I did a little investigating into this business on my own.”

I was thrilled!   “Please do!  Search anywhere!  Ask anyone anything!  I have nothing to hide!”    

“Is this person for real?” I asked myself.

About three weeks later she called back  and asked if I could come over for  dinner to meet her family.    I did so about a week later.     I met Harriet and her husband, David, and a son Jessie…..and I was introduced to Joey as a human being rather than a just another  public school teacher.

Looking over my life, and my distance from them, they were the finest people I had and have ever met.   They, like I, were liberals and NOT Liberals.   They displayed all of my prejudices and values in practice and not just preachments.  

I have always loved ‘people’ from the time I began to understand the human struggle.   I think we are all heroic enduring our daily pain  yet driven  to know the unknown all the time knowing our future of  ‘dusty death’….’signifying nothing’.    These four, from all that I was to learn about them,  were  personifications of my American dream family.  

Harriet and David asked  all kinds of questions, many of them based on interviews Harriet had conducted with many who had worked with me, including some administrators.   Outside of occasionally irritating people, (a talent I knew I had all of my older-than-teenage life and a weapon I often use in my style of teaching) my disorders were minor league. 

 Harriet summed up her investigation telling  me that she was shocked at the school adminstration’s actions.

I had no legal recourse.   The school board had voted 4-3 to fire me…..and had to do so to show their support for their Superintendent of Schools, John Davis and his assistant superintendents.    (Outside of my personal case, I then, and in retrospect, have  considered  Superintendent Davis an outstanding person to occupy that office.   He was caught in the same tsunami of  racial politics as was I, a teacher.  I was  critical as a teacher of the anti-white racism  associated with his administration>    That brand of racism was  a common  tyranny of that  day. 

I had but one trump card left…..only a deuce perhaps…..but still a trump card  over the administration actions against me.    I asked Harriet if she could represent me at the administrative hearing which I,  by state law, was entitled to.   

She happily agreed to do so.

Immediately the  District School Administration fought the idea.   I could have an attorney to represent me.   The District’s legal team  had expected me to bring along the Federation of Teachers Union attorney, for I was a member of the teachers’ union.   They opposed allowing Harriet, a leading citizen in the Minneapolis school community to speak.

This union was, in the early 1970s  toothless in defending  education and its needs.   It had heroically battled an illegal teachers’ strike against the school district  two years earlier, was exhausted,  and was practicing  obedience and kindness to the School Administration.   I think it was also financially  broke.    Its leaders, both local and state, were outstanding guys and citizens  who did what they could to push a cause and heal a pain.   

The union had never shown much  interest  in anything beyond basic and usually inane labor issues.   It was an old time union, an  extension of Minnesota’s   Democratic-FarmLabor Party in which I was sometimes active.    On the issue of whom I asked for representing  me at the administrative hearing,   the union was tenacious.    It  was willing to  pay for an attorney of my choice, offer the union’s attorney, or challenge the school administration if it denied me my choice, Harriet Lykken.

Who would have ever known that my hero in life turned out to be a woman!    Not I.   The School Administration was forced to back down and allow Harriet to represent this ousted  teacher.   

Note: Thank you, Dear Person, who sent the above article from yesteryear! I missed teaching school students thereafter….but always loved to share knowledge those old gals made to learn and share when I was in their schools, K-12….that is, when schools for me were between 1939 and 1952 in modest but MOTHERED, Godfearing, Civilized AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL!

Will your America ever recover from what your children have had to endure in public schools these days? YES, IF YOUR CHILDREN HAVE….OR WILL. OR ARE YOU TOO BUSY?

Champion Fake Follower Audits for @POTUS, OBAMA, CNN, AND THE WHITE HOUSE!



May 18, 2022

Is Durham going to let the FBI and DOJ off the hook?

By Thomas Lifson at American Thinker:

Sundance is raising the alarm that John Durham is not going to prosecute FBI and DOJ officials for their role in perpetrating the Russia Hoax.  Opening arguments were presented Tuesday in the trial of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman for lying to then-FBI general counsel James Baker, claiming that he wasn’t working for the campaign when he brought charges of ties between Donald Trump and Russia to the FBI.

John Durham enters the courthouse Monday (YouTube screen grab, cropped).

