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Whoopi: If God didn’t want us to have abortions, he wouldn’t have made us smart enough to have them

ALLAHPUNDIT Aug 03, 2022 10:01 PM ET

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Via Newsbusters. Imagine having this thought, and also having such confidence in it that you would say it aloud.

On national television.


It reminds me of the common reply to the old saw that “If God had wanted men to fly, he would have given us wings.” He gave us the intelligence to build airplanes, didn’t he?

Well, same with abortion. If God hadn’t wanted babies to be disarticulated in the womb, he wouldn’t have given us the brainpower to develop scalpels and bonesaws.

The special conservative guest today was OG “View” host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who somehow maintained her composure when Goldberg cited the Golden Rule as the basis for her position on this. To Whoopi, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you means not telling a pregnant woman how to resolve her pregnancy if you wouldn’t want someone else telling you the same thing. To Hasselbeck, doing unto others means, ah, not killing your child if you wouldn’t also want to be killed.

By Goldberg’s logic, presumably murder is also divinely sanctioned since God wouldn’t have given us the intellectual capacity for that if he didn’t want it to happen. She’s a Christian and I’m not, but I thought Christianity 101 was that man is fallen and routinely abuses God’s gift of free will by applying it to evil ends. The fact that you have the brains required to seek out help to terminate your pregnancy doesn’t mean God’s on board with the plan. It just means that he’s not going to stand in your way as you sin, as usual.

Honestly, if Whoopi is desperate for evidence of divine will in pregnancy because “God doesn’t make mistakes,” it’d be far more straightforward for her to assume that God wants every viable pregnancy to end in birth. If he didn’t want a child to be born, he wouldn’t have allowed it to be conceived, right?

Meh. There’s no arguing with her because, as usual, her position boils down to the belief that a fetus is just another part of a pregnant woman’s body, not any sort of individual with its own interests in being born alive. If it’s only a big tumor until it’s delivered, then sure, all of us can understand why she’d resent being told by the state whether she can treat that tumor. Once you assign the baby an ounce more significance than that, the entire complexion of the moral question changes. No wonder Hasselbeck quit this show years ago. I bet she’s never looked back.

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