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March 25, 2022

Ketanji Brown Jackson is a Trojan Horse

By Anony Mee at American Thinker:

For crying out loud, it’s 2022 and, in the federal government women are still being promoted based on their looks rather than their qualifications for the job. And by POTUS no less! Well, Biden is just a derivative iteration of Harvey Weinstein.

Around twenty years ago, he twice participated in filibustering (Black, female) Judge Janice Rogers Brown’s nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals. She finally was approved in 2005. Then, Biden advised President Bush that if he dared to nominate Brown to the Supreme Court, he would filibuster her again and prevail. At the same time, Democrats also filibustered a Hispanic male judge, two other female judges, and a male judge of Lebanese descent, among others. How very diverse, inclusive, and equitatious of them.

However, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson does have several attributes in common with the President. For one, she’s got a lousy memory. Indeed, it was Senator Cruz’s careful and repetitious questioning, that helped her to recall quite a few things about herself that she had previously forgotten. Such a lack of self-awareness from one who anticipates setting precedent is disturbing.

She did independently recall “staring at the image on the cover [of Derrick Bell’s book Faces At The Bottom Of The Well] when I was growing up.” She must have been a very late bloomer. That book was first published when she was a senior at Harvard.

Judge Brown is no scholar. She’s a graduate of Harvard and Harvard Law, yet couldn’t recall the core arguments in the pivotal Dred Scott case. How does she expect to converse intelligently with thoroughly prepared lawyers regarding precedent and relevance in cases that will appear before her in the Supreme Court?

She was unable to respond intelligently regarding the near-total recidivism rates of pedophiles and sexual offenders. She’s overseen so many of these cases, yet is unfamiliar with the literature? Has she no curiosity regarding common subjects in her courtroom? Is she not driven to be the best possible judge she can be?

In common with the Vice President, she seems to have no familiarity, or, at least, no opinion on or understanding she was willing to state, with the visceral legal topics of our times. What is a woman? When does life begin? Her flip answers cause this author to wonder how shallow is her thinking?

Her understanding of constitutional principles is weak. And her language usage is sloppy and casual. Free speech is allowed? Allowed??? Free speech is. Period. It is Congress and, by extension the government, that is not allowed to interfere with the exercise of the unalienable right of citizens to freely speak and thus exercise the foundation of their liberty.

Judge Brown has been overturned enough times now to confirm that both her judgment and constitutional expertise are lacking. She is out of step with the common federal judiciary understanding of the law and its bases, precedents, and exceptions. Again, she’s not paying attention. And she’s certainly no RBG.

Image: Ketanji Brown Jackson. Twitter screen grab.

So, what is she doing being nominated to the highest court in the land? She wasn’t President Obama’s selectee when he had the chance to make history. But perhaps he didn’t want to seem race-obsessed. Oh, sorry, who am I kidding?

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