Sundance writes:

As noted by Charlie Savage, prosecutor Deborah Shaw, a member of the Durham team, delivered the opening remarks to frame the government position in the case.

The telling remarks came early: “Shaw addresses “the elephant in the room” – tells jury their feelings about Russia, Trump, Clinton can’t play a role in the case. This is about “our FBI” which should not be used as a tool by anyone, Republicans or Democrats.”  In essence, prosecutor Shaw is telling the jury the FBI were duped into the Trump-Russia conspiracy investigation by outsiders connected to the Clinton campaign.

That’s a critical baseline from the government we must understand and accept.  That baseline now indicates that none of the DOJ and FBI operatives involved in the fraudulent scheme will be held accountable by the Durham team.  “Our FBI should not be used as a tool by anyone,” yet they were, so sayeth the United States Government.

There you have it folks.  For those who tried to avoid the uncomfortable reality of the situation. The Durham prosecution has set down the cornerstone establishing the DOJ/FBI was used and tricked.

The prosecution cannot later turn toward DOJ and FBI officials who were victimized by the Clinton outside group, reverse the predicate motive of the prior trial, and then hold the DOJ and FBI legally accountable.

I get it that for Sussmann to be charged, he must have deceived the FBI, and there must have been consequences.  In this case, the launching of the Mueller investigation, for instance.  But does that preclude later charging FBI and DOJ officials?  John Solomon of Just The News doesn’t seem to think so.  Mark Wauck of Meaning in History cites an interview Solomon did with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday:

SOLOMON: There’s no doubt there is activity inside the grand jury right now aimed at looking at top-level officials of the FBI, and it’s based on this evidence [of false representations made by the FBI to obtain the FISA warrants]. We all look at the fact that Danchenko was interviewed by the FBI on January 17, and disowned a lot of the things that were said to him. A lot of people said that should have been the point where the FBI stopped.

But Durham developed really significant evidence that red flags, the stop-now warning signs go all the way back to August when Bruce Orr, in 2016 came to the FBI and said Christopher Steele is dumping a dossier. He hates Trump. He’s hired by Hillary Clinton and most of his information is raw and uncorroborated.

A month after the CIA sends a warning to the FBI, this is something John Ratcliffe declassified, saying Hillary Clinton is trying to play a dirty trick on Donald Trump to tie him to Russia to get out of her e-mail thing. All through the fall, they keep a spreadsheet of what’s right and wrong of the Steele dossier. It’s all wrong. Can’t corroborate, they can’t collaborate the information. The FBI never should have started the investigation and I think that’s where John Durham’s investigation is focused right now.

Based on his previous work, I doubt that Solomon is making up his information on the grand jury proceedings (which, after all, are secret).  I certainly hope he is correct.  And, while I am no lawyer, it seems to me that arguing to a jury that James Baker was lied to, and that lie resulted in defrauding the federal government, does not preclude arguing that other FBI officials like Peter Strzok and James Comey committed crimes.

So I am reserving judgment on Durham and the FBI and DOJ officials.  He has shown himself to be very methodical, and it may be that groundwork is being laid now for future indictments of government officials.

“Anti-white racism is not only promoted as a racial entitlement, it is sold as a broad and sweeping moral imperative!”

May 18, 2022

Hating the West

By W.R. Wordsworth at American Thinker:

Douglas Murray’s The War on the West chronicles the gradual emergence and sudden rise to dominance of the pseudo-intellectual anti-white racism that now saturates our culture. No longer confined to the fringes, this bigotry has been lent considerable credibility as it mounts a broad-based attack on virtually every aspect of the Western heritage. Western culture — in spite of its eradication of slavery and its vastly expanded panoply of individual rights — stands condemned as thoroughly and irredeemably racist.

Murray does the reader a service in reluctantly assuming the burden of presenting this phenomenon in all its excruciating ugliness and blinkered stupidity. He also draws out its troubling implications and threatening trajectory. The moral sanctimony of the avowed racists whose teachings Murray opposes is among the most galling aspects of the trend he examines; our would-be conscientious educators appear as a motley band of ill-informed and over-celebrated frauds selling their petty defamations as cheap substitutes for moral insight. One cannot help but marvel at how low we have sunk as a culture to have placed such demented hacks in positions of elite influence and public authority.  

