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Obama Sends Islamic Fascists to Settle In Willmar, Mn

Obamaland in  2016 Minnesota!

Minnesota has been a very quiet state.   A couple decades ago Washington sent thousands and thousands of Somali to nestle in not far from downtown Minneapolis.  Since then, although many males bullied there way into the taxi driving business, until recently beyond the burka decorations covering the female Somali structure, not much has happened.   Only about a score of their male offspring have been militarized by ISIS to kill traditional Americans.

Leftists in Minnesota have long desired national and international attention.   Since the goofy HHH closed in on the White House in the 1960s, and once civilized Walter Mondale toyed with Pennsylvania Avenue life, our version of the national Democrat Party has diminished geographically to focus on destroying American culture on the local front replacing it with feminist hegemony.    Enter Mark Dayton, a member of the disappeared, but  once honorable, classy  Dayton department store industry, replaced by  the jungles of Target Corporation, a drunk incompetent when Senator in Washington, and now ugly, cantankerous Governor of Gopherland  for the past…you name the years.

One wonders what the liaison between this deviant politico of our state and the one in the White House who decides all things Islamic in America these days.

For what reason can you think beyond the political, does the White House send Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton, its Islamic terrorists from the Near East  to settle in Willmar, Minnesota?

Arlene and Bruce Taber sent the following stressful note on the matter:

“Have you been to Willmar or St Cloud recently?  Is this realy happening????
For those of you familiar with Willmar,MN  this may be of interest.
It is reported that St. Cloud schools are suffering the same malady that
Willmar is suffering.

Dan and I just finished working a show in Tucson and we met a great couple
from Willmar.  He is a teacher and she used to work for Tastefully Simple
now works for a non profit org in Willmar.  What they told us I thought was
pretty interesting and wanted to share with you.

They said that Willmar is soon going to be totally taken over by Muslims.

The Sunni /Muslims were brought in by
government  to reside in that town.  She said that in her present
job, she is responsible for giving out the incentives to the Muslims.
She pays them $1800 a month from the government for 6 months to help
them relocate. She said they come in, pound their fist on her desk and
demand their money.  They say you owe us this money. She is quitting her
job because they are so abusive to her.
He said The Muslims have purchased the old elementary school and have
turned it in to a Mosque. They also purchased an abandoned store front
right in the center of town where they have a large map of Minnesota in the
window with a large insignia representing their country superimposed on the
entire state of Minnesota.  He said it has been a total nightmare trying to
assimilate them into the schools.  They demand free breakfast and lunch.
They won’t tell you their age so you have no idea how old they are.  The
kids are very aggressive and mean and are not blending in at all with the
overall student body.  They are leery  to discipline them because they have
to deal with their attorneys etc.

They have been trying to sell their beautiful home on a lake there and
can’t because their realtor told them, all of the housing values have
dropped significantly and no one wants to buy there because of this
situation.  They said everyone that can, wants to move out of that town.
Actually they said, “running out of the town”.  He said it is a total mess.

So it goes for sleeply little Willmar.”


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