“Whiteness” as these feted blowhards portray it, is practically a plague upon humanity, and all “white” accomplishments must be laid low since these ultimately testify to black and brown deprivation. The charge of “cultural appropriation” leveled against the West is especially disingenuous, as Murray points out since the West has traditionally exhibited a willingness to benefit from the innovations and accomplishments of other cultures. Today’s moral scolds express anger and indignation that the West had not shut itself off from all outside cultural influences — a bizarre demand to make of a culture now deemed entirely too “white.” But then, bigotry needn’t be coherent to work; it need only dump hatred on its intended target.

Murray proposes we are presently in a state of “politeness,” by which he means those on the receiving end of the grand hateful accusation have (up to now) refrained from pushing back at their accusers, and Murray is right to assert that this peculiar, quasi-masochistic posture on the part of the targets of anti-white racism is unsustainable. If this is a period of “politeness,” this is also a period of continual blatant provocation. What is to be made of this?

In the United States, it is the Democratic Party (and its affiliates) that is the chief promoter of anti-white racism. Perhaps the political construct of “whiteness” and its virtual synonym “white supremacy” has been embraced because it’s useful in focusing collective hatred and serves to unify all those that do not find themselves identified with the hated group. A villain painted so broadly may also be used to legitimate sweeping revolutionary opposition to absolutely anything that is identified as “white” or “racist.”

Anti-white racism is not only promoted as a racial entitlement, it is sold as a broad and sweeping moral imperative. But it’s nothing of the sort; it’s just another political weapon in the arsenal of leftist demagogues, and it works best when the designated racial enemy remains passive and polite.

A fixation on revenge hardly seems like a productive way to organize a society, but under the guidance of the Democratic Party, it would seem that hatred and contempt for white people are to be the new unifying principle of the United States. We are, it seems, to be a nation newly united as a vast array of vengeful minorities called upon to lament the nation’s founding (in 1619) as an act of injustice, indict its Founders and subsequent stewards as white racists, and vilify and punish all who may be identified as the distant descendants of the original criminals. The new American mission is to be one of perpetual racial retaliation against whites.

Enough. A drug-abusing criminal died while in police custody in a truly disturbing scene captured on video several years ago. This unfortunate and regrettable incident enabled a band of Leftist grifters to soak gullible corporations and individuals for donations that were then used to purchase several million-dollar properties in exclusively white upscale neighborhoods for the sole benefit of the con artists running the grift, while the very people whose interests BLM claimed to represent languished in unalloyed poverty and neglect. The killing that launched this grift did not constitute evidence of “systemic racism;” it did not justify months of riots; it did not warrant a wholesale condemnation of all police, or all white people, or the entire West. Isolated incidents like this should be treated as such, but they are instead lit up like gasoline to drive the sick little revenge fantasies of unhinged political activists. The level of journalistic irresponsibility underlying all this is simply astounding; the national press has debased itself into little more than a megaphone for petty defamations and political hit jobs and welcomes almost every opportunity to engage in racial incitement.

That is to say, almost. When an illegal immigrant commits an especially foul murder, the public is solemnly urged to withhold judgment, to refrain from generalizing; we are endlessly reminded of how wonderful the “undocumented” community is as a whole. When a horrific crime is committed by a U.S. citizen using a firearm – no matter what the circumstances (and often before these are even known) — the press immediately calls for gun control and effectively treats every gun owner as an accessory to the crime. When a mentally unbalanced black or brown perpetrator espousing anti-white and anti-Asian race hatred commits mass murder, the media response is a day or two of mumbled acknowledgment quickly trailing off into incurable amnesia. When a mentally unbalanced white individual commits a racially motivated murder, the media response is a veritable festival of glee. The crime is relentlessly spotlit and no effort is spared to tar the Left’s political adversaries with guilt by association. We are continually subjected to a circus of reckless advocacy that deliberately distorts events, demonizes the innocent, and divides the nation. And these distortions themselves constitute provocations.

For the assigned targets of anti-white race hatred, two choices suggest themselves. One choice is to “rally ’round the race,” so to speak — to adopt a posture of racial defensiveness and belligerence rivaling that which the avowed adversaries of “whiteness” display on behalf of their own perspective, but inverted from racial accusation into racial advocacy. Opting for this alternative would be every bit as stupid and shortsighted as is the ongoing celebration of those petty bigots whose mediocre musings constitute the tissue-thin support for the presently approved racism.

Another choice for those that wish to resist the racists is to firmly and without compromise reject the racists — and that means all of them — not just the ones that vilify our own, but also those who would flatter our own by dishonestly portraying themselves as our most loyal advocates. This is what our heritage demands of us, both as Americans and as heirs to the West. The baffling rise of celebrity racists is a challenge that must be faced, and it is best met not with superficial mimicry, but with fundamental rejection. We who would disempower malignant charlatans must resolve to rededicate ourselves to the tradition of classical liberal individualism that stands not just as a singular Western achievement, but as an antidote to all varieties of toxic racial solidarity and collective hatred.

The ugliness Murray documents in The War on the West deserves to be mercilessly exposed and unceremoniously rejected; it deserves to be driven back to the academic and cultural fringe where it, along with its warped little partisans, can be left to rot. We deserve better than this; the nation deserves better than this. We deserve (and should demand) a deracialized politics. And the political force pushing racism (the Democratic Party) deserves nothing less than a historic, humiliating, and debilitating electoral defeat in November — a defeat so devastating as to perhaps prompt it, at long last, to purge itself of the racist attitudes that have effectively turned it into an engine of anti-civilizational hatred.

Did Nancy Pelosi Spread Monkeypox?

Forget COVID: It’s monkeypox time

ALLAHPUNDIT May 18, 2022

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AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

I know everyone’s eager for Hot Vax Summer 2.0 after Hot Vax Summer 1.0 was so rudely canceled by the Delta variant last year.

But don’t throw out those masks just yet.

Monkeypox is a disease typically seen in Africa, not the U.S. or Europe. Yet nine cases have been identified in the UK so far this month, and today brought news from Massachusetts that a U.S. citizen has come down with it. In Africa the case fatality rate for one particular strain of monkeypox is around 10 percent. COVID’s fatality rate is somewhere between one and two percent by comparison.

Time to dial up Pfizer and Moderna and see what they might have on the shelf? Well, hold that thought. If you’re of a certain age, you might already be vaccinated against monkeypox.

A man who recently traveled to Canada was tested for the virus Tuesday, and the infection was confirmed by the CDC on Wednesday, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health said in a statement. The news comes the same day British and Portuguese health authorities reported new cases, heightening concerns that monkeypox is spreading undetected outside of central and West Africa, where it is typically found.

The CDC is monitoring six Americans for potential monkeypox infection after they shared a flight with a British patient who tested positive for the virus, senior CDC official Jennifer McQuiston told STAT on Tuesday…

Experts are trying to determine how the virus is spreading and how the unusually large number of cases may be connected.

Look on the bright side. Given all the recent practice we’ve had at avoiding public spaces, the next round of lockdowns will barely disturb our collective consciousness.

There’s good news and bad news. Good news first: Traditionally monkeypox doesn’t spread easily but rather “requires close physical proximity over an extended period of time,” per virologist Angela Rasmussen. That’s because the virus resides in large respiratory droplets that typically don’t travel more than a few feet instead of in tiny aerosols that can float around for long distances in indoor spaces a la COVID. In Africa people typically contract it by being bitten or scratched by animals (rodents, not monkeys) or while preparing bushmeat. Chains of transmission tend to peter out quickly due to the difficulty of transmission, but if you’re infected you can expect flu-like symptoms for two to four weeks, swollen lymph nodes, and painful blisters resembling smallpox, even on the palms of your hands.

Monkeypox’s similarity to smallpox (although it’s far less contagious and lethal) is good news in a way, however. According to NPR, smallpox vaccines are 85 percent effective at preventing it. Older people who were vaccinated against smallpox as children presumably have some defenses against monkeypox already, in other words. Younger people born after smallpox was eradicated probably haven’t been vaccinated and therefore won’t have those defenses — but there’s good news for them too. The FDA approved a combination smallpox and monkeypox vaccine three years ago. There is something on the shelf, it turns out! Just not from Pfizer or Moderna.

Which brings us to the bad news.

Although there are only nine confirmed cases in the UK, the amount of transmission is alarming to scientists because there appear to be two distinct chains there. That doesn’t normally happen with monkeypox; it usually begins with someone who’s traveled abroad to Africa, then continues with their close contacts, and soon dies out. The possibility that there are multiple unconnected routes of transmission in Britain calls to mind two of the most haunting words in the English language: Community spread. And if there’s community spread of a virus that’s not supposed to spread in the community, it may be that the particular strain of monkeypox that’s infecting people is a new variant, one that’s more transmissible than known strains. In fact, there’s already evidence of it: One of the clusters identified by the Brits involves several gay men, raising the possibility that this strain can be transmitted sexually.

“We do have a level of concern that this is very different than what we typically think of from monkeypox. And I think we have some concern that there could be spread outside the U.K associated with this,” Jennifer McQuiston, a senior CDC official, told STAT in an interview…

Complicating the situation — and amplifying the concern — is the fact that the other cases comprise two distinct groups that have no discernible links to one other. Two of the confirmed cases and the single probable case are a family unit, Maria Van Kerkhove, a World Health Organization expert, said at a press conference on Tuesday. The other four confirmed cases, disclosed most recently, were identified by the U.K. Health Security Agency as gay, bisexual, or other men who have sex with men — three from London and a fourth from Newcastle, nearly 300 miles to the north. All four were likely infected in London, the agency said…

The fact that there are two apparently unconnected clusters suggests there may be more than one chain of transmission in the country, each of which could contain additional cases that haven’t yet been detected.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting this afternoon that there are actually three small and as-yet-unconnected clusters in the UK, not two. Until this month, said NPR, the average person infected with the disease spread it on average to less than one other person. But it’s unclear if that’s still true in the current outbreak. “It’s an unprecedented situation,” said one local public health expert to the WSJ. “We’re struggling to put this together.”

NPR asked one expert if the virus could become more of a threat as it spreads. Uh, yes, he replied. It’s a virus just like SARS-CoV-2 is a virus. The more people it infects, the more opportunities it has to mutate by chance into something more contagious and/or more virulent. The fact that the outbreaks in the UK and Portugal are unusually large is circumstantial evidence that the virus has already mutated into a more infectious strain. Think of it as evolutionary “momentum”: Once it acquires a certain capability to infect people, it gains more opportunities to hone that capability.

I know the Biden White House likes to wait until crises have exploded and are in full flower before doing anything to head them off. But it might be time to call the vaccine manufacturers and inquire as to how much smallpox vaccine is available in case we need it in a pinch.

That Covid Problem In Minnesota Reviewed Well By THAT LOCAL HINDERAKER!

MAY 18, 2022 BY JOHN HINDERAKER at PowerLine:


It should be obvious to everyone by now that the covid vaccines have underperformed. After a few months, they provide only minimal protection. Healthy Skeptic has the Minnesota numbers, and every other state is no doubt the same if the data can be extracted. Click to enlarge:

Currently, 78% of covid cases are in fully vaccinated people, as are 67% of hospitalizations. There aren’t many deaths, but if we go back to the end of February, 70% of “covid deaths” are fully vaccinated people. We have here, as Kevin Roche says, an epidemic of the vaxed.

Yet the zombie march of vax mandates continues. Unvaccinated athletes are shunned and disqualified, as though they pose a risk to the vaccinated–which never did make any sense, still less given the current numbers. Four Air Force Academy cadets may not graduate because they have not been vaccinated, a procedure that reduces their risk of getting a serious case of covid–let alone someone else’s risk!–to no perceptible extent.

Meanwhile, Healthy Skeptic notes that another element of the government’s covid narrative has been busted. Commentary on the epidemic commonly insists or assumes that it is knuckle-dragging, anti-science Trump troglodytes who refuse to get vaccinated, and thereby endanger the rest of us. In fact, as I have pointed out for a long time, the percentage of vaccinated Republicans undoubtedly exceeds the percentage of vaccinated Democrats. Why?

Remember the nonsense about it being Trump Republicans who wouldn’t get vaccinated. This study from a large Southern state, where there are probably lots of Trumpers, finds that the lowest rates of vax are among African-Americans, by far. (Medrxiv Study)

Why are blacks generally less interested than others in getting the covid shots? Maybe they are just smarter than the rest of us. Or maybe it has something to do with myths that have been fed to them for decades by leftists, like the one about AIDS being a government conspiracy to destroy black communities. Why, if you grew up on such propaganda, would you trust the public health establishment? And how sad is it that those who least trusted the public health establishment turned out to be right?